Cellular Rubber Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015

Global Cellular
Rubber Market
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Report Description
Cellular rubber, also known as foam rubber is manufactured using a foam agent which
creates an air filled matrix structure. They are porous, closed-cell rubbers which are
manufactured in accordance with expansion process with the help of gas developing
agents. Cellular rubber are based on synthetic or natural rubber which include elastomer
and EPDM. The cells in the rubber are not tight and are not linked to each other. This
property of cellular rubber makes it watertight and airtight. Cellular rubber is
manufactured on a very large process in the form of blocks. The composition of rubber
mixture possesses varied properties and hence, the product is fit to suit the requirements
of specific applications.
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Some of the physical and technical properties of rubber include , good insulation
property, excellent sealing properties, high compressibility, low heat conducting values,
low water absorption, NBR/CR mixture along with high resistance to oils and high flame
retardance rating, EPDM mixture with ageing resistance and high temperature.
The key drivers for the cellular rubber market include the rubber industry, electronic and
automotive industry. Cellular rubber is especially used in the end use industries such as,
the automotive industry to manufacture door seals and tubes, body and chassis parts,
weather stripping among others. In the space industry, cellular rubber is used for sealing,
shock absorption and confinement among others.
Report Description
The key segments for the cellular market include North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and
Rest of the World (RoW). Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing market for
cellular rubber owing to the major rubber and automotive industries in China.
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The major players of cellular rubber industries include: Chicago Wilcox Mfg. Co. Inc.,
Rogers Foam Corp, Stockwell,Elastomerics, American Foam Rubber, LP, Foam Rubber LLC,
Saint Gobain Performance Plastics, Metro Industries, McMaster-Carr, Monmouth Rubber
& Plastic Corp and Ace Hose & Rubber Co.
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