Clinical Site Specialist Radiographer (Therapeutic)
Head & Neck Cancers
Radiotherapy Department, Cancer Centre, Belfast City
Band 8A (Principal Radiographer)
Radiotherapy Clinical Co-Ordinator Practices and Performance
RESPONSIBLE TO: Radiotherapy Services Manager
The postholder will primarily be responsible for the co-ordination of the planning and
treatment of patients receiving radiotherapy to the Head and Neck region. The postholder
will provide support, information and care to patients, relatives and carers through all
stages of the treatment process. The postholder will act as a link person between
Oncologist, Radiographers, Medical Physics and other members of the Multiprofessional
Team. In addition this person will provide specialist knowledge in respect of the
radiotherapy process to the Multidisciplinary Team and NI Cancer Network attending
relevant meetings when required.
The Clinical Specialist Radiographer will also play a lead role in the development of
radiotherapeutic practice relevant to the patient receiving radiotherapy to the Head and
Neck region. This will include development of new techniques, development of care
pathways and management of treatment related toxicity and will involve close liaison with
the Multiprofessional team and research staff.
The postholder will establish and run appropriate on treatment or post treatment review or
surveillance clinics. As a Non Medical Prescriber the postholder will undertake
supplementary prescribing for patients with Head and Neck Cancer in accordance with
agreed Clinical Management PlanMain Duties/Responsibilities
To have expert knowledge of all aspects of radiotherapy treatment and associated
toxicities relevant to Head and Neck cancers.
To co-ordinate the patient pathway and all phases of treatment from referral right
through in liaison with booking office, CT/simulator planning, mould room, and
treatment units striving for compliance with Cancer access standards and other key
performance indicators. This will include co-ordinating chemotherapy/radiotherapy
To participate in relevant MDT meetings and referral clinics to attend new patient
clinics and organise planning clinics, on-treatment review clinics and post-treatment
surveillance clinics when required.
To ensure patients receive relevant verbal and written information and provide ongoing support for patients, relatives and carers. To implement methods to ensure that
patients are as clear and informed as possible regarding all aspects of their
radiotherapy treatment and related toxicity particularly where there may be language,
communication or other difficulties impacting on ability to understand ensuring that
issues pertaining to psychological, physical, emotional and cultural needs are as far as
practicably possible, addressed.
To monitor treatment related toxicity and to develop assessment tools for patient care
and review and undertake on-treatment review of patients in line with appropriate
To undertake supplementary prescribing for patients with Head and Neck Cancer in
accordance with Clinical Management Plans developed and agreed with relevant
clinicians and in line with BHSCT Policy for Non-Medical Prescribing.
Liaise directly with medical and other multiprofessional staff within radiotherapy service
or across acute and primary care sectors regarding patients’ on-going care and
treatment outcomes as necessary.
To refer patients, relatives and carers to other members of the multiprofessional team
when appropriate.
Accurately maintain records of all activities; including the timely recording of patient
assessment and treatment interventions on both electronic records and medical notes
and own activity records.
Maintain patient and practice confidentiality at all times.
Regularly carry out clinical audit of relevant areas of clinical practice to ensure a high
standard of quality and safety as well as high levels of patient satisfaction, taking
remedial action as necessary.
To undertake clinical radiotherapy duties appropriate to grade managing an allocated
area of service when required.
To maintain accurate manual and electronic records.
To ensure safe operation of equipment.
To ensure all faults are recorded immediately.
Act as a role model and clinical expert in the delivery of radiotherapy services for
patients with Head and Neck cancers/conditions by engaging with and influencing
other members of multi-disciplinary teams.
Undertake appropriate training and supervised practice which will be defined by the
individual’s learning needs and progression through a defined competency-based
training framework.
To promote and develop effective communication across the multi-disciplinary team,
including liaison with all relevant medical, nursing and AHP staff in out-patient clinics,
wards, theatres and other hospital department.
To act as an information resource for staff within the Cancer Centre and Cancer Units
organising educational programs in line with service needs. To present at National,
International and local meetings.
To be familiar with, understand and adhere to all Trust policies and procedures,
Professional Code of Conduct, HCPC standards, departmental protocols, QA
procedures, emergency procedures, Local Rules, Health & Safety policies and to
ensure that other staff and students within the team also comply. To comply with all
relevant legislation pertaining to the use of Ionising Radiations (IRR’s, IR(ME)R).
Keep up to date in all aspects of radiotherapy by undertaking appropriate training, as
required. Demonstrate a commitment to professional development and reflective
practice ensuring requirements for ongoing registration are met.
Service Development and Research
Take an active role in continuous quality and service improvement in all areas
maintains all quality systems and processes within own work area
To contribute towards related research programs and to assist Clinical Trials and
Research and Development radiographers in the practical aspects of relevant clinical
trials, research projects or service developments relating to patients with head and
neck cancers, informing practice as necessary
Assist senior managers in proposing and implementing service improvements specific
to management of head and neck cancers including the development of protocols,
patient care pathways and training opportunities for all staff involved in the delivery of
radiotherapy services.
Promote and implement evidence-based practice utilising guidance provided by
National Service frameworks; NICE, DoH guidelines to ensure high quality evidence
based best practice taking a lead role in developing policies and protocols as required.
To play a lead role in the ongoing development of this multi-professional aspect of the
radiotherapy service.
To play a lead role in liaison with Oncologists and Medical Physics staff, in relevant
aspects of service development including the development of new or complex
techniques (eg IGRT and IMRT), and improving immobilisation systems.
To participate in the development and implementation of quality procedures and
protocols to ensure continuous quality improvement.
Work closely with senior managers and multi-disciplinary team to assist in the auditing
of relevant clinical standards of care to ensure patients receive a high standard of
clinical care.
Will establish and maintain links with a broad range of key stakeholders both internal
and external to the Trust in both primary and secondary care, commissioning and
statutory and voluntary services.
Represent the service and the Trust at professional meetings as requested, and
feeding back information appropriately.
Actively participate in Trust groups/committees as necessary.
To ensure all errors and near misses are reported, documented and investigated and
to implement agreed corrective and preventive action.
To undertake internal quality audit as required by ISO 9001:2008.
To participate in Multiprofessional Audit and Clinical Governance initiatives.
To provide cover for other members of the therapeutic radiography team taking charge
directly of specific aspects of service as directed by the Radiotherapy Services
To participate in selection and recruitment and performance review of radiography
Education and training
To keep up-to-date in all aspects of Radiotherapy by undertaking relevant training, as
required, and ensure own continuous professional development needs are validated
and met.
To provide supervision and training for other radiography staff and student
Act as a mentor and resource person for learners, nursing and members of the multidisciplinary team.
General Responsibilities
Employees are required to promote and support the mission and vision of the service for
which they are responsible and:
At all times provide a caring service and to treat those with whom they come into
contact in a courteous and respectful manner.
Demonstrate their commitment by their regular attendance and the efficient completion
of all tasks allocated to them.
Comply with the Trust’s Smoke Free Policy, and adhere to Alcohol and Health policies.
Carry out their duties and responsibilities in compliance with the Health and Safety
Policies and Statutory Regulations.
Adhere to Equality and Good Relations duties throughout the course of their
Ensure the ongoing confidence of the public in-service provision.
Maintain high standards of personal accountability.
Comply with the HPSS Code of Conduct.
Records Management
Used as part of their business within the Health and Social Care Trust, including
patient/client, corporate and administrative records whether paper based or electronic and
also including e-mails. All such records are public records and are accessible to the
general public, with limited exceptions, under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the
Environment Regulations 2004 and Data Protection Act 1998. Employees are required to
be conversant with the BHSCT and WHSCT policy and procedure on records
management and to seek advice if in doubt.
Environmental Cleaning Strategy.
The Trusts Environmental Cleaning Strategy recognizes the key principle that “Cleanliness
matters is everyone’s responsibility, not just the cleaners”. Whilst there are staff employed
who are responsible for cleaning services, all Trust staff have a responsibility to ensure a
clean, comfortable, safe environment for patients, clients, residents, visitors, staff and
members of the general public.
Infection Prevention and Control
The Trusts are committed to reducing Healthcare associated infections (HCAIs) and all
staff have a part to play in making this happen. Staff must comply with all policies in
relation to Infection Prevention and Control and with ongoing reduction
strategies. Standard Infection Prevention and Control Precautions must be used at all
times to ensure the safety of patients and staff. This includes: Cleaning hands either with soap and water or a hand sanitiser at the appropriate
times (WHO ‘5 moments’);
 Using the correct ‘7 step’ hand hygiene technique;
 Being ‘bare below the elbows’ when in a clinical environment;
 Following Trust policies and the Regional Infection Control Manual (found on
 Wearing the correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE);
 Ensuring correct handling and disposal of waste (including sharps) and laundry;
 Ensuring all medical devices (equipment) are decontaminated appropriately i.e.
cleaned, disinfected and/or sterilised;
 Ensuring compliance with High Impact Interventions.
Clause: This job description is not meant to be definitive and may be amended to
meet the changing needs of the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust.
March 2014
Clinical Site Specialist Radiographer (Therapeutic)
Head & Neck Cancers Band 8A
LOCATION: Radiotherapy Department, Cancer Centre, Belfast City Hospital
Must be a current employee of BHSCT or
BHSCT agency worker
*BSc [Hons] in Therapeutic Radiography (or
equivalent) or DCR[T].
*Current HCPC Registration.
*A minimum of 5 years post qualification
experience in therapeutic radiography with
at least 1 years’ experience at band 7 or
MSc in Radiation Science or equivalent.
*Possess or working towards a Post
Graduate Diploma in Radiation Science or
other related subject (must have
successfully completed at least one M-level
module in a relevant area of advanced
radiotherapy practice )
Relevant Experience
and Job Training
Completed M-level module in radiotherapy
on-treatment review (or an undertaking to
complete an appropriate course of study
within 2 years of taking up post
Post Graduate qualification in Non-Medical
Prescribing (or an undertaking to complete
an appropriate course of study within 2
years of taking up post)
Specialist Knowledge
or Special Aptitudes
Experience in a broad range of
radiotherapeutic practice in particular
significant experience in the management of
Head & Neck cancers.
Evidence of responsibility for achieving
measurable improvements in service
delivery through service improvement
Training in advanced communications
Have worked with a range of stakeholders,
to achieve successful outcomes for patient
Personal Qualities
Ability to lead innovation and change.
Ability to work effectively as part of a
multiprofessional team.
Ability to work flexibly to meet the needs of
the service.
Good organisational and communication
A positive caring attitude towards patients
and colleagues.
Ability to perform effectively within a team.
Leadership qualities.
Must be available to participate in on-call/
shift duty and to participate in weekend
working as required by the service.
Must be available for additional duties in
respect of unscheduled gaps in treatment.
*Please indicate on your application form how you meet the essential
criteria highlighted above otherwise you may not be shortlisted.
March 2014
You will be required, if shortlisted for interview, to produce your registrable qualifications.
Where a recordable certificate or other specific qualification forms part of the criteria, you
are also required to produce these certificates at interview.
If successful, you will be required to produce documentary evidence that you are legally
entitled to live and work in the United Kingdom. This documentation can be a P45, payslip,
P60, national insurance card or a birth certificate confirming birth in the United Kingdom or
the Republic of Ireland. Failure to produce evidence will result in a non appointment.