Abrasives Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2014

Global Abrasives
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Report Description
Abrasive are the most used materials across the various industries for cleaning the hard
surface, grinding and polishing. An abrasive helps to provide surface finish and shape for the
material. Abrasives are mineral like materials available in different sizes, shapes and sizes
depending upon the need. They are used to clean, abrade, scour, grind and remove solid
materials by the action of rubbing. Two kinds of abrasives are available in global abrasives
market as synthetic and natural. Most of the natural abrasives have been replaced by synthetic
abrasives in the abrasives market due to their consistent properties as required in industrial
applications. Apart from natural diamond most of the abrasives are variable with their
properties. One of the basic properties an abrasive must possess is hardness and that it must
be harder than the material to which is polished, grinded or removed.
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Abrasives market covers wide variety of materials used on large scale in various industries such
as transportation, metal fabrication, machinery and electronic equipment. General application
of abrasive material includes grinding, tumbling media, cutting wheels, tool sharpening and
metal cleaning. Some of the high-end industrial application of abrasives material market are
peening, de-flashing, paint stripping, blast cleaning and de-burring.
The global abrasives market is estimated to grow two fold in terms of market revenue, with a
double digit CAGR for the forecast period. The global abrasives market is segmented in seven
key regions which are North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, AsiaPacific, Middle East and Africa and Japan.
Report Description
Additionally, trends in global abrasives market such as use of abrasives in blast cleaning and
water jet cutting technology in industrial applications for achieving faster and efficient
operation is increasing significantly.
On the basis of product type, global abrasives market is segmented as coated abrasives, steel
abrasives, loose abrasive grains, raw super abrasives, bonded abrasives and others. As of 2013,
amongst the product type segments bonded abrasives segment is predominant in terms of
market share followed by coated abrasives and loose abrasive grains.
The bonded abrasives market segment market is expected to maintain its dominant position
during the forecast period. Whereas, in terms of revenue; super abrasives is the fastest
growing segment in global abrasives market with a double digit CAGR.
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Due to rising demand of loose abrasive grains from abrasive product manufacturers, the loose
grain segment is estimated to record strong growth during the forecast period in the abrasives
market. As of 2013, use of abrasives in machinery is the predominant industry for abrasives.
This is followed by metal fabrication, transportation and electronic equipment. However,
industries such as transportation and electronic equipment are estimated to record robust
growth due to higher demand for automobiles and electronic appliances. Apart from this use
of abrasives in construction, cleaning, maintenance, power generation and medical devices are
expected to rise significantly in the coming years thus driving demand in global abrasives
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