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freshly baked
– extra delicious and gluten-free
Baka nytt – ännu godare bröd
utan gluten
Maria Blohm och Jessica Frej
194 x 250,
Another gluten-free success story!
Follow-up to the popular Nytt bröd (Fresh bread)
From the
Lingonberry loaf
Fruit and nut bread
Simple corn bread
Apricot rolls with pumpkin seeds
Finnish sour dough bread
Bread sticks with sour dough and
poppy seeds
Inventing bread
Olive bread
ince their last baking book was published in 2013, Maria Blohm and
Jessica Frej have had lots on, from travelling the length and breadth
of the country to spread their enthusiasm for gluten-free baking to
experimenting with more exciting and effective ingredients, such as the
delicious and nutritious teff flour and xanthan gum, which is an easy fix for a
more elastic dough. As before, the two baking buddies accept no compromises
in taste or consistency – their breads have to be just as good as any with gluten.
Ready-made flour mixes are nowhere to be found in their recipes – just pure
ingredients like potato, rice and corn flours.
In Freshly Baked, Maria and Jessica share with us the very latest techniques and
ingredients for achieving bread so moist and airy, that even the most ardent
gluten adherents will have to concede. And going gluten-free is now a cause for
celebration – it’s never been this easy or this delicious!
The strong trend for gluten-free continues as even those without intolerances
choose to go gluten-free for health reasons.
Hamburger bread
Durra baguette
Christmas bread
Fruit loaf
Almond cakes
About the authors
Previous books by baker, Maria Blohm and chef,
Jessica Frej: Nytt bröd (Fresh Bread)(2013), Nytt
fikabröd (Fresh cakes)(2014) and forthcoming
Laga nytt (Freshly made)(2015).
How our paths crossed
Dough that is left to rise at night with
Basic white bread with durra and
Bread to break up into portions
Danish tebirkes
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