List of Local Awards 2015 Web - North Peace Secondary School

Name of Award
Alcan Chapter 91 Order of the
Eastern Star Bursary
Alcan District Girl Guides of
Canada Scholarship
B.P.O. Elks Lodge 288 Scholarship
Bert Bowes Middle School
Bonavista Petroleum Award
Canadian Forest Products
Canadian Union of Public
Employees Local 4653 Bursary
Catholic Women’s League
Charles Ellison (Elli) Framst Award
2 @ $500.00
4 @ $500
2 @ $1,000.00
Graduating School District 60 student entering a
post-secondary program in the fall. This bursary will
be given to a student who shows financial need and
who demonstrates a positive contribution to the
community on a volunteer basis. Applicants may
display outstanding leadership skills, support their
peers, overcome personal challenges and contribute
to their community in a positive way.
Member of Alcan District Girl Guides of Canada in
the past or present. Planning to attend an approved
institute of post-secondary learning in any field.
Top academic student excluding June Provincial
Exams – not open for competition
General - ex-Bowes student
Must show financial need. Must be continuing
education within the next year.
- Students applying to receive a Canfor scholarship
must identify their intent to pursue a career in the
forest products industry.
- Must have applied for admission to one of the
specified forestry, wood products manufacturing,
forestry-related engineering or forest industry related
trade studies (millwright, electrician, power engineer,
instrument technician, welder and heavy-duty
mechanic) at a BC or Alberta post secondary, and
intend to pursue a career in the forest products
-Children of Canfor and Canfor Pulp employees will
receive preferential access to the scholarships; and,
- Where there are multiple qualified applicants,
children of Canfor and Canfor Pulp employees have
first priority, with remaining scholarships awarded
based on academic performance.
General - must do a summary on trades/unionism &
show proof of registration. Do not have to be a
dependant of member to apply.
Catholic female - General
Must be registered & accepted by post-secondary
institution to be eligible.
A Canadian citizen or landed immigrant requiring
financial help to enter a recognized program leading
to certification in a trade or technology.
A positive voluntary contribution to benefit the
community or school, or both, an important
Charlie Lake Elementary School
Parent Advisory Committee
City of Fort St. John Scholarship
Curtis Hadland Memorial Bursary
Dave Johnson Memorial Bursary
Dennis Youngberg Memorial
District of Taylor Bursary
Dogwood District/Authority Award
consideration. On proof of registration in the desired
program the student will receive the award money
from the program administrators. Award must be
claimed within 18 months.
General - must have attended Charlie Lake
Elementary. Selection will be based on financial
need, good citizenship, extra-curricular & community
Family residency in the City of Fort St. John.
Registered in a full time post-secondary program,
preferably related to community development, within
sixteen months of graduation. Letter grade average
of ‘B’ or better.
Pursuing a career in broadcast journalism and has
demonstrated a high level of interest in this area
during high school. Proof of registration at a
recognized school of journalism.
Open to a School District #60 full or part time
student entering a post secondary program in the
trades industry. To be paid upon proof of registration.
Priority will be given to those applicants enrolled in
the welding program and/or having an agricultural
background and/or having 4-H involvement.
Applicant should provide a brief history of their
agricultural background and 4-H membership.
Grade 12 science major enrolled in a post-secondary
institution in BC or Alberta leading toward a career
in the oil and gas industry. Must be a 75% average or
better student. Able to demonstrate interpersonal
skills. Involvement in extra-curricular activities.
Cheque will be issued to post-secondary institution
upon proof of enrollment.
Demonstrate leadership qualities. Well respected by
2 @ $1,000.00 Resident of Taylor Fire Protection area. Registering
for a course of studies at a recognized post-secondary
institution. Essay re what the applicant has done
in/for Taylor (e.g. coaching etc.), secondary school
and future plans.
49 @ $1,000.00 Must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant.
Students who demonstrates superior achievement in
any of the following areas:
Fine Arts (e.g., Visual Arts, Dance, Drama, Music)
Applied Skills (e.g., Business Ed, Technology Ed,
Home Economics)
Physical Activity (e.g., Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics,
not limited to Physical Education)
Second Languages (including Aboriginal Languages)
Community Service ( Volunteer Activity)
Technical & Trades Training (e.g., Carpentry,
Automotive, Mechanics, Cook Training)
Dr. G.G. Westover Memorial
Dr. Kearney Middle School Bursary
Dr. Kearney Middle School
Earl E. Little Geomatics
Ecole Central Elementary School of
the Arts Parent Advisory Council
French Immersion Bursary
Flury Family Basketball Bursary
F.S.J. Central Elementary School of
the Arts Parent Advisory Council
F.S.J. Co-op Association Bursary
2 @ $1,500.00
F.S.J. Friendship Society
2 @ $500.00
Not offered for
F.S.J. Hospital Auxiliary Bursary
2 @ $1,000.00
F.S.J. Hospital Employees Union
F.S.J. Kin Club Scholarship
F.S.J. Knights of Columbus
2 @ $500.00
Include social insurance number in application.
Top Science student entering post-secondary
pursuing a career in the field of science.
General - must be an ex-Kearney student in
attendance there for at least two years.
General - must be an ex-Kearney student in
attendance there for at least two years.
Graduate enrolling full time in a recognized
geomatics degree or diploma program of at least two
years' duration. Winner to be chosen by survey
committee from all applicants. Scholarship will be
paid out upon actual attendance in the geomatics
program applied for. A grace period of fifteen
months will be allowed before the scholarship offer is
Must have attended Ecole Central Elementary School
of the Arts for a minimum of two years in the French
Immersion Program
North Peace Basketball Team (male or female). Not
open for competition.
Must have attended FSJ Central Elementary School
for a minimum of two years in the English Program
Must be a member/family member in good standing
of FSJ Co-op who is enrolling in post secondary for
September following graduation. Application must
include the following information: academic
standing, community and Co-op involvement,
educational plan with career goals. Must include
Co-op membership number in application.
Student of First Nations / Aboriginal ancestry
graduating from Gr. 12 with a grade point average of
70% or better, or demonstrated community
involvement that is above average.
Going on to post secondary in the health field.
Preference is given to students who have participated
in the Jr. Volunteer Program. Monies received upon
proof of enrollment within the next year. With a letter
of permission, the award may be deferred for up to
two years.
Graduating student going on to post secondary
education who is related to a Hospital Employee
Union member from the Fort St. John Local 180. If
no suitable applications meet the first requirement the
bursary may be awarded to a student entering post
secondary for a career in Healthcare. Cheque will be
issued to the post secondary institution upon proof of
enrollment within 15 month of graduation.
Community involvement, going on in the field of
broadcasting and/or journalism.
F.S.J. Petroleum Association
F.S.J. RCMP Scholarship
2 @ $2,000.00
F.S.J. Rotary Club Scholarship
Goodlow/Cecil Lake Community
Club Scholarship
Harris & Co. Scholarship
Holly Hill Memorial Bursary
Home Hardware Scholarship
Kevin Doll Memorial Bursary
Lani Etie Tahltan Scholarship
2 @ $1,000.00
Linda Fisher Memorial Bursary
Lindsay Dumaine Scholarship
2 @ $500.00
Maple Education International
Student Scholarship
McDonald’s Educational
3 @ $1,000.00
General (Dependants of members) 1 male, 1 female
preferably but is flexible. Parent must be named in
Male or female student enrolled in a post secondary
program in Law Enforcement (Police Officer,
Conservation Officer, Sheriff's Deputy, Prison Guard
or Criminology Degree (Probation Officer, Parole
Supervisor). Selection will be based upon a
demonstrated healthy lifestyle, community
involvement and extra-curricular activities. Proof of
registration is required. The student will have up to
two (2) years to redeem this scholarship.
Academic award to former Clearview student (must
have attended a minimum of two years). Registration
at post-secondary institution may be deferred for two
years. A short essay required (500 words) explaining
why the student is deserving of this award
(community service, career goals, transcript). Proof
of registration will initiate the award being sent to the
High academic achievement in Law 12
NPSS graduating student who has overcome
language skills deficiencies and is seeking any postsecondary education.
Provide a one-page essay on what difficulties you
had to overcome (literacy, ESL, cognitive difficulties,
etc.) and what your plans are for education and
career. Please include grad photo in your
application. Cheque will be issued to post-secondary
institution upon proof of enrollment.
Most improved graduating Life Skills student
Student of Tahltan descent, enrolling in postsecondary, who has demonstrated achievement in all
areas: academics, athletics, art and citizenship in
home and community.
Student graduating (with school completion
certificate) from NPSS after completing two year
Evergreen Program.
Must be going to study at a reputable institution in
Music: Voice, Piano, Band or Instrumental;
Performing Arts: Drama, Dance; and/or Visual Arts:
Painting & Drawing, Sculpture, Photography,
Videography, Graphic Design. Payment is made
directly to the fine arts program at a recognized
institution of the recipient's choice.
Not open for competition. Top academic Nigerian
International student.
Graduating students must be employed by
Scholarship Bonus
MNP Business Excellence Award
Molly Apsassin Memorial Bursary
Noelle Jellison Performing Arts
North Peace 4-H Bursary
2 @ $250.00
Not offered for
2 @ $500.00
North Peace Administrator’s
Association Scholarship
2 @ $1,000.00
North Peace Fall Fair Society
NPSS Heritage Alumni Association
Oil Wives Club of Fort St. John
Peace Arts Gallery Society Bursary
4 @ $1,000.00
Peace Passage Skating Club
no qualifying
Grad for 2015
2 @ $250.00
McDonald's for a minimum of six months and still be
employed at the time of graduation. Grades must be a
"B" or better and be in good standing with the school.
Must be planning to attend any post secondary school
within fifteen months of graduation.
Business student preferably major in accounting
Two students, without regard to academic standing or
further educational aspirations, for whom graduating
is an exceptional achievement due to life
circumstances. Students to be chosen based solely on
effort to better oneself and achieve a graduating
Write a letter of application. Must have
participated/performed for a minimum of five years
in dance, music or theatre. Letter of reference
required relating to participation. Must be going on
to post secondary education. Preference will be given
to those planning to further their education in one of
the above mediums of art. Bursary must be claimed
with proof of enrollment within two years.
Member of North Peace 4-H Club
Graduating student going on to post secondary.
Scholarships are awarded first to members' children
and then, if one or in some years both scholarships
are not awarded to members' children, they will be
awarded to non-members. Applicants will be judged
on academic excellence and demonstrated leadership
within the school and community. See handout for
specific application requirements.
Demonstrate an interest in agriculture and submit a
letter describing career goals. Prefer student
involved in the North Peace Fall Fair Society. Must
be registered and accepted to a post-secondary
college or university within five years of graduating
or some other work exchange educational program,
ie. IAEA. Community involvement is more
important than exceptional academics.
1 - Academic, 1 - Discretionary, 1 – Trade or
Vocation, 1 - General
Female in Sciences
Entering post secondary in Fine Arts - Art, Music,
Theatre, or Literature. Covering letter stating career
plans. Portfolio (3-6 pieces of artwork) must be
available for viewing by selection committee.
Cheque will be issued upon proof of enrollment at
post secondary within fifteen months of graduation.
Graduating student continuing on in any postsecondary education. Applicants must be currently
registered with the Peace Passage Skating Club and
Peace River Regional District
Electoral Area “B” Bursary
Peace River Regional District
Electoral Area “C” Scholarship
PRNTA Member’s Scholarship
PRNTA Memorial Scholarship
PRNTA Scholarship
Rebecca Vecchio Memorial
Royal Canadian Legion Bursary
S & S Turbine Services Ltd.
5 @ $1,000.00
have had a minimum of three years club membership.
Academic excellence is not a requirement. An
application must be submitted in the student’s
own handwriting stating club participation,
achievements and need. Proof of enrollment in any
post-secondary education is required.
Resident of electoral area "B" for a minimum of 12
consecutive months prior to bursary application. A
copy of the application to post secondary or proof of
acceptance must be included in the bursary
application. Awarded on the basis of residency,
academic standing, community involvement,
financial need and acceptance at a post-secondary
Resident of electoral area "C" for a minimum of 12
consecutive months prior to scholarship application.
A copy of the application to post secondary or proof
of acceptance must be included in the scholarship
application. Awarded on the basis of residency,
academic standing, community involvement and
acceptance at a post-secondary institution.
PRNTA member’s child pursuing further education
at a recognized post-secondary education institution.
Reference letter required. Proof of registration must
be made within fifteen months.
Student entering an education program with the goal
of becoming a teacher. Reference letter required.
Proof of registration must be made within fifteen
Student pursuing further education at any recognized
post-secondary educational institution. Reference
letter required. Proof of registration must be made
within fifteen months.
- graduating male who embodies and is involved in
the "My Strength is Not for Hurting" campaign and
- active in social responsibility/social justice in the
school and volunteers to help create a better school
climate and culture to embrace diversity
- demonstrates a strong commitment to gender
equality in all his actions and behaviour
- speaks out against bullying and violence against
women and girls in the school and whose
actions/behaviour demonstrate that he is a role model
of non-violence against women
- further studies should include the likes of: social
work, counselling, mental health, teaching, etc.;
degrees and careers that help people.
Dependants of veterans preferred but in the event of
no applicant qualifying will choose from others.
Student fully committed to a future in a mechanical
Scouts Canada, North Peace
District Bursary
Sheila J. Landucci Memorial
Steelworkers Local 1-424
Sterne Jorgensen Memorial Bursary
Tervita Continuing Education
not offered for
Trevor Bolin Continuing Education
2 @ $1,250.00
Western Communities Foundation
Exceptional Achievement Citation
and Award
4 @ $500.00
Yellowhead Road & Bridge
repair field and shows a natural mechanical ability
Must have been/or be a registered member of Scouts
- Student must be proceeding to a Post Secondary
Academic program;
Student must show proof of enrollment;
First preference will be to students of First Nation
Student must show both academic and leadership
qualities (in lieu of latter, involvement in extracurricular activities, if applicable, may be
May be deferred for 1 year
Dependant of member (parent working at Canfor FSJ
or Fort Motors). General; attending post-secondary
institution in the fall. Proof of registration required.
Not open for competition. Awarded to top
woodworking student each year.
General. Continuing education after high school.
Award paid upon proof of registration.
Student attending post secondary in the fall. Essay
required covering points in handout. Award will be
paid upon proof of registration.
Students who intend to seek further training or
education to become a productive citizen of Canada,
and who have overcome adversity (mental/physical
disability), financial hardship, family issues; and who
have displayed outstanding community and/or school
spirit as an organizer, participant, or volunteer; and/or
who have demonstrated inspirational conduct whether an act of heroism or leadership in a crisis.
...OR a deserving handicapped student, who may not
be able to take post-secondary training but would
benefit from receiving a cash award to help pay for
life improving equipment, training or supplies; in
recognition of his/her efforts and determination to
meet life's challenges.
Average or above average academic standing.
Tenacity in studies. Leadership in school and
community activities. Awarded to a student
attending a community college, technical school or
university. Payable upon enrollment in the second
semester of studies. Can be redeemed up to 18
months from graduation through the School District.