Thiess Energy Services

Network Services
Changing consumer load
patterns and increasing
development in the resources
sector are driving up peak
demand loads, pushing
ageing energy infrastructure
around the country to nearcapacity. Today, energy
infrastructure owners are
evaluating how to best deliver
a world-class energy supply
that accommodates future
demand at an affordable
cost to the end user.
to regional and remote communities, we
are committed to working with regulated,
industrial and mining clients to ensure
sustainable energy services solutions.
Thiess’ services business is a trusted
partner to some of Australia’s largest
energy providers. Flexible and scalable in
our approach, we develop and implement
client-specific, integrated solutions
that help future-proof energy assets
while keeping pace with the changing
demands of regulators, industry and
end-user customers. From city centres
»» Appreciate the importance of managing
We are a reliable and trusted
partner because we:
»» Execute construction and maintenance
regimes based on detailed site
assessment, stakeholder consultation,
and planning and scheduling of
resources, plant and equipment
»» Retain a highly-skilled and mobile
600-strong workforce that can be
deployed at short notice
»» Fully accredited to the standards of
AS/NZS 4801:2011 Occupational Health
and Safety Management Systems
risk to ensure safe, quality outcomes that
go beyond compliance
»» Use technologies that underpin the
delivery of smart networks
»» Invest in partnerships with world-leading
original equipment manufacturers to
drive innovation and performance.
network services
Twenty-first century communities are dependent
on their energy source and expect their utility
provider to ensure continuity and quality of supply.
As a national provider of electricity and gas
distribution services, we understand and appreciate
that end-user customer service and satisfaction are
the ultimate measures of our performance .
Gas Services
Thiess’ services business
has provided a range of gas
construction services for
distribution networks across
Australia including APA Group,
SP AusNet, Multinet Gas
Distribution and Envestra.
We are experienced in all
facets of operations and
maintenance activities
Depending on the nature and
location of the work, our civil
and pit-building crews can
draw on a range of installation
techniques such as traditional
open cut or directional drilling.
Directional drilling is especially
valuable in locations where
surface level disturbance and
traffic disruption need to be
kept to a minimum.
»» Constructing domestic
We have in-house plant,
equipment and personnel
who offer specialist horizontal
directional drilling and
micro-tunnelling services
for the relocation and
maintenance of underground
infrastructure assets across
water, gas, electricity and
»» Constructing new mains up
to 200mm in steel and up
to 180mm in polyethylene
and industrial services
and meter assemblies
»» Providing mains renewal
services that include
upgrading gas mains from
low and medium pressure
to high pressure in both
steel and polyethylene
»» Project management
and customer service
(Right) Thiess’ services business
has delivered a number of projects
for APA Group across metropolitan
and regional Victoria, including
stages five and six at Rye on the
Mornington Peninsula.
Overhead Electricity
We offer a comprehensive
range of maintenance and capital
works services for overhead
line distribution networks.
Our linesmen work on live low
voltage and high voltage lines up
to 33kV, using glove and barrier
techniques and 66kV using stick
methods where required.
In circumstances where our
crews are required to work in
de-energised environments,
we hold the appropriate licences
to carry out low voltage and
high voltage switching and
issue permits.
Our capital works and
maintenance services for clients
such as Ergon Energy, Energex
and Western Power include:
»» Reconductoring, including
replacement and upgrade to
aerial bundled cable (ABC)
»» Pole, cross arm and tie
»» Pole top switch maintenance
and replacement
»» Earthing, connections
and joints maintenance
on distribution network
substations (415V–33kV)
»» Transformer upgrades
»» Recloser installations
»» New feeder and overbuild
(Left) As a Distribution Delivery
Partner to Western Power since
2005, we undertake maintenance and
capital works services throughout
metropolitan Perth and the regional
centres of Bunbury and Geraldton.
»» Customer-funded works,
ranging from new feeder
lines for mine sites, to
capacity upgrades for retail,
industrial and commercial
Underground Electricity
Our specialist underground
crews bring their expertise to
the construction and installation
of permanent and temporary
underground electricity
supply. Our cable layers and
jointers ensure transformers
and switchgear, cable hauling
and jointing, and sheath and
continuity testing, are installed
to exacting standards and comply
with all statutory and network
owner requirements.
We provide high and low voltage
underground electricity supply
projects from North Queensland
to Victoria and Western Australia.
We draw on our civil capabilities
in directional drilling when
required to accommodate road
and rail crossings or minimise
surface disturbance.
During the construction of Brisbane’s
$4.8 billion Airport Link Project,
we undertook all of the temporary
electrical works required to energise
this project’s multiple, heavy
equipment-intensive work sites.
(Left) The Airport Link team
relocated numerous overhead
lines and underground
electricity and gas services.
In the three-and-a-half-year
construction period, the team
installed 53.6 kilometres of
conduit, 10 kilometres of high
voltage cable, 7.3 kilometres
of low voltage cable and 75 pits.
TRANSMISSION infrastructure
Thiess’ services business is strengthening its
engineering and construction capability to deliver
substations, transmission lines, underground cable
projects and high voltage services. We bring the
systems, engineering and construction capabilities
of the broader Thiess group to these projects.
Mining and Industrial High Voltage Services
As one of Australia’s leading construction,
mining and services contractors, the
Thiess group has the expertise and
experience to deliver integrated project
solutions. Thiess’ services business
provides the specialist brownfield civil,
water and electricity infrastructure
construction and maintenance services.
On site we draw on a team of specialists
across civil, structural, electrical
installation and protection testing
works. Our teams are highly mobile and
experienced in working in challenging
locations. They construct to precise
specifications while managing schedules,
logistics and quality assurance
processes. They also have access to
an extensive range of specialist plant
including elevated platforms, cranes
and specialist transmission lines
stringing plant that complies with
strict mine specifications.
Our energy services
for clients include:
For major construction projects
including lattice tower transmission lines,
underground transmission cable projects
and terminal/grid substations, we draw on
the engineering, construction, tunnelling
and project management expertise of the
Thiess construction business.
»» Transmission and sub-
For high voltage operations and
maintenance, we provide long-term
management strategies, manage asset
information, provide the works scheduling
and deliver the field works under the Asset
Management PAS-55 framework
to achieve client reliability expectations.
»» Relocations, retraction
Our Asset Management System modules
are designed with the flexibility to integrate
with client practices and systems.
»» Asset management of
transmission lines and
cables to new mining
»» Transmission high voltage
substation construction
and upgrades
and maintenance of mine
high voltage lines, cables
and substations
»» Railway traction substations
and infrastructure high
voltage services
high voltage networks.
(Below) AquaSure contracted Thiess Degrémont to design and
construct the $3.5 billion Victorian Desalination Project. Part of the
work involved the design and construction of two electrical substations
to maintain a steady and reliable flow of power to the desalination
plant, smoothing out any surges or drops in voltage. The team also
built a third GIS 220/22 kV substation to power the desalination plant.
Substations and Transmission Lines
Delivering high voltage substations
and transmission line projects requires
multi-discipline capability and the
organisational ability to assemble and
project manage a team of designers,
equipment suppliers, planners, field
engineers, skilled construction and
electrical workers, and linesmen.
We team with specialist design partners to
deliver underground cable, substation and
transmission line projects at voltages up
to 330kV. Our partners are selected on the
basis of their niche skills and knowledge in
particular sector areas. To ensure optimal
results, we assign a design manager with
construction experience to lead and
challenge design concepts at the outset.
Our team can work with clients under
a traditional ‘free issue’ project material
approach or offer alternative product
supply and technology. We have key
partnering arrangements in place with
specific overseas manufacturers that
give us access to quality transmission
line structures, conductors and
componentry, high voltage cables,
substation transformers, switchgear
and secondary systems.
We leverage the
engineering and
construction capabilities
of the Thiess group.
Increasing electricity prices, the need for a reliable
energy supply and the push for reduced greenhouse
gas emissions are driving the commercial demand
for smart services. This multi-layered approach to
developing smart network solutions is delivering
lower costs, a variety of delivery choices and a
sustainable, lower carbon future .
OUR Offer
Pre-investment Phase
Investment Phase
Operating Phase
»» Opportunity Study
»» Pre-feasibility Study
»» Feasibility Study
»» Financial Modelling.
»» Engineering Design
»» Preparation of Specification
»» Negotiations and Utility Contracts
»» Tendering and Selection
»» Regulatory and
»» Commissioning and
Environmental Approvals.
»» Performance Testing
»» Operation and
»» Expansion Innovation.
Cogeneration and Tri-Generation Plants
Thiess’ services business has the expertise
to deliver all aspects of the cogeneration
and tri-generation project cycle.
Specialising in plants ranging from 100–
9,000KW, we offer financial and energy
analysis, planning, equipment selection,
installation, commissioning, and operation
and maintenance service agreements.
Regardless of the method of
engagement, we ensure our
clients derive full operational
benefits, including:
»» Fuel energy efficiencies in the order
of 80–90 per cent
»» Less reliance on grid supply resulting
in reduced peak energy demand
Our expertise extends to setting up the
complex contractual agreements required
for the establishment and operation of
these facilities.
»» Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
Our services range from consultancy
through to a total solutions provider.
»» Provisions for expansion to meet
Smart Services
Our smart services in this area include:
Trialling technology, sharing expertise
and overcoming obstacles to smart
network technology is contributing
to the delivery of a more efficient
energy supply. Areas in which we are
assisting regulated and non-regulated
energy clients with smart network
development include:
»» Strategy and design
»» Technologies and engineering services
»» Field installation of technologies to
facilitate smart network operations
»» Intelligent network communication.
We also have significant expertise in
the development of network demand
management strategies and their
practical roll-out in the community.
and a smaller carbon footprint
»» Fit-for-purpose and competitively
priced equipment
future demand.
»» Assisting with regulatory test
measurement and compliance under
the National Electricity Rules
»» Assessing demand management
potential with end-user customers
in targeted demand areas
»» Undertaking end-user customer
consultation and management.
As energy and communications
networks converge, we are uniquely
positioned to help clients:
»» Develop solutions for data acquisition
over power networks
»» Leverage existing information
technology and communications
»» Ultimately develop integrated
utility models.
In Focus
Mining region boost
We constructed and energised a new 132kV
tie line between the existing substation
at Isaac Plains and the new substation at
Broadlea in Central Queensland for Ergon
Energy. Initially insulated at 66kV, the line
is approximately 4.3 kilometres in length
and supported by 35 pole structures
varying in height from 12.5 to 38 metres.
The scope of work also included
installing new 132kV line entries into
the Broadlea and the existing Moranbah
substations; erecting new poles for the
55-metre landing spans at Broadlea
substation for the Moorvale and
Carborough 66kV feeders; and stringing
about 14 kilometres of optical ground
wire in an ‘underslung’ arrangement.
At locations with inadequate clearance,
the team installed the fibre optic
connection underneath a Queensland Rail
crossing using trenching and horizontal
boring techniques.
Proven gas capability
Thiess’ services business entered
the natural gas distribution sector
in 2000 when we secured an
operations and maintenance
contract for the south and east
areas of Melbourne with Multinet
Gas Distribution. We were
responsible for more than 8,500
kilometres of distribution pipe,
120 kilometres of transmission
pipelines and more than 220
pressure regulators feeding more
than 550,000 domestic, commercial
and industrial customers.
The contract services included
first and emergency response,
mains and services maintenance
and repair, systems operations,
cathodic protection, pipeline patrol
and associated works to ensure the
gas distribution network operated
in a safe and reliable manner.
Our business grew when we
acquired Champ Constructions,
a medium-sized gas construction
contractor predominantly
servicing the south and south
eastern regions of Melbourne
and the Mornington Peninsula.
We currently provide mains
and services construction, and
renewal services, for the three
Victorian networks owned by
SP AusNet, Multinet Gas
Distribution and Envestra.
relationships with
global energy
equipment providers
enable us to realise
new value and
minimise risk.
A Healthy Injection
As part of the $756 million
redevelopment project at Sydney’s
Royal North Shore Hospital,
Thiess’ construction and services
businesses installed two 2MW
cogeneration facilities to meet
the base load energy demand of
the new hospital, in addition to
two 2MW diesel generators for
emergency purposes.
The heat recovered from the
cogeneration facilities is being
used to provide domestic
hot water and heating for the
hospital. Fully operational, Thiess’
services business is currently
responsible for the operations and
maintenance of the cogeneration
facilities for a 28-year period.
Thiess’ scope included:
»» Feasibility studies during
tender stage to validate
the viability of the
cogeneration facility
»» Financial modelling to
determine optimum plant
size and pay back periods,
and operations and
maintenance costings
»» Preparation of detailed
»» Tendering and tender
»» Management of
construction contracts.
Ergon – Overhead Electricity
Our electrical crews in Townsville,
Mackay, Rockhampton and Emerald
undertake operations and maintenance
services, and minor capital works,
for Ergon Energy on the distribution
network throughout the northern and
central regions of Queensland.
We have a dedicated plant and
equipment fleet performing Ergon
Energy’s work, and offer scheduled
and unscheduled maintenance services
24/7 on the utility’s overhead and
underground distribution network
Separate crews undertake transmission
projects for the electricity provider and
mining clients throughout the region.
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