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Vol. 25 • No. 45 • WINTER/SPRING 2015
2015 Catholic Schools Week....”Communities Of Faith, Knowledge And Service!”
Save These Dates!
April 9th, 10th and 11th at 7:30pm
Newman Catholic High School Gymnasium
Saturday, April 25th
• Couple/group pictures by Best Impressions begin at 5pm at NCHS
• All students are asked to be at NCHS for class pictures by 5:45pm
• Promenade starts at 6:30pm at the NCHS Gymnasium
• Dinner is served at 8pm at the Mason City Country Club
• Dance is from 9pm-Midnight at the Mason City Country Club
Sunday, May 31st
Newman Catholic High School Gymnasium
Baccalaureate Mass at 11am
Commencement at 1pm
Saturday, June 27th
Newman Catholic High School Football Field
Packet pick-up begins at 8pm
UVsplash 5K starts at 9:45pm
2015 God’s Portion Day
Sunday, November 1st
Newman Catholic High School
Newman Catholic Schools celebrated Catholic Schools Week January 25th – 30th! It was a fun week filled with activities for the students and
faculty to enjoy! It was also a week to celebrate everything that we love about Catholic Schools! Some of the activities included were “Pack The Gym
Knight”, all-school Mass, collections for “Mugs of Love”, Hawkeye Harvest Food Bank and the Epiphany Parish Baby Pantry, our local Priests and Sisters
joined the high school students for lunch…and much more! The week ended with a special lunch honoring our amazing faculty and staff! The
following staff were presented with years of service awards:
Steve Calicchia - 10 Years, Brad Till - 20 Years, Diane Steenblock - 20 Years, Sue Brager - 25 Years, Julie Lambert - 30 Years, and Mark Bertch - 35 Years.
Greetings From The Foundation Office
Dear Friends and Benefactors,
The theme for Catholic Schools Week 2015 was “Catholic Schools Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service.”
These three components make up the very core of the educational framework of Catholic Schools.
Newman Catholic School’s role of Faith formation is the primary reason for its existence. Educating students in the Catholic tradition through classes of
catechism, sacraments, and traditional prayer creates a solid foundation for future community leaders.
Striving for academic excellence is the basis of instilling knowledge to prepare students for the future. Continued success in Advance Placement courses,
ACT & standardized tests has provided a strong educational base for the Newman Catholic students. Students also develop knowledge of life skills, as well
as character, respect and responsibility.
Students learn the value of service and the role it plays in our community. Students are required to complete service hours and projects as part of their
educational commitment. Catholic Schools are Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service to our families, our parishes and our communities.
Newman Catholic Schools need your support to carry out our mission. Your prayers and financial support to the Bridging the Gap Annual Appeal ensures
a quality, value-based education based on character and Catholic teachings. Newman Catholic Schools has a commitment to providing a quality Catholic
education to each student who desires that opportunity. Help Newman Catholic instill Faith, Knowledge, and Service in tomorrow’s leaders of the
Catholic community. Thank you in advance for your support. Thank you for your continued support for Catholic Education.
Many Blessings,
Lynn Ptacek
Newman Catholic Foundation Director
Please remember Newman in your Estate Planning
*Please check with your employer for matching contributions
*Monthly contributions available through systematic withdrawals
*For your convenience, we offer Visa, MasterCard and PayPal contributions
By: Mariya Donets – Newman Senior (Foreign Exchange Student From Ukraine)
Every year, Newman Catholic High School Seniors work on their senior service projects for theology. It is a great way to teach the future generation about
how important it is to serve others. Senior service projects are not about the grade. It’s an individual program of self-improvement, that helps to recognize
each individual teenager’s purpose in life and gives them an amazing experience for future giving. Everybody has a chance to volunteer with the institution
that he or she would maybe like to work with in the future. Also, senior service projects push twelfth-graders to think about their future career, life choices,
and give them a chance to try themselves in the chosen fields. The important part about these projects is that it is not just about service, but about people’s
purposes in life. Everybody has to write a paper about their purpose before starting to create a project plan. A person’s plan should match his/her purpose
at least in general ideas and values. As soon as all ideas are put in the plan, then the most difficult part begins - to start putting the plan into action.
Teenagers nowadays are unbelievably busy. Between school, work, sports and college applications it is really difficult to find the time for something like
volunteering. It’s truly wonderful and inspiring that NCHS Seniors show such a big interest in their projects and spend so much time on them. Everybody’s
project is very individual. Seniors are able to choose to work with people they would like to and do what they like to do.
For example, Kaden Waddle helped to coach his sister’s 6th grade basketball team to get a deeper connection with their faith and gave him experience for
his future career as a basketball coach. Joey Verstegen, Tim Smith and Brenden Webber also coached basketball for the Parks and Recreation of Mason City.
Abby Morse volunteered for Crisis Intervention (emergency psychological care aimed at assisting individuals in a crisis situation to minimize the potential
for psychological trauma), where she worked at a kids carnival and organized paper work; she said that she has learned a lot about herself while giving back
to the community. She truly feels that she put her God-given talents into good use. Maddie Holmgaard created a “Faith In An Image” blog, where every
week she chooses a topic to write about and then chooses a picture and a song to go with it, she hopes to bring to people some words of wisdom and bring
a little joy in people’s life (check it out on Emily Till dedicated her time to service in the community by working for some of
the corporal works of Mercy, volunteering at the community kitchen and helping at the free clinic. Nicole Hehr is tutoring students from 1st grade to juniors
in high school, and she is happy to share her gift of easy ways to memorize things which helps her to do well in school and hopes to help other people
understand these concepts by themselves. Kari Leer is helping at local nursing homes and volunteering at the Humane Society of North Iowa. Hannah
Romig volunteered at Heritage Care Center, where the residents of this community enjoy the simplest activities where she improves her communication
skills while learning to understand a different age group of people. Mariya Donets (an exchange student from Ukraine) is helping a war refugee camp back
home; the conditions for people, who were forced to leave their houses in Eastern Ukraine and move to the south where they suffer very bad, due to lack
of heat, food, and medications for many disabled adults and children; Mariya is collecting donations, supplies and any help to send home. Calyn Reddy (an
exchange student from South Africa) is working with Mary’s Meals to defeat the world’s hunger. Mary’s Meals provides meals and education for children in
poor countries all over the world; seeing poverty and hungry children in her community back home, Calyn felt like her fundraiser for Mary’s Meals will help
the world to become a better place (it costs only 20 dollars to feed a child for a year and your donations will be really helpful). The overall goal of Mary’s
Meals is that at least a million children all over the world will be able to get a meal a day. AJ Hanus is working with the elderly, by organizing a class to teach
them how to use the iPad and other technology. Erin McDonald uses her gift of being creative to do art while organizing different activities for children
at the Clear Lake Art Center. Spencer Wihlm, Tove Conway and David Schupick are giving lectures to 7th graders that hopefully inspire teenagers to work
towards self-improvement while opening their hearts to God and their community. Everybody’s plan is unique and we will be able to look at the wonderful
results when the seniors make presentations of some of their works in April. Good luck, seniors!
2 • Newman Connections
Knight varsity boys bball
By Coach Fischels
The Newman Varsity Boy’s Basketball season ended their final season in the
North Iowa Conference, February 26 in the district final with a loss to eventual
state qualifier West Hancock. The boys finished with a 13-12 record. Kaden
Wadle was named first-team all conference. Kaden was also the third Newman
Boys Basketball player in history to go over the 1,000 point mark for his career.
He finished with 1,157 points, 497 rebounds, and 447 assists. Joey Verstegen
was named to the all conference second-team. Joey and Kaden were both four
year varsity players for the Knights. Junior Hunter Fettkether was an honorable
mention player. Next year will be interesting with the creation of the Top of
Iowa Conference (TIC). Newman will join Osage in moving over to the East
Division of the Super Conference and compete with the former members of the
Corn Bowl Conference.
newman’s robotics team rocks!
Newman’s Robotics Team, “Land of Giants”, competed in the Iowa FIRST LEGO
League Competition. The event occurred on Saturday, January 17 and included
72 regional qualifiers from across Iowa.The team received 1st place in the Robot
Design-Innovation and Strategy category. FIRST is a global robotic initiative to
promote science and technology. Team members are Aryamaan Choudhury,
Alec Frey, Erik Manness, Mya O’Connell, Leah O’Connell, Lucas Pistek and Seth
Pistek. The team is coached by Paul Pistek and Julianne Zahner.
If you have “KNIGHTLY NEWS” to share about your
student , athlete, group or team please send information to Tina at
[email protected]
newman high School
Band department news
The Newman High School Band had the huge honor
of being selected for the IBA!
For the third time in school history, and the second time in four years, the
Newman Catholic High School Concert Band was selected as the Class 1A Honor
Band to perform at the Iowa Bandmasters Association Convention. This is the
highest possible honor that a high school concert band can receive in the state
of Iowa, as only one band is selected from each of the four classes – Newman
was the only Class 1A group selected.
They have been very busy preparing to give a concert at the IBA Convention.
Unlike a typical performance, they will be preparing for a 40-50 minute
program! The performance will be held on Friday, May 15th at 9:00am. The IBA
Convention is held in Des Moines, at the Downtown Marriott Hotel. We hope to
see many of you in attendance that day. Congratulations again to our students
for this great honor!
The Newman Band has had several students accepted to honor bands recently:
NCIBA Middle School - Lily Castle, 7th grade, trombone; Grace Henrich, 8th
grade, flute; Zoe Marquis, 8th grade, alto saxophone; Emily Shatek, 7th grade,
flute; Lucas Udelhofen, 8th grade, alto saxophone (alternate for the All-Iowa 8th
Grade Band)
Karl King Middle School - Lily Castle, 7th grade, trombone; Ellie Determan,
6th grade, percussion; Kylie Hansen, 6th grade, clarinet; Nick Schmidt, 7th grade,
percussion; Emily Shatek, 7th grade, flute; Emily Udelhofen, 6th grade, clarinet
NCIBA High School - Carolyn Bernemann, 10th grade, flute; Nicole Hehr, 12th
grade, flute; Annie Moore, 11th grade, trumpet; Grace Pistek, 10th grade, clarinet
Cyclone Honor Band - Carolyn Bernemann, 10th grade, flute; Brena Hamilton,
9th grade, trombone; Grace Pistek, 10th grade, clarinet
The band also had 4 students audition for the Iowa All-State Band in November.
Those students were: Carolyn Bernemann, 10th grade, flute; Nicole Hehr, 12th
grade, flute; Annie Moore, 11th grade, trumpet; Grace Pistek, 10th grade, clarinet
Congratulations to Mr. Tipping and all of his students on an amazing winter
Upcoming band events include:
• 6-8 Solo/Ensemble Festival - Thursday, April 9th
• IHSMA Solo/Ensemble Festival - Saturday, April 18th
• IHSMA Large Group (Band/Choir) - Friday, May 8th
• High School Spring Concert - Tuesday, May 12th
• IBA Performance - Friday, May 15th, 9:00am
at the Downtown Des Moines Marriott
• 5-8 Spring Concert - Tuesday, May 19th
• North Iowa Band Festival - Saturday, May 23rd
Newman Connections • 3
Mission Trip To Haiti
By Shannon Behr-Newman Junior
Going on the medical mission trip to
Haiti was one of the most eye opening
experiences that I could have ever
dreamed of. Being in the heart of
the small village of Bord De Mer truly
brought the meaning of poverty to
a new level that I had never seen. I
feel blessed to have been given the
opportunity to serve these amazing
people and deepen my spiritual life.
After seeing the people struggle to
make it through the day, it showed me
how lucky I am to be born into a family where my parents could easily feed me,
clothe me, and provide even the simplest tasks, such as bathing me without
fear of the water being unclean. As I look back on the trip, I feel there is only
one thing I would’ve changed, that would be, being able to stay longer and
help more people in need. The people are struggling, and I believe that as their
brothers and sisters in Christ we cannot stop trying to make a change in these
people’s lives because we have been fortunate enough to live the life we do
newman middle school’s
very special veterans
day project
By Mrs. Brager
It all started in October of 2013, a simple middle school project that turned into
a huge honor for Newman Middle School Students.
Last Fall, Newman Catholic Middle School Students sent Veteran’s Day cards
to Mrs. Brager’s Nephew, Warrant Officer Brad Nelson, and his Black Hawk
Helicopter company in Afghanistan. After that, the students wanted to do more!
So, with the help of Mrs. Brager and Mrs. Moorehead, the middle school students
collected items that the soldiers lacked in Afghanistan. One hundred and
seventy five pounds of items were donated by the students. The packages were
shipped on Thanksgiving weekend, along with Christmas cards. To show their
appreciation, Mrs. Brager’s Nephew, Brad, asked his commanding
officer if he could fly a mission for the Newman Middle School Kids.
On December 10th, 2013, Brad had the distinction of being Pilot In
Command of the Black Hawk Helicopter that flew the mission from
Bravo Company “Black Knights” for Operation Enduring Freedom
over the skies of Afghanistan. Along with CW2 Brad Nelson - Pilot
In Command were, PFC Michael Bales - Crew Chief, CW2 Sean
McClure – Pilot and SPC Mark Torres – Door Gunner.
Recently, the Newman Catholic Middle School Students had the
privilege of meeting Warrant Officer Brad Nelson. Brad spoke
to the students and presented the school with the US Flag that
was flown on the mission that honored the Newman Middle
School Students. Our Newman Family is very thankful for these men and
for their part in keeping peace, we know the sacrifices they make are many,
we are very blessed these men do what they do to help keep peace in our world.
The Newman Middle School Students sent out Veteran’s Day cards again, this
past Fall, to a friend of Brad’s and his company in Afghanistan, so the tradition
will continue!
4 • Newman Connections
newman vocal department
A great day of singing was had in the community through Singing Valentine’s
on Friday, February 13. Students also recently volunteered their time to sing
as a small group at a Valentine’s Day get-together at the Manor in Mason City.
Others volunteered to sing at a Valentine’s Day dinner in a private home that
was purchased through the auction at God’s Portion Day. Sixteen Newman
students participated in the 5th/6th North Central Iowa Choral Directors
Association Honor Choir held at NIACC on Monday, Feb. 23. The guest conductor
was Tanya Rosenkranz who
was the 2014 OPUS conductor.
Three students competed in the
Musical Theatre portion of the
State Individual Speech Contest
that was held in Forest City on
Saturday, Feb. 28th. Students
are getting ready for the
musical, Into the Woods, which
will be presented on April 9, 10, 11 in the HS Gymnasium. The Newman Vocal
Music Department has had a successful winter and should be proud of all of
their accomplishments!
Newman Catholic High School Proudly
Presents Their
2015 Spring Musical
– “Into The Woods”
The Newman High School Music
Department will be presenting the
musical “Into The Woods” on April 9th,
10th and 11th at 7:30pm in the Newman
High School Auditorium. “Into the
Woods” combines the well-known fairy
tales of Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jack and
the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood
and the story of the Baker and his Wife. It is sure to be a production that all ages
will enjoy! Tickets are on sale in the Newman High School Office, Hy-Vee West
and Hy-Vee East. Tickets are $8/Adults and $5/Students.
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6 • Newman Connections
Our 2nd annual UVsplash By ColorDash will be held on Saturday, June 27th, 2015 with a 9:45pm start.
This is a night time dash, where you will be sprayed with a non-toxic, glowing uv solution at each mile!
Everyone who participated last year had an absolute blast, so you don’t want to miss it!
Runners and Walkers...Young and Old...Wagons and Strollers Welcome!
The registration fee is $40 and includes a t-shirt, glow accessories and a post dash bash.
(Team & Family discounts offered) This is a Newman Foundation Fundraiser.
Special THANKS to our sponsor Corporate Farmer!
For more information or to register go to:
Bridging The Gap
Rev. John Gossman
Dear Friends Of Newman,
Pastoral Coordinator
Dave McLinn
Jeff Gribben
Vice Chair
Mike Castle
Angela Determan
Board Members
Tom Abbas
Mike Anderegg
John Duffy
Tom Fischer
David Moore
Gary Nyhus
Paul Pirkl
“Bridging the Gap”…...What do we mean and why is it important?
We should all be proud of the Standard of Excellence we have set at Newman for Faith Formation,
Academic Excellence, and Cultural development. However, the cost of these standards continues to be a
Presently tuition and Parish Support cover about two thirds of this cost. Fundraising efforts are responsible
for “Bridging the Gap” to maintain our standards. This gap is especially apparent as we strive to fairly
compensate the talented and dedicated staff we have at Newman.
Despite the continued success of God’s Portion Day, the importance of our Annual Appeal to bridge this gap
has increased. Our goal is to increase the Annual Appeal funds by 25% in 2015.
Every contribution is both important and greatly appreciated. Please join me by taking the first step to
making this Annual Appeal a success. On behalf of the entire Newman Family, thank you in advance for
“Bridging the Gap”!
Fr. John Gossman
Pastoral Coordinator
David L McLinn
Foundation President
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We are grateful to all who participate in the life of Newman Catholic Schools by supporting the future of our students and faculty.
Please choose your donation level and mail this card to:
Newman Catholic Foundation—2445 19th St. S.W.—Mason City, Iowa 50401
Or give online via:
$5,000 Platinum Knight
$2,500-$4,900 Diamond Knight
$1,000-$2,499 Gold Knight
$500-$999 Silver Knight
$250-$499 Bronze Knight
$25-$249 Friend Of Newman
Enclosed is a check for $___________made payable to: Newman Catholic Foundation-Annual Appeal.
I will make a pledge of $___________Please send payment reminders beginning _______________ for 12 months.
I will make a donation of $__________ by using my PayPal account via
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Current Enrollment K-12: 524
Average Number of Students per Class: 40
Catholic Foundation
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The Newman Catholic
Foundation Mission
The purpose of the Newman Catholic
Foundation is to support and promote
the Newman Catholic Schools mission
of educating students in the Catholic
tradition to live as Christ.
Pastoral Coordinator
Fr. John Gossman
K-12 Administrator
Tony Adams
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Early Childhood/Elementary Coordinator
Jan Avery
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Foundation Director
Lynn Ptacek
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Foundation Marketing Special Events
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Childcare Center
Childcare, Preschool, Pre-K
6 weeks - 12 years of age
Foundation Administrative Assistant
Carol Ramaekers
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High School
[email protected]
Middle School
[email protected]
Elementary School
[email protected]
Supporting Parishes
Epiphany Parish, Mason City
St. Patrick Parish, Clear Lake
Sacred Heart Parish, Manly
Sacred Heart Parish, Rockwell
To notify the school of address changes or
personal updates, please complete the form
below and mail to:
Newman Catholic School System
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or email to: [email protected]
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