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Track 1
Manufacturing, Import and Export
Monday, May 11, 2015 1:00-­‐4:45 5:00-­‐7:00
Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
10:15-­‐11:00 Sessions 4a-­‐4c
11:15-­‐11:45 Sessions 5a-­‐5c
Track 2
Distributors and Dealers
Track 3
Enabling Technology and Regulations
Pre-­‐Conference ATF Training Session (Manufacturers, Dealers and Distributors)
Cocktail Reception
Breakfast and Exhibitor time
Introduction -­‐ Jon Rydberg, CEO, Orchid Advisors and Larry Keane, SVP, Asst. Secretary and General Counsel, NSSF
(Keynote) Voices of the Firearms Industry (Mark Hatch, CEO, mBlast)
(Keynote) Marvin Richardson, Assistant Director-­‐ATF and fellow Executives: Updates from ATF HQ
Break and Exhibitor time
How do you bring compliance change How do I improve my ATF inspection How do I improve my 4473 and to a mature licensee?
performance (Manufacturers and Multiple Sales form accuracy and Importers)?
reduce transfer risk? Joe Bolmarcich, Director of Compliance & Government Contracts and Matthew Jillair Kubish, President, Jean Zabel, Consultant, NSSF Trask, Compliance Manager, Orchid Advisors
How do I optimize electronic A&D How should I conduct due diligence on How do I best manage a Report of records and leverage knowledge from vendors and other third parties to Violations, Warning Conference or a global software giant?
address ATF and ITAR concerns?
Revocation Process?
Jon Rydberg, CEO Orchid Advisors
Stephen Halbrook, Esq., Firearms Doug Smith, Dir. of Product Industry Expert and Author
Management & Marketing, Epicor
Lunch Break
ATF and Industry Breakout Sessions (Final topics based on FFL distribution)
Moderator: Jon Rydberg, CEO Orchid Advisors and John Badowski, ATF Firearms Industry Technical Advisor
Format: Open Q&A between participants and ATF
Brian Osowiecki, Manager, Technical and Regulatory Affairs, SAAMI
Session 6
Room 1 -­‐ Rulings and Regulations (13-­‐5, 15-­‐1, Revised 5300-­‐4)
Room 2 -­‐ Licenses (FFL, Import, NFA)
Room 3 -­‐ Inspections and Traces
Room 4 -­‐ Firearms Technical Branch
ATF Attendees
Marvin Richardson
Assistant Director
John Badowski
Firearms Industry Technical Advisor
Mike Fronczak
Chief, Firearms & Explosives Industry Division
Curtis Gilbert
Deputy Assistant Director
Andy Graham
Deputy Assistant Director
Aaron Gerber
Director of Industry Operations, Tampa Field Division
Alphonso Hughes
Chief, Firearms & Explosives Services Division
Session 7a-­‐7c
Session 8
Wednesday, May 13, 2015
Session 9
Session 10
9:15-­‐10:00 Sessions 11a-­‐
10:30-­‐11:15 Sessions 12a-­‐
11:30-­‐12:15 Sessions 13a-­‐
Earl Griffith
Chief, Firearms & Ammunition Technology Division
Coffee, Networking, Exhibitor Break
How can I use online technology to How to Secure Against, Detect and What are the seven keys to an increase distribution and dealer sales Investigate a Loss
effective export compliance program (including strategies for growth from a small to mid-­‐sized retailer)?
Randal Nickerson, Director of Loss Jeffrey G. Grody, Principal Prevention, Audit and Firearms Orchid Advisors Roger Butterwick, CEO NFDN
Compliance, Dunham's Sports
ATF Frontline Program and Straw Purchases Discussion
Cocktail Reception
Breakfast and Exhibitor Time
Introduction -­‐ Jon Rydberg, CEO, Orchid Advisors
(Keynote) Larry Keane, SVP, Asst. Secretary and General Counsel, NSSF
What controls can I implement to enhance business performance and How do I improve my ATF inspection How to optimize financial and mitigate top ATF compliance performance (Dealers and compliance when manufacturing and violations?
dealing in Class III Firearms?
Sarah Willey, Esq., Nelson Kinder + Mosseau PC and Former GC of Troy Industries
Jillair Kubish, President, Orchid Advisors Brandon Maddox, CEO, Dakota Silencer & Break and Exhibitor time
How do I engage a 3rd party What steps can I take to limit my subcontractor or outside service (i.e., How to manage compliance in a large liability for product claims and recalls distribution and dealer network?
heat treat, camo, etc.), obtain and when purchasing from manufacturers. manage variances?
Kevin Grow, Director of Firearms Ryan Erdreich, Esq., Compliance, Sports Authority
Hope Sholes, Director, Compliance, Pisciotti Malsch
Smith & Wesson
How do I build an export compliance How do I import guns and components How do I perform a serial number manual that is appropriate for my correctly. Focus: Form 6, 6A, Customs inventory and self-­‐inspection?
Brokers and A&D Entries? Travis Glover, Firearms Compliance Johanna Reeves, Founding Partner, and Risk Management Officer, Lipseys
Reeves & Dola, LLP