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Meet Barbara O’Malley...
If you have never met Barbara
O’Malley, let me introduce you. If you
already know her, read on… there may
be things you don’t know.
First, I have to let you know Barbara
is tall and lithe with an athlete’s physique.
That’s because she plays tennis three times
a week, golf once, and swims laps in the
pool on her days off.
Barbara is a California girl. She
was born in Oakland, CA and attended
school in Burlingame, graduating from
Burlingame High School in 1946.
“I graduated about the time the GI’s
were coming home from World War II,”
explains Barbara.
Joe O’Malley was one of those
soldiers. Joe was a Marine who saw action
in the Pacific. Like most GI’s returning
from war, Joe did not want to talk about
it... he just wanted to get on with his life.
They fell in love and married in October
1947. WWII taught American women they
Barbara O’Malley
Photo by Richard Paine
could be valuable assets in the workforce.
Barbara was one of those women. When
she finished her Community College
education she went to work, earning
enough money to put Joe through college
with the help of the GI Bill. Joe’s father,
a lawyer, wanted Joe to study law and
join his law firm. While Joe tried law
school, he was more interested in the
new phenomenon: electronics. He spent
his career insuring huge computers were
working properly.
“He needed to carry a beeper in
those days,” Barbara explains. And like
the firemen, when the beeper went off,
Joe went to work.
Along the way Joe and Barbara
raised two daughters and a son. Daughter
Patricia lives with her husband, Wayne, in
Salt Lake City. She is a Social Worker for
the organ transplant division of University
of Utah Hospital. Tom and his wife Gail
live in Minnesota. They adopted two
Korean children. And sadly, daughter Sue
passed away when she was 41. Barbara
has seven grandchildren and twelve great
“As a family, we moved a lot during
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And Much More . . .
SCR Foundation
Sun Senior News
5098 Foothills Blvd., #3-405
Roseville, CA 95747
businesses in our community. The Awards
Luncheon that follows is perfect for the
A charitable service organization by and
hungry participants. Yep! – All this for just
for the residents of Sun City Roseville
a $60 entry fee. This entry fee plus green
cart fees include golf, tee prizes,
City Rosevill and
lunch and awards.
SCRF Board Member
An entry form is required
you can get yours at The
Timber Creek or Sierra Pines Pro
Golfing Day At Sun City
Shop, or from the Foundation
website at www.scrfoundation.
Format is a four-person
June 5th this year is all
scramble. The Shotgun Start is
about golf!
Yep! June 5th - that’s
ors H ing Neig at 7:30 AM for Timber Creek and
8:30 AM for Sierra Pines. Mulligans
when the Foundation hosts our
will be available for a fee. And, check
18th annual Golf Tournament this
this – our Club Pros will hit a drive for any
year. And, as in past years, there’s a tasty
team, if they choose, on a designated hole
luncheon to follow.
on both courses. It’s worth the small fee
Whether you are a beginner, preparing
just to see these big hitters smoke that ball!
for the Seniors Tour, or somewhere in
All good things like this have a deadline;
between - you should definitely sign up
this year it is Friday, May 29. Tournament
for it. This is a hugely popular event each
Chairman and Foundation Director Jim
year, and is another of your Foundation’s
Viele [771-2631] can answer any questions
fundraising events that enable us to carry out
you have about this year’s event. The Pro
our various programs and services.
Shop is the place to drop off your Entry
The tournament is played on all 27
Form with your check made payable to the
holes; Men, Women, or Mixed Groups play;
SCR Foundation.
Golfers can play either 9 or 18; Players may
Jim also has a few open spots left for
arrange their own foursome – or – sign up
volunteers to help with registration and on
individually and be assigned to one. The
the course – so be sure to give him a ring
tournament features awards and a drawing
if you can volunteer to fill one of the open
for gifts donated by Sun City groups and
Timber Creek Women’s Golf .................................. 25
positions. Also, Head Pro Mark Gouger
has promised that June 5 weather will be
perfect for golf (but, of course, Mark makes
this promise every year!)
Roseville’s New
Mobile Library,
The month of April brings exciting
news from The Friends of the Roseville
Public Library.
We are excited to announce the launch
of Roseville’s New Mobile Library, which
the Friends of the Roseville Public Library
helped to fund.
Please join us on Saturday, April 11th
from 1-3pm at the Vernon Street Town
Square as we kick off Mobile Library
Services in our community. There will be a
formal dedication ceremony, food, music,
games, crafts and fun for the entire family.
Are you smarter than the staff of the
Roseville Public Library??? The only way to
find out is by joining us for our 1st Annual
Trivia Night Challenge. This fund raising
event will be held at 7pm on Monday, April
13th at Monk’s Cellar, located in Downtown
Roseville at 240 Vernon Street.
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
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Western Placer Area
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I have been asked by several people
what I think about the two proposed
lodge projects.
Unfortunately, I do not have enough
information to form a clear picture in my
mind of the projects. There are some
questions that come to mind that would
help me understand the scope and need
the projects. I understand that décor
changes or goes out of style. So when I
think about the lodge and the proposed
updating on the one hand I think it is time.
On the other hand there are many of us
who are still happy with the way things are.
Many think the lodge is fine the way it is.
I understand that we have reserve
funds that are intended for specific
purposes. These projects would be funded
in that way. My concern is how much will
it cost in monthly fee increases to build the
fund back up for the next thing that needs
fixing. We know that things are getting
older and will need more attention in
the future. We have all heard the horror
stories of gigantic onetime assessments to
meet some emergency. So we understand
the need for the fund itself. The big
problem; is understanding what needs to
be done as opposed to what some want
to be done.
As in most cases, the loudest voices
prevail which seems to be the case here.
Loud wants more room for drinking
and eating. The less noisy side wants to
preserve the simple elegance, for which we
are all proud, to entertain our family and
friends. The issue here is the estimated
cost before ever displaying a plan. Reason
should tell us that there are always cost
overruns. Could there be plans that would
consider both sides of the issue? One
plan for the loud proponents who want
it “all”, another “plan” that incorporates
some lesser costly options. Then put both
plans up for a vote and select the plan with
the most votes.
Let’s considered why we need a
Send your letters to the editor...
See this page for details!
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restaurant and bar. My understanding is
that it is to serve the needs of the residents,
as it should be. But, if a main reason is
to serve people who come here to use the
golf course it doesn’t make sense to me
to expect the residents to foot the bill for
non-resident desires. Some would say that
it will encourage more revenue. That may
be, BUT how many years will it take to
collect about $1.5 million dollars selling
food and drinks at competitive prices with
other golf courses, bars and restaurants?
Not in our lifetime!
What will be next? The kitchen will
have to be remodeled in order to serve
the, hopefully, increase in clientele.
Then of course there will have to be
more employees from kitchen help to
bartenders and servers. All of which will
receive our customary generous salary
and benefit package.
Let’s not forget other sides to
consider. A new restaurant here would
just be nice. The number of homes that
pay the assessments will never increase.
Just as the lodge facility needs increasing
refurbishment so do our residences need
more costly kinds of attention? This
should be considered when determining
what the community as a whole can
afford. Most of us helped establish this
great community. Many of us have been
retired over 25 years. Retirement benefits
from those years do not keep pace with
the newly retired benefits.
Betty Melton
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Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
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Sun City Home Sales
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As a former New Home Sales Associate of the
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Continued Water Conservation
Necessary As Dry Spell Continues
Customers urged to continue saving 20 percent of their home water use
BY R I C H A R D P L E C K E R ,
Environmental Utilities Director
The continued drought
statewide is causing Roseville
to buckle down water use for
another year. Last year, our
customers achieved a 19.4 percent
reduction. We appreciate those
efforts and hope our customers
continue the trend.
With our diversified water supply
portfolio, combined with keeping pace
with reduced water demands, we’re
optimistic we will weather another dry
year. It will take some effort, though, and
your ongoing water conservation efforts
will certainly help get us there.
Our water supply portfolio
The City’s main water supply source
is Folsom Lake, which the United States
Bureau of Reclamation (Reclamation)
operates, as part of the larger Central Valley
Project (CVP). The City maintains water
supply contracts with both Reclamation
and Placer County Water Agency
(PCWA). Every February, Reclamation
provides Roseville an initial CVP water
allocation based on foreseeable conditions
in the coming year. This year Roseville’s
early allocation is 25 percent of normal
or one-half of last year’s total.
Often, this is the worst-case scenario
because Reclamation announces final
allocations in May and, between now and
then, things could change. We imagine
that if we get increased precipitation and
more snowpack, allocation numbers could
look more favorable.
Even with a 25 percent CVP
supply allocation, our varied
water supply portfolio and
sustained conservation efforts
will enable us to meet customers’
water needs this year. In addition
to water from the CVP, we
have built infrastructure and
established long-standing relationships
that bolster our water supply reliability.
• Roseville has additional contracts
for surface water from PCWA and others
• We have a growing, robust and
sustainable groundwater system that we
can activate
• Our recycled water program,
established nearly two decades ago,
continues as an investment that offsets
drinking water resources by using treated
wastewater for irrigation
How you can do your part
We’re asking residents to continue
to do their part and reduce water use
by 20 percent. What does a 20 percent
continued reduction mean to you? Sign
up for the WaterInsight Prograßm at
www.roseville.ca.us/waterinsight and we
will help you find out. We have a water
efficiency staff that is more than happy to
assist you develop a customized plan for
reducing water use, and we have rebates
and other programs that make saving
water easy and affordable. Please visit
roseville.ca.us/savewater or call 916-7745761 to learn more.
FREE Wi-Fi in Vernon Street Town Square
Shelley Weisman
#1 Active Adult Community Specialist
at Lyon Real Estate
In time for event season, visitors
to the area around the Vernon Street
Town Square in Downtown Roseville will
now be able to connect to the internet
via a free wireless network thanks to a
partnership between the City of Roseville
and Consolidated Communications.
The free Wi-Fi service is available along
Vernon Street between Taylor Street and
Lincoln Street.
The Vernon Street Town Square has
attracted more than 100,000 visitors since
it opened in August 2013, hosting a variety
of events including concerts, festivals,
farmers markets, wine tastings, yoga
classes and children’s story time.
“The Town Square is the an important
element of our downtown revitalization
efforts,” said Roseville City Manager Ray
Kerridge. “Having free Wi-Fi is a civic
amenity that we’re pleased to be able
to offer through this partnership with
Consolidated Communications.”
“The free network allows our
residents, businesses and visitors an
easier and faster way to engage with
the City digitally,” said Roseville Chief
Information Officer Hong Sae.
“We are proud to partner with
the City of Roseville to bring free WiFi to Downtown visitors,” said Gabe
Waggoner, vice president of operations for
Consolidated Communications. “Giving
back to the communities we serve, and
where our employees live and work is a
strong tradition for our company. And,
with our offices just a block from the Town
Square; this was a natural fit for us.”
Consolidated Communications (CCI)
provides broadband communications
solutions to residential and businesses
customers locally in the greater Sacramento
region and nationwide in 11 states.
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
From Your Placer County Supervisor
District 1 Supervisor
As with any jurisdiction, Placer
railyard. To the contrary, most of
County faces challenges. While
the homeless in Placer County
we are in a well-run, economically
come from Placer County; it’s a
healthy county – not to mention
homegrown issue.
one of the most beautiful – we
The solution to this regional
Jack Duran
face issues that require innovative
issue that stretches across many
thinking and problem solving.
jurisdictional boundaries will likely
We have been grappling with the
be a compendium of services and programs.
issue of homelessness for some time now
The myriad circumstances that leave
and I’m pleased to say that we stand on
someone homeless are idiosyncratic. So too
the cusp of taking a big step forward on
must be the solutions. This isn’t a cookie
positively changing the unfortunate reality
cutter business and we must individualize
that affects far too many people in the
how we treat it.
area. The county commissioned Dr. Robert
We are looking forward to hearing
G. Marbut, Jr., a nationally recognized
Dr. Marbut’s final report as it will give
expert on homelessness, to do a study on
us additional facts so we may then make
homelessness in Placer County and report
informed decisions on how best to proceed.
back to us with his findings.
I am also looking forward to working with
Those findings, along with
our non-profit and faith based communities,
recommendations on how to proceed, will
and local governments in an effort to take
be presented to the board of supervisors in
large steps to confront this issue-and again,
the coming weeks. As I’ve said previously on
it is not just a County issue, the issue and
this topic, we need to know where we are,
solutions belong to both the County and
what our actual homeless baseline really
its cities.
is, before we can move forward to solve
Just as we must tailor assistance for the
this problem.
homeless to the individual’s need, a similar
Some preliminary data that Dr. Marbut
movement is occurring within our criminal
compiled showed some surprising things.
justice system. The tired and unsuccessful
The Union Pacific’s J.R. Davis rail yard
model of making criminals serve their time
here in Roseville is often singled out as a
and then cutting them loose back into society
significant source of homeless. However,
ended up with most of them returning to jail.
the data indicates that only a very small
Statistics show a dismal three-year, postpercentage of our homeless come from the
release failure rate of 67 percent. We are now
embarking on a program that will get needed
help to both those about to be released and
those who were recently released.
We’re identifying propensities for
unhealthy behaviors and requiring offenders
avail themselves to services to keep them out
of the revolving jailhouse door. In fact, we
are building a new facility offering centrally
located services. The Placer County ReEntry Program (PREP) provides a breadth
of services that include cognitive behavioral
thinking classes, substance abuse education,
treatment referrals, job training, mentorship
and employment placement, education and
G. E. D. preparation, life skills, and anger
management, along with relational and
family skill development.
We are finding the solutions to
successfully helping both the homeless and
criminal offenders often run on parallel
tracks. Dealing with these seeming disparate
populations frequently involves the same
There is a criminal element to the
homeless issue and law enforcement and
probation will need to be at the table if we
are to craft solutions. Getting both groups
the health services they need involves the
county’s many Health and Human Services
divisions. A disproportionate number of
the homeless are veterans, and many are
incarcerated. We particularly owe it to
the men and women who have given of
themselves to their country to provide them
with the services they need to overcome the
trauma many experienced in the war zones
where they were stationed. The county’s
Veterans Services office will play a key role
in assisting both populations.
I am proud to be part of a group of
elected and appointed government officials
who work with residents, businesses, the
faith-based community and other service
providers to give another chance to those
who are either less fortunate than we are, or
have just made some bad mistakes.
One of the admirable human traits is
helping others. I am continually amazed
to see those who live and work in Placer
County open their hearts and get down to
work to help our community members in
need, regardless of where we find them.
As always, it is an honor and a privilege
to serve you. I always welcome your feedback
and can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]
placer.ca.gov or by phone at 916-787-8950.
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
Neighborhood Watch/Citizens Patrol
How burglar-proof are you?
This is a re-write of an article which
is available in its entirety on the Roseville
Police website. It may all sound familiar,
however, we have recently experienced some
thievery—here in Sun City—which could have
been prevented had these simple steps been
Many home burglaries are quick,
opportunistic thefts of bicycles, tools and other
valuables from open garages. Please keep your
garage door closed at all times, unless you’re
working inside of it or in view of it.
Burglars often check at the front door
of the house to see if anyone is home, then
go through the side gate into the backyard,
out of sight, where they can enter through
a the garage side door, a back window or a
slider, so lock your gate. If someone answers
at the front door, they’ll claim to be looking
for someone, or have some other excuse. If a
stranger knocks on your door, don’t answer it
unless you have a dead bolted security door.
Yell at them through the door and ask what they
want. If they seem suspicious, call police and
ask for an officer to check them out. Be ready
to give the dispatcher as much information
as possible about their physical, clothing and
vehicle description.
Roseville’s Municipal Code requires
door-to-door solicitors to have a valid license
and permit. They are not to knock at houses
with “no solicitors” signs posted. Even if
they’re legitimate solicitors, it never hurts to
call police so an officer can check them out.
If you’re leaving town, do everything
possible to make your home look lived-in.
Don’t announce your vacation plans on
social media. Put lights on timers. Stop your
newspaper, mail and other deliveries, or ask
trusted neighbors to pick up such things, and
give them your contact information.
Be that good neighbor and keep an eye
out. If you see suspicious activity, call 911
Also, I look forward to seeing you at our
monthly meeting on April 13th at 10:00 in the
ballroom. The speaker will talk about the Sun
City Sunshine Services.
Important Phone Numbers —
P.J. Conradi, Citizen Patrol & Neighborhood Watch Director
Citizens Patrol Office: 774-3853 [email protected]
Neighborhood Watch Office: 774-3817 [email protected]
Roseville Police/Fire - Emergency: 9-1-1
From your cell phone: 916-786-6444
Roseville Police Non-Emergency: 916-774-5000
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SSN Gardening Corner —
Spring Garden Checklist
To achieve a beautiful yard and garden
throughout the year, much can be done in
spring to ensure this. Here are the ones I try
to somehow get done:
1. Fertilize. We apply the first dosage to
everything except our lawn around Presidents
Day. If you missed that holiday, start your
routine with an Easter feeding. Then repeat
at 6-week intervals (or major holidays) through
Labor Day.
2. Use Systemics. These fertilizer-like
products (powder or granules usually) can
control both pests and diseases that show up
during the season. They are a much superior
option to using harsh chemicals later. Any
good Nursery will have these products.
3. Plant Annuals. As you know, annuals
are only good for the current year – but
they are MANY in number and color and
generally are pretty hardy in our area. Best
of all, rather than blooming once, they tend
to bloom off and on all season long. Consider
using color combinations that “sing” together,
like blue and yellow, orange and purple, red
and white, etc.
4. Check Irrigation. This is not always
easy to do – but crawling around to make
sure all your emitters and sprayers are still
working pays off. The ugly alternative is that
your most cherished plants go thirsty and have
to be replaced. Consider also improving the
‘reach’ of your drip emitters by changing some
of them to sprayers.
5. Improve Soil. If there is any single
item that creates an Oscar-level performance
from your favorite plant, it is the soil that you
prepare for the plant to live in. And plant
encyclopedias tell us that plants need different
soils. Some like it heavy, others demand rich,
many require fast draining, and soil chemistry
(pH level) is important – acidic vs. alkaline.
The soil you prepare (and then the food and
water you introduce along the way) makes all
the difference for our plants.
6. Grow Food. Unless your yard is covered
in shade, chances are good that you have a
sunny spot for a tomato plant or a zucchini
squash. Or, perhaps, a Meyer Lemon tree.
I get a real charge from growing a few food
plants and so does my wife. She insists on
picking everything, but I don’t mind since I’m
the primary eater!
George Porter directed the landscaping and
landscape maintenance work for over 20-years at the
Northgate Property Owners Association in Walnut
Creek, CA before moving to Sun City Roseville
(SCR) in 1999. At SCR, he has worked with various
staff specialists to provide the landscape designs and
upgrades to the Common Areas as well as a number
of Golf Course locations. At his SCR home, he grows
almost all of the plants used in his designs. His home
and garden have been featured on a number of local
home/garden tours.
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
Executive Director Comments
Our Focus on Community Projects Continues…
The workgroup assigned to develop
the background facts on Artificial Turf
has completed their work. Aided by the
Architectural Review Committee and staff,
this completed a two year review. Their final
report was submitted to the Board in February
which resulted in the First Consideration
of a resolution to change the Associations
Design Guidelines. This develops standards
for the quality of artificial turf and installation
requirements if the Board decides to vote for
approval of allowing artificial turf in our front
yard landscape. The Board would like to hear
from all residents on their thoughts prior to
voting on the measure at their April Board
Meeting. Residents are invited to attend one
of the following meetings to voice their opinion
on this issue: Board Planning Session on March
19th or April 16th in addition to the two Board
Meetings on March 27th and April 24th. Check
the resident website to review the proposed
resolution and recommended changes to the
current Design Guidelines.
The annual election of Board members
is fast approaching. This year you will also
find the question of whether to approve the
expansion of the Timbers Restaurant and
Lounge on the ballot. Workgroups and staff
have been meeting for nearly two years on
analyzing improvements needed at Timbers
and working with an architect to design a larger
and more efficient size and layout to address
the issues identified. The current workgroup
is finalizing a presentation to discuss all the
facts surrounding the project with proposed
solutions, design and costs associated with the
expansion plans. There will be quite a number
of presentations starting in April and running
through early June. Please attend one of these
presentations and become familiar with all
the facts.
The Parking Lot Repair and Seal project
is finally out to bid. Eight contracting firms
participated in a construction walk through
meeting in early March. We expect the majority
of these contractors to submit a bid in response
to a 20 page RFP. The Association is using
the services of an asphalt consultant and civil
engineer on the project; both with 40 years of
experience. This will be a big job and each of
us will probably be impacted if we choose to
visit the Lodge during the months of May and
June. The entire lot will be effected and the
work will be done by section (1 of 3 at a time)
allowing the Lodge to remain open during the
work. We will provide traffic control assistance
in an effort to make access to the Lodge as
easy as possible. But expect some changes
on how you enter the parking lot, where you
normally park and what entrance you use. We
will continue to communicate throughout the
project and alert you of changes so you can
stay ahead of the construction work.
Looking out to 2016, we continue to get
organized on the refurbishment of the Lodge,
portions of the
Fitness Center and locker room and the
older bathrooms and Deli at Sierra Pines. The
actual work at the Fitness Center will start
October 2015 with other portions completed
in 2016. The Sierra Pines work will occur later
in 2015 with the Lodge refurbishment work
to be done in February 2016. Plans for our 20
Year Anniversary Celebration are taking shape
with the festivities planned for May 2016. In
the meantime, enjoy yourself when you are out
and about in the Community. Enjoy.
SCR Resident Alton
Pryor’s New Book —
“Frontier Doctors and
Snake Oil Peddlers”
Western history.
Pioneer doctors in the old west had no
antibiotics, antiseptics or anesthesia other than
chloroform, whiskey and laudanum.
Many Civil War surgeons had never
witnessed a major amputation and few had
ever treated a gunshot wound. The frontier
was simply a dangerous place to become sick.
Pryor takes both an entertaining look at
frontier medicine and at the great strides that
some physicians and scientists made in the field
of medicine, particularly from the standpoint
of sanitary precautions, both in medicine and
everyday living.
The book is priced at $14.95 and is
available from Stagecoach Publishing,
5360 Campcreek Loop, Roseville, CA
95747, 916-771-8166, and at www.
Pity the poor family whose bottle of Mrs.
Winslow’s Soothing Syrup patent medicine
went dry. It was the standard treatment for
frontier families whose babies were fussing or
cutting teeth. It didn’t just put the babies to
sleep, Mrs. Winslow’s syrup carried a whopping
dose of morphine.
Early doctors on the frontier were
still practicing the ancient medicine of
“bloodletting, purging and blistering”. These
accepted cures were often worse than the
disease and seldom cured anything. If a patient
got better it was because of the patient’s
stamina, not harsh treatments.
“Frontier Doctors and Snake Oil
Peddlers” is a new book by SCR author
Alton Pryor, who writes about California and
Rick’s Team
Invites You To Compare!
Get Rid of That Ugly Lawn! Stop Wasting Water!
Fire the Gardener!
30 years experience, a degree
in Landscape Architecture,
former head designer at
Capital Nursery!
YOU HAVE CHOICES! We would like to be one of them. If you
are considering buying or selling your home, we will be happy to
meet with you and discuss our unique service. Consultations are
always FREE! Compare our services to anyone’s. You won’t be
disappointed! References available!
We can assist you in all phases of landscaping!
‘Where dreams become reality’ is our motto!
Call today for a free consultation and estimate.
Landscape Contractor License 805112
Sun City Roseville Real Estate Services
Serving your real estate needs since 1983 with integrity
and good old-fashioned hard work.
y Traditional worship service
y Choir y Bible studies
y Fellowship groups
Sunday Morning Worship y 10:00 AM
(916) 771– 4447 y www.pgcc.ws
Rick Johnson
(BRE# 01073601)
[email protected]
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
Ambassador Committee
Hello from
your Ambassadors!
Please meet
Carolyn Amador
and Betty Smith.
They are the
co-chairs of the
Realtor Relations
On April 7, they
will host a luncheon
meeting for realtors
Carolyn Amador
who sell in our
community. This
is an opportunity
to express our
appreciation and
to provide Realtors
with important
information about
The first New
Resident Welcome
of the year was
a great event.
Betty Smith
We w e l c o m e d
80 excited new
residents from as far away as Pennsylvania,
Michigan, South Carolina and New York.
We really enjoy meeting them and providing
them with helpful information about our
community. Photos of this event were taken
by Bill Blank and can be seen on the website.
Ambassadors are always “on the job”
promoting SCR. Janet Norris gave prospective
buyers a tour of our facilities; Valerie Rice and
Kathy Casten attended the Roseville Chamber
meeting; and Betty Smith and Carita Connelly
assisted with a recent concert; and Carolyn
Amador and Jane McNally will be helping
with the comedy show on April 15.
The 2015 Haggin Oaks Golf Expo will
be held on April 24 -26. Mark Gouger, Head
Golf Professional, has arranged to have a booth
again this year featuring our award winning
golf courses. Information regarding our
public facilities will also be available to share
with those attending. Ada Hale is organizing
the volunteers to staff the booth for Mark.
We’ll thank them and show their names in
the next issue.
Stay tuned – next month you’ll meet Ada
Hale and Jackie Phillips.
All residents are welcome to attend
Ambassador Meetings. The next one will be
held on April 21, at 2:00 p.m. in the Card Room.
For those of us fortunate enough to
have a golf course lot, we have the same
responsibilities with the knee wall – No growth
of our plants over the wall – Trim, Trim, Trim,
and again, Neat and Attractive. Pride of
Ownership should be apparent.
Have you looked at the bark or stone
accent in your garden lately? Are you seeing
weeds, clumps of wild grass or general
unsightliness? A little effort of spraying or
pulling will improve the look and possibility
avoid receiving a letter from us to comply.
Please help us to help you in maintaining this
beautiful community.
Questions, please call Lorri Booth,
Community Standards Director at 774-3869
or her assistant Ryan O’Connell, 774-3863
Website Work Group
Compliance Committee
Spring Is In The Air — So many beautiful
trees, bushes, vines and plantings are putting on
a wonderful show of color for all of us. With
all of this going on please take a moment and
look at your bushes, trees and vines, especially
if you are fortunate to share the common walls
on Del Webb, Sun City Blvd or Fiddyment with
the Association.
Did you know that if you share this wall it
is your responsibility to keep your trees, bushes
and vines on your side of the wall. You must
maintain and trim – plantings should be neat
and not creeping over the wall.
Why Is Sun City Roseville So Great —
Sun City Roseville is great, because it is not
From its inception, the mission of our
community has been “…to skillfully manage
and as appropriate, enhance association
facilities and assets…” In fact, that quote
is taken from the community’s Mission
Statement found on the Resident Website,
www.suncityresident.com, under the “Sun
City “ menu.
As I have been a resident for over 18 years,
I can comfortably speak from experience. The
Association staff, in conjunction with the Board
of Directors and the various committees, has
worked to keep Sun City Roseville a vibrant,
up-to-date, community that constantly strives
to meet the needs of its residents.
We have seen proof of that in past years
with previous refurbishing of the Lodge,
Timbers Restaurant, and Fitness Center, as
well as the enlargement of and enhancements
to Sierra Pines, the new Croquet Court, the
relocation of the Horseshoe Pitching Court,
and, over the past 10 years, the addition of
and improvements to our Resident and Public
The Resident Website currently reports
on the many support groups that are focusing
on new improvements – the next refurbishment
of the Lodge, the Lodge entrance canopy
cover, energy saving lighting in the Lodge
and parking lots, the parking lot resurfacing,
and additional storage for clubs and groups’
equipment, to name a few.
Another improvement in the works is
changing the service, which hosts our Resident
Website. When that change is completed the
website will remain as secure as our current
one, but will provide improved performance
with faster response and several added
The Website Staff will be sending out
emails to inform residents on the progress of
this improvement, and to clarify any action
that a resident may need to take once the
change is final.
The Association continually demonstrates
that it recognizes the importance of considering
the needs of its current residents. Adopting
recent communication innovations that might
improve our Website is just one example.
Staying true to its Mission Statement is what
(cont’ on page 9)
Monthly Events at Sierra Pointe
Easter Eggstravaganza
Saturday, April 4th • 1:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
A fun-filled afternoon for kids of all ages. Bounce houses, games,
balloon magic, face painting, and an Easter Egg Hunt (for 12 and under—
please bring your own basket or other egg-tainer).
RSVP by April 2nd—so the Bunny has plenty of eggs to hide!
Downsizing from A to Z
Thursday, April 9th • 12:00 p.m. – 1:15 p.m.
Are you dreading the daunting details of downsizing? Call to reserve your
place at the table for a lunch and learn program. Presentation by Jennifer
Hilton, Senior Move Manager. Seating is limited and by reservation only.
There is no charge. RSVP by Friday, April 3rd.
All programs are free. (916) 780-3330
5161 Foothills Boulevard, Roseville, CA 95747
License# 315002050
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
Website Work Group
(cont’ from page 8)
makes Sun City Roseville a good investment
and a great place to live.
Sun City Roseville Needs You!
Many of us still remember the slogan
popularized during World War II…”Uncle
Sam Needs You!” Well, I am borrowing that
phrase to get your attention. Sun City Roseville
Really Needs YOU.
Each resident owns 1/3,110 part of the
common areas and facilities. Because of this,
it is important for each of us to be familiar
with the rules, regulations, and the working of
the Board of Directors and Committees, all of
which provide direction for this community.
During the months of May, June, and
July, a major effort will be made to recruit
members for vacancies on the Board of
Directors and Committees. During Courier
Days, the first Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday
of each of those months, an information table
will be set up in the Lodge lobby to answer
resident’s questions and provide applications
for the vacant positions.
An active membership in one of the many
clubs and groups provides other opportunities
to get involved. And, since the focus of this
article is our websites, that would include the
Website Work Group. This Work Group holds
its monthly meeting, the first Wednesday of
the month at 9:00 AM in the Lodge Aspen
Room. Anyone with an interest in helping
staff maintain and improve these important
community communication features is
welcome to join us.
Sunshine Services
Melton at 784-1666.
We’re Here To Help Flyer: Many residents
have been referring to outdated “We’re Here to
Help” flyers and are unable to connect with the
designated contacts for services. If you haven’t
picked up the new and revised flyer in the kiosk
at Timbers Lodge, go to page 91 of your 2015
Membership Directory & Community Guide
Gratitude: Heartfelt thanks to Kathleen
Crawford for her outstanding three years of
service as Sunshine Services Secretary. Janice
White has agreed to
serve in this position.
We also want to
acknowledge Edna
Zissler who has
graciously stepped
up to fill the new
position of Chair of
G e n e r a l
Meeting: You are all
invited to our next
general meeting
at Sierra Pines on
April 9 at 10 AM.
Sunshine Council
member and author
Jennifer Martin will
Rosemary Sheldon, Sunshine Council member, thanks speakers
share her research
Pam Murphy (Senior Care Consulting) and Carol Kinsel
of thirty years as she
(Senior Care Solutions) at February’s general meeting.
looked for a cure
for an auto immune
for current information.
disorder she had. She will illuminate how to
Medical Equipment Loan Program:
research the cause of any disease and how
Planning a trip that would be made more
environmental and nutritional factors may be
enjoyable with the use of a wheel chair? You can
contributing to it. This is a free event, open to
check out a chair, free to residents, by calling
the public. Refreshments will be served.
Larry Leighton at 462-7261. Also, there are
Position Open: The Sunshine Council is
new walking canes called “Hurricanes” now
looking to fill the position of Program Chair.
available on loan.
The primary responsibility of the Program
Thought for the Day: To succeed in life you
Chair will be to find speakers for the general
need two things: ignorance and confidence.meetings that are held three times a year. If
-Mark Twain
you’re interested in applying, please call Betty
Community Public
Parking Lot Sale
The Roseville/WestPark Parking Lot
Sale is scheduled for Saturday, April 25 in
the parking area at St. John’s Episcopal
Church located at 2351 Pleasant Grove Blvd.
in Roseville.
This event is open to all individuals and
organizations, from crafters to garage sale
enthusiasts, with items both new and used. You
are invited to participate. The cost for one
parking space for your sale set up is only $25.
“This is a unique opportunity for anyone
in the area to show and sell their wares,” states
Mary Circle, event chairperson. “And all
income from the day belong to the vendor.”
Reservations for a selling space must
be made by Friday, April 17. Please call the
church at 786-6911 for details.
Vendors will provide their own booth or
table with set up available prior to the sale
opening time at 8:30 a.m. Closing time will be
3:30 p.m. and all items must be removed then.
“And if you have nothing to sell then
come to browse and buy from both friends
and neighbors,” invites Mary.
Southern Comfort
Call Now For
expires 4/30/201
Please patronize our
advertisers, and let them
know you saw their ad
in the Sun Senior News!
Prompt Response to Your Needs.
Free Estimates & Second Opinions.
We Send Technicians NOT Salesmen.
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
APRIL 3 - 7:3OPM
JUNE 6 - 7PM
JUNE 19 - 7PM
APRIL 10 - 7:30PM
APRIL 12 - 6:30PM & 9PM
APRIL 24 - 7:30PM
JUNE 26 - 8PM
MAY 9 - 7:30PM
JULY 17 - 7PM
MAY 16 - 8PM
LINCOLN, CA • 877-468-8777
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
Beverly and I went to Cha Cha’s Mexican
restaurant shortly after it opened and a number
of times after that. For some reason, we hadn’t
gone there for quite a while until recently
when our LEO (Let’s Eat Out) group went
there for lunch and we were happy to become
reacquainted with it. Cha Cha’s is a mid-sized
place with its outstanding feature a tree in its
center festooned with balloons, which give it
a festive air. It’s also filled with pottery and
other artifacts brought from Mexico by coowner Martha Draper.
Cha Cha’s menu starts with appetizers
such as guacamole al molga jete (avacado
with onions, tomatoes, cilantro, oaxacan
cheese and a touch of garlic), mole nachos
and shrimp peto quesadilla. Then comes
soups and salads, followed by burritos. The
burritos include Cha Cha’s original macho
burrito and a steak and shrimp mole burrito.
Specialty plates and grilled entrees include
most traditional Mexican dishes: fajitas,
enchiladas, tamales, chile relleno and three
taco entrees. I had my usual, which was the
two tamales (choice of chicken or pork) with
Spanish rice and refried pinto or whole black
beans. Beverly had her usual, which was the
chicken burrito and shredded beef enchilada.
One of the other LEO members had the burrito
grande, which lived up to its name. It was huge.
Martha embellished our meal by giving us a
complementary guacamole appetizer and then,
to close it out, complementary desserts of flan.
Cha Cha’s serves beer, wine and liquor,
including margaritas , Beverly’s favorite. I
always have a Dos Equis beer (think that’s
what it is). For tequila lovers, I’ll mention
that they have over 100 different kinds (didn’t
know there were that many). The restaurant
is at 6130 Stanford Ranch Road; the phone
number is 782-8787.
Last month, we had a report on a new
restaurant in Lincoln, Rum Thai Bistro, thanks
to an e-mail from Michele McEwen. Valerie
Green (no relation) of SCLH e-mailed about
the same restaurant, writing: “My friend and
I stopped into the new Rum Thai Bistro the
other day and were impressed with the quality
of food, the portions and the price! Lunch is
$7.95 and includes, salad, entrée and dessert.
We spoke with the owner Pon Sawagwon who
is from Thailand but has spent the last 32 years
in the United States and the last 23 of those
years in the restaurant business.
“When Pon decided to open Rum
Thai he wanted to have the best quality and
freshest ingredients available, all as organic
and locally sourced as possible. It makes a
difference because what we tasted, and we’ve
been back since, was delicious. There are rice
dishes, noodles, curries, soups and salads to
choose from as well as Thai specialties like
Pad Thai Drunken Noodle, a Thai version
of Sweet and Sour and Papaya Salad. For a
treat try the Asparagus sautéed with prawns
or Rock Cornish Hen or Kai Yang, Thai style
barbeque chicken with pickled garlic sauce.
They now have a beer/wine license so you can
enjoy an adult beverage with your meal. Rum
Thai Bistro is in the Raley’s shopping center
in Lincoln by DT Noodle. They are closed
Sunday, open 11-3 and 4:30-9:30 or 10pm on
weekends.” So Rum Thai Bistro has a second
The Placer Superior Court is seeking
applications from Placer County
citizens interested in an opportunity
to serve on the 2015-2016 Grand Jury.
Additional details, including dates and
times for informational sessions, and
applications are available by contacting
(916) 408-6186, or by visiting the Court’s website at
Applications are due May 15, 2015 at 3PM.
We On
ly Use
Best A
ll Natu
& Lotio l Oils
Our Therapist Are Califoria Certified and Have Advanced Skills in Geriatric Massage Therapy
Senior special
1 hr full body
endorsement and sounds like another good
and affordable Asian restaurant in our area.
Gary Haight e-mailed about what sounds
like an interesting high-scale restaurant: “it’s
called Cibo 7 Restorante and Wine Bar. It’s
two doors down from Paul Martin’s on Eureka.
The owner is Chad Lanza. They make an effort
to get to know you. The service is excellent.
All of the servers and staff work together to
take care of you. They feature some excellent
upscale Italian creations. They have a good
wine selection, reasonably priced by the bottle.
The food is not cheap, but the portions are
good. We always share items, so that keeps
it reasonable.”
Gary referred me to the restaurant’s website
for details. The website is headlined: Rustic
Fine Dining, Hand Selected Allocated Wines,
Old World Charm.” It also says: “Europeaninspired cuisine that emphasizes the freshest
local ingredients.” The dinner menu, which
is pretty extensive, has four sections: “Salade,
Primi/Antipasto,Pastas and Principale/Placas.”
I’ll just mention several of the entrees. For
seafood lovers, there’s fennil broth, Alaskan
king crab legs, fresh white fish, whole prawns,
diver scallops, savory clams, penn cove mussels
and grilled house focaccia, all on one plate. For
meat fanciers, there’s marinated skirt steak and
an eight ounce sterling silver prime filet mignon
with spinach and vegetables. And for others
there’s duck confit risotto.
As noted above, Cibo 7 is a high-scale
restaurant with prices to match. The hours are:
Monday-Friday, 4-10; social hour (MondayFriday) 4-6:30; Saturday, 2-10; wine-tasting,
Saturday 2-4; Sunday 5-9. Cibo 7 is at 1465 Eureka
Road; the phone is 789-8585.
Please e-mail about your favorites, old or
new, to [email protected]
Music & Laughter
Have you heard the performances
of our Karaoke singer(s) at Music and
Laughter lately? Yes, its been a hoot as new
interesting entertainment appears for our
responsive loyal audience. Did you know
we’ve also been giving away prizes each
month? If you are a regular attendee or
new to our group we hope you’ll mark your
calendar for our upcoming gatherings on
April 8th, and particularly on Wednesday
evening May 13th, when, due to popular
demand, we hope to have a surprise
professional entertainer on hand (with
over thirty years experience) coming to
perform for the whole show. You won’t
want to miss that one. Some of you may
have heard her before. Many of you keep
asking me to get her back. Can you guess
who it might be?
Now here comes a huge “thank
you” to our recent performers who
captivated the audience with various
forms of entertainment: Joan Thiomas,
Armando Gaytan, Carver Sears, Gary
Mills, the “Sweet Traditions” (Sandy
Howell and her four part harmony group)
Ken Roberts, Jan Montero, John Feller,
Dottie Ferguson, and Frank Bohn (singing
with yours truly.) Needless to say the
entertainment was exhilarating and fun
for all.
Tell your friends and neighbors and
(cont’ on page 12)
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
Luxury Senior Living
Assisted Living • Memory Care
Music & Laughter
(cont’ from page 11)
come bring your smiles to our Sierra
Pines Lodge, not only on April 8th and
the special evening of May 13th, but each
2nd Wednesday evening of the month at
7pm. Check out our NEW flyers at the
kiosk which now indicate the dates of our
upcoming shows at the bottom of the flyer.
We know you’ll have fun with this group
who love to blend Music and Laughter
for a joyful uplifting of the Spirit.
Oakmont of Roseville has been selected as
a “Caring Star” of 2015, honoring service excellence
based on consumer ratings and reviews posted on
Caring.com, the leading senior care website.
“Oakmont staff made it very easy for my mother to transition
into her new life. They are welcoming, friendly, and engage
with the residents. I am very pleased and confident that my
mother is respected and safe.”
Sun City Singers
Our new Accompanist Nina Malone with
Director Paul Melkonian.
It’s April and the only thing we’re
missing is winter! The flowers are
blooming, the sun is shining and the Easter
Bunny is hopping our way. But fireplaces
didn’t glow, heavy sweaters weren’t worn
and the event of the year was the “NOSnow Train”. This has to be the longest
spring in tarnation! The Singers don’t
mind because June 1st, our concert date is
probably the latest Spring Concert we’ve
ever had, which only affirms that this is
the longest spring in tarnation!
At last, the title can be revealed,
Not one memory as in the song title, but
many memories that we share, in music,
with our audience. From Ginger Rogers
and Fred Astaire to Sinatra and Como,
the music during our school years, sock
hops, weddings, babies, like spring, new
beginnings. Mark your calendars now.
June 1, Timbers Ballroom, 7PM. The
tickets remain $10.00 (the best deal in
town), but unlike the title, the ticket
Chairman can’t be revealed until May.
You may be looking forward to a
basket full of chocolate eggs for Easter,
but we received a special treat in February.
Our Valentine was the return of Nina
Malone who accompanied us several years
ago. She is such a pro and gives us and
Director, Paul Melkonian terrific support!
Maybe she’ll even lend her lovely voice
now and then.
Our final Wrap Party will take place
on June 10th. Wednesday at Sierra Pines
5:30 PM. The Sopranos will be hard at
(cont’ on page 13)
Debbie M., resident’s daughter
The community you’ve imagined…
the care your loved one deserves.
April 17, 18, 19, 23, 24, 25, 26, 2015
Friday | Saturday 8:00pm, Sunday 2:00pm, Thursday 7:00pm (Thursday Director’s Discussion 5:30pm)
$15 general, $10 Students and Seniors (Students $8 with ASSC Sticker) Tickets may be purchased one hour before curtain or
online at www.brownpapertickets.com/event/993580
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Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
SCR Dance Club
Sun City Singers
(cont’ from page 12)
work chairing this Installation Meeting
and dinner. Sure to be fun! If you loved
our Concert music and love to sing, please
join us. We meet at 2:30 on Thursday at
the back of the Ballroom.
The Harmonicoots’ Board has made
the decision not to host the eleventh
Jamboree on Tuesday May 12, 2015;
therefore there will be no ticket sales on
April 1 as in the past years.
The good news is that this makes it the
perfect time to jump in for our Jamming
sessions on Thursday afternoons at 1:00
PM at Sierra Pines. If you’ve ever played
the harmonica as a youngster, you’ll find
it makes you feel young again. If you
have never played we have beginning
classes to help you get started. Playing the
harmonica is a fun way to improve your
lung health, meet other players, and, the
music is great! So come give us a test drive.
The Dance Club sponsors dances
and weekly dance classes for Sun City
Dance Classes
Most classes encourage participants
at the beginner level. Cost of the classes
range from $3 to $5 per session. Except
as noted below, classes are taught in the
Timbers Ballroom.
Ballroom Dance: Learn Foxtrot,
Rumba, Waltz, Tango, Cha-Cha, Swing
and more. Partners are not required and
all attendees get to dance. Contact Gene
Ballard 412-6614
Jazz/Tap: If you enjoy show tunes and
like to dance with pizzazz, Jazz/Tap is for
you. At Each session we do a half hour of
each dance type. This invigorating dance
class is taught by Alyson Meador at Sierra
Pines. Contact Lali Hearn 773-0238
Thursdays 11:00 AM (Practice);
Tuesday 12:00 PM (Performing)
Clogging: Classes are taught using
lots of great tunes and techniques by our
capable teacher Janice Hanzel. While
learning basic steps, clogging is fun
exercise to music, low impact, and great
for your mind. Classes are taught in the
Ponderosa room at the Pines.
Beginners: Friday at 9:00 AM;
Intermediate: Friday at 10:00 AM
Contact Carolyn Winter 772-5541 or
Shelly Winters 772-3142
CA LIC. #0620650
Serving Sacramento
Valley Seniors and
Adult Living Communities
For Quotes or Questions - Call Brian Santa Maria
(916) 488-4426
[email protected]
Country Couples: Dance to country
music. Learn to do the Cowboy Cha-Cha,
Midnight Waltz, Rumba-Stroll and others.
Thursday at 5:00 PM - Contact Jim Keener
Line Dance:
Level 1 Tuesday 5:30 and Thursday
2:15 Contact Bill Swayne 772-1156.
Level 2 Tuesday 1:15 - Instructor
Sandy Gardetto, Contact PJ Palmer
Level 3 Tuesday 2:30 - Contact Jeanie
Keener 771-5207.
Level 4 Thursday 3:45 - Instructor
Sandy Gardetto, Contact Pj Palmer 9904125.
Fine Arts
April is here and our Membership
meeting on Thursday, April 9 at 1 pm
in the Fine Arts Room we will feature
Sonja Hamilton. She is an artist, teacher
and art show judge noted for her fluid,
concise watercolors, be they landscapes,
seascapes or florals. She has paintings in
private collections around the world. She
has taught for 30 years and led teaching
tours to Italy, Greece, France and
Belgium. Sonja draws and paints in many
mediums, she says, “she finds watercolor
exciting, spontaneous and challenging”.
When she paints, she says her cares leave
and she becomes totally immersed in
what she is doing. “Watercolor is a joy…
It is who I am” Join us for this wonderful
Our schedule of classes in April will
include: Mondays am Oil Painting with
Brooke Walker-Knoblich; Mondays pm
Watercolor & Pastels with Sharyn Miller;
Tuesdays am Watercolors with Michael
Mikolon; Tuesdays pm Drawing with
Rosanne Kaufmann; Wednesdays – Open
Studio; Thursdays pm Oil Painting with
Marian Fagan Batten; Fridays am Open
Studio; Fridays pm Oil Painting with
Marian Fagan Batten. Details are in the
Kiosk or the windows next to the art room.
Beginners are welcome in all classes. If
you have always thought you would like
to try drawing and or painting; give it a
whirl. We have a good time!
Third Saturday Reception will be held
Saturday, April 18 from 5:30 to 7 pm in
the Fine Arts Room. Join us enjoy some
refreshments and vote for your favorite
painting. A special reception will be held
on Saturday, April 25 for the art students
of Woodcreek High School and prizes will
be awarded.
We invite all to come to our meeting
and enjoy the demonstrations and
(more Club News cont’ on page 14)
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
Creative Arts Club
The annual Spring Fine Arts Show
was held on March 21 and 22 in the Timber
Creek Ballroom. A more complete report
will follow in the May Courier. A big
thanks to Lois Habein for heading this
event for us.
Club Business:
Breakfast at the Timbers with the Clay
group will be held on the 3rd Wednesday
of each month at “8am”.
The first breakfast was held on Wed.,
Feb. 18.
We had a great group of ladies show up
(pictured are: Nancy, Ann, Pam, Juanita
and Peggy) fun was had by all! Try to keep
the 3rd Wednesday of the month open and
join the group.
The club council meeting was held
on March 18.
The general meeting was held on
the March 26. Minutes are posted in the
CAC room.
Mary Ann Chittick is working with our
club to continue to place work from our
creative arts group in the Demonstration
Kiln’s are maintained by Juanita. For
any questions concerning the kiln’s contact
her at (204-4231).
Ceramics – Tue 10AM-1PM
Instructor: Vickie Soares
Contact: Yoshi Polgar (771-5382)
Learn to paint on ceramic greenware.
Decorative Painting — Thur 9:00AM11:30AM
Instructor: Lois Habein (772-2484)
Paint on anything
Stained Glass— Fri 2:00PM-4:00PM
Instructor: Shirley Moe (771-5572)
Pottery— Wed/Fri 9:00AM-12:00PM
Contact & Informal Instructor:
Juanita Stonebraker (204-4231)
Woodcarvers— Tue 1:00PM-4:00PM
Woodworkers are no longer
conducting classes but workshops on a
drop on basis.
Creative Arts consists of a group of
residents with a desire to learn and share
their craft with each other. Drop in and
experience a class.
For information about our club look
for the flyers in the Lodge kiosk or on the
wall next to the Creative Arts.
Needle Arts
The best way to describe our March
4th guest speaker would be to say we were
“BEA dazzeled” (my word). Thom Atkins
is more than an everyday quilter. He is an
artist who designs, teaches and lectures on
the construction of “Art Quilts.” He was
nurtured from childhood, by a family of
creative adults his grandmother, mother
and sister. His art design background,
lead him to bronze sculpturing which
ended when his wrist and thumbs were
injured in a car accident. Thus began his
love of fabrics and the added dimension
of incorporating beads into his quilting.
He is a confessed “beadaholic.” The
beautiful quilted panels that were hung
for us to see were breathtaking, beaded
works of art. He advises us to “Believe and
trust our imagination and creativity, we
all have them, although some of us have
let them atrophy, sent them into hiding
or suppressed them. Find them, woo
them, and
yourself and
others.” A
great goal
for all our
thanks to
March 2015 general
Meeting, Guest Speaker
Thom Atkins - Renouned
Beaded Quilter.
the creative team
o f L e e Pr a g e r ,
Betty Bourdet and
Sue Rohrke who
designed a creative
quilted banner to
adorn the podium
during Needle Arts
Meetings and events.
Thanks to Francisco
from our maintenance department who
was the instigator behind the project.
April 1st’s General Meeting will bring
us another multi talented person: Lorna
Miser. She has had a varied career built
around her passion for knitting, crocheting
and sewing. She is a delightful speaker, has
owned her own yarn dyed yarn company,
and is an author of knitting books.
April Classes: Cards with Mina: 4/10
Fri., 4/17 Fri. 4/23, Thurs. 1-4PM
Mary Boyer 4/24 Fri. 9-11:30AM
(cont’ on page 15)
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Call Family Chiropractic Today!
963 Pleasant Grove Blvd. Ste. 130
Roseville, CA 95678
4011 Woodcreek Oaks Blvd. #110 Roseville, Ca 95747
Each Office Independently Owned and Operated
patronize our
and let them
know you saw
their ad in the
Sun Senior
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
Necktie $20 each or $30 Both
Super Sweatshirt with Joann 4/29
Wed. 9-4 PM (with lunch break) All
Day: $15
Cinema Group
“Titanic is too good to sink,” a film
critic wrote.
It’s also a fascinating subject, which
the Cinema Group keeps afloat with the
presentation of our special guest speaker,
Barbara Chronowski.
She played a first-class passenger in
the 1997 movie, and is a member of the
Titanic Historical Society.
Barbara’s talk, “Memoirs of a Titanic
Survivor,” recounts her experiences in
Mexico during the film shoot and includes
the showing of rare behind-the-scenes
Following Barbara’s talk, “Ghosts
of the Abyss,” James Cameron’s exciting
documentary film
will take us on his
expedition to the wreck
of this tragic ship and
the re-creation of its
lost glory.
Friday, April 17,
2015 • 1:30 PM at
Sierra Pines.
Roseville Stamp Club
The latest Scott stamp catalog lists
16 different 1-cent Franklin stamps
issued between 1922 and 1938. Some are
perforated and some are plain-edged or, as
they are called in the hobby, imperforate,
flat-plate or rotary press prints, and
assorted perforation measurements. The
particular makeup of any of these stamps
can affect the value from pennies to
many dollars. Folks who collected when
they were kids and still have the albums
put away may be sitting on a windfall,
depending on the stamp. This is just one
reason why we caution our friends to take
a peek in their stamp albums and see what
they have.
Roseville Stamp Club meets in the
Sun City Sierra Pines meeting rooms on
the 2nd and 4th Thursday nights at 6:30
pm. We welcome anybody with a curiosity
about the hobby to attend. We have a
complete library of current catalogs for
every stamp in the world and we are happy
to help you put a current value on your
old album.
We have slide shows, discussions,
quizzes, and you can reconnect to a great
way to enjoy the hobby again, if you wish.
Our yearly dues are very reasonable.
Besides meetings we have several dinners
Phone: 916-847-3838
Fax: 916-771-3504
[email protected]
7541 Locomotive Lane
Roseville, CA 95747
“Sun City Roseville Resident”
“Resources for Home Care,
Assisted living and Veterans
Aid & Attendance Allowance.”
each year in local restaurants.
The big Westpex Stamp Show is
coming up Apr 24-26 at the Airport
Marriott in Burlingame and it draws a
big crowd every year with dealers from all
over the country in attendance. Collectors
looking to fill a gap in their collection
can be counted on to attend. Roseville
Stamp Club will have a large contingent
going down.
The foregoing will give you an idea of
what the Club does and how it serves to
help us as collectors. See you at a coming
Heartland Club
The Heartland April event will
feature vaudevillian, Tony Castle. He was
a huge success several years ago when he
first appeared for us. This will be his last
performance, as he will be moving away.
The date is Saturday, April 25, 6 P.M. at
Sierra Pines.
It’s a potluck. The following is
a suggestion of what you could bring
according to your last name — A-C:
Salads; D-H Side Dishes; I-R: Main
Dishes; S-Z: Desserts.
The cost is $6.00 for members, which
covers beverages, eating setups, and
entertainment: non-members $11.00,
which must be attached with a member’s
check. This is different from previous
arrangements, as we want to give members
the advantage of attending. Please note
that attendance is limited to the first 75
tickets sold.
The Heartland Club is open to ALL
residents of Sun City (single or otherwise).
This is a very comfortable group devoted to
having fun. Check out our SCR Web site
Photo Gallery to view some past events.
The Heartland Club meets four
times a year, usually on the last Saturday
of January, April, July, and October.
Membership is only $3.00 per person.
The membership year is from July to July.
Make your check to “Heartland Club”
and forward to Joe Golda (Treasurer)
772-2928, 4144 Enchanted Circle. You
may also call him for information and/
or tickets.
Want more information about the
Club? Call our President Joe Flores
SCR Travel Club
Our next meeting is April 27 at 4 PM
in the ballroom. NOTICE THE TIME
CHANGE! Our speaker will be Robin
Padilla, speaking on “Seniors in Defense”.
Robin is an entertaining and informative
speaker with a mission of equipping,
empowering and educating seniors how
to protect themselves.
April 24 6:30 PM Sierra Pines - meet
others who want to travel but would like
(cont’ on page 17)
Dog & Cat Boarding
Obedience & Field Training
24 Hour On-Site
New directions due to construction detours:
Fiddyment Rd to Village Green,
Village Green to Bob Doyle,
Rt on Bob Doyle to Westpark,
Left on Westpark to Phillip Rd
Detour, Follow Detour to 5480
Phillip Rd.
(cont’ from page 14)
For more info call Charlee Swartz,
Needle Arts
24 yrs exp. / Lincoln Resident / Licensed
A Family Tradition Since 1934
400 Douglas Blvd. • Roseville
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
Open Daily 9am to 5pm and after hours by appointment.
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
SCR Travel Club
(cont’ from page 15)
a travel companion. $5 admission gives
you a wonderful evening of wine, snacks
and company of people who enjoy going
places. Open to all Sun City residents..
RSVP to Bobby Bartelt 771-0567 or
[email protected] or Norma Price
773-7216 or [email protected] .
Summer Festival June 19 at Sierra
Pines from 6:30 until 9 - Registrations
are now being taken. Attendance limited
to 100, so plan to get your reservation in
soon. If you want to sit with your friends,
place all names on one form and attach all
checks. Questions contact Joey Woods at
474-5671 or email [email protected]
2015 trips include
• Mystery Trip-April 15-18 Pat
Drosdat 781-9988 Wait List
• South Africa – April 22 – May 5
Linda Bevins 666-7627
• Alaska Land & Sea-May 27-June
10 Marian Kress 771-3238
• Eureka and the Coast with Carson
Inn-June 14-17 Pat Drosdat 781-9988
Wait List
• Maine’s Rugged Coast-July 25-Aug
1 Sherrill Pahl 71-4245
• Pearl Mist Cruise Chicago to
Toronto August 18-25 Janice Marcum
771-4758 Closed
• So. Italy, Sicily & Rome Oct 8 – 20
Rudy Ketola 774-9729
• Grand Circle Panama Canal & City
Small Ship October 27 - November 7 Joey
Woods 474-5671
• Christmas on the Danube November
27 – December 5 Vicki Evans (925)9988465
2016 trips include
• California Coastal Cruise-April
24-May 1 Joey Woods 474-5671
• The Seine: Paris to Normandy River
Boat Cruise-March 17-29 Joey Woods
• Real Affordable Peru-June 17-27
Sherrill Pahl 771-4245
RV Group
Boomer Generation
Jewish Fellowship
Many thanks to all who helped out
at our “Spring Training” Fling in March.
We all had a great time. What wasn’t to
like--- BBQ’d chicken & ribs, potato salad,
cole slaw, cake, along with peanuts and
homemade “crackerjack” for nibblies. The
baseball balloons, gloves and baseballs
made colorful centerpieces, and the whole
party was very festive. .
The little RV trip to Laughlin in
March was a hoot. The campground had
700 sites, all with complete hook-us. We
paid $99 for the whole week, along with
two great buffets. One interesting side
trip was a visit to the tiny, very old mining
town of Oakman. The miners must have
left a few burros around who multiplied
mightily, because the only street was
filled with them. Tourists were feeding
the burros who seemed highly indifferent
to any traffic--pedestrian or otherwise.
A day down in Lake Havasu City to see
London Bridge was such an anomaly-imagine driving over a stone bridge that’s
over six centuries old right in the middle
of the desert!
Plans are in the making for a trip to
Vallejo the last week in April. We’ll be
staying at the local Elks Lodge RV park,
and there are all sorts of things to do.
Vallejo has lovely old Victorians to tour,
and who can resist shopping in Benicia?
We can take a mini Bay cruise on the
hour-long ferry ride to the Ferry Building
which has an interesting docent led tour.
The Walt Disney museum on the Presidio
grounds is most remarkable, and we also
could visit the Maritime Academy. A
“MUST” activity would be a docent tour
of Mare Island where we can see and
learn about the twelve magnificent Tiffany
stained glass windows.
Contact Barbara Woolman, 771-8820,
or Ed Underwood, 773-2728, for further
By the time you read this, Boomer
Generation members will have celebrated
a “post-Mardi Gras” evening in our usual
style. Barbeque by Sandra Dee and
dancing to Cajun music always make for
a fun event.
Next up on the Boomer event
calendar is the 4th annual Wine and
Cheese tasting on Thursday May 21st.
Sign-ups will begin at the general meeting
on Thursday April 16th at Sierra Pines.
Please contact Michael Hemingway at
[email protected] to join the Event
Planning Committee for this always
informative and tasty event!
Boomer Golf is scheduled for April
11th and 25th at Sierra Pines. If you
want to join your fellow boomers for 9
holes of fun, low stress golf, sign up at
[email protected] .
info about Boomer Golf, contact Jim
and Helen McMahon at [email protected]
gmail.com .
At the February general meeting,
members were surveyed about themes for
the July and September events and about
participating in “special interest groups”
under the Boomer Generation umbrella.
Boomer Generation members Vernita
Hillwig and Joan Rose gave reports on the
golf and book club groups that currently
exist. President Nancy Schubach has been
e-mailing members regarding the survey
results and we’ll also have a discussion at
the April 16th general meeting. Join us
at 7:00PM at Sierra Pines to get all the
updates. BYO beer and wine for some
after meeting socialization.
Would you like to join the Boomer
Generation? Contact Tena Johnson at
[email protected] to get
your questions answered, or send your
check for $10 to Tena at 7140 Secret
Garden Loop. Be sure to include your
e-mail address so you don’t miss any info
about Boomer fun!
This month we celebrate Passover,
the weeklong commemoration of the
Jews flight from slavery in Egypt. The
different foods and the songs and stories
surrounding the festive Seder meal make
this a very special holiday. Our Fellowship
Seder will take place on April 7 at 6PM
at the Timbers. Details will follow. Since
Passover precludes our holding our
monthly Friday Shabbat service we will
end our Passover Seder with a yahzeit
service, a time to recite the memorial
Kaddish prayer.
Don’t miss the inspiring film Miriacle
at Midnight. Social Chair Abbott will
bring us the movie on Monday, April 13
in the Lodge’s Birch/Cedar rooms at 1PM.
Starring Sam Waterson and Mia Farrow,
it tells the true story of a Danish family
who risked their lives to save thousands
of their Jewish countrymen.
Our Fellowship is lucky to have
Cora Rose as a valued member and long
time Treasurer. She and her husband
Dave moved here in 2004 from upstate
New York after Dave retired from his
dental practice and Cora from a 21-year
career as a corporate accountant with
IBM. They are delighted to live closer to
daughter Melissa who preceded them to
California and is the Mom of their two
granddaughters, Jordan 12 and Kaci 10.
Son Michael, now a San Franciscan, makes
the whole family Californians.
Cora and Dave Roses embraced our
great lifestyle immediately and continue
to participate in many clubs and activities.
Among their many interests, both Roses
enjoy bridge, biking, theater, concerts
and travel. Cora has given much to our
community. She was a four-year member
of the Finance Committee, chairing it the
last two years. She is now spending her
final year on our Board of Directors as its
four-year Treasurer.
Our Fellowship salutes you, Cora!
(more Club News cont’ on page 18)
Board Certified in Podiatric Surgery and Podiatric Medicine by the ABMSP
“Don’t Pay Big Companies Overhead!”
“Savings from $500 up to $2450 on New System Installs”
We have over 200 happy, installed customers in Sun City already! “Our quality and pricing can’t be beat.”
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
Computer Club
General Meeting – April 27rd - Fourth
Monday - 10:00 AM, Ballroom. Bob
Ringo will bring us another interesting
program about Google and its docs. All
are welcome.
Council Meeting – April 27 - Fourth
Monday, 9:00 am Computer Room. All
members are welcome.
Special Interest Groups (SIGs):
Digital Imaging And Editing –
April 6th - First Monday, 7:00 PM,
Computer Room. Watch demonstrations
on Photoshop Elements and related
topics. Learn to process images on your
computer. Call Charlyn Ross at 772-1447.
Genealogy - April 9th (National
former POW recognition Day) – Second
Thursday, 1:30 PM, Card Room. Our
speaker will be Bob Ringo helping us
Research with Google; shortcuts and
hints. All are welcome. Questions? P.J.
Cousineau-Palmer at 916-990-4125 or
[email protected]
PC Forum – April 2th - First Thursday,
3:00 PM, Computer Room. Topics for
more advanced computer users, but all are
welcome. Call Carver Sears at 771-2672.
6th (ARMY Day-fly the flag) Second
Monday, 3:00 – 5:00 PM, Computer Room.
Free support workshop for beginner to
intermediate Computer user. Alternates
with Android Tablet and Android Phone
information/workshop – Come and sign
up in Room.
[email protected] –April 14th - Second
Tuesday, 7:00 PM, Aspen Room. All levels
of experience using the Macintosh, iPad
and iPhone. Information: call Charlyn
Ross at 772-1447.
Photo SIG – April 17th – Third
Friday, 10:00 AM, Computer Room.
April’s theme: “Architecture – All or Part
of”. Members email up to three photos
to [email protected] by April
13th. Contact Richard Paine [email protected]
iDEVICES – April 22nd (Earth Day)
- 4th Wednesday, 6:00PM - Computer
Bring your iPhone or iPad, your user
ID and your password. Contact Rita
Gordon at 916-622-4729. Or visit her in
the Computer Room on Monday April
6th from 1:00-3:00pm.
Sun City Democrats
Join us on Wednesday, April 22 for
a meeting of the Sun City Democrats
that will feature an outstanding resident.
Starting at 9:30am in Sierra Pines we will
hear a presentation by P.J. Conradi, new
director of Citizen Patrol/Neighborhood
Residing in Sacramento from a very
young age, P.J. pursued a 30-year career
in the Sacramento Police Department.
Between 1968 and 1998 he served as
a street cop, a detective and a patrol
sergeant, changing jobs often enough to
give him variety and broad experience.
After retirement he had no inkling
that he would work again in a law
enforcement-related field. Then last
September his wife pointed out that the
director position here, which had just
opened up, would be a natural fit for him.
He is doing innovative things with this
half time job, bringing a new perspective
to it. P.J. manages Citizens Patrol and
Neighborhood Watch as separate but
sister programs that are ideally suited to
our community.
If you would like to serve on the
nominating committee for next year’s
officers, contact Club President Susan
Sun City Republicans
Monday, April 6, 2015 – 7:00 p.m.
Sierra Pines Clubhouse. Our Speaker
from KTKZ 1380 Sacramento will be Phil
Cowan, who hosts the early morning show
6-9 a.m. weekdays. For eighteen years,
Phil was part of the Paul and Phil Show
on another local station and gained a
large following. His show is intelligent,
conservative talk and we all look forward
to his visit.
Our March Meeting with Carol
Garcia, Mayor of Roseville, was spirited
and she informed us of substantial water
rate increases and well as sewer rate
increases over this next year, beginning
this summer. She also indicated large
housing developments and universities,
and a large convention center coming
to us soon.
The Club is planning a pizza party at
Sierra Pines to be held on Wednesday,
May 6th. Be sure to save the date – more
information will be sent to you.
For further details, please call Carole
at 781-2468.
Veterans Club
It’s April, flowers, bunnies, eggs and
the signal that spring is here. That darn
calendar just flies!
We had 124 members and guests at
the March meeting to listen and question
our speaker, Jonn Melrose, from the
Placer County Veterans office. John gave
a great talk and also answered many of
the questions from the floor.
This year is loaded with events; BarB-Q’s, Dinner and dances and more.
Your officers are busy making plans so
that boredom cannot become an issue.
I sat next to our outgoing Secretary,
Harvey Schmidt, and had a chance to say
thanks for all he did and had done for this
great club. He said that he “just could not
keep up the pace like he wanted to do
(cont’ on page 21)
Roseville Toyota & Scion
Par ts
Dept. O eek
7 Days
— Fleet Department Retail Program —
Let us show you the quick
and easy no hassle way of
buying your next vehicle!!
Call Our Fleet Managers....
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Choose from the Largest Inventory of New
& Certified Vehicles in Northern California!
Email us at [email protected]
Check Our Inventory On-line at: www.RosevilleToyota.com
700 Automall Dr., Roseville
Inside the Roseville AutoMall
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
SUN SENIOR PROFILES Getting to know you...
Barbara O’Malley
Joe and Barbara
O’Malley —
October 1947
(cont’ from page 1)
Barbara saw a major
those days,” Barbara
change in Joe.
says, explaining son’s
Tom comments that,
“they were moving
forgetting things.
The diagnosis was
dementia,” Barbara
children grew up and
had families of their
diagnosis, Barbara
own, Barbara went
couldn’t see herself
back to work at Los
living alone in
Altos High School
the Santa Cruz
supervising the
Mountains. She’d
English Resource
heard about Del
Center. She retired
Webb’s Sun City
after 13 years and
was surprised and
Roseville and
pleased to have
decided to take a
earned a pension of
look at it while Joe
her own.
was still active.
When Joe and
Sun City became
Barbara O’Malley
Barbara decided to
the perfect place for
retire, they chose
Photo by Richard Paine Joe and Barbara.
Boulder Creek, a little
Barbara has an
town nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains
exercise routine. When Joe couldn’t play
of Northern California. Avid golfers and
golf or tennis anymore, she took him to the
tennis players, Barbara and Joe enjoyed
exercise gym while she swam in the pool.
ten years in that beautiful area.
Sadly Joe passed away in 2011.
As time passed in Boulder Creek,
“I believe strongly in family. With Joe
Milestone Physical
Pain Management
Lic. # LCO3688 and LCO4061
Riverside Ave
Vernon St
Cirby Way
Paul’s Showroom
Blvd. I-80
St. John’s Episcopal Church
welcomes YOU
Foothills Blvd
* Thinning/ Pruning of all plants
shrubs and trees
* Tree Training/ Maintenance
* Weed Abatement
* Planter Beds
* Pathways/ Walkways/ Walls
* Boulders/ Stream Beds
* Bark Installation
“to come experience the love of JESUS CHRIST”
Commercial • Residential • Safes
Know a neighbor who should be
Well, just let us know!
Call us at 727-6383 or e-mail us
at [email protected]!
2351 Pleasant Grove Blvd. Roseville
Quality Locksmith Service
“I sometimes wonder what plan God
has for me--why am I still here?” Barbara
Whatever it is, this 86-year-old woman
certainly has the energy and enthusiasm
to carry it through.
Tree Care – Planting- Irrigation- Fertilization
programs in:
Formula F.I.T.T.
gone and the children strewn in several
places, I make sure we manage to get
together.” Once she rented a huge house
in Utah to get the entire O’Malley family
“I love my life in Sun City. The best
part is the wonderful friends I have made.”
In addition to tennis, golf and
swimming, she plays bridge with a Lodge
group and with friends. She volunteers for
the Foundation, answering the phone for
the Maintenance guys; is secretary to the
SCR Bridge Club, has held several offices
for the Tennis Club and Sierra Pines Ladies
Golf Club, and serves in several ministries
at St. Clare Catholic Church.
A New Fitness and Wellness Center Coming to
Rocklin and Surrounding Areas in February!
Strength & Conditioning
and Pilates Apparatus Studio
Barbara and Joe O’Malley —
Circa 1996.
8 a.m. Traditional Eucharist
10:30 a.m. Contemporary Worship
praise music/ Sunday school /youth group
The Reverend Cliff Haggenjos, Rector
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
What people are saying
about Whisper Hearing...
“ I am very happy with my aids and the special service you
provide. Thank you!”
–James A Meucci, M.D.
“I have recommended Whisper to friends, family and went to
the office in Lincoln, Ca and found them great... I can now have
conversations with family. It is indeed a wonderful life now.”
–Dorothy Alexander
Glad to have switched to Whisper. Will always recommend them.”
-Judi Cordova
“My hearing devices changed my life for the better. The association
is not only most professional but personable.”
–Wini Dick
“The staff at Whisper Hearing Center was very helpful and friendly.
The insurance billing process was painless and my son’s hearing
aids are a great help to him.”
–Karla and Matthew Metcalf
The day I got my hearing aids I apologized to my husband for the many times I asked him
to repeat something he’d said and for the loud T.V. - Now I think he has the TV too loud.
- Caroline Ghinassi
Talk with an Audiologist
at Whisper Hearing
When it comes to quality, expertise and
value - Whisper can’t be beat!
• complete hearing exams by Doctors of Audiology
• personalized convenient service
• breakthrough hearing technology
• astonishingly reasonable prices
Charles Sanders AuD, Doctor of Audiology
Carol Trussell AuD, Doctor of Audiology
Tracy Volkman M.S., Audiologist
6633 Coyle Ave., Suite 1
Carmichael, CA 95608
(916) 961-2154
TJ Maxx Shopping Center
1850 Douglas Blvd., Suite 992
Roseville, CA 95661
Raley’s Shopping Center
905 State Hwy 65, Suite 30
Lincoln, CA 95648
(916) 784-3500
(916) 434-1110
Free Hearing Screenings
2nd Monday, Every Month
8:30 - 11 am, the lodge
at Sun City Roseville
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
Veterans Club
(cont’ from page 18)
any longer”. Two days later, Harvey said
goodbye to all of us. God bless you, Harvey
and thank you for all you have done.
In my service years, I never liked
hearing TAPS blown. Now, there is a
deeper meaning.
Our April Speaker will be Ed Franklin.
Ed served on the infamous, “Ghost Ship”
that served in the Pacific in the fifties.
This ship was one of the most hidden and
protected vessels in our history. I hope
Ed brings some photos along with his talk.
This ship is the cover story in the current
Sun Senior News. You may want to get
a jump start because Ed’s story will be
almost not believable.
Special thanks goes to all those that
help at our meetings, our greeters, our flag
handlers and our community supporters,
Raley’s (oh, those donuts), Original Pete’s
Italian, and Roseville Auto Spa. To all of
you, thanks.
See you at the meeting.
God Bless.
SCR Birders
The Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area,
between West Sacramento and Davis, was
the destination for SCR Birders on March
5th. This is the large area of wetlands,
grasslands, and rice growing areas south of
the Yolo overpass on Hwy. 80 which plays
host to migrating and resident bird species.
The mostly auto tour, with many stops to
let Birders step out of the autos to get a
better view of the ducks, geese, shorebirds,
grassland birds, and raptors, resulted in
the birders sighting 30 species. Shovelers,
Pintails, Red Winged Blackbirds, and
Egrets were among the most prevalent
species with much smaller numbers of
Coopers Hawks, Horned Larks, Ravens,
and Greater Yellowlegs observed.
Two field trips are scheduled for
the month of April. On April 2nd, the
Birders will travel to the “Humbug” trail
in Folsom. Birders will meet in the lobby
of the Timbers at 7:15 am. Participants
should bring binoculars, a small notebook
to record findings, and (at this time of the
year) mosquito repellent.
The second trip in April will be on
Thursday, April 16th, to the South Bluff
Trail off Foothills Blvd. in Roseville. On
previous trips to this area, we have been
rewarded with sightings of Yellow Billed
Magpies and Wood Ducks. Again we will
meet in the Timbers lobby at 7:15 am. All
SCR residents are welcome to participate
in the scheduled birding trips.
For more information, please call
Janet Zeitman at 771-5235.
Birders at Turkey Creek in March.
SCR Garden Club
On Tuesday, April 7, 2015 the Garden
Club will present “All About Orchids “as
presented by our very own SCR resident
and orchid expert, Richard Buchter. His
presentation several years ago was so well
received that we look forward to learning
more. Bring your questions. The meeting
begins at 7 PM.
The Garden Club meets the first
Tuesday of each month at 7 PM at Sierra
Pines. The exceptions are the months
of July and August when we are all on
vacation. Visitors and new members are
always welcome. Dues are $10 per year.
Questions: Cathy Barta 772-3150
Rod & Reel Club
Seven of our members attended the
seminar presented by Thomas “Tome”
Amberson on bass & stripper fishing in
the Delta. It was very interesting.
Gordon Holt, with 5 Rivers Guide
Service, showed a video on the history of
fishing the California North Coast Rivers.
It was very detailed and well done .
We are planning to have a BBQ at
the April meeting.
Like to fish and comraderie with
others? Come join us on the first Friday
of every month at Sierra Pines at 1:00
PM. More information from Skip Hans
at 740-4150.
SCR Trails Club
Sun City Trails Club Hikes, April 2015
Hikes begin at 8:00 am note time
April 2 - Redbud Trail
Leader Don Stoye; $10.00 ride
I5 north to Hwy 20 west to TH
SCR-TH = 102 miles; #5.5 (moderate)
5 miles; Elev gain = 925 feet
TH elev = 1000 feet; Single track
Mostly shady. Out and back
Facility-TH; Lunch-Barton Flat on
Cache Ck
April 9 - Bridgeport
Leader Charlie Baughman; $8.00 ride
Hwys 80/49/20 to Pleasant Valley
Rd to TH
SCR-TH = 59 mi; #4.5 (moderate);
6 miles; Elev gain = 700’ TH elev
= 600’
Two Segments: (1)Buttermilk Bend
trail along Yuba River- out & back, easy,
single track
(2) Pt. Defiance, moderate, uphill,
rocky sections
Facility-TH; Lunch-Pt. Defiance
(tables and restroom)
April 16 - Frog Pond Loop
Leader Don Stoye; $8.00 ride
I5 past Woodland; Hwy 16 north past
5 mi to TH; SCR-TH-74 miles; #5.5
6.5 miles; Elev gain-1300 feet
TH elev-500 feet; Dirt road, single
Sun/shade; Semi loop
Facility near TH; Lunch- Frog Pond
April 23 - Spenceville
Leader BJ Stokes; $6.00 ride
Hwy 65 north to Sheridan; Camp Far
West Rd to TH
SCR-TH-35 miles; #3.5 (easy to mod)
6 miles; Elev gain-450 feet
TH elev-350 feet; Dirt road and
single track
Out and back w/partial loop; Sun/
No Facility; Lunch below the falls
along the creek
April 30 - Independence Trail (to
Jones Bar)
Leader Dori Zuchold; $8.00 ride
I80 east to Hwy 49 to beyond Nevada
City to TH
SCR-TH-55 miles; #4 (easy to
7 miles; Elev gain-450 feet
TH elev-1500 feet; Road and single
Mostly shade; Out and back
Facility at Gov. Ctr. & TH; LunchYuba River
Hikes begin at 8:00 am note time
(more Club News cont’ on page 22)
Affordable Computer Help
xRemove Viruses
xFix Spyware
xWireless Setup
xCustomized Training
xMemory Upgrades
xAll your Computer
Help Needs
x15% Senior Discount
xDSL setup
xSpeed up your PC
xFriendly Personal
Service, E-Mail Help
xNew PC Setup &
Transfer Files
Your Fulltime Computer Specialist
Jerry Shores 663-4500
PO Box 981, Lincoln, CA 95648. Reg No. 85117
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
SCR Cycling Club
You can tell it’s April. The cyclists are
out on their bikes riding here and there
and everywhere. It’s a wonderful site.
April 2 is the date for the first Kaffee
Klatch. George and Karen Porter are the
hosts. Address: 7410 School House Lane.
The Club Rides sound enticing.
April 17: Quentin Miller has planned
a ride from Davis to Winters. There are
10 mile and 22 mile flat rides as well as a
29 mile climbing ride. The club has done
this set of rides before. It’s a fun ride at
least for the flat riders! The climbing
riders I can’t speak for! And there are
some good restaurants for riders to fuel
up on. If you haven’t signed up, you still
have time.
April 26 & 27: The next major ride
on the calendar is the Wildflower ride in
Chico. Thanks to the hard work of Bill &
Kathy Burger, Linda and Larry Fletcher,
and Ginny Taylor there is something
for everyone in this event. It has been
suggested that participants bring their bike
locks. Ginny is looking for those who are
interested in touring Bidwell Mansion.
Other rides in the planning:
Norm Boice is putting together a
Turkey Creek ride starting at the tennis
courts and riding to Twelve Bridges.
Details to follow.
May 22: Sutter Buttes. Dave Axthelm
has been formulating the plans for this
ride. There is always a good turnout. It’s
also an enjoyable ride with several choices
of rides. For the most part the rides are
flat. More information to come!
Like to learn more about the Cycling
Club? Contact Rich Fitzgerald at 7723732.
As always, ride safely and have fun!
Croquet Club
All Sun City residents are invited to
a free four week course, An Introduction
to Croquet. Jim Miller will be offering
this four-week series of classes discussing
the basic mallet grip, the different shots
possible, controlling both your ball and the
ball you are striking and rules of the game.
Basic strategy and other topics will also be
discussed. These classes are for new and
inexperienced members of the club and
are also open to all Sun City residents.
This four-week class will be held on four
consecutive Wednesdays beginning on
April 8th. All lessons are from 9:30 until
11:00 and each Wednesday lesson will
be repeated on the following Saturday at
the same times. Each game will conclude
with supervised play. Wearing white is not
required for these lessons.
All Sun City residents are also
invited to attend full-court six and nine
wicket tournaments this month. The
game certainly becomes even more of a
challenge when played on the full 84 by
105 foot court. The tournament for nine
wicket players will take place on April
27th and 28th followed by the six-wicket
tournament on April 29th and 30th.
Carolyn Miller’s committee of Richard
Kay, Anita Brittain, Jane McNally, Ann
Smith, Trudy Cook and Gwen Picanco
organized this event and are looking
into having full court tournaments again
in the fall.
The March General meeting and
luncheon was another big success. Sylvia
Richlin and Joan Donlon once again came
up with a great luncheon with the Saint
Patrick’s Day theme. We do like to party...
and we do it very well!
See you on the courts!
Bocce Club
The 2015 Bocce season is in full swing.
The first event for the year was a hot dog
social for all the inactive members on
March 15. The next social will be Tuesday,
April 7, “Bring a Guest” and on April 10
the Newcomers/Seasoned Players will
gather at the courts to play and socialize.
The first party of the year is April 4, the
Spring Fling at the Pines.
The next big event is the start of our
mini-leagues. The mini-leagues are a
series of tournaments over 5 weeks played
on your choice of Sunday, Thursday or
Friday nights. The teams, formed by a
random draw, play together for the entire
5 weeks and play against all the other
teams in their night. At the end of the 5
weeks we have a BYOP (that’s bring your
own party) with the teams from all three
nights where we present the awards. The
Spring mini-league begins with the wine
and cheese sign up on Friday, April 17 at
6:00 pm at the courts. Play will run from
Sunday, April 19 through Friday, May
22, which will be the BYOP award night.
There will be two more mini-leagues
throughout the season, one in the Summer
and another in the Fall.
The Saturday Tournaments will begin
on Saturday, April 18. Get in touch with
Jack McKinney 783-1976 or Bill Pagano
749-4440 for more information.
The Full 84 by 105 Foot Croquet Court Ready for the Full Court Tournament.
(cont’ on page 23)
The Leader in
Active Adult Communities
SOLD IN 2014*
Sun City Roseville
Sun City Lincoln Hills
* Top Ten Real Estate Offices for Sun City Roseville and Sun City Lincoln Hills combined.
1-1-14 thru 12-31-14. These Sales Figures Were Provided By Metrolist Services Inc.
Lic. # 01441035
Each office is independently owned and operated
Visit our Website at www.CBSunRidge.com for current listings
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
Bocce Club
(cont’ from page 22)
For a list of all our activities and
events, check out the Bocce Club website
at www. Scres.org.
If you are new to Bocce and would
like to try out this fun game, give a call to
Linda Vincent 742-5141 or Dick Geistert
774-6721 for some one on one lessons
and then join us for play, fun socials,
tournaments and parties.
If you want to join, call Peggy Mucci
membership chairman 865-4820.
See you on the Courts!
SCR Senior Softball
Coldwell Banker Sun Ridge Real
Estate, Lenora Harrison at 916-765-4188
Dr. Satbir Kahlon, Dentistry, Rachelle
at 916-784-2129
Eskaton Village, Dorothy Bennett at
Thunder Valley, Cindy Eveler at
A/C Girl, Laura Costello at 916832-0010
Next, are the managers who provide
team leadership on the ball field. This job
takes a commitment of time and energy
starting with the draft in March, managing
the 20 season games, and competing for
the League Championship and Playoff
Champion in September.
The April Courier has an interesting
Don’t miss the SCR Senior Softball
season opener on April 8 at Mahany Park.
Coffee and donuts will be served starting
at 8:00; opening ceremonies at 8:30; with
the games beginning at 9:00.
Two of the things that make senior
softball in our community so successful
are the local businesses that sponsor the
teams and the players who step up to
manager a team.
First the sponsors, we have five team
sponsors this year. Their contributions are
used for team uniforms and equipment.
Below are the sponsors and their contact
information. Please consider calling
them if you are in need of the services
they provide:
article featuring our SCR Senior Softball
He and She Golf
Excitement is growing about the
upcoming He And She Golf Challenge
scheduled for Friday, April 10. Helen and
Jim McMahon and their committee are
working hard to make a fun event for all
of us. Competition will be tough, so get the
big driver ready (clean those groves), wipe
off the putter and practice the chipping.
After all the competition the social fun
begins on the Pines Patio. Pizza and salad
will be enjoyed by all. What a great way to
begin the spring season. Winners will be
2015 Managers from left to right: Jim Bisenius, Larry Davis,
and Larry Larsen, Tom Watwood. Not pictured is John Raniseski.
announced in next month’s Senior News.
Golfing on our play days have been
full and the small change in our schedules
has not discouraged members from
signing up and bundling up on the cool
mornings. The games we play are fun
and the opportunity to meet new people
is more rewarding than winning. If you
know any new residents who are looking
for a special club encourage them to look
into He and She Golf.
Between the 18 Holers and the 9
Holers 87 golfers played on March 2nd.
9 Hole Results Game Strike Three/
Spring Training
Closest To The Pin —
Lady: Maddi Robinson 45’5”; Joan
Rose 54’1”
Man: Phil Gohr 32’7”; Bob Schesser
First Place Score 30: Barbara /Ed
Clegg, John Desmond/Janet Morrelli,
Frankie Lee/Ed Schesser, Patti/Bob
Second Place 31: Kate Druge,
Diane/Ron Feist, Heidi Gongaware,
Bernie Gould, Sol LaBrada, Sharon
Nagel, Pat/Jack Ramos, Darlene.
Third Place 34: Aud Bair, Donna/Ernie
Biagi, Bill Challenger, Eleanor/J.D. Dean,
Shelia/John Long, Brad Owens, Ellen
Thomas, Evon/Ed Steele.
18 Hole Results Team Play
Closest To The Pin —
Lady: Rolene Haulman 24’1”
(cont’ on page 24)
Celebrate the
Earth Festival
SATURDAY, APRIL 18, 10am - 3pm
1501 Pleasant Grove Blvd.
Roseville, CA in Mahany Park
Roseville Electric Utility
Environmental Utilities
Alternative Transportation
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
He and She Golf
(cont’ from page 23)
Man: Herb Tom 8’2”
First Place 79 Tie: Joanne/Mike
Mastalski, Cherrie/TomHerb/ Marcia
Chambers, Larry Murray, Bobbi/Bill
Second Place 81: Joan Nakao, Rodger
Page, Cheryl Simmons, Bus Sylvia.
Congratulations to the winners and
Sierra Pines Ladies Golf
Put on your “big girl shorts”, grit
your dental varieties, smile, get out your
last new Izod clothes, clean up your golf
shoes, ditch the shabby worn out winter
garb, and lose the thinning winter gloves!
The competition for Putt 4 Points is on
April 1: would I kid you?? No fool you.
Eclectic play starts April 8!! Sign up at the
Pines Pro Shop. You are all champions
in waiting, so practice, practice, practice.
You are up for it: I have watched you “kick
the proverbial” all winter. Don’t let me
down, I am very sensitive…
Do not miss the Spring Luncheon
verified to be held on May 13 at 1:00 PM
at the Pines.
I have heard that the food is going
to be fabulous, given the cooks! Sign up
with check in hand at the Pines, as this is
always a wonderful social event. This year
it is headed by Chair Pati Struble and a
superb committee. That’s what they told
me to tell you.
Warm welcome to another lovely
asset to our club from Murphy’s. Deanna
Back Row, Big Sisters welcoming (front row) Little Sisters.
Golden Niners
Hey! You broke 50? Which direction?
Parker is the proud
mother of two and was a joyful,
successful wallpaper hanger. How many
of those do you know, joyful or otherwise?
Ask her why she loved it and she’ll tell you.
She is delightful and enjoys bridge and
golf. She was a competitive skier in high
school and sounds like champ material.
Please don’t scare her!
Council will meet on April 8 at 2:00
PM in the Fine Arts room, so as to be
close to the Timber’s bar after their Putt
4 Points morning. But, I jest and digress.
General meeting will be at Sierra Pines
at 2:00 PM, on April 15, after rotation on
the Oaks at 8:00 AM or Lakes at 10:30
AM. A social will naturally follow on the
patio. Do I hear shouts of joy as you read?
We still have winter rules and our regular
starting times for April have changed to
8:30 AM and 11:00 AM. April 29 you may
choose your own foursome, even if you
don’t know them and they really don’t
want to play with you, give it a shot. You
could have some new BFFs (Best Friends
Forever, for those out of the loop).
Golden Niner top individual winner
for February was Joseph Whiteside who
was on a first-place team three of four
weeks. He earned $36 in trade. Other
winners that month were Tom Farrell, $34;
Kevin Avery, $26; and Joe Harnsberger,
$25. January’s top winners were Bill Fass,
$24; Don Mertz, $22; and Pat McDonald,
A New Golf Software revision was
purchased for $361 that is now compatible
with newer Microsoft Operating systems
(Vista, 7 and 8). This software is used to
maintain membership information and
handicaps. It also is used to build teams
for our weekly games. Mike Cepress and
Jerry Bell installed and tested it.
They also upgraded their old Lotus
Scorecard programs to Excel programs.
Lowell Ploss and Deane Johnson did a
great job with the conversion. It’s being
used each week.
The Niners organized a booth at the
March SCR New Member Acquisition
event at the lodge. Setting up the booth
are Mike Cepress and Phil Zeitman.
The club is supporting the SCR
Foundation Golf Tournament by
sponsoring a hole.
Sun City golfers can join the funloving group by applying at the Pines.
Dues are $35 a year. The Niners play
(cont’ on page 25)
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
Golden Niners
(cont’ from page 24)
every Tuesday morning in team games,
drawing new partners each week. The
Niners play play team games with new
partners every Tuesday. Teams are chosen
based on relative handicaps. Most ride in
carts but a few of them walk the course.
Timber Creek Women’s Golf Club
Our Roseville Spring weather is the
best ever for golfing. We are so lucky.
So, get your competitive drive tuned up
as yearly tournaments are starting. The
Eclectic tournament begins March 1 and
monetary awards will begin for Birdies
and Chip-in. The Eclectic tournament
will award two levels, golfers from the
Forward Tees and golfers from the Red
Tees. Birdies are equalized by the new
rating for the Forward Tees. Currently
most of our weekly tournament winners
are being separated between the Forward
Tees and the Red Tees. We also have team
competition combining golfer from the
Forward Tees and the Red Tees. Great
Having gotten used to the Daylight
Saving time (losing and hour of sleep)
and earlier tee time in March (8:30) we
are moving along with Spring’s earlier tee
times. April start us at 8:00am. Hopefully
it rains.
Our first major tournament the 36
Better Ball Tournament is scheduled for
April 22nd and the 29th. This is a two
partner team game pitting like partners for
monetary award and trophy. The award
ceremony and luncheon is being planned
by last year’s winners, Sharon Sampson
and Jody Mickey.
Also, on the 22nd, Carol Roden has
arranged for WGANC (Women’s Golf
Association of Northern California)
to conduct a Rules Seminar at Timber
Creek. She has invited ladies from Sierra
View County Club in Roseville and our
own Niners to attend. The WGANC
representatives will present a Rules clinic
on our course.
Kathy Casten has completed the
TCWGC photo Gallery for 2015. She
and Sherrill Pahl will work with the SCR
website to see if and how we can switch
over to use it for our club. The SCR
photo gallery is new this year. Get ready
to start snapping pictures on your IPhone
or Smartphones.
Timber Creek Men’s Golf Club
This month our schedule of events
speeds up. On April 14, the Spring Swing
Tournament kicks off our busy month. Ed
Van Patten and Rich Johnson are handling
signups, so don’t forget to sign up by either
Tuesday or at the Wednesday General
Meeting. The “Great Card Game” format
SCR Tennis Club
will keep you guessing! Then on April
24 (Friday) the Putting Championship
returns to Sierra Pines. Ernie Bell, Ed
Daley and Ted Allen are setting things up
and will be handling signups. Don’t miss
out on this fun competition and the free
Pizza when you are done. And, finally,
we will be hosting the CVS Tournament
here at Timber Creek on Monday, April
27. As always Ernie Bell makes this event
one of the most, if not the most, popular
among CVS players, and really showcases
our golf course. He can’t do it by himself,
so if you can help, please add your name
to the Volunteer list of “Ernie’s Helpers”
in the Club Room. It is a lot of fun, and
for you new members, it is a great way to
meet and get to know other members of
the Club.
Speaking of CVS Tournaments, keep
an eye out this month for Ernie’s email
regarding signing up for the May 18
tournament at Cameron Park.
KCRA A-list voting also takes place
during April. Be sure to cast your vote to
let the public know that our golf courses,
restaurant and catering are simply the
best in the region. Let’s keep getting the
word out that we are still number one!!
If you have been considering
volunteering for the First Tee program,
come hear about the opportunities
available from our own Steve Fernandez,
at our April General Meeting. Finally,
February hole-in-ones: Ed Lick, hole #4
and Jack Mc Kinney, hole #16.
As I write this report, I am just
amazed at the beautiful weather that
we have been having this winter which
given us a lot of time to hone our skills
on the courts.
Our first tourney was March 14th,
our Get Lucky Tournament which was
run by Kathy and Dirk Fowler. A good
time was had by all, and I will post the
winners next month. The tournaments
in the future will need some people to
step up and volunteer to help run them.
We are getting new members all the
time, and we welcome all who would like
to join us and play.
It has come to the board’s attention
that some members are bringing in people
to play who do not live in Sun City, which
is fine, but they need to sign a waiver and
have a guest pass before they play.
Linda Gordon is forming a team to
help with the liquid refreshments at our
parties, so if anyone would like to help
out contact Linda, as she will be glad to
hear from you.
Last, but certainly not least, I want
to say that our club is run, and may I say
very well, by Susan Pankoff.
So until next month, keep those
racquets swinging.
(more Club News cont’ on page 26)
The Higher Standard
Call For FREE Estimate!
Email: [email protected]
+'%) ')$ ',))*#&+*)$#-#&!.#+"+""$$&!*' %%')0$'**2,
+'$1"#%)*')'+") ')%*' %&+#2*'.,&)*+&+"*(#$#1)+"0
&,) ',*#*'&+"$+*+*#&+"+*,!!*+**'#$#1+#'&#+&("0*#$
Call 916-772-6500 to schedule a tour
Call 916-772-6500 today to schedule a tour or to RSVP
or RSVP to our special event.
for one of our fabulous upcoming events:
Starting the New Year off Right!
Taking care of yourself as a caregiver
Celebrating Special Moments
Caregiver Support
with Your
Loved One
February 5th,
2013 at 10am
1st Thursday of Every Month
January 9th, 2013 at 10am
Continental breakfast will be served
Ca ll No w
Spring is coming.. Sp rin g
Tu ne -U p
Be prepared!
$ 6 9 50
Three Generations Strong
110 Sterling Court
Roseville, CA 95661
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
Table Tennis
Keep up the good work on signing
up for being the room/key monitors. It
is working out well.
For anyone traveling to China this
year, the International Table Tennis
Federation has moved its Table Tennis
museum from Lausanne, Switzerland to
Shanghai, China this past year (2014).
That could be one of the highlights on
your trip!
So what’s the difference between
Ping Pong and Table Tennis? The first
action game of tennis on a table was in
1890. In 1898 the first table tennis sets
were manufactured by an English sports
company (John Jaques & Son). They
used rackets with velum stretched over an
outer casing attached to a handle. This
gave rise to the name Ping Pong due to
the sound made by different sized rackets
striking a ball. As popularity grew, two
rival organizations were formed – the
Table Tennis Association and the Ping
Pong Association. The sports company
allowed its trademarked name “Ping
Pong” to be used if their equipment was
used exclusively. As more tournaments
were organized, they would threaten legal
action if the name Ping Pong was used
but not the equipment. So an alternative
name was needed and Table Tennis was
chosen. Since then, the modern game has
been known as Table Tennis.
The name “ping pong” is still used
in certain parts of the world where it was
promoted extensively in the early 1900s
by equipment manufacturers owning the
trademark. Ping Pong is still a registered
trademark in the USA and now owned
by Escalade Sports. The name has also
remained popular by the media who often
use it in a derisory context about the sport
of table tennis. Although people use these
two terms interchangeably, Ping Pong
remains a registered trademark and brand
of equipment, while the official name of
the sport since 1926 is Table Tennis.
Water Fitness
SCRWFC’s Water Fitness Council
met recently to finalize how we are going
to be operating, based on the discussion
at our emergency general meeting on
January 23. There are some changes,
but most of the decisions come from
your input.
• The MWF 10 AM class is canceled.
• The Deep Water Class will be held
on MW at 10 a.m.
• The 11 and 12 noon classes on
TTH will BOTH continue. By much hard
work, Instructor Annette Sweetman and
her class members have miraculously
increased their enrollment---19 in 11TH
class and 21 in TTH noon class. Amazing!
Prices will be as follows:
• $51 per quarter for classes that meet
Roseville Theatre Arts Academy
two days a week
• $75 per quarter for classes that meet
three times a week
• $20 per quarter for FLEX members,
as well as $2/ticket ($20 for a 10 ticket pack)
With our new pricing schedule, we will
need 20 members in a class in order for
it to finance itself, but some of the bigger
classes sustain the lower enrollment in
some classes.
The Council decided to hold off for
another quarter before we take up the
concept of free make-up classes. We’re
of two minds--some of us think ‘you’ve
already paid for the class, why can’t you
make it up?’, while others of us say, “it
would be a nightmare to track and what
limits might be needed?” We’ll revisit this
question in the future after we can analyze
the effects of our new pricing structure.
Men’s 8 Ball Winners: Jim D’Orso
and Paul Garcia.
that the minutes of the latest General and
Council meetings will be available there.
We are also looking into the possibility
of posting our Tournament dates and
times on the monthly schedule provided
but most of our ‘players’ are aware of the
information already.
The Tournament Winners for
February brought a very unusual result.
Marie Levens and Ken Evans made a
repeat visit to the winner’s circle. This
occurred on February 10th, exactly 2
Billiards Club
weeks following their win
on January 27th. What are
At our last General
the statistical possibilities
Meeting held at the
of this happening twice in
Lodge Card Room on
2 weeks --- astronomical,
February 24th a lengthy
I’d say!
discussion regarding the
The Tournament
most efficient method of
were:communicating to our
3: Men’s
members was debated.
It was decided that we
Charlie Mitchell.
should make more use
February 10: Open 8
Two Time Winners Ken Evens
of our Sun City Website
and Marie Levens.
and it has been arranged
(cont’ on page 29)
“A remarkable piece of theatre . . . a masterpiece . . .
Author Ken Ludwig has verve, a sound grasp of plot
mechanics and a rare ability to couple high art with low comedy.”
— The London Times
Maggie Hamrick
Judith Jesness
Mike Mechanick
Brent Null
Janey Pintar
Anthony Raddigan
Michelle Evans Raskey
Jake Romero
Directed by:
For tickets and more information, visit
Jon Jackson
or call the Box Office at (916) 772-2777
241 Vernon Street in Downtown Roseville
A Main Stage Production
Sponsored by
Winner of 3 Tony Awards & 4 Drama Desk Awards
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
All Tuned Up
All Tuned Up meets every Thursday,
9-10:45 A.M., at Sierra Pines, Ponderosa
Room. All musicians are welcome. Sun
City Roseville has a lot of talent. We want
people with and without instruments. Come
and sing or just listen. For more information,
call Letha Dawson at 916-872-8019.
Do you speak
French and/or Spanish?
FRENCH - 3rd Tuesday 2-4 PM.
SPANISH - 3rd Wednesday 2-4 PM. Have fun
retaining or improving your language skills with
videos, games and other activities. Fluency not
required, but some knowledge of the language
is helpful as activities are not lessons. - Sandy
Haley [email protected], 792-2881.
Tuesday Evening Men’s Poker
Got the Tuesday night blues, how much
idol and reality TV can you watch! All right I
made my spiel, come on down to the lodge and
join us in the poker room from 6 to 9:30pm
for some friendly action of poker. Our games
are 95% “split the pots” and remember we
don’t have a yearly dues. Questions, give me
a call Ed Day at 771-0638.
Grief Support Group
If you are suffering a loss, experiencing
hurt and loneliness, you can find solace,
comfort and encouragement among others
who are or have experienced the same
feelings. Please call Jackie Groff at 771-7565.
AARP – Free Tax Returns
AARP volunteers will prepare and
electronically file Federal and State income
tax returns for low-to-middle income seniors
at the SCR Lodge Computer Room and at
SAFE Credit Union on Blue Oaks Blvd. now
through April 15. There is no charge for these
services that are sponsored by the IRS and
AARP. Volunteers are tested annually by
IRS and are trained for most returns, except
those for real estate rentals and complex
small business. To make an appointment for
any Roseville site, call Maidu Senior Center,
774-5960, beginning in early January.
Semper Fi Association
Breakfast: Every 1st Monday, 9:00am,
at Legends Sports Bar & Grill in Roseville
(5880 Woodcreek Oaks Blvd.).
Residential & Commercial • Interiors & Exteriors
Cabinet Refinishing • Pressure Washing
— Free Estimates —
Dave Pitts • 916.349.2143
Family owned and operated. • Lic. No. 699100
Specializing In Professional, Reliable Service
21 Years of Experience
Authorized Dealer
Houk Investments, Inc Est. 1999
We specialize in converting your
ideas into distinctive, attractive
and yet economical Cabinetry
Please contact us at:
solutions for your home
or business.
Fax: 530-745-2530
Š–>‹’\Ñ°>ÓӋJˆ ޑV>L‹›iÓȵV –ÑUÑåååµÑˆ ޑV>L‹›iÓȵV –
All USMC personnel and Naval
Corpsmen are welcome. Contact Richard
Martinez at 916-543-7965.
Sons in Retirement Branch 98
The Rocklin/Rosevile Branch of SIR
meets monthly on the 2nd Wednesday in
the ball room of the Timbers at Sun City
Roseville beginning at 10:30a.m. Join retirees
for fellowship, lunch, golf, fishing, cards, and
even bocce ball… many other activities also
available. Call Tom Werth at 782-3536 for
more information.
Sons In Retirement
Lincoln/Roseville Branch
Meeting held the third Tuesday of each
month at Strikes Unlimited, 5681 Lonetree
Blvd., Rocklin. Lunches are $16, please
contact Chet Winton at 408-8708 if interested
in attending a luncheon or joining.
Senior Peer Counseling
Senior Peer Counseling provides free, inhome counseling to Placer County residents
age 55 and above who are experiencing
depression, anxiety, substance abuse, family
conflict and financial stress. Contact Melinda
Lacey, MSCC 530-886-3413.
Essential Tremor Support
Essential Tremor Support meets on the
1st Saturday of each month with the exception
of July and December. The meetings are
open to all and are held at the Kaiser Hospital
on Douglas in Roseville. We meet at 10AM
in Building D, 3rd fl., Conference room 2-3.
For further information call Paula Lavin
Stardust Cowboys in Loomis
Stardust Cowboys are the headliners
for the next event in the First United
Methodist Church of Loomis concert series.
Showtime is 7 p.m. at the church, 6416 Brace
Road, Loomis, on Saturday, April 11. The
performers are a western music band, more
specifically playing “cowboy & western
swing”. As a dance band they play mostly
western swing. Another name for the genre
would be “Texas style” western swing. The
group belongs to the Sacramento Western
Swing Society that hosts monthly dances.
They play original music and Bob Wills
which was a very popular dance band playing
across the nation in the 1940’s and 50’s. This
is a form of western jazz, and actually a madein-America music genre. Tickets are $12 in
advance or $15 at the door. Call Sherra
Blind, 543-0629, or [email protected]
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
Earn 100 slot points or equivalent
in table games play to get
Monday - Friday
DAILY • 11AM - 8PM
HWY 50 @ Red Hawk Parkway • 888-573-3495 • redhawkcasino.com
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
Billiards Club
(cont’ from page 26)
Ball. Marie Levens and Ken Evans.
February 17: Men’s 8 Ball. Paul
Garcia and Jim D’Orso.
February 24: Open 8 Ball. TIE Ken
Evans and Charlie Mitchell.
Terry Smith and Jim D’Orso.
Mah Jongg Club
Spring has sprung and in addition to
enjoying beautiful flowers and weather,
we’re loving our new cards! Well maybe
not loving them but excited about the new
challenges that come every year at this
time. We’ll be pros in no time as long as we
keep playing and remember to have fun.
Fortunately Cindy Faulkner still has
room in her upcoming class so please
call her at 772-0682 if you’re interested
in learning about Mah Jongg and how to
play this ancient enjoyable game. Class is
ready to begin so call her NOW for details
on time and place.
Our next fun luncheon and play will be
on April 24 at the Pines. Please check in
the card room during regular play for the
details and sign up sheet. Cost is $10 and
checks only please made out to SCRMJC.
It’s always a nice afternoon with good
food and interesting hands since we’ll all
be struggling with our new cards.
It’s also the time of year for anyone
interested in becoming a club officer or
volunteering to host future luncheons to
contact our president Gerraldine Evans.
Give her a call at 774-1180 for information;
we can only continue both the club and
the luncheons if we have participants in
the various roles that keep all clubs going.
Don’t hesitate to jump in; those of us who
have been involved are happy and willing
to help all along the way.
Allergy season is upon us so please
help all the sufferers, who really thank you,
by keeping all our events fragrance free.
SCR Bridge
There is still time to enroll in Bob
Bogg’s class on Conventions. The 10week class begins April 7, 2015 from 8:30
to 10AM in the Card Room. Cost of the
lessons and all materials is $25 per person.
He promises every student will become
comfortable with all conventions played by
the elite Sun City Roseville bridge players.
Sorry to report Monday and
Wednesday evening drop-in social bridge
has been cancelled. Mel Clarke has led
these two bridge groups for over 6 years.
Unfortunately there is not enough interest
for him to continue. Thank you Mel for
your perseverance!
Sun City Roseville offers so many
choices of activities that we often miss
events. Here are some important dates to
help all of you dedicated bridge players
with your social calendar:
SCR Bridge Club quarterly parties
will be held in the Ballroom on June 19,
2015 (this is the 3rd Friday of the month),
September 11, 2015 (the 2nd Friday), &
December 11, 2015(the 2nd Friday).
Willi’s Wednesday afternoon social
bridge group enjoys a bridge luncheon
in the Solarium every 5th Wednesday of
the year—April 29, 2015, July 29, 2015
and September 29, 2015. Jean Hawkins
is in charge of these events. Doors to the
Solarium open at 11AM, food service
begins at 11:30. Since only 8 tables can
be accommodated, only the first 32 paid
guests can be accepted.
The Duplicate Exchange meet at
Sun City Lincoln Hills will be held April
29, 2015. Barbara Ohman and Barbara
Rothkin are chairing this event.
All of the above dates, together with
your regular weekly games, should keep
SCR Bridge alive and well!
Singles Club
April 1 - General Meeting - and
it’s not an April Fool. We will have two
speakers, Wayne Wiley and Derrick
Ogden from the City of Roseville Planning
Services Development Dept. They will be
speaking on Future Development and
Planning for Roseville. This presentation
should be very interesting for us all.
April Dates to Celebrate - April 7,
World Health Day; April 15, Tax Day;
April 22, Administrative Professionals
Day and Earth Day.
April 18 - Saturday Night Social Theme for the Social this month will be
“Easter.” Please join us at Sierra Pines at
6 P.M. Sign up at the general meeting to
bring a meat dish, side dish, salad, dessert
or pay $10 at the door, guests pay $12. The
club will supply wine. You need to make
reservations NO LATER THAN noon
Thursday April 16. Call Janet Knoedler
at 781-2744 or Dorothy Leo at 773-3401.
April 27 - Dinner on the Town will
be at Claim Jumper, 250 Harding Blvd.
Choices are sliced tri-tip served with
mashed potatoes and vegetables; baby
back ribs with mashed potatoes and cheese
toast; meatloaf with mashed potatoes and
vegetables. All dinners include a small
salad and dessert. Price $22, includes tax
and tip. Happy hour will be from 5-6 with
dinner at 6. Last day for signups is April
23 at noon. For reservations call Marina
Tan @ 772-7913.
Anyone living single in Sun City
Roseville is eligible to join our Club.
More information is available on the
website. General meetings are in the
ballroom at 6:00 P.M. the first Wednesday
of each month Contact Pauline Battle,
membership chair for further information
at 771-0890.
Helping you Buy
and Sell Del Webb
Lifestyle Since 1997!
Price per
Square Foot?
Put my 18 years’ Del Webb
Experience, Legal Education
and Marketing Expertise to
work for YOU!
Paula Nelson
[email protected]
BRE lic. # 01156846
Each office independently
owned and operated.
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
The General Federation of Women’s
Clubs Celebrates 125 Years!
The General Federation of Women’s
Clubs celebrates its 125th anniversary on April
24th. The GFWC Women’s Improvement
Club of Roseville is proud to be a part of this
the oldest women’s volunteer organization in
the world. The GFWC was federally charted
by 56th United States Congress. The GFWC
International’s project for all of our clubs is
domestic violence awareness. This has been
in the spotlight lately because of many of our
sports teams and their issues. It is an issue right
here in the Placer County and Sacramento
area with our four women’s shelter’s that
have overnight accommodations for victims
of violence and their families. Which we do
The GFWC and our 11 local clubs have
also supported local libraries. The Roseville
Women’s Improvement Club donated the
matching funds required to get a Carnegie
library for Roseville in the 1920’s. All of our
clubs have supported libraries and in 2000 we
donated 13.5 million dollars to libraries all
over the USA. The National Association of
Libraries credits the GFWC with starting 75%
of the Nation’s libraries. Books and libraries
are still as important to education and our
children today as they were in 1890 when the
GFWC began.
Some of the other projects the GFWC and
our clubs have worked on are the California
Capitol Park Tree Project, and Pure Food &
Drug Act of 1906, child labor laws with Jane
Adams as the head of the GFWC’s Child
Labor Committee. National parks Service & 6
National Parks with our GFWC President Mary
Belle King Sherman on those committees. The
GFWC had a woman on the delegation to aid
in the formation of the United Nations. All the
GFWC women’s clubs strongly supported the
“Violence against Women Act” in Congress,
20 years ago, The Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
that was signed in January 2009 was supported
by the GFWC and all of our member clubs. We
give scholarships to women who are “Survivors
of Domestic Violence” each year at our annual
convention, putting our money where our
mouth is to help women!
We are not just a club that helps locally,
which we proudly do. We also help nationally
and internationally. Our next meeting is April
22, Wednesday at Sierra View Country Club
for lunch RSVPs are required. If this may be a
place for you contact Dori at 332-7133 find us
on Facebook at Women’s Improvement Club
of Roseville; check out www.gfwc.org & www.
cfwc.org we hope to see you at the next meeting.
The Tour de Lincoln —
Local Bike Ride in Its 14th Year!
The Tour de
Lincoln, a benefit
bike ride for the
Lincoln Volunteer
Center takes place
May 16th. In its
14 year, the Tour
is the Volunteer
Center’s biggest
fundraiser each
different routes
provide riders of
all skill levels and
ages a chance to
participate in a
wonderful day
of cycling and
enjoying the
scenic backroads
of South Placer County. The Start/Finish is
at McBean Park in Lincoln.
The four routes include:
The Pleasure Cruise (10 miles)
Leave McBean Park and pass through
the cottonwood trees along Auburn Ravine.
The course is almost completely Class 2 bike
lanes and rolls along a section of the Lincoln
Hills Golf Course.
The Rolling Hills (20 miles)
A shorter version of the Country Climb
with beautiful scenery, less vertical gain, one
rest stop and SAG support.
The Country Climb (40 miles)
A beautiful ride winding through the
hills and countryside between Lincoln and
Auburn. Beautiful valley views, challenging
climbs (1500 vertical gain), and passes by
several horse ranches. Well-stocked rest stops
and SAG support.
The Metric Century (63 miles)
Some of the
Country Climb
plus MORE!
More beautiful
valley views, more
horse ranches,
more climbing,
(3,800 vertical
gain) more miles.
Well-stocked rest
stops and SAG
There are two
ways to register for
the ride; 1. Online
registration, log in
to active.com and
type in Tour de
Lincoln, 2. Log in
to tourdelincoln.
org and print out a Rider Application, fill it
out and mail it with your payment.
On ride day May 16, riders can check in
beginning at 7:00am and begin riding after
check in. On all four routes there are multiple
rest stops with food, water, and porta-potties.
After the ride, a great post-ride barbecue from
11:30 to 2:30 with live music is included in
the registration price. Beer and wine is also
available for an additional cost.
For non-riders, volunteers are needed
throughout the day to assist with the event.
Volunteers can choose from three different
shifts. The set-up registration shift is from
6:00am-10:00am, the lunch serving shift is from
10:30am-2:30pm, and the tear-down clean-up
shift is from 1:00-5:00. Every volunteer will
receive a Tour t-shirt and lunch.
For more information call the Lincoln
Volunteer Center at 916-645-6254, or email
to: [email protected]
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
SCR Writer — Nothing to Say
“What do you mean we’ve lost our second
I close the best seller and stare at my
computer. I have nothing---nada, zip, zero.
The screen’s blank; empty of clues, inspiration,
and ideas. What ever happened to once upon a
time? I loved that opening as a child; it held such
promise. Today, there has to be a quick hook.
Would Hemingway achieve the same fame
in the current market, I wonder? I read less
than half For Whom the Bell Tolls years ago
and laid it aside. I’ll finish it later I told myself.
In 1925, F. Scott Fitzgerald was an
established author with three books on the
market by Scribner when he met Hemingway,
then a green writer with only 88 pages of
stories and poems published. They began
a close friendship that was later marred by
Hemingway’s jealously and insecurities. But,
in 1925, Hemingway wanted only for the more
experienced Fitzgerald to read and critique his
new manuscript, The Sun Also Rises. Maxwell
Perkins, the editor of both writers, wrote to his
boss, Charles Scribner, that year expressing
his doubts about the young author’s book.
In the end, he said he was accepting it “with
Fitzgerald, in the meantime, wrote a
thoughtful ten page critique to Hemingway
saying in part “…the first chapter gives the
impression of condescending casualness…
there are about 24 sneers, superiorities and
that could be found in guidebooks…” and,
“…Ernest, I can’t tell you the sense of
disappointment that beginning gave me…”
The book, when published, begins with a
line that was on page 17 in the original copy.
Fitzgerald gave friendship, advice and council
to Hemingway over the coming years, even
as the younger author began downplaying
his friend’s role in his early launch as his own
fame began to grow.
Up until his death, Fitzgerald continued
to refer to Hemingway as “the greatest living
writer of his time.” In contrast, two decades
after Fitzgerald’s death, Hemingway could not
stop defaming Fitzgerald in articles, interviews,
and in his book, A Moveable Feast.
I was curious about Fitzgerald’s words to
Hemingway, and the window they gave into the
inexperienced and clumsy work of someone
who was not, it turns out, born with a silver
pen in his hand.
Yet, my own story goes wanting and I
sit, staring into the white. Oh, I could write
something. That part of day in, day out writing
is there, but I want to be excited and energized
about the topic, the characters and the line.
When’s that coming back I ask the gods.
As I edit and scan this paltry effort, alert
for a missing dot or comma, an uncapped letter
or incomplete thought, something Elmore
Leonard wrote in a piece for the New York
Times comes to mind.
“If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it. Or,
if proper usage gets in the way, it may have to
go. I can’t allow what we learned in English
composition to disrupt the sound and rhythm
of the narrative. It’s my attempt to remain
invisible, not distract the reader from the story
with obvious writing.”
Leonard is emphatic about exclamation
points—only one or two per 100,000 words.
Nor should a writer ever use a verb other
than “said” to carry dialogue. No describing
landscape or scenery. He believes readers are
only interested in people and dialogue. Mr.
Leonard then names five authors who are
exceptions to his rules.
Most books banned by the authors’ home
countries have something important to say.
Elif Shafak’s Bastard of Istanbul and, In The
Name of Honor, by Mukhtar Mai still haunt me.
Recently, I read excerpts from interviews
with book agents who were asked their pet
peeves with manuscripts.
“Don’t have anything about dreams or
waking up from a dream at the end. Don’t
describe someone as beautiful or handsome;
if they are too perfect, it turns me off. Don’t
start with ‘beginning of time’ scenarios. Do not
write about the weather to set a scene. And,
please, do not have a women waking up to a
strange man standing in her bedroom and she
suddenly finds him attractive.”
These comments were rather amusing
considering the numerous times the very
same no no’s appear early in best sellers. I
just finished a Lee Childs book. From page
one he describes the heat and desert so often
that I wanted to shout, “I get it, you’re hot
and dry, the air is hot and dry, the landscape
is desolate, hot and dry, the town is hot and
dry with black top ready to melt because it is
so hot and dry.”
Kathleen O’Neal’s books are always about
the beginning of time for Native Americans. All
her characters are consumed with the weather
and have countless dream episodes with
strange men and women drifting in and out.
In the majority of her books, Anne Perry
knows only one season--winter, with frequent
references to the cold, drizzle and fog coming
off the Thames.
Nora—I woke from a dream and found
a mysterious, handsome man who was soaked
from a beginning of time rainstorm standing
by my bed. Later, as we played tic tac toe
on the scratch marks I’d made on his chest,
I wondered why I always forget to bolt the
door on dark and stormy nights —Roberts
is a perfect example of someone who has an
altar to these don’ts next to her laptop as she
bangs out, No No’s for Dummies.
I’ve beaten this dead horse quite enough
and will go for a walk in the preserve. If I’m
lucky, I’ll hear pheasants squawking down in
the reeds, because they have something to say.
*Excerpts on Hemingway from www.literary
i2 Golf Car
List price $9575
Winterize and upgrade your
golf car with Nick’s Custom
Golf Car seats, full enclosures
and custom wheels Our Rocklin
office offers new and used golf
car sales, service, parts and
mobile technical support. For a
complete listing of inventory at
both our locations please visit
our website www.nicksgolfcarts.
com to begin your Nick’s
Custom Golf Cars experience.
*Standard Features included in
sales price: Five HP Motor with 24
mph Speed Capability, Monsoon
Canopy, Split Windshield, Headlight,
Tail and Brake Light System, Full
View Mirror, Precedent Wheel
Covers and Single Point Battery
Watering System.
Golf Cars
4325 Dominguez Rd, Unit B
Rocklin, CA
(916) 625-9164
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
(Seniors Helping Our
Roseville Schools)
Burger, fries and a vanilla shake was my
request to my 1st grade class as they lined up
for lunch. One six-year old boy said, “no way
Mr. Norm, how about some Pizza?” Well,
this continues each lunch time, and now
the kids enjoy our little joke. We definitely
have bonded and they look forward to my
help with reading, math, etc. This is what
makes volunteering so rewarding.
Nancy Schmitz, who sorts the hundreds
of boxtops you bring to the lodge office,
distributes them to our schools. The teachers
are thrilled to receive them so they can be
redeemed for 10 cents each and can be used
to purchase items that are in short supply.
Easter Eggs are a fun project for the
kids, and I get to help with sorting out the
paint colors also the clean up of the tables
at the end. I must remember not to wear
any good clothes!
I am now a “Lifetime Member” of
SHORS and you can be too! A one-time fee
of just $10 makes you a “Lifetime Member
of SHORS“ and helps our Roseville Schools.
For information on helping SHORS as
a school volunteer or as a support person
please contact: Co-Presidents - Jan Newburn
916-791-6416, [email protected] or
Norm DuRoff 916-772-0672, [email protected]
Bowling Summer
Leagues are Forming!
Age: 50+, Sun City Residents and
outside also, invite your friends!
Location: Strikes Unlimited, Rocklin
Tuesday - Pin Blasters
Start May 19th at 9:30 AM
Contact Pat Basnett, 916-580-9523
[email protected]
Wednesday - Silver Strikers
(9 pin no-tap)
Start June 3rd at 12:30 PM
Contact John Bache, 916-546-6478
[email protected]
Thursday - Incredi Bowls
Start May 21st at 9:30 AM
Contact Karol Rich 916-543-0241
[email protected]
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
Seniors Need to Know!
Long Term Care Insurance: Use it or loose it!
If you’ve been paying premiums on a long
term care insurance (LTCi) policy for years
and wondering “What does this policy cover?”,
“When do I use it?” and “How do I use it?”
read on.
Given the choice, most people wish to age
in their own home, in familiar surroundings
with family, neighbors and pets. If you had the
foresight to purchase a long term care policy
with an “In Home Care” benefit, you’re in luck.
Locate the Policy: If you have your hands
on the policy, that’s great. If you can’t find it,
call the insurance company and request a copy.
Make sure your adult children and/or power of
attorney know you have a policy and where it is.
Nothing is worse than paying into a policy and
not remembering to use it.
Schedule of Benefit: This summary page
states the coverage of the policy. For example,
how much the policy will pay for in-home care,
assisted living or nursing home care? Some even
have a benefit for home modifications and fall
alert devices.
Elimination or Deductible Period: This is
the portion the policy holder is expected to pay
before the insurance company pays. It can be
0, 30, 60, 90 or up to 100 days. How those days
are counted toward your deductible can vary.
Some are individual days of care while others
are calendar days. This may be waived in certain
situations such as hospice.
Qualifying Need: The critical “trigger” to
use the policy hinges on needing either stand-by
or hands-on assistance with at least 2 of these
Activities of Daily Living (ADLs); transferring,
toileting, incontinence care, bathing, dressing and
feeding (not meal prep), or cognitive impairment
requiring supervision (exact definition varies by
Qualified Caregiver: While some LTCi
companies allow family members to be the
caregiver, most require a licensed home care
agency to provide the care.
Use it or Loose it: Tapping into your LTCi
policy when there is adequate need yet not
waiting too long (investment wasted) simply takes
evaluation. If qualified assistance is needed to
help a senior stay home safely, possibly relieving
a spouse or adult child of the tasks, why not
investigate starting a claim? After all, that’s
why you purchased the policy in the first place.
Be aware that in many cases, premium is waived
while receiving benefits. And, benefits are lost
if not utilized by end of life.
If you’d like assistance in navigating the
waters of your long term care insurance policy,
I’d be happy to meet with you, review the
policy, discuss care needs and do a home safety
assessment. Just email or call to set up this
complimentary service.
The views expressed here are those of Ms.
Susan Feldman, and do not necessarily represent
those of the Commission or individual members.
Gibson Ranch — Civil War Days Experience
Gibson Ranch Regional Park is hosting
their annual Civil War Days Experience on May
1, 2015– May 3, 2015. This unique exhibition
is a great opportunity for students and families
to get a “hands on” introduction to how life
was in the 1860s. Last year over 2,000 children
had the chance to meet re-enactors who were
on hand to showcase camp life, village life,
health care, cooking and to recreate actual
skirmishes between Union and Confederate
forces. Infantry, cavalry and cannons are there
for all to experience.
On Friday, May 1, 2015, rain or shine, the
park is dedicated to provide an educational
venue for hundreds of school children from
this region. On Saturday, May 2rd and Sunday,
May 3th, the park is open to the public to visit
Union, Confederate, and Civilian Camps,
enjoy parades, and participate in photo ops
with General Robert E. Lee and President
Lincoln, witness battle reenactments, and
more. Make a point to come and experience
this for yourself.
Gibson Ranch
8556 Gibson Ranch Rd, Elverta
$7 per person, under 10 yrs. free
Saturday, May 2nd • 9am - 5pm
Sunday, May 3rd • 9am - 3pm
(916) 772-2522
Offering our clients experienced professional services
with convenient access to their attorney.
• Living Trusts • Wills
• Powers of Attorney • Health Care Directive
• Document Review & Updates • Probate
1380 Lead Hill Blvd., Suite 106 • Roseville, CA 95661
Phone: (916) 772-2522 • Email: [email protected]
Website: www.JSH-legal.com
Member: California State Bar, Placer County Bar Association, AARP Legal Network Attorney
Antiques Roadshow — Style Event
Debuts in New Roseville Location
What’s the story behind that brass lamp
you inherited, could it be a real Tiffany?
Unravel the mysteries behind your collectibles
in Roseville at the upcoming Antique Answers:
Evaluation Day event on Saturday, May 2 from
10 to 5. Held in the Valley Springs Church
Youth Center, 2401 Olympus Dr., Roseville,
the event is presented by the nonprofit
American Association of University WomenRoseville South Placer (AAUW-RSP).
Appointments are recommended to
ensure that an item is seen by the right
specialist. Cost is $12 for one item evaluation,
rugs, photography, pottery, china, dolls,
toys, decorative arts and many other types
of antiques and collectibles. Make an
appointment: send in your name and phone
number by email (to [email protected]
com) or call (916-772-6763). The volunteers
at AAUW-RSP will call you back and give
you a time slot for Saturday, May 2 between
10 AM and 5 PM.
What the fundraiser helps —
AAUW-RSP supports education of
local women and girls, as well as promoting
equity in the workplace with projects such
Their antiques are ready for evaluation: AAUW-RSP Philanthropy committee members
include (from left) Sue Cofer, Barbara Fraivillig, Virginia Legarre, Susan Hall, and
Jane Nichols (bottom row) and Lynda Braun, Marty Greenfield, and
Maria Actis, Philanthropy Chair (back row). Photo by Kathleen Scott.
$22 for two evaluations, $10 each for three or
more item evaluations. Call or email now for
appointments (required).
What to expect, what to bring —
Whether you bring in a model train,
Native American pottery, or interesting
jewelry, chances are the evaluators will be
able to tell you the items backstory. There’s
no limit on the number of items but they must
be small enough to be hand-carried (no guns
or big heavy items). A number of professional
appraisers donate their time to this effort; they
include: Gary Cox (Antique Answer Man);
Bob Hensley Estate Services; Charles Gray
& Lynne Holmberg-Gray, Fine Arts; Malcom
Howe; Debra Jensen (Ormolu Appraisals);
Brian Johnson (B&C Estate Sales); Brad
Lomazzi (Railroad Americana); Kathy Pratt
Estate Sales; Gary Schiff Estate Services; B.
Velasco (Hand Pickin Emporium); Joy Zgola
(Capital Estate Liquidation).
What to bring: posters and artwork
(paintings watercolors, prints, lithographs
and etching, drawings), jewelry, railroadiana,
as Tech Trek, Sierra College Leadership
and Branch Scholarships. Tech Trek is a
week-long residential math/science summer
camp for girls entering the eighth grade;
past branch recipients were from Lincoln,
Granite Bay, and Roseville and many went
on to college majors in science/technology/
engineering/math (STEM). The AAUWRSP Branch has sent more than 66X girls
to the Tech Trek camps and it has awarded
college scholarships since 1991. AAUW-RSP
is a nonprofit charitable organization and a
Details: An appointment is required;
email them at [email protected] or
call (916-772-6763). After an appointment is
made, you’ll be directed to send a check for
$12 per evaluation/ $22 for two / $10 each
for three or more. The event is Saturday,
May 2 at the Valley Springs Church Youth
Center, 2401 Olympus Dr., Roseville. Parking
is free. AAUW Roseville South Placer is a
501(c)(3) organization and donations may
be tax deductible.
Why Not Save $$
When Selling Your Home?
Full Service Less Cost‚
I List for 1.5%*
Kathy Sullivan
I Also Represent Buyers
Realtor - 30 Years Experience
Sun City Resident
Action Realty BRE #00887979
*Based on My Listing Commission of 1.5% of Sale Price. An additional Commission is Paid to the Buyer’s Agency.
If I Represent Seller & Buyer, Total Commission is 4%.
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
Observations on Then and Now
As part of Grandparents Day at our
seven year old grandson’s school, Beverly
and I were asked to write him letters
describing how life was when we were
kids his age. This, of course, brought back
memories, many memories, of a time which
was so different from today. I grew up in
New York, the Bronx, in a tenement, not a
house. The country was in a depression, not
a recession, but the real Great Depression,
which started in 1929, the year in which I
was born. A coincidence, I’m sure.
When I was seven, I went to a school
called P.S. 20, not a new one like my
grandson’s, but a brick building that dated
back to the Civil War. I walked the two or
three blocks to the school, like all the other
kids, with no parents hovering round and no
crossing guards and somehow made it there
(and back) safely. Back then we didn’t know
what pedophiles were. Backpacks hadn’t
been invented so we carried our books. I
remember that a pencil box, which also held
an eraser and a ruler, was an important part
of school equipment. Of course, we had no
computers, iPads, iPhones or any of that but
using just paper and pencils, we managed to
learn how to read, write and do arithmetic.
But what I remember most about those
days, was not going to school but what we
did after school. We had no Little League,
no soccer, no other “organized” sports.
We simply ran down from our tenement
apartments into our playground, which was
the street. We played street games---stoop
ball, off-the-point, curves, slug ball, punch
ball and, when we were old enough, stick
ball. There weren’t that many cars then
so it was pretty safe playing in the street,
although I remember one time when I was
playing stoop ball, I was going back to make
a catch and I was hit by a car. It must have
been a glancing blow as I don’t recall being
hurt and I certainly didn’t stop playing in
the street.
We didn’t have television, which must
be incomprehensible to kids today. How did
we manage? We did have radio, with such
programs as Let’s Pretend (every Saturday
morning), Jack Armstrong (the All-American
boy), and the Lone Ranger (with its rousing
theme song which we didn’t know was the
William Tell Overture). On Sundays, no
matter where we were we had to rush home
to listen to The Shadow (with his faithful
companion Margo Lane), Jack Benny,
something in between and Fred Allan.
The candy store was an important part
of our life. For just one penny, you could
actually buy something. Three cents would
get you something good. For a nickel, you
could get a chocolate bar or even a rubber
ball. For 15 cents, you could get a frappe
(like a small ice cream sundae) and for a
quarter a banana split. It was a Depression
and nobody had any money, but things didn’t
cost a lot. At a deli, you could get two hot
dogs (with mustard and sauerkraut) and a
soda for 25 cents.
We didn’t have air-conditioning. In the
summer, the only place where you could
cool off was in the movies. We’d go on
Saturday morning to see cartoons, serials
[email protected]
2.FREE professional
carpet cleaning
Delta Breeze
3.FREE professional
window cleaning
5.FREE property
evaluations for
Estate Purposes
had been stirred up and I could probably
go one for a few more pages. I’m sure that
readers have childhood memories of their
own. Are things, with all of our technology,
any better now? Good question. As I wrote
to my grandson, things were very different
back then: no TV’s, no cars, no computers,
no cell phones and of course no money. But
we were happy because we didn’t know any
better and when we wanted to play we just
had to go out on the street.
Jessup Theatre to Perform
Steel Magnolias
William Jessup University will present
Robert Hartling’s Steel Magnolias beginning
Friday, April 17 at 8pm in the Academic
The growing university’s Creative
Arts department will perform six shows of
the well-loved story centering around the
bond of friendship shared by six women in
northwest Louisiana. Other performances
are Saturday, April 18 at 8pm; Sunday, April
19 at 3pm; Friday, April 24 at 8pm; Saturday,
April 25 at 8pm and Sunday, April 26 at 3pm.
This marks the third production since
the department’s inception in 2013. Past
performances include Little Women and
White Christmas.
General admission is $15 and $10 for
students and alumni.
To purchase tickets visit http://www.
Roseville Update
1.FREE professional
house cleaning
4.FREE professional
yard clean-up
like Superman, and a movie, often a cowboy
film like Hopalong Cassidy. This kept us
occupied all morning for what, 15 cents?
I’m sure our parents were very happy. We
didn’t have fridges. The ice man would come
around in his horse-drawn wagon and put a
new block of ice in our ice box. He usually
had an older kid riding with him and that kid
was an object of envy. In the winter, we had
steam heat from radiators that came from a
coal furnace in the basement. I don’t know
why, but watching the coal coming down
the cute from the coal truck was endlessly
fascinating. Sometimes, probably because
our landlord was trying to save money, we
had no heat so we banged on the radiator
with wooden spoons.
We also didn’t have washing machines
or dryers. My mother washed clothes using
a washing board and my father hung out
the clothes to dry on a clothes line that ran
from our building, over a yard to the next
building. Sometimes (it was the Depression),
a man would come around and sing in the
yard. My mother would wrap a penny in a
piece of paper and I’d throw it down to him.
I guess even a few pennies were important
in those days.
No one in our family lived in a house
and nobody had a car. There were no
supermarkets. I sometimes went with
my mother to the little stores in our
neighborhood. Fruits and vegetables were
in outside bins and the women would
feel them to see if they were fresh and
exchange remarks with the men selling
them. Sometimes, men would come around
in horse-drawn wagons selling fruit and
vegetables, calling out their wares. Shopping
was a lot more personal back then.
I wrote above that many memories
List Price
List Price
Last 2
Sale Price
NOTE: The statistics above do not reflect any consideration in value for model options nor location.
“We appreciate the opportunity to compete for your business”
BRE# 00456442 & 01243980
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
Finish carpentry, cabinetry, trim,
rehingeing, baseboards, painting,
fence restoration. Call Bob, 916-505-7674.
BBQ CATERING – Free quote at:
W W W. S T I L L S M O K N B B Q . c o m
916-955-3302. #40 person minimum.
Lincoln Hills for 12 years. Free Estimates. Jerry 916-622-9067.
JAFRA Independent Consultant,
Cathy Gray. Cell phone: 916-622-1489.
Email: [email protected];
HOME. 30-yr. Experienced Agent will
list your home for 1.5%! Full service @
less cost! Sun City resident-action realty
BRE#00887979 Kathy 916-761-4502.
resident who has been sewing over
40 years, and experienced in tailoring
and making clothes. References. 916667-6188.
for a 10’x12’ room. Over 50 colors.
Good references. Randy 916-847-4357.
HEALTHY FEET PLUS: RN specializing in in-home foot care and health
coaching for diabetics and those with
problem feet, difficult nails and calluses. Call Debbie at 916-698-3176.
869624. Valves replaced, drip systems
checked, timers, broken pipes. 916223-3706.
Power Washing: Reasonable, many
Sun City references. Please call Josh
at 916-307-8430.
Computer help in your Home. 15%
Computer! Viruses, Bugs, Spyware,
Malware, Adware, Tracking Cookies,
Trojans & Internet Popups removed.
New PC setup, Wireless, High Speed
Internet, Tune-ups, Upgrades, System
Restores, New installation, Customized
PC Training in your HOME, or general
PC HELP. PO Box 981, Lincoln, CA
95648. Reg #85117. Call Jerry at 916663-4500.
cash, free appraisals, discreet, I pay more!
Private collector, SC resident. Call Jerry
WANTED: RECORDS. 1950’s and 60’s:
jazz, blues, rock, classical, etc. Buying
small and large collections: LP’s, 45’s and
78’s. Also looking for reel-to-reel tapes
(all types) and music memorabilia. Call
Cottage and Stonework Court. Call
after 9:30am 916-772-2814.
Motor series 2 at 70pgh with bypass at
130psi. $95 OBO, call 916-771-3906.
GUILD’S Upcoming Quilt Show — 2015
Quilt Show: April 18 & 19, 2015 from
10am to 4pm. Blue Goose Event Center
at 3550 Taylor Road, Loomis. Admission
$7; children 12 and under admitted free.
For more information contact: Guild
President, Phyllis Smith at 916-791¬3569 or [email protected]
Sat, April 25 from 8:30am-3:30pm.
2351 Pleasant Grove Blvd., Roseville.
Selling Space $ 25. Open to ALL! St.
John’s Episcopial Church: 786-6911.
9 of the Widowed Persons Association
will be hosting its Annual Spring Fashion
Show during its general information and
luncheon meeting on Friday, April 10,
2015, at Woodcreek Country Club at
5880 Woodcreek Oaks Blvd in Roseville
off Hwy 65 between Blue Oaks Blvd
and Pleasant Grove Blvd. For information and time, contact Bonnie Garcia at
916-990-9751 or Marilyn Revel at 916471-5399.
Brady Lane, Roseville. First Tuesday of
the month! Spaghetti dinner starting at
5:30 pm, $8. Stay for BINGO starting at
7pm. Open to the public. All cash prizes!
All proceeds benefit our Veterans. For
more info: 916-783-4515.
FIGHT CANCER. Help by donating gently used furniture, clothing and
household items. Volunteers are needed
to pick up and deliver your donations to
the American Cancer Society’s Discover
Shop in Roseville. Call 771-5267 for more
fostering, admin, medical assist, blood
draws, cleaners, socializers. Kitten Central of Placer County 916-645-2217 or
[email protected]
Kitten Central a local non-profit for
abandoned/sick kittens is accepting gently
used items for our annual Yard Sale in
May. Appliances, furniture, household
etc. Contact Rebecca at 916-652-7229 or
email [email protected]
YARD SALE – HUGE 50+ Tables. Fri,
Sat & Sun., May 1-3 at Kitten Central
of Placer County 5130 Fruitvale Rd,
Newcastle, CA 95658. Fri/Sat 7-7, Sun
8-3 Accepting E-waste those 3 days also!
Hundreds to Participate in American Cancer Society Relay For Life of
Roseville on May 2, 2015 at Cooley
Middle School. WHAT: Hundreds of
cancer survivors, caregivers, volunteers,
and teams of walkers from schools, businesses, places of worship, and more will
come together for the American Cancer
Society’s Relay For Life of Roseville.
WHEN: May 2, 2015, 9:00am for 24 hours
The opening ceremony and celebratory
cancer survivors lap will begin at 9:00am
on Saturday, May 2nd. We will honor and
remember members of our community
who have battled cancer in a touching
Luminaria Ceremony that evening at
9:00pm. The closing ceremony will be
at 8:30am on Sun., May 3rd. WHERE:
Cooley Middle School, 9300 Prairie
Woods Way, Roseville. For more information visit our website at www.relayforlife.org/rosevilleca or contact Kelly
Ackenheil at [email protected]
Classified Ads
for Sun City
ads only.
Please see
“Free Ads”
First 15 words are FREE (for Sun City residents only), additional words $1 each
For Sale of personal items, i.e., cars, boats, bikes, house items, etc.
Lost and found items/pets
Yard Sales, Wedding, or Death Announcements
Notices of meetings or events by local non-profit groups.
NO Real Estate, Timeshares, Business Ads, Services or Products!
Anything of a commercial nature,
including real estate, business ads,
services or products
15 words for $25. Additional
words $1 each. $65 for three
months, same ad.
Sun Senior News has a distribution of 3,400 copies, which go directly to
residents in Sun City the first week of each month.
Classified ads must be received by the 15th of the month.
Write your ad on the form provided and mail to:
Sun Senior News
5098 Foothills Blvd., #3 PMB405
Roseville, CA 95747
Classified ads ARE NOT TAKEN over the phone. Submit by mail only. Ads must be
received by the 15th of the month to appear in the following issue.
WE DO NOT ACCEPT illegible ads, incomplete forms, and ads not accompanied by
payment. Please make checks or money orders to Sun Senior News.
EGnews Inc./SUN SENIOR NEWS reserves the right to refuse any ads they deem
unsuitable. ERRORS can be compensated only if the negligence is ours, and we are
notified within the first week of the insertion, and insofar as the error, in our judgement, materially affects the content and advertising value of the ad. Compensation
will be in the form of additional advertising space or credit, and will not exceed the
value of the ad. Your canceled check is your receipt.
Ad: _______________________________________________________________
( Any business ad 1-month $25 • Any business ad 3-months $65 )
Service ) (
Lost / Found ) (
For Sale) (
Additional words (over 15) ________________ x $1 = $_____________________
Number of months ad is to run: ____________ Total enclosed: _______________
Name: ______________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________
City: _________ Zip: _____________ Daytime Phone: _____________________
Sun Senior News • ROSEVILLE • APRIL 2015
Selling ONLY Sun City Homes for 18 Years
The Schlaegel Team
Choose the agents who do everything to
achieve the highest selling price for your home.
We take the worry and hassle out of your
to prove it.
Martin Schlaegel
Nancy Peffley
(916) 771-8599
cell (916) 765-5172
(916) 774-9432
cell (916) 532-0053
[email protected]
[email protected]
our exclusive approach to preparing your home
to sell.
Sun City Residents and Specialists in Sun City Properties
When You List Your Home With
Thompson + Brown Our
“Showcase Service” Will Provide:
1. FREE Carpet Cleaning
2. FREE House Cleaning
3. FREE 1-Time Yard Clean-up, Weed
Removal & Trimming
4. FREE Donation Service
5. FREE Connection with Estate Sale
Company to help sell un-needed
Furniture and Household Goods
See our website for more info!
We have names of quality local tradesmen that we have been working
with for years. PLEASE CALL FOR RECOMMENDATIONS. Fence repair
and painting, power washing, contractors, pressure washing, plumbers,
electricians, A/C and heating, roofers, house painters interior/exterior,
carpet cleaner, moving companies, organizing and packing, help in finding
an independent or assisted care facility.
See ALL Sun City sales activity as it happens at: