Facebook video rescues sexually abused Filipina maid

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Saturday, April 11, 2015
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Facebook video rescues sexually abused Filipina maid
25/01/2015 1
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& JLo?
The screen shots of the video posted on Facebook by the Filipina maid pleading to save her from the clutches of her ruthless employer
DT News Network
[email protected]
he Philippines said yesterday it
rescued a Filipina maid from
her employer in Bahrain after she
posted a desperate cry for help on
her Facebook page.
Staff at the Philippine Embassy
were alerted to the plight of Abby
Luna, who claimed she was raped
and beaten by her employer’s
son, after she posted the video on
her Facebook page on Thursday
morning. The video attracted about
1,836,328 Views, 93,999 Shares and
24,824 “Likes” when this report was
filed. “The rescue was prompted
by the video message... She is now
under the care of our Embassy,”
Foreign Ministry spokesman
Charles Jose said.
“Philippine Embassy officials
and staff from Luna’s employment
agency picked her up from her
employer’s house,”Jose said, adding
that police were investigating the
incident. “Luna’s alleged assailant
denied he attacked her,” Ricky
Aragon, Vice-Consul at the
Philippine Embassy in Bahrain said
over phone.
In the three-minute long video,
apparently made on a webcam,
a sobbing Luna accused her
employer’s “drug addict” son
of raping her. She also posted a
written appeal for viewers to
contact Philippine Embassy on her
“Help me get out of here. I’m
scared. Until now, my genitals hurt.
My leg is bruised. He (attacker)
punched my leg to immobilise me,”
said the 28-year-old, who worked
at Hamad Town for a year. “After
my employer’s son abused me, he
threatened to kill me and bury me in
the desert if I tell anyone about it.”
Luna said, her employer did not
believe her claims of being raped
and beaten and insisted she finish
the remaining two months of her
contract before going home. Her
employer also told her to have an
abortion if she fell pregnant. Luna,
hailing from Los Banos, Laguna in
Philippines, is among an estimated
10 million Filipinos working
PhiliPPine embassy
swings into action
Saturday, April 11, 2015
US downplays Iran warning on nuclear deal
Panama City
The White House on Friday
played down warnings by
Iran’s leaders that they may
not sign a final deal of a framework accord on their nuclear
programme with international negotiators.
“The test of whether or not
that framework can be
memorialized in a deal is
not going to be a comment
made... by a particular Iranian
leader,” senior White House
advisor Ben Rhodes said. “The
test is going to be whether
at the end of June we have a
document that is agreed to”
and meets “our core objective,
preventing Iran from getting a
nuclear weapon,” he said on
the sidelines of the Summit of
the Americas in Panama.
Iran’s Supreme Leader
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
warned on Thursday that
“what has been done so far
does not guarantee an agreement, nor its contents, nor
even that the negotiations will
Embassy rescues rape victim, keeps her in custody
DT News Network
he Philippine Embassy
in Manama informed the
Filipino community in Bahrain
that the case of the distressed
Overseas Filipino Worker
(OFW), Abby Luna, who
posted her video on Facebook
pleading for help on Thursday,
has been already addressed.
In a statement, the Embassy
said that after learning the
plight of the woman, the
Assistance-ToNationals (ATN) Section was
able to identify and locate the
victim through coordination
with her local Bahrain
Placement agency.
Embassy officials were also
able to talk to the victim over
phone to confirm her location
and ascertain her condition.
The woman is now under the
Embassy’s custody.
“On Thursday afternoon,
Embassy officials accompanied
the victim to the police
authorities and assisted her
in filing criminal charges
After learning
her plight, the
Embassy’s ATN
Section was
able to locate
the victim in
with her Bahrain
The Philippine Embassy in Bahrain
said the statement. “An
Where to report by a Filipino national?
Any Filipino national in Bahrain,
who is in distress, may call
the Embassy’s Assistance-ToNationals 24/7 Hotlines +973
3995-3235, an embassy the
statement said.
According to ofwguide.com,
OFW’s are encouraged by the
government to coordinate
with Overseas Workers Welfare
DFA (Department of Foreign
Affairs), and DOLE (Department
of Labor and Employment) if
they intend to file a complaint.
OFW’s already in the
Philippines who suffered
abused abroad can coordinate
with National Reintegration
Center to get free medical
care, counselling services,
temporary shelter, job referral, as well as livelihood programmes.
investigation into the case by
police authorities is currently
The Philippine
Embassy informs
that any Filipino
national in
Bahrain, who is in
distress, may call
the Embassy’s
Assistance-ToNationals (ATN)
24/7 Hotlines
+973 3995-3235
ongoing. The Embassy will
continue to monitor this case
and provide all necessary
assistance to the victim.”
Meanwhile, the Philippine
Embassy thanked the members
of the Filipino community
in Bahrain for their vigilance
and prompt action in bringing
details of this case to the
Embassy’s attention.
The Embassy also called
upon the Filipino community
to immediately report to it
any cases of distressed OFWs
in Bahrain that they may
End of struggle for maid
According to her
the 28-year-old
maid Abby Luna
has been working in Hamad
Town, Bahrain for
a year. Abby Luna
hais from Los
Banos, Laguna in
She is the mother
of two childrenJohn Rico and
Angel Faith.
Viral FB video comes to rescue of Filipina maid
DT News Network
t was when Abby Luna
started to post status updates
on her Facebook account
regarding the maltreatment
she had received from the son
of her employer the world
came to know about her plight.
In the video, the domestic
helper said she was taken
advantage of while doing her
household chores. She was
unable to complain to her
employer immediately out
of fear and threats from her
“Ayoko na magsumbong sa
agency kasi n’ong nagreklamo
ako n’ong una, ako pa ang
napasama kaya mas mabuti
pa siguro diretso na ako sa
embassy”, a sobbing Luna
posted on her Facebook
account in her mother tongue.
According to Luna, her
employer said that she had to
stay for two months as her
contract is not yet fulfilled.
Her employer will also have
her checked after a week and
only if they find out that she is
pregnant will she be sent back
to the Philippines. She also
claimed the employer’s son was
a drug addict.
Luna’s attacker also accused
her of seducing him, a claim
she denied as she was not even
in the same room when she
allegedly approached him.
After seeing her post on
Facebook, concerned netizens
and friends immediately
rushed to help the Filipina,
Abby Luna
with some claiming that their
acquaintances had connections
to the police and the Philippine
Embassy. Now Luna is under
the custody of the Philippine
Kristine Vergara Garma,
a friend of Luna, confirmed
Luna’s stay with the embassy
in a public status message on
Labour Secretary Rosalinda
Baldoz said that the maid
had left the Philippines as
Luna’s attacker
also accused her
of seducing him, a
claim she denied
an undocumented worker.
“She has no records with
the Philippine Overseas
Employment Administration,”
she said.
claimed, Luna is only one case
that got reported.
Saturday, April 11, 2015
563 housemaids escaped
in 7 months in bahrain
Reasons for running away from employers remain unknown, says LMRA
Muhannad Mansour/DTNN
mu[email protected]
t least two domestic
workers in Bahrain
escaped their work places
every day during the past
seven months, a recent
statement from Labour
Market Regulatory Authority
(LMRA) confirmed.
statistics, around three per
cent of domestic workers in
the country escaped their
employers’ houses during the
same period.
The authority announced
that it had been notified about
563 escape cases of domestic
workers since September
LMRA also said that the
escapees form part of the
22,269 domestic workers
permitted to work in the
Kingdom since then.
Unknown reasons?
However, LMRA said that
“the causes behind the
phenomenon of escaping
domestic workers remain
unknown, as it’s difficult to
interfere between domestic
workers and employers,
considering the privacy of
their in-house relation that is
constitutionally protected.”
precautionary procedures
are useless in this regard. But
other procedures could curb
the issue, such as increasing Picture for representation purpose only
awareness among employers
and domestic workers,”
This was stated by Chairman Jameel Humaidan
it clarified.
Labour Minister and LMRA in a detailed report, which
“In case the authority was notified by
the employer about
an escaped domestic
worker, the employee’s working permit
would be cancelled
within 15 days”
was recently issued in reply to
MP Jalal Kadhem’s queries to
the Ministry about domestic
workers’ escape cases during
the past five years and action
taken on the issue.
explained: “In case the
authority was notified by
the employer about an
escaped domestic worker, the
employee’s working permit
would be cancelled within
15 days. Once the escaped
employee is captured by
the concerned authorities,
it’s necessary that he/she
gets permanently deported.
be compensated with a
replacement work permit.”
“According to Law 19 of
2006, the official responsibility
of foreign employment
(domestic or other employees)
has been shifted from Labour
Ministry to LMRA,” the report
In the report, it was also
mentioned that 5255 foreign
different fields, have escaped
from their employers during
the past five years.
Asian national dies
in road accident
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The picture that has been circulating on local social networking sites, showing paramedics
removing the dead man’s body from the accident spot
DT News Network
n Asian cyclist was killed
in a road accident that
occurred in the Southern
morning, revealed official
Interior Ministry confirmed
the incident and stated on is
official Twitter page that the
mishap occurred on Wali Al
Ahd Avenue. The Ministry said
Interior Ministry confirmed the incident
and stated on is official
Twitter page that the
mishap occurred on
Wali Al Ahd Avenue
that the concerned authorities
had taken the necessary
Eyewitnesses said that the
man was hit by an unknown
vehicle while crossing the
road near Bahrain Defence
Force Royal Medical Services
(BDFRMS) Hospital.
The man died on spot. No
further details were available.
A case has been registered and
further investigation is on.
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25/01/2015 11:27
After failing to get support and resources in Bahrain to make the film
Saturday, April 11, 2015
DT News Network
[email protected]
oung film directors Saleh
Sharif and Zahid Balooshi
are all set to fly to Turkey next
week to work on their latest
film Bits of What I Have.
Reason: The talented and
ambitious film buffs have failed
to get support and resources in
Bahrain to make the film.
Sharif said filmmaking in
Bahrain was exhausting and
“In Bahrain, we have been
frustrated because of the lack
of support for filmmakers like
us. To find the right people is
very difficult as there are only
a few people who are into this
profession,” he said.
“In Turkey, the scene is
totally different. People are
passionate about filmmaking.
The cast has been selected from
Turkey, as it has a thriving
acting community and a lot
of talented actors. They were
carefully selected after several
auditions to ensure that they
meet the requirements of the
characters,” he said.
He explained the crew
members they hired in Turkey
charged only minimal fees and
most actors they found agreed
to contribute for free.
“Experienced professionals
supported us for a minimal
charge. On the other hand,
in Bahrain, the professionals
charge hefty fees, which
we cannot afford. Same
goes for actors. I visited
Turkey for scouting and I
found talented actors who
volunteered to be part in
order to gain experience,” he
told DT News.
Explaining the plot of the
movie, he said, “It is about an
old man who is a well-known
writer of his generation. But
since the death of his wife and
daughter, he has not been able
to complete his book, which
he has also developed over
the years for the world and
the people, which inherit it.
The book he is working on is
said to be a masterpiece like
PO Box: 50323,
Fax :+973-17464844,
E-mail : [email protected]
(left) Balooshi and Sharif
his earlier work or perhaps
even of a much higher
caliber. The old man did
not leave his house for a
long time now and refuses
to take part in any humanly
activities. He closed himself
behind his four shabby walls
and there he performs acts
of vandalism within his
closed closet.”
Despite the relatively small
costs of filming in Turkey,
they are still struggling
financially. “We are looking
for sponsors at the moment.
We hope to find at least one
before we leave. The film’s
budget is only BD 5000,”
Sharif said.
“Film project is entirely
non-profit and all the
proceeding from the film
screening in Bahrain will go
to Charity,” he said.
“During the whole filming
process, there will be posters,
movie teasers, and trailers.
We will also mention our
sponsors names on all these
platforms,” he assured.
Sharif at work.
HIDD, Kingdom of Bahrain
Sharif with his friends during a previous film shoot.
Saturday, April 11, 2015
shisha cafe owners told
to shut biz by midnight
Notices served to shisha cafe owners in the kingdom by the authorities
DT News Network
across the Kingdom
have been given notices to
close down their businesses
at 12 midnight. Usually,
shisha cafes down their
shutters by 1am or 2am as
many costumers flock until
late hours, especially during
weekends. Although no public
announcement was made on
this matter, several shisha
cafe owners have confirmed
receiving the notice issued
by Ministry of Interior. The
notice states the order was
with immediate effect.
“I received the notice to
close down my business at
midnight. It states that the
new decision is serving the
public interests,” an owner of
a shisha cafe said.
Meanwhile, a source in
the Southern Municipal
Council said that the decision
was recommended by the
2010-elected Council, given
the fact that “many of them
were a cause of nuisance
owing to their locations,
which are close to residential
“The noises coming out
of several shisha cafes had
prompted many citizens and
residents to come forward and
express their resentment at
opening this kind of business
nearby their homes. This
allowed the previous Council
to ponder the decision of
allowing the owners of the
cafes to run their business
“The noises coming
out of several shisha
cafes had prompted
many citizens and
residents to come
forward and express
their resentment at
opening this kind of
business nearby their
homes. This allowed
the previous Council
to ponder the decision of allowing the
cafes to be run only
till midnight”
A shisha cafe in Bahrain (file pic)
only till midnight. And
after a thorough evaluation,
the Council has found the
decision as agreeable to all,”
said a source.
The previous Council also
recommended that the shisha
cafes must be relocated to one
area, and members of the new
Council are following up with
the authorities to implement
this recommendation as well.
“Ministry of Health,
the Civil Defence have
project layout is also ready.
Now we only require the
approval of the Urban
Planning to proceed with this
project, which will house all
the shisha cafes in Bahrain,”
the Southern Municipal
Council added.
Saturday, April 11, 2015
Works Ministry revaMps
infra ahead of forMula 1
Sewerage networks, major highways leading to its venue get face-lift
DT News Network
n view of the Formula 1,
the Ministry of Works,
Municipalities Affairs and
Urban Planning has inspected
the roads and sewerage
networks in the kingdom and
implemented maintenance to
ensure readability and safety
of the networks.
The Ministry’s preparations
for the event include the
construction of the new
parking lot No. 10, which
has been paved as part of the
parking spaces allocated for
the Bahrain International
Circuit, accommodating 950
vehicles. The yards close to
the circuit, which covers an
area of 200,000m2, have also
been converted to be used as
parking spaces.
The Ministry has prepared
and maintained the main
highways -- beginning with
the main entrances to the
kingdom and ending with the
Bahrain International Circuit.
The Ministry has fixed the
safety barriers along the main
roads, painted road markings
and pavements, cleaned
traffic signs and replaced the
damaged ones.
All road works along
roads and highways leading
to the event, in addition to
any other works belonging to
other service entities, will be
halted and all lanes will be
open for traffic. The Ministry
in coordination with the
Traffic General Directorate
will ensure smooth and safe
traffic movement on all roads.
The Sanitary Engineering
Operation and Maintenance
Directorate at the Ministry has
The roads revamped by the Ministry of Works
Maintenance works in progress on highways
A new parking lot
The Sanitary Engineering
Operation and Maintenance
Directorate has cleaned storm
water drains along Bahrain Bay
Highway. maintenance works
were also carried out to the sewerage networks at the BIC
View of the new parking lot at BIC
cleaned storm water drains
along Bahrain Bay Highway.
It has also cleaned the water
downstream pouring into the
sea and inspected the storm
water drainage network
in the area. Precautionary
maintenance works were also
carried out to the sewerage
networks at the Bahrain
International Circuit, the
sub-stations and the main
stations. E4 and E4A stations;
serving the Circuit, were also
inspected, as well as the main
E3 station. The Ministry will
provide six generators as a
precautionary procedure in
case of any power shortage.
Tanks from the Circuit will
also be provided to deal
with any unexpected flood.
Regulating and determining
the path of the water tanks
will be done in coordination
with the Traffic General
Customs officials to facilitate procedures for F1 fans
DT News Network
he Customs authorities
are sparing no efforts for
the 2015 Formula One Gulf
Air Bahrain Grand Prix to be
held from April 17 to 19.
“We are working at full
capacity to ensure the smooth
flow of fans, who will flock
to Bahrain to watch the race.
The directorate takes all
the preparations along with
other authorities to make
the global motor sporting
event a success,” said
Nationality, Passports and
Residence Affairs (NPRA)
Visa and Residence Director
Shaikh Ahmed bin Abdulla
He said that special
counters had been allocated
to expedite procedures.
International Circuit (BIC)
officials opened additional
counters for F1 fans to buy
tickets before being allowed
access to passport-monitoring
checkpoint for final scrutiny.
We are working at full capacity to ensure the smooth flow
of fans, who will flock to the
Kingdom of Bahrain to watch
the race. Special counters had
been allocated to expedite procedures
- Shaikh Ahmed bin Abdulla
issuing two-week multiple
entry visas, which will be
valid for the period between
April 5 and 19. F1 fans from
countries featuring on the list
of 66 states will be issued with
visas on arrival at the entry
points. Fans living in any
of the countries cited in the
list of 102 states can obtain
their two-week entry visas to
Bahrain online.
Other categories of fans can
access the portal of the Visa
and Residence Directorate,
www.evisa.gov.bh, to apply for
the necessary visa.
A Bahraini guarantor
or the endorsement of a
private company operating in
Bahrain would still be needed
to process the visa issuance
Saturday, April 11, 2015
The two were caught by the sponsor’s son red-handed
DT News Network
man and a house servant,
both of Asian origin,
were caught having sex in the
store of the latter’s sponsorowned house. The sponsor’s
son caught them after he heard
strange sounds coming out the
store. “I heard some strange
sound inside the store and
decided to check out,” the son
told prosecutors.
“I was stunned to see a man
and our maid inside, naked. I
immediately went to inform
my father, who captured both
of them and informed police,”
he added.
The Asian man admitted
to the Public Prosecution of
having sex with the woman.
The Asian man claimed he was
having a relationship with the
woman even before they came to
Bahrain. He went to the sponsor’s
house on her invitation
He claimed he was having a
relationship with the woman
even before they come to
Bahrain. “When I arrived in
Bahrain, I maintained contact
with her. On that day she called
me up and invited me to her
sponsor’s home,” the defendant
said in his statement.
“She led me to a store,
where we entered together.
As I dropped my trousers, the
sponsor’s son opened the door
of the store and found us,” he
The duo was found guilty
before the High Criminal
Court, which sentenced them
to six months in prison.
They will also be deported
once they complete their jail
Faking identity: Verdict on May 4 Hotels warned
DT News Network
court ruling will be
announced on May 4 in
the trial of an Arab national
accused of fraud.
The latter allegedly bought
himself a brand new luxury
car worth BD28,000 after
pretending to be a medical
doctor to get an auto loan of
the same value.
The accused, who is being
tried in absentia, deceived a
loan officer in a local bank
by forging his occupation
The accused allegedly bought
himself a brand new luxury car
worth BD28,000 after pretending to be a medical doctor to
get an auto loan of the same
and salary certificate. The
defendant submitted an
employment letter, which
indicated he was working at
King Hamad Hospital as a
He also presented a salary
certificate stating his monthly
wage as BD2600.
He used the loan amount
to buy a brand new car and
drove the car out of the country
to Jordan via the King Fahd
Causeway in 2012.
The bank stated it discovered
he had escaped the country
when he defaulted the second
Prosecutors have charged
him with forgery, but it’s not
clear if an arrest warrant has
been issued to nab him.
Appeal rejected in negligent driving case
DT News Network
woman Bahraini driver
who killed an Asian
motorcyclist in a road accident
will spend six months behind
bars after a Bahrain court
rejected her appeal.
Driving her car at a high
speed, the convict reportedly
jumped a red light before
crashing a vehicle, which in
turn hit the Asian who was
riding his bike.
The victim was taken to
hospital but succumbed to
his injuries after a few days.
Prosecutors charged her with
causing the death due to
negligent driving.
“As per the available
evidence against the accused,
the court has decided to
imprison her for six months
for unintentionally killing a
man because of inconsiderate
driving,” a court verdict read.
The court had earlier set
her bail at BD500, pending the
outcome of her appeal.
This appeal ruling follows
the one-year jail sentence given
Driving her car at a high
speed, the convict reportedly
jumped a red light before
crashing a vehicle, which in
turn hit the Asian who was
riding his bike
to another Bahraini woman
driver who killed a Bahraini
man in a car crash.
Her license was also ordered
to be revoked by the Lower
Criminal Court.
Forging docs: Next trial May 13
DT News Network
efence witnesses will
testify on May 13
in the trial of a Bahraini
businessman who reportedly
forged a medical certificate
for his younger brother to
deprive him off their father’s
The 53-year-old accused
reportedly submitted a
medical document stating
his brother was suffering
from schizophrenia so he
could seize full control over
the inheritance.
The victim, aged 50, told
prosecutors there was a bad
blood between them, and the
defendant wanted to pocket
all of their father’s cash and
It is said the victim was
suffering from this illness
but recovered from it
following an 8-year-long
But the accused reportedly
submitted a medical report
issued in 1992 confirming
that his brother was suffering
from schizophrenia to the
court to deny him from the
His document came under
scanner after the victim
presented to the court a new
medical certificate showing
he has fully recovered.
against after party
DT News Network
otels have recently been
warned against opening
entertainment outlets after
2am. The facilities, which are
commonly known as “after
party” facilities are illegal, as
per a recent official decision.
On April 2, many hotels
received warning letters from
the Tourism Monitoring
Department in Industry and
Commerce Ministry, calling
them to comply with the
ministry’s recent decision to
close all entertainment outlets
by 2 am and confirming
violators will be subjected to
legal accountability.
“Violators will be referred
to the Public Prosecution,” the
letter said.
The circular also mentioned,
“With reference to Industry
and Commerce Minister
Zayed bin Rashid Al Zayani’s
Decision 4 for 2015, in regards
to categorising hotels, hotel
apartments and the food and
beverages services provided
in them, the department is
insisting on the importance of
committing to the standards
and conditions mentioned in
the decision.”
Course on Radiation
Accidents concluded
DT News Network
nder the patronage
Chief of Public
Tariq Al Hassan, the Supreme
concluded on Thursday, a
national course
on responding to radiation
accidents that was held in
cooperation with the Royal
Academy of Police (RAP)
and the International Atomic
Energy Agency (IAEA).
Executive Chairman of
the Supreme Environment
Council, Dr Mohammed bin
Mubarak Bin Daina asserted
the importance of such courses
to increase interaction between
the council and organizations
dealing with the environment
and radiation.
He said such courses
highlight the latest happenings
in environment protection and
sustainable development, in
addition to providing training
on response to radiation and
nuclear emergency.
Deputy Chief of Public
Naji Al Hashil asserted such
training courses meeting
development approach of the
Interior Minister.
He expressed thanks and
appreciation to the Supreme
Environment Council for
the fruitful cooperation to
train local manpower that
are capable of dealing with
radiation risks.
Representatives from Health
Ministry, the council, Bahrain
Director of Civil Defence
and the National Disaster
Management Committee took
part in the event.
Saturday, April 11, 2015
mp slams us state dept
for its rajab remarks
Says statements were ignorant and out of context
DT News Desk
[email protected]
he recent statements of the
United States Department
of State about the detention
of Nabeel Rajab, have been
slammed by a lawmaker, who
commented the “statements
were ignorant and out of
During a press conference
on Thursday, United States
Department of State Acting
Deputy Spokesperson Jeff
Rathke stated, “We certainly
are deeply concerned about
the arrest of Nabeel Rajab on
new charges related to posting
information on social media.
We urge the Government of
Bahrain to drop these charges
against Rajab and to release
him immediately.”
statements were highly
condemned by Parliament
Foreign Affairs, Defence and
National Security Committee
Chairman Abdullah Bin
In a press statement issued
on Friday, Bin Huwail said,
“Stating Rajab was arrested
because of a post on social
media is fraud, lie and clear
indication of not knowing the
for harming civil peace
and insulting the state’s
institutions. Such behaviours
will not be accepted,
especially during the critical
conditions that the region is
going through,” Bin Huwail
He commented, “The
United States follows the
strictest procedures against
whoever threatens its national
security and civil peace.”
“In case the American
politicians would like to offer
advice, they should instruct
the individuals they support,
to comply with the Bahraini
laws, and not to exploit
human rights and freedom
of expression in threatening
the kingdom’s safety,” Bin
Huwail added.
As reported earlier, Interior
Ministry stated on April 2,
“Nabeel Rajab was arrested
for posting information that
could incite others and disrupt
civil peace. He also illegally
defamed a statutory body.
His arrest took place after
finalising legal procedures.”
Bahrain Ambassador to Saudi
visits King Fahd exhibition
ahrain Ambassador to
Saudi Arabia Shaikh
Humood bin Abdulla
Al-Khalifa visited an
exhibition at the Riyadh
International Exhibition
and Conference Centre,
showcasing the history and
achievements of late Saudi
King Fahd bin Abdulaziz
The two-week expo,
which started on March
31, is being held in tribute
to the late monarch, under
the patronage of Saudi
King Salman bin Abdulaziz
The ambassador toured
exhibition, paying tribute
to the late Saudi monarch
for his rich legacy and
which stand as a source of
pride and inspiration.
Shaikh Humood also
met Prince Turki bin
Mohammed bin Fahd
Al-Saud, head of the
executive committee in
charge of the exhibition,
being held under the
theme: “Fahd – The Spirit
of Leadership”.
The programme was
conducted by the children
and grandchildren of King
Fahd in collaboration
with the King Abdul Aziz
Foundation (Darah).
Shaikh Humood hailed
Bahrain Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Shaikh Humood bin Abdulla Al-Khalifa visiting
the exhibition.
relations bonding Bahrain
lauding the concept of
the exhibition, which
lines up a series of
King F a h d d u r i n g h i s
statement on the sidelines
of his visit, Shaikh
the idea of hosting the
exhibition in Bahrain
as part of long-standing
paying homage to the
late monarch for his
honourable stances in
support of Bahrain.
The ambassador said
the King Fahd Causeway,
linking Bahrain and Saudi
Arabia, today stands
as an emblem of solid
relations, pointing out
that late Shaikh Isa bin
Salman Al-Khalifa took
the initiative to name the
milestone after the late
Saudi leader in 1986.
Rajab was arrested for
harming civil peace and
insulting the state’s
institutions. Such behaviours will not be accepted, especially during
the critical conditions
that the region is going
- Abdullah Bin Huwail
Pinoy Festival at Lost
Paradise on April 24
DT News Desk
ilipino fans are all set for some
thrill and excitement as Lost
Paradise of Dilmun Waterpark
& Houras Consultancy brings
together an all out fun “Pinoy
Festival” on Friday, April 24.
Daniel Matsunaga
waterpark rides, guests can
enjoy an array of traditional
Filipino festive games and
activities. They can also savour
the delectable flavours of their
favourite Filipino foods from
special food stalls.
Not just that, for the first
time in Bahrain, special guests
such as Daniel Matsunaga and
Angeline Quinto will flow
straight from Manila.
Brazilian-Japanese model
and actor Daniel became
known in the Philippines by
appearing in Cosmopolitan
Philippines’s September 2009
“Cosmo Men” supplement.
He was declared the winner of
the reality TV show Pinoy Big
Brother of ABS-CBN.
Filipino singer, actress and
winner of Star Power: Sharon’s
Search For The Next Female
Pop Superstar Angeline is one
of the Philippine’s revered
singers who performed in many
concerts and shows in different
Angeline Quinto
The event will also feature
resident talents, from DJ’s, bands
and Filipino dance groups. To
ensure maximum fun, organizers
are also offering a free bus ride
on the event day with two trips
from Gudaibiya to Lost Paradise
of Dilmun on a first come first
serve basis.
The event is also supported
by Pinay Ikaw Na! group and
the Philippine Institute of Civil
Engineers. For tickets and info, call
Saturday, April 11, 2015
at home
ood is the basic requirements for our survival.
Irrespective of the economic status and standard
of living, we buy and consume food items including
vegetables, fruits, cereals, bread, chicken, meat etc.
Usually we buy taking care of our daily/ weekly and
monthly needs and eating habits based on the number
of people at home. Some extra quantity is also bought
to meet with any un-expected situations and for invited
guests. The cooked and used food thus gets its way to one
and sometime two important equipment in our home i.e.
the fridge and the deep freezer.
We deep freeze the meat and often cooked food in
the hope of using it again soon. But how soon? Nobody
knows. Thus, our fridge and deep freezers become mass
storage of food which consumes space and energy and at
the end has to be thrown or dumped out due to want of
more space from other freshly consumed food.
Have we noticed that the size of our fridge and
deep freezers are increasing with time? The size has
almost been doubled within the decade. What are these
equipment are contributing in our daily life is yet to be
seriously assessed and evaluated. This situation calls for
having a food audit at our home and to check what we
bought, utilized, frozen and kept and what became waste.
Firstly, we need to make a list of items and group them
separately like poultry, fish and meat, vegetables, fruits,
cereals, dairy products and other items. Secondly, we
need to take care of each item and its utilization making
separate storage space for each item to see what quantity
is available and what is consumed and required. This will
help in making our next shopping list.
Having an organized fridge is more than just a matter
of things looking neat and pretty. It also helps to know
what we have, what we need and what we use. And it
helps to keep track of the things that we do purchase.
Plus when things are organized, it’s not just an incentive
to cook, it helps make cooking a lot easier. Here’s how to
make your fridge work for you.
• Labelallfoodwithdatebeforeplacinginfreezer.
• Do not overload the freezer with unfrozen food. Add
only the amount that will freeze within 24 hours.
• Spreadfoodoutinthedeepfreezerleavingalittlespace
between packages so air can circulate freely. Once the
food is frozen, store the packages close together.
• Designatethefreezerdrawersforfruits,vegetables,meat
• Groupdairyproductstogetherlikebutterandeggs.
• Keeptallbeveragecontainersinthebottom.
• Group leftoversand store theminclear glass orplastic
• Place same type of foods in plastic bags or cardboard
boxes to keep together and be able to lift out to get to
food at bottom of deep freezer.
• Avoidopeningdeepfreezeroftenorleavingdooropen
too long. Thaw frozen foods carefully in refrigerator or
microwave. Use it soon after thawing. Cook frozen foods
* Head, Waste Disposal Unit, Supreme Council for
Environment, Bahrain (Email: [email protected])
(The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do
not necessarily reflect the policy or position of this newspaper.)
Backup power
Generators fixed
Backup generators to supply power within seconds
DT News Network
[email protected]
Municipalities & Urban
Planning recently completed
the installation of backup
Khalifa bin Salman Port
in Hidd.
The Assistant Undersecretary
for Construction Projects
& Maintenance at Mona Al
Motawa revealed the Ministry
constructed two buildings
supplied with two 600 KVA
During power cuts in Khalifa bin
Salman Port, the backup
generators are expected to
supply power within seconds.
According to the Ministry, the project will serve the terminal, the customs building, the medical
quarantine building and the
food inspection building at Khalifa
Salman port
Mona Al Motawa
generators at the port.
She explained it was part
of a wider project to improve
the port.
The Ministry also stated
the project came as a
response to calls from the
Ministry of Transport and
Communications to improve
the industry sector and to
attract more foreign and local
investments to keep pace
with global, continental and
regional developments.
During power cuts in
Khalifa bin Salman Port,
the backup generators are
expected to supply power
within seconds.
According to the Ministry,
the project will serve the
quarantine building and the
food inspection building at
implemented by Crown M.
S Electrical and Mechanical
The work, which took 8
months to complete, was
supervised by the project
consultant UK’s Haskoning
Min meets
inister of Energy Dr.
received a number of citizens
and people’s representatives
to elicit feedback on services
offered by the Electricity and
Water Authority (EWA) and
their suggestions to improve
the services further.
Dr. Mirza said he always
welcomed anyone who wished
to meet him and that his office
was open to all as part of
the directives of HRH Prime
Minister Prince Khalifa bin
The Minister of Energy
communication with the
citizens was a key indicator
to measure the quality of
work and services provided.
It will help improve the
services as suggestions
from a wider section could
be implemented to ensure
better efficiency.
The citizens on their
part thanked the Minister
and EWA officials for the
and hospitality
accorded and applauded
the open-door policy it
University of Bahrain would like
to invites for a public auction for
vehicles, to participate please attend
Purchasing Department to collect
bidding form BD 15/- Non refundable,
starting from Sunday 12/4/2015 to
Wednesday 29/4/2015, working hour
from 8:00am to 1:00pm.
For enquiry please contact
Tel.: 17-438880 / 17-438067
Saturday, April 11, 2015
Out& abOut
Light up your nights with race fever
Date: Today
Venue: Bahrain International Circuit
Catch internationally renowned
Pop Band The Vamps in a spectacular
headlining performance, supported by
Swedish DJ Otto Knows in back-to back
live shows at ‘Race Fever’. Door opens at
6pm. Entry: Only with a Bahrain Grand
Prix Ticket
Tickets: Bahrain City Centre, Seef Mall,
BahrainGP. com, 1745000
Kids Easter Cooking class
Date: Today (10am-12pm)
Venue: Vapiano, Bahrain City Center
Hop in to Vapiano this Easter for
a fun filled morning of kids cooking,
pizza making, egg decorating and other
exciting activities. Price BD4 and included
activities, food, beverages, and giveaways.
Call 17536092 for more information.
Date: April 12 (Opening at 7PM),
April 13-May 7
(Daily, 10AM-10PM)
Venue: Al Riwaq Art Space, Adliya
‘Vantage’ is a reflection of 8 female
artists’ perspectives on their connections
with Islam. The work is exhibited through
a range of styles and mediums, including
video installation and photomontage. The
program includes weekly talks with the
artists about their artwork and personal
experiences. For details, contact 17717441.
Zoe F1 Pit Stop Party
Date: April 16 (9PM)
Venue: Zoe
Rev up those engines for a special F1
Zoe party – a pit stop that you don’t want
to miss! DJYouss will be on the rooftop
playing all the best House tracks and
DJCossta will be in the lounge spinning
all top SWAG tracks. Each floor will be
dangerous, bringing you that V8 feel of
excitement and endurance keeping you
dancing all night long. An F1 Photobooth
will be on hand to snap those 1st place
Kodak moments with you and your
friends, too. Free entry for couples and
ladies, gents enter for BD10. For more
info and reservations contact Candice Hall
on 38496912 or contact Zoe directly on
Engine Freeze – Party On The
Speed Track
Date: April 16 (9PM-2AM)
Venue: Bedrock Ramee California
Start the Grand Prix Weekend off at
Bedrock Ramee California for an epic
party featuring the stylings of resident
DJ Maude and DJ Neil spinning the
best of House, Urban, Commercial and
Top 40 tracks. Free entry for all ladies.
Unlimited beverages cost only BD15.
Wear your racing jacket! For more info
and reservations call 36752526.
Sean Paul Live
Date:April 17
Venue:Klub 360- Elite Crystal
Hotel, Juffair
The international singing sensation
Sean Paul is performing live in the
Mark your calendar
Bob Sinclar – The F1 After Race
Paul Van Dyk – LIVE in Bahrain F1 Closing Party
Date: April 19
Venue: Coral Bay, Manama
On April 19, Bahrain will end the F1
Grand Prix Weekend with a blaze of
glory, featuring Grammy nominated
Trance DJ, musician and super
producer, Paul Van Dyk for a
special grand F1 Closing Party at
Coral Bay. What other way
to end a great week than
partying the night away
with a true music legend?
Get discounted
tickets from
w w w .
net or tickets
at the door for
happening club of Bahrain. His
performance marks th e beginning of
Grand Prix special weekend. The show
begins from 10pm. Limited tickets
available so hurry and contact on +973
33360300 or [email protected]
Pitbull live in Bahrain
Date : April 18
Venue : Bahrain International
Circuit, Sakhir
International superstar Pitbull will
be performing on April 18 as part of
a line-up of international artists yet to
be announced. Grand Prix weekend
ticket holders will be able to attend
the concert.
Tickets to the 2015 Bahrain F1 can
be purchased at the BIC sales outlets
in City Centre Bahrain and Seef Mall,
online at bahraingp.com or by calling
the BIC Hotline on 17450000.
Grand Prix Prestige Party 2015
pres. The Cavalli Club World Tour
Date: April 17 (5PM-11PM)
Venue: Muju Amwaj, Dragon Resort
& Hotel
The Dragon Hotel & Resort in
association with Eventions Bahrain are
teaming up with one of the world’s
most sophisticated party brands to
bring The Cavalli Experience and the
‘The Cavalli Club World Tour’ for an
unforgettable exclusive opening event
which shall offer exposure on both a
glamorous & entertaining level to the
grand prix weekend attracting only
the most prestigious party people from
around the region.
Thanks to a star-studded line up of
international talent, from Sean Paul
and Akon to Ferry Corsten and Erick
Morillo, and a VIP guest list that has
welcomed everyone from Will Smith
to Jennifer Lopez, Cavalli World Tour
consistently hosts the hottest nights
in town. Please call +973-66678666 to
book your VIP table or to reserve your
pre-sale entry tickets. Tickets for men
Date: April 19 (9PM-Late)
Venue: Bushido Lounge, Seef
Number one selling DJ Bob Sinclar will be
performing a special and exclusive F1 After Race
show at Bushido Lounge, supported by DJ Albert-L.
Global DJ and Producer Bob Sinclar is well known
for the deep and soulful beats of his “Africanism
movement”, in addition to the vibrant reggae and
dance hall influences which have more recently
filled his production work. Known
for “Love Generation”, “World
Hold On” and “Rock this Party”.
Advance tickets cost BD35
(before April 18), and cost BD
50 after. For more info and
reservations call 17583555.
cost BD20/- and BD10/- for women.
For a table for 4 people BD150 (incl
1 bottle).
The Tiger Who Came to Tea
Date : April 22 & 23 - 10:30am
Venue: Cultural Hall Bahrain
The doorbell rings just as Sophie
and her mummy are sitting down to
tea. Who could it possibly be? What
they certainly don’t expect to see at the
door is a big, stripy tiger!
Following a smash-hit West End
season, the tea-guzzling tiger is back
on the road in this delightful family
show; packed with oodles of magic,
sing-a-long songs and clumsy chaos! A
stunning stage adaptation of the classic
tale of teatime mayhem.
Suitable for ages 3+! Stay tuned for
more details!
Thai Festival at Movenpick Hotel
Date: April 22-25 (7PM-11PM)
Venue: Movenpick Hotel Bahrain
Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain in
cooperation with the Royal Thai
Embassy and Oman Air, welcomes
you to the world of Thailand. Enjoy
spectacular dance shows and handson eloquent umbrella painting classes,
fantastic food cooked by specialized
chefs from Movenpick Hotels
in Thailand, set in the lush garden
overlooking the sprawling lagoon. All
of this for the price of BD18.1 net. For
bookings call +973 17 460017.
Lebanese Festival @ The Gulf
Hotel Bahrain
Date: April 23-May 1
Venue: Zahle – Gulf Hotel Bahrain
Enjoy a night full of Lebanese
festivities, including Lebanese cuisine,
music, sweets and dancing at The Gulf
Hotel Bahrain. Join renowned Dabka
Folkloric dance group “Moulayya”,
specially flown in from Lebanon.
Call 17713000 for more info and
Bahrain Google Summit
Date: April 24-25
Venue: Al Hekma International
The Bahrain Google Summit is
a two-day high intensity event that
Today’s event
4th Al Aali Art Festival
Date : Today
Venue: Al Aali Mall, Seef
Exemplary works of 120 talented
artists. Fine Art, Live Pottery, Music
(live performances), Fashion Design,
Live Calligraphy, Henna Art, Food
Design, Photography and more.
Short Play and Music Performances
by upcoming local talents MR
Productions & Majaz Band in the
evenings from 6pm to 10pm on 10th & 11th April.
Well known Institutions and Universities such as Royal University for Women,
University College of Bahrain, Bahrain Music Institute, Al Jasra Handicrafts
Centre and EZ Art Pottery will be featuring their exclusive work. For more
details: Tel: +973 39994858 or +973 36684842.
How to reach us
‘Out & About’ page gives
up-to-date information
on a daily basis (except
on Wednesday and
Thursday) on the events
and programmes taking
place in clubs, associations,
churches, temples, mosques,
universities, colleges,
schools, and Bahrain
Exhibition Centre. To be
included, you may share
your events’ information
well in advance on our
whatsapp group ‘Bahrain
Events’ (39817819) or
email: [email protected]
or call 38444688.
focuses on deploying, integrating,
and using Google Apps for
Education and other Google tools
to promote student learning in K-12
and higher education, featuring
Google Certified Teachers, Google
Education Trainers, international
speakers and other experts in
the education field. The Bahrain
Google Summit is two full days
of informative breakouts, cuttingedge demonstrations, and handson workshops led by experienced
and knowledgeable professional
developers. For more info about
the event and registration visit
http://bh.gafesummit.com or call
Pinoy festival
Date: April 24
Venue: Lost Paradise
Pinoy festival with special
guests Angeline Quinto and
Daniel Matsunaga, part of the
proceeds will be donated to
Pinoy charity projects. For tickets
please call 33934790, 33336826,
La Creation Art & Craft Fair
Date: April 25 (12PM-8PM)
Venue: InterContinental Regency
You will find some of the loveliest
arts and crafts creations, including
needlecraft, painting, breadwork, paper crafts, glasswork,
jewelry, made by La Creation’s
carefully selected artists and
craftsmen. Everything at the event
is handmade, no mass-produced
items, and only the highest quality
is offered to La Creation shoppers!
Entry fee is 0.500 fils. For more
info contact and to participate
contact 33110520/36314794.
7th Food & Hospitality Expo
Date: April 28-30 (10AM-7PM)
Venue: Bahrain International
Exhibition and Convention Center
The Food & Hospitality Expo
represents the Kingdom of
Bahrain’s largest gathering of food,
beverage and hospitality industry
professionals. With the support of
Bahrain’s Ministry of Industry &
Commerce and Bahrain Chamber
of Commerce & Industry and
Tamkeen as strategic partners for
this event. For more info http://
Never, for the sake of peace and quiet, deny your own experience or convictions
At a meeting in March,
Greece’s prime minister
accepted a common
position. Therefore it
was a surprise for me
what he said in Moscow
- Latvia’s Prime Minister
Laimdota Straujuma
Saturday, April 11, 2015
In March
COnTInUE TO fall
Representative picture
S import prices fell in
March as rising petroleum
costs were offset by declining
prices for other goods, a sign of
muted inflation that supports
the view the Federal Reserve
will probably not raise interest
rates in June.
The Labour Department
said yesterday import prices
dropped 0.3 per cent last
month after a downwardly
revised 0.2pc gain in February.
Economists had forecast
import prices slipping 0.3pc
after a previously reported
0.4pc increase in February, when
Sanctions will be suspended upon verification
that Iran has met specific
commitments under a
finalized joint comprehensive plan of action
prices advanced after declining
for seven straight months.
In the 12 months through
10.5pc, the largest drop since
September 2009.
US government debt prices
were largely unchanged after
the data, while the dollar gained
against a basket of currencies.
US stock index futures were
Lower crude oil prices and a
buoyant dollar have dampened
inflation running well below
the Fed’s 2pc target.
Officials at the central bank,
some of whom have shown a
willingness to consider a rate
hike at the June policy-setting
meeting, view the low inflation
environment as transitory.
But the combination of low
inflation and weak economic
growth in the first quarter has
prompted many economists
to push back their rate hike
expectations to later in the year.
And some economists
believe monetary policy
tightening will only begin in
2016. The Fed has kept its key
short-term interest rate near
zero since December 2008.
At the same time, the dollar
has gained about 12pc against
the currencies of the main US
trading partners.
- US State Spokesman
Jeff Rathke
GE to discontinue
its finance arm
General Electric logo
New York
eneral Electric announced
yesterday it was getting
out of most of its banking
business, slashing back GE
Capital and selling $26.5 billion
worth of real estate.
The US industrial giant said
it would sell off most of the
$500 bn in assets of GE Capital,
a business that earned $2bn
last year.
But GE will retain its
aircraft leasing, energy and
healthcare equipment finance
operations, and businesses
that are closely tied to GE’s
core industrial manufacturing
The action follows the
Dollar firm on hopes of higher US rates
he dollar held firm
against other currencies
yesterday, after an upbeat
US jobs report added to the
chances the Federal Reserve
will increase interest rates,
even as global peers stick to
easy money policies.
The greenback was at
120.52 yen in Tokyo trade,
little changed from 120.59
yen in New York late
Thursday but well up from
120.28 yen in Tokyo earlier
Thursday that the number
of first-time unemployment
claims filed in the past four
weeks had fallen to a nearly
Integrated Move
15-year low, suggesting a
stronger labour market.
The robust data stoked
speculation about the Federal
Reserve’s plan to raise interest
rates for the first time in nine
“We’re moving back to
a rate-differential story,”
Mike Moran, head of
macro research for the
Americas at Standard
Chartered, said.
“The dollar correction of
the last couple of weeks is
starting to run its course.”
The euro bought $1.0678
and 128.70 yen on Friday,
slightly up from $1.0659
and 128.55 yen in US trade,
after Greece honoured a loan
payment due Thursday.
spinoff and public offering of
GE’s retail finance and credit
card business, Synchrony
Financial, last July, as the
123-year-old company gets
back to its roots after years of
letting finance drive much of
its business.
The sale over the next two
years of GE Capital assets could
generate as much as $90bn to
be returned to investors via
dividends, share buybacks and
a share exchange, the company
The company said it
heralded the move as getting
back to core capabilities in
Ukraine-Russia gas talks
EU-brokered gas talks between
Russia and Ukraine on a longterm supply deal due Tuesday
in Berlin have been postponed,
an EU spokesperson said.
“The Berlin trilateral has been
postponed” but experts from
the three sides will meet in
Brussels next week, said a
spokesperson for the European
Now edit Microsoft Office files in Dropbox
icrosoft in partnership
with Dropbox has
announced a new integration
that will now allow users to
view and edit their Microsoft
Office files, including Word,
documents, in Dropbox using
Office Online.
In this new feature, when
users preview files on web, an
option to edit the file appears.
The option is available
to Dropbox for Business
customers who have an Office
365 license and Dropbox Basic
and Pro users, and those who
are on the free tier of Office
Online. The company says the
only requirement for using
the free tier of Office Online
is creating a free Microsoft
According to TechCrunch
website, customers could start
using the new integration
from yesterday.
Also, users will be able to
save new files to Dropbox
without leaving Office Online.
Dropbox pointed out that the
potential impact for its user
base is large. The company
says there are over 35 billion
Office documents stored in
its service at present, and the
integration will allow millions
of users to take advantage of
the new functionality.
Saturday, April 11 , 2015
russia’s ruble: From down-and-out to darling
as 2 per cent against the dollar
on Friday to around 50.30, its
best level since December. In
addition, it jumped as much
as 2.5 pc against the euro to
around 53.40 per euro, a high
for the year.
Analysts said a stabilization
in the price of oil—a key
export for Russia—plus
hat a week it’s been
for Russia’s ruble—the
currency that was in crisis
in December has hit new
highs against the dollar and
euro to become this year’s
best performer in foreign
exchange markets.
The ruble soared as much
relative calm in Ukraine and
a perception that Russia’s
economic outlook is not as
bleak as feared, help explain
the rebound.
“It came as a surprise
for everyone, oil is a little
higher and the main factor,
but doesn’t explain the full
extent of the rebound,” said
Liza Ermolenko, emerging
market economist at Capital
“The economy has not
collapsed as many people
expected, so this may also
be a reason for the ruble’s
recovery,” she added.
Russia’s economy, weighed
down by sanctions and
weak oil prices, is slipping
into recession, but there are
some signs of light on the
horizon further ahead. Earlier
this week, ratings agency
Standard & Poor’s upgraded
its prediction for Russian
economic growth in 2016
to 1.9 pc, from a previous
forecast of zero growth.
ASIAn mArketS
Tokyo’s Nikkei breaches 20,000 mark
SOuth aFriCan rand
uS dOLLarS
Canadian dOLLar
indian ruPEE
BanGLadESh taKa
ChinESE Yuan
hOnG KOnG dOLLar
indOnESian ruPiah
Sri LanKan ruPEE
maLaYSian rinGGit
PaKiStan ruPEE
SinGaPOrE dOLLar
thai Baht
auStraLian dOLLar
nEw ZEaLand dOLLar
SwiSS FranC
BritiSh POund
turKiSh Lira
Saudi riYaL
uaE dirhamS
Qatar riYaL
Kuwaiti dinar
Omani riYaL
EGYPtian POund
JOrdanian dinar
mOrOCCan dirhamS
SYrian POund
YEmEni riYaL
rates are for indication purpose only. For firm rates or for currencies not listed above please
call Bahrain Financing Company. telephone: 17228888, website: www.bfc.com.bh
Hong Kong
ong Kong stocks continued
their surge yesterday,
rallying for a third straight
session as mainland investors
flooded into the market, while
Tokyo dipped after breaching
the 20,000 point mark for the
first time in 15 years.
Regional markets were
mostly higher after a positive
lead from Wall Street, while
better-than-forecast Chinese
inflation figures also provided
strong support.
Tokyo’s Nikkei dipped 0.15
per cent after earlier breaking
20,000 -- a level not seen
since April 2000. The index
finished 30.09 points down at
1 uS DLr
1 uK StG
1 SFr
100 yEn
19,907.63.Hong Kong added
1.22 pc, or 328.00 points, to
27,272.39. The index climbed
more than 8pc over the past
three days. Shanghai, which
has almost doubled over the
oil prices higher amid supply glut
il prices nudged higher
recovering from a steep dive
seen mid-week, although
demand is set to remain
shackled by a global supply
glut, analysts said.
US benchmark West Texas
Intermediate for delivery in
May edged up one cent to
$50.80 a barrel. Brent North
Sea crude for May gained 27
cents to $56.84 around midday
in London.
WTI and Brent sank 3.6 per
cent on Wednesday after the
US Department of Energy said
commercial inventories in the
world’s biggest economy hit a
record high last week.
That came after Saudi Arabia’s
Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi said
his country’s production had hit
an all-time high of 10.3 million
barrels a day in March.
Price support has meanwhile
come from events concerning
major oil producer Iran.
Analysts attributed steep
gains at the start of the week to
investors concluding the nuclear
framework agreed between Iran
and international powers will
have a minimal near-term effect
on global crude supplies.
Cold & Out SFDA warns against ice cream brand
he Saudi Food and
(SFDA) has warned public
about the purchase or
consumption of “Blue
Bell Ice Cream” after
claims the product has
been contaminated by
dangerous bacteria.
In a statement posted
on its website, the SFDA
said it had received a
warning from the US
Tokyo Stock Exchange
past year on hopes for fresh
stimulus, rallied 1.94 pc, or
76.78 points, to end at 4,034.31,
its best close since March 2008.
Sydney added 0.61 pc, or
36.15 points, to 5,968.37 and
Seoul surged 1.40 pc or 28.89
points, to 2,087.76.
In other markets, Taipei
rose 0.52 pc, or 49.66 points,
to 9,617.70 and Manila added
0.93 pc, or 74.79 points, to
Singapore rose 0.35 pc,
or 12.08 points, to close at
3,472.38, while Jakarta ended
down 0.17 pc, or 9.56 points,
at 5,491.34.
Mumbai’s BSE Sensex closed
0.02 pc lower at 28,879.38.
Centres for Disease
Control and Prevention
(CDC) saying the Blue
Bell Creameries Company
cream products carrying
the brand Blue Bell Ice
Cream due to concerns
the products had been
infected by Listeriosis
warning, the contaminated
products include all
products of the company
that were produced in the
state of Oklahoma, which
can be identified by their
bar code numbers and
expiry dates.
The SFDA advised
consumers to dispose off
the products immediately,
adding it addressed all the
concerned parties to make
sure the local markets are
free from the dangerous
ice cream product.
The banned ice cream
Saturday, April 11, 2015
Moody’s thuMps up to IndIa
oody’s ratings revised
India’s sovereign rating
outlook to “positive” from
“stable” on Thursday, a step
closer to an upgrade of the credit
rating, as it expects actions by
policy makers to lift the country’s
economic growth.
While there must be signs
of sustainable growth from
moves such as getting stalled
infrastructure projects under
way, the chance of a rating
upgrade in the next 12-18
months has increased, Moody’s
sovereign rating analyst Atsi
Sheth said.
“We’re saying that over the
next 12-18 months, if things
continue to improve, the rating
level might also go up,” she
said. “It is likely that there’s a
greater chance of rating going
up than staying the same or
going down.”
Major credit rating agencies
all have the lowest investment
grade rating on India. Standard
& Poor’s and Fitch both rate the
country’s outlook as “stable”.
Fitch later issued a statement
affirming its ‘BBB-’, “stable”
outlook on India.
“India’s relatively weak
business environment and
standards of governance, as well
as widespread infrastructure
bottlenecks, will not change
overnight, but there is ample
room for improvement,” the
ratings agency said in a release.
relatively benign commodity
prices and liquidity conditions
globally will keep India’s
growth above its peers,
Moody’s said.
Moody’s move came before
markets opened. Indian stocks
rose in early trade while bonds
and the rupee were little
“This is only a ratings
outlook upgrade and not an
actual upgrade. Markets will
react positively when the actual
event happens,” said Harish
Agarwal, a fixed income trader
in Mumbai.
A construction site in India
new delhi orders 36
rafale fighter jets
During Modi’s trip to France
ndia’s prime minister
announced Friday that New
Delhi had ordered 36 Rafale
fighter jets from France in a
multi-billion-euro agreement
that has been years in the
Standing alongside his
counterpart Francois Hollande
on a visit to France -- the first
leg of his maiden trip to Europe
-- Narendra Modi finally
relieved the frantic speculation
over whether tortuous, yearslong negotiations on buying
the jets would ever bear fruit.
“I asked the president
(Hollande) to supply us with
36 Rafale jet fighter planes, the
Indian defence analyst saurabh Joshi
said the country’s air
force urgently needs
new jets to update
its ageing fleet in the
face of antagonistic
neighbours pakistan
and China
Narendra Modi with Francois Hollande
ready-to-fly models,” Modi
said at a joint news conference exclusive negotiations between
at the Elysee Palace.
the two sides had initially
focused on 126 French Rafales,
the 36-jet order is manufacturer
Dassault’s biggest yet abroad -estimated to be worth nearly
four billion euros ($4.2 billion).
Paris sold 24 Rafale jets
to Egypt earlier this year.
IMF payment a good sign: Germany
welcomed a 459-millioneuro ($495m) loan payment by
Greece to the IMF as a good
sign and noted progress in
talks between Athens and its
“Of course it’s an important
sign that Greece is willing and
in the position to comply with
its commitments,” the deputy
Seeking Experts
spokeswoman for the German
government told reporters.
Cash-strapped Greece made
the scheduled loan payment
to the International Monetary
Fund on Thursday after days of
It is racing to try to persuade
the EU and IMF to continue
lending it money while easing
austerity requirements in order
to boost economic growth.
A German finance ministry
spokeswoman said there
had been “progress” in the
negotiations between Athens
and its creditors, the IMF,
European Commission and
European Central Bank.
But she added that there was
also still no agreed “reform list”
of undertakings by Greece and
there remained “considerable
negotiating work” to be done.
Negotiations to buy the planes
kicked off in 2012 but had
been bogged down over cost
and New Delhi’s insistence on
assembling a portion of the
high-tech planes in India.
Defence Minister Jean-Yves
Le Drian told reporters after
Modi’s announcement that all
36 jets would be manufactured
in France.
Negotiations, meanwhile,
continue on finalising the
initial 126-jet agreement.
Indian defence analyst
Saurabh Joshi said the country’s
air force urgently needs new jets
to update its ageing fleet in the
face of antagonistic neighbours
Pakistan and China.
Europe closes
record high
uropean stock markets
shot to record highs
yesterday as a weaker single
currency boosted companies’
exports from the eurozone.
London’s benchmark FTSE
100 index shot up 1.06 per
cent on the day to close at
7,089.77 points, having risen
as high as 7,095.36 during the
Frankfurt’s DAX 30 index
jumped 1.71pc to 12,374.37
points, moving as high as
12,390.75 points during the
Meanwhile the CAC 40 in
Paris rose 0.60 pc to 5,240.46
points, a seven-year high.
In foreign exchange, the
European single currency slid
to $1.0606 from $1.0659 late
in New York on Thursday.
A weaker euro makes
eurozone exports cheaper for
buyers outside of the single
currency bloc.
panama’s Copa buys 61
Boeing 737s for $6.6bn
Panama City
anamanian carrier Copa
Airlines signed a deal
worth an estimated $6.6 billion
to buy 61 Boeing 737 aircraft
yesterday, during President
Barack Obama’s visit to the
The company official said
the deal was the “largest
between a Panamanian and
a US-based company in its
Obama is in Panama
to take part in a Summit of
the Americas, which brings
regional leaders together to
discuss trade, job creation and
a host of political issues. Flipkart hires Mumbai’s dabba-walas
New Delhi
he online retailer Flipkart
is to tie up with Mumbai’s
famous army of lunchbox
carriers in a bid to improve
the accuracy of its delivery
system in India’s financial
and entertainment capital.
Mumbai’s dabba-walas are
famous for the accuracy of
their colour-coded delivery
system, which ensures that
mistakes are almost never
made despite the huge scale
of their operation and the fact
that many are illiterate.
More than 5,000 dabbawalas collect freshly-made
meals from homes and deliver
them to 200,000 customers
every day using train services,
bicycles and pushcarts.
Flipkart said it had trained
a group of dabba-walas to
deliver shipments to its
customers as they picked up
their lunch boxes.
Flipkart head of last mile
delivery, Neeraj Aggarwal,
said the dabba-walas were
Mumbai’s most reliable
and trusted brand and had
survived the test of time.
The dabba-walas have
been collecting and delivering
home-cooked lunches in
round boxes since 1890.
They cut distinctive figures
on Mumbai’s streets in their
white cotton uniforms and
Nehru caps and Forbes has
recognised them as a six sigma
organisation, estimating they
make only one error in every
16 million transactions.
Saturday, April 11, 2015
e was once considered
the IT czar and the Bill
Gates of Andhra Pradesh, who
founded and built Satyam into
one of the top IT companies
in India.
B. Ramalinga Raju even
shared the dais with Bill
Clinton when the then US
president visited Hyderabad in
A special CBI court
Ramalinga Raju, his two
brothers and seven others to
seven years in prison in what
is described by the Central
Bureau of Investigation as
the biggest corporate fraud in
India’s history. All the accused
were found guilty of criminal
conspiracy and cheating.
The 60-year-old Raju, who
already spent 32 months in
jail before he was granted
bail in 2011, has returned to
prison. It was in 2009 that
this poster boy of India’s IT
industry had a dramatic fall
when he resigned as chairman
What is the Satyam
scam about?
t is about corporate
auditors and chartered
accountants. The company
misrepresented its accounts
both to its board, stock
investors and all other
of Satyam Computer Services
Ltd. while admitting that the
company’s account books
and profits were inflated over
many years. He was arrested
and sent to jail.
The success with offshoring
followed by the Y2K boom had
catapulted Satyam to the top
league. In the mid 1990s when
Hyderabad was emerging on
the world IT map, Satyam was
the biggest name and it was no
wonder that he shared the dais
with the likes of Bill Clinton.
Raju also had a long list
of awards, including the E&Y
Entrepreneur of the Year
Services award 1999, the
Dataquest IT Man of the Year
Award 2000, the Asia Business
Leader Award 2002, and the
Golden Peacock Award for
Corporate Governance.
Satyam was listed on the
New York Stock Exchange
in 2001 and the revenues
exceeded $1 billion in 2006
and $2 bn mark in 2008.
It remained the fourth
largest IT services firm for
a long time with operations
through the parent company
and subsidiaries in as many as
65 countries.
Pakistan gets over $1.2billion
offers for HBL bank shares
he Pakistani government
has had offers of more than
$1.2 billion for its remaining
stake in the country’s largest
private bank HBL, exceeding
expectations, a minister said
The deal to offload the
government’s 41.5 per cent
share in HBL, likely to be
approved on Saturday, would
be the country’s largest
privatisation deal in the past
HBL, formerly known as
Habib Bank Limited, was partprivatised in 2003, with the
Agha Khan Foundation buying
the bulk of the shares.
recommended divesting the
remaining shares earlier this
year and offerings were made
Total Recall
issan Motor Co and
BMW AG said on
Friday they were recalling
more than 165,000 vehicles
globally due to potential fuel
pump failures that could
cause an engine to stall or
not start.
The vehicles affected are
95,031 Nissan Rogue SUVs
in the United States and
Canadian markets from
model year 2014, and about
70,500 BMW cars globally
The government had
planned to
offer 250 million base
shares, with an
option of selling 390m more
depending on
the response
at stock markets in London,
New York, Singapore and
“This is an absolutely
outstanding response from
international investors and it
was beyond our expectations,”
HBL headquarters
Mohammad Zubair, Pakistan’s
Minister for Privatisation said.
planned to offer 250 million
base shares, with an option of
selling 390m more depending
on the response.
The minister said the cabinet
committee on privatisation
would meet to approve the
share price and green-shoe sale
on Saturday in Islamabad.
B. Ramalinga Raju
A few weeks before the scam
came to light, it had reported
annual revenues of $2.4 bn and
a total employee size of 53,000.
The trouble for Satyam
began in December 2008 when
it announced plans to buy two
Maytas firms owned by Raju’s
sons. He had to call off the deal
within hours due to opposition
by the shareholders. The share
price started tumbling.
The same month World
Bank blacklisted Satyam for
eight years on grounds of
data theft and bribing bank
After the scam, Tech
Mahindra took over Satyam
Computers in a governmentsponsored
the new entity was named
Mahindra Satyam. The Satyam
brand became history in 2013
with the merger of Mahindra
Satyam with Tech Mahindra.
Alibaba forms automotive,
‘smart living’ business units
hina’s Alibaba Group
Holding Ltd, the world’s
biggest e-commerce company,
has formed an automotive unit
and a ‘smart living’ division in
the past week, the firm said on
Friday, as it ramps up its cloud
computing, hardware and big
data operations.
Alibaba, like many rival
Chinese tech firms, is racing
to introduce Internet and
computing capabilities to
various kinds of everyday
appliances to cars.
This has the $214-billion
company pitched against rivals
like social networking and
online entertainment giant
Tencent Holdings Inc search
leader Baidu Inc e-commerce
competitor JD.com Inc and
hotshot smartphone maker
Xiaomi Inc
In this packed field,
China’s online shopping titan
is banking on its big data
analysis and cloud computing
abilities to provide an edge,
as it looks to repeat the
successes it has seen in overall
e-commerce with more
specialized categories.
The automotive business
unit includes car marketing
services built around Alibaba’s
big data analysis, online retail
site Tmall’s car sales section
and providing loans to help
people buy vehicles, an Alibaba
spokeswoman said in an email
Nissan, BMW call back over 165,000 vehicles
from model years 2014 and
2015, the companies said.
Nickel plating could
detach and block moving
parts in the fuel pump made
by Robert Bosch according
to the companies and
documents filed with the U.S.
National Highway Traffic
Safety Administration.
A spokeswoman for
Robert Bosch in the United
States said in a statement
the supplier was working
closely with the automakers
to support the recalls.
The automakers said that
an engine that doesn’t start
was more likely than one that
stalls. Neither company was
aware of any accidents or
injuries related to the issue.
In March 2014, Nissan
identified an incident where
a Rogue failed to start, while
BMW noticed an increase in
fuel pump warranty claims
on certain vehicles in July
2014, according to the
NHTSA documents.
Representative picture
Time is here
The apple watch reviews are in, by and large, they’re
positive but reserved.
Saturday, April 11, 2015
Smartphone battery
that charges in a
.S. scientists said they have invented a cheap, longlasting and flexible battery made of aluminium for use
in smartphones that can be charged in as little as one minute.
The researchers, who detailed their discovery in a journal,
said the new aluminum-ion battery has the potential to replace
lithium-ion batteries, used in millions of laptops and mobile
Besides recharging much faster, the new aluminium battery
is safer than existing lithium-ion batteries, which occasionally
burst into flames, they added.
Researchers have long tried but failed to develop a battery
made of aluminium, a lightweight and relatively inexpensive
metal that has high charging capacity.
Mobile app to find
‘serious relationships’
ow women can find serious and meaningful
relationships with India’s first women centric
mobile app, Matchify.
Leading matrimonial brand, Matrimony.com, has
invested in a 100 per cent subsidiary in Matchify
Services Private Limited’s newly launched app, which
offers many women-friendly features including
verified profiles, secure chat women can initiate with
men directly (unlike men who can do it only when
there’s a mutual like), and control over who can see
profile and pictures. There will be one way video
chats available very soon. The new app has inbuilt
safety features including mobile verification, photo
screening, relationship status check and the ability to
report or block a user. The new mobile app is now on
the Google playstore. (ANI)
he Apple Watch is characterised as a neat device, but
hardly a necessary one: a wearable gizmo that may delight
the phone-obsessed despite its flaws.
If you want some angles to think about before you drop
between $349 and $17,000 on the Apple Watch, we’ve picked
out some compelling thoughts from the reviews:
It’s not easy to use for the first time.
“To a degree unusual for a new Apple device, the Watch is
not suited for tech novices. It is designed for people who are
inundated with notifications coming in through their phones,
and for those who care to think about, and want to try to manage, the way the digital world intrudes on their lives.” -- Farhad
Manjoo, The New York Times
Your friends might think it’s weird.
“It turns out that checking your watch over and over again
is a gesture that carries a lot of cultural weight. Eventually, [my
companion] asks me if I need to be somewhere else. We’re both
embarrassed, and I’ve mostly just ignored everyone. This is a
little too much future all at once.” -- Nilay Patel, The Verge.
It is convenient, though.
“It has made me more present. I’m less likely to absentmindedly reach for my phone, or feel compelled to leave it
‘Deceptive, unfair’ ads
in Youtube kids app
coalition of consumer and children advocacy group plans to
urge federal regulators to investigate a YouTube video app
aimed at children that the groups say disregards long-established
safeguards limiting advertising to young audiences.
The YouTube Kids app, which was released in February,
blends video programming and ads in ways that deceive children
and parents, according to the groups, which include the Center
for Digital Democracy, the American Academy of Child and
Adolescent Psychiatry and the Consumers Union.
The groups will send a letter to the U.S. Federal Trade
Commission asking it to examine whether the app violates rules
prohibiting unfair and deceptive marketing practices.
on the table during supper.” -- Geoffrey A. Fowler, The Wall
Street Journal
Plus, it could make you feel healthier.
“The Watch racks up Exercise minutes if you do anything
above a brisk walk. The goal is 30 daily minutes, and I’d get
halfway to it just rushing to get ready for work in the morning. But that seems to be the point, seeing just how many
of your daily activities actually count as exercise… and that
includes sex. Debate settled: the Watch says it’s exercise, and
what a great way to hit your 30-minute quota.” -- Marissa
Stephenson, Men’s Journal. The devices will be available to
purchase from April 24. (Huffington Post)
Twist to Click
Canon’s new 4K camcorder twists to take pictures
ost of Canon’s camera
designs are pretty
straightforward. But the
company has also thrown
some interesting and superweird models into the mix
over the years: The tubular
35mm film Autoboy Jet, the
submarine-themed PowerShot
D10, and the buttonless and
belt-buckle-sized PowerShot
N among them. But 99 times out
of 100, Canon’s design sense skews conservative.
Not this time, and it’s nice to see that Canon can still bring
the funk. The new Canon XC10 ($2,500) splits the difference
between a camcorder and a camera, although Canon is
billing it primarily as a camcorder. The company says the
XC10 was built with roving journalists in mind. It captures
4K video and 12-megapixel stills with its mechanical shutter
and 1-inch-type sensor. This time, that imager is baked into
a body that looks like it should be comfortable to use when
shooting both stills and video, and that’s a rarity.
Woops! May not be fun!
Self-driving cars could be a lot like carnival rides: fun, but they could make you vomit.
ccording to a new study, 6 to 12 percent
of Americans in self-driving cars will
experience moderate to severe motion sickness.
Nothing like vomiting all over your expensive
new ride! Ever noticed that you only get carsick
when you’re a passenger in a car and not the
driver? There’s a reason for that. When what
your eyes see doesn’t match up with what the
rest of your body is feeling, you can suffer from
motion sickness. If you don’t have your eyes on
the road and you won’t need to if you’re in a selfdriving car you’re likely to get sick.
Saturday, April 11, 2015
President of the Supreme Health Council Lt-General Dr Shaikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Khalifa
an international bank on the cost of traffic accidents in Bahrain.
met Minister of Interior Lt-General Shaikh Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa on Wednesday. They reviewed a report pre
18 Saturday, April 11, 2015
o’s going to have chem
You just never know wh
sexiest people in the wo
You can put two of the
be completely flat.
together, and they could
- Rosamund Pike
Ryan Gosling and George
Woof Woof…
Celebrities and
their adorable
best friends
d Dali
kman an
Hugh Jac
Anne Hathaw
ay and Esmer
op star Justin Bieber recently introduced his
new puppy to his fans on a picture-sharing
app. The caption to the photo in which the pup is
cradled in his tattooed arm read, “Say hello to the
newest member of the bieber family #Esther.“ We
take a look at other celebs and their adorable pets...
Justin Bieber and Esther
an w
ith Shan
Miranda Ker
r and Franki
Saturday, April 11, 2015
Google Image
& JLo?
Los Angeles
ou know that photo
you found after a quick
Google Images search this
morning? It’s because
of Jennifer Lopez.
In a blog post
Eric Schmidt
said that Google
created because of
J.Lo and the green
Versace dress she
wore to the 2000
Grammy Awards.
“Jennifer Lopez
dress that, well,
caught the world’s
attention.We had
no surefire way
of getting users
they wanted:
J.Lo wearing
S c h m i d t
American singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman, she achieved popularity by pushing the boundaries of lyrical
content in mainstream popular music and imagery in her music videos, which became a fixture on MTV. Madonna is known
for reinventing both her music and image, and for maintaining her autonomy within the recording industry. Referred to as
the Queen of Pop, she is cited as an influence among other artists around the world.
aylor Swift recently announced devastating news about
the condition of her mother having cancer in a recent
post on a social networking site and her fans are very
supportive of her.
Swifties made Taylor’s family stronger amid their
situation as the hashtag “#PrayForMamaSwift” began
trending on Twitter since Thursday. There were messages
of support and payers offered for Andrea by the fans of
her daughter.
Photos of Taylor and her mother also circulated all over
the internet as well as lyrics from her songs that fans felt
were appropriate for the situation that they are facing now.
The title of the post reads Just So You Know... addressed to
her fans as she shared that her mother, Andrea Swift, was
diagnosed with cancer recently. She noted in her post that
she felt like it was important for her to tell her fans about it
so they can do the same for their parents.
abused @ 9
New Delhi
ollywood actress Kalki
Koechlin is known to speak
her mind be it talking about
women empowerment or her
unconventional film choices.
And the very talented actress
decided to speak about how she
was sexually abused as a child
at the age of 9 to Humans Of
Kalki said people shouldn’t
feel sorry for her after reading
about her sexual abuse, rather
parents should remove the
taboo around the word sex or
private parts so that the kids
can be saved from potential
“The reason I spoke out
about my sexual abuse is
not to get people to feel
sorry for me but to give
others who have had
similar circumstances the
confidence to talk about
it. I allowed someone
to have sex with me at
the age of nine, not
understanding fully
what it meant.”
I was violent,
and childlike
New Delhi
idhu Vinod Chopra
is in the limelight
with his Hollywood
venture Broken Horses.
The film is special, because,
it’s the first time an Indian
has written, produced and
directed a Hollywood film.
candid,Vinod Chopra
says Broken Horses is
mostly inspired by
his personal life.
“I’m very close to my elder brother Veer
Chopra who actually paid my fees at the film
institute,” he says.
He goes to confirm like in Parinda, there
is a lot of Veer in Broken Horses too.
The veteran producer describes Broken
Horses as violent, aggressive and childlike.
“I feel I’ve gone back to my old days of
Parinda and Khamosh,” he says.
So, would he direct a Hindi film
anytime soon? “I will…if I’ve
a script that interests me,” he
American actress and fashion model, she started
modeling internationally at four years old and
appeared in more than 21 television commercials,
and many photo
shoots before her
role in Henry Poole Is
Here as Millie Stupek.
Lily had supporting
roles in He’s Just
Not That Into You,
as Matthew Gray
Gubler’s daughter
in The Ugly Life Of A
Beautiful Girl.
Morgan Lily
Born April 11, 2000
Saturday, April 11, 2015
IS freeS traumatIzed YazIdI gIrlS
Altun Kopri
ore than 200 most elderly
members of Iraq’s Yazidi
minority were freed by the Islamic
State group after eight months in
captivity and crossed Wednesday to
the safety of Kurdistan.
“We have received 227 Yazidis,
among them women and children”
in the northern province of Kirkuk
Wednesday, Major General Westa
Rasul of the Kurdish Peshmerga
forces said.
Hundreds of women and children
were abducted from the town of
Sinjar, in northern Iraq, and held
hostage by ISIS for over eight months.
Some were sold to fighters as sex
15 killed
in afghan
bomb targeted a NATO
convoy in eastern Afghanistan
yesterday, killing at least three
civilians as security forces
brace for a full-blown insurgent
offensive in the spring fighting
Separately, 12 civilians
onboard a minivan were killed
when a roadside bomb struck
their vehicle in the militantinfested southeastern province
of Ghazni.
The civilian fatalities come
as Taliban insurgents step
up attacks on government
and foreign targets after
Washington announced a
delay in US troop withdrawals
from Afghanistan last month.
Three civilians were killed
and four others were wounded
in the powerful explosion in
Jalalabad, which is home to an
important US military base.
The Taliban, however,
claimed responsibility for the
attacks on NATO convoys as
Afghan forces brace for what
is expected to be a bloody
spring-summer push by the
controlled territory until two days
The mass release of the Yazidis,
kidnapped in Nineveh last year, is
the second of its kind, after some 200
mainly elderly people were set free in
A sweeping IS offensive overran
large areas north and west of Baghdad
last June. A second drive in August
targeted areas in the north that were
home to many of Iraq’s minorities.
The group, that crossed back to
safety Wednesday, including many
elderly and disabled people, was
driven back to the Kurdish city of
Dohuk after a stop in the Yazidi holy
town of Lalish.
Kurdish Peshmerga forces help people from Iraq’s Yazidi minority as they arrive
at a medical center in the town of Altun Kupri
Yemen gets aid, finallY
Red Cross, UN fly medical aid into Yemen as raids batter south
India shuts down embassy
New Delhi
evacuation drive lasting
10 days, India formally
called curtains down on
the Operation Raahat. As
air evacuations ended, the
Indian embassy in Yemen
was also shut down.
“The evacuation operation
from Yemen is over. General
V.K.Singh is returning
tonight. We are closing our
Embassy there,” external
affairs minister Sushma
Swaraj posted on her twitter
Emergency medical aid from the International Committee of the Red Cross is unloaded from
a plane at the Sanaa international airport yesterday
he Red Cross and UN
flew medical aid into
Yemen’s capital yesterday
after the southern city Aden
was battered by the heaviest
night yet of Saudi-led air strikes
targeting Shiite rebels.
The United Nations also
called for an immediate
“humanitarian pause” of at
least a few hours each day,
saying aid was desperately
needed in the conflict-ravaged
Committee of the Red Cross
said it dispatched an aircraft
to Sanaa, its first aid shipment
campaign against Shiite rebels
began last month.
“This is the first ICRC plane
to have landed in Sanaa. It
is loaded with 16 tonnes of
medical aid,” said Marie
Claire Feghali, Red Cross
spokeswoman in Yemen.
Residents and officials
in Aden said the city was
pounded overnight after Huthi
Shiite rebels and renegade
army soldiers loyal to former
president Ali Abdullah Saleh
arrived at the city’s northern
Johannes Van Der Klaauw,
told reporters in Geneva that
an “immediate humanitarian
pause in this conflict” was
desperately needed.
The UN’s children agency
UNICEF said it had delivered
16 tonnes of aid by air to Sanaa,
including medical supplies
for 80,000 people as well as
food supplements for 20,000
“The supplies we have
managed to bring in today can
make the difference between
life and death for children and
their families,” said UNICEF
Yemen Representative Julien
account late Thursday night.
As the security situation
in Yemen deteriorated on
Thursday, South Block
decided to “relocate” its
embassy in Sanaa in view of
the safety of its diplomats. It
will shut its operations after
two days.
The entire evacuation
effort has resulted in the
evacuation of over 5600
persons. These include over
4,640 Indian nationals and
about 960 foreign nationals
from 41 countries.
The Saudi-led coalition says
it will continue its raids on
Yemen until Iran-backed Huthi
rebels, who seized control of
Sanaa and central areas last
year, retreat to their northern
mountain stronghold.
The UN refugee agency
UNHCR said yesterday that
at least 900 Yemenis had fled
the violence to countries in the
Horn of Africa over the past 10
days. (AFP)
Pakistan parliament rejects Saudi call
akistan’s parliament voted
yesterday to stay out of the
conflict in Yemen, rejecting Saudi
demands for Islamabad to join its
military coalition against Shiite Huthi
A unanimous resolution passed by
a special session of parliament backed
the government’s commitment
to protect Saudi Arabia’s territory,
which has so far not been threatened
by the conflict.
But it said Pakistan should
play a mediating role and not get
slaves or given as ‘prizes’. Many
were beaten and forced to convert
to Islam.
The traumatized returnees have
told harrowing tales of the physical
and sexual abuse they suffered at
the hands of their captors, of how
they were forced to convert to
“We negotiated for days with
tribal sheikhs in Hawijah and
were able to free the kidnapped
Yazidis,” Rasul said, referring to
an IS-controlled town in Kirkuk.
The Yazidis were actually freed
Monday in Nineveh province,
northwest of Kirkuk, but did not
make their way to a Kurdish-
involved in fighting in Yemen
-- turning down longstanding
ally Riyadh’s request for troops,
ships and warplanes.
“Parliament of Pakistan...
underscores the need for
continued efforts by the
government of Pakistan to find
a peaceful resolution of the
crisis,” the resolution said.
“(Parliament) desires that
Pakistan should maintain
neutrality in the Yemen
conflict so as to be able to play
a proactive diplomatic role to
Pakistan’s DM Khawaja Asif and JUI chief Maulana
Fazalur Rehman in a conversation yesterday
end the crisis.”
The motion is not binding,
but Prime Minister Nawaz
Sharif said last week that
any Pakistani participation
would need the backing of
Islamabad found itself
in an awkward position on
Yemen. It has deep military
and religious ties to Saudi and
has long benefited from the
oil-rich kingdom’s largesse.
But it has been reluctant to
become ensnared in a conflict
with sectarian overtones, with
violence against minority Shiites
on the rise at home in recent years.
Moreover, the large Pakistani
military is stretched, maintaining a
heavy presence on the border with
arch-rival India as well as fighting
against Taliban militants in the
the government to begin work
in the UN Security Council and
the Organisation of Islamic
Cooperation bloc to bring about a
Saturday, April 11, 2015
A big
Aww, that’s sweet! sister helping her brother with his coat,
giving him a kiss, and tenderly holding his hand
as they play together, well… that’s not it
he scene might looks idyllic, but it is
tinged with sadness, as Joel Wilkinson,
has a muscle wasting disease meaning he will
eventually be left in a wheelchair and his life
will be cut short.
The three-year-old, from Hull, was
diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular
Dystrophy just six months ago after his
parents, Emma, 33, and Chris, 36, noticed he
was struggling to develop and learn to walk.
They were left devastated when tests
confirmed their son had the incurable
condition and that is likely only to live to the
age of 20.
Now, they have decided to make his short
life as full of joy as possible.
Thankfully Joel’s big sister, Phoebe, five,
adores her brother and makes sure he is
thoroughly looked after.
Mrs Wilkinson said: ‘We were heart broken
when we discovered that Joel had such an
awful terminal disease.
‘We told Phoebe as soon as Joel was
diagnosed that he had a problem with his
muscles and that they’re weaker than normal.
‘’Joel struggles to stand up and despite
only being three he looks like a little old
man when he tries to get up.
‘We’ve told them both that
the doctors are trying to find a
medicine to help.
‘She now only plays “muscle
friendly” games that don’t
involve Joel running
around and getting
‘It’s such a
relief knowing
that Phoebe’s
eye on him
when I’m not
T h e
a f f e c t s
around one
in 3,500 and
causes difficulties
with movement,
normally needed by the age of 12.
Mrs Wilkinson said she hopes there will be
a scientific breakthrough before that point.
The strong mother added: ‘Phoebe will
often clear away their toys so that her little
brother doesn’t get too tired.
The family has set up an online fundraising
website to ensure Joel gets the specialist
treatment he needs to make his life as
comfortable as possible. (Daily Mail)
We were heart broken when we discovered that Joel had
such an awful terminal disease. We told
Phoebe as soon as
Joel was diagnosed
that he had a problem with his muscles
and that they’re
weaker than normal
Saturday, April11, 2015
CAP the snAP
by John Graziano
Head this challenge.
Can you think of an apt
caption for this?
something funny, intelligent and out-of-the-box!
if you make a winning
entry, your photo along
with the caption will be
featured in DT News.
so grab a pen, think hard,
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‘Caption Contest’
best fRom the lot. You Could be next
It’s the time to invent
hA hA...hee hee...ho ho...!
On a flight, a man
asked a beautiful lady
sitting next to him: “Nice perfume, which one is that? I want to
gift it to my wife”.
Lady replied: “Don’t give it to her, Some
idiot will take it as an excuse to talk to
- Vijay adamala
Your Star todaY
20th March - 20th April
Some time alone with a special
person is definitely called for today, Aries. The social whirl of recent weeks has put you in touch with a lot
of old friends and enabled you to make
new ones. Now it’s time to relax at home.
You might discuss your plans for your future together.
20th July - 20th Aug
Taking care of chores around
the house might bring some
home matters to your attention
that need to be taken care of, Leo. Perhaps there are a few minor repairs to
make, or maybe you need a new piece of
equipment or furniture. You should be
optimistic about the future.
20th Nov - 20th Dec
You usually like to think of
yourself as being a scientific,
logical person,but today you may
think more like a mystic.Your intuition
is more active than usual, and you might
come up with the same words as someone
close to you. You might also feeling especially inspired to work innovative way.
20th April - 20th May
The possibility of moving out of
your neighborhood may have
occurred to you before.but events
today might have you finally making up
your mind to do it. Perhaps too good
neighbors have moved away, or maybe
some good fortune has made it possible
for you to move to a bigger place.
20th Aug - 20th sept
A group you’re associated
with but have been neglecting
may be on your mind today. You
might want to fulfill your obligations to
it. You could also consider completing a
long-term project that was put on hold
over the past week or so. Tying up loose
ends may take up much of your time.
20th Dec - 20th Jan
Social invitations or opportunities to participate in group
activities should come your way
for a few weeks, Capricorn. Your phone
could ring off the hook. Relations with
others should be warm, friendly, and
congenial, so any sort of get-together you
schedule or attend today should go well.
20th May - 20th June
Today you might be pleasantly
surprised to realize that you’re
in far better financial shape than
you thought. You could discover a hidden talent for money management that
you didn’t think you had. You might also
be anticipating a raise or some other increase in income.
20th sep - 20th oct
Money may be coming your
way through a contract of some
kind. This is a positive development. Make sure you read every word in
the document before you commit to anything.This is a good time to ask for a loan
or fill out paperwork regarding scholarships, grants or financial support.
20th Jan - 20th Feb
You’re thinking about your
future career development,
Aquarius, and you aren’t happy
with your current situation. Advancement is on your mind. Perhaps you seek
a promotion or you want another job or
you prefer to change careers entirely. This
is the time to get your head together.
20th June - 20th July
Today you might decide to sequester yourself at home, catch
your breath, get your thoughts
together, and recall the events of the past
several days. You will also plan for the
future, Cancer, as you feel especially optimistic and energetic enough to pursue
whatever goals you have.
20th oct - 20th Nov
Are you sometimes afraid of
appearing silly in front of people, Scorpio? The fear of failing in
the eyes of others might be holding you
back from real progress. The celestial energies are asking you to think about this
carefully today. With all of your analytical
strengths and abilities.
20th Feb - 20th Mar
Today is a good day to take
time out for the small, sensual
pleasures, Pisces. Perhaps this is a
day for dessert, particularly chocolate or
cheesecake. Don’t forget about the pleasures that nature can bring. You may want
to spend time in a park or forest or next
to a lake, breathing in the fresh air.
Saturday, April 11, 2015
1- “Hard ___!” (sailor’s yell); 5- Numbers game; 10Aromatic fragrance; 14- Group; 15- Fencing blades; 16- “The
Time Machine” people; 17- Person skilled in accounting;
19- Colleen; 20- Now you ___...; 21- Most strange; 23Equinox mo.; 25- ___ Grows in Brooklyn; 26- Guitarist
Atkins; 29- Records; 31- Halt, salt!; 35- ___ Tafari (Haile
Selassie); 36- Unclothed; 37- Syrian city; 38- End result;
40- Oakland outfit; 41- Tempestuous; 42- Gillette brand;
43- Rocker Ocasek; 44- Photographic tone; 45- Nabisco
cookie; 46- Nick and Nora’s pooch; 47- Sleight of hand; 49A Bobbsey twin; 51- Proceeding by tens; 54- Play for time;
58- 007’s alma mater; 59- Free from errors; 63- Humorist
Bombeck; 64- Civil rights org.; 65- Mother of the Valkyries;
66- Bargain; 67- Facial expression used by Elvis Presley; 6820th letter of the Hebrew alphabet;
Yesterday’s solution
1- Turkish titles; 2- Ornamental fabric; 3- Suffix with exist;
4- Self-centered person; 5- Author Deighton; 6- Decide; 7Leaves in a bag; 8- Principles; 9- Blender brand; 10- Had
faith; 11- Winglike parts; 12- A pitcher may take one; 13Fog; 18- Salt Lake City player; 22- Objects from everyday
life; 24- Feathery; 25- Period of human life; 26- Crucifix; 27High-toned; 28- Bar, legally; 30- Lyric poem; 32- Copycats;
33- Nautical pole; 34- Puccini classic; 36- Polite refusal; 37Brother of Moses; 39- Felon; 40- Road with a no.; 42- Circle
segment; 45- Person in the petroleum industry; 46- Deer
horn; 48- Profits; 50- Sun Devils’ sch.; 51- Act; 52- French
101 verb; 53- Deep sleep; 55- Bern’s river; 56- Former Fords;
57- Jacob’s first wife; 60- Fannie ___; 61- Very skilled person;
62- EMT’s skill;
life is like tHAt oNly
beetle bAiley
How to play:
Place a number in the empty boxes in such a way that each row across, each column
down and each 9-box square contains all of the numbers from one to nine.
Yesterday’s solution
Saturday, April 11, 2015
Obama, CastrO tO meet at last
Panama City
n a historic move, US
President Barack Obama
and Cuba’s Raul Castro are
expected to hold talks Saturday,
a US official said, raising the
prospect of the first substantive
meeting between an American
and Cuban leader in more than
five decades.
Obama and Castro are in
Panama for the two-day
Summit of the Americas, Cuba’s
first, raising expectations
of a landmark follow-up to
their historic announcement
on December 17 that their
countries would restore ties
severed since 1961.
“We certainly do anticipate
that they will have the
Cuba’s President Raul Castro arrives in Panama City to attend
the Summit of the Americas for the first time
the meeting
will be the first
since Obama and
Castro briefly
shook hands at
Nelson mandela’s
opportunity to see each other at
the summit tomorrow,” senior
Obama advisor Ben Rhodes
told reporters yesterday. “We
do expect (them to have) a
discussion tomorrow.”
He said the extent of the
meeting had yet to be decided,
Presidential campaign expected to kickstart Sunday
Clinton UPS AntE
ormer US secretary of state
Hillary Clinton looks all set
to officially launch her 2016
presidential bid at the weekend
-- a long-anticipated second
run at the White House.
The announcement -expected to come Sunday,
according to reports citing
sources in her campaign team
-- would make the 67-yearold the clear Democratic
frontrunner in the race to
succeed Barack Obama.
The former first lady is
expected to announce her
candidacy via social media
and a video message, several
US media reported, followed
by a low-key campaign swing
through key state Iowa.
Iowa is the first state to vote
in the primary season that starts
in early 2016. The election is set
for November 2016.
Spokespeople for Clinton
and the Ready for Hillary
organization did not comment.
Unlike when she first
ran for president in 2008,
Former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton (file photo)
the former first lady is expected to
announce her candidacy via social
media and a video message, several
Us media reported, followed by a
low-key campaign swing through
key state Iowa
Clinton’s path to clinching
the Democratic nomination
appears relatively clear. The
wife of former president Bill
Clinton leads opinion polls
among Democrats, some 60
percent of whom say they
would vote for her in the
primaries, according to the
website RealClearPolitics.
candidates -- Senator Elizabeth
Warren and Vice President Joe
Biden -- have not yet said they
intend to run.
On the Republican side,
Senators Rand Paul and Ted
Cruz have already thrown
their hats into the ring, with
more candidates likely to
follow -- including Jeb Bush,
former governor of Florida,
brother to president George
W. Bush and son of president
George Bush.
Though Clinton has not
yet officially announced her
candidacy, her supporters and
campaign teams have for years
been preparing the ground for
an eventual run.
The Ready for Hillary group
has raised more than $14
million to support her from
135,000 donors.
but that the two leaders “will
be able to take stock” of the
negotiations to normalize
relations and reopen embassies,
as well as discuss lingering
The meeting will be the
first since Obama and Castro
briefly shook hands at Nelson
Mandela’s funeral in December
An actual discussion would
be the first substantive talks
between US and Cuban leaders
since 1956, when President
Dwight Eisenhower met
dictator Fulgencio Batista, who
was toppled by Fidel Castro
three years later. That meeting
also happened in Panama.
Rhodes said Obama and
Castro had already discussed
the ongoing negotiations
and the upcoming summit
by telephone Wednesday
-- their first phone call since
December, just before they
announced the game-changing
diplomatic thaw.
But he said there was no
decision yet on one of the key
obstacles in the negotiations,
Cuba’s presence on the US
blacklist of state sponsors of
“I’m not ruling out any
announcement but ... we are
not there yet in terms of a
final recommendation being
made to the president, and
the president making a
determination,” he said.
Pakistan frees lakhvi,
angering India
have freed the alleged
mastermind of the 2008
Mumbai attacks on bail,
officials said yesterday, in a
move that swiftly drew furious
condemnation from India.
Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi,
accused over the terror siege
that left 166 dead, was released
late on Thursday, according
to an official at Adiyala
Prison in Rawalpindi, close to
India slammed the release
as an “insult” to the victims
of the three-day onslaught
on its financial capital, which
was blamed on the banned
Pakistani militant group
Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT).
LeT’s charitable wing,
confirmed Lakhvi’s release.
“Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi has
been released from jail. He is
free now and in a secure place,”
a senior JuD official said. “We
can’t say exactly where is he
at the moment for security
following nearly four months
of wrangling over Lakhvi’s
detention after a judge granted
him bail in December, sparking
an angry response from New
slapped Lakhvi with a series
of detention orders but judges
repeatedly cancelled them.
On Thursday the Lahore
High Court ordered his release,
conditional on a two million
rupee bond.
India has long seethed
at Pakistan’s failure either
to hand over or prosecute
those accused of planning
and organizing the Mumbai
A spokesman for India’s
home ministry, who asked
not to be named, condemned
Lakhvi’s release.
Pakistan foreign ministry
spokeswoman Tasneem Aslam
hit back, blaming India for
delaying the case.
extending cooperation by
India complicated the case and
weakened the prosecution,”
she said, adding that the
ministry is still “confident”
that justice will be served.
Fish out of water
Japan witnesses massive dolphin beach in
escuers were forced to
abandon efforts to save
around 150 melon-headed
whales that stranded on a
beach in Japan yesterday, after
frantically trying all day to
save them.
As darkness fell, local
officials in Hokota, about 100
kilometres (60 miles) northeast
of Tokyo, said they had been
able to save only three of the
149 animals that had beached
and that the rescue effort had
been called off.
The rest of the creatures, a
member of the dolphin family
usually found in the deep
ocean, had either died or were
dying, they said.
“It was becoming dark and
too dangerous to continue
the rescue work at this beach,
where we could not bring
heavy equipment,” said an
unnamed Hokota city official.
“Many people volunteered
to rescue them but the
dolphins became very, very
“Only three of them have
Rescuers attempt to save the melon-headed whales that
beached in yesterday at Hokota in Japan
been successfully returned
to the sea, as far as we can
confirm,” he added.
Locals and coastguard
teams had battled through the
day to save the animals, trying
to stop their skin from drying
out as they lay on the sand.
Others were carried in slings
back towards the ocean.
Television footage showed
several animals from the large
pod had been badly cut, and
many had deep gashes to their
“We see one or two whales
washing ashore a year, but
this may be the first time we
have found over 100 of them
on a beach,” a coastguard
official said. The pod was
stretched out along a roughly
10 kilometre-long stretch of
beach in Hokota, Ibaraki.
required to get the three that
survived back into the water.
Footage showed many of the
less fortunate animals lying in
shallow waters, too weak to
swim, being pushed back and
forth by the waves.
Saturday, April 11, 2015
Malaysia tHROttlEs fREE spEEcH
Kuala Lumpur
has approved tougher
penalties for sedition yesterday
in a move criticized by the
United Nations and described
by the opposition as “a black
day” for democracy and free
Prime Minister Najib Razak
defended the amendments -which extend the maximum
jail term to 20 years from
three years and establish a
minimum three-year jail term
for certain cases -- as essential
to maintaining stability.
But rights groups said the
revised act could be used
to censor the Internet by
making it illegal to propagate
sedition online, and the
hazy definition of “sedition”
remains open to abuse by the
UN High Commissioner for
Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al
Hussein demanded Thursday
to repeal the law, saying “it
is very disappointing that
the Malaysian government is
now proposing to make a bad
law worse”.
Malaysia’s ruling coalition
Malaysian lawyers march to Parliament House in Kuala Lumpur
seeking repeal of the Sedition Act October last year
had already sparked outcry
on Tuesday when it passed
an anti-terrorism law that
allows authorities to detain
people indefinitely without
The changes come as Najib
is facing mounting calls for
him to step down after a slew
of corruption scandals and a
crackdown on civil liberties
since the ruling government
saw voter support slide in
Malaysia’s last election.
Opponents of the Muslimcontrolled government say
it is increasingly falling back
After Obama accuses China of expansionist policies
Beijing’s construction of artificial islands invites wrath of SE nations
eijing hit back yesterday
at US President Barack
Obama’s criticism of Chinese
construction in the disputed
South China Sea, arguing
that it is Washington that has
greater military “muscle”.
ministry’s retort came a day
after Obama warned that
Beijing was “using its sheer size
and muscle to force countries
into subordinate positions”,
amid reports of controversial
Chinese land reclamation
“The US leader talked about
China’s ‘sheer size and muscle’,
but one can also see clearly who
has the biggest size and muscle
in the world,” foreign ministry
spokeswoman Hua Chunying
said at a regular briefing.
She called on Washington
to “genuinely make efforts to
areas near the coasts of other
states, using a line that first
appeared on Chinese maps in
the 1940s.
The Philippines, Vietnam,
Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan
Unhealed Wounds
oukas Sehremelis was
just 12 years old when
Nazi troops burst into his
house in the Greek village of
Distomo, shooting and killing
Beijing hits back
at Obama’s criticism of chinese
construction in
the disputed
south china sea
Disputed claims in the South China Sea
safeguard peace and stability”
in the region. Beijing asserts
sovereignty over most of the
South China Sea, including
all have overlapping claims.
images on the website of the
US-based Center for Strategic
and International Studies
(CSIS) think tank show a
flotilla of Chinese vessels
dredging sand onto a feature
for shebab
omalia’s government has
issued bounties for 11 top
leaders of the Al-Qaeda-linked
Shebab militants, with $250,000
offered for the extremist’s chief,
Ahmad Umar.
Other rewards include
$150,000 for the capture of
Mahad Karate who runs the
Amniyat, a special internal
security wing that deals in
intelligence and assassinations.
The Shebab are fighting
government, but have also
carried out a string of revenge
attacks in neighbouring
nations, including Kenya,
where the extremists massacred
148 people last week in Garissa
Umar, also known as
Abu Ubaidah, has led the
movement since Ahmed Abdi
Godane was killed by a US air
strike in September. Rewards
of $100,000 are offered for
the capture of nine others,
including Shebab spokesman
Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage.
70 years on, Distomo yet to get justice
Sehremelis, now 83, sitting in
the tiny living room where his
family was massacred on June
10, 1944.
“He then emptied the clip of
his automatic rifle, killing my
little brother and two women,”
a quarter of Distomo’s population
were killed-- 218 people including
infants and pregnant women who
were disemboweled
“A burly German soldier
launched himself through the
window and fired a shot in
the air from his pistol,” said
known as Mischief Reef.
Analysts say the pictures
show how China is attempting
to create “facts in the water” to
bolster its territorial claim.
Manila, among the most
vocal critics of Beijing’s
actions in the region, yesterday
appealed to the international
community to intervene
conceding it and other
countries were powerless to
stop China’s construction of
the artificial islands.
On Thursday, Obama waded
into the debate, telling a town
hall meeting during a visit to
Jamaica that Beijing should not
push around countries with
which it is in dispute in the
South China Sea.
“Just because the Philippines
or Vietnam are not as large as
China doesn’t mean that they
can just be elbowed aside,”
Obama said. (AFP)
on “protecting Islam” as an
argument to curb speech by
members of the religiously
diverse opposition.
“This is a black day for
democracy in Malaysia. There
is no freedom of speech under
this abusive law,” opposition
lawmaker N. Surendran said.
Besides the blitz of sedition
charges against its critics,
the government in February
jailed opposition leader Anwar
Ibrahim for five years on a
sodomy conviction he says was
fabricated in a bid to silence
he said, his eyes gleaming with
A small town in central
Skulls of the victims of Distomo massacre are placed in a mausoleum in the small town of Distomo
today, Distomo has become
the symbol of atrocities
committed by Nazi troops as
they pulled back to Germany
in the wake of the Allied
Normandy landings in the
summer of 1944. A quarter
of Distomo’s population died
-- 218 people including infants
and pregnant women who
were disemboweled.
On the same day, 650 people
including women and children
were killed in Ouradour-surGlane, a French town that is
today twinned with Distomo.
The atrocity was committed
by troops of the Edelweiss
division of the Waffen SS
under the command of Fritz
Lautenbach and Hans Zampel.
Lautenbach was never arrested
and Zampel was acquitted
after being extradited by
Greece to Germany.
Like other Nazi atrocities
in Greece, the massacre of
Distomo is considered a legal
dead end. In 2014, German
President Joachim Gauck
asked Greece to forgive
Germany, but insisted that
“the legal path is closed”.
This week, junior finance
minister Dimitris Mardas said
the state accounting office had
calculated the amount owed
to Greece and Greek atrocity
victims at nearly 280 billion
euros ($300 billion).
Saturday, April 11, 2015
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DT News requires immediately
the following staff
1. Reporters (preferably UK/US educated)
Applicants are expected to possess good English
language skills and strong news sense, maintain
contacts and bring exclusive stories, think critically
and analytically and be able to work under pressure
and tight deadlines .
2. Bahraini Reporter
Applicant should be well versed in Arabic and English
with strong news sense. Experience of working in a
real-time news environment is desirable.
3. Sales Executives
Applicants must possess strong communication skills
with strong business related knowledge, be highly
self-motivated and ambitious in achieving goals in a
competitive market and maintain and develop good
relationship with customers through personal contact
or meetings or via telephone etc. Those who have a
Bahraini driving licence with a minimum of 3 years’
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Applicants who meet the above
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a Grade Contracting Company.
Minimum 5 years gulf experience required in Electrical field.
Candidates with relevant experience shall forward Cv’s to [email protected]
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Juffair double storey building for rent, 2 bedrooms en
suite bathrooms, plus one
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Saturday, April 11, 2015
tublI Plaza
Reaching the right audience
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1 red or green pepper, seeds removed and roughly
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To serve
Add the spices and the oregano and cook for two
Stir in the kidney beans and chopped pepper, stirring
over the heat for 3-4 minutes to soften the pepper a
little, then add the tomatoes and enough beef STOCK
round, scraping the bottom of the pan with a wooden
Bring to a rapid simmer, reduce the heat to a gentle
littlehotwateroranyremainingSTOCK .
stir through the hot chilli con carne to melt.Taste and
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Saturday, April 11, 2015
Voice of cricket Benaud dieS
ributes poured in Friday
for former Australian
captain and legendary cricketer
Richie Benaud, beloved by
fans around the world for his
peerless commentary, who
died aged 84.
Benaud, who had been
fighting skin cancer and
suffered serious injury in a car
accident in late 2013, passed
away peacefully overnight in
his sleep, his family said.
Flags flew at half-mast in
Australia and the gates were
thrown open at the Sydney
Cricket Ground, where he had
played, so mourners could
lay flowers around his giant
bronze statue.
Prime Minister Tony
Abbott offered a state funeral
to Benaud’s family, describing
his death as “a sad day for
Australia”. “We have lost
a cricketing champion and
Australian icon. What an
innings. RIP Richie Benaud,”
Abbott said.
Benaud last captained
Australia against South Africa
in the 1963-64 series and
went on to become a legend
as one of cricket’s best known
characters and broadcasters.
A pioneer of entertaining,
attacking cricket, the veteran
of 63 Test matches was the first
player to score 2,000 Test runs
and take 200 Test wickets.
Australia never lost a series
under the leg-spinning allrounder’s captaincy, which ran
for 28 games from 1958.
A flamboyant player, Benaud
moved into commentary, first
with the BBC in England,
where he was as well known as
in Australia for his dry wit and
distinctive style.
Public Security Yellow win
DT News Network
ublic Security Yellow
defeated Public Security
Red by six wickets in the latest
matches of the BFC Corporate
organised by Cricket Bahrain
Batting first, Public Security
Red were dismissed for just
117 with the main scorer being
Zubair (26) while the skipper
Indian batting great Sachin
Tendulkar called his passing
a “great loss to the world
of cricket,” while current
Australian captain Michael
Clarke described him as “a
wonderful leader of men”.
“My vintage, we grew up with
that voice,” Clarke said.
Born in Penrith, western
Sydney, in 1930, Benaud had
a remarkable Test career that
saw him take five wickets 16
times as well as take 248 wickets
overall at an average of 27.03.
His highest international score
with the bat was 122.
Bahrain go down in fifa rankings
DT News Network
ahrain have dropped four
places from 104th to 108th
in the latest FIFA Coca-Cola
rankings released on Thursday
and overall are 13th out
of 46 in the Asian Football
Confederation (AFC).
The national team played
two matches at home last
month resulting in a 0-6 loss to
Colombia and then defeating
Philippines 2-1.
Top of the AFC standings
are Iran (40th overall), followed
by Japan (50th) second,
South Korea (57th) third and
Australia (63rd) fourth.
Jabbar Amjad
Sarfraz Ali
Usam Akbar
Usman Akbar claimed three
top order wickets with good
support from Mohammed
In reply, Public Security
Yellow reached the target
losing four wickets thanks to
fine knocks by Sajid Khan (57)
and Mubashir Khan (39) with
Muzammil claiming a couple
of wickets.
ABM Climax edged out
Avis Young Challengers by
four runs in another fixture
after making 128 runs with
the main scorers being Jabbar
Amjad (30) and Bilal Arshad
(24) with two wickets apiece
for Mohammed, Tahir Dar and
Mohammed Asif.
In reply, Avis were dismissed
for 124 with Hanan (28) top
scoring and Jabbar Amjad and
Abdulrab Qazi the pick of the
bowlers claiming three wickets
Sajid Khan
In another close match, BCC
A edged out Khan CC by five
runs in a tense match up after
finishing on 134 with Sarfraz
Ali (41) top scoring, while
Khan CC could only manage
129 despite a fine knock by
Imran Butt (54) as Muhammad
Ashraf and Sarfraz Ali claimed
a couple of wickets each to
secure victory.
Other results:
Public Security Blue 157
(Muhammed Rafay 48) bt
Mishal Asian Lions 98 (Shahid
Mehmood, Naveed Khan two
wickets each) by 59 runs.
BCC 74/4 bt Indian Club 73
all out (Yaser Sadeq, Zain ul
Abdein, Babar Ali two wickets
each) by four wickets.
DHL 130 (Shomail Khan 38,
Tariq Mehmood 26, Prashant 2
wickets) bt Super Kings 78 all
out (Abid Khan, Malik Rizwan,
Rahmatullah, Ayaz two wickets
each) by 52 runs.
Tom Danielson (Cannondale),
the trio having made an early
Finishing 56 seconds down
on the winner, Henao arrived
at the finish neck-and-neck
with Spain’s Katusha rider
Joaquim Rodriguez.
In the overall standings,
Henao and Rodriguez are level
on exactly the same time with
just Saturday’s 18.3km time-
trial to race.
“I don’t rule out anyone for
the overall victory,” said Henao
at the finish line.
“The time-trials are tough
and we all have our chances.
Colombia’s Movistar rider
Nairo Quintana had started the
day on the same time as Henao
and Rodriguez, but lost 12
seconds, allowing Simon Yates
into third, at 7sec.
The other GCC country
placings are UAE (68th, 5th),
Saudi Arabia (95th, 9th), Oman
(97th, 10th), Qatar (99th, 11th)
and Kuwait (127th,16th).
World Cup 2014 winner
Germany stay top of the
rankings ahead of Argentina
who they beat in the final. The
rest of the top ten is made
up of Belgium, Colombia,
Brazil, Netherlands, Portugal,
Uruguay, Switzerland and
Spain. The biggest mover was
Bhutan who moved up 46 places
from rock bottom 209th in the
standings to 163 following
home and away victories over
Sri Lanka in the first qualifying
round of the AFC 2018 World
Cup qualifiers, while New
Caledonia from the Oceania
dropping 23 places from 151st
to 174.
Souleymane diawara Brook set for allcharged with extortion British title fight
rench police charged
international Souleymane
Diawara with “extortion”
and held him in custody,
sources said
Landa wins stage, Henao retains lead
pain’s Astana rider Mikel
Landa won the fifth stage of
the Tour of the Basque Country
on Friday as Colombia’s Sergio
Henao clung to the overall lead.
The 25-year-old Landa
clocked 4hr 06min 01sec over
the 155.5km stage, with nine
categorised peaks, to lead
home Belgian Tim Wellens
(Lotto-Soudal) and American
Richie Benaud
Souleymane Diawara
defender was charged
with extorting money
and attempted extortion
along with his brother
and three others.
retaliation against a
man he suspected of
“scamming him”, the
source said, without
specifying the nature of
the scam nor the assault.
The case “has nothing
to do with football,” the
source said.
Media reports said
Diawara spent the night
at the Baumettes prison
in Marseille.
Grégory Bensadoun, told
French television channel
BFMTV the dispute
involved the purchase of
a car.
Nice’s assistant coach
Fred Gioria commented:
“We are very sorry for a
very very good man. We
don’t know anymore, this
has nothing to do with
the club.”
Diawara holds the
record for the most
French League Cup wins,
winning the trophy four
times with Sochaux,
Bordeaux, and twice with
Marseille, the club with
whom he also won the
2010 Ligue 1 title.
He played 48 times for
his country.
Kell Brook
nternational Boxing Federation
welterweight champion Kell Brook
said yesterday he felt invincible ahead of
his all-British title bout against Frankie
Gavin in London on May 30.
The 28-year-old Brook, who has long
sought a fight with compatriot Amir
Khan, enjoyed a successful inaugural
title defence against Jo Jo Dan in the
champion’s home town of Sheffield,
northern England, last month.
Khan will instead take on Chris
Algieri as he looks to continue on a path
he hopes will lead to a bout with the
unbeaten Floyd Mayweather, set to take
on Manny Pacquiao in a long-awaited
welterweight title clash in Las Vegas on
May 2.
Brook, meanwhile was in buoyant
mood ahead of his clash with Gavin:
“I never expected to be out again so
quickly but I can’t wait.
Saturday, April 11, 2015
Richest Race
DT News Network
utsider Pleasure Bent
owned by Mohammed
Abdul Rahman Al Jassmi,
trained by Fawzi Nass and
ridden by Alberto Sanna
clinched the richest race
by a length for the Bahrain
Gold Cup for imported three
years and upwards over 2,000
metres and worth BD9,000
yesterday at the all VIVA
sponsored 22nd race meeting
of the season at the Rashid
Equestrian and Horse Racing
Club in Sakhir.
Second place went to
second favourite, Unex El
Greco owned by H and R
Stables, trained Allan Smith
and ridden by Brett Doyle
by a length and a half from
pre-race favourite Bartack
owned by Shaikh Ali bin
Khalifa bin Isa Al Khalifa,
trained by Abdulla Kuwaiti
and ridden by three-time
British flat racing champion
Italian jockey Frankie Dettori
in third and a further length
and a half behind in fourth
place was Empiricist owned
by Ghalya Raed Ali Abdulla,
trained by Taleb Ali and
ridden by Hussain Makki.
The second richest race
for the Bahrain Derby Cup
and open to locally bred four
years only with a top weight
of 57kg over 2,000 metres
and worth BD3,900 was won
by outsider Jawaal owned by
Shaikh Isa bin Abdulla bin Isa
Al Khalifa, trained by James
Naylor and ridden by Ali Al
Second place eight lengths
behind was Murjana owned
by Shaikh Hamad bin Abdulla
bin Isa Al Khalifa, trained by
James Naylor and ridden by
Alberto Sanna, a neck behind
in third place was Al Jolan
An action from the race
also owned by Shaikh Isa bin
Abdulla bin Isa Al Khalifa,
trained by James Naylor and
ridden by Hassan Al Saffar
and a further neck behind in
fourth was the third favourite
Baareh owned by Mohammed
Mahran Jamsheer, trained by
Talal Al Alawi and ridden by
Abdulla Faisal.
Results: Other race
favourites (horse/jockey).
Race 1: VIVA Cup for
locally bred handicap (0-80) 3
years and upwards apprentice
jockeys only. 1,000m straight
1 Lazzaz/Ali Hassan,
2 Shanar/Hassan Ali, 3
Makki, 4 Nardeen/Adnan
Cup for maiden 3 years
1 Obeyan 1620/Brett Doyle,
2 Al Jellabieh 1622/Alberto
Sanna, 3 Al Krush 1674/
Ahmed Makki, 4 Kuheila’t Al
Adiyat 1594/Hussain Makki.
Race 3: VIVA Jusoor Cup
for locally bred all classes of
Some of the winners
three years only top weight
55kg. 1,600m BD2,000.
Sanna, 2 Injaz/Ali Al Saffar,
3 Namuthej/Brett Doyle, 4
Missour/Gerald Avranche.
Race 4: VIVA Cup for all
classes of imported 3 years
only top weight 55kg. 1,600m
1 When Will It End/Brett
Doyle, 2 Prince Bonnaire/
Hassan Al Saffar, 3 Best
Dressed/Gerald Avranche,
4 Dream Approval/Alberto
Race 5: VIVA Elite Cup for
imported handicap (0-115) 3
years and upwards. 1,400m
1 Viennese Verse/Brett
Doyle, 2 Pitkin/Ahmed
Akber, 3 Target Acquired/
Hassan Al Saffar, 4 Muraweg/
Hussain Makki.
Ferrari technical boss Allison rules out title run
errari technical director James
Allison yesterday poured cold
water on any Formula One title talk
following Sebastian Vettel’s stunning
Malaysia victory two weeks ago.
The German’s win ended a run of
eight victories by the all-conquering
Mercedes stretching back to last
season and also halted an astonishing
34-race drought for the fabled Ferrari
“The team has had a difficult period
over the past couple of years and
to score a win was tremendously
enjoyable and helps pump everyone
up,” Allison told reporters.
“It makes it easier to work the hours
that they need to work before we can
close up and be properly competitive
in every race.”
Nevertheless, to expect Ferrari -who failed to win a race last season for
the first time since 1993 -- to turn one
victory into a genuine title push was
unrealistic, according to Allison.
“Of course to finish at the front in
a race is a great thing but it doesn’t
tell you much about what’s going to
happen in the future,” he said. “We’re
up against a car, in Mercedes, and
others too, that are strong competition.
Mercedes won 16 of 19 races last
season as Lewis Hamilton roared to
his second Formula One crown. The
Silver Arrows began 2015 by finishing
one-two in Melbourne, before Vettel
upset the odds with his masterclass in
Sepang two weeks ago.
Vettel, whose team mate Kimi
Raikkonen showed decent pace in
finishing fourth in Malaysia after
suffering an early puncture, was
quietly confident Ferrari would be
ready to pounce on any slip-ups from
the Mercedes pair.
Allison, however, sounded a more
cautious note.
Saturday, April 11, 2015
Spieth SurgeS
Masters Tournament
ordan Spieth completed the
greatest 36-hole start in Masters
history Friday, firing a six-under
par 66 at Augusta National to
match the lowest 36-hole start in
any major.
The 21-year-old American
reached the clubhouse on
14-under 130 after two rounds,
his bogey-free Friday putting him
four strokes ahead of compatriot
Charley Hoffman, who was still on
the course, with four-time major
winner Ernie Els of South Africa
a distant third, nine strokes adrift
after a 72.
Fourth-ranked Spieth broke
the prior Masters 36-hole low of
13-under 131 set by Ray Floyd
in 1976 and threatened the low
36-hole major total of 130.
“It’s cool,” Speith said. “Any
time you can set a record here is
pretty awesome. I’m really excited
about how I played today.”
Spieth, seeking his first major
title after a runner-up Masters
debut last year, opened with a 64
Thursday to become the youngest
first-round leader in Masters
history, only one stroke off the
record low round in the Masters
or any major.
“I’ve been feeling good about
Jordan Spieth
the way I’ve been striking the
ball,” Spieth said. “I just need to
keep my head down and set a goal
for myself.”
Spieth missed a seven-foot
birdie putt at the 18th hole and
settled for becoming the fourth
player to fire 130 at any major
over the first two rounds.
The 130 mark was set by
England’s Nick Faldo with a
66-64 start to the 1992 British
Open at Muirfield, matched by
American Brandt Snedeker in
the 2002 British Open at Lytham
and equaled last year by Martin
Kaymer with back-to-back 65s at
the US Open at Pinehurst.
The hottest player in golf over
the past month, Spieth won his
second US PGA title in March at
the Valspar Championship and
finished second at the Texas Open
and Houston Open in the past
two weeks.
Before green jacket fittings
start, however, Spieth needs to
close out the victory, something
he could not do last year after
leading Sunday on the front nine.
“It’s definitely going to play
more challenging,” Spieth said.
“I’m going to have to be more
patient, be OK with a bogey here
or there.”
Van Gaal reveals derby desire
anchester United manager
Louis van Gaal has said
it would be a “dream” to add
a Manchester derby win to his
long list of football achievements,
saying his side’s recent poor run
of results in the fixture was of no
great concern to him.
United have lost their last
four matches against bitter
rivals Manchester City ahead of
Sunday’s Premier League clash
at Old Trafford, and have never
in their history lost five in a row.
However, Van Gaal believes
that because three of those
defeats pre-date his arrival at
United they become less relevant
to his cause.
City beat United in their most
recent meeting at Eastlands in
November thanks to Sergio
Aguero’s goal, while the visitors
played the majority of that game
a man down following Chris
Smalling’s red card.
“Of course I dream of it,”
former Ajax, Barcelona, Bayern
Munich and Netherlands boss
van Gaal said yesterday of the
prospect of beating City.
McCoy basking in glory
at Grand National meet
ritish champion jump
jockey Tony McCoy
enjoyed more success over the
Aintree course fences as Don
Cossack cruised to a dominant
26-length victory in the Melling
Chase on the second day of
the Grand National meeting
on Friday.
His latest victory at the
Liverpool course gave McCoy
his second winner of the
meeting after he won the
Aintree Hurdle aboard Jezki
on Thursday.
“I got a good ride off him,”
said McCoy. “I owe (owner)
JP’s (McManus) son Kieran a
favour as we knew early in the
week Uxizandre wouldn’t be
The 19-times champion
jockey is set to retire at the end
of the season.
Eric Watson wins Sprint Triathlon race
DT News Network
ric Watson (one hour two minutes
20 seconds) yesterday won the men’s
category and overall Sprint Triathlon
race organised by the Bahrain Road
Runners (BRR) at the Sofitel Bahrain
Zallaq Thalassa Sea and Spa Hotel.
Watson completed the 750 metres
swim in the sea in 10 minutes 26
seconds, 20km of cycling in 33 minutes
30 seconds and the 5km run in 18
minutes 24 seconds.
In second place was Mikheal Calahora
(1:04.00) with Kevin Orlandi (1:04.18) in
The women’s category was won by
Greer Sansom (1:12.38) who finished
12th overall, followed in second by
Sameera Al Bitar (1:18.12) who was 24th
and Marina Lovrek (1:22.46) third and
37th overall.
Nearly 140 athletes both male/
female of all age categories completed
the three sections of the triathlon.
After the race trophies were all
awarded to the winners in the various
age categories by BRR chairman
Khalifa Najem and other committee
A special plaque of appreciation
was also presented to the 82-year old
veteran Mirza Al Sharif for his more
than 30 years of service with the BRR.
The winners during a photo call
Other category winners:
Men: (M16) Nawaf Al Dhaen
(1:06.08), (M30) Salem Al Doseri
(1:12.24), (M40) Steve Allen (1:21.12),
(M45) Christophe Sargis (1:07.47),
(M50) Tim Owen (1:14.23), (M55)
Javed Mohammed (1:26.12).
Al Sharif receives his plaque from Najem in the presence of other committee
Women: (F16) Kizzy Price (1:24.10),
(F30) Anastasia Ageera (1:27.02),
(F40) Olga Garland (1:29.48), (F45)
Jane Eaton (1:34.28).
The athletes take to the water
Saturday, April 11, 2015
Faulkner SHIneS
Rajasthan Royals beat Kings XI Punjab
Sunrisers Hyderabad Vs CSK
would bank on their
famed foreign recruits to
come good when they take
on the formidable Chennai
Super Kings in their opening
match of the IPL today.
The visitors will have to
put up an inspiring effort to
down Super Kings, who kick
started their campaign with
a one-run win over Delhi
Daredevils here last night.
Australian opener David
Warner, Sunrisers would be
relying mostly on foreigners
to deliver the goods, given
the scarcity of local stars in
their ranks.
Shikhar Dhawan is the
lone Indian batting star in
the line-up and a lot would
be expected of him after his
impressive run in the World
Cup Down Under. With an
array of foreigners it will be
interesting to see which four
the Sunrisers pick in their
playing eleven.
Besides captain, South
African speedster Dale Steyn
and in-form New Zealand
pacer Trent Boult are most
likely to get a go. The pitch
offered enough assistance to
the spinners on Thursday
and that is something both
captains will keep in mind
while selecting the eleven.
Dhoni led Super Kings
did pull off another close
game but on Saturday they
would want to put up a much
better batting show than
what they managed against
Delhi. Not many teams in
the competition would mind
chasing 151 at Chepauk but
Delhi threw away a golden
New Delhi
ajasthan Royals defeated last season’s runners-up Kings
XI Punjab in their opening match of the 2015 Indian
Premier League by 26 runs at the Maharashtra Cricket
Association Stadium in Pune yesterday.
Chasing a stiff target of 163, the big guns of KXIP
failed to fire with opener Virender Sehwag getting
out of the first ball of the innings while big-hitting
Glenn Maxwell could only manage seven. KXIP
scored 136/8 in 20 overs, falling short by 26 runs.
Two of the KXIP batsmen - Murali Vijay and
Wriddhiman Shaha - ran themselves out. The
hosts needed a partnership and it was the pair
of Vijay and Saha who added 32 runs for the
second wicket but unfortunately a mix-up
between the duo led to Saha’s departure.
Earlier, James Faulkner hit a timely 46 as
the Australian allrounder led Rajasthan to a
respectable 162/7 after a horror start.
Faulkner’s valuable knock, in which he
punished the rival bowlers with two fours
and three sixes, came when Royals were
gasping at 75/5. Seeing a ‘green’ pitch,
bowling first was a difficult temptation to
resist and Kings XI Punjab skipper George
Bailey made the easy choice.
1.30 PM
Rajasthan Royals
5.30 PM
oyal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) may have the most
star-studded batting line-up but will find themselves
under tremendous pressure when they take on defending
champions Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in an IPL 2015
match today.
Winning two titles in last three seasons and having achieved
a 14-match winning streak in 2014, the Gautam Gambhir-led
team has established an aura of invincibility. Unlike Royal
Challengers Bangalore, who have the best batting line-up of
modern day cricket in skipper Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers,
KKR are low on star power but their players complement each
other so well that the house always looks in order. Against
Mumbai Indians in the tournament opener on April 8, South
African pacer Morne Morkel (2/18) gave them the start and
while chasing Gautam Gambhir (57), Manish Pandey (40)
and Suryakumar Yadav (46 not out) contributed handsomely
to for a clinical seven-wicket win with nine balls to spare.
Yadav showed how dangerous can he can be when the
snubbed former Mumbai Ranji skipper hit some sensational
sixes en route in his 20-ball knock to seal the 169-run chase
under pressure.
Rahane c A Patel b Anureet Singh 0
Sanju Samson lbw b Sabdeep
Smith c Karanveer b Johnson
Karun Nair b A Patel
Deepak Hooda b Anureet Singh 30
Faulkner c Miller b Anureet
Chris Morris not out
Tim Southee not out
Extras 21(b-0w-12, nb-0, lb-9)
Total 162 ( 20 overs, 7 wickets)
Kings XI Punjab
Sehwag c Samson b Southee
Murali Vijay run out (Samson)
Wriddhiman Saha run out (Samson) 7
Glenn Maxwell c Southee b Faulkner 7
Axar Patel b Southee
Miller c Faulkner b D Kulkarmi
George Bailey c Nair b Faulkner 24
Johnson c Southee b Faulkner
Anureet Singh not out
Karanveer Singh not out
Extras 9(b-0w-7, nb-0, lb2
Total 136 (20 overs, 8 wickets)
Points - Rajasthan Royals 2, Kings
XI Punjab 0
Player of the match -James
Faulkner (Rajasthan Royals)
RR player approached by bookie
It was a picture worth more than a thousand words.
Tears rolled down S Sreesanth’s cheeks as he felt
the sting of Harbhajan Singh’s slap. Indian cricket’s
enfant terrible had done his best to get under the
temperamental bowler’s skin during the match
between Kings XI Punjab and Mumbai Indians in
2008. Sreesanth didn’t let the dust settle and in a
series of tweets, five years after the incident, said
the episode was pre-planned. Clearly, there was no
love lost between the two.
New Delhi
Rajasthan Royals cricketer was approached
a month ago for fixing 2015 Indian Premier
League (IPL) matches, the team said on Friday.
The Royals reaction comes in after the Indian
Express reported on Friday that the Mumbaibased Royals player was approached by his Ranji
Trophy teammate “with an offer of money if
he followed a pre-decided pattern of play”. The
player refused the offer and informed his team
management, who in turn reported the matter to
the Board of Control for Cricket in India’s (BCCI)
Anti-Corruption and Security Unit (ACSU).
“Over a month ago, a player from Rajasthan
Royals was approached inappropriately by a
player (who was not part of the IPL) in connection
with the IPL2015 matches. Maintaining high
standards of integrity, the player informed
the team management of this inappropriate
approach,” said Royals chief executive officer
(CEO) Raghu Iyer.
“In keeping with applicable IPL regulations,
Rajasthan Royals management immediately
reported the incident to the ACSU of the BCCI.”
Iyer praised the unnamed player for reporting
the incident. The CEO added that the team
will totally cooperate with the ACSU in further
P31 faulkner
Saturday, April11, 2015
Beat Caen in French Ligue
facile win for Monaco
A S Monaco-3
Caen- 0
onaco collected their fourth
consecutive away win to
leapfrog Marseille into third place in
the French Ligue 1 yesterday with a
3-0 success at Caen.
Anthony Martial and Bernado
Silva scored the goals that put
Monaco a point ahead of Marseille,
before they travel to Turin on
Tuesday to take on Juventus in their
Champions League quarter-final
first leg. Martial continued his rich
vein of recent form by opening the
scoring just before the half-hour,
finishing off a sweeping move from
midfield begun by captain Jeremy
A crossfield ball found winger
Yannick Ferreira Carrasco and the
Belgian’s cross was touched in firsttime off the post by Martial.
It was the French under-21
international’s sixth goal in as many
matches, his seventh in total for the
season, and underlined his claim for
a full international call-up.
Martial’s livewire performances
over the past month have seen
Bulgarian striker Dimitar Berbatov
relegated to the bench and the
youngster once again repaid the faith
of coach Leonardo Jardim.
Monaco were already cruising to
victory when Silva made it safe on
64 minutes when he combined with
Carrasco to take a corner quickly and
fire home left-footed with the home
defence stranded.
All remaining doubts about the
outcome were settled when Silva
added his second of the night
six minutes from the end, with a
beautifully-timed shot from Martial’s
perfect pass for his fourth goal of
the season. Marseille face a difficult
task to regain third spot, the final
Champions League qualifying place,
when they travel to Bordeaux on
Leaders Paris Saint-Germain
take part in the League Cup final
today against Bastia while secondplaced Lyon, who were scheduled to
play Bastia are idle with the match
postponed until April 15.
Monaco’s midfielder Bernardo Silva celebrates after scoring a goal
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