April - St Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church

April, 2015
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church
2200 West Republic Road
Springfield, MO 65807
417. 887. 6472
From the Pastor...
Dear Parishioners,
Christ is risen, Alleluia!
Established 1981
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish, a
Roman Catholic Christian community, strives to be a dynamic, welcoming center of faith, where life-long
friendships begin and grow.
Our mission is:
 To provide opportunity for worship, ministry and proclaiming
the Gospel.
 To provide education and support for the spiritual growth of
every parish member.
 To build a local community of
faith that fosters life, justice and
peace in the global society.
Looking Forward
April 5
April 12
Divine Mercy Sunday
April 25
Celebration of First
Communion for 2nd Graders
April 26
World Day of Prayer for
Graduation Mass/ Luncheon
for High School Seniors
The month of April begins with the Easter experience the
experience of new life, new beginnings, new hope. It’s a perfect time
for each of us to put into effect all of our Lenten pledges to renew
our spiritual life. It’s a perfect time for example, to recommit ourselves to attendance at Sunday Mass, to making the Sacrament of
Penance a more constant reality and making prayer-meditation a
daily commitment in our lives.
Because Easter is the most important feast in the Christian
calendar-even more important than Christmas-the Easter season
continues for fifty days through the Ascension of the Lord and Pentecost, ending on Trinity Sunday, the Sunday after Pentecost. The
Paschal Candle remains in the sanctuary to remind us of God’s
presence and power in our lives as we hear the marvelous Easter
message proclaimed week after week. So, keep on celebrating and
wishing everyone “Happy Easter.”
On April 25th, eighty of our children will receive their first
Holy Communion. We Catholics are a Eucharistic community. The
Eucharist is the central sacrament of our faith life. First communion is another step in initiation for the youngest members of our
parish family to join us at the table of the Lord. Let us all congratulate these children and their families as they begin being nourished
by the sacred food that is Jesus himself. Let it also be a time for
each of us to renew our devotion to the Holy Eucharist and a time
for us to make a renewed commitment to regular attendance at Sunday Mass.
April 15, Tax Day—gives us the opportunity to be grateful
for the gift of living in America with the responsibilities that it
brings! It can also be a reminder to think about our stewardship to
the church.
April 22 is Earth Day—all are called upon to promote environmental awareness and reflect upon the gift of God’s creation and
the need to protect our planet.
May God bless each of you and your family during this
beautiful Easter season and may the Risen Lord bring peace, joy
and love to each of your hearts.
St. Bernadette Guild
St. Francis Guild
Our focus is spiritual development and projects to support the
church community. New members are always welcome to our
meetings on the 2nd Thursday of each month at
1:00 PM. Call Kay Maloney at 881-4687 for
more information.
St. Francis Guild meets at
6:30 PM on the 3rd Monday each
month. Join us for fellowship,
service and fun activities. New
members are always welcome. For Information call Vickie McCune, 894-3412.
St. Jude Guild
St. Eligius Guild
St. Jude members will meet 2nd
Wednesday of each month in
Seas Café at 1:00 PM. Tina Mallian will provide our spiritual reading. We will
continue to support SVDP and our troops in
Afghanistan. All women of the parish are welcome to join us. If you have questions call:
Shirley, 881-4632 or Tina, 881-2356.
Join us in coordinating activities
for the children of our church as
well as participating in local service projects.
Bring new ideas for the upcoming year. We
meet the 2nd Wednesday each month, August
through May. Child care is available. Call Haley Gillespie, 861-7587 with questions or
[email protected]
Comforts From the Heart
On the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each
month from March through November, this group meets at American Legion from 10:00 AM—2:00 PM. They
make blankets for the needy and
homeless. Newcomers are always welcome.
Contact Marilou Reed, 882-4102.
Please join us on the 4th
Friday from 9:30-11:00 AM for
coffee and children’s activities
in the SEAS Café—coffee and crafts provided.
Follow the group on Facebook (SEAS Moms
Group) for updates or contact Erika Warner at
840-7474 or [email protected],com.
“Good men doing good things.” We meet on
the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM to
pray the Rosary and have dinner and socializing.
We also gather on the 1st Saturday at 7:00 AM
for Mass and breakfast. We support the parish
with fundraisers and are involved in most parish
functions. Contact Jim Bach, 848-9637.
Did you know that all women of the parish are
members of the Parish Council of Catholic Women? This group is actively involved in prayer,
church projects and fundraisers to support SEAS
faith community. Meetings are on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM. Contact Annie
Freelove, 864-5578 for more information.
SATURDAY, APRIL 4, 11:30 AM—1:00 PM
Come celebrate Easter with the St. Eligius Guild and Men’s
Club, for a fun filled family picnic and Easter egg hunt.
Games, inflatable's, food, and of course children need to bring
their Easter baskets and see what the Easter bunny has left
for them. Questions contact Missy Penkalski at 417-693-1797 or
[email protected]
Contemplative Outreach
of Springfield
April 11, 9:30 AM—noon
Holy Trinity Church
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Now that winter appears to have left us and
the signs of spring are appearing,
how about joining us for a time of
peaceful prayer and reflection.
Check-in: 8:30 AM
Workshop: 9:00-12:30 PM
Advance Registration: $20 before April 15
At the door:
Attended a previous workshop: $10
Scholarships available
For Registration Form and/or questions contact:
Mary at [email protected] or call 884-1318 -orBarb at [email protected] or call 881-1381.
If you have questions, contact Barb or Mike at
881-1381 or [email protected]
St. Francis Guild’s
A Taste of Chocolate
after all Masses
Friday, April 17 6:00 PM, SEAS DINING RM
April 18 & 19
Time to start planning for 2015 Harvest Home
Events include the Garage Sale,
Golf Tournament and Festival.
Come and purchase bite size servings
of various chocolate goodies.
All proceeds benefit the
St. Francis Guild’s Relay for Life Team.
This is a great opportunity to get involved
and meet some amazing people.
If you’ve ever had ideas or wanted to participate
in Harvest Home...now is a great time.
Main dish and beverages will be provided,
just bring a side dish.
Please feel free to bring the family, all ideas are
needed from every age and everyone.
Contact Paul Boeckman, 894-9819 or
Rebecca Hallinan, 894-2444.
Don’t know what to do with all those items you find during Spring
Cleaning? PUT IT ASIDE!
The Harvest Home Garage Sale is
Friday, June 12th from 7 AM – 4 PM and
Saturday, June 13th from 7 AM – 1 PM.
The $1 bag sale will be Saturday from 12 PM - 1 PM.
We will be accepting donations starting the first week of June.
We start Sunday, June 7th from 1 PM - 5 PM in the library.
Mark your calendars!
Please contact Elody Tippie via phone call or text message at 417-350-7680 to arrange for drop off of
your donations. Any donations are accepted and appreciated! Let’s start out Harvest Home with a successful Garage Sale .
SEAS Parish School of Religion
April 2015
Happy Easter to all! We praise and thank God as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus.
Remember that the Easter season begins on Easter Sunday and continues until the Solemnity of Pentecost,
May 24.
PSR students participated in various age-appropriate Stations of the Cross activities on Palm Sunday. Confirmation One students had a special class with their sponsors on Sunday, March 22 and Wednesday, March
First Communion students will participate in a workshop on Sunday, April 12, from 3:45-6:00 p.m.
There will be a banquet for these children and their families beginning at 6:00 p.m., following the
workshop. We appreciate the many people who have volunteered to help with the activities for the
First Communion practice for children and parents will be Wednesday, April 22, at 6:30 p.m.
First Communion will be Saturday, April 25, at 11:00 a.m.
The last day of Sunday PSR and Confirmation classes will be May 3 and the last day for Wednesday
classes will be May 6. Please remember to thank our wonderful, volunteer catechists!
Mark your calendars and watch for more information coming soon: Everest Totally Catholic Vacation Bible School will be held at SEAS from 6:00-8:30 p.m. June 14-18. Volunteers are needed to help
decorate before, clean up afterward, and to assist during the week. Please contact me for more information about what is needed and how you can help. Thank you!
Asking God to bless you,
Freda Epperson, Director of Religious Education, [email protected] or 887-6472, ext. 210.
Confirmation One students and sponsors participated in a meditation on the
Symbols of Faith led by Chris Haik.
SEAS 3rd & 4th GRADES visited the Kansas City Chiefs Stadium and locker room!
S E A S Yo u t h M i n i s t r y
Catholics Reaching Each other
Calendar of Events
Every Day- High School Youth Ministry
April 2015
ALL SEAS High School
You are cordially invited to
attend the
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Senior High Recognition Mass
Wednesday, April 1st—ROC 5-6:30 pm
Sunday, April 5th—Easter Sunday, NO CREED
Wednesday, April 8th—NO ROC
Sunday, April 12th—CREED 6-8 pm
Wednesday, April 15th—ROC 5-6:30 pm
Sunday, April 19th—CREED- 6-8 pm
Luncheon for you and your family will follow Mass
in the dining room.
RSVP to Melinda Lohkamp at 887-6472 ext 208
with the number of people attending lunch.
Congratulations and may God’s love guide and
protect you as you begin your new journey.
Some suggestions:
 Take time to think about what you would like to do in the future. Ask yourself how you would like to live your life. Do you
want to be married or single? What kind of a job would you like
to have? Where do you want to be in your life ten years from
 List your goals. Discuss them with your parents, guidance counselors and trusted friends. Make plans
for how your goals can be achieved.
 Research what needs to be accomplished in order to achieve your goals.
 Prepare for your future . Do things
now that can help you fulfill your
dreams and aspirations. What must
you do to prepare for your future in
terms of education, experience, and
Wednesday, April 22nd—ROC 5-6:30 pm
Sunday, April 26th—11:15 am Graduation
Mass w/ luncheon to follow
Wednesday, April 22nd—ROC 5-6:30 pm
Wednesday, April 29th—ROC 5-6:30 pm
Reach Out for Christ
7th & 8th Gr. Youth Ministry
April 1st, 15th, 22nd, & 29th
SEAS 7th & 8th graders come together for fun, food, games and
much more!
ROC meets most Wednesday evenings in the
Youth Room! Check the calendar & bulletin
for details. Everyone is welcome.
Kid’s ‘R United ‘N Christ's House
4th, 5th & 6th Grade Youth Ministry
Sunday, May 3rd, 6-8 pm
The True Vine
"I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me
and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do
nothing." John 15:5
Pray with scripture
Pray with Music
Meditate or Journal
Pray the rosary
Talk with Jesus
“face to face”
Pray with Friends
Stacy Letterman
Jenny Laney
Keith Maggard
Jessie Anderson
Please pray for
these ELECT
who will be
initiated at the
Allison Lesly
Charlene Bailey
Cheryl Mitchell
Nathan Everding
Jamon Burford
Dawn High
Denise Huetll
Please pray for these
who will be received into
full communion at the
Mike Lockman
Kathryn Meinhardt
Gillian Ray
David Weddle
Alexis Perdomo
Sue Weddle
Andrea Gonzales
Jon McElwee
Eric & Carla Parry
David Kauffman
Matthew and Lauren Mueller
Daniel & Lindsey Jenkins
Merton & Catherine Arnold
Please introduce yourselves and let us get to know you.
Our hearts go out to...
Trina Stevens
at the death of her mother
Juanita Kovarik
Melissa Hart
at the death of her mother
Jeannene Cameron
Sandra Trosper
at the death of her husband
Wayne Trosper
Kelly Hayes
at the death of his mother
Marylinn Hayes
David Kauffman
at the death of his uncle
Donald Trinkle
Joe Pryor
at the death of his granddaughter
Shannon Leavell
March 17, 2015
March 17, 2015
Present: Greg Bolda, Sharon Giboney, Sherry Burnett, Mary Alice Krueger, Paul Boeckman, Judy Carley, Cindy
Dittmer, and Gary Grove, Greg Heslin, Freda Epperson.
Absent: David Strauss, Jeff Werner, Dan Lohkamp, Melinda Lohkamp, Lon McLauchlin, Mike Sisney,
SEAS Prayer & Mission Statement were spoken and meeting was opened with a prayer led by Gary Grove.
Living the Word Question of the Week was discussed.
Review and Approval of January 2015 meeting minutes was completed.
Unfinished Business:
 Language on volunteer forms – that they must be 18 or have guardian’s consent. Father Reidy will look into this.
 Increasing Volunteerism within parishioners – They need to be asked in person and for a specific task and possess
specific skills for that task. Staff will look at making a list of areas and activities where they are needed. Hope to
fit this in with the Rule of One for volunteering.
 Still looking into security concerns.
 Building issues – Father Reidy is looking into this but was not present to give update.
New business:
 Council of Churches Board meeting report – Discussed identity of Council of Churches and how it offers/helps with
so many social programs within the area and what a big part the Catholic community has in those programs. There
is a lot of sharing between churches.
 Status on newly formed Volunteer Committee – They are working on outline of committee and what they hope to
accomplish. Will try to put together a notebook of all annual, monthly, and eventually weekly and daily activities at
the church. What is needed for each of those and what volunteers will need to know in order to help in these areas.
 New Parish Council Members are being recruited at this time – If there are interested parties please get those
names to Father Reidy by the April board meeting.
 SEAS electronic media presence – We do not have much of one at this time but would like to see more done with
website, Facebook, tweets, YouTube, etc. Several groups within the parish have their own Facebook and also put
items on the SEAS webpage but we could still do a better job of informing people of activities and events that they
might want to help with or participate in.
Closed with Prayer by Greg Bolda
Next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, April 21, 2015
Opening Prayer: Mary Alice Krueger Closing Prayer: Paul Boeckman
SEAS Youth Ministry
CREED- Catholic Reaching Each other Every Day- High School Youth Group
Fish Fry- March 13th - Our Fish Fry for the year was a huge success. All profits from this fund-raising event will be used
to pay expenses to the Diocesan Youth Conferences in a few weeks. Thank you to all who helped support the youth of
our parish. We couldn’t do this without your support!
West Plains/Diocesan Youth Conference - The weekend of March 27th-29th, 6 Youth and 3 adults attended this year's
Diocesan Youth Conference. The theme of the conference was “Because He is….King of Kings!” featuring Keynote
speaker Cooper Ray. This is the largest single event in the diocese, allowing young people to gather, learn, and grow in
their faith. Our parish's involvement and attendance supports the Office of Youth Ministry, and affirms the efforts of
this year's planning team, comprised of youth and adults from Sacred Heart in Webb City. Continue to pray for the
Youth of our Parish.
Steubenville - on the campus of MSU July 17th-19th - Deadline for fees and registration forms are April 19th. The cost is
$190, deposit of $50 due in to me by May 1st. The $190 registration fee covers conference fee, food, housing and handling expenses. Space is limited and interest is high. Out of the 46 registration openings reserved I have 20 spots still
open…spread the word if you know of any youth who will be going into the 9 th grade and up to age of 21. Nationally
known teen speakers plan their talks around the theme of the weekend, "LIMITLESS." Each session is a chance to see
how these young adults live out their faith in their lives and for the youth to receive the challenge to live out their own
faith every day. Also, during the weekend, Mass, prayer and reconciliation is made a priority. My hope and prayer is
that these youth will leave this conference with a deeper relationship with Jesus and with his or her Catholic faith.
March 17, 2015
Committee Reports: continued
Upcoming Events and Conferences we are working on:
March 24th- Parish Penance Service
April 20th Adoration as a group w/ dinner after
April 26th Graduation Mass with lunch to follow
June 6th-8th- TEC- Teens Encounter Christ held at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish
July 17th-19th - Steubenville Youth Conference on the campus of MSU
Oct.????- Lasagna Dinner fundraiser
November 19-22 - National Catholic Youth Conference
ROC - Reaching Out for Christ-Jr. High Youth Group
ROC continues to meet on Wednesday evenings from 5-6:30. This group is still growing leaps and bounds...... I cannot
say enough good things about this group. This Wednesday we will be doing something crazy in honor of St. Patrick’s
Day-everything green!!
KRUNCH- Kids ‘R United ‘N Christ’s House- 4th, 5th & 6th Grade Youth Group
March KRUNCH was canceled due to snow. Our next KRUNCH meeting will be May 3rd. No KRUNCH in April due to
Easter falling on the first Sunday of the Month. Hope to have a huge group of 4th, 5th & 6th graders in May.
PSR classes began again this past Sunday, following spring break. Thanks to our many dedicated volunteer catechists,
classes are going well on both Sunday morning and Wednesday evening.
Second graders have been creating beautiful banners as they prepare for their First Communion day. Because of a
weather-related cancellation, we have re-scheduled the Sunday session for this coming Sunday, March 22. First Communion students will participate in a special workshop on Sunday, April 12, from 3:45-6:00 p.m. Many parents and
other parishioners will be helping with the workshop. There will be a banquet for these children and their families beginning at 6:00 p.m., following the workshop.
Confirmation One students have one more class with their sponsors this school year, offered both on Sunday and
Wednesday, March 22 and 25. Fr. Tom will be our presenter. Confirmation One and PSR classes for public school
students will continue through May 3/6.
Several students, mostly fourth graders, have recently been trained to become altar servers. A pizza party and brief
refresher training is being planned for all servers. Dan Harter leads the server training for SEAS.
A catechist in-service is planned for Saturday morning, March 28. Dr. Amy Cook, SEAS parishioner and an administrator with the Republic School District, will give a presentation with some simple, practical ways to get the students
personally involved and better keep their attention during PSR classes.
Our parish will host Everest Totally Catholic Vacation Bible School this summer. It will take place from 6:00-8:30 p.m.
Sunday-Thursday evenings, June 14-18. Many volunteers are needed to help with decorating, clean-up, and to assist
during the week of VBS. Financial donations in support of VBS will also be very much appreciated.
All plans are underway/in progress for the remainder of the Lenten Season and for Easter.
Our next meeting will be in April.
We have two rehearsals remaining to put the finishing touches on the music for Holy Week and Easter. That is our entire focus at this time. We missed one rehearsal due to weather, so we're a little behind where I would like to be. But
I'm confident that our liturgies will be prayerful and beautiful, as always.
We are grateful to those who made a contribution toward the flowers and decorations for this Easter season.
Thank you for your generosity.
John & Linda Charles
Mike & Denise Huettl
Thomas & Kathy Bolin
Marcia Terbrock
John & Shirley Scisciani
Brian & Wendy Roberson
Paul & Donna Miller
John & Lisa Acosta
Richard Wyatt
John & Kathryn Olah
Joe & Hope Goodwin
Don & Sue Higgerson
Rick & Veronica Straus
Evelyn Boll
Dale & Mary Anne Beck
Marie Pattison
Julie Ashurst
Kenneth & Bernice Remelius
Jane Moore
David & Jennifer Cowan
Steven Sun
Helen McIlquham
Ron & Ruth Buening
Patti Kent
Phil & Mary Ann Gross
Richard & Rose Marie Sovich
Don & Donna Waters
Ron & Tami Bowen
Tom & Heidi Martin
Ken & Patty Lawrence
Bob & Carolyn Bumberry
Larry & Suzie Jacobs
Joe & Sharon Giboney
Louis & Anne Summers
Barbara Bumberry
Janet Butterbaugh
Jim & Jan Dills
Michael Pike
In memory or in honor of...
Ivon Charles, Frances Charles, Bonnie Montgomery
Thomas & Eleanore Huettl, Walter Zimmermann, Allen Huettl
Sally Hellebosch
August & Matthew
Virgil Adams, John & Ann Scisciani
Ed Guffey, Edna Mae & Chris Roberson, Albert & Claudine Masicvo,
Nancy Evans & Carol Saluranta
George, Shirley & John Miller, Marilyn Montiel
Phillip, Albert & Yolanda Moore, Hilario & Restituto Acosta
Hervey Wyatt
John & Helen Olah, Joseph & Sophie Sokolowski
Baxter & Lucille Goodwin, Cliff, Jo, Paul & Joseph Gander,
Marlu Glandt
Deceased family members
Thomas Michael Walsh
Joseph & Lucille Boll, Bill Boll, Alan Snyder
Our Parents
Ron Stewart, Hollie E. Middleton, Hazel Middleton
Mel & Mildred Dark, Bill Lee, Barbara Lee
Eddie & Bella Remelius
Husband, Lawrence K. Moore
Jamie Cowan
Eunkyung Teresa Kim
Duane McIlquham
Mr/Mrs Fred Botham, Mr/Mrs Alfred Buening, Mr Eldone Block,
Mr Ray Botham
Vincent Minenna, Marie Minenna
Phil N. Gross, Sr., Gertrude Gross, Agnes Hilla, Paul Hilla
Deceased Family Members
The Lindsey, Waters, Hohgrefe families
Darrel Baird, Harold Hahn, Buddy Clark, Mary Trokey, Marlu Glandt
Betsy Keller, mother of Heidi; Hans Keller, brother of Heidi
Our granddaughter, Grace Brooklyn Brock
Parents, grandparents, and other family members
Margit & David Pruett, Ruth & Virgil Jacobs
Louis E. & Margaret Bredeman, Jeriel & Gerry Summers, Anne & Jay
Summers, Sue Willcut, Michael Bredeman, Irene & Roy Stiver, Amy
Grimm & Family, Sarah Eiffert & Family
Family & Friends
Ann & Joe Kolenc, W. Keith Butterbaugh
Robert Pike, May, Lou Pike Kayes, Crystal Grant
We are grateful to those who made a contribution toward the flowers and decorations for this Easter season.
Thank you for your generosity.
David & Diane Schulty
Joan Solum
Eleanor Widmer
Linda Tinson
Judy Cooney
Kay Maloney
Chris& Marla Witthar
Greg & Karen Bolda
Don & Sandy Tribby
Jon & Connie Gulick
Thomas & Joan Hoerschgen
Gina Cowin
Tony & Trish Wand
Carroll & Mary Long
Mary Irmen
Andrea Hall
Marilyn Vydra
Mary Foley
Jane Gibbs
Doris Hottinger
Jerry & Trudy Arnold
Kent & Sharon Topliff
Dan & Tracy Harter
Henry Malachowski
Stan & Annette Hall
Virginia Miller
Ho Sun Kim
Ron & Pam Smouse
Tim & Katie Woods
Annie Freelove
David & Lori Peitz
Kevin & Janet Bell
George & Mary Connor
Don & Vicki Brunk
Lynn & Phyllis Gossard
Rick & Carol Batson
Daniel & Jan Murphy
Ron & Mickie Weidemann
Carmel Field
In memory or in honor of...
Our son, Matthew
Gregory L. Solum, Garnet L. Solum, Kathryn Bauch, Larry
Ryne Shea Millsap
Betty & Roy Appleby
My parents, Tom & Irene Mulick
Tammy Maloney Hicks, Jerry Maloney, family members
Cathy Kliethermes
Richard Bolda, Guy J. Killingsworth, Nate Killingsworth
Charles Tribby, Doug Tribby
Les & Ed Gulick & Bob, Joan & Herb Hooper
Hoerschgen & Verslues families
Morgan, Vera, & Bill Cowin, Robert Lynn
Gene & Stella Boyd, Zachary Mehl, Sherman & Lillian Boyd,
Oda & Mamie Cloud, Klene family, Wand family
Long family members, Goth family members
Clarence Irmen, Mr/Mrs Emmett Dockry,
Edward J. Dockry family
Ernest B. Hall, Jr., Ernest & Eileen Hall, Bill & Helen Giesen
Jim Vydra & deceased members of the Vydra, Grega, Goch,
& Matejka families
Jim Foley
Remy & Bessie Reulit
Walter Hottinger, Gary Hottinger, Barbara, Hottinger
Bill & Alma Arnold, Joe & Edith Jirik, Margaret Jirik Schorn
James & Elizabeth Mulvaney
Keya Price
Corki Malachowski
Ann & Paul Giorano, The Hall Family
Chuck Miller
No name given...
Arlan & Vickie Mahon
Larry O’Reilly
Rebecca Caldwell
James & Alice Simpson
David & Robin Donelson
Terri Budzyna
Michael DeFontes
Charles & Mary Ann Dahlgren
Joseph Pryor
Michael & Gay Ellis
Danny & Betty Warren
Dustin & Lois Bobbett
Susan Prosser
Delma Jean Killingsworth
Chuck & Vi Mushrush
Lawrence & Joann Schippers
Tom & Vickie McCune
Mike & Laura Osborn
Robert & Rene Hanson
Tony & Lily Pelliccio
Joan Garner
Ralph & Laura Graham
Ernie & Molly Gapasin
Joseph Graves
Tom & Gaylene Rykowski
Bob & Christine Harris
Financials for February, 2015 . . .
Larry Davis
Jeff Werner
Finance Committee
Steve Lohkamp
Tami Bowen
Donna Powers
Dan Hoy
Michael Hoppman
Salaries & Payroll Taxes
Medical/Dental Insurance
Church Property Rental
Catholic Cemeteries
Designated Gifts
Other income
Maintenance & Repairs
Other Special Collections
Janitorial/Maintenance Supplies
Total Income
$ 120,255
Altar, Sanctuary, Choir Supplies
Cash Available 1/31/15
$ 206,497
Household Expenses
Financial Assistance to Needy
Religious Education
Youth Programs
Parish Special Programs
Support of Catholic Schools
Priests’ Mutual Benefit Society
Special Collections Forwarded
$ 118,438
Plate Collections
Equip/Maint. Contingency Fund
Moving Forward
in Faith
and Community
Bank Balance at January 31
February Income
Cash Available
(1)Payment on New Construction
($ 29,539)
Loan from Diocese*
Bank Balance at February 28
Support our local Catholic businesses! Visit the Catholic
Business Network of the Ozarks at CBNO.biz for a directory of Catholic businesses in our area. To join the
Catholic Business Network, go to cbno.biz or contact the
Central Office at 865-5567.
We sincerely thank those who have returned their envelopes with their support of
our diocesan newspaper and its companionThe Mirror Online. Published twice a month,
The Mirror is a sweetheart of a deal at $14
annually, less than 59 cents an issue.
Springfield Catholic HS
Project Graduation is a parent-sponsored all-night
celebration funded entirely by donations. To help
with this fun night for our 75 seniors, please consider making a tax deductible donation payable to
SCHS Project Graduation. Mail your check to
SCHS Project Graduation, Springfield Catholic
High School, 2340 S. Eastgate, Springfield, MO
65809. If you have questions, please contact Gerri
Kielhofner: [email protected] or 849-6794.
The bishop requests that each household
receive the diocesan paper. Last year our
parish assessment was $15,064. We hope
many of you will use your envelopes to assist in our parish assessment.
From: Rory Orgeron, CEO
Special Collections
The Kitchen Kettle
St. Vincent de Paul
Church in Latin America
Catholic Relief Services
Church in Central/East. Europe
Catholic Home Missions Appeal
Thank you for your gift of $3,091.03.
The Kitchen, Inc’s founder, Sister Lorraine
Biebel, took $50 and turned it into meals for
homeless and hungry people in this community
in 1983. The organization has continued to
grow from that day.
Your gift to The Kitchen, Inc. is greatly appreciated. I hope you are blessed as you continue to
support this organization, our community and
those we serve-through gifts, service and prayer.
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church
2200 West Republic Road
Springfield MO 65807
Address Service Requested
Rev. Thomas Reidy
887-6472, ext. 203
Sacramental Priest
Rev. Michael McDevitt
[email protected]
Office Manager
Heather Hayes
[email protected]
Religious Ed Director
Freda Epperson
[email protected]
Religious Ed Assistant
Karen Tippie
[email protected]
Youth Minister
Melinda Lohkamp
[email protected]
Pastoral Minister
Sr. Bernadette Goessling, SSND
[email protected]
Pastoral Minister
Sr. Pat Hall, SSND
[email protected]
Tom and Pat Brewer
[email protected]
Stephen Ministry
Dale Buechler, 812-9440 or Tami Bowen, 343-7805
Music Director
Dan Lohkamp
[email protected]
Facility Manager
Morgan Trokey
[email protected]
Jose Santillan
SEAS School Principal
Cheryl Hall
[email protected]
School Administrative
Lisa Ellis
[email protected]
Masses at
7:30, 9:00 and 11:15 AM
Deadline for articles for
the MAY
newsletter is
Wednesday, April 15.
April 25, 11:oo am