"Ankara Development Agency"

Ankara Development Agency, youngest of the 26
development agencies, is a public institution that
has been established to diminish the regional
disparities, increase the competitiveness of the
region and to promote development. In accordance
with participatory governance principles, Ankara
Development Agency aims to mobilize regional
and local dynamics to set up partnerships among
public, private and NGO sectors, prepare regional
development strategies, manage financial support
programs and promote the region’s assets on the
national and international platforms.
Under the coordination of Ministry of Development,
organizational structure of the agency is composed
of key decision makers of the region, where executive
board is the decision making body and the development
board is the advisory platform and finally Secretariat
General is responsible of implementation.
Investment Support Office
Strategy and
Development U.
Internal Audit
Monitoring and
Evaluation Unit
Experts and Support Staff
Services Unit
Executive Board; is composed of Mayor of the
Greater Municipality of Ankara, Head of Chamber of
Commerce, Head of Chamber of Industry and 3 elected
members from the development board. Executive
board is presided by Governor of Ankara.
Development Board; is composed of 100
representatives from the local institutions such as;
public bodies, private sector, NGOs, universities and
local governments. Primary goal of the board is to
steer the agency and set up networks of cooperation.
Secretariat General; is the executive body of the
Agency. General Secretariat consists of Secretary
General, Internal Audit, Unit Managers, Experts and
Support Staff.
One of the primary goal of the Agency is to act as
the knowledge and reference centre of the region
in line with the strategies defined both in the
strategic plan and law on establishment.
To reach that goal, Ankara Development Agency
focuses on gathering and publishing regional data
from reliable sources of statistics in order to identify
the most proper strategies for sustainable regional
development. In case of any absence of data in the
relevant field, agency carries out field studies to
create secondary data which are available as well for
further use of researchers without any cost. In this
perspective, annual publication “Statistical Yearbook
Ankara” stands as one of the most important products
of Ankara Development Agency.
Presenting a High Quality of Life
and Competing With the World, the
Capital of Knowledge and Innovation
Above all, Ankara Regional Plan 2014-2023 which
is the framework document that aims to sustain
regional development, decrease developmental
disparities among regions, and provide effective use
of local resources is also being prepared under the
coordination of Ankara Development Agency. It is
a strategy, coordination and guidance document to
be the basis of regional programs and projects. It is,
at the same time, product of the consensus among
communities, public institutions, private sector,
NGOs, universities and all other actors of regional
Regional plans are anticipated as providing cohesion
and integrity between higher and lower scale plans
take place in the midst of national socio-economic
goals and local development goals.
Last but not least, critical economic and social sectors
of Ankara are also studied in detail and published as
sectoral analysis documents to guide the private and
public sector. ICT Sector, Machinery, Medical Devices
reports are few of the all sectoral documents prepared
by Ankara Development Agency.
Financial Support Programs
In order to support the realization of goals and
strategies defined in the Ankara Regional Plan,
Ankara Development Agency announces financial
support programs in alternate topics and priorities.
Supports provided by Ankara Development Agency
according to the regulations are under two distinct
groups; financial supports and technical supports.
Financial supports are listed in three groups as Credit
Interest Support, Interest Free Credit Support and
Direct Financial Support. Direct Financial Supports
are implemented in three types; Call for Proposals,
Guided Project Support and Direct Activity Support.
Agency may choose to implement “Restricted Call for
Proposals” method for financial support in necessary
Interest Free
Credit Support
Direct Financial
Credit Interest
Guided Project
Call for
Direct Activity
Investment Support
Investment Support Office (ISO) of Ankara
Development Agency provides consultancy and
information services to entrepreneurs, investors and
business people willing to invest or do business in
Ankara. ISO searches for business and partnership
opportunities in Ankara and is a regional public
service point for official local guidance and regional
information. ISO can also help with bureaucratic
operations of investments. In addition to consultancy
services, ISO is responsible for introduction, promotion
and presentation of Ankara and its economic climate.
All services of ISO are public services and are free of
Entrepreneurship Ecosystem and Innovation
Another critical focus of the Ankara Development
Agency is to foster and prosper entrepreneurship
ecosystem and innovation activities in Ankara. In
addition to conventional ways of implementing
financial support programs, Ankara Development
Agency organizes networking platforms and sector
based cooperation activities to create locally unique
solutions against the problems of industry.
Being aware of the gaining importance of local networks
and channels of cooperation, Ankara Development
Agency directs resources to strengthen and extend
the tools of collaboration among partners. As also
mentioned above, executive board and development
board of the Ankara Development Agency is already
an important platform to increase the collaboration
among the stakeholders in Ankara. Additionally,
there have been some important projects realized
that directly targets to create local partnership links.
“Tech-Ankara”, for instance, a networking project of
“Technology Development Zones”, is one of the most
successful examples that shows the perspective
of Ankara Development Agency against setting up
Promoting the local, cultural and touristic assets of
Ankara in the big markets and international platforms
is another main activity of agency. Since the very first
day of establishment, Ankara Development Agency
has been implementing a systematic approach to
promote the opportunities in Ankara. To do so, with
other relevant partners Ankara Development Agency
participated in some of the the biggest events of
the world such as; East Mediterranean International
Tourism and Travel Exhibition (EMITT), Internationale
Tourismus-Börse Berlin (ITB Berlin) and Moscow
International Travel and Tourism Exhibition (MITT).
Furthermore, in particular Ankara Industry Fair,
European Innovation Summit, International Health
Tourism Congress and Ankara Finance Summit are
other noteworthy events that Ankara Development
Agency has participated.
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