Application for the Triton Summer Scholarship

University of Missouri –St. Louis
Application for the Triton Summer Scholarship
Name ________________
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Degree Program
Anticipated Graduation____________
Number of Credit Hours Completed____________
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The Triton Summer Scholarship Program is designed to keep UMSL students on pace for timely degree completion. This
program gives preference to students who have not completed 30 credit hours or more during the academic year and students
who lack the financial aid resources to pay for summer classes. This scholarship will pay up to the cost of 6 credit hours of instate tuition and fees at UMSL. Students that have remaining financial aid available during the summer are eligible to receive
this scholarship in a reduced form to cover unmet tuition costs after financial aid has been applied.
The eligibility criteria for this program are as follows:
 Must have completed the Summer Aid Application
 Must be working on first bachelor’s degree
 Must have completed the FAFSA for the current academic year
 Must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress at UMSL and have a 2.0 cumulative GPA
Please indicate why you are applying for the Triton Summer Scholarship:
 Out of available financial aid for the summer semester
 Have not completed 30 credit hours in 2014-2015
 Other (please explain below)
Please list in the table below the course(s) you plan on taking during the summer semester. Your academic advisor will need to
sign in order to confirm the classes listed in the table below are required for your degree plan.
Credit Hours
Summer Term
(Session I – VI)
Academic Advisor Signature
Student Signature
Applicants will be notified within 7-10 days after submission if they were selected for the Triton Summer Scholarship
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