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Bath Bomb Making
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Bath Bomb Instruction & Recipe Sheet
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Bath Bomb Recipes. Page 1
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Basic Recipe for Bath Bombs
3 tablespoons Sodium Bicarbonate
1 tablespoons Citric Acid
Fragrance oil to your own preference
5 – 10 drops of colour
Spritz bottle of water Mixing Bowl. Bath Bomb Mould(s),
Sieve the dry ingredients into a bowl and mix
Add the colour and fragrance oil.
5. The mixture should just stay together if squeezed, if it still
falls apart, LIGHTLY mist/spritz with water or witch hazel and
mix again. Repeat as necessary until it will just hold together.
Blend thoroughly until fully blended
throughout the mixture.
Spritz lightly with water or witch
hazel and mix in well.
6 Take some of the mix and lightly
squash into your bath bomb mould
halves (making the top domed with extra
Quickly push the two halves together and squeeze firmly. Line up the edges of the mould to ensure a
good shape. Immediately remove one half of the mould and gently tip out onto your palm the place on
greaseproof or waxed paper. (See the Rose Foaming Bath Bomb recipe below if you want to use the
rose petals shown in the pictures).
Let the bombs dry and harden for 24 - 48 hours.
To package either store in an airtight container or you may wish to wrap them in cellophane and tie
with a bow etc. To use, simply drop into a warm bath and fizz away!!
Bath Bomb Recipes. Page 2
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BATH BOMB Recipe 2
This recipe will extend your ingredients and give a great finish to your bath bombs.
1 Part (1 cup)- Citric Acid (or 1 Cup)
2 Parts (2 cups) Sodium Bicarbonate
2 Parts (2 cups) Cornflower
Fragrance oil or essential oil
1 teaspoon of herbs or flower petals
5 - 6 teaspoons of an oil of your choice (sweet Almond etc).
Follow the instructions as above, then simply add the oil mix well then the herbs or flower petals to the
dry mixture, and proceed as normal.
An alternative to the above would be to lightly sprinkle the petals etc onto the domed halves
before squashing together. This often looks great as some of the petals squeeze out of the middle
band and peep out of the bomb
Things you could add to your bath bombs
Floral waters as your misting agent
Powdered Goats Milk
Honey powder
Ground vanilla Pods
Mustard powder
A little honey
Chopped dried herbs
Flower petals
Citrus peel
Poppy seeds
Course oatmeal
Powdered fruits or vegetables
*Remember, do not use wet items which may decay within the product.*
Rose Foaming Bath Bombs
1 tablespoon citric acid
2 tablespoons sodium bicarbonate
2 tablespoons cornflower
1 tablespoon liquid soap
1 teaspoon rose petals
Fragrance or essential oil
Colour to suit*
Bath Bomb Recipes. Page 3
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* remember you are using a very concentrated colourant. The colour will
intensify in water, so you only want a pale colour initially or you may
become bright pink!!!!
Turn out and leave to dry for 24 hours
Looking for Supplies, Spritzer Bottles, Petals or
Rooibos Detox Bombs
1 tablespoon citric acid
2 tablespoons sodium bicarbonate
2 tablespoons cornflower
1 – 2 teaspoons pure olive oil
2 teaspoons organic Rooibos leaves
Fragrance or essential oil (as Rooibos is also used by many to help with eczema and allergies soothing
oil such as chamomile may be ideal)
Pinch or turmeric powder to colour
Follow the basic instructions but add the Rooibos leaves to the dry mix.
NOTE: Rooibos is grown in South Africa and is an excellent antioxidant; it has in the past over many
centuries been used by many to help with eczema, acne, allergies and is even used as an infusion for
tired puffy eyes. (Always seek qualified medical advice before using any product if you have a known
medical condition).
Bath Bomb Recipes. Page 4
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