National e-health Authority

National e-health Authority
In a country of 125 crore people, the delivery of any scheme is paramount. E-enabled schemes
can be used by the citizens by simple click of an ‘app’ on their mobile phones. Our aim should
be to provide basic healthcare services to each house hold / each individual citizen of India. Also,
important is that these should be well organized, catalogued, flexible and swift.
Unique Steps Forward!
Classify India into 676 District e-health nodal points.
Each Nodal centre should ensure, monitor and regulate the services.
Classify the common illness of each district.
All illnesses that have at some point in last 5-years affected 50% or more of the population of
that district should be included in the basic healthcare management system.
Common illnesses should be treated free at a one rupee token contribution.
The Citizens should be able to consult the doctors free of cost in the nearest
healthcare centre by simply providing in their Aadhaar Number, that will be punched
online at the welcome desk manned by the clerk.
Each of the healthcentre to have sufficient staff, stock piles of medicines and basic
investigation services like blood / sputum / urine and stool testing available then and there.
A path breaking step of opening healthcare centres in two-shifts morning and
evening should be taken for better delivery and wide reach. The fixed asset investments
will be best utilized in this way as at present these lay unused and unproductive for most part
of the day.
We can creatively device to plan to include Ayurveda therapy in 20 % and
homeopathy in 50% healthcentres.
A mega step should be to station one Air ambulance at each of the district
Health headquarters.
We would be needing 676 Helicopters … which HAL would be most willing to manufacture
and deliver under Make in India
A panel of doctors should be made in each district who are willing to donate doctor
days for the social cause and special clinics to suit their availability should be organized and
necessary infrastructure made permanently available. (We have a large pool of doctors
who would do it for free)
Each district to have a dedicated naturopathy centre based on Indian medicine
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Way to go!
Envisage to provide 150 healthcare delivery points per district.
Suppose we have 50 existing health centres… plan to build 50 in next two years and further
50 in subsequent 2 years.
Start with 200 districts for first six months; remaining thereafter.
Some time later beds can be provided and some OPD health units can partially be
transformed in to 20 bedded hospitals
Day to Day Running!
The cleanliness should be run by a special team of trained medical waste disposal
executives. A Team of two people and one vehicle to cater to 10 Health Units twice a
day.These staff should not just be driver and collector but trained to fumigate disinfect the
health Unit Premises twice a day and Dispose the waste collected.
Apart from this Housekeeping should maintain the cleanliness on a contract
for not more than 5 centres to avoid cartelization.
One vehicle should be used for distributing medicines to each centre every other day in
a district. The driver should double up as delivery guy.
The district ware house should have ample staff to plan / pack and ready packed for each
unit in advance. The warehousing softwares should be real time. Maintaining the
levels of stock at the health unit and district headquarters at all levels.
All medical equipment including machines and perishables should be sourced from
manufacturers with onsite warranty and repair clauses and should be replaced
with latest technology in a phased manner.
Staff Plan for a Physician, a help, medical assistant, a pharmacist, a lab guy and a clerk. At
places designated extra doctors of Homoepathy and Ayush. Their transfer policy should
be online as dome by Gujarat Education Department.
➠The hierarchy should move down from Central Ministry of health to States Health
Ministers and From there to District Nodal Health Centres and down to individual Health
➠ Each health Unit should daily upload to the state’s server
• Daily Attendence
• Daily no. of Patients with their Aadhaar Number and Mobile Contact No.
• Other fields should be the medicine prescribed and given.
• warehousing update.
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Any change in medical approach can be easily and promptly be disseminated
Faster and effective mechanisms can be evolved to fight break of localized endemics.
Citizen’s Feedback!
A simple message on the visitor’s mobile at the EOD to all those who visited the
health unit asking them if they were satisfied with their visit or not.
Later it can be used to remind for future visits or follow up treatment.
Equipment and Furnishings
Staff at the Health Centre
Support staff from contractors
Nodal Headquarter Additional warehouse vehicle for disbursal
Air Ambulance Helicopter & Helipad
Running and pilot with paramedic staff
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