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| 7 - 13 April 2015
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The 23 year old is incredibly passionate
about football, not only does she play the
game as a pass time, she has also had the
privilege of playing semi professional in
America, as well as playing locally for the
Notts County Centre of Excellence and the
be embarking on an
Nottingham Forest Ladies Team.
incredible journey in
In order to get to Ghana Amy needs to
June this year, when she raise £1000 but as the trip is in partnership
travels to Ghana with
with Nottingham Forest in the Community
African Adventures for
and African Adventures, some of that
Nottingham Forest in the money will go to supporting local projects
across Nottinghamshire.
When she’s out there she “I have always wanted to go to Africa to
will be based in a local
coach or volunteer in any way and this
school that requires some is the perfect opportunity for me to go.”
help with the building
explained Amy. “Football is a powerful
and regeneration of a
tool in many ways to inspire and help
classroom. Amy, along
those less fortunate and I just want to try
with her group will be offering a helping and get that message across to as many
hand in this but Amy is also planning on
people as possible.”
taking her football skills with her.
Read the full story on page 24
A 23 year old football
fanatic plans to take
her ball skills to Africa
By Gemma Allen
Budding football player and coach,
Amy White from Nottingham will
172 Lives Saved & Counting
This month marks the
three-year anniversary of
the Major Trauma Centre
serving the East Midlands
Price 20p
Centre responded to 1,620 trauma calls,
an average of around 4 a day and in
the three years that it has been open,
172 people who weren’t expected
By Gemma Allen
to survive have lived on to tell
Trauma is the most common cause of
their story.
death for people under the age of 44,
Nottingham Hospitals Charity has
with around 20,000 major trauma cases
launched a Helipad Appeal to raise
every year in England, that’s 55 cases
£3 million to build an onsite helipad
every day. Major trauma networks were
at the QMC in Nottingham.
introduced to the country in 2010 and
This will get the most seriously injured
since then around 20% of patients who
patients to the East Midlands Trauma
would previously have died from their
Centre a lot quicker.
injuries are now surviving.
Read the full story on page 26
Last year the East Midlands Major Trauma
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E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
[email protected]
Sheriff Demands
The Sheriff of Nottingham
(Councillor Jackie Morris) has
finally caught up with Robin
Hood and incarcerated the hero
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
of local legend in Nottingham
Castle. The drama unfolded
as Robin met with supporters
of local charity, Autism East
Midlands, in the shadow of
Nottingham Castle to celebrate
School children across
Nottingham, aged 5 – 13 years old,
are being encouraged by elite cyclists
to participate in a brand new
FREE cycling challenge
Schools Cycle
The Milk Schools Cycle
Challenge is a brand new FREE
cycling initiative, organised by
Perfect Motion and funded by
Nottingham City Council and
it has been praised by World
and European Champion and
2014 Milk Racer winner, Katie
School children, at Nottingham
City Schools, are encouraged
The first ever Milk Schools Cycle
Challenge will link the Festival of
Cycling programme, which
already links The Milk Race
(Sunday 24th May) to Cycle Live
Nottingham (20th and 21st June).
The Milk Race is a legendary
As well as receiving their
cycling event and returned to
own goody bag, medal and Nottingham in 2013, after a
an exclusive completion
20-year hiatus. Taking place
certificate signed by
in Nottingham city centre on
Katie Archibald herself,
24th May 2015, thousands will
to cover 25, 50 or 100 miles over all participants will have the
participate in the Elite Women’s
the course of nine
opportunity to ride in the Milk
and Men’s races.
weeks starting on Monday 20th
Race and the Nottingham City
If you are a school or student
April and finishing with Cycle
Ride at Cycle Live, for FREE.
and want to find out more, or
Live Nottingham on Saturday
All participants will also be
participate in The Milk Schools
20th June.
entered into a competition to win Cycle Challenge, please email
The launch of the Milk Schools
a bike, courtesy of Raleigh UK.
[email protected] or call
Cycle Challenge was also joined
At the end of nine weeks, Raleigh 0115 9258 777.
by students from Middleton
UK will also donate one bike
Registration for The Milk Schools
Primary & Nursery School, one of to the school with the highest
Cycle Challenge is open until
the first schools to sign up.
number of participants.
Friday 15th May.
What’s On
Near You?
Family Fun
Rattle Rhyme
& Roll
11 April, 10.30am - 11.15am
Free. Join in the family Rattle
Rhyme & Roll Session: nursery
rhymes, actions and much more.
Newark Library, Beaumond
Gardens, Newark
Do you live in
the Broxtowe
Have you heard about recent cycling further funding is being sought in
activities? Well, TravelRight
the hope of continuing Stapleford
Broxtowe have had a busy and
Cycle Centre. There will still be
exciting 18 months settling into the
local community and the great news
is that cycle centres in Beeston and
Eastwood will continue to offer
free training and some leisure rides
until at least October 2015, and
free bikes available to borrow,
Dr Bike sessions and some cycle
maintenance courses throughout
Spring and Summer.
A Broxtowe Borough Cycle Map
is in the process of being produced
World Autism Awareness Day.
The Sheriff, flanked by armed
guards, manhandled Robin
and marched him through the
gates of Nottingham Castle.
Robin has not been seen since.
The Sheriff, Cllr Morris,
“I’ve caught the villain at last –
he has eluded me for too long!
The people of Nottingham will
not see this fellow again unless
they raise £2,000.”
The Sheriff insists that the
ransom be paid by 5th May,
otherwise she threatens to
deprive the good citizens of
Nottingham of their favourite
hero … forever.
Melanie Howard, Head of
Income Generation for Autism
East Midlands comments:
“We are incredibly grateful
to both Councillor Morris as
the Sheriff and Tim Pollard
as Robin for being such great
sports and supporting our
appeal to raise £20,000 to fund
a summer play scheme for 56
local children with autism who
need specialist support. The
£2,000 they are aiming to raise
through the ransom will be a
significant contribution to our
People can make donations to
the fund for Robin’s ransom
via the donate button on the
Autism East Midlands website,
and will be available in Spring 2015.
Please call 0115 955 2288 to register
for a free copy. This map is based
on the Nottingham City Cycle map
design and they are available free
of charge.
Lawyer Leaps
for Charity
ottingham based
lawyer, Ann-Marie
Bowman has leapt
from 13,000 feet in a
sky dive, raising over
£1000 for neurological
charity, Cure Rett.
Rothera Dawson has supported Cure Rett
with various events and fundraisers since
early last year when Ann-Marie learnt
about its work through fundraising. The
rare neurological disorder affects girls
almost exclusively and impacts on all
areas of life, from walking to breathing.
Cure Rett provides invaluable support
for families dealing with Rett Syndrome
and also raises funds to support
researchers in their efforts to develop
treatments and find a cure.
Speaking after the dive, Ann-Marie said:
“I’m so proud to have raised money and
awareness for Rett Syndrome. I was
nervous when I was in the plane but the
jump itself was such a thrill. The fear of
this challenge is nothing compared to
the experience of families dealing with
the syndrome so I’m glad to have raised
awareness and funds for them.”
Cure Rett’s Lisa Foreman commented:
“Ann-Marie and Rothera Dowson’s
support is something we welcome
with open arms, and it’s great to have
been chosen as their charity for the year.
The funds Ann-Marie has
raised today will
help us to continue
to support families
and research into Rett
To find out more about
Cure Rett, visit www.curerett.org.
Helping Disadvantaged
A primary school in Nottingham
has been rewarded for its work
to help disadvantaged children
achieve their goals.
St Teresa’s Catholic Primary
School in Aspley has been
awarded £25,000 as part of the
Pupil Premium Awards.
The awards recognise schools that
can demonstrate effective plans to
help disadvantaged pupils improve
on their achievements and show
continued improvement in raising
their goals.
St Teresa’s was one of five in
Nottingham to win £1,000 at the
semi-finals in December. Out
of 430 schools nationwide, they
were then chosen as finalists at the
award ceremony held in London.
It was there that the primary
school was given a further £25,000
– awarded because its Key Stage
2 results show it continues to
make impressive improvements in
the attainment of disadvantaged
Mrs Glynne Jones, Head Teacher
at St Teresa’s Catholic Primary
School, said: “We are very proud
that all of our pupils, including
the most disadvantaged, do so
well. This is due in no small part
to the inspiring and challenging
opportunities created by the staff
on a daily basis.
“This recognition is testament
give their best every day. Their
cheerful enthusiasm and consistent
hard work is what drives us all
to provide them with the best
possible school experiences and
A further £4 million prize money
to the commitment and concern
shown for our children’s
achievements by the whole
community; staff, governors and
families. The last word of course
must go to the children who
will also be awarded in the 2016
awards, and schools are being
encouraged to act now to review
what they are doing in their school
and ensure they are using the pupil
premium effectively.
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
[email protected]
Up Interest
Malt Cross is
appealing for
the donation
of musical
instruments to
enable talented
musicians and young people to
hone their skills.
The historic venue on St James’s
Street has a rich history in
developing music talent with such
established acts as Turin Brakes,
Natalie Duncan and Marcus
Mumford of Mumford & Sons
fame having graced its famous
The public are being encouraged
to bring in unwanted instruments
and sound equipment to allow
more young people the opportunity
to become Nottingham’s next big
musical talent.
Equipment will also be loaned to
musicians who want to practice
more frequently at home but may
not have the means to do so.
Jo Cox-Brown, chief executive
of the Malt Cross Trust said: “We
want to give lost, lonely musical
instruments a new home. Instead
of being hidden away in drawers,
under beds and in garages, we
want people to bring them here,
where they will be used to create
something beautiful.”
No instrument is taboo, with
guitars, keyboards, pianos, flutes,
Free Craft Day
On Thursday 16th April the
Framework Knitters
Museum, Ruddington,
is holding a free
craft day where you
can make items that
will be included in
the Woollen Woods
exhibition to be
held in Rushcliffe
Country Park in May.
Activities will be
available for all ages
and abilities, allowing
everyone to create an
item to be displayed.
The free craft day
will run from 11am
to 4.00pm, and will
be held in the museum chapel.
Patterns will be available for
experienced knitters, whilst the
will enable everyone else to
ease tension and stress.
James from the group said “It’s
great to have yoga for cyclists as
I cycle a lot and yoga is great for
in taking over the running of the
course at Chilwell Olympia.
Gina from Ridewise said “The
classes have been really popular,
up and delivered by Ridewise
and covered a sequence of
poses that stretch tight hamstrings,
hips and back muscles, and reduce
the risk of injury.
The exercises create muscular
strength, balance and flexibility
and end with guided relaxation to
releasing tension and muscular
tightness from cycling. I feel
very relaxed, de-stressed and my
muscles feel loose after each class.
Good to meet other local cyclists
The sessions have been so popular
that Broxtowe Sport are interested
with a community feel and the
opportunity for local cyclists
to catch up with each other and
share knowledge. Many people
were new to yoga but came along
as it was aimed at cyclists, so
new people are experiencing its
benefits. It’s important to stretch
and for those who would like to
make two pieces they can take
one home. Refreshments will be
available to buy in the chapel, and
Don’t Delay – Register Today!
With less than one month left
until voter registration closes,
Broxtowe Borough Council is
advising all its residents; “Don’t
delay, register today!”
Those who are not yet on the
electoral register are being
urged to apply by the deadline
of Monday 20 April to ensure
they can use their vote on
Election Day - 7 May 2015.
The Local Government and
Parliamentary elections are just
a few weeks away, with 44 seats
in all wards across the Borough
being contested alongside a
Parliamentary Election to decide
who will be the next local MP.
Every vote will count.
It couldn’t be easier and voters
can register online making the
process more convenient than
ever before. It only takes a few
minutes to do at www.gov.uk/
register-to-vote and people
can access on a computer,
smartphone or tablet.
More information about
registering to vote, postal voting
and the forthcoming elections
can be found on the Broxtowe
website www.broxtowe.gov.
uk/elections or visit www.gov.
uk/register-to-vote to register
online today.
normal admission charges apply
if you wish to visit the rest of the
Woollen Woods is a national
initiative organised by Voluntary
Arts Week. The aim is to bring
outdoor spaces alive with
woodland-themed textile artwork
in support of the Campaign for
easily create stunning woollen
flowers. Felt activities will also
be available for smaller children
Cyclists Stretch Out for Spring!
Local pedallers have been
stretching out at a free yoga class
specifically aimed at cyclists. The
Saturday morning course was set
violins, drums, music stands and
microphones all making welcome
additions to the Malt Cross’s
existing equipment.
The former music hall was
transformed into a new heritage,
music, arts and crafts hub,
including a brand new music
studio and refurbished stage,
following a £1.38m grant from
the Heritage Lottery Fund last
year. The venue continues to be
one of the city’s best-loved live
music venues, hosting a whole
array of performances throughout
the week.
For more information on the
Malt Cross and its events, visit
out your hamstrings after cycling,
something a lot of us forget to
do! I hope that Broxtowe Sport
will be able to continue with these
For information
about cycle
and cycle
sessions in your
area, contact
Ridewise on
0115 955 2288.
For an update
on the yoga for
cyclists class,
call Chilwell
Olympia, call
0115 917 3333.
Why should you consider
being a Foster Carer for
Teenagers for Treehouse Care?
Fostering is looking after
someone else’s child in your own
home; this could be for a few
days or several years.
Teenagers need to be looked after
for many reasons.
It has been widely publicised
over recent months that some
vulnerable teenagers have been
targeted by those who want to
cause them harm.
We need safe environments
for those teenagers, to provide
positive family life, where they
are no longer feeling at risk of
Teenagers, just like young
children, require care and
nurturing, fairness, clear
guidance, the need to feel safe,
and experience fun.
Fostering teenagers is different to
fostering young children, but this
due to the ‘normal challenges’
adolescence brings, and not
because they are fostered.
Teenage years are a crucial time,
and as a foster carer you need
to be able to provide guidance,
reassurance, a listening ear,
understanding, and be a positive
role model. You need to be able
to promote and encourage a
young person’s independence
skills, so they have their own
‘toolkit’ to survive in the adult
We have a high number of
teenagers requiring carers in
the Nottingham area, and are
looking for those who have
patience, perseverance, tolerance,
understanding, a sense of fairness
and fun. This might be the right
career for you!
Our carers state that they
feel 100% supported, 365 days
a year.
We offer excellent training for
all our carers and staff who
are dedicated and skilled in
supporting foster carers, with
an emphasis on therapeutic
behaviour management.
Formal qualifications are not
required, it might be that you
have raised your own children or
have work related experience.
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
CALL 01159 314380
Prestigious Event YOU
Into Work Luxury Motor
The Nottingham Jobs Hub
Show Returns
service is celebrating having
helped thousands of city
To Notts for
residents into work in the last
year, beating annual targets set
for it by the City Council.
Third Year
The service has revealed strong The Midlands’ most prestigious
progress on the key milestones
it’s been asked to achieve. So
far, a total of 2,072 job starts
have been made through the
Nottingham Jobs Hub(104% of
target), 1382 work experience
placements (116% of target),
1204 starts in training (200% of
target) and 231 local employers
have been signed up to work
with the Hub (462% of target).
In addition to this 322
employers have signed the
Nottingham Jobs Pledge
(beating a target of 250) - a
scheme designed to involve
local companies in creating
new jobs for city residents, and
a 28% overall reduction in the
city’s unemployment has been
The Nottingham Jobs Hub is
an unique partnership service
run jointly by Nottingham City
Council and Jobs Centre Plus,
providing a service both to
unemployed city residents and
companies looking to recruit.
motor show will return to
Nottinghamshire this year for
a third time, showcasing a
huge range of exotic and high
performance cars to the public.
The event – which will take
place on Sunday, May 17th at
Goosedale - offers a unique
opportunity for like-minded
owners, enthusiasts and admiring
members of public to see some
of the world’s rarest modern and
classic super cars.
Vehicle marques in attendance at
this year’s Luxury Motor Show
will include Ferrari, Lamborghini,
Rolls Royce, Aston Martin
and Bentley, plus a number of
specialist super car manufacturers.
As well as bringing these enviable
cars together in one place, the
event also raises money for local
charity When You Wish Upon A
Star, which helps dreams come
true for terminally ill children.
Last year, the show raised £10,250
for the Nottingham-based charity,
which this year is celebrating its
25th anniversary, and this year
organisers hope to hit the £15,000
Founder and show director
West Bridgford
Richard Johal said he was thrilled
with the groundswell of support
for the show which he’d seen
and felt from the local motoring
He said: “Visitors will have the
chance to get up close to a vast
array of luxury, exotic and high
performance cars. There is also
the opportunity to take a ride in
some of the vehicles, driven by the
owners who are part of motoring
organisation Sporting Bears.
Sporting Bears are offering these
rides to raise money for When You
Wish Upon A Star.”
As well as the chance to sit and
take a ride in the luxury cars, there
will be lots of other activities on
offer, such as live entertainment,
retails and exhibitor stalls and
child-friendly activities such as
racing simulators and bouncy
castles. There is even the chance to
sit in a real F1 car.
Tickets for the show are now
available online at http www.
luxurymotorshow.com. Limited
VIP, exhibitor and sponsorship
opportunities are still available.
Rushcliffe Safer
Neighbourhood Policing
team, licensing officials and
partner organisations joined
forces to carry out drugs
checks in West Bridgford
The Force, accompanied
by drugs dog Ross and
his handler, were out
working to ensure
the safety of those
socialising in the bars
and pubs.
Working along Central
Avenue, Bridgford Road
and Radcliffe Road, 11
people were searched
with two men arrested
for being in possession
of controlled substances.
One of those was cautioned
for possession of cocaine
and another was given a
Penalty Notice for Disorder
for possession of cannabis. A
third man was given a cannabis
A total of 19 bars were also
checked to ensure they met the
conditions of their licence. This
included checking CCTV was in
working order and drug swabbing
in toilets. Six venues were in
Ruddington and 13 were in West
Bridgford. Of these three venues
were found to have traces of
cocaine in the ladies toilets.
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
[email protected]
Work has started on a
project to revamp the
Pavilion Community
Café at King Edward
Park in Nottingham
The works to transform the local
pavilion are being carried out
by constructor Willmott Dixon,
which is currently working on
a community centre project in
nearby St Ann’s - along with
15 construction students from
Central College Nottingham. The
project is also being supported by
Nottingham City Homes.
The now run-down pavilion at
King Edward Park is run by
STOP (Sneinton Tenants Outreach
Programme) Tenant and Residents
Association and includes a thriving
community café.
Nick Heath, operations director
at Willmott Dixon in the East
Midlands, said: “Supporting the
communities we work within is at
the heart of what Willmott Dixon
does and we are proud to support
initiatives like this. We feel that
making a meaningful contribution
to the local community and
environment leaves a positive and
lasting legacy.
“The fact that we have been able
to get the students involved to
provide them with hands on work
experience further bolsters the
positive effect of initiatives such
as this.”
The project will include
improvements to the toilet block
in the pavilion, re-plastering
its walls and fitting new doors
which will withstand daily use.
As part of the project a new sign
for the community café will also
be installed, which will help to
provide a clear presence of the
pavilion in the community.
The sustainability performance
and community investment of
staff at Willmott Dixon has helped
the company to achieve the UK’s
most prestigious commercial
accolade – the Queen’s Award for
Enterprise in 2014 for sustainable
The pavilion project will not only
benefit the community, but will
also allow a group of students
from Central College to gain new
experience – which will help them
to further their community.
What’s On
Near You?
Family Reading
20th April, 4.00pm - 5.00pm.
Free. Join us at our Family
Reading Group for children
aged 5-7 and their parents and
Beeston Library, Foster Avenue,
Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake
This recipe is ideal if you are out of eggs but want to put together a delicious
chocolaty cake for tea. Children love making this cake as it is so easy. Using
mayonnaise also results in a beautifully light and moist cake.
SERVES: 8-10
• 275g self raising flour • 225g caster sugar
• 1½ teaspoons baking powder
• 200g jar of mayonnaise
• 4 tablespoons cocoa powder
• 225ml boiling water
• 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
For the icing:
• 2 level teaspoons instant coffee
• 2 level tablespoons cocoa powder
• 2 tablespoons warm water
• 75g butter, softened • 225g icing sugar
• Preheat the oven to 180°C (350°F) mark 4.
• Line an 18 cm cake tin with greaseproof paper.
• Sift the flour into a large mixing bowl and stir in the caster sugar and baking
powder. Beat the mayonnaise well into the flour - it is very important to beat
thoroughly into the dry ingredients.
• Dissolve 4 tbsp of the cocoa in 225ml boiling water and stir this gently until it’s
smooth. Add to the flour mixture with the vanilla essence and give it a quick stir.
Stir everything thoroughly until all the ingredients are blended but this time don’t
beat the mixture because that will spoil it. Just keep stirring it gently until all the
lumps are gone.
• Pour the cake mixture into the tin. Bake for about an hour or until the centre
feels springy and a skewer comes out clean. Leave the cake in the tin to cool
before turning out onto a wire rack.
For the topping, dissolve 2 teaspoons of coffee and 2 tablespoons of cocoa in 2
tablespoons of hot water. Add the soft butter and the icing sugar. Beat the mixture
thoroughly ensuring there are no lumps and spread it over the cake.
Veolia, (Nottinghamshire County Council’s waste contractors), are encouraging Nottinghamshire residents to
make the most of their leftovers with the help of the Love Food Hate Waste campaign. Cutting down on food
waste could save the average family with children £700 a year.
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
New Government
Must Act
The Next Andy Murray!
A leading independent hotel
group is calling on the next
government to increase its focus
on apprenticeship schemes
Jon-Paul Davies, director of
Nottinghamshire-based Heritage
Estates says those in power must
prioritise the implementation of
more apprenticeship schemes
across the hospitality sector:
“The recession had a nationwide
impact on apprenticeships and
training schemes across the
whole industry. As businesses
were forced to cut back, it was
unfortunately these areas which
were first to suffer. The consumer
had less disposable income and
holidays, dining out and weddings
all took a back seat. As a result,
many venues went under and
there was a distinct lack of focus
on bringing fresh talent into
“In the service industry, someone
can come in with nothing in
the way of formal academic
achievements and flourish.
Apprenticeship schemes are
perfect for this.”
With the tourism industry so
important to the UK economy, JonPaul believes it’s imperative the
government acts:
Apprenticeship schemes have
proven to be a success at Heritage
Estates with the career progression
of Jasmine Allen a highlight for
Jasmine joined the apprenticeship
programme and showed real
determination, focus and
enthusiasm throughout. This held
her in good stead and lead to her
being given a full time, full paid
position as commis chef.
Jasmine added: “The
apprenticeship scheme gave me
a fantastic understanding of the
industry as I learnt from those
already established in the trade. I
was absolutely thrilled to then be
taken on full time. The initiative
has given me a real foothold for a
career in the hospitality trade.”
Rushcliffe and the Lawn Tennis
Association expect the next
‘Andy Murray’ to emerge
from grass roots or ‘park’
tennis. Tennis participation and
coaching opportunities in West
Bridgford are set to increase.
Rushcliffe has joined forces
with Activeace Tennis, a
family-owned not-for-profit
Community Interest Company
specialising in sports and tennis
coaching. Activeace will be
running all the tennis bookings,
coaching and development at
the Council’s tennis courts in
West Bridgford .There are 2
courts at Bridgford Park on
Central Avenue and 1 court and
3 mini courts at West Park on
Loughborough Road.
Activeace will be delivering a
tennis coaching programme for
3 year olds upwards, including
coaching for people with
Pre booked Pay-as-you-Play
continues to be available with
Family Star Party
11th April, 11pm-1pm
Free. As part of BBC2’s Stargazing LIVE event, we’re hosting a drop in
star party with fun craft activities with an astronomical theme.
Sutton in Ashfield Library, Idlewells Shopping Centre,
Sutton in Ashfield
Making it Easier for You
Nottinghamshire Funeral Service is
an independent and family owned
funeral directors, available 24
hours every day to discuss funeral
arrangements or to look after
someone who has passed away.
There are many difficulties you
have to face after losing a loved
one, as well as the daunting
prospect of arranging a funeral.
Nottinghamshire Funeral Service
has created inclusive funerals to
try and make the process as stress
free as possible.
Whilst other Funeral Service
Providers offer a whole host
of funeral options, each at an
additional cost, Nottinghamshire
Funeral Service offer those same
options, but they are covered by
the all-inclusive price. They even
Easing the Burden
Planning ahead is an important
part of life, it gives you peace of
mind and the security of knowing
that the future is taken care of, but
allow you to select the coffin finish thinking about your own funeral is
and handles, if you wish, at no
never an easy thing to do.
extra charge.
Pre-Planning for your own funeral
The friendly staff are on hand to
is a thoughtful, responsible and
make arrangements with you, to
cost-effective thing to do, not only
talk to you about the person who
does it ensure that your wishes
has died, discuss their wishes and are carried out to the letter and
belief’s along
that you get the service you want,
with yours and but also eases the burden on your
to make the
funeral a special
and memorable
event reflecting
their life.
loved ones.
With Nottinghamshire Funeral
Service’s Funeral Plan, you can
rest assured that your personal
funeral wishes will be granted
the cost held at £5 for adults
per court hour, £3 per court
hour for Juniors and £2.50 per
court hour for mini courts. An
annual household season ticket
will be available for only £55
per year. All family members
can have access to the courts in
West Bridgford throughout the
year with the exception of when
coaching sessions are taking
Pre-booking is required for all
courts – call 0115 933 8363,
[email protected] or
visit www.activeace.co.uk.
What’s On
Near You?
Craft and Chatter
17th April, 10.00am - 12.00pm.
Free. 1st and 3rd Friday of the
month. Bring your project, have
a chat, meet new friends and
enjoy a cup of tea!
Kirkby-in-Ashfield Library,
Ashfield Precinct, Kirkby in
and your plan will fix the Funeral
Director’s costs at today’s prices.
The professional, caring staff
are available for you 24 hours
every day, to support, advise
and guide you to ensure that the
funeral arrangements are easy
to understand. Your loved one’s
funeral will be conducted with
courtesy and dignity and the
arrangements will meet with
your exact requirements and
Multi faith funerals are available,
any belief and religion can be
catered for.
Call the team on 0115 9871237
for advice about all aspects of
arranging a funeral.
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
[email protected]
A Home for Life
On entering Leawood Manor
you instantly feel at ease, in a
friendly environment surrounded
by positivity. I received a lovely
welcome from the staff and it
was evident that the residents
were more than happy in their
The care home has been awarded
the Dementia Quality Mark
which outlines the excellent care
in which the home provides.
During my tour I was amazed with
the amount of work that has been
put into the home, to make it not
only comfortable for residents with
dementia but also to help them
in reminiscing on times gone by.
With various themes such as the
wall of royalty
and the
sixties, the halls are decked with
hundreds of iconic times that one
may remember; something that
is incredibly important when it
comes to living with dementia.
Leawood Manor is a home for life,
you can join the home whilst still
enjoying your independence and if
you are faced with difficulties or if
your health deteriorates, you don’t
L-R Jeremy
Jean Green &
Emma Wright
have to leave, you simply swap
rooms into an area where you can
be cared for appropriately.
During my tour I had the pleasure
of meeting and talking with some
of the residents, all of which
praised the home and the staff
very highly. However one
thing that stood out for
me was the relationship
between Care Home
Manager, Jeremy
Dignum and the
residents. Jeremy is
clearly very passionate
about his job, during
my tour he was able
to share life stories
of each resident and
I could see for myself
just how much they
appreciated him and his
Jeremy explained: “It’s so
important to know about
the history of our
residents, it
enables us
to know
102 years old
who they really are and where they
have come from. It’s even more
important when the individual
lives with dementia. People with
dementia tend to live in past times
so if you can learn about those
times and acknowledge them, it
makes it a lot easier to make that
resident feel safe and happy.”
If you want to know more about
Leawood Manor, you can call the
team on 0115 9234985 or visit
Mrs June Hallam
“I’ve been here for 2 years
and I love it, I feel free here and
I’m surrounded by good people.
I can’t fault Leawood Manor,
since I have been here it’s made
me feel great!”
Florence Fairly
“Jeremy is a wonderful man he
really does his job properly, he
knows everybody’s names and
everybody likes him.
I’m very happy here,
I’ve got no complaints.”
Bite the Ballot
Bite the Ballot, the
national campaign
encouraging more
young people to vote,
has appointed a new
Community Engagement
Officer for Nottingham in
partnership with the City
For the next six months,
Rachel Armitage will be
busy educating, engaging
and empowering 16-24 year
olds in the city so they can
influence the decisions that
affect their lives.
She says: “Many young
people feel switched off
from politics, but by
registering to vote they can
make sure that their voice is
heard. The more 16-24 year
olds who stand up and take
power, the more the system
will start to work with us
rather than against us.”
Over the coming weeks,
Rachel plans to deliver
events including a series of
Democracy Cafes where
young people can trial ‘Verto’,
Bite The Ballot’s new online
voter advice tool. She will also
be running voter registration
sessions with local educational
institutions and community
Rushcliffe has been ranked the
5th best rural place to live in
the UK in a nationwide survey.
The Halifax Rural Areas
Quality of Life Survey is an
annual study that ranks places
based on a variety of factors.
Health, employment, housing,
crime rate, happiness of
residents and even weather are
all taken into account.
Rutland, which is also in the
East Midlands, topped the
list, with the local population
enjoying high levels of health
and fitness.
Rushcliffe continues to be held
in high regard having been
named 8th best place to live in
the UK overall in a survey by
Halifax in late 2014.
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
Kids In Construction
What’s On
Near You?
Friday Craft Club:
10th April, 3.45pm - 4.45pm.
Free. Crafting for 9 – 13 years
Southwell Library, King Street,
Jazz Steps Live
at the Libraries
presents: Nicola
Farnon Trio
15th April, 7.30pm
Cost: £10 / £8 concs. With her
unique talent as swinging vocalist
and double bass player Nicola
Farnon has accumulated many
years of experience and performed
with some of the world’s top
musicians- whether headlining or
playing alongside such greats as
Georgie Fame, Alan Price, Claire
Teale, Dame Cleo Laine and Sir
John Dankworth.
Southwell Library,
The Bramley Centre,
King Street, Southwell
upils at two
schools have
been given a
glimpse into
the world of
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
construction and engineering
thanks to local homebuilder Barratt
Homes North Midlands.
The developer has teamed up
with the Construction Industry
Training Board (CITB) and visited
South Wolds Academy and South
Nottinghamshire Academy, to
bring an accredited, hands-on
activity that tested students’
creative abilities.
The Sustainable Communities
activity had students planning,
designing, and marketing a
housing development, and
demonstrated vital aspects of the
homebuilding trade to them.
Mark Furness, Project Manager
for Barratt
Homes North
Midlands, said;
“We’re always
on the lookout
for the best new
and we think this
activity, which is
part of the CREST
Challenge, is a
great way to show
young people what
goes into building
new homes.”
The winning
groups from both
schools will attend
the Cotgrave
Strategic Board,
run by Rushcliffe
Borough Council,
later in the year,
where they will
have the chance to
present their work
to the Board.
Dan Philpotts,
Head Teacher
at South
Academy, said:
“This was a great
way of getting
students interested
in the world of
work, and putting
their academic
skills to good use.”
Get Art
in Hands
Running for a total of 4 weeks,
Friday 3rd April to Saturday
2nd May, local contemporary
art collective ‘5 Dots’ will be
hosting ‘Get Art In Hands’ – an
interactive art exhibition, located
in Cobden Chambers. The
exhibit is led by local creative
Leigh Hancock, co-founder of
5 Dots and owner of her own
social enterprise Sensorlei,
while also featuring work and
involvement from a range of
other artists.
By encouraging physical
interaction with the arts, Get
Art In Hands looks to challenge
the perception of what art in a
gallery space can be. The exhibit
will consist of artwork made
to incorporate all the 5 senses,
encouraging interaction in
different ways than a regular art
Although lending itself to
include those with impaired
vision, the interactive nature of
the gallery is not limited to any
specific person.
Don’t Get Stuck
Residents who have signed
up for Mansfield District
Council’s Garden Waste
Collection Service are reminded
to put the paid sticker on their
Stickers have now been issued to
all customers who have paid for
the service and stickers need to
be stuck on brown bins to ensure
crews empty the bin. If you
have signed up but not received
your sticker, please contact the
Council on 01623 463463.
The Best Rural
Place to Live
Want to Escape to
the Country? Try
Rutland, Britain’s
best rural area
for quality of life.
Residents of Rutland enjoy the
best quality of life of any rural
area in Great Britain, according
to the 2015 Halifax Rural
Areas Quality of
Life Survey.
Quietly nestling in the tranquil
East Midlands countryside,
Rutland is well known for
Rutland Water and an array of
unspoilt villages and charming
market towns. As an idyllic rural
destination it has many attractions
for tourists and is now officially
Britain’s best rural place to live.
The annual Halifax Rural Areas
Quality of Life Survey takes a
wide range of factors
into account,
residents’ good health and life
expectancy, crime rate, weather,
employment, school results,
broadband access, and personal
wellbeing. This is the first time
Rutland has come top, although
prior to this the East Midlands had
made the top ten on three separate
occasions , coming second in
2014, and seventh in both 2013
and 2012.
Beautiful scenic routes
crisscross the county,
excellent for both
cyclists and walkers.
The 65 mile Rutland
Round may sounds a
bit daunting but there
are plenty of shorter
walking or cycling
routes. The route
around Rutland Water
is a must with lots of
country pubs or waterside
cafés to stop off for a
break. Rutland Cycling
have hire stops at
Whitwell, Normanton
and Grafham where you
can even hire tandem
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
Rutland is one of the best kept
secrets of the English countryside
and is absolutely brimming with
things to see and do. In fact,
the county motto is ‘Multum In
Parvo’ means ‘Much in Little’.
Market Towns
A visit to Rutland would not be complete
without enjoying some time in the pretty
county towns of Oakham and Uppingham.
If you like to shop, you will love the
boutiques, art galleries, antiques shops
and the choice of places to eat in Oakham.
Follow the Oakham Heritage
Trail and discover the hidden gems
around town, starting at the excellent
Rutland County Museum, it takes
you to many historical buildings
including Oakham Castle. The
Grainstore Brewery offers real ale
drinkers a real treat, pop in and
sample the many brews on tap.
Uppingham is a quintessentially
English market town.
The majority of shops are family run
with unique retailers hidden away along
ancient alleyways.
The town is renowned for its
excellent range of antiques stores,
fine art galleries, book shops and
Rutland Water
Rutland Water is the largest man-made
reservoir in Europe. Set in 4200 acres
of open countryside it lies at
the very heart of the
county and is as
spectacular in
beauty as it
is in size.
as a
centre for
water and land
based leisure
activities it has
year round
appeal for
cyclists, sailors and bird watchers.
In her early
Heidi’s family
lived in Africa
where there
was an open
cast tin mine
at the bottom of
their garden. She
remembers spending
hours filling her pockets
with the ‘sparkly stones’
or rose quartz, she found
lying on the ground there,
and so began a lifelong
love affair with gemstones,
rocks and pearls. Now an
internationally renowned fine
jewellery designer, Heidi tells
Amander Meade about her
The family returned to the
UK when Heidi was twelve
but the allure of treasures
found in the earth travelled
with her and was nurtured
throughout her education
culminating in a degree
in Geology. “At the time,
lots of female geologists
were being encouraged to
seek employment in the oil
industry but, as I get sea sick
and the thought of months
on end on the oil platforms
didn’t appeal to me at all”
she says. “I decided to study
accountancy instead which
although didn’t suit me in
the long term has turned out
to be hugely beneficial in
running my own business.”
During her studies, Heidi
began designing and
making jewellery for friends
and her hobby led to a job
offer from a London gem
One thing that hasn’t
changed in that time is the
customer’s quest for highly
personal service alongside
bespoke design expertise
and practical advice – Heidi
has the answer on site in
possible and obtained from
highly reputable dealers.
Heidi predicts that although
vintage inspired pieces will
be around for quite a while
thanks to the Downton
Abbey factor, coloured
stones and pearls are back
in a big way. “The Duchess
of Cambridge is a great
ambassador for pearls,
which she loves, and she is
often seen wearing the Azuni
brand which we also offer.”
Asked about her own
favourite piece Heidi
confesses a penchant
for Tanzanites, “I love
their velvety blue colour
and the fact that they
are so rare.”
Whether you are
looking for a heart-felt
gift, a treat for yourself
or to commission a
bespoke piece like
no other, Heidi’s passion
for her work will make
your dream jewellery
come alive.
Visit the showroom at 15 Mill Street,
Oakham, Rutland LE15 6EA
Tel: 01572 722666
With experience buying
and selling gems,
Heidi developed her
jewellery making and
the urge to follow that
path was beginning
to take over.
After studying in London and
armed with her membership
of the British Gemmological
Society, she took the
plunge and set up as a
freelance jewellery designer.
Very quickly her success
and a shop
nearby on
Mill Street
provided the
perfect retail
showcase for
her designs.
“We have
been here
for almost
years now
and Mill
Street is still
a fabulous
place to
shop. I have
been very
lucky and
had the
support and
of so many
retailers over
the years.”
the latest computer aided
design technology.
“Customers can come
along with an idea for a
piece of jewellery – or even
no idea – and together we
can create a CAD image
showing intricate details in
360 degrees. The image can
be tweaked and changed
endlessly until we are happy
with the design which is then
created and handmade
in my workshop where I
employ a highly talented
team of specialist craftsmen.
It’s a wonderful way to
create a unique piece for a
special occasion or a gift to
Another trend is for the
reinvention of an old or
broken piece of unworn
jewellery. “We can use
the stones in a more
contemporary setting as
jewellery you don’t like and
don’t wear is not a good
investment. A restyle can
be a great way of adding
value as well as creating
something unique and
Heidi’s showroom is always
full of her stunning designs,
all handmade with the
highest grade stones
sourced as ethically as
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
Food and Drink
Rutland may be small
but it is home to many
restaurants demonstrating
the pinnacle of culinary
expertise. Hambleton
Hall has held its Michelin
Star for over 20 years and
is one of Britain’s finest
country house hotels, with a
spectacular lakeside setting
and a haven for gourmets and
Why is Rutland such a
good place to live?
wine lovers.
Great pubs
such as
The Olive
pub in
Clipsham the
2014 Good Pub
Guide UK pub of the
Year. The Kings Arms Inn with 2
AA rosettes is fast becoming one
of Rutland’s top eateries; with its
own smokehouse and using very
local produce. There are many
other traditional pubs offering a
range of menus.
You can discover more
about Rutland by visiting
• Residents tend to be fit and well – over 96% reporting
good or fairly good health.
• The employment rate is high with four out of five of 16-64 year olds in
occupation, with many residents enjoying high incomes with weekly
average earnings of £623.
• Inhabitants live in relative security with one of the
lowest crime rates in the country.
• Residents enjoy a relatively good climate - less rainfall
per year than the national average (681 mm against 879 mm) and
more weekly sunshine hours (30.4 hours against the
national average of 29.5 hours).
• 98% of all households have a good level of broadband
access – compared to 87% for the Britain as a whole.
• Importantly, the ONS survey on personal well-being indicates
the Rutland adult population is among the most happy,
satisfied and content in Britain.
Inspirational Music
Rutland Sinfonia is a highly
respected amateur symphony
orchestra based in Oakham, but
there’s nothing ‘amateur’ about
the quality of their performances.
Founded in 1976 by Barry Collett
(Conductor Emeritus), they aim to
bring high quality, enjoyable and
inspiring performances to their
concerts - three in Oakham School
Chapel, Oakham and one in St
(leader), their players and
excellent soloists have brought
enormous progress in the quality
and chemistry of their music
With an emphasis on
encouraging youth participation
both with and in the orchestra,
the Sinfonia welcomes families
to join its audience, where
children can complete the
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
Put A Spring In Your Step
When and Where intu Victoria Centre: holidays.
“Children visiting both centres will
be able to take part in our range of
free activities that will be taking
place throughout the week - adding
a little extra excitement to their
Easter break.
“At intu Broadmarsh, we will have
a free climbing wall as well as a
meet and greet with Mim Mim
from CBeebies - while at intu
Victoria Centre we will be hosting
cookie decorating sessions, have
a Dalek on hand, and we will be
holding our very own teddy bear’s
party as part of the fun.”
centres - including a life size
Dalek and TV star Mim Mim from
popular Cbeebies show Kate and
Mim Mim.
Nicola McCabe, marketing
manager for both centres, said:
“We are excited to offer our little
shoppers something really special
at intu Broadmarsh and intu
Victoria Centre over the Easter
Free Kate and Mim Mim meet
and greet slots will be available to
book on online at www.intu.co.uk/
broadmarsh - all customers must
book online to reserve their place
in advance.
For information on all Easter
activity visit the centres’ websites
intu.co.uk/victoriacentre and intu.
Meet & Greets
9th April – A chance to meet a
Dalek, appearing from 11am – 3pm
on the hour
When and Where intu Broadmarsh:
13th – 14th April - Free wall
climbing all day
Meet & Greets
“Kids Quiz”, unique to
each concert. Every three
years Young musicians in
Rutland are given a fantastic
opportunity to perform as
soloists, accompanied by the
Next season promises to be
exciting: Mozart Horn Concerto
No4, Beethoven Piano Concerto
No4, Rachmaninov Symphony
No2, Musicals and Disney
Music, Gershwin & John
Williams Film Scores.
Please come and join Rutland
Sinfonia on their journey. You
will not be disappointed.
Visit www.rutlandsinfonia.org.
uk for more information.
Families in Nottingham will be
able to enjoy an array of free,
fun and celebratory activities this
Easter at the city’s two leading
shopping centres.
Between 7th and 12th April,
Nottingham’s intu Broadmarsh and
intu Victoria Centre will be hosting
exciting activities including cookie
decorating, wall climbing and
even a party with Build a Bear
As part of the free Easter activities,
children will get the chance to
meet with some of their favourite
television characters at both
7th – 8th April – Cookie decorating
sessions from 11am – 4pm
10th April – Teddy Bear’s Party with
Build a Bear Workshop – 11am –
12noon and 1pm – 2pm
15th April – Meet & Greet with
Kate and Mim Mim fom
11am – 3pm on the hour
Peter’s Church, Oundle.
Their Honorary President is
Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant
of Rutland, Dr. Laurence
Howard O.B.E. J.P. Eduardo
Vassallo, principal cello of
the City of Birmingham
Symphony Orchestra, is their
Musical Patron.
The Sinfonia presents imaginative
programmes of music, both
popular and lesser known pieces.
Following the highly successful
‘Magic of the Musicals’ (including
Les Miserables, Sound of Music,
Over the Rainbow) a similar
concert will follow.
Their inspirational Music Director
Paul Hilliam, Sarah Latham
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
Out & About
The Ladyboys of
Bangkok 2015
Britain’s most spectacular comedy
cabaret sensation ...the biggest
party in town!
If ever a name fitted a show
this is the one! Unbelievably
beautiful women (who just happen
to be men!) combine with chart
topping hits from the across the
decades. Add side splitting comedy
and the hottest atmosphere this
side of Bangkok the Lady Boys
bring their new 2015 Beauties
and the Beats to take you to a new
level of frantic fun and laughter as
only the Lady Boys know how!
6pm, 7pm & 9pm.
27th March – 11th April 2015
Tickets cost £16 - £36
Derby Market Place, Derby
Join us on a journey to explore the
oldest turning shed in the World
where the golden age of steam once
The crumbling remains of The
Roundhouse has been restored into a
truly unique learning centre for Derby
College and this special tour reveals
how the impressive new buildings
complement the character of this
historical site.
Derby Roundhouse is a Grade II listed
building, built in 1839 and given
Guinness World Record status in
2012 as the oldest surviving railway
Roundhouse in the world.
The friendly and knowledgeable
tour guides will take you around
The Roundhouse, the Engine Shed
and Carriage Shop and reveal the
true-life stories of the men, women
and children who pioneered Derby’s
railway industry. The tour lasts
approximately 45 minutes to one hour
and ends with a cup of tea or coffee.
The tour is available on various dates
(Saturday mornings at 10.30am and
Wednesday evenings at 6.30pm)
throughout the year. To book, please
contact Derby Tourist Information
Centre - Tel: 01332 643411.
The next four dates are 11 Apr 2015,
18 Apr 2015, 22 Apr 2015,
2 May 2015,
holes with the fewest shots wins.
even more important.
The game is played with a
regulation Size 5 Football. Because
footballs travel less distance than
golf balls, Footgolf is played on
holes shorter than those used for
golf, Oakmeres course has holes
ranging from a par 3 of 48 yards to
a par 5 at 127 yards.
Paul Collinson of the UK
Footgolf Association has
observed that compared to golf,
Footgolf is quicker to play, more
accessible to players, and does
not require expensive equipment.
Oakmeres Footgolf course
has been rated as the best in
Nottinghamshire however new
courses are opening all the time.
It’s also currently taking over
as the must-do children’s party
destination with catering available
on site.
To book your tee off time phone
Oakmere on 0115 965 3545
Footgolf is now open at
Oakmere Park Golf Club
Footgolf as a sport is played
on golf courses only.
The first shot has to
be played from the
tee box, and to
reach the hole,
trees, water
and hills
have to be
crossed or
means a
shot is
useful, but
not decisive.
Reading the
course, a smart
approach and
accurate putting are
Out & About
Meet the Easter
Bunny & Bugsy
Bunny down at
the Great Central,
there’s lots of fun
for the whole family
it’s eggstraordinary
value too at just £25
for 2 adults and up
to 3 children!
Derby Roundhouse Tour
Footgolf is probably one
of the fastest growing sports
in the Country.
Their motto is “The greatest
game ever invented…”
I’m not sure that is entirely
true when you’ve got the big
hitters of the likes of Cluedo,
Monopoly & tiddlywinks
however Footgolf is great fun
and for all members of the
The game is played the same
way as golf, except players
use a football instead of a golf
ball, and the ball is kicked
rather than struck with a club,
working towards a 21-inch
“cup” in place of the usual
golf hole.
The player
who plays
the 9
or 18
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
Mini craft market - there
will be a selection of stalls
selling items from trinkets to
Meet the Easter Bunny on
the Easter Bunny Express
departing at 10.15am,
12.15pm & 2.15pm.
Meet Bugsy Bunny on
the steam train departing
at 11.15am, 1.15pm &
Free sweets from the Easter
Bunny for all the boys and
girls on the Bunny Express.
Face painting – please note
there is a small charge for
face painting, this is not
included in your ticket price.
Alight at Quorn for lunch.
Hot and cold food &
beverages available in our
family friendly cafe, Butler
Henderson - children’s picnic
boxes available.
Easter egg hunt with a prize
for the winner.
Mini funfair for children to
enjoy – not included in ticket
Miniature garden railway children can drive Thomas
for £2
Ellis’s Tea Room open for
refreshments – children’s
picnic boxes available
Leicester North
Meet the Easter Bunny on
the Easter Bunny Express
departing at 11.00am &
Meet Bugsy Bunny on the
steam train at 12.00pm &
Free sweets from the Easter
Bunny for all the boys and
girls on the Bunny Express
Colouring in and craft corner
The ‘Platform Café’ will
be open 10am till 4pm –
children’s picnic boxes
NB: Greenacres is located a
short walk from the Leicester
North station, walking down
the slight hill on the left hand
For further details see www.
Family ticket A: £25 (2
adults and up
to 3 children)
Family ticket B: £15 (1
adults and up
to 3 children)
Adult runabout: £10
Senior runabout: £10
Child runabout
(2 or over): £5
Child under 2: FOC
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
07764 466381
01773 762675
(Answers in Issue 114)
E: [email protected]
1 Glasses 5 Jet lag 8 Palette 10 Cube 11 Import 12 Stink 14 Run 15 Dark horse 16 Eats 17 Area 19 Capital 22 Cramp 24 Lessens 26 Bird 28 Press 29 Wallet 31 Engine 33 Inches 35 Forest 38 Otter
39 Reel 40 Cleaner 43 Curve 45 Nippers 47 Pace 49 Stud 50 Dishcloth 53 Hoe 54 Brass 55 Degree 56 Deer 57 Cabbage 58 Orange 59 Rostrum
1 Guitar 2 Sack 3 Spear 4 Defreeze 5 Joiner 6 Tipster 7 Get the push 9 Tour 13 Shallot 15 Dope 17 Alibi 18 Acid 20 Teal 21 Isle 23 Average 25 Noise 27 Rooster 28 Pelt 29 Weir 30 Local
32 Touch-and-go 34 Sand 35 Furnace 36 Rump 37 Clove 39 Rasp 41 Evidence 42 Mesh 44 Veteran 46 Adhere 48 Custom 51 Slab 52 Order 54 Brat
1 Fortieth wedding
anniversary (4)
3 Fourth month of the
year (5)
10 Downy-skinned fruit (5)
12 Principal male star (4)
13 Knitting pin (6)
14 Reverting to the past (5)
15 Egg-layer (7)
16 Pasta grain (5)
17 Biblical garden (4)
19 Grassy garden area (4)
21 A public brawl (4-3-3)
24 Necklace pearl (4)
27 Open-air snack (6)
28 Table cue game (7)
30 Ice or grass team
game (6)
31 Small horse (4)
33 Unsightly (4)
34 Grows old (4)
35 Tyres with no tread (4)
38 Wriggle-bottom (6)
39 Elephant’s loud cry (7)
40 US coin worth
5 cents (6)
42 Requirement (4)
44 Assist in a crime (3,3,4)
47 Ill (4)
48 British £1 (4)
52 Pick-up lorry (5)
54 Bar from
participating (7)
55 Cringe in fear (5)
57 Uncle’s wife (6)
58 Shout a name (4)
59 Nursery verse (5)
60 Pad for injured eye (5)
61 Hotel’s chief cook (4)
1 Skating enclosure (4)
2 Copper-leafed tree (5)
3 At the ready (5)
4 Regular procedure (7)
5 Yellow citrus fruit (5)
6 Ginger or nutmeg (5)
7 Wobble and vibrate (5)
8 From Beijing or Hong
Kong (7)
9 Ladies (5)
11 Creature (6)
18 Whack with the
hand (4)
20 Female goat (5)
21 Come to terms
with (4,2,2)
22 Grub and tucker (4)
23 Soil-levelling tool (4)
25 Reside in a house (5)
26 Conker (8)
28 Go separate ways (5)
29 Just and proper (5)
32 Spanish vegetable (5)
35 American dollars (5)
36 Mountain lion (4)
37 Potato (4)
41 Inland water (4)
43 Getting on in years (7)
45 Wound to the body (6)
46 Binge or beanfeast (4-3)
48 Bogus doctor (5)
49 Frighten (5)
50 Break off links (5)
51 Little rascal (5)
52 Junk rubbish (5)
53 Unexpected pitfall (5)
56 Table section to
increase size (4)
Amy’s African
By Gemma Allen
Continued from the front page…
Being the media and
communications lead at
Nottingham Forest in the
Community, Amy will also be
filming regularly during her trip to
create an experience video when
she gets back.
“Football is my passion, my
driving force and pretty much my
life.” said Amy.
“I want to help
as much as I
can out there,
whether that
be coaching,
building or
teaching and to
really inspire
the children
that I will be
with. There are
moments in
your life where
you need to
push yourself
and place
yourself out of your comfort zone
to develop as a person, but also to
make you realise just how much
you have to be grateful for.”
It hasn’t always been easy for
Amy, at just 23 she has already had
to have two operations on her left
knee due to football injuries.
She was out of the game for
2 years in 2012 and had the
second accident in October
last year. Amy is still recovering
and unfortunately can’t play
any football for the time being,
so the offer of a trip to Ghana has
brought some surreal realisation
to her.
She told the Nottinghamshire in
Focus: “Rehab has been going well
but it is a long road to recovery,
work offered me the Ghana trip
opportunity and I had a selfrealisation feeling that I had so
much going for me, that this was
the perfect chance to chase another
dream and have a target to focus
on and inspire myself to reach!”
If you want to help Amy get to
Ghana and make a difference you
can make a donation at www.
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
Saving Time
to Save Lives
By Gemma Allen
Continued from the front page…
It’s estimated that the number of
patients arriving by air ambulance
will increase by around 10% due
to the shorter journey and direct
access via the helipad. The overall
aim is saving time in order to save
At present it can take up to 20
minutes for an air ambulance to be
case manager at the Major Trauma
Unit and has worked there since
it opened in May 2012. Her role
involves assisting patients through
their journey, from the minute
they come into the emergency
department, until they go home.
“Something that we are very
proud of is the involvement of
psychology with the Major Trauma
service.” explains Lucy. “We can
She told the Nottinghamshire in
Focus: “Having a helipad at the
QMC will dramatically reduce the
amount of time that it currently
takes to get a patient to the
emergency department. Shortening
the journey time will help us
to save lives and improve the
experience for patients.”
If you would like to donate to
the Helipad Appeal, you can do
so via text message, by texting
‘NUHC07’ and the amount to
70070 or alternatively you can
visit www.savetimesavelives.org.
uk to finds out more. The charity
has so far reached the £1m mark so
there’s still a way to go but every
little helps!
Some of the staff at the Major Trauma Centre at the QMC
transferred to the East Midlands
Major Trauma Centre from the
current landing site and that is
simply far too long when it comes
to a major trauma. The onsite
helipad will reduce this transfer
time to less than 5 minutes, saving
valuable seconds that could be the
difference between life and death.
Lucy Jennings is a major trauma
now care not only for patient’s
physical injuries but also the
emotional wellbeing of relatives
and staff.”
Seeing firsthand the trauma cases
that come into the centre on a daily
basis, Lucy knows just how
much the helipad will have a
positive impact on the care they
Lucy Jennings, Trauma Case Manager
Here are just a few people that have had to use the
air ambulance and the trauma centre, telling their
personal stories of how their lives were saved.
Haydn Ayres
Kenneth Lovell Laura Newman
Captain Haydn Ayres was fortunate to escape
with his life when he was involved in a
horrific road traffic accident near Coventry,
whilst travelling to a military exercise in
South Wales from his base in York. The
incident happened at around midday on 9th
March 2014, when Haydn’s driver swerved
to avoid an obstruction in the road and lost
control of the vehicle.
The fire and ambulance services were quick
to arrive on the scene and, after assessing
Haydn’s injuries, he was rushed to the East
Midlands Major Trauma Centre at Queen’s
Medical Centre (QMC) by air ambulance.
Once Haydn’s condition was stabilised,
he was taken for multiple scans to further
assess his injuries. He then stayed in the
High Dependency Unit for a few days before
moving to the Major Trauma Unit at Ward
C30, where he stayed for several weeks.
“As an air ambulance patient, I fully support
the Saving Lives Helipad Appeal, which is
raising money to build an onsite helipad at
QMC. The new helipad will speed up transfer
times for air ambulance patients – helping
people with life-threatening injuries get even
faster access to the fantastic trauma facilities,
expertise and personnel at QMC.”
Haydn is now back at work and looking
forward to a new posting with the Infantry
Brigade in May 2015.
Kenneth Lovell was rushed to the East
Midlands Major Trauma Centre in October
2014 after he was knocked off his motorbike
in a horrific road traffic collision. The
incident happened on the A46 near Syston, in
Leicestershire. A car ploughed into Kenneth,
slamming him into the central reservation –
and promptly drove off, potentially leaving
him for dead.
“It was a classic hit and run – and the driver
still hasn’t been found,” says Kenneth. “It’s
just lucky that there other people around at
the time who stopped to help me and call the
emergency services. My injuries were very
serious and included three broken ribs, a
punctured lung and several fractured vertebrae
in my neck and back.”
The emergency services called in the air
ambulance and Kenneth was flown to the
East Midlands Major Trauma Centre at
Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham. Like
all air ambulance patients at the moment, he
completed his journey by road ambulance as
the current helicopter landing site is about a
mile away from the hospital.
Kenneth explains: “It’s very important that
the QMC has an onsite helipad, time is of the
essence when it comes to getting criticallyinjured patients to hospital – and not having
a helipad means there’s a missing link in the
current system.”
An eco-light, which reduces 75%
of environmental footprints in
comparison to the benchmarking
LED lighting product currently
available in the market, should
serve as a blueprint for the
manufacturing industry, say
researchers at Nottingham Trent
The eco-light was developed
by the Advanced Design and
Manufacturing Engineering Centre
(ADMEC) at Nottingham Trent
University in collaboration with
Ona, an SME lighting product
manufacture in Spain, supported
by the European Commission’s
CIP Eco-Innovation programme.
Working in collaboration with
Spanish and Swedish SMEs, the
eco-light uses recycled materials in
components. Recycled aluminium
is used in the heat sinks, which are
used to diffuse the heat produced
by the light source (LED). The
light’s wires have been cased in
silicone, used as an alternative to
the more toxic PVC, to reinforce
this commitment throughout the
product’s design.
Ultra-energy-efficient Light
Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and
recycled PET material are used
to power and case the lamp.
Optimized cooling fins in the
heat diffuser reduce the chances
of unnecessary overheating, a
common issue in LED based
lighting products currently on sale.
Professor Daizhong Su, head
of ADMEC at Nottingham
Trent University’s School of
Architecture, Design and the
Built Environment, said: “We
are committed to continuing
Laura Newman was rushed to the East
Midlands Major Trauma Centre at
Nottingham’s Queen’s Medical Centre after an
accident at her family’s private stables in June
2014. Laura, an international three day event
rider who lives in Breaston,
Derbyshire, was kicked by one of her horses,
leaving her with serious chest injuries and
struggling to breathe.
“It’s amazing how much damage a single
kick can cause.” says Laura. “When the
paramedics arrived, they quickly realised
that I needed specialist emergency treatment
so they called in the air ambulance. Time
really was of the essence and the helicopter
saved valuable time in getting me to QMC as
quickly as possible.”
Laura was able to go home two weeks
after her accident. She said: “I know I had a
lucky escape and the fact that I’m still here is
down to the air ambulance and the fantastic
team at the Major Trauma Centre. In fact,
they’ve now saved my life twice as I was also
taken to QMC by air ambulance after a road
traffic accident in 2008 – so I really can’t
thank them enough.”
Whilst Laura’s recent accident has
unfortunately affected her eventing training,
she’s still hoping to be in with a chance of
qualifying for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de
Janeiro with a horse she’s trained herself.
Preserving the
our work into providing viable
lighting products that preserve
the environment in their
manufacturing, distribution
and disposal stage. This design
should serve as a blueprint for
manufacturers to develop lighting
products with a low impact on the
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
National Pet Month
Older pets and older people will
share the spotlight during National
Pet Month – April 1 – May 4, 2015
This year’s theme - Pets and
the elderly: enjoying later years
together – will shine a light on the
positive impact pets have on the
elderly and highlight the need for
forever homes for older pets.
Pet fans across Britain are being
urged to join in this nationwide
celebration of pet ownership
which will see all kinds of fun,
pet themed events taking place up
and down the country from April
1- May 4 to raise money for UK
pet charities.
National Pet Month Chairman
Michael Bellingham explains:
“This year’s
theme also asks
us to consider
the benefits of
providing a
forever home
for an older
pet, often
for rehoming
in their later
years, so we
are hoping that
together the
great British
public can help
us provide much
needed support
to our pets in
National Pet
Month, now in its 26th year,
encourages people of all ages to
celebrate life with pets and support
a UK pet charity of their choice
either by attending or organising a
fundraising event.
Thousands of animal fans help
spread the key messages of
responsible pet ownership, the
mutual benefits of living with pets,
the role of pet care specialists
and the value of working and
assistance companion animals.
As well as
all kinds of
for schools, pets
and owners,
hundreds of fun and educational
events take place around the
country – from cake bakes, dog
walks and veterinary open days
to art exhibitions, fancy dress
parades, pet shows and lots more
in between.
If you love pets and would like
to be part of this year’s exciting
National Pet Month campaign then
check out www.nationalpetmonth.
org.uk and sign up as a supporter.
It’s free and only takes a minute.
Paw-Scootin’ Pooches
Dogs Trust
hosts first
Barn Dance
Dance on Saturday 25th April. From
7.30pm to midnight there will be
music and games to get you off your
hay bales and onto your feet!
Says organiser and Dogs Trust
Loughborough Supporter Relations
Officer Ella Tonge:
“This is a great excuse for people to
dust off their cowboy boots
and Stetsons and show us how they
Don your cowboy boots and
checked shirts and get-on-down to can swing their partner’s round-andDogs Trust Loughborough’s Barn round, all whilst raising money for
the homeless hounds in our care.
Whether you want to hear the
back catalogue of Dolly Parton or
prefer to keep your feet firmly on
the ground and play some games,
there is something for everyone.”
Tickets must be booked in
advance so if you’d like to rope
yours off now get in touch with
Ella on [email protected]
org.uk or call 01509 882 966.
Entrance is £15 for adults and
£7.50 for under 12s and
includes a meal.
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 314380
Celebrating Hard Work
World Homeopathy Awareness Week
10th – 16th April 2015
Some of you might not be aware of
homeopathy, or its benefits. But
throughout this special week you’ll
learn lots more! Homeopathy
can offer effective help to those
personally affected by crisis. In
such times the right homeopathic
remedies can help treat individual
and long term experiences.
Homeopathy is an alternative form
of medicine founded by Dr Samuel
Hahnemann in the 19th century
and the 10th of April marks both
the start of the awareness week and
his birthday!
The week is organised by the
to find anything that works, why
not give homeopathy a go?
Homeopathy can help with
a variety of problems, from
migraines or nervousness to
motion sickness. Even vets are
now even using it to treat pets!
Through more awareness and
access to homeopathy resulting in
profoundly improved health, the
World Homeopathy Awareness
paradigm in the understanding of
Organisation, a non-profit group
formed in 2008. They aim to raise healing and healthcare can truly
awareness of homeopathy around shift.
the globe, share ideas and offer
Join us! April 10th –
people more information about
16th every year.
homeopathic practice.
April 2015 we
The organisation will be arranging
lectures, volunteer first-aid at
are celebrating our 11th
sporting events, free clinics, and
World Homeopathic
much more in over 40 countries
Awareness Week.
around the world. So, if you’ve
got an ailment and just can’t seem
Discover the vast benefit
to you of flexible part time
study to gain a new career
in Homeopathy.
The Homeopathic College of East
organisation was delighted
to be sponsoring such a
celebratory event.
Mansfield Mum’s Success
Make a Difference
This is your opportunity to
become a Professional
Homeopath– to make a real
difference to people’s health
and wellbeing!
Hundreds of young apprentices
from across Nottinghamshire
officially graduated at a special
regional event sponsored by
leading national training and
apprenticeship provider Positive
Among the graduates were
30 learners from Positive
Outcomes who got to share
the stage with the keynote
speaker Dr Jade Etherington,
a British alpine
skier who won
three silvers and a
bronze at the 2014
Winter Paralympic
Chief executive at
Positive Outcomes
Chris Longmate
said the
Anglia will give you the benefit of
gaining professional status whilst
helping yourself, your family and
future patients to enjoy better
We are a vibrant professional
College established since 2002
within a beautifully restored
building conveniently situated in
the centre of Norwich.
Join us for ten weekends per
year to achieve a new career with
flexible working hours, a better
standard of living and to provide
your patients with improved
Whilst enjoying the amazing
discovery of the huge potential
of Homeopathic remedies and
Homeopathic treatment we will
also teach you valuable knowledge
about good nutrition.
Good nutrition and a healthy life
style are fundamental to a healthy
body. We combine the teaching
of these subjects with herbal
remedies, supplement knowledge
and an introduction to a range of
other complementary therapies
to ensure our graduates are best
placed to provide an excellent
health care service for their
Our college welcomes applications
from every walk of life. This will
provide you with a unique and
very special opportunity to make
new friends whilst enjoying the
common aim of creating a caring
professional health care service.
Come and join us to gain
professional status and a rewarding
Take a look at our web site www.
homeopathic-college.com or ring
for a chat today on 01603 665173.
Mansfield mum-of-two Kelly
Hallam has revitalised her career in
the property industry by completing a
management apprenticeship with leading
national training provider Positive
Kelly, 29, now works for Lasting
Impressions Property in Southwell
Road West in Mansfield as an estates
manager, having completed an NVQ
level 3 in business administration with
Positive Outcomes last year.
Kelly said the support she has received
while doing her apprenticeships has
meant she can further her career
prospects without taking a chunk of time
out of work to retrain.
She said: “I think apprenticeships are
absolutely brilliant. Positive Outcomes
have helped me to boost my career
prospects while still working, because the
training is always carried out ‘on-the-job’
which means I’ve been able to juggle
learning, earning and being a mum.”
Kelly says that the training she has
received from Positive Outcomes has
been outstanding.
She said: “The support from Positive
Outcomes has been impeccable.
Each member of staff I’ve met has
been extremely professional and friendly
and has helped me in every
way they can.”
For more information about the
wide range of training and apprenticeship
opportunities on offer with Positive
Outcomes, go to
He said: “Central government has
put the spotlight on work-based
learning for several
years now as a progressive and
cost effective way for businesses
and young people to develop
mutually beneficial working
relationships. This graduation
ceremony was testament to all the
hard work these apprentices and
their training advisers do in our
The sky is the limit with apprenticeships, they
can be very demanding but at the same time,
very rewarding.
Why choose an
 Earn while you learn.
 Learn from experienced
 Build up your CV with experience.
 Gain a recognised qualification.
 It doesn’t cost you.
 It’s the perfect start to your career.
E: [email protected] | Tel: 01159 313879
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