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Park Terrace Assisted Living
Move in no"' and SAVE T HO USANDS
a rear in comparison to oth er Assil"ed living Centers.
ONLY $2.575.00 flat fee per month
Northwest Tennessee - April 2:015 Health & Wellness
April is Cancer Fatigue Awareness Month
Cancer & Fatigue
How Park Terrace Assisted Living Can Help!
hat call be dOlle to help those who are fightillg the
ultimate battle?
Cancer and the treatments used to help uS survive, such as chemotherapy. radiation, and
biologit therapy. tan taUSC extreme fatigue_ Many patients deS\:ribe this as feeling tired.
weak, heavy, slow. or as having no cne.gy.
Fatigue related to cancer Is different from fatigue that healthy people feel,
When a healthy pcrwn is tired from their normal daily activities, their fatigue can be helped
with sleep and rest. Caneer·related fatigue is different. Cancer patients gC1 tired aftCT less
activity and it lasts much longer. Cancer.related fatigue is not tompletely relieved by sleep
and rest. Fatigue usually dccreases after cancer treatment ends, but many patients may still
feel some fatigue for months or even yeaJ"$_
Fatigue u n decrease a Pfltie nt's quality of life.
All arcas of life can be affccted by cancer·related fatigue. Exhaustion can make it diffi·
cult, if not impossible, to take part in family activities. relationshipS. and social and cOm ·
munity events. Patients oflen may miss work or schooL Thcy may be foreed to spend less
time with friends and family and more time sleeping. Many times, this type of fatigue
leads to mood changes and depression. "Brain fog" can sct in making it hard to pay atten·
tion or remember things_
Getting help with fatigue may he lp alleviate some of th ese probl ems and improve
quality of life.
If you would li ke more infonnation about how Park
Tcrrace Assisted Living can hclp, plcase fccl frec to stop
by or call 73 I -479· 1321 to schedule a personal appoint.
ment and tour with our administrator. Soo1\ Stubblefield.
Anothcr opportunity to cxperiCI\CC Our community is by
joining US for lunch_ We would like to invite you to come
see why our residents are so happy here at The Park
Tcrrace Assisted living!
O ften times, if patients can be helped with the daily activities, such as meal preparatioos.
medication management, housekeeping, bathing assistance and laundl)'. they can then
conscrve their energy for family and social activities. Th is can help fight the onsct of depression by keeping spirits up. Of course, finding day·to-day help isn't always easy when all of
our friends and loved ones have their own attivities and worl< schedulcs_
At Park Terrace Assisted Living, we take all of the stress off of you. helping you or your
loved OnCS get through the day with ease so that quality of life can be the focus!
7]2 Broadway Street. South Fulton, TN 38257
731·479·1 321
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Prevent Colorectal Cancer
with Screenings
Devoted 10 Excellence in Medical Treatment Using
State-of-the-Art Techno logy and Procedures
Specio!J";Pd l,eolntenls:
GnI':I~1 G"!1"...!!e~
DI<O/ders. of/he Eroph"P'1$
Col"" lIydrothtropy
Calot, C&Jlc.r &ret'Jii,,!!
8m'" Eropmge.! PII snu:li..
Li,-..- (lI",w;':) '" Bililll)' Disn~
lIemormoid LJr.>Im<1iOf>
FI •.• ibl. SignJ"ioiosropy
D ...~~ 0(11)< """". .,
(731) 884-0600
Ko fi W. Nuako, MD and Lmlra W. Russell, CFNP
Upptt GI £tl</o$oopy
L".tl BK>jJOY
P4n0c.", ..i.
SIIIgic&/ Ref.."..).
1109 East lh.-clfoot Ave nue - Union City, TN 3826 1
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The Next Generation in Heart Attack
and Stroke Prevention, General Health,
Wellness, Weight Loss, Diabetes Management,
Remission Program, and Primary Care Services.
731-300-0044 • 162 Murray Guard Dr. Suite B
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6 Health & Wellness April
201 S - Nor t h w es t T e nnessee
By Roger Anderson
Your Woodmen of the World representative can
work wilh you to make sure you find the
product(s) that correctly fit your needs and financial wellness goals.
eilneSS that focuses on your diet and
exercise is imporun!. Bul that's nol
the only kind of wellness that Can
have a large impact on your overall ....·ell-being. You
also necd 10 focus on financial ....·ellness.
Financial wellness is having an understanding of
your financial situation and taking steps to prepare
for the future or fOf financial changes. When your
financcs are in check. and you don't have that additional stress. Ihe rest of your life seems much more
Mainlaining that balance can consist of being comfonable wilh where your money comes from.
where it is going and knowing that irs working to
help you in the fulure.
Life insurance from Woodmen of the World is one
way you Can know that your money is working for
you. and that il will be there 10 protect your
family's financial wellncss in Ihe fuwre. If you or
your spouse should suddenly die. life insurance
helpS you be sure that your family will be
provided for.
No maner your budget. thcre's a Woodmen of the
World product · that can work for your family. And
depending on the product you purehase. it could
also help you with your financial needs well into
• Family Tenn life insurance is affordable insur_
ance covcrngc for your entire family - including
a maximum of twO adults and all eligible
children' on one ccnificate . The coverage
extends as your family grows 10 CoVeT additional children you have Or adopl. ' While your
family may increase in siu. your insurance cost
.....on·1. For the firsl 10 years, lhe premium
payment stays the same, no malter how many
children are covered.
• Universal Life' insurance provides pennanent
coverage that adjusts to meet your individual
needs and goals. This lifetime prolection can
help you face the future with confidence.
Woodmen of the World offers two types of Uni_
versal Life insurance:
Accumulation Universal Life Insurance provides
permanent life insurance and is designed 10 help
you build tax-dcferred cash value: and No LapS!;
Guarantee Universal Life Insurance provides
affordable pennanenl life insurance and may be
guaranteed up to age 121 as long as cenificate
conditions are met '
- ......"'_..... ___l.,-........ . . .. ...
.-.......' - -.........-----..-..-....
.. _-""
-. _-,..
---_ _ __--..
.... ......
1 . , . . , . _ " ' _ ..... . .,.,....., _ _ _
• Woodmen of The World Whole Life insurance
can be a dependable way to prote<:1 your family's
lifestyle " 'hile you slrivc 10 mCC1 your financial
wellness goals. The death benefit offers security by
providing money to help pay for funernl costs and
take care of debts. This pennanent insurance also
builds cash value on a lax-dcfcrrcd basis.
• Term Life insurance is anoption for those wanting
life insurance protection that meetS a variety of
needs and budgets. A number of plans are available,
each providing covcrage for a cenain period of
years. As with other types of life insurancc. Tenn
Life provides a death benefit to your family upon
your death, but docs not offer cash value growth.
, ."......
100 ...... ... _ -n.. ._
. "'_
, _ . . .... - - ...............
c_ _ ._.
l.C-_ "
' . II........
...... _ _.
c'J.._..- .. tIo<u ....... f~;':"""'"
..... .... ""',....
,.,............... ...........
l .h'1 ........ -.... _ _ """,,," ....... ... _
- ~-,
... "",ro.
....... ..._--.--,
_ _ -..,-......_
............ '-'J. _ _ .....,.
_ .. c
. . _ .......J. _........
_. .....
------------------------ www.tnhe~lth
As your family changes and life events happen.
ii"s imponanl 10 constantly re-evaluate your
financial wellncss goals to make sure you're
still on track . Your Woodmen of the World representative will provide a FREE insurance
"chec k-up" each year 10 make sure Ihe product
you have is still the best option for your family's
financial wellness.
Woodmen of the World. through our Alliance
Panners. can also help wilh your financial
wellness needs as you move into your later years
wilh long IC11Il care insurance.' Ask your representative for mOre information.
Everyone has a unique financial situation. No
matter what your needs. Woodmen of the World
is there to help you on your journey 10 financial
wellness now and into the future.
Contact me lnday to stan getting your finances
"in shape:'
<if theWORLD
Woodmen of the World Ufe Insurance Society
Home 0f1ic"" Omaha. Nebraska
Roger Anderson. FieF
Woodmen of the World
Jackson. TN 38305
Cett."",", N•••be." I06J to-Ol. tCC<I'J I06.J to-Ol.llOS 1·tO.
1307 j." (0). tCCIO UOj )·10. 1CC1i SJ01 j·ll
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Northwest Tennessee· April 2:015 Health & Wellness
C E N T E R -,-----,,------,-::----,AI rackson- Madison County G~ncral Hospital
Association .
West Tennessee Heart & Vascular Center
and the Ame rican Heart Association's
Saves Lives
For more than ten years, the West Tennessee Heart and VaSOJ lar ~nter and the
Arne<ican He..., Association (AHA) have worked together to promote heart disease
awareness. in West TN . Thei' combir>ed efforts have helped people throughout
West TN learn to recogniU! the early wa,nir>g signs 01 cardia<: health issues.
TIvough this partr'le<Ylip. friendsh ips are formed, hearts are "ea led and lives are
saved by their dedication to the people of West TN
- Known as a highly s.killed team of Cardiovascu lar Specialists and Heating
more heafl anaru than any otm.. hospital in TN, the AHA joined with the West
Tennessee Heafl and Vascu lar Cent'" to M lp us have a 1>099'" impact on the lives
of West TN residents: sha,ed Ch,;,;ty Futrell, Regional o;,ector for the American
Heafl Assadat"'" and Go Red for Women.
o.e.. the past ten )"la~. many su<:<:=/ul health weef"lIngs. awareness campaigns
and edu<:allOna l events have OCC\Irred in We-;t TN because of tM great relationsh;p
between the two organizat,ons. These oo:asiOf\S br'ng awarene» of hea" d;sease
and ra ise funds for research to find wa)'$ to save even more lives. "The American
Hea" Assadat"",;,; more than a research /oundat""' . They are about building
healthie< lives for the commun itie-; they Xlve. and that is our mission as well_
Together, we can help even more people," Slates Em ily Garner. Oin ical Mana.ger of
West Tennessee Hea" and Vascular Cente,"Thanks to the AHA. my family and I knew the signs and s)'TTlptoms and knew to
get me to the team at West Tennessee Hea" and V<lSOJlar Center at Jacks.on·
Madison County Hosprtal," declares Midie Johnson, West TN stroke survivor.
for women
Tuesday, April 7, 2015
5:00pm - 8:45pm
- Dinner at 7:00pm Carl Perkin s Civic Center
400 South Highland Avenue
For more information contact:
Christy Futrell - (731) 267-8479
The next major evem for the We-;t Tennessee Heafl arid Vascular Center and the
Am",ican Hea" Assadation relationship is the annual Go Red For Women event
Tuesday Apfil7th. Thanks to this paflnership and many other sponsors, it promises
to be the best )"lt. Hea" d i<;ea<;e is the No . 1 killer of women, caus,ng 1 in 3 deaths
each yea,- That's approximately one woman ffVery minute, and "vents like these
across the coontry help spread the word about the causes and pr..... ent'an of
c¥d , scular d i_ <e_
-- '=
- - CE N TE R - - - - - - At ladwn . Madison County G ~ n ~ ral Hospital
[email protected]
'NTHVC or9 • 731-54I-CARE (2273) Comprehen"ve Core - One Number to Call
w ww . tnhe ~ lt h~ nd w e l l ness _ com
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8 Health & Wellness April
201 S - Northwest Tennessee
What Shoe to Buy for Your Active Kids
By Raines Foot Clinic
fyour child or teenager plays spons, you may be awan: of the various
spons equipment or uniform needs, Whether it's dance costumes and
leotards Or bats and gloves and prote<:tive helmets, th~re's always a
shopping basket full Qf items. One Qf the most imponant items on yQur
shopping list should be the correct footwear for yQur child's needs.
CQnslder the Activity
Cleats arc used tQ help the player not Qnly run quickly, but also stop quickly.
This helps not only performance, but also helps toavoid injury. Thcy grip the
ground in a way that Typical spans shoes do nQI. There are diffcrent clealS for
baseball, soccer, and football. In some eases, cleats. can be used in multiple
spons, depending On the position played and other factors, however. it is
imponant tQ discuss the optiQns when pun;hasing cleats ifYQU are planning
on using them in more than one spon.
Basketball shoes help prote<:t against injury by providing appropriate
suppon. Basketball shoes. for instance, provide extra ankle suppon, because
the movements from side to side that arC typical in basketball put strain On
the ankles
Running shoes, especially for long distance runners, if at all possible, should
be fitted tQ th~ individual runner. Depending on the physical needs Qf the
individual, running shoes can vary greally.
Get Fitted
II is always ideal to be fined at a store that spccializes in athletic footwear. Most
sales associates are specially trained to find a shoe that is appropriatc for your
child's foot, his gait, and his spoM. Look for a shoe thai fits. Try nol to worry
about the number on the size. Shoe sizes. like clothes, can differ dc-pcnding on
the design. An athletic shoe should feel comfonable on the first try.
Watth for Signs of Wear
When the shoes stan wearing out, it's time for a new pair. Check the tread and
mi<!sole, the cushiQny pan just hefore the sole. If the shoe displays signs Qf
uneven wear. it's time 10 look for a new pair ofshocs. Athletic §hoes should
be replaced yearly; running shoes should be replaced every 300-400 milesor
so Obviously. children grow. Keep that in mind and check YQur child's
alhletic shoes often for signs thai their shoes may be tOO small, e"en before
the end of their season. Difficulty gelling the shoes On and seeing the toe at
Ihe cnd ofthe shoe are bolh signs that ii's lime for a n~w pair
No Pain
NQ pain, nQ gain? Not where YQur feet are cQncerned. Th~ human foot has 16
bones, 33 joints. 107 ligaments. and 19 musclc§ and lendons. The 52 bones
in your feet make up about 25 percent of all the bones in your body. With SO
much tQ take into consideratiQn, if your child Qr teen complains Qf fOOl pain,
it is beller 10 be safe than sorry.
Call Rain~s foot C linic for an appointment Qr consultatiQn with Qur UniQn
_ _Qfficc
_ _at
_ _ _ _ _or_our
_ Dyersburg
_ _ _ _office
_ _at
MedOCo! ond SUgico!l'eotment
oIlhe Fool ond MI:ie
Paul Hutchison, DPM· Todd Divan, DPM • Daniel M. Parise, DPM
1415 E ReeHoot Ave.
Call for an
1901 Cook Street
.. ndwe llness.com
Northwest Tennessee
Implants to the Rescue!
By Dr. Randall LeDoke , DDS
he go.al of the profe.sslon of Dtntls!ry is to
help our patients ~ their ""lUral
t~ in good health and fI.onct;on tnrougn.
out their lifetinw. Unfoftunate!y, p«I!)Ie do low
teeth through disease and lrJ\1ma. About 20'11. of
the A~iUn adult populatioo Is completely toothless arid these denture patients demand and
deserve the best denture appliances we dentists
<an produce.
COIlYefltlona1 dentures, 01/ false teeth. afe acrylic:INset! ..,p~nces that fit 0Wf the bone ridges that
()n(e supported tooth roou. Theft is no 3tuch-
and the
Impl40nts are biocompatiblt! plostheti(: fooure:5 that
aA' SUtgicaily pI/Iced in the jaw bone. They integrate with the den",1 bone and provide a mNM of
connecting denYl appli;Jonc;~ 10 the jaws. Stabiliz·
Ing denlur~ with implants elimlnat~ the wobble
of free·fIoating dentures and gfNIly enhances
chewing me<:hanics and efficiency,
Implants for dentures come In two vlrleties hased
on the sl2i! of the fi~tures. larger or conYentional
Implants are greatet than 3 mm In di<lmeter and
prO\'ide eKCellent support for dentures. Afte<
SUO'glcal ~ement, they must be allowed time to
integrate Into the bone before they can be put into
use. This can take from fout to s1~ months.
Implant fiotures called mini dental impianU are
defined by their smaller diamete< and though the
smalle< Implant~ individually provide less support
than their lao'gercousins, they can be eqU.l11y effec·
tive if a sufficient numbel' are placed. While a
minimum of two con"'l'lltional impl40nts might be
sufficient to support a lowe< Oen!Ufe, it would
require four Of _
mini impl40nts to achieve the
same end. Due to their small size, mini impl40nts
can be placed In thinner bone and this can be an
advantage for older patients with thin denture
supporting bone.
After Implants are placed, attachments are ~
cessed IntO the dentures that plOIIide the connec·
tion between the a~nce and the Integrated
Impl40nl furtures. The attachment housings can be
prOCessed Into new dentures or the attachments
ciln be retrofined to a patient's e"'stlng dentures.
The result Is greater stability during function and
IncrCised confidence in >Will.
At Smiles by l~O"ke,
we can help solve the
~comings of ~
ventlonal dentures by
creating CUSlom den-
CMnging the way the 'MIrid _
OM remar1IabIe smile Ill. lime!
• w,
Or. Rilndall leDuke is a
graduate of the University
of Memphis and the Unl·
versl ty ofnnnessee Col·
lege of Dentistry. He Is iI
past president of the Ten·
nessee Audemy of GMerai
1_.AGO.org) and has achlClled AGO
Maste< SUftu$, one of only 48 AGO Mutet
dentis" In Tennessee.
n'IOIJlh. lisen leam to we". c\entUt'H through COOf-
diMtion .nd practice (rather like ~mlng tocoordi·
...ale and r!de a bicycle), and many people take 10
denture wear surprisingly easily. Also. 50me
denture wearers neve< ge1 the hang of denture
wear and it remaiM a daily challenge for them.
Most denture wea<el'S ~re ~ belVoeen
these ext~ You ~ the problem with COflYelltional full dentures is they wiggle from side to side
uode< function. Than because the pI40stic dentUA'
~aresuppo<ted bywigglysoftgumtlssue. And
~'s usually not poo< fit that causes denture ~ but
the movement of the dentures ~Inst the tissues
they ride on during use.
April 201 S iii
ture appliance with
superior esthetic ap-
Or. LeOuke holds h is permit to administer
Limited Conscious Sedation, having received
tralnlng In this area through the Dental Orga·
nlzatlon for Conscious Sedation. Cosmet:ic
dent~try Is a passion wilh Dr. leOo.rkt. tit is a
member of the Tennessee Ac~my of
Cosmetic Dentistry and servtl on Its Soard of
Oirectors. Dr, leOu ke is a general dentist. not
an O.thodontic Specialist. HOWevel, he hI'
trCited hundreds of children and ltdults
within his dental practice 0\Ie< the past
twenty-five )'tars. Con"'l'lltional braces. cltar
ceramic braces and cit.. aligner orthodontics, ICltarCorrect.com), {inYisalign.com), ..e
available at OUI offict. Dr. LeDuke hits it
special In!er~SI in interceptlve tMrapits for
achieving impro~d dt~lopment and align·
ment of the jaws of)'CIUng, \lrowing patients.
Pk!ase visit our Smilt Gallery wtbsIte at
www.Jmllesbyledllke«tm lor some ~
MOSI dental servicM can be accMsed within
OUI office. tiiminating the flftd for oul·of·
town reftrrals. Our patients appreciate Dr.
ltOukt's depth of e~pe.ienct and ltdvanced
!ralnlng through years of continuing dent al
2t 4 WMt Church
Union City. TN lan l
www.lmlllUb ).1ec1wk • . com
J}@al as well as func-
llooal stability through
Impl~nl ~xtufes. For
mo<e information or a
consultation appointment with Or. ld>uk~
www .tnheiOlthandwellneu.com
10 Keah:h & Wellness April
201 S • Northwest Tennessee
Bowel Syndrome
hal is irritable bowel syndrome (lBS)?
You may have been tQld that YQU suf_
fer from this condillon. alro prevIOusly
called spastic colon. Irritable bowel syndrome is a
common disorder that affects your digestive
system, This syndrome mQSt commonly consists Qf
cramping. ab,;lQminal pain. bloating, gas. diarrhea
and/or CQnstipation. Irritable oowel OOes not cause
inflammation or changes in bowel tissue or
increase your risk of intestinal cancer. By definition. it is a condition in which there is an alteT1'l1ion
in bowel mQvements a$wciatoo with ab<knninal
pain in the absence of any structural abnormalities
of the gut,
lBS is the most commonly diagnosed gastrointestinal condition. It is the second leading cause of
missed work. Approximately 10-20"10 of people
experience the symptoms of lBS at some time in
their lives, Most prople with lBS first have
symptoms by carly adulthood, SymptOmS may
improve as they learn to control their condition.
Theories as toWhy ISS Develops
The cause of lBS is not clear. There are multiple
thwries of why lBS develops. One thwl)'
suggeStS that lBS is caused by abnormal contractions of the colon and intestines. These contmctions can cause severe cramps. f ood is forced
through your intestines more quickly and this may
cause feelings of gas. bloating and diarrhea . 11 is
unclear whether the CQn\ractions are the results or
the cause of the disorder. In some cascs, food
passage is slow and stools become hard, Your
intestines may stretch from gas and this may cause
you to experience discomfort.
Many individuals develop lBS after a gastrointestinal infcction with germs sueh as salmonella or
viruses. It is not clear why this occurs after these
infections. It has also been noted that SOme people
with lBS have abnormal serotonin levels, Serotonin is a chemical that is associatoo with brain
function and also involved in normal digestive
function. Researehers believe that hormonal
changes play a role in this condition. Many
wOmen find that signs and symptoms are worse
during their menstrual periods.
www.tnhealth .. ndwe llness.com
Northwest Tennessee - Aprtl 2015 fiN/th & Weloess
Food, Wt May Affect IDS
Prople with IBS arc more likel y to sutTer from .n.liely and $lre$$.
SU·ns and anxiety In: known 10 atT~ the intestine. flowc,·cr, $tn:s5
and anx.iety are likely noIthc cause oflBS. but probably makc the: rondition worn:. Many individuals feci that their symploms WOrKn when
they eat ccnain foods. [I is felt that chocolate, milk, and .Ieohol might
cause constiplltion or diarrhea. Carbonated beverages. eenain fruits
and vegetables may lead to bloatinS and dis<;omfon. The role of food
allergy in lBS is not clearly understood.
Then: are several inteSlinal disorders that an: similar to 18S. Your
doctor will n.ccd 10 rule OUI inflammatOf)' bo....el disease (such as uleerative eoliti , and Crohn's disease). celiac disease, &rid microscopic
colitis. You will nttd blood ,,·orX to rule OUt Other medical conditions.
Your doctor may order stool studies to check for infection or m.labsorpIion problems. Your doclor may .lso wggcst. colonoscopy, especially if you are o,·cr agc SO years. to make su~ lhen: In: no rno;m:
sinister causes of the symploms. B~ath testS may be ordered to see if
you are inlolenml to lactose or might have bacteria thaI could be
causing your symptoms.
Treatment Options
Because il is OOt clear what causes IBS. t~almenl ,,·ill focus on ~Iief of
symploms. In $Onle cases, mild signs and symploms may be controlled by
learning to manage $trcss. You may also make ehan8f$ in your diet and lifestyle. Fiber wpplemenlS may also help if cOlI$lipation il .n issue. If you
sutTer from bothersome bloaling or gas, your doctor may suggesl .voiding
ra .... fruils, vegetables. carbonated beverages, salads. e". You may need
medication 10 hclp with pllinful bowel cramping and spasms. An antispasmodic drug may be prescribed tQ help wilh this discomfort. Anlidepressants
and anliunxiety medications may be helpful if you sutTer from depression or
have problems with anxiety. If diarrhea is the main symptom , you may need
medications to slow your imestines. Drugs like lmodium and lomotil can
help with diarrhu, but should only be used long ttrm after medical studies
hne been performed. Many individuals suffcr from constipation wilh lBS. lf
you have problems ,,·ilh constipation. your do<;tor may prncribe I tuative to
help Il:gulale bo",-cl movcmenl5.
"IlIcn: is no $pCCific test for irritable bowel syndrome. Your history. physical
examination, and blood lesl5 will rule OUI OIlier conditions and help in establishing the diagnosis. Your doctor may recommend that you ~ a gastroenlerologist for colonoscopy (a small flexible tube with a camera that will examine
your colon).
There are many ditTerent trealment options for IBS . At Advanccd Gastroenlerology. we have a Spc<.:ial inte~st in the diagnosis and trcatment ofl BS. To
learn more aboul IBS or 10 schedule an appointment, please o;QI1l1Ct our
office at 7)1 ·S84-0600 or visil us online at www.ucgastro.com.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - www.tnheatthandwellnus.eom ________________________
12 Keah:h & Wellness April
201 S •
N orthwest T e nn e ssee
'i/'lri",opher Welsch. MD
FOO' those ~ ...no do r>OI ~ .... ;,,1
from • C)( " ' " not <;andi<!at ... lo<. ~t
of obnormol ...-.strual cyd<os wiIt1 ~.
W<gk.ol procedures ~ additIOnal options 10<
the mana.geme<l1 of these d~ If a pIIt"""
chooses def~....-ge<Y '" her best ch<Xe IC)(
long.""", .... >ef. the abdominal hys1l>«!<;tOmy
hos trad~Oona I Iy been the most coo ... ,.,..1y used
~ for """",,_I of the ute<\/$. UnIott"""'~'
opM abdominal wrge<y con b& HSOCioted wiIt1
a r.osp.ul stay of two to """ days or """" and
up to iii>< to 8;ght woob to re<;Ov(tf ••• tirn& away
from work and 1...... >1)1 that ...... roy io'IdMduols cannot
$pII"'. · M...... 11y in......,..· .... '9~ ~
con ~ a """"'" with relOef 01 her symptoms,
and allooN her to return to normal activoty mo.och
mont quiddy.
Th,.... type> 01 hysterectomy.", wnoidered
·m in ima lly in.""e" and may be .,sociated with
mo<e rapid ""''''''''Y - •• g.n. l, lapllroscopic and
robotoc .. "iSled.
With .agina l hys'''''''''omy, th .. uterus i.
completely removed through the v.gi ..... lISOJally
with no .bdomin.1 Iocisions. Mos, po'>e<>U can
go f>orn8 the day alter .... rgery .nd can be bad
to work in lour woob. The su<gery ;s performed
wo\hout actua lly ..... ing ;nsid .. ,"-" obdom.n. 1
cov;ty. and some condit ions may ...... ke .ag;nol
hys,erectomy more d ilfocuk or even impossible
10 perlorm . .....,., a..... ry ""larged ut ..... s. the
01 sear , ......... or pteVOous opera'ions.
Some~me a s uogery ;. begun through the vagina
but has to be completed through an abdom;no l
;""ision. Ioke a ... nd.<d abdominal hysl"re<:'omy.
2863 Highway 4S Bypass
Jackson. TN 3830S
731.664.1375 • jacksondinic.com
Lapo roscopy .. a surgery whe", the doc1or
>nser1$' telescope.nd instrumenn th""ugI1
....... 11 Oroci<ions (about the wdth of a linger) ;n the
.bdomin.1 wall. A surgeon c.n ..... mor" de.rIy
with th is approach as he;$ v ..... .-.g the pelv;.:
orgons d irectly on • I"ge TV screen. A po,ien\
M.ing hysterectomy perlorrned by 1.p"""$C0py
can potent;o lly go home the ... me day and be
b*"" 10 woJt in one to two wee«.•.
The", ore many causes 01 IObnonnaI ute,ine
bleeding. 1/. worn..n
.ny 01 ,he
following. wn.ultation ";th a gyneco!og;'t i•
Robot;.: ",s;sted (do Vncii .... rg«y ;s the roe_t
gen&o'ation of IapllJO<COPY. wher" a ""9"<Y
.. pe<formed through small inasions on
the al:odorne<> oot the wrgeon MS • Wee
dimenS-ioMI. h;gl1 def.nition ...... 01 the aw.
""-e he .. operating. The dcoctor then
controls """II in'trurr\OO1U that "x<tctly mimic
the movemenU 01 h" hands to complete the
procedure. The robot does not perform the
wrgery. but .. used by the surgeon to operate
with incre.sed precision .nd .. fety. Pat""'U
L.<ldergoing da V.-.<; w<gery may experience up
to a 90% dec<e_ ;n comp!ations and up to
V3 Ie.. blood loss over othe< typeo of minimally
;nv","'" surgery. in addition to • lowe< chance of
r.aw-og to con.ert to .bdom...1hysterectomy.
They GOn go f>orn8 the same day ar>d ,..,tum to
work ;n one to two wee«.s.
• Anemia (low blood ,QUnn)
A woman has options that
wjll allow her to get reljef
of her menstrual symptoms
and back to normal life
more quickly. Djscuss wjth
your doctor which approach
may be best for you.
www .t nhe~lth~ndwe
l lnes s.com
• M""",,u.1 Row long...- Ih.n ...... n days
month 0,- in
0""• •
• BI..&<1,"9 """" thon
between cycle.
• P~ .. i"9 dots, /Ioodlng.
Ndoh ...ts
dot"". 0'
The aep..rtment 01 Obotetria .o>d GynKOlogy
a' The J;ockson Clinic i> tINt "'!lion. le_, In
gynecologic su~. Their
gynecologi.n "'_ comp~ted over 1500
roboli<: procedure •• h. ... performed .dditiO<oal
thou ... ndo 01 minim.lly ;""...... 'U'geriM lor
gynec%gi<: condl'io .... 0Ild "'p'..... ove, 100
)'<Oars of surgical experie""e and commitment
to ..~ celle"".. in p"tien' car... They 0", the first
group in Jack""" '0 all., ,obo,i<: hys'MOdomy
lor tfoe treotmellt 01 .bnormal bleedi"9.• r>d ore
the only group with d. Vmci c.. rtified instr""'''''
lor robot", gyn«ologic Ju<gery. Gynecologists
a' The hekson Clinic .'e the only pfoysid.... ;"
Jad,,,,,,, 10 all''' robot'" "",.. I colpopexy · the
gokl ".r>da'" lor tr.... tme<>t of certain type. 01
pelvic organ ... Io"",ion _ 0Ild d a Vinci single.
itoci>ion hysletectomy.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
Northwest Teooessee
2015 Ho th &- Wel lJll!ss
require regular al1cndancc for besl n:sulu;. Some insurar.ce pI .... provide: borne
health therapy CO"efl8C based on diagnosis.
Compll ...... lIIry AsHs ....... t
Schedule a romplimenLlry lNCSI-IIlCI>I at no clwJe with Il wnan TedUlol.ogy, Inc.
Proslhe1ics and Orthotics.
" i! cdeiJrQ(e Occ" fH'IiOfHll r " erop)' MOl"" and t" ank all flr t! indi,';d,,-
alf in flrif carar for imp"""jnK ~e:S daily actio-ity f "nctions.
- Human T"hnolop, 100;:. Pto$tbf!riel and Orthotic.
WhM Is. ClJnl,Ktu,.7
A contrxture is a permanenl shontnma of a muscle that 0;10"," a ""fannity. with
or without pain. A COflUXture dc:fonnity ,. the result of a stiffntss or oonstri<;tion
in the mus<:les,joinu;, lnI<Iont, lillme.ns, or skin Ihat rcstricu; _ I mo,-CtnC'IIt.
It """clops when normally pliable <;OCIIICCti"e tiHUeS bcoome less fk~ible. This
meanS the ran,e of~ion will be limite<!. A penon may have diffkulty mo"ing
their hand ... retcking their ](81. wai,lncn;n, fingef'J, or e~tcnding another pan of
the body,
Contracturcs can oxcur ;n different pans of lhe: body. A musele contracture
in"olv" the: tishtcninJ!shonen;n, nf the muse]". An individual with joint COn·
tractures will c~pcrimcc limited range of molion in an area of 11.., body where Iwo
or more bones co.,,>eet The: skin Can also beeome scarred (e.g., burned) and
contract. limiling the Ibility to move that par! of the body.
Symptoms of ClJnt.adura o.formlt)l
The: main Iymplom i. mt .... e<I.biHty to mo..-e an an:a of the body. Pain may be
expt"ricnce<l ckpIndina on tbe: lonlion and cause: of tbe: problem.
Common C.UHS
n.. main causes of conUXture Ire iMClivity and se..-Mg from an injury or bunL
People: wboo have othc:r <;Onditions that keep thml from "':::I\",ng around an: at high
risk for tia;hltnina of their m"""ks and joinlt. For example. joint conUXIUreS an:
..... ,,,, .... , in pIlimts disc:1Iafgc<I from in~ive CIre urn", or after long hospi"'l
Slays. Other causes include discascslconditlons such "" M ......1ar Dystrophy,
Cen:bral Palsy. lIuminp)n's DiSClK. Polio and Rhromatoi<!Anhrilis.
\\ac-.te Sftl< Utlp
Stek ionmediale medical l$SiSWICc: if IIOmOOI>C Iw III injury or bunl. Noofy the
doc!or ,fthe ab,lity to mo'-.: the affo:cted pari of the body is limite<l. Seding treat·
menl for chronic disc-asc:s and underlyin, ronditiom is al$o important for dectusing or pn:veo>lin,SymplOml. Elderly or disabled individuallliving at home alone
ncc<I to be monitored oft"" for sipos of co.nractwn.
Addranlngllnd bll"9 Symptoms
Docton will Ii>'e I physical uam and ask about medical hi.lory. Be prepared to
up],i" 5ymplOmS. specific location of tbe: problem. its inleftS;ly, .""ilable
movCtnC'llI and bow long movement oftMt art'l has been fCStricted. A doctor may
order X· ... ys or OIher tellts to dil8ROK the: eon<Iition. Make sure the doctor docu·
ments in eban notes the specific co""oms dealing with contractu",. and improv.
ing functional OIIlcom" so treatment and appropriate d e"ices can be co>-emt by
Medica", and OIhcr insurance planl, Gel a cop)' of the chan notes along with a pre·
scription for the ... py and. contracture brace/splint.
Physical lind Ckcu~tlonlr nt.rlPY .ra Kay
After obuoining. diagnosis and I pmotriplion from the prinwy doctor. the panicipa_
tion of a therapi,. and .. Orthotist in the an and managw>mt of COfltractures is
critieally impooWllto prt"o"ftlt serious proFessh'e ""fonnity.
Diff"""'l typeS of contracture brxing or ",Iinting il »Sed. Fnnk Caruoo, CO/LO. the
Director ofOrtholics II Human Technology. Inc. Prosthelics and Orthotics belie,..,.
one of the moo1 successful tpprOIChei was """elo,lCd by Ultraf\ex . II is a custom or
off_thc-lbc:lf Ibi", that allows the tlinic'an. pltient or physicilll 10 slowly increase:
~ion of a """UXture in inch pounds. This is plnicularly ;.xal if thc-n:'s been
tendon or nerVe repair. learn more at http://www.ultraflexsysterJlS.com.
ClJnsequencIH of Forgoing T,..unlftt
Delaying or forgoing trealment may make it difficult or impossible to "'gain range of
motion. Ik-pc:nding on the: .ffccted an:a of lhe body. stiff muscles, joints, and skin
can interfere with pcrf"orm;n, cvo-ryday taskS II home and woo. People wilh
diseases like Cerebral Palsy and Museular Dystrophy should be under cominual
medical Care to ensure their best outcomes.
Providing ftequcntc hanges in position and rl'Ingeof~ion e~creiscs is im]XIManl to
pm'cnt contracl\ln:S. I'ropcr fil1inll and wear lime of I splint. brace or o n hosis is
crucial in management of. contracture. Rellular uerd.., and an acti,'c lifestyle can
help prev""t muscle and joint .tiff,,",.
Once conuxtun:s develop. lbey an: ofltn ~ery diffll:ult to correct. Physical and
<:«upational thcrapi,u; frequenlly help;n Ilr<'IChing out the conlractorcs. HO......."C1".
the most imponant w"y to ""al with conuxtun:l is to pn:vmt them.
Human Technology. Inc . Prostl>tticl and OrthotiQ now has ofToccs in the following
TenrtCSSCC cilles: Jackson. Germantown. Qatllctl, Union C ity, Paris, Murfn:nboro,
and Columbia. Miosiosippi il Sf!rViced by III ofT~ in Southa'·cn. MS. Patients lin:
also seen in clinic at the hospi"'l in Savannah. TN. Rehab Centers. Physioeian ofTJ«S
and home: visiu; CIII be IfnIIiClI ir nc : ''I')' by appointmen .. CaU ll uman Techno!01)'. llll:. Prostl>ttiQ and 0rth0Ii<;s at 1.800-922. 1514 or visit US online al
SOlutions for Life,
Technology for Living
~ Human
Full P rostl>eUc Care lor
Amputee, - CUltom Orlhopedlc
Devices for all Me<!k:1I1 Condition.
CUllOm a nd DlabeUe
SIIoeslOrlholics and Supporb
TI!crapy is oro: of the mOil common "".tmc-n1S for """,racto""" It helps 10 increase
Servldng Hlddl • • w ..t Tlftn_ ...1.. t....""I, Arkan .... and Kenluci<y
me ta/Igt' of ~ion and ~ muscles. PbysicallOccupational therapy sessions
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ www_t nllealtllandwellness.com' _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
Does Your Heart Need a Check Up?
Or Maybe Your Lungs?
Could you be at risk for a stroke, heart disease, or even
lung cancer?
Henry County Medical Center is now offering several
procedures that can give you peace of mind by
checking your heart and lungs.
Cardiac Scoring and Lung Cancer Screenings
$99 for the CT Calcium Scoring Test
$275 for CT Lung Cancer Screening
Tests are available anytime
during the week.
These screenings last
approximately 30 minutes and
no physician order is needed,
but you must pre-register by
calling Centralized Scheduling
at 731·644·8486, option 1.
N orthwest Tennessee - April 2015 Hea lth & Wellness
Hearing affects everything between your ears.
If you're like most people. you're used to thinkingof hearing as something that
happens;n your ears . What people often don't thin k about is what happens
How can technology help your brain hear more
With so much of your hearino happenino in your brain. it's
between their ears. in the hearing
important that when your hearing is compromised, your brain
P<lrt of their brain. That's where
oets the support i t needs. That's the idea behind the Br ainH ear; no~
sound becomes informat ion that
has mea ning. Your brain has t o
wor.: hard to ma ke th is happen.
technolO<JY bu ilt into Oticon hearino instruments.
techflolO<Jypreserves the important detai ls in speech. so your brain
doesn't have to fill in theoaps. It enables your hearing instruments
When the sound signals from your
to work t o<Jet her as a system to help you locate sound. And it
ears are compromised. your bra in
reduces the eflort involved in listen ing to conversations.
has to wor.: even harder to fil l in
the gaps. Th is extraeffortcao take
Give your brain exactly what it needs to hear.
its toll.ln fad. stud ies have shown
Brai nHearino~ technology enables Ot icon hearino instruments to
that. over time. hearing loss can
be f inely tuned to ma tch your unique hea ring profile and personal
lead to isolation and depression.
sound preferences. Then deliver SO\.Ind wi th the clearest. purest
sional possible in the way your bra in is best able to understand
it. The resu lt is a more natural. effortless listening experience .
Hearing care is health care.
Thats why it makes sense to take care of your hearing healtll the same way
Anywhere, Anytime.
you care about the rest of your health : There's a lot more riding on it than just
Bra i nHea ri ng'" tech nol ogy:
It's your brain that hears. Not your ears.
Helps both ears werle to<Jether
When)'(lu listen to a (onversation, your ears and your brain work together as
Recognizes and preserves natural spe-e<:h
a system. with your brain doing most of the heavy lifting. Your brain is what
Separates <P"e(h from background ooi",
uses the information from your two ears to orient you by figuring out which
d irect ion sound is coming from. It's in the brain that sound waves become
sounds that you
recognize. And your brain is what helps you fOCUS in on a
conversation and seporote out unwanted noise. Right now. all four of these
tasks are happen ing simultaneously and cont inuously inside your bra in.
Coo<dina te. how sound is best understood
by your brain
"'-_............. _.........
·201 ..' . _ ... . - - . . - ' ".... , ...... _
If you missed our recent Consumer Seminar on BrainHearing"" Technology, contact The
.. '*'~
.A"! NT
Jackson Hearing Center at 731-660-SS11
today to sc hedule an appointment for your Fr ee H eari n g Screening and Bra ln H ea r lng'"' Techn o l ogy Co n sul tati on a n d
Demon st ratio n . www.hearlngmemphls.com.
w w w .t n he ~ lt h~ nd w e l lness.com
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
16 Keah:h & Wellness April
201 S • Northwest Te nn e ss e e
Leg Cramps?
By The COmporehensive Vein Center at Cardiovascular Clinic 01 West TN , P.C.
fyou suffe, with any of these. then VenaCure
EVLT laser treatment is for you' VenaCure
EVLT laser treatment ciiminatu unsightly
varicose veins without surgery or hospitalization.
with minimal to no scarring, with no lengthy
m:overy. and with minimal to no side effe<:ts.
The VenaCure EVLT procedure may even be
covered by insurance. In less than an hour, you
can be free from varicose veins and associated
varicose pain.
V• •icos. Veins
Besides being a cosmetic problem, varicose veins
can be painful, especially when standing. $cvere,
long-standing varicose veins can lead to leg
swelling. venous eczema. skin thickening and
ulceration. Varicose veins can devciop through a
combination of weakened vein walls and faulty
valves. Under a variety of cireumstances.
nonnally toned. clastic vein walls can become
weak and allow the recirculating blood that
should be moving loward your heart to flow
bach.·anI. One·way vah·cs in these veins - which
open and enable blood to flow through on its way
upward. then close 10 stop blood from flowing
backwanl - can also fail to fun.ction properly. This
allows blood to pool and pressure to build up,
which funher "'eakens and subsequcmly damages
the .·eins. causing them 10 become twisted,
enlarged and painful. Up to 40% of women and
25'Y. of men are affe<:ted by this condition - but
fonunatciy. treatment is available.
What to e)(pect with the VenaCure EVLT procedure
° YOU, doctor ..s.e-s uluasouod 10 map out your yeO'!
° Local afl6thetic is appied
• A thOn lase< fibe< is inserted thf"OUgh a tiny entry point
• ~ f"MflIY is ~ivered to ~I 11-,. faulty Vl'In
° Wal~ing ""medi.lt~ aft... the poroeed~ is HKOU'~; normal
daily activity CiI" be resumed. just aYOid rigorous activities such as
.... -._ ..... ......,...M'_
° There may be minor soreness and b"nsong 2-S days af~ 11-,.
poroeedUf<!; any discomfort can be treated with O"!I".t/Ie-«Iun~.
"""""'PInn paon ........... as Jll'f:essary
More than half a million people have been treated with the
VenaCure EVlT system worldwide, which has now become the
standard of care in the U.S. for the treatment of varicose veins.
www.tnhe~lth~ndwe l lness.com
LaserVeln Treatment
Simply put. a laser is a highly concentrated
beam oflight. Medical lasers work by delivering
this light energy to the targeted tissue with
extreme precision. SO as not to affect the surrounding tissue. Lasers have proven their safety
and effectiveness through years of use in all
types of medical procedures. from eye surgery
to dermatology. In the hands of a skilled physician. lascrs offer far less risk for complications
than conventional surgery. In laser vein treat_
ment. a thin fiber is inserted into the damaged
vein. A laser light is emitted through the fiber.
delivering just the right amount of energy. The
targeted tissue reacts with the light energy,
causing the vein to close and seal shul. The veins
that are closed off are superficial veins that
handle less than 5% of your blood flow. The
blood is automatically routed to other veins.
The VenaCure EVlT o Procedure
• Treatment in less than an hour
• Can be performed in the
dOdOe's office
• Up to 98% success rate
• Immediate relief of symptoms
• Less pain and b.using than
traditional vein stripping
• Return to normal activity
immediately-with little or no
pain or downtime
• No general anesthesia or
• Minimal-to·no scarring
• Typically is covered by insurance
Northwest Tennessee - April 2015 Kealth & Wellness
Varicose veins, or enlarged and twisted rope-like veins t hat appear near the
surface of the skin, are a result of venous disease (a disease in the veins). In
normal ly functioning veins, tiny one-way valves open as blood flows toward the
heart and close to prevent blood from flowing backward. When these valves
malfunction, blood pools in the veins, increasing pressure, causing additional
valve fa ilure, which weakens the vein walls and causes t hem to bulge.
~----1--- Laser Fjber
The Vena(ure
EVl~ procedure
is a non-surgical
method t hat uses
targeted laser
energy to seal
the vein shut,
About the Procedure
The procedure;s done right in your physician's
office. In less than lhe lime it takes 10 watch a
movie, you can get rid of the source of your
varicose veins. The entire procedure typically
lasts anywhere from 4S minutes to one hour. and
requires only a local ancsthetic. You, physician
will insert a Ihin laser fiber inl0 Ihe vein thmugh
a very small entry point. and the laser light lhal
emilS through this fiber will seal the faulty vein .
While you might feel an unfamiliar sensali{)n, ;t
treating varicose
veins directly at
their source.
is not painfuL This part of the procedure lakes literally juSt a few minutes. Your physician will
enoournge you to walk immediately after the pr0-
cedure, and you can resume nonnal activity Ihe
same day (ask your physician when i1 is safe 10
resume rigorous activities). Some p<llienlS may
experience temporary soreness. which can be
trealed effectively with over-lhe-countcr, OOnaspirin relievers and should subside within the
first five days.
Excellent Long Term Results
After treatment. the appearance of the abnormal vein is instantly improved with minimal-to-no
scarring. There may be somc slighl swclling and minimal bnIising around the trealment site.
However, once that subsides, you will sec a significanl difference in the appearance of your legs . For
those paliems who don't experience these small side effects, the resuits are obvious righl away.
Published clinical studies show that the VcnaCure EVLT procedure has more than a 95% initial
success rate with excellent long tem results, Veins that have becn treated are very unlikely 10
become varicose again,
Many people experience other vein conditions thai may need to be trealed with supplementary therapies Ihat we offer as well . [fyou are experiencing these other vein conditions. such as spider veins.
your physician may recommend micro-phlebectomy and selerotherapy (spider vein treatment).
Comprtlle,.,ln Yel" Ce"ter
at CimliO'WU(Il/'" CUnk o/ Wt" TN
2%8 North Highland Avenue
Learn more about varicose vein treatments by contacting Comprehensive Vein Center at Cardiovascular Clinic of West TN al 731-499_1921 or 731_256-1819. or visit our website at www.cvctncom
for more infonnation. For important risk infonnation, visil hltp:INcnaCure-EV LT.comlRiskinfo.
Jackson, TN 3830S
731-499-1921 or 73 1-2S6-!819
www . lnhe~lth
.. ndwe ltness.com _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
Northwest Tennessee - April 2015 Health & Wel lness
Source: IN.gov Devolt me<>t of IINkh
easles, a disease conSidered eradicated
in the United States. is making headlines
due to a g rowing outbrea k lin ked to a
(a lifornia amusement park. Most of the peop1e
infected with measles in this outbrea k were not
vaCCinated aga inst the disease. While Tennessee
does not yet ha~ any repo<ted measles cases in
2015 and no cases lin ked to this outbreak at this
time, tile Tennessee Department of Health is
reminding everyOne of the importance of routine
vaccination aga inst measles and other illnesses.
"Measles is a highly contagious, potentially deadly
disease, but we ha~ had great success in preventing it for decades with a safe, effective vaccine;
said TOH CommissiOf1er John Dr~hner, MD,
MPH_ "Measles vaccine is among the immuni~­
tiOf1S required in Tennessee, and in important to
make su re children get this vaccination not only
for their own protection, but to help protect those
suCh as young infants or people with severe
medical conditions who cannot be immuni~ed or
are otherwise at high riSk for seriOUScomplications
and death from measles."
"While we can be proud of our relati~ly high rates
of vaccination in Tennessee, even higher rates
would offer greater protection from outbreaks and
for vulnerable populations who can't be effect ively
vaccinated; Drey;!ehner continued. "We assess
immuni~tion rates of children by their second
birthday. The national target is a 90 percent immuni~tion rate. In Tennessee in 2014, our rate was
93.3. This shows the vast majority of people here
are protecting themselves and their vulnerab1e
neighbors, but we could still do better:
The measles vaccine, as part of the measlesmumps-rubella or "MMR" vaccine, is rout inely
gi~n to children after their first birthday and
again before Kindergarten. Two doses of MMR
vaccine w ill protect almost all people against
measles for a lifetime.
RegiOf1al Health Department responded and
identified more than 100 people who were
exposed to the initial measles patient. The combination of Tennessee's high vaccination rates
and thorough publiC health investigative wo<k
limited the impact of this outbrea k and contained it to only three additional cases.
"Despite the reports some may find frightening about thiS new, multistate outbreak of
measles, most younger, American-born adults
received at least one vaccine against measles
as children, and those born before 1957 are
genera lly assumed to have had measles
d isease in childhood; said State Epidemiologist Tim Jones, MD_ "Adults planning to travel
outside the U.s. and those who work in healthcare need to be certain they ha~ received two
doses of vaccine. It is also very important that
children be vaCCinated aga inst measles as part
of t heir routine medical care to continue to
build and maintain immunity against this
d isease in our communities:
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
reports there were more cases of measles in
the United States in 2014 than any year in the
past 20 years. The cases and ou tbrea ks are
linked to d isease acquired internationally and
spread in thiS country among people who are
not immune.
said Tennessee Immun~tiOf1 Prog ram Director
Kelty Moore, MD. "Those of us with immunity to
an illness provide a 'cocoon' of protection for
those who are vulnerable ir>eluding infants
~nd children who cannot be vaccinated
be<ause of cancer treatment Or other seriOUS
health problems. Measles is so contagious that
immuniution rates must stay very high to
keep up that protection, This is why it's so
Important that everyOne who can be vaccinated should be vaccinated to protect those
whose health Or age prevents them from
being vaccinated."
MMR v.. ccine Is required to attend daycare.
school and (ollege in Tennessee. and immunization rates among Tennessee children are
~ry high. In the 2013-2014 school ~ar, 95
percent of Tennessee Kinderga rten students in
public and private schools hild received all
required immuniutions, ir>eluding two doses
of MMR; just over one percent had a religious
Or medical exemption to Immunization.
Measles is a highly contagious viral disease
that causes a high fever, cough, runny nose
and conjunctivitis or ·pink~: fol lowed by a
rash on the face that spreads down the body.
Measles can cause serious complications like
pneumonia, and is sometimes fatal.
In 2014, tile Tennessee Department of Hea lth
identified the first cases of measles in the state in
three~ars. The four cases were in adults and were
all lin ked to an initial patient with an uncertain
"Routine immuni~tion p!'otects not only tile
To learn more about measles. visit
immuni~ation status who had traveled abroad.
people vaccinated, but the entire community by
TOH and metro partne< the Jackson-Madison County
building what is often called'ilerd immunity._____________________
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At The Jackson Clinic, we
know how important it is
to have an OBGYN you
connect with. Allow us to
introduce you to our team
of skilled and caring board
certified physicians.
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Northwest Tennessee - April 2015 Health & Wellness
Terrell Clinic & Aesthetics
Look And Feel Years Younger With Laser Skin Resurfacing!
By Terrell Clinic & Aesthetics
What Is alaserl
A laser is a device that emits light through a process of optical AMPLIFICA·
TION based on the stimulated emission of photons . A laser is ""tually an
acronym for Light Amplificalion by Stimulated Emission of photon Radiation.
The use of the term radial ion here refe.s to the amplified emission of lighl. rather
than harmful radiation . Since the invcmion of the laser. it has ~n found to be
versatile and extremely effeelive in trealing many types of skin conditions.
How does the I~ser enable skin to regenerate and cre~te a new surface?
Many dermatological and cosmetic skin condilions can be improved with both
nOn ablative and ablative laser skin resurfacing. How is this accomplished with
the laser? Skin resurfacing uSC"S laser energy microbcams of light 10 creale areas
of treated tissue that eXlend Ihrough Ihe epidermis inlo the dermis. These areas
Can be either "oon ablative" (the laser beams are spaced further apart) Or
"ablalive" (the laser beams are spaced closer together). Non ablative laser lreal_
mcnts have minimal to 00 post procedure downtime. usually require three to
four treaunents depending on skin condilion, patient goals and preference.
Ablative procedures provide a single trealment oplion bUI n:<Juire more palient
post procedure down time for reeovery. For both procedures. the laser microbeams of light stimulates the body's natural healing process resuhing in the
growth of new. healthier. younger looking skin Typical full facial treatments
take between 15-30 minules.
Elos Plus: the next generation of skin care and antiaging treatments
Terrell Clinic & Aesthetics is proud to offer laser resurfacing. as well as olher
services. with Elos Plus. the next generation of skin care and antiaging treat·
ments. lOins Plus laser is the perfeci choice for Ihe trealment ofwrinklcs, acne .
stretch marks. surgical scars. and pigment from sun damage. It also treats
unwanted textural irregularities. crow's feet, blotchy skin and mOre On virtually
any trouble spot on Ihe body. face. neck. chesl, arms, legs. elc. Laser skin res urfacing with ELos Plus' microbeam process maximizes palient aesthetic outcomes
and minimizes])OSt procedure downtime.
Additional LaserTreatment OptIons
In addilion to laser skin resurfacing, Terrell
Clinic & Aesthetics offers a full scope of laser
treatments including:
• Permanent hair removal
• Photo facial treatment
• Acne treatment
• Rosacea treatmenl
• Pigmem reduction
• Stretch mark treatmem
• Spider vein removal On face and legs
Introducing Our New Retail
Skin Care, Aromatherapy,
& Apothecary Center.
Tcrrell Clinic & Acsthetics
701 F. Rodfoo< A...." ..... S\U'. 100
Uruon Gty, -n.: 38261
Spring Clean Sale
Clarlsonlc Smart Profile
SOnic Cleans ing Sys tem
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Face and Body Wash Products
Turbo Wash the Winte r Dirt Away
0I'fe< Ends AprIl 30, 20 15
Present or mention coupon for Ihese spe<:tats.
Schedule it cons ultation today with Te rre ll Clinic 8. Aesthe tics
at 731 ·885·9687.
Our Services:
• Sot<m/XlK>mtn
• Acne T_ tme ntJ
• La H r Hair Removal
_Brown Spot Removal
_facial & LAg V. ln R. moval
_Mlcrod. rmabraslon
• Juved. rm [)erm. ~ llerNoIu"",.c
,Laser Skin Resurf.d ng
• Rltdi . ... [)e,,,..fi n...
_MIc, onwllng
- Skin Tight. nlng
$100 Off
Or. Te.,el l c~n help you build YOU'
healthy skin foundation toobY' Spring Is
coming!To INm more Of to schedule an
oppo;ntment. pleaI(' coli Te,rell Clink &
AMthetks at 731."5.9687.
Woodmen of the World
has more in store.
Woocmen of the World has
ent=d into ~ marI<etong
reIat>onsI><ps WI\!> ~ other
companoes to expand OU" product
otrenngs.· Some of these additional
products iflcWe:
At )ocUon· M.,ji"", Co.Jnty Cit"....1 """",,I
• Modie>... Pa" 0
• Medicate Su~ ..
• Ir>dMduoI Medical ..... ""'''«
• Ir>dMduoI Oenulln",rance
• Sm.1 G"""p Maio< Medal
• f'enonaI Di.. ~lity l<I<om< In.uraoce
Cal me today 10 fffl out more.
"Get to know your
heart and know
that heart disease
does not have to
slow you down_"
- _a..o.-._
- Anita Kay Archer
Insurance Protection
• FinanCial SeCurity
... 11&
275 Oakfleld Drive
Martin. TN 38137
wthvc.org I 731 .541.CAREI22731
Any weekday from 4 pm - 8 pm or call for an appointment.
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Northwest Tennessee - April 201 S Health & Wellness
April is Autism Awareness Month
..~ AlITlSM
What is Autism?
Autism Facts & Stats
• Autism is a bio,neurological developmental disab ility that generally appears before the age of 3,
• Autism rlOwaffects 1 in 68 ch ildren.
• Autism impacts the normal development of the brain in the areas of socia l interaction, communication skills, and cognitive function. Individuals with autism typically have difficulties in verbal
and non-verbal communication, social interactions, and leisure or play activities.
• Boys are four times more likely to tlave
autism ttlan girls.
• Individuals with autism often suffer from numerous co-morbid medical cond itions which may
include: allergies. asthma, epilepsy, digestive disorders, persistent viral infections. feeding disorders, sensory integration dysfunction, sleeping disorders, and more.
o Autism is diagnosed four times more often in boys than girls. Its prevalence is not affected by
race, region, or socio-economic staws. Since autism was first diagnosed in the U.s. the incidence
has climbed to an alarming one in 68 children in the U.S.
• Autism itself does not affect life expectancy, however, research has shown that the mortality risk
among individuals with autism is twice as high as the general population. in large part due to
drowning and other aCCidents.
• Currently, there is no cure for autism. though with early intervention and treatment the diverse
symptoms related to autism can be g reatly improved and in some cases completely overcome.
• About 40% of children wittl autism do
not speak. About 25%-30% of ctlildren
with autism have some words at 12 to 18
monttls of age and then lose ttlem.
Ottlers migtlt speak. but not until later
in childtlood.
• Autism greatly varies from person to
person (no two people wittl autism are
• The rate of autism tlas steadily grown
over ttle last twenty years.
• Co-morbid conditions often associated
wittl autism include Frag ile X, allergies,
antlma. epilepsy. bowel disease,
gastrointestinal/digestive disorders, persistent viral infections, PANDAS, feeding disorders.. an xiety d isorder, bipolar disorder,
ADHD, Tourette Syndrome, OCD, sensory
integration dysfunction, sleeping diso,ders. immune disorders. autoimmune disorders. and neuroinflammation.
• Autism is the fastest growing dlM!lopmental disorder, yet most underfunded.
• A 2008 Danish StudyfOtJnd that the mortality f isk among those wittl autism was
nearlytwke that of the general popula tion.
• Children with autism do progress - early
intervention is key.
• Autism is treatable, not a hopeless
cond ition.
For more information on Autism, go to
our website at
www.tnhe~lth~ndwe l lness.com ---------------------
ea_._. .
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Spring is here!
Com~_VolnConl ... t
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.... k>M, TN JlJOS
7) t
UI ",1l'·lS.. I., f
La ... _
r ... tmem
Non·""go:.l, t. _ _
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Join us for a Stem Cell Seminar.
Learn how the Lung Institute uses stem cells
from a patient's own body to regenerate healthy
tissue. improying lung function and quality of life.
Lung Institute
Call (855) 914·3212 for more information. or visit lung insti1l.lIe.comIheaIth
www .t nhe~lth~ndwe
l lness _ com
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Northwest Tennessee - April 2015 Health & Wel lness
Challenging the Status Quo with Stem Cells
By Cata TompoI, StaM Wnler
ooking back on history, we remembef a time when
women didn't have the right' that they do now. Prior
to 1919. women didn't have any way toexpre " their
thoughts and desires through publ ic policy. Thanks to ~rst-WiWl!
feminists qlJMtioning the ,tatuS quo, 1920 marked the fi rst year
that women cook! vote. This social cha"'9" marl<ed a moment in
history when vwomen fina lly had the rlght to take cont(~ of the<r
own life. In many ways. the hiStory of women's suffrage is sim ilar
to the road to reg.ene<ative medkine advancemen!';.
Much like women fighting for equality, patients have been
fighting for a new way to treat their chroniC lung disease. Now.
With the advancement of Stem cell therapy, sufferers of chronic
lung disease are no 10"'9"r limited to the confine'S of traditional
medkine- whkh involve managing symptoms rather than the
disease. Stem cell therapy, like women's voting rights, helps
people take control of their life by giving them a voice.
For years, people accepted the status quo. and for people suffering from chronk lung d isease'S like eOI'D. the status quo
meant. COnStant strU99le for oxygen. As an incurable disease,
most sufferers felt that they didnl have any optiOOs. But now.
everything has changed ,
One state-of-the-art eli nk, the Lung Institute, developed an aketnative. Stem cell therapy helps rufferers finally breathe easif'f.
People are no longer forced to accept the fate of cootinual
disease prog re'SSion or an invasive lung procedure. Stem cell
therapy harnesses lhe heal ing power of a patienl's own stem
cells to help regenerate damaged lung lissue.
Today. lung disease can be Ireated with adull stem ceils harvested from the patient', own fat. blood or bone marrow to
replace damaged lung cells with healthy one'S. According to
Ihe dink's website, www.lunginsitute.wm.this innovative
p<ocedure slows the progression o/the disease. in addition to,
restoring lung function and redUCing inflammation. The ,esull
is the ability to breathe easier.
Similar to the fight for women's rights, doctors and patients
have been di ligently looking for a new way to treat lung
disease. Now, wilh the advancemenl of stem ceil therapy.
patients can finally combat disease progression. As with any
change, some physicians and patients may be slower to adopt
new Kleas while dinging to traditional approaches; howeve<,
just as social change made it p"'sible for women to have a
voice in the government clinkal advancements li ke stem cell
therapy make it p"'sible for patients to have a voice in their
heallhcare, If the fight for equality is any sign of the future of
stem celilherapy, there is no doubt that stem ceils will become
the status quo for treating lung disease.
If you or "loved one sufferi from a chroniC lung disease. the
specialists at the Lung Institute may be able to help. You can
contact the lung Institute at (855) 914-3212 or visit
lunginstitute.wmlhealth to find out if these new treatments
are 'i9ht for you.
________________________ www.tnhealthandwe llness.com _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
26 liea lth & Wellness April
2015 - Northwest Tennessee
By El ly K. Riley. DO
any people ask me. " What is a 001"
Or " What docs 00 stand for?" 00
stands for "do<:tor of osteopathy,"
also referred to as an osteopathic physician.
Many people may not be aware that there are two
types of physicians in the United States: DO's
and MD's. They are ali ke in many ways . Both
attend medical school, complete additional
training in residency, and take cenifying exams.
DQctors of osteopathy work side by side with
MD's in all medical and surgical specialties,
treating patients and writing prescriptions. They
makc up approximately 6.5% of the nation's physicians and arc one of the fastest growing
segments of the healthcare field.
AboutOsteopathlc Manipulative
Treatment (OMT )
Becausc of their training in the musculoskeletal
syStem , osteopathic physicians olTer a unique
The osteopathic medical education focuses on
ability 10 perform osteopathic manipulative treattreating the patient as a whole, promoting prement (OMT). OMT is an advanced, hands-on
vention, health and wellness, and provides additreatment that can aid and complement other
tional training in the musculoskelctal system.
treatments for many conditions, including back
Osteopathic medical schools emphasize training
pain, headaches. and neck pain . With O MT, the
students to become primary care physicians:
osteopathic physician uscs his or her hands to
however, many choose to specialize. An impor_
diagnose and treat illness and injury. It can be
tant pan of the osteopathic medical education is
perfonned on patients of all ages. An office visit
the philosophy that all of the body's syStems arc
for OMT will include an interview, exam, diagnosis, and discussion wi th thc physician about a
interconnected and that the body has an ahility to
treatment plan. Treatment may include referrals,
hcal itsclf.
medication rc<.:ommen·
dations, and OMT that
may involve tech_
niques such as stretchFAMILY MEDICINE CENTER ing, resistance, and
gentle pressure, Patients
The FI:II' URE of Health Care Toda)" are given instructions
for afler-care to help
•"'-to', HaItIo iododioiJ Ildioori<o _ NMoto Co«
the healing process as
' ............. ·CWdl~tWdIc....
· Goriotria·
well as instructions
.G,at ...... ,c.r.~~
about when 10 follow
up with the ph~ician,
You can think ofOMT as another tool in the tool
bag of options that osteopathic physicians have to
olTer you' For more infonnation on osteopathic
medicine and OMT, visit www.ostcopathic.org.
Elly K. Riley. 00
Dr, Riley L. a/all-lime Assi."am Pro!e.".,·or
for tile Fnil'trsily of T<'lIItl'SJ/!e. She sus
jHltients in the oulpatient ("/in;c, in
addilion to teachin~family medicine
dent.• and medkol.<fudent.• in Ihe dinical
seltinR. Or. Riley otrended medicu! .•"hoo/
UI Kuma. City lin;versily of ,lIedicine
and Bio.,·ciem·"s and compl"ud , ..,.idenq
at Doclor', 1I0.'pilal in Columba" Ohio.
Sh" i .• board certified in family medicine
Qnd ,,-,Ieol'oillie man;pula/;"I! medidue.
294 Summar Dr. • Jackson. TN
731.423.1932 I 800.640.7589
T be U nive rsity of Te nnessee
Family Medicine Center
294 Summar Drive, Jackson, TN 38301
.. nd we ltness.com _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
Northwest Tennessee - April 2015 Kealth &. Wellness
HCMC Cardiac Rehab
Now Accepting Heart Failure Patients
t is estimated that every year more than
500,000 people in the United Slales are diagnosed with heart failure. Currently, there are
an estimated five million Ameritans suffering
from the tondition: some of those are right here in
Henry County and West Tennessee.
Meditare now tovers Hean Failure patients who
meet cenain criteria, With this change, Henry
County Medkal Center's Cardiac Rehab is now
able to accept Hean Failure patients into their
progmm. The goal of the program is to reduce
hospitalizations through monitored exercise, diet
education, assessment of medication compliance
and weight monitoring,
"We are "cry excited about the opponunity 10 now
offer cardiac rehab to hean failure patients," said
Christie Glass, RN_ "Being able to offer this
service, we can help hean failure patients from
this area beuer manage their condition through
edutation on heaM failure, how it affects you and
how to better manage i1."
Cardiac Rehabilitation is an e xercise and edutation program designed to help patients take
better care of their heans. The exercise programs
are individuali~ed for the patient by his or her
doctor, with the help of a registered nurse, to
help the patient's hean become stronger and to
pump more effe<:tivdy_ Patients are dosely
monitored during the sessions to evaluate their
response to the preseribed exereise,. _ _ _ _. .
Who Needs Cardiac Rehabilitation?
• If you have had a Myocardial Infarction
(MI) within the past 12 months
• If you have had Coronary AMery Bypass Graft
(CABG) within the last 12 months
• If you ha"e stable angina with turrent
documentation in chan
• If you have had a hean transplant
- If you have had a valve replacemcnllrepair
within the past 12 months
- If you have had coronary stents within the
past 12 months
Some High Risk Factors th~t Lead to
Hean Issues:
• High blood pressure
How Do I Get SU'rttd1
After your doclor prescribes Cardiac Rehabilitation, you can then be scheduled for an orientation class.
Exercise sessions are three times a week and the
Nurse will appoint limes that are convenient for
you. It is typically a 12-week program on
Monday, Wednesday and Friday for approximately one hour each day.
After 12 weeks, an optional Phase III program is
available. Phase II] costs S35 per month and must
be pre-paid at Ihe beginning of each month. Ask
your cardiac rehab nurse for more infOmlation.
Hours of Operation: Monday, Wednesday. and
Friday from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
• Cigarette smoking
• High cholestCTollcvels
• Diabetes
- Obesity
To learn more about heaT1 failure or cardiac rehabilitation, visit our website at www.hemc-tn.org
or call Cardiac Rehab d;m;tly at 731·644·8558.
• Stress
• Inactivity
Some ofthe Benefits of Cardiac
Rehabilitation Include:
• Decrease Triglycerides and cholestcrollevels
• Decrease resting hean rate
• Increase exercise tolerance
• lessen chest pain during exertise and
daily activities
• Increase energy levels
- Incrcase tolerancc to anxiety, depression
and stress
- Improve self-image
• Provide a realistic way to lose and control weight
• Provide an easy way to share an activity
with friends
• Help control blood pressure
• Help control diabetes
• Improve resistance to other illnesses
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - www.tnhealthilndwe llness.com - - -_____________________
Introducing BrainHearingTM technology.
Give your brain exactly what it needs to hear.
We understand hOw your ears and your brain w(l(\(
together as a system, with your brain doing the heavy
liffi ng. alicon hearing instruments with BrainHearing""
technology are designed for your brain, supporting
the hard w(l(\( it does. Super small, they fit invisibly
in your ear canal or tuck discreetly behind your ear.
BrainHearing technolOgy enables them to be minutely
tuned to match your unique hearing pmfile and
personal sound preferences.
Then deliver sound with
the clearest, purest signal
possible in the way your brain
is best able to understand it.
So you hear better, with less
effort. Anywhere. Anytime.
'lO,,_ ... _ _ SO':O',_ _ . . . . . . . _ _ _ _
Serving the Jackson area
for the last 14 years.
Our professionals will
h~ p you choose the
best hearing aid for your
hearing needs, lifestyle
and budget.
Call for your risk~free trial of
BrainHearing TII Technology.
Call731~660-5511 Dr visit
Living at Parle TerraN! Vii/age gi"". you tire ",lief from paying pro(H!"'Y
•. illS~rnllN!l, /a~'n mainl£nance and """,rring "",intenanN! problems.
Par* Terr<>e£ Vmage gi,..,. )'Ou Ihe frudom 10 Ira'''/,
purSue Iwbbi~ Or JUS! rI'~1 and r-eku.
Parle Terrace
if a fX'ifec' clwke M-hen do".,.,izing >"",r heme and
simplifying )'OW' lif~·
Apa"m~n". Co/lag~s and llou.!J~s 'Pffi/iCQl/y
designed 10 provide
for ,"" comfOl"' and con",ni~nN! of q ~i~' daily living.
A!tlinlenanu and UpkHp pro"idNi so >"'" can enjoy " '/laI )'Ou "'a n! 10 do.
We do lite >rorIc _ y"" do '~e play!
F.--ee M~m be" h ip to Indoor Pool & Walking Track (Willingham Center)
/I ,'ai/able on Sil~:
Saf. & ¥CUre Localion, B~a~ty Shop, Walki"g Troi/.
Recrea' ion Room and Dining Available
172-0 University Parkway
Waynesworth Park
Jackson, TN 38305
(731) 660-5511 i:II
712 Broad way Street. South Fulton. TN 38257
731 · 335·0109 o r 731 ·479·2579
~:::::::::::::::::::::w~w~w:::.'~':":':'~lth . nd'~w~.~,~":.~,~,~,~o~m;;:===:::==:::=====:::::::=======
Northwest Tennessee· April 2015 Health & Wel lness
April is Youth Sports Safety Month
s the number of reported cases of traumatic
brain injury (TIll) increases in professional
sports, so too does awareness of ooncussions
at the college and amateur levels. The NFL now takes
helmet to helmet contact as a serious offenseaher
coming under intense scrutiny for allowing players to
reenter the game after sustaining brain jarring hits.
Professional leagues have their reptJtation and financial
interests to consider, but what about lillie league
players or high school athletes looking toadvar>Ce thei,
game to the neKt level?
The following interactive data visualization brea ks
down the total number of traumatic brain injuries
sustained bychildren urlder 19 years of age between
the yearsof200t and 2009. The data, taken from a
2011 study by the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention (CIX), is categorized accord ing to gender,
age range, and sporVactivity.
No mailer your level of eKpertlse on the subject, the
numbers have a way of speaking for themselves. Go to
www.tnhealthandwel lness.comandclickonthe
article to review the interactive graph deta ils.
MKlflOUlU: 5am· _
www . tnhe~lth~ndwe l lness_com
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
Keah:h & Wellness April 201 S - Northwest Tennessee
Dr. Eugene P. Reese Jr .• a board cenified
"I hat'e always thoug ht that the
patient 's fig ht with cancer was my
fig ht 100. "
and esteemed physician specializing in
oncology and hcma1010gy made the
decision 10 relire from his full lime
practice at Jackson-Madison Counly
General Hospital in April 2010. He Con linued 10 follow his palienlS working only
in his clinic practice at The Jackson
Clinic. PA . The Kirkland Cancer Center
was privileged 10 have Dr. Recse and his
oncology parlners integrate their patients
and practice in February 201 4. Dr. Reese
has made the decision to close Ihis chapler
of his life's journey, and fully retire from
his dinic praclice of 48 years - with the
last 35 years specializing in Oncology. He
brought an invaluable skill set of expcnise
when he helped to establish Ihe canCer
cenler's processes. The Kirk land Cancer
Center. along with the entire West Tennessee community. will have a void where his
expenise and compassion louched multi.
tudes with his practice. While no words
can adequately evoke what Dr. Reese has
meant 10 Ihis comm unity and the patienlS
"..1'10 loved and ITUSted him; excellence.
authentic. competcnt. intelligent. patience.
and integrity are but a few. His daily
preSence here will be dolefully missed.
Dr. Rccsc"s legacy far exceeds the brief list of
accomplishments that follow. He received his undergraduate degree from !he Uni!cd Slates Military
Academy al West Point, and was honored as a Distinguished Cadet for all 4 years. He iniliated his
Internal Medicine Residency at the University of
Louisville, for one year, transferring to Hennepin
County Medical Cenler in Minneapolis for the ne~1
two years· and subsequently completing his residency with honors. Afterwards, he complCled a fel lowship in Hematology at the University of
Minnesota. Dr. Reese is board cerlified in Intemal
Medicinc, lIematQlogy and Medical Oncology. lie
has held several medical staff aJllXlintmcnts through
his career. and his work has been recognized locally
- Dr. Eugen e P. Ruse Jr.
and nationally including being selected as
one of America's Top Physicians and one of
America's Top Oncologists several times. He
was most n:<:etttly honored as !he West Tennessee l!eaIthcare Foundation's - Jackson
Award Recipient for Health Care 2{1I).
Dr. Reese ,,'as the first board cenilied subspecialist in Hematology and Oncology to
join Jackson·Madison County GcnC'DI1
Hospilal and The Jackson Clinic and;s recognized as one of two physicians wOO
helped dcvdop the Oncology program in
Jackson. TN. Dr. Reese has aUlhored
several published anides on a variety of
subjects. Kirkland Cancer Center's Executive Director, Gina Myracle says, "We wish
him much joy in this next phase and Ihank
him for sharing his career which has been
marked by excellence and 'best-prnctiec'."
Jackson and the surrounding community
are on better footing beeause he chose 10
dedicale his practice here. When asked
ahoUI his life-long service as a physician,
Dr. Reese modestly says. "1 have always
thoughtthatlhe paticni"s fight " 'ith cancer
was my fight too."
Excellence, Gentleness,
Genuine, Knowledgeable,
Authentic, Competent,
Intelligent, Patience, Integrity
We cordially invite you to please join uS on
Sunday, April 19, 20lS al Ihe Kirkland Cancer
Center from 2:00 - 5:00 PM as we celebrate his
Dr-. E"Ren~ P. R"~ J,.!
Celebrate His Life and Service to
Our Community!
731.541 .9561
www.tnhe ~ lth
Sunday, April 19, 20 15
Kirkland Cancer C enter
2:00PM - 5:00PM
.. ndwe ltness.com _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
Northwest Tennessee - April 201 S Health & W
By Debbie Lee Imsande
Jesus III tile top o f my list. He Is the very one
who ensures Illat my e ffons for Luke are not In
vain (Philippians 2: 16).
hy am I running in dr<les again
today? POOr'\<!' calls, emalls. te~ts.
fundralsers. meetings. b ills. doctO<S.
tMrapists. 11.110<1, r~afch, educational goals.
intervention strateogiH. .. when you ~ a child
with a dlsabilily, th;, cy<1f' of ewnts _
My son luke Is a vlbfant 12-yNr-okl who is a'soon
the AlJtlml Sp!<trum. Working to meet his needs
un be a full time job. The feeling of gU~1 from
" _ doing enough" is endIMS! Most nights, as I
"'y my head on my pillow, I feel like I ~ failed
him once ~in.
Being a pastOr's wife, my life can be in the spotlight of SOft$. It feels, altlmes, like my world needs
to appear perfect, SOmetimes it seems that being
a Christian can ptJt even more pressure on
families with special needs children. I "need to
hoIve all the am_noon how to .aise my child. The
clfcles begin spinning in my head again!
What I need Is a "posse!" A ci,de of women that
"have my back." A faithful sphefe, so when
things get muddy, they will ptJlI up my boot
WllPS and say, "Rise up; tlris mont. is in you.
IIonds. We will sUppOrr you, ro lake courage 000
doil."(Elra 10:.) I kno w I cannot do Illb alone.
I need a commun ltyl
God sent an unexpected encounter one day a
<ouple of ~ars ago at "Wallabies" (a kids' play
place In Johnson City). That is wllere I met Jodi
Thomasl This gal hils my back. SIIe gets it. There Is
~r a time that we do not "'ugll together aboot
yet another crazy story that only someone raising
a spec"'l nHds cllild COI.IId undefSund. These
moments are 50 ",al so freeing. and twing such
relief to my tired .nd weary parenting sou" ~
shows me more grace than I deserve. She encour·
ages me to control my thoughts in tile tNtll of
God's word and to believe with full <onfidence
Illal God Is working on OUr bellalf. She ",minds
me of who I am In Christ and to focus on who God
Is, not what I am lacking. SlIe reminds me thai His
gr(t(e is wllat will get me through (John 1: 16), and
tllal despite my felt inadequacies, God can and
will work through me.
As God lias prOvIded community for me,l hopein
God's provision that He will form _ Slrong community for my son. luke worries abool bullies. He
needs friends thaI accept him for who lie Is witll
all his quirks. llard$hips. and frustlillions. He
needs me to be strong and tell him that God ;, a
gr....t big God. that he see:s oor muggles, and that
He Is Good. He also needs to know that rw got
lIis back when thiS world does n<M seem fairl
Arrwo<k by Luke whose unique coIotlng style
lias Nrned him rhe privilege of $harlng iris
r.. ~rs ,hrough tile PTA" Reflections" Progr..m,
He n!CefIr/y received tile aw.. td of ~lfCeIIenCe lex
the s''''e of Ten~ and fils work wIN moYe
onto the NaIioll.J/ i.eYelrflls summer.
In addition to community, I must remember that it
Is my relationship with God that keeps me
,entered. Jesus must be tile center of my life, or I
cannot be effective for my son nor make the declslons that I need to make on hll
behalf, I am upheld by IIIe power
of His grace. My feet ""'Y stumble,
but I will not fall. He ;, willi me
rigllt srnac~ In the center of il alii I
must nol forgel to put time w lt ll
We will newr give up on our kids and we are
grateful to know that some friends will r'\<!'ver give
upon us. One of my favorite scriptures is. "And let
uS consider how we may spur one another on
toward love and good deeds. not giving up
meeting togetMr, as some ."' In the habil of
doing. bo.n encouraging one another- and all the
more as you see tile Day .pp<~ing." (Hebrews
Willi this. I form my posse. and grab hold of tile
shoulden of these women thllt I call friends.. We
are here for ead! OIMr, OWf"'pplng circles in oor
weaknesses. and shlfing our (i«1ts of strength,
treating this beauliful panern of hope in a
colorful kaleidoscope called (ommunlty!
This phOlO j./Iows Luke with _
o( his ,lrildhood buddies cekbra ring before 'htv head to Middle
School MXI )'fOr. Thty ponici·
poled in rile Imsonde fami/y~
)'fOrty furtdroiser coiled "SIDE·
KICKS: a photo shOOI evenl wilh
Picsn Studio of Kingsport Dona·
tions benf~t Autism Speaks. Go 10
more infatmorion.
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