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The Vine – April and May 2015
Welcome to this edition of The Vine.
During this edition we celebrate Easter and the Rev Stephen
Dunn will start is 3 month sabbatical. We pray that this will be a
time of blessing for Stephen and we also pray for Sarah, Grace
and Eve.
If you would like an article in the June/July edition of The Vine
the deadline is Friday 8th May. Please let Lesley have your
items, or you can send by email to the Church Office
[email protected] or they can be taken to the
church office, which is open on Fridays from 10.00 to 12 noon.
Please tick
………I am new to this church
………I would like someone to call
………I would like to receive this magazine regularly
……... I would like further info about……………………….......
Please cut this out and hand / post it to the Minister, give to one
of the Stewards or email your details to
[email protected]
Rev Stephen Dunn
60 Victoria Road East
Thornton Cleveleys
01253 855917
07913 442627
[email protected]
Dear Friends
Its 9:30 in the morning, and we are under the cover of
darkness. It’s 20th March and of course the Solar Eclipse is
upon us. A rare event, but not quite once in a lifetime, there
will be another one in 11 years or so…This reminds me of a
true once in a lifetime, one-off event in history when it went
dark at 12 noon until 3 in the afternoon as Jesus hung on The
Cross and died, once for all. The darkness marking the
separation from God, but thankfully the Son and the sun rose
again to bring us light and life. As we celebrate Easter
together, I pray that you may know of the light and life of
Jesus, the Son of God, which He died to bring us.
This summer I’ll be taking a sabbatical, which is not quite a
once in a lifetime, but once in 7 years, gift from the Church. I
am released from my usual duties for 3 months and will study,
travel, rest, and do a few triathlons! My last services will be on
Sunday 10th May and after the sabbatical and some family
holiday I’ll be back at work in late August. I will be away doing
studies at Cliff College around small group discipleship, and
travelling to Holy Island (Lindisfarne) for a personal retreat. I
shall also be travelling to meet with other church leaders to
look at how their churches use small groups as a part of their
There is emergency pastoral cover provided by the circuit staff,
(details below) but all other ministries will be covered in house.
If there is any doubt, speak to Sheena or Lesley, or I’m sure
Geoff and Bill will be willing to share their wisdom too.
I am confident that the Church will thrive without my input, just
as the darkness during the daytime feels strange all will return
to normal before long. And if Jesus can trust us (and even
me!) to be and to guide His Church while He returned to
heaven, I’m sure that I too can leave the church in your hands,
knowing that you’ll do your best to embrace God’s ways of light
and life and share that with all.
I’ll be running and riding around Thornton a lot in training for
the triathlons, I love you and care about you, please do say
hello, although save the Church politics until I’m back to work!
We offer our deepest sympathy to the families of those
who have died recently, assuring them of our prayers. In
We pray for the family and friends of Bessie Somerton
whose funeral took place at Carleton Crematorium on 21
January. We particularly remember her daughter
Margaret and family in our prayers.
We pray for the family and friends of Cathy Cheetham
whose funeral took place at Thornton Methodist Church
on 4 February. We particularly remember son Ash and
her daughter Lesley and their families in our prayers.
Have a great summer, full of light and life.
We pray for the family and friends of Lilian Singleton
whose funeral took place at Lytham Crematorium on 12
February. We particularly remember son Rob and her
daughter Elaine and their families in our prayers.
God bless you all
While I am released from my normal duties there will be
ministerial cover:
11 May to 21 June - Rev Paul Critchley
phone 790277 [email protected]
22 June to 30 June – Rev Barrie Lees
phone 892211 [email protected]
1 July to 24 August – Rev Michael Payne
phone 852909 [email protected]
Paul, Barrie and Michael are providing emergency cover only,
eg severe sickness / hospital admission, end of life care,
funerals etc. Other issues should be covered within TMC, if in
doubt speak to Lesley, or Sheena!
Have a great summer, you’ll be in my prayers
We pray for the family and friends of Mary Sandford, a
member at Thornton Methodist Church whose funeral
took place at TMC on 3 March. We particularly remember
all her friends, and the church family in our prayers.
We pray for the family and friends of Tony Clynes whose
funeral took place at Carleton Crematorium on 5 March.
We particularly remember his parents Geoff and Pauline
and family in our prayers.
We pray for the family and friends of Stella Mossen
whose funeral took place at Carleton Crematorium on 9
March. We particularly remember her sons Greg and
John in our prayers.
Blessed are those who die in the Lord;
for they rest from their labours
Sunday Worship
April and May Worship at TMC
At TMC it is part of our Vision that we cater for a variety of
worship preferences, which is why we hold two services on
Sunday mornings. Our 9.30 a.m. is traditional whilst our 11
a.m. service is contemporary. At 10.30 a.m. between services
we all meet together for coffee/tea and fellowship.
Once a month we hold our Tent Service at 7.00 p.m. This is a
contemporary worship service usually led by our Worship Band
and features testimony, prayer and teaching. If you have
never been to a tent service before, why not give it a try? You
would be made very welcome.
Sunday 5th April – Easter Day
9.30 a.m.
Rev Stephen Dunn
11.00 a.m. Rev Stephen Dunn
7.00 p.m.
The Tent – Rev Stephen Dunn – Holy
Sunday 12th April
9.30 a.m.
Harry Postlethwaite
Worship Leader – Eileen Harper
11.00 a.m. Deborah Spinks
Sunday 19th April
10.30 a.m. Rev Stephen Dunn
Sunday 26th April
9.30 a.m.
Rev Stephen Dunn
11.00 a.m. Rev Stephen Dunn – All Age Worship
Baines School will be taking part in the service
Sunday 3rd May
9.30 a.m.
Rev Stephen Dunn
11.00 a.m. Rev Stephen Dunn – Holy Communion
Worship Leader – Pam Hathaway
7.00 p.m.
The Tent – Rev Stephen Dunn
Worship Leader – David Rangeley
Sunday 10th May
9.30 a.m.
Rev Stephen Dunn – Holy Communion
Worship Leader – Eileen Harper
11.00 a.m. Rev Stephen Dunn – All Age Worship and
Sunday 17th May
9.30 a.m.
Sylvia Clark
11.00 a.m. Deacon Jo Critchley
Sunday 24th May
9.30 a.m.
Rev John Harris
11.00 a.m. Rev Bill Davies
Sunday 31st May
9.30 a.m.
Brian Robbins
11.00 a..m. Brian Robbins
Holding two and sometimes three services in a day requires a
lot of teamwork and support. If you feel you can help in any
way, perhaps welcoming, serving coffee, or with sound and
vision, please start off by talking to one of the stewards who
will be delighted to speak with you. Remember, the more
volunteers we have, the greater the spread of our tasks.
We particularly need more welcome stewards. If you are
interested please see Lesley.
If you have an email address and do not receive the weekly
notices by email, but would like to, simply email
[email protected] and they will be sent to you.
They can also be viewed online at our website
'The Parenting Course' (for those
parenting 0 to 10 year olds)
You can attend either Tuesday
mornings from 9:3011:30am OR Thursday evenings 7-9pm
The Tuesday morning course starts on
14th April and will run for 5 weeks
until 12th May
A free creche facility will be provided throughout these
The church will be open from 9am and a light breakfast will
be available.
The Thursday evening course starts on 16th April and will
run for 5 weeks until 14th May Cake and hot drinks available.
For more information or to book a place please contact
Wendy on 07753414930 or at
[email protected]
Comfort Zone News Letter
March 2015
Welcome to Paul our new manager. Paul is also the manager
at Blackpool Street Angels and we are so excited that he
brings a wealth of experience to our community.
Paul is contracted to work for 16 hours a week and he is busy
getting to know the community.
The community garden is busy planting fruit and vegetables
and we look forward to sampling the produce soon.
We worked out that we served 10,000 meals last year and
about 7,000 food parcels were given out to people in need.
The constant sourcing of food remains very time consuming
but again thank you to all who donate so much to us.
Benefit sanctions continue to cause a great amount of stress
for people.
Many are left without money for up to six months! We
advocate at a local and national level, as well as providing
them with food and emergency utilities payments.
The winter months saw us struggle in finding shelter for
people; the severe weather provision put in place by the local
council did not always run so efficiently! Much advocating (and
shouting) was needed to get people a safe place to stay when
the temperature dropped below freezing.
Many of our community are struggling with substandard
accommodation and trying to keep warm in a damp flat is
almost impossible. Again we have spent many hours with the
housing and environmental health teams trying to advocate on
their behalf.
We have also seen a rise in people who are sleeping outside
and so need a constant supply of tents and sleeping bags to
keep them safe.
The management committee is now up and running and we
are constantly refining and reviewing what we do at Comfort
Zone. We are still very much a work in progress as we respond
to people’s needs.
Many of our community are graduating to “volunteer” status.
This gives us great joy as we see them learn new skills, mature
and need less support.
We continue to learn and grow together exploring what it
means to be Christ-like with one another. I personally receive a
huge amount of support from the community as we minister to
each other.
Our regular communion and worship services continue to grow
as we share both physical and spiritual food together. The
community is now a support for each other physically,
emotionally and spiritually.
We have a dedicated band of volunteers who work many hours
and with great passion but many of us are weary and often
overwhelmed and frustrated.
Please pray for us that we find the strength and courage we
need to keep up the work in the face of such need.
Thank you for all your love and support………
Lynn Cawley (Chaplain)
Gift Aid Donations 2014/15
Thank you to everyone who has been able to Gift Aid their
donations. As very few Annual Statements were taken last
year, as a cost saving measure I intend to only supply a
Statement if requested. Available after 6th April 2015. Please
do not hesitate to ask.
Julie Miller
Gift Aid Secretary
Pentecost service on
Sunday 24 May at 3.00 pm
St Nicholas Owen
The first 6 months of the current Church year have been
rather difficult from a financial point of view as our income
has not matched our expenditure. Whilst this was expected
for many reasons (higher utility bills in the winter/annual
insurance premium paid in advance), regrettably our
income from Offertory/Standing Orders has fallen below
expectations. If we do nothing then we will probably have
a deficit of around £5000 at the end of August. During
April we are holding the Annual Church meeting and Gift
Day and I would urge everyone to donate as much as
possible so that we at least break even by the end of
August. If all members increased their Giving by as little as
50p per week we would not have a problem.
On a more positive note, estimates are being obtained for
the upgrade of toilet/kitchen facilities and Grants may be
obtainable for some of this work but additional fundraising
efforts by all Members is required if we are to proceed. A
new Appeal Fund will be launched at the Annual Church
Your Treasurer, Ken Holden, is always happy to receive
your donations and requests that you please put a note of
explanation with the money to enable correct recording of
the donation/proceeds from events etc. It is also important
with donations to state whether it is to be gift aided to
enable as much Tax Refund from the H M Revenue and
Brian Watkins
‘Soaking’ prayer involves finding a place where you can relax
(a favourite comfortable chair, lying on the sofa) and
As we’re all aware, there are many ways of praying, many
approaches that different people use to help them focus on,
and to come consciously into the loving presence of our God.
When your prayer life seems dry and you’re struggling to
spend time in prayer (it happens to all of us sometimes), or
when you’re in danger of simply going through the motions;
using a change of approach can be helpful and can enrich and
listening to peaceful, Christian music. There is music
available which uses words from scripture and God can
bring peace and healing as you listen.
This is not about emptying your mind. It is about stilling
oneself and focusing on Him.
Take one step back from the pressing concerns of everyday
life and take time to be alone with Him who we know loves
strengthen your prayer.
Jan Bramhall
In the last issue of “The Vine” Prayer Times there were some
simple suggestions that may help you focus quiet times of
‘Soaking prayer has become an essential part of my prayer
prayer on simply ‘being with’ God.
Sometimes, I listen to gentle worship songs and the words
The following further suggestion may also be of help.
really minister to me, bringing a sense of peace and calm. I
have found it most helpful when I can’t sleep, or when I am
Soaking Prayer
caught up in an anxiety attack. When I want to pray and
Being silent creates a peaceful background to prayer, but
find that my mind is continually distracted, I listen to
using music, as an aid to prayer can also help us to rest
instrumental worship and this helps me to focus on God and
quietly and ‘soak’ in His presence.
talk to Him. It also helps me to listen, to create ‘space’ for
My time in Bradford so far…
Him and to ‘be’ in the moment.
These are some of the craziest
people I have ever met but I have
grown to love them through the highs
and lows, these guys are family…
Leadership Academy 2014/15
I have been really blessed as I have practised these two
types of soaking prayer. It has been central to my mental
and spiritual wellbeing over the last twelve months.
God is so gracious.’
Pam Hathaway
If you haven’t already put your name on the rota to be a part of
this special time of prayer, please contact Stephen:
Telephone: (01253) 855917
E-mail: [email protected]
As I write this, there is only 4 months
left to the academy year and wow
has it flown by. I have been pushed
and pulled, stretched this way and that, been shaped into who I
am in Christ, a son and a leader. Really early mornings to long
days and late nights, these are all part of building Gods
kingdom, Jesus never said the work was light, but he did say
that His yoke is easy and His burden is light. I can’t say that I
have enjoyed every bit of academy (my pride getting in the
way) but I can say that I have learnt and grown through those
times where it was not so great and that I am now a better
brother, son and leader because of it. I have discovered that I
love building local church and I absolutely love the body of
Christ with all of its uniqueness and differences.
One of the things that God had been teaching me here is trust,
in Matthew 6:25-34 it tells us to not worry about anything as
our Dad in heaven knows exactly what we need even better
than we do. Jesus says to seek his kingdom and his
righteousness first and then all of the stuff we worry about will
be taken care of.
A few things to pray for:
 YA Movement – Young Adults conference that is being
held this weekend at LIFE Church, so far there are
around 600 young adults coming (20TH-21ST March)
 The lost and the lonely
 That God would raise up more leaders within the body
of Christ cross denominationally who would not be
scared or afraid of working together in building Gods
Calvin Whiteside
Saturday 25th April Quiz and Afternoon Tea
from 4.00 to 6.00pm
proceeds for Christian Aid.
Tickets £3.50 adults and £1.50 children are available from
Helen Jones, Jenny Whiteside, Betty Beasley and Lesley.
If you can provide cakes or can help on the day will you
please see Jenny Whiteside?
23rd April and 21st May at 12.30pm
For more information and to book contact
Helen Jones 886749 or
Jenny Whiteside 702662
On Saturday 7th March, Lesley, Joyce Wood and myself
travelled to Rushaw College for this year’s Inspire Conference.
The theme this year was ‘Loving Your Neighbour’ and the
keynote speaker was Paul Morrison from the Joint Public
Issues Team. His talks were ‘eye openers’ and his challenge to
us was to try to ensure our Politicians worked for the ‘people’
and we were asked to question them on economy issues,
poverty and inequality.
The two workshops I chose were ‘Living Matters: Suicide’ and
‘Working alongside People with Dementia’. I felt challenged to
do the two workshops and I found them to very informative,
and the other 19 attendees at each workshop brought up some
challenging questions. There were plenty of leaflet information
to take away so if anyone would be interested in looking at the
leaflets please ask me. It is a long day going to Inspire but well
worth going.
The Social Team met on Thursday 12th March to discuss
forthcoming events planned for TMC.
Here are a few dates for your diary
Saturday 25th April : Christian Aid Quiz. 4.00 to 6.00 pm
Saturday 9th May: Spring Fair – 10.00 to 1.00pm
Saturday 6th June: The Happy Daze Band – 7.30 to 9.00pm
July - tbc
On Saturday 22nd August there will be a Garden Party at Helen
and Mansel Jones.
We decided to hold our next meeting on Thursday 11th June
at 7.30 pm. This is to enable anyone who may be interested
(but working during the day) to come along to the meeting. We
hope to grow the Social Team by this decision and therefore
use the many talents and gifts God has given to us.
Marjorie Smart wishes to thank everyone for their cards, gifts
and good wishes on the occasion of her 90 th birthday.
God Bless you all
Marjorie Smart
Thank you to all who purchase items from our bookstall.
A reminder there are envelopes to put the money in, or if you
don’t have money can you please put an IOU and give to either
Sheena Burwell or one of the stewards.
Pat Gregory
Holy Week - continuous prayer from
10am Mon 30th March – 10am Fri 3rd April
Maundy Thursday 2nd April (Communion) 10:30am
Good Friday 3rd April10:30am Traditional in Church - family
activities in the Hall
12.00 noon Churches Together Service at
Four Lane Ends
Easter Saturday family walk over Nicky Nook 3 miles
approx. Meet by Scorton Methodist Church at 10am. If you
need a lift there and back please call Stephen 855917.
Wed 1 April
Thurs 2 April
7.30 pm
10.30 am
Fri 3 April
10.30 am
Easter Sunday sunrise service at Stanah country park, 6am
meet in the main car park, service to take place at the top of
‘the meadow’ followed by breakfast back at TMC.
Easter Sunday celebrations 9:30am (traditional) & 11am
(contemporary) and 7pm with Communion
12 noon
Tues 7 April
Wed 8 April
Tues 14 April
Saturday 25 April
10.00 am
10.00 am
9.00 am
2.00 pm
7.30 pm
7.00 pm
10.00 am
7.30 pm
9.00 am
7.30 pm
12.30 pm
7.30 pm
4.00 pm
Tuesday 28 April
Wed 29 April
Thursday 30 April
9.00 am
7.30 pm
7.30 pm
On Sunday 19th April there is a United Service at 10.30 am.
followed by the Annual General Church Meeting and bring and
share lunch. All are welcome to this. This is the meeting where
nominations are taken to vote members on to the Church
Council. Please give nominations to Stephen by Sunday 12 th
April. All nominees should be active members of TMC and
regular attenders in worship and fellowship of TMC.
This will also be our Gift Day and envelopes will be available
nearer the time.
Lent Course
Lent Course
Maundy Thursday – Holy
Good Friday traditional
Service in church or
Family activities in hall
CTT Service at Four Lane
Easter Holiday Club
Easter Holiday Club
Parenting Course
Ladies Fellowship – AGM
Parenting Course
Family Fridays restart
Coffee Morning
Children’s Team meeting
Parenting Course
Church Council
Thursday monthly lunch
Parenting Course
Christian Aid Quiz and
Afternoon Tea
Parenting Course
Steward’s meeting
Parenting Course
Thurs 16 April
Friday 17 April
Sat 18 April
Monday 20 April
Tuesday 21 April
Thursday 23 April
Tuesday 5 May
Thursday 7 May
Saturday 9 May
Tuesday 12 May
Wed 13 May
Thursday 14 May
Saturday 16 May
Sunday 17 May
Thursday 21 May
Sunday 24 May
9.00 am
7.30 pm
10.00 am
9.00 am
7.00 pm
7.30 pm
10.00 am
3.00 pm
12.30 pm
3.00 pm
Parenting Course
Parenting Course
Easter Fair
Parenting Course
Finance Team meeting
Parenting Course
Coffee Morning
Easter Offering dedication
at Cleveleys Park
Thursday monthly lunch
CTT Pentecost Service at
St Nicholas Owen
Congratulations to Harry Cookson
who will be celebrating his 70th
birthday on 10th May.
Congratulations to Bernice Smith
who will be 60 on 13th May.
Congratulations to Beryl Smith who will be 80 on 14 th May
Saturday 9 May - 10.00am to 1.00pm
Various stalls Raffle and Tombola Refreshments
Children’s activities
Items can be brought for the stalls after Easter
Please put the date in your diary and watch the weekly notices
for further information.
Meeting Together: People to Contact
Young Church
Mettle (Year
Quiet time of
Scruffy Club
Cool Club for
Kristina Wilson
07974 152092
James & Kristina
07967 044327
13.30Brian Robbins
Kristina Wilson
07974 152092
Rachel Kearton
07763 065997
Sylvia Clark
Prayer Meeting
19.00Brian Robbins
Women's Group
Jenny Whiteside
07525 346922
Pat Gregory
Nimble Fingers
Pat Gregory
Choir Practice
Sylvia Clark
Monthly Lunch
Jenny Whiteside
07525 346922
Board Mates
Pat Gregory
Alison Stevenson
Alan Whiteside
07538 700234
Doug Harper
YOYO Parent &
Family Fridays
Men’s Breakfast
07967 497617
(Open Fridays 10 am to 12 noon)
[email protected]
Eileen Harper
07979 648348
Doreen Faragher
Brian Watkins
Margaret Daniel
John Byrne Dip. F.D.
John Byrne Jnr. Dip. F.D.
Angela Byrne
(by 5pm Thursday)
[email protected]
Eileen Harper
07979 648348
Wendy Reeds
Sylvia Clark
Brian Robbins
Mansel Jones
Lesley Butterworth 07927 912218
room bookings phone
[email protected]
Sheena Hendrie
Ken Holden
Rev Stephen Dunn
c/o Rev S Dunn
Pastoral Visitor’s name …………………………………………
My telephone number is ……………………………………….