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HICTAC Report Summary
Project reference: 325939
Funded under: FP7-JTI
Periodic Report Summary 1 - HICTAC (High performance composites for demanding
high Temperature applications)
Project Context and Objectives:
Although ceramic and metal matrix composites can be used at several thousand degrees, there is great interest to use
polymeric composites in high temperature applications since polymeric composites are more lightweight, have better fatigue
properties and are more ductile.
The main overall objective of the current project is to meet this industrial need through development of a cost effective organic
matrix resin with 360°C temperature capability. The composite system should exhibit both robust performance and composite
processing characteristics that ultimately will enable high rate production of carbon fibre reinforced organic matrix composite
components. Possible applications of this technology are the vanes at the first stage of an IP/LP Compressor.
Two partners, Swerea SICOMP (coordinator) and Nexam Chemicals, are participating in the project. The project is planned to
last 24 months and the work is divided in four work packages
Project Results:
The work during the first twelve months started out with an initial effort to define of polymer formulations, materials,
manufacturing methods as well as design and planning of tests. Sometime into the project the development of a new resin
formulation was initiated alongside with characterisation and development of processing of carbon fibre composites using the
new materials. The most sigignificant results of the project during the period is that a new polymeric resin system with extreme
thermal stability was developed and formulated. It was also verified through extensive characterisation of processing
properties that the selected materials exhibit very good manufacturing characteristics and they are very suited for the selected
Composite manufacturing method.
Potential Impact:
The successful development and demonstration of durable high-temperature polymers and composites and the associated
manufacturing technologies within the framework of HicTac is likely to prove a key technology that enables wider use
lightweight technologies and composites in aero engines in general and in turbofan engines in particular.
The success of HicTac can, in the light of the above, have strong impact on aviation, the possibility to meet the visions of
ACARE and more specifically to meet the targets of Clean Sky.
Fernberg, Patrik (Senior Researcher, Department Manager)
Tel.: +46 911 74418
Scientific Research - Materials Technology
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