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Indian Passenger Vehicle Market Intelligence Report
FY 2014-15
Forecast 2016-2020 and trend Analysis
Indian Passenger vehicle is one of the most dynamics and important market. We have seen some specific trend and impact of product position
and product strategy. Recent trend and historical trend draw in depth research on it. How Technology and branding are influencing customers
and buying behavior. We included pricing analysis, Driveline analysis, After sales & Network analysis, Vehicle body type, Luxury car segment, Sedan,
MUV, Small, Compact, Sports, Premium vehicle market and other important factors.
Based on some 30 parameters we also forecast market growth and changes with three different business scenario.
We have also analyzed trend and forecast of Sales, production, Export, Market Share, Trend, Pricing, New product launched and its impact,
Market scenario, Macro economy, Buying behavior, Branding and other dynamic factors.
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Key features of the reports:
Current and future trends adopted by the major players are highlighted to determine overall competitiveness of the market & Products
Porters Five Forces analysis, ACG product grid and SWOT analysis of the key market players are provided to illustrate the business practices
adopted by buyers
The technology-oriented drivers and opportunities are highlighted to the top factors responsible for the market growth
Various operating segments of the Passenger market are carefully analyzed to measure the potential of the market
The forecast analysis of the market through 2014-2020 is provided to elaborate the market potential
Report Highlights
Macro Economy
OEMs Report
Segment Analysis
• Segment wise analysis
• Technology
• Purchase criteria
• Key & other Economic Indicators
• Industry overview and latest updates of 2014
• Economy forecast
Market Updates
Branding & Ad strategy
New product launch and its Position
Price & discount trends
After sales development
Expected new launches in 2015
Body type
Usage type
After Sales
Production forecast
Sales Forecast
Category wise
Segment wise
Company profile
Print media
Electronic media
Ms. Nidhi Singh
Business Head - Automotive Research
Autobei Consulting Group - ACG
Mobile Number: +91 9824865333
Email: [email protected]
About Autobei Consulting Group (ACG):
‘Autobei Consulting Group - ACG’ is a management consulting group which has leveraged on its expertise and proprietary databases to provide "Customized Solutions" in
areas such ‘Sales Analysis’, ‘Business Planning’, ‘Market assessment’ and ‘Project Feasibility’ on Global Automotive Industry. We are capable of providing exclusively
State wise, segment data like Tipper, Tractor and Haulage, Passenger vehicles. Two wheeler. With a strong network for primary data procurement, we can get any tailor
made research reports ready within a short interval of time. ‘ACG’ also serve as a web-platform where one can find all the required information regarding Passenger
vehicles, Commercial vehicle, two wheelers etc across the globe. We provide a Global Platform for Truck and Bus Manufacturers, Dealers, Vendors and Fleet Owners to
come together and gather required information within seconds without jumping websites.
This publication contains information in summary form and is therefore intended for general guidance only. It is not intended to be a substitute for detailed research or the
exercise of professional judgment. Neither ACG nor any other member of the organization can accept any responsibility for loss occasioned to any person acting or
refraining from action as a result of any material in this publication.