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W/E April 3rd 2015
Dear Members,
The next YDHF meeting is on Monday 13 April which is the 2 Monday owing to Easter Monday being the
1 Monday. Our Guest Speaker will be Venetia Brissenden Catchment Manager Northern from ReGen who
will give us an update on the Intake and Assessment Program in the Northern Region.
Joe Morris
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The Yarra Drug & Health Forum would like to thank all the sources from which the information for the Updates is obtained
Health workers on front line in fight against drugs 'shocked' by $200m funding cut
ABC Online, 30 March 2015, journalist Sophie Scott
Health workers on the front line in the fight against drug and alcohol abuse say they are shocked by the Federal
Government's decision to cut millions in health funding.
The Federal Government has slashed almost $200 million from health flexible funds over the next three years, with
the cuts to take effect from the end of June.
The full details of the cuts have not yet been announced, and non-government organisations are concerned the
uncertainty is disruptive and damaging.
Australia's key health organisations are also worried thousands of people needing vital drug and alcohol services
will be turned away unless an urgent funding crisis is resolved.
Read the Full Story http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-03-30/drug-alcohol-services-face-closure-after-healthfunding-cuts/6357164
Fiona Nash: Alcohol and drug treatment funding extended
Senator the Hon Fiona Nash
Assistant Minister for Health Senator for New South Wales Deputy Leader of the Nationals in the Senate
Alcohol and drug treatment organisations which receive funding from the Australian Government will have their
funding extended until 30 June 2016.
Assistant Minister for Health, Fiona Nash, said approximately 160 organisations currently receiving funding through
the health portfolio would be offered an extension to their funding arrangements for a further 12 months. This
includes 12 months extension of funding to State and Territory Alcohol and Drug peak bodies.
For full details of Media Release
Out now! Of Substance Magazine looks at the hospital ED
To download the March issue, visit www.ofsubstance.org.au.
To subscribe to future issues, visit www.ofsubstance.org.au/subscribe
Drone carrying drugs and weapons crashes into prison in smuggling bid – UK
Crime Statistics Agency Data Shows Crime Rate has risen in Victoria
Crime Statistics Agency data shows crime rate has risen in Victoria
Drugs Involved in up to 30percent of Fatal Road Accidents Forcing Focus on Drug Drivers
Drugs involved in up to 30 per cent of fatal road accidents forcing focus on drug drivers
Drugs Aren’t Football’s Problem, Disregard for Player Welfare Is
Drugs aren't football's problem, disregard for player welfare is
Eddie McGuire Calls for Drugs Shake-up
McGuire calls for drugs shake-up
Calls For Drug Tests for Agricultural and Construction Workers
Calls for drug tests for agricultural and construction workers
CFMEU pushes for Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Testing on Construction Sites
CFMEU pushes for mandatory drug and alcohol testing on construction sites
So What Actually Went Down During Ireland’s Two Days of Legalised Drugs?
So what actually went down during Ireland's two days of legalised drugs?
A Legal Drug That’s 50 Times More Powerful than Heroin Blamed for an ‘Alarming’ Spike in Fatal
A legal drug that's 50 times more powerful than heroin blamed for an ‘alarming’ spike in fatal overdoses
The Yarra Drug & Health Forum would like to thank all the sources from which the information for the Updates is obtained
New Zealand Facing Spurt in Online Drug trade: Christchurch ‘P’ Back in Circulation
New Zealand Facing Spurt in Online Drug Trade: Christchurch ‘P’ back in circulation
Many Teens Still Ignorant of Significant Physical Danger Posed by Legal Drugs
Many teens still ignorant of significant physical danger posed by legal drugs
How offender healthcare is managed in prisons and in the community in England and Wales
Kicking the habit in Vermont prisons
Hardened Inmates are being given a powerful psychedelic in an effort to expand their
moral consciousness
Violent inmates reformed by 'drinking tea'
Drug and Alcohol Testing World Wide Market will be worth $6.3 Billion by 2019
Drug and alcohol testing market will be worth $6.3 billion by 2019
Landmark Report Sparks Warning over Australia’s Addiction to Ice
Landmark report sparks warning over Australia's addiction to ice
Australian Crime Commission’s first report into national picture of ice in Australia released Media release - 25 Mar 15
150325 Minister for
Justice - Media release - Australian Crime Commission paints first national picture of ice in Australia.pdf
Evidence of Country Victorian Australian Rules Footballers using Ice as Performance Enhancing
Drug, Police Say
Evidence of country Victorian Australian Rules footballers using ice as performance enhancing drug, police say
Education is at the heart of ice fight - Herald Sun, 25 March 2015, opinion piece John Rogerson
Politicians call for Lifetime Bans for Officials or Coaches Dealing Ice to Players
Politicians call for lifetime bans for officials or coaches dealing ice to players
Sporting Clubs Put Plans in Place to Manage Ice-related Problems
Sporting clubs put plans in place to manage ice-related problems
Courts in NSW Order Ice Addicts into Oversubscribed Support Programs
Courts order ice addicts into oversubscribed support programs
Bendigo Nurse Practitioner Working with Ice Addicts
Bendigo nurse practitioner working with ice addicts
Is Ice Destroying the Bush?
Is Ice destroying the bush?
Banding Together in Wangaratta to tackle Our Ice Scourge
Banding together to tackle our ice scourge
The Yarra Drug & Health Forum would like to thank all the sources from which the information for the Updates is obtained
Ice Epidemic could Bring Nation to its Knees, Warns NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione
Ice epidemic could bring nation to its knees, warns NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione
Ice in Australia: Overseas Crime Gangs, Not Bikies, are the Threat
Ice in Australia: overseas crime gangs, not bikies, are the threat
An injecting room worked for heroin. Let's have one to help beat ice
Ice Addiction is Tearing Canberra families Apart with Violence, Say Drug Experts
Ice addiction is tearing Canberra families apart with violence, say drug experts
Police and Paramedics will increasingly have to Deal with Crystal Meth Users Exhibiting
‘Superhuman Strength’
Police and paramedics will increasingly have to deal with crystal meth users exhibiting ‘superhuman strength’
Spike in Car Thefts has NSW Police Fearing Ice could be pushing Teens as Young as 14 Towards
Spike in car thefts has police fearing ice could be pushing teens as young as 14 towards crime
Northern Rivers NSW: Ice is Tearing us Apart, with Users as Young as 13
Addicts Wait Months for Treatment as Ice Usage Soars
Addicts wait months for treatment as ice usage soars
Rising Methamphetamine Use in NT Subject of New Top End Inquiry
Rising methamphetamine use in NT subject of new Top End inquiry
‘When It Starts Having Consequences, It’s Extreme’: Ice Addict
'When it starts having consequences, it's extreme': ice addict
Global Backing for Australia in Fight against Ice
Australia's resolution to the 58th UN Conference on Narcotics – urging global cooperation on fighting the drug ice –
has been formally adopted in Vienna.
Assistant Minister for Health Fiona Nash's resolution was co-sponsored by a number of countries – Argentina,
Belarus, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Columbia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Israel, Japan, Latvia (on behalf of the European
Union), Peru, the Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States.
The resolution was adopted “without dissent”.
Entitled: "Promoting international cooperation in responding to new psychoactive substances and amphetaminetype stimulants including methamphetamine,” the resolution calls for UN member states to cooperate and share
research, data, experiences and treatments relating to the international fight against ice.
“I am pleased that many countries have formally joined the fight against ice – a fight that no single country can win
on its own,” Minister Nash said.
“United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime Executive Director Yury Fedotov has told me this motion would add
impetus to the UNODC efforts to crack down on ice.
“As countries around the world engage in the ice battle, it’s vital that we share information, research, strategies and
treatments. There is no silver bullet but we need to attack this from multiple fronts – reducing demand, cutting off
supply, and treating those who need the support.
“I’m horrified that some dealers seem to be specifically targeting regional areas as a market for their product.
Official statistics show that 50 per cent of drug users who use methamphetamines are now using ice – up from 22
per cent three years earlier.
“People living in remote areas are more than twice as likely to use methamphetamines, and the purity of
methamphetamine has trebled since 2010 in some regions.
“Ice is an issue for the whole community. We need all sections of the community involved in the fight against ice.”
The Yarra Drug & Health Forum would like to thank all the sources from which the information for the Updates is obtained
Indoor greenery brings Toowoomba man $1000 fine
Parents Pin Hopes on Medical Cannabis Trial for Children with Epilepsy
Parents pin hopes on medical cannabis trial for children with epilepsy
Medical Cannabis Advisory Group of Queensland Petitions for the Introduction of Medical
Medical Cannabis Advisory Group of Queensland petitions for the introduction of medical cannabis
Australia’s First Medical Marijuana Company Kicks Off Its ‘Farm t Pharma Strategy by Releasing a
Dope Pill
Australia's first medical marijuana company will kick off its ‘farm t pharma’ strategy by releasing a dope pill
Darebin Council to Back Andrews Government Bid to Legalise Cannabis Oil Medicine
Darebin Council to back Andrews Government bid to legalise cannabis oil medicine
Lucy Haslam: NSW Government Too Slow on Medical Marijuana
Lucy Haslam: government too slow on medical marijuana
Australian Medical Association Warns of Medical Cannabis Risk from Greens Plan
Australian Medical Association warns of cannabis risk from Greens plan
Controversial Anti-drugs Group Opposes Medical Marijuana Plan
Controversial anti-drugs group opposes medical marijuana plan
Concerns over Medicinal Cannabis Use
Concerns over medicinal cannabis use
Only Few Studies Demonstrate the Effectiveness of Marijuana
Only few studies demonstrate the effectiveness of marijuana
Medical Cannabis in the Pipeline
The Victorian Law Reform Commission (VLRC) has released an issues paper on possible options for allowing
seriously ill people to be treated with medicinal cannabis
Medicinal cannabis in the pipeline
Everybody Must Get Stoned: Medical Marijuana Recall in British Columbia
Everybody must get stoned: Medical marijuana recall in British Columbia
Talking Brother to Brother and Soberselfies to reduce Problem Drinking
Talking brother to brother and #soberselfies to reduce problem drinking
When it comes to Prevention of Alcohol-fuelled Violence, What Strategies Work?
When it comes to prevention of alcohol-fuelled violence, what strategies work?
A Call to remove Alcohol from the Official Drinks Cabinet of Sports
A call to remove alcohol from the Official Drinks Cabinet of sports
‘Mum and Dad, Don’t Give Me Alcohol’ say Albany Students
'Mum and Dad, don't give me alcohol' say Albany students
Calls to Ban Powdered Alcohol
Calls to ban powdered alcohol
The Yarra Drug & Health Forum would like to thank all the sources from which the information for the Updates is obtained
Stopping People Spending their Welfare on Booze and Gambling will Help Fight Domestic
Stopping people spending their welfare on booze and gambling will help fight domestic violence
Researchers Explore Impact of Installing Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices in Vehicles
Researchers explore impact of installing alcohol ignition interlock devices in vehicles
Bunbury Hospital Program Tackles Alcohol Abuse in Local Teens
Bunbury hospital program tackles alcohol abuse in local teens
Booze News: Australian’s Alcohol Habits by Age
Booze news: Australians' alcohol habits by age
Michael Thorn CEO FARE says ICC Cricket World Cup: Alcohol-drenched Culture Needs to
ICC Cricket World Cup: Alcohol-drenched culture needs to change
Wine Industry Rejects Suggestion of Flat Alcohol Tax
Wine industry rejects suggestion of flat alcohol tax
Alcohol May be Sold in Australian Supermarkets under Mooted Changes to Competition Laws
Alcohol may be sold in Australian supermarkets under mooted changes to competition laws
Research to Bring Full-flavour to Low Alcohol Wine
Research to bring full-flavour to low alcohol wine
New App for Doctors to Help Curb Alcoholism
New app for doctors to help curb alcoholism
Kings Cross Crime Rates Plummet as Enforcement of Pub Lock-outs Work
Kings Cross crime rates plummet as enforcement of pub lock-outs work
Chinese Drinkers down More Than Aussies, Brits, Irish
Chinese drinkers down more than Aussies, Brits, Irish
Swinburne researchers join forces with Victoria Police to develop mobile application to
encourage smarter drinking choices for 20-24 year olds
Ikin: Add Alcohol to Banned Substance List for ARL Repeat Offenders
Ikin: Add alcohol to banned substance list
Victoria Needs Other States’ Help for Powdered Alcohol Ban to Work
Victoria needs other states' help for powdered alcohol ban to work
Wine Makers say Uniform Alcohol Tax Will be a Disaster as Diageo Cheers Hockey
Wine makers say uniform alcohol tax will be a disaster as Diageo cheers Hockey
NT Government Says Police Manning Bottlos Has Brought Down Crime Stats
NT Government says police manning bottlos has brought down crime stats
Online Rehab Program May Help Tackle Alcohol-fuelled Youth Crime
Online rehab program may help tackle alcohol-fuelled youth crime
Cheap Deals Drive Consumers Online for Alcohol
Cheap deals drive consumers online for alcohol
Alcoholism: Some hopeful steps for Corrections
The Yarra Drug & Health Forum would like to thank all the sources from which the information for the Updates is obtained
Binge Drinking Costs UK 4.9bn a Year
Binge drinking costs UK £4.9bn a year
Researchers Find Link between Genetic Variation and Alcohol Dependency
Researchers find link between genetic variation and alcohol dependency
Random Breath Testing scorecard
A new study examining Random Breath Testing (RBT), alcohol-related traffic crashes and self-reported drink driving
has found that New South Wales has the best performing RBT program in the country.
Western Australia was ranked last by the study, which determined that the most effective annual rate of RBT for
larger jurisdictions (by both geographical or population size) is at least one test for every licensed driver.
The study, funded by FARE and conducted by the University of Queensland’s Institute for Social Science Research
(ISSR), was released on Thursday with lead researcher Dr Jason Ferris presenting his findings at the 7th
Australasian Drug and Alcohol Strategy Conference in Brisbane.
With 120 Australians killed and 2,285 hospitalised from alcohol-related car accidents each year, this research can
help inform state and territory operations and ensure that RBT remains an effective drink driving deterrent.
Download the media release
Download the full report ‘A national examination of Random Breath Testing and alcohol-related traffic crash rates
Cross-national research on alcohol’s harm to others: across the high seas and beyond
The Centre for Alcohol Policy Research (CAPR) hosted the World Health Organization, ThaiHealth, National Health
and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Melbourne Meeting of Principal Investigators on the Alcohol’s Harm to
Others Project at Turning Point last week.
Attended by researchers from Chile, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos People's Democratic Republic (PDR), New
Zealand and Australia, (with the Indian and Nigerian researchers skyped in) the meeting was an insightful and
wonderful opportunity to draw together and compare early survey results and response system information from key
informants gathered during a scoping study.
The surveys and scoping studies primarily focused on the extent and impact of alcohol’s harm to others. Although
findings are not ready to be released just yet, comparing the different country statistics, methods of the surveys and
experiences of alcohol-related harm is fascinating.
For more details, visit: http://www.turningpoint.org.au/Media-Centre/Latest_News/Across-the-high-seas-andbeyond.aspx
New CEO of Cannabis Group Michael Sautman Wants Australia to Legalise it
New CEO of cannabis group Michael Sautman wants Australia to legalise it
Modern Cannabis is a Recipe for Psychosis
Modern cannabis is a recipe for psychosis
What Marijuana Actually Does to Your Brain and Body
What marijuana actually does to your brain and body
Colorado: Crime Down since Pot Legalised, Should we follow?
Colorado: Crime down since pot legalised, should we follow?
The Nation’s New Weed Capital?
The nation's new weed capital?
‘Targeted Policing’ Sees Cannabis Busts in NSW
'Targeted policing' sees cannabis busts in NW
The Yarra Drug & Health Forum would like to thank all the sources from which the information for the Updates is obtained
Nine Refuses to Publicly Support Star Presenter Karl Stefanovic Drug Comments about Marijuana
Nine refuses to publicly support star presenter Karl Stefanovic drug comments
New York City Council Issues Formal Call for Decriminalizing and Legalizing Marijuana
In a Bi-partisan Vote the New Mexico State Senate Passes Historic Marijuana Decriminalization
Legal Marijuana in Colorado is Three Times Stronger Than It was 30 Years Ago
Legal marijuana in Colorado is three times stronger than it was 30 years ago
Washington DC’s Legal Weed Debate Spills Over into Maryland Politics
Washington DC's legal weed debate spills over into Maryland politics
Cannabis Companies are all Puffed Up
Cannabis companies are all puffed up
Colorado’s Pot Legislation Does Little to Solve Racial Disparity in Drug Arrests
Colorado's pot legalization does little to solve racial disparity in drug arrests
Evolution of Marijuana: How the Strength and Potency of Pot Has Changed Over Time
Evolution of Marijuana: How The Strength and Potency of pot has changed over time
Marijuana Cultivation in California is Sucking Streams Dry, Says New Report
Marijuana cultivation in California is sucking streams dry, says new report
Pot Luck: Americans Line Up for Biggest Legal Marijuana Giveaway
Pot luck: Americans line up for biggest legal marijuana giveaway
Cannabis Makes the Grade Resources
Cannabis Makes the Grade: A resource to support the development of a ‘cannabis competent’ workforce in the
AOD sector, developed by the National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction (NCETA) in collaboration
with the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (NCPIC) and the members of the project reference
group, has now been released and is available for download.
NCETA are interested in your feedback about the level of uptake of the resource, including by whom and the
context/setting in which it is being implemented. Contact Allan Trifonoff at [email protected]
Download the resources:
Cannabis Makes the Grade: A Resource to Support the Development of a ‘Cannabis Competent’ Workforce
in the AOD Sector.
Cannabis Makes the Grade: Exploring cannabis content in accredited AOD training (PowerPoint Slides).
Gold Coast Steroid Use Study to Research Growing Use of Performance-enhancing Drugs
Gold Coast steroid use study to research growing use of performance-enhancing drugs
Lee launches His Personal Anti-drugs Crusade in Narrabri
Lee launches anti-drugs crusade
The Yarra Drug & Health Forum would like to thank all the sources from which the information for the Updates is obtained
US Study provides New Estimates of Opioid Misuse, Addiction
Study provides new estimates of opioid misuse, addiction
Nevada State Senate to Consider Groundbreaking Heroin-assisted Treatment Program
Australians with Hepatitis C Hope New Drugs will be Provided by PBS
Australians with Hepatitis C hope new drugs will be approved by PBS
Article in “The Hep Factor” on the New Emerging Treatments for Hep C.
Hepatitis Queensland's "The Hep Factor", recently published a great article detailing the new and emerging
treatments for hepatitis C in Australia. It guides you through the PBAC process and the five medications up for
Read more: www.hepqld.asn.au
World First Trials for Hepatitis C Wonder Drug in Sydney’s Maximum Security Jails
World first trials for hepatitis C wonder drug in Sydney's maximum security jails
Alcoholic Hepatitis Global Clinical Trials Review, H1, 2015 Published by Leading Research Firm
Alcoholic hepatitis global clinical trials review, H1, 2015 published by leading research firm
Hepatitis C Research Update Workshop – 21st May
See information under Conferences etc
Drug use and needle sharing by HIV prisoner sparks flurry of testing and security crackdown –
More Gay Queenslanders are Getting Tested for HIV
More gay Queenslanders are getting tested for HIV
HIV Infection and HIV-Associated Behaviors among Persons Who Inject Drugs — 20 Cities, United
States, 2012 - March 20, 2015 /
HIV Patients May Soon be Prescribed Home Exercise in Addition to Antiretroviral Medications to
Help Ward off Chronic Illnesses
HIV patients may soon be prescribed home exercise in addition to antiretroviral medications to help ward off chronic
For Most Children with HIV and Low Immune Cell Count, Cells Rebound After Treatment
For most children with HIV and low immune cell count, cells rebound after treatment
Project to Tackle Issue of “Shame” in HIV Treatment
Project to tackle issue of “shame” in HIV treatment
Has a Cure for HIV been found? Scientists Successfully Delete HIV from Human DNA
Cure for HIV found? Scientists successfully delete HIV from human DNA
HIV can spread Early, Evolve in Patients’ Brains
HIV can spread early, evolve in patients' brains
PrEP Fact Sheet Released to Raise Awareness on HIV Prevention Method
The Yarra Drug & Health Forum would like to thank all the sources from which the information for the Updates is obtained
PrEP fact sheet released to raise awareness on HIV prevention method
HIV Outbreak in Indiana Hits ‘Epidemic Proportions’
HIV outbreak hits 'epidemic proportions'
Getting to Know HIV/AIDS – Introductory LEVEL – FREE Registration
See information under Training Section
Teenagers are Proving Plain Packaging on Cigarettes in Working
Teenagers are proving plain packaging on cigarettes is working
Australia’s Plain Packaging of Cigarettes Commended at World Conference
Australia's plain packaging of cigarettes commended at world conference
Doctors' groups’ call for tougher regulations, bans on e-cigarettes
Not Enough Evidence to Say Whether E-cigarettes Help Smokers Quit: Research Coumcil
Not enough evidence to say whether e-cigarettes help smokers quit: research council
NHMRC draws Breath on E-Cigarettes
NHMRC draws breath on e-cigarettes
Bans on Using and Selling E-cigarettes Remain Hazy
Bans on using and selling e-cigarettes remain hazy
ASH Welcomes New Anti-illicit Tobacco Strategy Launched by Government
ASH welcomes new anti-illicit tobacco strategy launched by Government
WHO Wants Tobacco Firms ‘Out of Business?’
WHO wants tobacco firms 'out of business'
New Tobacco Atlas Details Scale, Harms of Tobacco Epidemic
New Tobacco Atlas details scale, harms of tobacco epidemic
Big Tobacco is Going Out of Its way to Let You Know E-cigarettes are Bad for Your Health
Big Tobacco is going out of its way to let you know e-cigarettes are bad for your health
Tobacco Makers Fume at New Laws
Tobacco makers fume at new laws
Powerful New “Tips from Former Smokers” Ads Focus on Living with Vision Loss and Colorectal
Powerful new “Tips From Former Smokers” ads focus on living with vision loss and colorectal cancer
Campaign in the US to warn the Public against Dual Use of E-cigarettes & Regular Cigarettes to
be launched
Campaign to warn the public against dual use of e-cigarettes to be launched
India Halts Tough Cigarettes Packaging Plan
India halts tough cigarette packaging plan
20% of UK Teens have Accessed E-cigs
20% of teens have accessed E-cigs
An injecting room worked for heroin. Let's have one to help beat ice
The Yarra Drug & Health Forum would like to thank all the sources from which the information for the Updates is obtained
Local Stakeholder Perspectives Regarding a Supervised Injecting Facility in the City of Yarra
By Ame Pocklington & Philip Mendes “New Community Journal” Volume 12 No 4 2014
VAADA Workshop - Managing client complexity within a changed Victorian AOD sector:
VAADA is presenting a one day workshop on 'Managing client complexity within a changed Victorian AOD sector',
utilising its funding from the Australian Department of Health under the Substance Misuse Services Delivery Grants
Fund (SMSDGF). The workshop will be held in metropolitan Melbourne. The workshop will be presented by Christie
Cline, MD, MBA, and Kenneth Minkoff, MD, founders of Zia Partners in the United States. In the workshop they will
provide an overview of their Comprehensive, Continuous, Integrated System of Care Model (CCISC), internationally
recognised (including Australia) as promoting a system of best practice for individuals and families presenting with
co-occurring and complex issues. This will include the model’s four basic characteristics and underpinning
principles of successful treatment intervention. The presenters will then explore and discuss how the principles of
integrated care and a systemic approach such as the CCISC can be applied to more localised systems, such as
centralised intake and assessment and new treatment types in Victoria.
WHEN: 13 April 2015, 9.00am - 5.00pm. *Please arrive to register between 8.30-8.45am for a 9.00am start.
WHERE: Darebin Arts and Entertainment Centre
COST: $100 - includes Eventbrite processing fee, handouts, morning/afternoon tea and lunch
For more information or to register click here
North Western Metro Pharmacotherapy Network Community of Practice Event 7 April 2015
The North Western Metropolitan Integrated Pharmacotherapy Network (NWMIPN) Community of Practice is open to
health practitioners including GPs, Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacists and Practice Nurses. Health practitioners with
an interest in furthering their learning and sharing their experiences about the care and management of people with
opioid dependency are invited.
It is intended that there will be enhanced learning and mentoring for new prescribers of Medication Assisted
Treatment of Opioid Dependence (MATOD) provided by more experienced GP prescribers, pharmacists and Nurse
Practitioners. Valuable input from Addiction Medicine Specialists will be available.
Pharmacotherapy Community of Practice Event
Time: Registration /light meal from 6.30pm, meeting 7pm-9pm at Networking Health Victoria, 6/486 Swanston St,
1. Feedback /Highlights Medicine in Addiction Conference 2015
2. Guest Speaker Dr Mike McDonough, Addiction Medicine Specialist
RACGP points will be applied for.
To register: [email protected] or call 9362 8100
**please advise of any dietary requirements
NUAA Knows How: Passport to Harm Reduction – Tuesday, 14th April
10:30 – 3:30pm Sassafras Room Springwood Sports Club 83 Macquarie Rd, Springwood NSW
Attached is an opportunity to attend a unique peer-driven training opportunity presented in your area by the NSW
Users & AIDS Association (NUAA). Come join the flight of a life time!
Staff and members of NUAA’s Peer Participation Program (PPP) will be in the Nepean/ Blue Mountains area on the
14th of April conducting a unique, interactive, practical and informative harm reduction training session for those in
the health and community services sector working with people who inject drugs (PWID). Information on
performance and Image Enhancing Drugs (PIEDs), Fentanyl use, overdose, blood borne virus and bacterial
transmission, filtering…
The Yarra Drug & Health Forum would like to thank all the sources from which the information for the Updates is obtained
These are interactive forums presented in a unique fashion which assist you in achieving better outcomes when
working with people who inject drugs. Gain superior harm reduction information from trained educators with
personal experience.
Obtain your boarding pass by registering now for by contacting Yvonne at [email protected] or call (02) 8354
For more information please contact Fiona on: [email protected]
Hepatitis C Research Update – 21st May
CREIDU is hosting a Research Update, which is designed to assist workers in the community sector to keep up to
date with current research in injecting drug use and critically analyse implications for practice. Research Updates
also represent an opportunity for professional development and networking. The first Research Update, on the topic
of Hepatitis C, will be accessible to community workers and other interested persons who work in the areas of
injecting drug use, harm reduction and hepatitis C.
The Hepatitis C Research Update will involve two 30 minute presentations, plus question time, by the following
Dr Joseph Doyle
Presentation: Is hepatitis C elimination possible in Australia?
Biography: Dr Joseph Doyle is an infectious diseases physician at the Alfred and Royal Melbourne Hospital. He is a
senior lecturer and NHMRC Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne, and is co-head of Hepatitis Research
Program at Burnet Institute. He has a particular interest in hepatitis C treatment scale up and elimination strategies.
Dr Amanda Wade
Presentation: Past and future models of care for hepatitis C
Biography: Dr Amanda Wade is an infectious diseases physician currently undertaking PhD studies at Burnet
Institute and Monash University. Her areas of interest are blood borne viruses, sexually transmitted infections, and
access to care in regional areas. Her PhD topic is models of care for hepatitis C in the era of directly acting
Date/Time: Thursday May 21, 9am-11am
Location: Orange Room, Multicultural Hub, 506 Elizabeth St Melbourne
Cost: Free – including light refreshments
Places are limited. Please register your interest by contacting Elise Carrotte at [email protected] or
phone (03) 8506 2365
CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: APSAD scientific alcohol and drug conference 8th-11th November 2015
The Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs (APSAD) invites you to the 2015 APSAD
Scientific Alcohol and Drug Conference to be held in Perth.
This year's conference will be in collaboration with the WA DAO Conference, and will address a diverse range of
issues including co-existing mental health and drug problems, aetiology, policy innovations, emerging psychoactive
substances, responding to First Peoples’ needs and addressing drug related harms.
APSAD welcomes abstract submissions on these topic themes.
Venue – Pan Pacific Hotel Perth
Submit an Extract or Register Attendance Conference website
Abstracts Close 29 May
2015 VAADA Conference – Presentations now available online
PowerPoint presentations from the 2015 VAADA Conference are now available online for your reference.
To access these presentations, please visit http://www.vaada.org.au/vaada-conference-2015/ and click on the
Program at the top of the page.
Please note that the program will be updated if and when additional presentations are made available for
Should you have any questions in relation to accessing presentations online, please contact Sarah Nikakis from
VAADA on 03 9412 5607 or at [email protected]
BUDDYS Survey connected to the third youth service provider`s Forum which is to be held on
Friday 19th October 2015
BUDDYS is a state-wide group of youth specific senior clinicians which is made up of clinicians from the Victorian
Dual Diagnosis Initiative (VDDI) and other DD clinicians and interested parties. BUDDYS assist in enhancing dual
diagnosis responsiveness to children, adolescents, young adults and their families/carers engaged in mental health
and alcohol and other drug treatment services.
The Yarra Drug & Health Forum would like to thank all the sources from which the information for the Updates is obtained
The BUDDYS group is now planning our third youth service provider`s Forum which is to be held on Friday 19th
October 2015 at the Department of Human Services building (50 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne). This survey seeks
your views as to feedback about areas that would be of most interest to you!
It would be appreciated if you could please complete this short 5 minute survey and submit by Friday 3rd APRIL
The number of places available at the Forum will be limited to 100. However you can try to guarantee your place by
taking part in this survey. If your name is drawn randomly from responses, you will be guaranteed places at the
Forum for 2! Please access the survey through the link https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/5KPCWFB
The 4th International Symposium on Hepatitis Care in Substance Users
Registration & Abstract Submission Open
7 - 9 October 2015 Manly, Sydney, Australia
Registration and abstract submission is now open for The 4 International Symposium on Hepatitis Care in
Substance Users (INHSU). This symposium is the leading international conference focused on the management of
hepatitis among substance users.
Further information on the Conference can be found on the conference website.
The online registration is now open. Register online before Friday 21 August 2015 to receive the early bird
registration rate. For more information on registration types and rates, accommodation, as well as how to register,
please visit the conference website.
Click here to register.
Abstract Submission
The call for abstracts is now open with the deadline of Friday 12 June 2015. Please ensure you refer to the abstract
guidelines outlined on the conference website.
Step-by-step instructions, including submission guidelines, an abstract template are outlined on the conference
website, however if you require assistance, or have any concerns about the abstract submission process, please
contact the Conference Secretariat at [email protected]
Click here to submit an abstract.
The Conference Program has been released, featuring presentations confirmed to-date. Please visit this page
regularly for program updates leading up to the conference.
View the Conference program here.
Full details can be found on the Conference website or contact the Conference Secretariat on +61 2 8204 0770
or [email protected]
Hot Topics Conference - Liverpool, England November 27th 2015
Organising for the 5th annual HIT Hot Topics Conference is well under way and although we still have to finalise a
venue we wanted to let you know about our main speaker for the day, the amazing Ethan Nadelmann. Ethan was
described by Rolling Stone as "the point man" for drug policy reform efforts. He is the founder and executive director
of the Drug Policy Alliance, the leading organisation in the United States promoting alternatives to the war on drugs.
More Information - https://hit.org.uk/index.php/events/hot-topics-conference/conference
Youth Mental Health First Aid 2 day course
Date: Thursday 23rd April and Friday 24th April 2015
Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Workshop description: The Youth Mental Health First Aid Course is for adults working or living with adolescents
(those aged between 12 and 18 years), however, the course can be relevant for those helping people who are a
little younger or older. This course is particularly suitable for parents, teachers, sports coaches, and youth workers.
Each participant receives a Mental Health First Aid Manual, Certificate of completion, handouts and resources.
Training location: 142 Gertrude Street Fitzroy
Catering: A light lunch will be provided
Fee: $440 per person for 2 day course
How to apply: Complete the Expression of Interest form and return by email or fax.
The Yarra Drug & Health Forum would like to thank all the sources from which the information for the Updates is obtained
Turning Point Training Calendar, expression of interest form and further information can be found on Turning Point
When the registration has been processed you will receive an email confirming you have secured a place in the
Getting to Know HIV/AIDS – Introductory LEVEL – FREE Registration
Wednesday 15 April 9.30am to 12.30pm
Participants will be provided with a comprehensive introduction to HIV/AIDS including epidemiology, transmission,
testing, stages of infection, current treatments and related social issues. This session will include a mix of
presentations and case studies providing a clinical overview. This workshop is suitable for those who may want to
gain an introductory knowledge of HIV/AIDS as well as those who may have recently commenced work within the
blood borne virus and STI sector.
To register email: [email protected] and please state session title, your role, organisation, email and contact
* We have made some additional tickets available, but these are limited.
VAADA is presenting a one day workshop on 'Managing client complexity within a changed Victorian AOD sector',
utilising its funding from the Australian Department of Health under the Substance Misuse Services Delivery Grants
Fund (SMSDGF). The workshop will be held in metropolitan Melbourne.
The workshop will be presented by Christie Cline, MD, MBA, and Kenneth Minkoff, MD, founders of Zia Partners in
the United States. In the workshop they will provide an overview of their Comprehensive, Continuous, Integrated
System of Care Model (CCISC) is internationally recognised (including Australia) as promoting a system of best
practice for individuals and families presenting with co-occurring and complex issues. This will include the model’s
four basic characteristics and underpinning principles of successful treatment intervention.
The presenters will then explore and discuss how the principles of integrated care and a systemic approach such as
the CCISC can be applied to more localised systems, such as centralised intake and assessment and new
treatment types in Victoria.
Event details
Date: Monday 13 April 2015 - Time: 9.00am - 5.00pm. *Please arrive to register between 8.30-8.45am for a 9.00am
start - Car parking is available onsite.
Venue: Darebin Arts and Entertainment Centre - Cost of $100 includes Eventbrite processing fee, handouts,
morning/afternoon tea and lunch
Registrations click here
Contact Jane Moreton on [email protected] or Sarah Nikakis on [email protected] with any queries.
Motivational Interviewing Practice Workshop (2 days)
Thursday 21 and Friday 22 May 9.00am to 5.00pm
Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a client-centred approach which helps people increase their motivation and
commitment to change. This session introduces MI and its application to many behaviours associated with HIV
transmission such as sexual risk taking and substance use. This interactive workshop will be facilitated by the
Psychologists from the Sexual Health and Wellbeing Service from the Victorian HIV Service at the Alfred.
FREE Registration available to those working with clients at risk of HIV or other BBVs / STIs. We welcome you to
apply for ERC Training Scholarship to cover registration cost.
Registration Cost $150
To register email: [email protected] and please state session title, your role, organisation, email and contact
Bloody Serious Facts - Wednesday 13 May 2015, 9.30am to 1.00pm
Bloody Serious facts is a workshop designed for drug and alcohol workers, community health staff, prison staff,
welfare workers, health students and anyone working with people who are at risk of or affected by hepatitis C.
Topics covered will include transmission risks, improved treatments, management and care of people living with
chronic hepatitis C.
The course is free to Hepatitis Victoria members or $25 per person for non-members.
Call 03 9380 4644 or email [email protected]
The Yarra Drug & Health Forum would like to thank all the sources from which the information for the Updates is obtained
Inquiry into crystal methamphetamine
The Chair and Deputy Chair of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Law Enforcement, Mr Craig Kelly MP and
Senator the Hon Lisa Singh, today announced an inquiry into the importation, manufacture, distribution and use of
crystal methamphetamine.
In particular, the committee will examine:
1. the role of Commonwealth law enforcement agencies in responding to the importation, manufacture, distribution
and use of methamphetamine and its chemical precursors;
2. the adequacy of Commonwealth law enforcement resources for the detection, investigation and prosecution of
criminal activities involving the importation, manufacture, distribution and use of methamphetamine and its
chemical precursors;
3. the effectiveness of collaborative arrangements for Commonwealth law enforcement agencies with their
regional and international counterparts to minimise the impact of methamphetamine on Australian society;
4. the involvement of organised crime including international organised crime and outlaw motorcycle gangs in
methamphetamine related criminal activities;
5. the nature, prevalence and culture of methamphetamine use in Australia, including in indigenous, regional and
non-English speaking communities;
6. strategies to reduce the high demand for methamphetamines in Australia; and
7. other related issues.
As part of its inquiry, the committee will conduct public hearings in major capital cities and regional areas. The
committee expects to commence its public hearing program in July 2015. Dates and venues for the hearings will be
published on the committee's website:
The committee welcomes written submissions related to its inquiry by 10 June 2015. For more information
regarding making a submission, please contact the committee secretariat.
Committee Secretariat
PO Box 6100, Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600, Phone: +61 2 6277 3419, Fax: +61 2 6277 5809
[email protected] www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Joint/Law_Enforcement
Pharmaceutical drug overdoses reach record levels with doctors unable to monitor prescriptions
ABC Online, 774 ABC Melbourne, 23 March 2015, journalist Clare Rawlinson
New figures from the Victorian coroner reveal prescription drug overdoses have reached record levels, and doctors
are unable to fully monitor patients' access to potentially lethal doses of medicines.
Pharmaceutical drug overdoses increased for the sixth year in a row last year, with 314 cases recorded by the
coroner - more than the road toll for the same period.
Of those deaths, 42 per cent were caused solely by prescription drugs, and the remainder involved a combination
with alcohol and illicit drugs.
In contrast, deaths caused solely by illicit drugs made up 6 per cent of all overdose deaths last year.
At a conference on the weekend, coroner Audrey Jamieson called for urgent action to address the problem……
Link to story: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-03-23/pharmaceutical-drug-overdoses-reach-recordlevels/6336154
Link to the Age Story - http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/prescription-drug-deaths-in-victoria-eclipse-roadfatalities-20150321-1m4mjq.html
The Yarra Drug & Health Forum would like to thank all the sources from which the information for the Updates is obtained
Hunter PIR and the NDIS: Building a Stronger Partnership
You may already be aware that PIR is a Commonwealth Government initiative aiming to better support people with
severe and persistent mental illness and complex needs, and their carers and families, by connecting them more
effectively with the services and supports they need. The concurrent operation of Hunter PIR and the Hunter NDIS
trial provides an opportunity for learnings. Hunter PIR has drafted a discussion paper covering this issue titled
‘Hunter PIR and the NDIS: Building a Stronger Partnership’, which is available for download here (click here).
US continues to prioritise opioid overdose reduction
The United States government (Health and Human Services) yesterday released further support for national and
state initiatives to tackle (still) rising opioid overdoses, including from pharmaceutical opioids.
The announcement can be seen here:
Another UN Agency Savages the Drug War
Approaches to Decriminalizing Drug Use & Possession
Obama Says Treating Drug Use as a Criminal Problem is "Counterproductive"
Aboriginal Social and Emotional Wellbeing Plan published - March 2015
New Jersey Department of Corrections using sophisticated “telemedicine” video systems to
examine prisoners
DrugInfo Alert Centre Latest
Below are two of the latest reports & articles that have been added to the Australian Drug Foundation Library since
their last DrugInfo Alert. You can sign up to join the library at http://www.druginfo.adf.org.au/what-we-do/librarymembership or over the phone: 1300 85 85 84.
2014 Victorian crime statistics
Victoria Police have released their statistics for crimes committed in Victoria in 2014. The full data tables
contain detailed information about all of the crimes committed in Victoria in 2014, including drug offences.
Read Crime statistics
What is GHB?
GHB is a depressant drug. Its effects – alongside euphoria and drowsiness – include tremors, memory
lapses and incontinence. GHB use brings a comparatively high risk of overdose, which can lead to
hallucinations, blackouts and death. This overdose risk is increased further when the drug is taken with
alcohol or benzodiazepines. Regular use of GHB can result in dependence.
Read more about GHB and download the fact sheet on DrugInfo.
Participants Needed - ARCSHS – Trajectories of Care Study:
La Trobe University is conducting research into people's experiences with being tested and diagnosed with hepatitis
B. Short phone interviews (lasting roughly 20 minutes) will ask: How they came to be tested; What information or
advice they received about their test; and, How they told family members, partners and friends about having
hepatitis B, and if anyone helped them to do this. Translators are available and
Participants will receive a $20 reimbursement for their time and costs.
For more information, or to line up an interview, contact Lizzie Smith at [email protected] or phone 03 9479
Ready Set Work – Aged Care & Cleaning Training Program
The Yarra Drug & Health Forum would like to thank all the sources from which the information for the Updates is obtained
Do you know people that would like to train and work in Aged Care or Cleaning? Do you know people with
certificates in Aged Care, Health or Cleaning and are unable to find work?
If so, please refer them to our Ready Set Work – Aged Care and Cleaning program. This program doesn’t affect
VTG funding.
For further information please feel free to call Voula Zacharias at Jesuit Social Services Community College on
9415 8700.
Cleaning_Aged Care
v4 Overview Coll & St Alb 2015.pdf
Ricci Marks Award – Recognising Young Aboriginal Achievers Nominations close on Monday 6
April 2015.
The Ricci Marks Award originated in 1997 as the Aboriginal Young Achievers Award. The award recognises
individual achievements and aspirations of young Aboriginal people in training, education, arts, sport, culture and
community leadership. More information available here
New CALD Prompt Cards available from VAADA
The Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association (VAADA) is proud to present Culturally and Linguistically Diverse
(CALD) prompt cards.
These cards have been developed by VAADA in collaboration with the Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health
(CEH), and they are aimed at workers who need to communicate with clients for whom English is not their primary
language, or who were born to a different culture from dominant Australian culture.
The CALD cards cover culturally appropriate assessment, responding to client needs, using the teach-back method
and communicating with CALD clients. They are ‘sister’ cards to the incredibly popular Alcohol and Other Drug
(AOD), Mental Health (MH), Trauma and Indigenous cards, and are hole-punched for easy reference on lanyards.
All prompt cards are available for free for services in Victoria, but postage costs may be charged depending upon
the size of an order. The cards are available at cost plus postage for those outside of Victoria.
To place an order or request further information please contact Sarah Nikakis at [email protected] or Jane
Moreton at [email protected]
YSAS Wilum Supported Accommodation Program
The YSAS Wilum Supported Accommodation Program is a therapeutic recovery program designed for young
people (16-21 years) who are actively addressing their substance use issues and wanting to be abstinent from their
drug of dependence. We support young people through ongoing one-on-one outreach from a worker who will
encourage and suggest therapeutic activities, develop life skills and build community connections. The program
provides young people the opportunity to live in stable accommodation for up to 12 months.
We are taking referrals for our share properties which would suit single young males or females; however we are
also looking for a couple or family. All our properties are located in the Northern suburbs. We are looking for young
people who are mature, able to live independently, and who are highly motivated towards addressing their
substance use.
If you have any young people that would benefit from our long term supported accommodation program and are
ready to be drug and alcohol free and make positive change, either call or email Fiona Macleod on 0419532519
([email protected]) or Jackie Green on 0424568354 ([email protected]
Program Vacancy Eunike - Women’s Drug and Alcohol Supported Accommodation Program
Eunike is a female gender specific short to medium term (3 – 12 month) drug and alcohol supported
accommodation program that includes:
Individual case management
The Yarra Drug & Health Forum would like to thank all the sources from which the information for the Updates is obtained
Access to supported accommodation.
We are now accepting referrals (intake for one client /family).
Please note that the allocated transitional property (2 bedrooms) is located in the Brimbank Local Government
Eligibility criteria–
Client (female only, with or without dependent children) Please note: Whilst applications will be accepted from
single women without children, priority will be given to eligible women with dependent children who require a three
bedroom property.
Completed a designated AOD withdrawal and/or rehabilitation program within the last three months.
Goal to maintain a substance free lifestyle.
Agree to participate/comply with weekly screening regimes.
Ability to engage and participate in case management support that includes outreach home visits, developing
individual treatment plan to support their recovery, connect with community and secure long term housing.
Homeless or residing in unstable/inappropriate accommodation.
Assessed as being able to maintain a tenancy and live independently with case management support in the
Referral Process
Please contact Melanie Whiteside on 0419 873 584 to discuss the referral.
Please note referrals close on Friday 10th April 2015
Following receipt of all applications Melanie will contact all referring agencies and advise of the outcome.
Clients whom have been short listed will be invited to attend an assessment. It is preferable that the referring
worker support / accompany the client to the assessment.
If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact Melanie on 0419 873 584.
UnitingCare Ballarat Tabor House Youth Residential Withdrawal Unit - Current Waiting List
UnitingCare Ballarat Tabor House Youth Residential Withdrawal Unit’s current waiting period for admission to our
four bed intensive program as of Tuesday 31st March is currently three weeks.
Tabor House offers a ten to fourteen day withdrawal program for young people aged between twelve to twenty one
years of age in a nine acre therapeutic setting. We have also commenced our onsite Equine Assisted Therapy
Please do not hesitate to contact our Withdrawal Nurse Darren Cutts to discuss your clients’ eligibility to the
program Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm on 03-53348177 or email [email protected]
Join Us in Celebrating Recovery from Alcohol and other Drug Addiction
11.30am gather at State Library – 12.45pm finish walk at Federation Square visitors Centre
Speeches, music and mc John Brooks (from the comedy ‘political asylum’)
For several years Melbourne has been celebrating recovery by bringing recovering people, communities, families
together to march proudly, raise awareness and develop solidarity for recovery.
This year, Recovery Academy encourages consumer organizations, drug user groups and harm reduction
advocates to join the recovery walk, so that together we can stand up for the rights of people affected by the
isolation, stigma and discrimination that follow people who have suffered severe drug dependency. Together we
can create a strong message to the public, demonstrating that people, who are affected by alcohol and other drug
addiction, are choosing recovery and can lead capable and robust lives, participating creatively in society.
Contact Nikki McCoy Chair Recovery Academy Australia on 0421378834 if you wish to find out more about this
event or the Recovery Academy of Australia.
The Yarra Drug & Health Forum would like to thank all the sources from which the information for the Updates is obtained
Cohealth Various Positions & Closing Dates
Community Mental Health Worker - Werribee
Full time, Ongoing
Closes 6 April 2015 at 10pm
Outreach Dietitian
Part time (0.7-.08), Ongoing
Closes 9 April 2015 at 10pm
Counsellor - Footscray
Part time (0.5), Ongoing
Closes 3 April 2015 at 10pm
Community Asthma Educator - Moonee Ponds
Part time (0.7), fixed term to 15 Jan 2016
Closes 10 April 2015 at 10pm
More Information - www.cohealthcareers.org.au
Part Time (over 5 days) Outreach Worker Richmond, Melbourne - working with people who inject
drugs - EFT $57,517 - $63,445
North Richmond Community Health (NRCH) has an exciting opportunity for an Outreach Worker to join their
professional Alcohol and Drug Program team, based in Richmond.
Through this role, you'll assist in reducing the risks and improving the health and wellbeing of people who use illicit
drugs, and who experience problematic alcohol and other drug use, within the Richmond area. Employing harm
reduction strategies, your main focuses will be on providing outreach services and assisting with the delivery of an
effective Needle and Syringe Program (NSP).
Reporting to the AOD Team Leader, your responsibilities will include (but will not be limited to):
 monitoring clients at risk of overdose and/or who manifest other signs of high level or risky substance use;
 Developing and providing culturally appropriate educational and training resources, tailored to the needs of
groups and individuals;
 Employing a range of strategies to deliver harm reduction messages that address safer drug use;
 Implementing an effective NSP to reduce / prevent the spread of blood borne viruses such as HIV, hepatitis
B & C and sexually transmissible infections (STIs);
 Provision of a needle/syringe retrieval service and monitoring the area around the NSP for inappropriate
drug use and discarded equipment; and
 Routinely collecting data and providing reports as required.
This role requires an energetic and goal-focused professional who has a minimum of three years’ experience in
assertive outreach models, including complex case management, crisis intervention, counselling and case work
within the AOD sector. Along with this, experience in developing and implementing health promotion activities with
community members and knowledge of relevant local agencies and services will be required. You'll also hold
relevant qualifications in the social/human services area or similar, and will ideally have a Certificate IV in Alcohol
and Other Drugs / Four Core Competencies.
NRCH is looking for someone with demonstrated knowledge of and experience in co-occurring drug use, mental
health issues and harm reduction in the context of illicit and other drugs, overdose and other associated risks.
You will have excellent communication skills, and the ability to communicate effectively with people from diverse
cultural and social backgrounds. You'll have proven experience in writing professional case notes, conflict
resolution, multitasking and achieving quality outcomes in a busy, client-focused environment. You must be
computer literate and familiar with MS Office, internet, electronic client management systems and email.
Please Note: This position requires a current Victorian driver's license. The successful candidate will also be
required to undergo a National Police Check and hold a current Working with Children's Check.
The Yarra Drug & Health Forum would like to thank all the sources from which the information for the Updates is obtained
This hands-on part time (over 5 days) role is your chance to make your mark within a true grass roots communitybased organisation. Based conveniently in Richmond, you'll have access to free on-site parking, cycling facilities
and close proximity to public transport.
Joining this established organisation, you will enjoy ongoing training and development opportunities to open further
career opportunities to you.
The successful applicant will receive an attractive salary circa $57,517 - $63,445 (commensurate with experience
and qualifications), plus generous salary packaging options to increase the value of your take-home pay.
You will also benefit from a great Richmond location, with access to free on-site parking, cycling facilities and public
If you are ready for a new professional challenge and want to make a positive difference, Apply
Now! http://applynow.net.au/jobs/65080-aod-outreach-worker
VAADA Jobs Board
“Job seekers” who wish to search for vacancies according to their own criteria can do so by visiting
http://vaada.bigredsky.com/ .
ProBono Jobs for the Not For Profit Sector
McArthur Community Job Seeker
Community Service Appointments
Of Substance Jobs Board
Changing the Conversation bulletin March 2015
Published by DHHS
Changing the
Conversation - March 2015.pdf
Turning Point is a national treatment, research and education centre that provides leadership in the alcohol and
drug, gambling and mental health sectors in Victoria and beyond. Combining innovative research in the clinical,
population health and policy fields, with service innovation, surveillance, system enhancements, capacity building
and specialist support, Turning Point assists services, communities and the Victorian government to respond to
current and emerging alcohol and drug and gambling issues.
For Full Details of Turning Point http://victorianalcoholanddrugassociationinc.cmail20.com/t/ViewEmail/j/16FE35988C7270A3/F1E6F9C21227FD994
Seniors' Friday Community Lunch – Collingwood Neighbourhood House
The Yarra Drug & Health Forum would like to thank all the sources from which the information for the Updates is obtained
Vale Gordon Storey
SHARC wished to acknowledge the life of Gordon Storey who passed away this week as a result of a heart attack.
Gordon was the founding CEO of SHARC in 1998, when the organisation as we know it today evolved from the US
Society. His passion and vision were a driving force behind this development.
Gordon influenced the funding and sector landscape and paved the ground work that continues today, and was
a strong and vocal advocate for self-help and mutual aid models for people recovering from addictions and their
"Nursing in Criminal Justice Services" - book review
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The Yarra Drug & Health Forum would like to thank all the sources from which the information for the Updates is obtained