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29 Northgate Drive, Greenlawn, NY
Telephone: 757-7435—FAX #757-0469
E-mail: [email protected]
April 5, 2015
Parish Staff:
Rev. Peter F. Kaczmarek, Pastor
Msgr. Patrick Armshaw, Pastor Emeritus
Deacon David Campbell
Deacon Jean Cantave
Deacon Allan D. Longo, Faith Formation
Deacon James Byrne
Sunday, April 5th, 2015—Easter
8:00am St. Francis Parishioners
10:00am Kate Porto+, Grace McClorey+,
Lucia Bizzoco+
12:00pm Mario Piscitelli+, Angelo Abbatiello+
2:00pm Youth of St. Francis
Monday, April 6th, 2015
8:30am The Souls of the Unborn
Tuesday, April 7th, 2015
8:30am The Souls of the Unborn
Wednesday, April 8th, 2015
8:30am The Souls of the Unborn
Thursday, April 9th, 2015
8:30am The Souls of the Unborn
Friday, April 10th, 2015
8:30am Nunzie DeMarco+
Saturday, April 11th, 2015
4:30pm Danny Puliatti+, Edith Quitoni+,
Joan Carletto+, Kathleen D’Angelo
Sunday, April 12th, 2015—Divine Mercy
8:00am St. Francis Parishioners
10:00am Kate Porto+, Addys Hagstrom+,
Alfred Ianniello+
12:00pm Carmelo Zaccaria+, Joseph Campbell+,
Lori Miller, Joseph Maniscalco+,
Edward Malia+, Jack F. Canino+
5:00pm Youth of St. Francis
Ministers for Saturday and Sunday
April 11th & 12th
Eucharistic Ministers: Ingrid DeJoie, Frances Takach,
Lisa Love, Diane Bauge, Mary Schlaikjer
Lector: Joe Clines
Altar Servers: Christian & Michael Finnegan
Eucharistic Ministers: Deacon Jean Cantave, Rosemarie
Esteibar, Clare Intemann, Dolores Dooley, Carol Queally
Lector: Gawaine Esteibar
Altar Servers: Kathryn & Danny Morgan, Lauren Stebbins
Eucharistic Ministers: Deacon Jim Byrne, Louise
Mordarski, Carol Nucci, Pam Capotosto, Charles Giardino
Lector: Michael Mordarski
Altar Servers: Lucas & Giancarlo Porpora
Eucharistic Ministers: Deacon Allan Longo, Lorraine
Longo, Kathleen Dyckes, Josephine Klebenoff,
Sidney Klebenoff
Lector: George Pozderec
Altar Servers: Daniel Troy, Tiernan Emprimo
Eucharistic Ministers: Cathy Kitakis, Diane Young
Lector: Michael Kitakis
Altar Servers: Oliver Michel, James Butron
Saint Francis Parish/Huntington Hospital
Eucharistic Schedule
First, Third, Fourth and Fifth Sundays of the Month
Meet at 9:15am in Hospital Lobby
April 12th: St. Patrick’s Parish serves
Huntington Hospital
Please pray for the sick of the Parish
Bruna Ambrose, Albert Arbeeny, The Bauge Family, Josephine & Christopher Caiozzo,
Elizabeth Caroll, Ruperto Caruajal, Patrick Cashin, Gianna Cerulli, Roy Chowdry, Nina Crilly, Patricia Davis,
Paul DeStefano, Walter Dichurt, Susan DiSalvo, Joseph & Peggy Dissler, Walter Fay, Liam Forstor, Paul Gabel,
Matthew James Gay, Joe & John Geiss, Kathleen Gleason, Sandra Henrich, Mary Ellen Hess, Victoria Hren, Gus Hueber,
Bonnie Inzalaco, August Justesen, Courtney Kane, Frank Kotasek, Don & Eileen Lammers, Kathy La Russo, Janice A. Lewis,
Carmen Lopez, Peter LoRe, Clementina Maldunado, Carol McDonald, Sean McGrath, Doris Mickowski, Danielle Nicosia,
Barbara Nigro, Bud Pace, Felix Perkowski, Philip “Gene” Phelan, Debby Quartin, Regina Rakowski, Mark Russell,
Lillian Sanchez, Eleanor A. Thompson, Rose Varghese, Frank Ward, Daniel Wilbur, Marlene Wyleczuk, Flori Young
April 5, 2015
He Is Risen!
Truly Risen As He Said!
The Apostles truly saw
Jesus alive after He had
been crucified. This is
the essence of our Christian Faith. It is
based on witness. We saw Him; we know
we did; we agreed with each other that we
did and now we share this testimony with
It is still the same today; we have
gathered here to share this news and invite
you to live the new life He promised, a life
that changes everything about the way we
look at the world and live in it! With Jesus,
we live a “new life” filled with the love of
God and charged with the Gifts of the
Spirit. Easter means “Come, share this life
with the Risen Christ and us His followers
still on our journey to the Kingdom.”
Enjoy the day with family and friends.
Look for moments to share God’s love with
or without words, quietly but truly! Do not
be discouraged; as Jesus said, “In this
world, you will have trouble but take
courage, I have overcome the world!”
Happy Easter!
God’s love is worth the price we have to
pay in a troubled world. Do not be afraid!
The Rectory, Pastoral Care
and Religious Ed. Offices
will be closed
Monday, April 6th
Hospitality Sunday
April 12th
after the
8, 10 & 12 Masses
*Divine Will & Carmelites
will be sponsoring this hospitality
Volunteers Needed
For our new
St. Francis Gift Boutique
New and Exciting Gifts
Our Gift Boutique is open on Hospitality
Sundays. It only takes 30 minutes after Mass
to volunteer!
CALL 631-514-9916
Remember Your Loved Ones
With Annual
that brighten
your intentions
all year long
A small plaque displaying the name of your
loved one or a “special intention” will be
mounted before each candle. Plaques will
remain on display for the time subscribed
and may be renewed or rededicated for
additional six or twelve month periods.
The offering for each candle has been
reduced to $60 for 6 months or $100 for
12 months per name, which will support the
work and needs of St. Francis Parish.
Brochures are located in the vestibule and
by the Memorial Candles.
April 5, 2015
Time, Talent & Treasure
Fostering Stewardship as a way of life
Thanks for Giving First Fruits & Taking a Step!!!
(Regular Sunday Offertory)
Last Sunday’s weekly offering: Due to bulletin
deadline, offering will be announced at a later date
Last Year’s Sunday offering: $9, 883.50
3/22/2015 offering: $10,996.00
Bulletin Reflection
Alleluia! Christ is risen and is victorious over sin and death!
We are good stewards of our faith if, like St. Paul, we share
this good news whenever and wherever we can.
Living Stewardship
We are grateful this week for all stewards in our parish
whose lives reflect the joy of Christ’s Resurrection.
April 5-Easter Sunday:
Today as we celebrate the feast of Easter we
find the challenge of alsoseeing and believing
the resurrection that comes through our own
lives of self-sacrifice which brings new life to
Your gift to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul will show
the love of the Risen Christ by bringing your love to those
who live in fear and doubt, loneliness and dread.
SUNDAY READINGS for next week, April 12th
1 John 5:1–6
We know we love each other when we love God and obey his
commandments. The Spirit is the one that tesƟfies and the
Spirit is truth.
John 20:19–31
Receive the Holy Spirit. Whose sins you forgive are forgiven
them and whose sins you retain are retained. Peace be with
you. Do not be unbelieving, but believe. Blessed are those
who have not seen and have believed.
Send us your email if you would like to start
receiving “Bringing Home the Word”, a weekly message
based on the Sunday Scripture readings.
April 5, 2015
The Eucharistic Ministers and
Lectors Ministries need YOU!
Declining numbers in our membership
have left several of the Sunday Masses not
covered by a full complement of
commissioned ministers. We need you to
prayerfully consider joining these
ministries. Workshops are now forming to
introduce you to serve. Some training
workshops are local and take a minimum
of time and there is joy in being a part of
these ministries. Check with the rectory for
more information.
Our Lady’s Home Visitation
Program At St. Francis of Assisi
The statue of Our Lady of Fatima
will be visiting the home of:
4/3/15 Terry Iaquinto
4/10/15 Marie Cantave
4/17/15 Anne and Tom Buckley
4/24/15 Francesca Azzara
If you would like to be added to the
list, please call
Barbara 631-757-1794 or
Louise 631-796-2070
Road Angels are needed to drive
parishioners to and
from doctor
appointments. Please
call the Pastoral Care
Office if you can
help at 261-4837
Bible Study
Wednesdays 11:00am
In the parish hall
For information, call Rectory
April 5, 2015
The weekly St. Francis
Booster Club Winner for 4/23 is
Martha Pesce!
The monthly booster winner will be
announced next week
Tickets are $50.00 and are
available in the Rectory.
Your ticket is entered to win Every Week!
24/7 Prayer Ministry
Call 631-514-9916
Pray With
Deacon Dave Campbell
Join us for
prayer & coffee
after Mass
on Tuesdays
in the lower church.
This spring, couples that have been married
fifty years or more will be honored at
liturgies on Sunday, April 19 at the Church
of St. Lawrence the Martyr in Sayville and
on Sunday, April 26 at the Church of Maria
Regina in Seaford. Both Liturgies will
begin at 2:30pm. Couples may register for
ONE liturgy. Registration forms and
complete instructions can be obtained at the
rectory. Registration must be received by the Office of
Worship by April 6 for the April 19 liturgy and by
April 13 for the April 26 liturgy. There will be additional
celebrations in the fall for those who may find that more
convenient. If you have any questions you may call
516-678-5800, extension 207.
April 5, 2015
“Children too are a gift from the Lord, the fruit of the
womb, a reward.”
Psalm 127: 3
II. Fausto M. Ramos, St. Matthews, Hastings
to Christine J. Delevan, Holy Rosary, Bronx
Baby’s Name_______________________
(to be placed on scroll)
Your Name or Family
I hereby pledge to pray each day for my unborn
“spiritually adopted child” and parents
Prayer of Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph
I love you very much.
I beg you to spare the life
of the unborn child that I
have spiritually adopted who
is in danger of abortion.
Please keep as a reminder of your pledge!
• The words of Pope John Paul II and
Blessed Mother Teresa live on…
“America, defend life so that you may live
in peace and harmony. Woe to you if you
do not succeed in defending life.” (Pope
John Paul II) “What will convert America
and save the world? My answer is
prayer. What we need is for every Parish to come before
Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament in Holy Hours of
prayer.” (Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta)
• You can still join our “SPIRITUAL ADOPT-A-BABY
PROGRAM. Just choose a name for your baby and pray
each day for your unborn baby. Return the pledge form in the
box in the rear of our Church. Watch for your baby’s name to
be listed on a scroll in the St. Francis of Assisi Baby Corner.
We need to pray for our babies in danger of abortion.
• Pampers and Huggies diapers sizes 4, 5, and 6 as well as
unscented baby products (wash, wipes, and shampoo) and
baby coupons are very much needed as we make several
home deliveries a week to our needy moms and precious
babies. Always we thank Our Lord through the intercession
of Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Francis for all you
continue to do for our families. Need assistance? Wish to join
our RESPECT LIFE COMMITTEE? Please call the rectory
at 631-757-7435.
US Abortions since 1979: Roe vs Wade as of March 22,
2015 at 19:59 PM is 57,739,117. All are Precious
Babies with Eternal Souls made in the Image and
Likeness of God! (Source:
Intercessions for Life: April 5th THE RESURRECTION
For those who suffer: may they find strength in the hope of
the Resurrection. We pray to the Lord.
Word of Life: Every child, at every development, brings us
God’s smile and invites us to recognize that life is His gift, a
gift to be welcomed with love and preserved with care always
and at every moment.” ~2009-2010 Respect Life Program
Flyer, USCCB Secretariat of Pro-Life
The Life Center of Long Island at 631-234-2373. Call for
help with a crisis pregnancy, healing after an abortion, or to
donate baby equipment. (Please do not bring baby equipment
into our Church. Thank you!) The Life
Center’s Life Line is open 24 hours, 7 days a week at
Please continue to pray each day for all our precious
babies—born and unborn—and their parents!!!
Pray the rosary for the conversion of
America’s heart to end abortion.
April 5, 2015
Please join us at
our next
PB&J Gang date:
April 19th
Hip hip hooray! We made an amazing 560
sandwiches at our last PB&J Gang.
Thank you to all who helped! Loving hands,
Caring hearts, Spreading joy,
is a very good thing.
Come and join us in spreading the joy.
PB&J gang can help satisfy your
service hour requirements
Please bring donations of Bread,
Smooth Peanut Butter & Jelly!
“I am only one but I can do something, and what I
can do with God’s help, I will do”
-St Francis of Assisi
St. Francis Rocks !
Do you like to sing? Play an instrument?
Then join us every Sunday for the 5pm
Youth Mass Rehearsal starts at 4pm
in the church.
It’s a fun way to be involved
in your church !
For information about the Youth Mass
Contact our Youth Music Coordinator Greg
at [email protected]
Not sure about joining, come check out
the 5 pm Sunday Mass
and see what it’s all about !
Jr. Choir
Calling all boys and girls, grade 2-7.
Come join the St. Francis Jr. Choir.
Rehearsal will be from 11-11:30,
after Sunday Mass.
Come sing, have fun
and enjoy a snack too.
Meet at the piano.
Just bring a smile.
Marianne Craven—368-3141
[email protected]
April 5, 2015
Thirsting for Healing?
Living Waters Center is a counseling center which
provides the Healing Waters of Counseling, Prayer
and Love to those who come through our doors.
Our therapists are rooted in the prayer that is a basic
part of our Catholic Tradition and Faith. Living
Waters Center provides individual, family, couple and
group therapy. Most insurance plans are
accepted. For more information, please call
631-754-3990 or go to our website
or email us [email protected]
Beginning Experience—The loss of a spouse through death, divorce or
separation is one of life’s most traumatic experiences; often resulting
in feelings of loneliness and grief. When those feelings remain, it can
be overwhelming and hard to move forward. The Beginning
Experience weekend is time to focus on you…to feel understood by
peers and experience a sense of peace and a renewed hope for the
The next weekend is on Long Island at the Montfort Spiritual Center,
Bay Shore on April 10th-12th, 2015. For information and reservations,
call Mary at 516-413-6209, Jean at 631-903-0973 or
John at 516-822-0635.
Please Patronize
Our BulleƟn AdverƟsers
Thanks to our adverƟsers
who sponsor this bulleƟn.
Support them with your business.
O prince of peace, we humbly ask
Your protection for all our men and
women in the military service. Give them unflinching
courage to defend with honor, dignity and devotion the
rights of all who are imperiled by Injustice and evil,
Please guard our churches, our homes, and our schools,
our hospitals, our factories, our buildings and all who are
within from harm and peril. Protect our land and its
peoples from enemies within and without. Grant an
early peace with victory founded upon true justice.
Please instill in the hearts and minds of people
everywhere a firm purpose to live forever in peace and
good will toward all. Amen.
Lenten Retreat Day
Presenter: Paul Alexander, LCSW, singer/songwriter/liturgical musician
When: Saturday, March 28 @ 10am—4pm
Place Villa Immaculata House of Prayer
3560 Sound Ave. (opp. Roanoke Vineyards) Riverhead, NY 11901
Costs: $20 per person. Bring a “bag lunch”. Coffee & Tea available
Space is limited. For reservations and directions call Mon-Fri
between 10am-5pm on or before March 21. 631-727-5122 ,
Fashion Show Luncheon
hosted by the Father Thomas A. Judge Columbiettes
Join us March 15, 2015, 1:00pm to 4:00pm for a fun
afternoon of vendors, raffles and
fashions by Dress Barn & Studio East.
Knights of Columbus Hall 9 Hewitt Square East Northport
$25 admission includes hot buffet lunch and dessert.
Please call for tickets: Susan Hurd 516-650-0572
or Karen Sheehan 516-353-1820
No Tickets Sold at Door