Resident to NRO conversion form

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For Branch Use Only
SR Number: _____________________
The Branch Head
Axis Bank Ltd.
________________ Branch
Request Date: | _ | _ | _ | _ | _ | _ | _ | _ |
Sol ID: _________________
Name of Account Holder: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Customer ID: | _ | _ | _ | _ | _ | _ | _ | _ | _ |
Mobile No: | _ | _ | _ | _ | _ | _ | _ | _ | _ | _ |
Existing Residential Status:
Resident Indian
New Residential Status:
Resident Indian
Email: _______________________________________
A/c Number
Mode of A/c
A/c Holder Status
Existing Scheme
New Scheme
I confirm that all unused cheques have been destroyed by me / enclosed cheque leaves from No. __________________ to _____________________, I also
authorise the bank to destroy all the unutilised cheques, if any, in the system.
I have destroyed/ enclosed the ATM/Debit Card(s) issued to me. The corresponding card numbers are given below:
Card No.1 ____________________________________
New debit card required:
Additional detail, as required:
Card No.2 _____________________________________
; if yes, please fill a separate debit card application form.
For Scheme Change from NRE/NRO Account to Resident Savings Account:
Date of return to India: |D | D |M|M|Y |Y|Y| Y |
For Scheme Change from Resident Savings Account to NRO Account:
1st a/c holder
Passport Number/ Visa Type
Passport Details
Place of issue
Date of issue
Expiry Date
Passport Number
VISA Details
Type of Visa
I hereby request you to change my constitution and the scheme code as mentioned above. I confirm that I have read and understood all the terms and condition
associated with the product and I accept and agree to be bounded by the same.
Primary Holder’s Name: ______________________________________________________
Joint Holder’s Name: ______________________________________________________________
Primary Holder’s Signature: ______________________________
Joint Holder’s Signature: ______________________________
Following have been destroyed:
ATM/Debit card
Unused cheque leaves: Y
Following have been delinked from the account
Demat Account No:
Signature verified by: __________________
Employee No_____________
(Name of the employee)
Certified that this Request Letter is complete in all respect & all
relevant documents are obtained. Mode of operation and
signatures of the A/c have been verified. The request may please
be processed.
Signature: ___________________________________________
Signature: _______________
Designation: ___________________ S.S No: ________________
Acknowledgement Copy
Customer Name: ____________________________________________________________
Customer ID: _________
SR No. __________
Date of Request Receipt: ________
Name of Branch Official: _________________________________________________________
Employee Number of Branch Official: _________________
Signature of Branch Official: ____________________
Branch Seal:
Documents Check List:
Documents Checklist for NRE/NRO to Resident Account:
1. Passport Copy with latest arrival stamping page*
2. Expired/Cancelled Visa*
3. Indian Address Proof (Optional)
4. PAN Card Copy (Optional)
Documents Checklist for Resident Account to NRO Account:
Valid Passport Copy*
Valid Work Visa/Residence Permit*
Overseas Address Proof (Optional)
PIO Proof (If applicable)
*Mandatory Documents
Terms & Conditions:
In case of account re-designation from Resident Indian to Non – Resident Indian, account holder’s name will be captured as appear in customer’s
The balance in the account must adhere to the minimum quarterly average balance stipulation laid down by the Bank and communicated to you at
the time of opening of the account. Non-maintenance of this quarterly average balance will attract applicable penalty on a quarterly basis and on a
date determined by the Bank.
Any special instructions, both financial and non-financial in nature, like standing instructions, stop payment instructions, issuance of cheque
books, Demand Drafts, pay Orders, requests for hot carding ATM/DEBIT Cards, Issuance of duplicate card/PIN must be communicated in writing
and/or via valid Internet Banking User ID (wherever such an option is available subject to terms and conditions applicable for such facility), otherwise
it shall not be binding on the Bank to comply with such instructions.
At any point in time, a customer cannot maintain dual Resident status; henceall resident accounts (Savings, Term Deposits and Individual Current
Account) will be converted to relevant NRO Accounts when the constitution of the customer changes from Resident Indian to NRI.
After re-designation of savings account the account number will remain the same.
Before getting the savings account converted into NRO account, it needs to be funded in case it is in zero balance or debit balance.
In case of change of constitution from Resident Indian to NRI, if the savings account is linked with a trading account, the same will be delinked before
conversion of the savings account to NRO.
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