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build your own brand
by Billy Cameron
Considering doing your own custom apparel?
Well, there is much to consider: fabric (cotton,
poly/cotton or polyester), fabric weight, fabric
yield, garment construction, how many stitches per
inch, garment specifications, decoration, (embroidery or screen print), packaging, minimums, lead
on and on and on...........................
However, at the end of the day, in this highly
competitive marketplace, having your own
products will be what sets you apart from your
competitors, allows you to build more brand
loyalty & if done correctly, puts more money in
your pocket.
In today’s fast paced world, there is very little
room for error, and in the world of garment manufacturing, there are so many choices of where to
have garments made. To Tom Friedman’s credit,
“The World Is Flat”, and the more you research,
the more confusing things get. I once sat in a
seminar where we were told if 50% of the garment manufacturers went out of business today,
the remaining 50% could easily maintain the demand. Pretty crowded marketplace! On top of all
of this, once you start receiving prices you will
find prices all over the place. Ssome will be much
lower than others, making it more difficult to
choose who and where you want to place your
production. Here is a typical scenario, which I
have run into more times than I would like to admit. We are asked to quote a specific garment. In
order to cost a garment correctly, there must be a
tech pack submitted that explains every detail
about this specific garment. Once we gather all
information needed, figure out fabric utilization,
labor, cost of accessories, etc., we submit the price.
At this time, we either receive confirmation to
move forward or receive a blank stare and a comment that your pricing is way too high. We then
ask a few questions and gather more information
checking fabric that has just been dyed
and then find out that our client we
are working with was quoted a ridiculous cost from
the start from a country we have never heard of
before. They are now stressing because they need
to deliver the program at the price they were
quoted, which by the way, is impossible. Now what
happens is our client has in their head this is the
price they should be getting or something close and
now their whole world has
been turned upside down,
because they have been
quoted a price that is not
feasible. Therefore, they
will never get their delivery.
This is why understanding
FOB, LDP, DDP, fabric
cost, labor rates, cost of accessories, transportation,
duties, broker fees all come
into play and can make or
break a program. Which countries are duty free;
why are they duty free? Where are the fabrics
coming from; is the fabric yarn dyed or pieced
dyed? Are the fabrics made from combed ringspun yarns, or carded open end yarns; have they
been direct dyed or reactive dyed. Does the fabric
have resin; what the heck is resin? Well, the good
part is there are a lot of great companies to partner with to produce your product. At the end of
the day your choice should be made based on with
whom you are doing business vs. where you are
doing business. It is most important to make sure
you are clear on your supplier’s capabilities and
their limitations.
Sylvester in cutting room
At Corporate Apparel USA, we have all
been in the garment manufacturing business
longer than we would like to admit. We have seen
production move from the USA to Mexico and
Central America to China & India and now to
places like Cambodia and Vietnam. We are
owned by 1 of the largest multi-national companies in the world, and most importantly, we do
what we say we are going to do or cannot do.
Having the experience we all have in the garment business, we have set up a simple formula
that will give you the confidence and support
needed to run your program. We have great consistent products and services at competitive prices
that will allow you to service your accounts properly and make money. For more information on
our company and how to get started, you may
contact me at 866.659.7022 or via e-mail at
[email protected]
finished custom piece