BBCAC education – Refresher Session Building

Building Board Capability
March 2015
The 2014 survey indicated that board directors (metro
overwhelmingly stated they wanted some finance education.
As such, the Board Director Refresher on March 20th will focus on health
finance. Given there are different levels of health finance knowledge
amongst current board directors, there will be an optional finance
workshop at the beginning of the Refresher to accommodate people’s
different educational needs.
The optional workshop will address the fundamentals of health finance for
board directors. The workshop will include exploring director roles and
interests from a finance perspective - what makes good monitoring from
board's point of view, what board papers should look like and the types of
questions board directors should ask about health finance. Directors are
welcome to bring some examples of their board finance papers to the
Key presentations will be made by
Pradeep Philip, the Secretary, Department, Health & Human Services
Frances Diver, the Deputy Secretary, Health Service Performance and
The final session of the program will examine funding model reforms and
cover the approach taken to review and refine the department's funding
models for acute admitted, emergency departments and admitted
The program also allows the opportunity for networking.
An email invitation was sent to board directors. If you wish to know more,
please contact Deborah Sykes at the department on 9096 7072.
e-Recruitment update
The 2015 board appointment applications have recently closed. And the
process for public health services has undergone some changes. We now
have a more user-friendly and simple on-line process: eRecruitment. No
more down loading, printing and scanning of documents. The whole
process is done on-line.
As with all new systems, there have been a few glitches with
eRecruitment. But these have been readily resolved, and we had
approximately 400 applications made through the new e-Recruitment
system for public health services, Health Purchasing Victoria and Early
parenting centers. The feedback we have received from applicants has
been really positive.
eRecruitment will be rolled out to all public hospitals, via the regional
offices in time for the 2016 board appointment applications.
Building Board Capability Advisory Committee (BBCAC) members
Kellie O’Callaghan (chair)
Latrobe Regional Hospital
Barbara Yeoh
Monash Health
Nancy Hogan
Peninsula Health
Marilyn Beaumont
Northern Health
Andrew Faull
Ballarat Health
Carolyn Wallace
Castlemaine Health
Mark Williams
Wimmera Health Care
Regional updates
Grampians Region
2015 Board education dates
18 February:
Risk Management workshop
(Hume Region)
18 March:
Risk Management workshop
(Grampians Region)
20 March:
Board Director Refresher
11 – 20 May:
Topic one education series
 30 April 2015
1:00 PM – 2:30 PM
6.00 PM- 8.30 PM
Topic: Innovations in nursing
Speaker: Associate Professor Alison McMillan
Chief Nurse & Midwifery Officer
Department of Health & Humans Services
Location: Ararat Venue: to be advised
Barwon South Western Region
20 May:
Risk Management workshop
22 July:
Risk Management workshop
(Gippsland Region)
14 August:
Board Director Induction
26 August:
Risk Management workshop
(Loddon Mallee Region)
Education dates:
 26 February 2015
6.30 PM - 8.30 PM
Topic: Consumer engagement: the patient experience
Speaker: Nicky Barry. Coordinator, Consumer
Health Issues Centre Location: Horsham
Venue: Federation University Horsham Campus
9 September:
Risk Management workshop
(BSW Region)
12 – 21 October:
Topic two education series
18 November:
Risk Management workshop
Board chairs from the Barwon South Western Region
meet twice a year, with the most recent forum held on
18 February. As well as updates from chairs on major
developments in health services, the forum topics
focused on regional collaboration. This is a key issue for
rural services.
Whilst there are many examples of regional
collaboration, the discussion centred on the models
(concepts such as network governance and collective
impact) and the elements which lead to improved
integration of patient care as well as more efficient
services: "collaboration builds capacity". The forum
heard from a local government speaker, since this sector
is an important partner for health services in rural areas.
Agreeing a core purpose, generating and maintaining
enthusiasm and measuring outcomes were seen as vital.
A focus on delivering effective services for rural
communities was seen as the overriding driver for any
Board chairs also discussed the benefits which have been
gained from health service boards meeting jointly,
especially the opportunities for directors from smaller
boards to gain exposure to the challenges of larger
boards to inform their own governance practice.