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The Mariner
Vol. 15 Issue 04
A Newsletter for Our Lady of the Rosary Council 9039 Shallotte, NC
Council Officers for 2014-2015
Grand Knight
Financial Secretary
Deputy Grand Knight
Inside Guard
Outside Guard
1 Year Trustee
2 Year Trustee
3 Year Trustee
Program Directors
Culture of Life
Insurance Agent
Richard Rismiller
Fr. Bruno Swiatocha
Richard Connolly
Paul Murnane
Jack Pegoni
Joe Bonanno
John Hall
Paul Lombardi
Bill Anstock
Ron Dubas
Robert Curts
John Grant
Tony Imondi
PGK Edwin Manz
George Manglesdorf
John Yencik PGK
Fran Radley
William Anstock
Edwin Manz PGK
Charles “Tex” Irek
Charles Van Buren
Ray Gromadski PGK
Chuck Fitzgerald
Tom Gaven
Marty Yakimovich
(910)686-1627 office
e-mail:[email protected]
We Need Your Help
Easter Sunday Parking
April 11 and 12 L.A.M.B.
at Walmart.
April 17-19 Heavcnly Bread Sale
April 2015
Grand Knight’s Message
Brothers all,
My sincere thanks goes to our Worthy Deputy Grand Knight,
Paul Murnane for stepping in for me while I was away. It is
good to be home after five weeks living out of a suitcase.
The NC State Council Raffle tickets have been mailed out; by
now you should have gotten yours. Please expedite the return
of the stubs and the money as we have a deadline of April
25th to get the money into the state council. Remember onehalf of everything we collect we get to keep for our council.
This is a really simple way for us to raise money to support
our operations and charities. The other half goes to offset the
operational expenses and charitable giving of the State Council
which provides so much support to us and the other councils
in North Carolina.
Our first LAMB collection weekend is fast approaching – April
11th and 12th. Many thanks to those who have already signed
up by way of the website, but there are still a number of openings, especially on Sunday. If you cannot get to the website,
give Brother Tom Gavin a call at (910) 579-1898. Bring your
spouse or a friend who is not a Knight – this is for a good cause
that everyone can support.
I wish each of you and your families a blessed Easter. He is
Vivat Jesus
Richard Rismiller, GK
See Council Website to sign up
The Mariner April 2015
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Council 9039 Programs
Our Lady of the Rosary Council is a very active council. Sometimes it is difficult to keep track of all we
have going on. Each month we publish information on what occurred the previous month as well as the events
coming up during the current month. More information about each Program can be accessed on the website by
clicking on the title of each Program at the top of the home page.
Generally we follow the NC State Council and the Supreme Council in our structure. We have six Programs
for grouping our various activities:
Church – John Yencik, (910) 575-8175 [email protected]
Community – Fran Radley, (910) 575-2427, [email protected]
Council – SK Bill Anstock, 575-7680, [email protected]
Family – Chuck “Tex” Irek,(910) 754-2239, [email protected]
Youth – Chuck Van Buren, 287-1785, [email protected]
Culture of Life – SK Ed Manz PGK, 579-1233, [email protected]
If you have an interest in any activity or Program, please contact the Program Director for additional information.
Youth Program
State Basetball Free Throw Competition
The K of C State Free Throw Challenge was held
Sat. Mar. 21, 2015 in Burlington. Our Council had 8
contestants participate.
Three of the contestants from our council competition
took honors at the state level. They were: 10 yr.
old Brianna Leonard from Ocean Isle Beach, 3rd
place, 9 yr. old Jeremiah Gore, from Longwood, 2nd
place, and 14 yr. old Hayden Grimes from Ash, 2nd
place.Tough competition this year. All the contestants
had a good time.
Chuck Van Buren
Council Youth Director
The Mariner April2015
Special Olympics
On April 24,2015 at 10:00 AM, the Annual
Brunswick County Special Olympics event will take
place at Cedar Grove Park which is behind the
Cedar Grove Middle School. There are signs for
the Middle School along various roads in and around
Shallotte and Holden Beach.. Members and there
wives are encouraged to help as the Knights of
Columbus are the responsible for the Tee-Shirts
that are worn by all participants and volunteers.
Operation Lamb funds have also been donated
to Special Olympics. If you are going to help
please sign up on the council web page. Please
email ([email protected]) or call
(910-754-3825) Paul Lombardi with your Tee Shirt
size so that he may collect them before the event
and have them for you on the morning of the event.
Please make sure you leave your name and any other
names of volunteers about whom you are calling or
Thank You and Vivat Jesus.
Paul Lombardi
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Family Program
On March 4, 25 brother Knights and spouses celebrated our first Social Night at Mama Bravas in
Shallotte. It was a relaxed evening of casual dining and beverages. It was a great opportunity
for new brothers to meet long time members of our council and for old pals to enjoy each other’s
company in a relaxed environment. We are planning to have more Social Nights on a regular basis.
Check your email and the Mariner for more details on the next event.
Tex Irek
Family Director
Family Knight at Mama Brava’s
The Mariner April 2015
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St Patrick’s Ice Cream Socials
On Wednesday March 11, members of Knights of Columbus Our Lady of the Rosary Council 9039 visited
Shallotte Assisted Living to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the residents there by serving cake, ice cream and
soda. Knights Fran Radley, Al Ciardi, Joe Magri, Tom Davin, Jack Dambaugh, Ray Gromadski and Columbiette
Jackie Gromadski were in attendance.
After the residents of Shallotte Assisted Living were served, the Knights proceeded to Autumn Care Nursing
Home to celebrate there. Joining us at Autumn Care were Chuck Van Buren, Marty Green and “Yesterday’s
Yesterday’s Memories is a choral group made up of several Knights and members of St. Brendan the Navigator
Catholic Church. They performed traditional Irish melodies and ended their performance with “God Bless
America”. It was a very rewarding experience and we enjoyed the opportunity to show the residents at both
facilities that they were not forgotten
Fran Radley
Community Director.
The Mariner April2015
Page 4
Happy Birthday Fr. Bruno
At the March meeting of the Council we
celebrated the 88th birthday of our Chaplain and
Assembly Faithful Friar Fr Bruno Swiatocha. The
Council presented him with a cake and invited
members of the Hispanic community that were
meeting in Brendan Hall to join us. They joined
us and serenaded Fr. Bruno complete with guitar
March Blood Drive
This is my “after action report” for our Spring Red Cross Blood Drive, held
at St. Brendan Catholic Church in Brendan Hall on March 24, 2015.
Our goal was to sign up 44 donors which was done with the help of many,
especially the Red Cross personnel who were responsible for sign-up and
our Knight’s who did an excellent job with publishing the blood drive in
local papers and bulletins.
The goal of collecting 30 units was exceeded by 13, giving us a grand total
of 43 units (4 double red donors are included). To give some prospective
to the outstanding success, I want to point out that of the 44 donors who
signed-up, 1 cancelled out; 13 were no-shows; and we were fortunate to
have 12 walk-ins to help achieve in exceeding our goal.
All being said, the Red Cross staff, lead by Barrett Sala, made this blood
drive an extremely productive day.
Thank you all and now on with scheduling our next blood drive.
Larry Bates
KofC Blood Drive Coordinator
The Mariner April 2015
Page 5
Heavenly Bread
Baked by Knights
Sale of the Bread will be used to fund the Assembly Charities
Next VA Hospital Visit
Pray for our Men and Women in
The Assembly’s next visit to the VA Hospital in
Fayetteville has been scheduled for Wednesday
June 10th. At that time we will be cooking and
serving rollers and sliders (aka hot dogs and
hamburgers) along with the usual “sides” to the
residents there. In order to be prepared to serve
the residents at 11:30 AM, we will need to leave
the church parking lot no later than 0800. We
will need at least 5 Knights to make the trip.
Uniform Please contact me if you are available to join
S.K. Raymond Gromadski PFN
Faithful Admiral
Assembly VAVS Coordinator
Major Christopher Gromadski USMC
Lance Corporal Devin Head USMC
Lieutenant Col John l Rafferty U.S. Army
Lieutenant Col Robert Bass U.S. Army
Major Benjamin Tipton, U.S. Army
PFC Shawn Ornberg U.S. Army, Deployed
Private Robert Manz, U.S. Army
Ryan Chapman, USMC
The Mariner April2015
To date in 2015 we have collected 1295 points
This amounts to a $19.43 donation to the USO.
Please continue to collect Coke product bottle caps
and the end flaps from Coke can cases. Proceeds
go the support the USO in their efforts to serve our
servicemen and women. FYI last year we didn’t
reach $9.43 until September 1.
Page 6
District Deputy Message
Building the Domestic Church
In recent years “the family” has not been given the emphasis that other Knights of Columbus
programs have. This year that has changed with the push for “Building the Domestic Church.
Council Family Directors should be working on a program for their council. The information
below is taken from the booklet “Building the Domestic Church” published by Supreme
Note: An online pdf version of this booklet and other resources are available at kofc.org/familyfullyalive.
Participating in this initiative can be as simple as providing this booklet to your council and interested parish
families. For councils that wish to do more to help strengthen their council families in faith and in turn
strengthen their parishes, they can undertake these other items.
Start your program by asking your chaplains or another attending clergy member to bless the Holy Family icons
that families have brought to the event. Then offer families the chance to share their monthly project and also
what spending time together on the project has meant to them.
Family Movie Nights (once a month)
Invite all your council and parish families to gather as a family of families and share fun and fellowship while
watching a free family movie. Have a special area for the kids, set up chairs in the back for parents/guardians,
and provide free refreshments. Council leaders will find suggested movies for each month as well as simple
steps in setting up a movie night.
Your council will need to obtain a special license to be able to show these movies in public. To cover this,
your council can obtain a yearly paid subscription from the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC).
Information on this service can be found at mplc.org.
Here are some tips on hosting the movie night.
Send out flyers (via email and by hand) to your council families. Also, consider distributing to parish families as
well. Include the date, time, location, movie title, information on what charity contributions are being collected
for, as well as an invitation for children to bring sleeping bags, blankets and pillows. You should also note that
free refreshments will be available.
Open the doors for people to come in and settle a half hour before the movie begins.
Have free popcorn, lemonade, water, coffee or other refreshments available for attendees.
Set up a container to accept voluntary donations for either an ongoing charitable cause (possibly one associated
with your parish) or a different charity each month.
Consider having an intermission halfway through the movie to allow for bathroom breaks and time to stretch.
After the movie, have a short discussion on the film (how it portrayed families, what were the good things that
the characters did together, and what lessons they learned).
Family-Oriented Volunteer Projects (once a month)
Invite council families and other interested families to volunteer at a council service program each month.
Council leaders will find suggested volunteer activities in this booklet to serve as a guide, but they may
substitute programs or activities that the council already has planned for each month.
There is no greater priority within the Knights of Columbus than ensuring the safety, security, and protection of
the children and young people who participate in our youth programs. The Knights of Columbus requires that
members selected to be youth leaders fulfill all local diocesan safe environment/youth protection requirements
for persons working with children and young people in the diocese. The Order is asking all youth leaders,
and those who supervise youth leaders, to provide a copy of the certificate of completion they received
Continued Pg 8
The Mariner April 2015
Page 7
District Deputy Message continued from Pg 7
(e.g., VIRTUS® training) as evidence that they have completed the required diocesan training. All youth
leaders, and those who supervise youth leaders, must scan and e-mail a copy of the diocesan certificate to
[email protected] Any questions regarding this request should be directed to
(203) 752-4571 or [email protected]
Reports Due this month
April 24
State Convention Registration Due
Convention Hotel Reservations Due
April 25
State Raffle Tickets and Money Due
Catholic Men’s Conference – Charlotte
1st Degree
April 13
Contact Richard Rismiller
3rd Degree
Council 9039 St. Brendan the Navigator Shallotte
[email protected] (910) 579-1155
April 18 Council 6528 in Southern Pines
Vivat Jesus,
Raymond P. Gromadski
District Deputy
Field Agent Report
Plan for
this Tax Day and into the Future
April 15 (tax day) is right around the corner. It’s become popular this time of year to encourage the opening
of an IRA or similar retirement annuity, or the depositing of additional funds into an existing account, as a
tax-savings vehicle. Or perhaps someone has tried to convince you to open an account, touting the rate of
interest that money in one of these accounts can earn. Let me join the chorus of folks encouraging you to open
or add funds to an annuity, but for a different reason.
Certainly, contributing money to a Knights of Columbus annuity will allow you to save some money on your
income tax return. And, our annuities do pay a very competitive interest rate, consistent with our primary goal
of absolute safety of principal. Opening or adding to an annuity for these reasons, however, strikes me as taking
a short-term view of a product that is designed to provide long-term security. How much security? How does
retirement income that you cannot outlive — guaranteed — sound to you?
Here at the Knights of Columbus, you can open a retirement annuity for as little as $300. If you are a new
member (membership less than a year) you can start an annuity for $100. Our current interest rate is 2.5%.
Consistent and disciplined savings placed into that annuity over time can guarantee you an income at retirement
that you cannot outlive. That guarantee — along with the fact that no one has ever lost money left in a
Knights of Columbus annuity (remember – absolute safety of principal) — really will provide you with peace
of mind.
I am happy to meet with you – at your convenience and in your home – to explain in detail the benefits
of opening a Knights of Columbus annuity, along with the benefits of our top-rated life insurance, disability
income and long-term care insurance plans.
Marty Yakimovich
Field Agent (910)686-1627 office
e-mail:[email protected]
The Mariner April2015
Page 8
Good and Welfare
Pray for the following members, families and friends
Dear Jesus, Divine Physician and Healer of the sick, we turn to you in this time of illness. O dearest Comforter
of the troubled, alleviate our worry and sorrow with your gentle love, and grant us the grace and strength to
accept this burden. Dear God, we place our worries in your hands. We place our sick under your care and
humbly ask that you restore your servants to health again. Above all, grant us the grace to acknowledge your
will and know that whatever you do, you do for the love of us. Amen
Jack Adams
Bob Hack
Ken Olson
Elizabeth Walsh
Cui Wen Zeng
Mary Angula
Ed Hahn
Flo O’Shea
John Walsh
and wife Ro Zeng
Myron Bishko
Chuck “Tex” Irek
Ginny Pearson
Christopher Young
Bob Borstock
Jim Jasman
Bev Pegoni
Cindi Burton
Renato Johnson
Chad Peters
Keep ALL of our
Monzie Campell
John Konen
Ruth Peters
brothers and their loved
Joe Cejka
Ralph Kuhnel
Russ Polizzotti
ones in your prayers.
Linda Clarkin
Christine Laputka
Mary Radley
LaVerda Dambaugh Benedict Lee
Elwin Reed
Jack Harrison
Jason Delpezzo
Joseph Leslie
Jerry Schrub
Andy Bopp
Carole Dinnhaupt
Carole Letts
Joseph Schebel
Jack Heneka
Mike Dobosh
Sara Lovell
Ed Schwenk
Ken Reilly
Tom Dorsa
Richard Lombardo
Ro Schwenk
James Tarpey
Kate Doyle
Nancy Massaro
Jerry Siegmund
James Mahoney
Thomas Duffy
Ed Manz
Bob Simms
John Organ PSD
Scott Ebreo
Eugene Mayhall
Stan Slawinski
Tom Faloute
Tanya Medlin
Michael Sullivan
May their souls and the
Tom Gaven
Betsy Melanson
Fr. Bruno Swiatocha
souls of all the faithful departed
Jen Galla
Thomas Merino
Helen Taylor
rest in peace.
Thomas Gilmartin
Jo Murray (SD wife) Daniel Victoria
April Celebrations
Knights Birthdays
William Anstock
Richard Banchansky
Jerry Bart
Robert Blanchette
Edward Dwornick
John Ingram
Richard Jania
Jim Jasman
Christopher Lanno
Frank Martin
Ronald McClellan
Robert McGahran
Geroge Mulcahy
Frank Orlando
Robert Patey
Rev. Francis Simone
Herbert Welch
Christopher Young
Joseph Zegan
Wedding Anniversaries
Mike & Cheryl Dobosh
Chuck & Patti Irek
Gregory and Ann Jensen
George & Joan Mangelsdorf
Michael & Rita McLean
Wives Birthdays Kenneth & Lorraine Olsen
Mary Connolly
Diane Ballerino-Regan
Peggy Rosenfeld
Patricia Stoltz
Alfred & Alice Ortiz
Owen & Diane Regan
Vito & Elizabeth Smurro
James & Beverly Stevens
Joseph & Betty Zegan
correctionsto:[email protected]
The Mariner April 2015
Page 9
Good Friday
Easter Sunday
Mass 3:00 PM
11-12 L.A.M.B collections
10:00 AM-5:00 PM
First Degree Exemplification
6:00 PM
Council Meeting
7:00 pm
17-19 Assembly Bread Sale
See Website for times
Assembly Meeting
7:00 PM
Special Olympics
10:00 AM
Council Officers Meeting
7:00 PM
First Friday
Rosary for the Unborn
L.A.M.B collections
St. Brendan Mexican Festival
Mother’s Day
Council Meeting
16-17 NC State Convention
Assembly Meeting
Memorial Day
8:10 AM
after 9:00 Mass
10:00 AM
10:00 AM-5:00 PM
10:00 AM-8:00 PM
7:00 pm
Wal Mart
McGivney Room
McGivney Room
Kitchen and Gathering Space
McGivney Room
Cedar Grove Middle School
Brendan Hall
Wal Mart
McGivney Room
New Bern, NC
McGivney Room
New Cruises
Broadway and Beaches, 15 Nights, Nov. 1, 2015, Celebrity Eclipse, Deposit $900.00. Itinerary-
Southampton, England, 6 days at sea, Boston, MA., N. Y., N.Y.(overnight), 1 day at sea, Kings Wharf, Bermuda
(overnight), 1 day at sea, Port Canaveral, FL, and Miami, FL. Price-$1895.83(Balcony).
Thanksgiving Cruise-Nov. 22, 2015, RCCL Freedom of the Sea, 7 Night Western Caribbean. ItineraryPort Canaveral,1 day at sea, Labadee, Haiti, Falmouth, Jamaica, George Town, Grand Caymen, Cozumel,
Mexico, 1 day at sea, Port Canaveral, FL. Prices Start at 901.65 a person. Promo limited time offer.
Panama Canal-Celebrity Infinity-April 26,2016
15 nights-Ports include Cartegena, Columbia; Colon, Panama, Puntarenas, Costa Rica, Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and San Diego, CA. Prices start at $1765.97 pp.
Alaska 11 day land and cruise package.- Celebrity Millennium. August 22, 2016-Land includes Fairbanks
with overnight, domed train to Denali with overnight, and transport of Seward to board ship for 8 PM
sailing. Hubbard glacier, Juneau, Skagway, Icy Strait Point, Ketchican, Inside Passage, and Vancouver for
disembarkation. Prices start at $2098.20 pp.
Sharon and Paul Lombardi
The Mariner April2015
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