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Company History
Bill’s “World Famous” Lemonade has been served at fairs,
festivals, and outdoor venues for over 60 years. It was the special
recipe of a man from Central Illinois. From the very start, he used
a unique process which he perfected, combining select
ingredients and a handmade touch that created the best fresh
That’s why countless competitors have tried to duplicate this
product and have always fallen short. People that buy our
lemonade year after year always come back claiming we have the
best lemonade they have ever tasted!
In today’s world to be successful in business, you have to sell
high quality merchandise. We take great pride in being a
company committed to selling the finest equipment and
ingredients. That’s the only way to make sure that we continue
to make the very best beverage on the market.
~ Barkley Beverage, LLC
Over 60 years, we’ve found a way to make lemonade shakeups simple and cost-effective.
Our business model is simple: we offer our name and logo to our customers to use. In return,
our customers agree to use Barkley Beverage Products exclusively to make and promote the
Bill’s Lemonade Brand. We do not charge any royalty fees or hidden cost to our customers.
The secret is threefold...
1) Combine the best tasting, juiciest and freshest Sunkist Lemons with our secret sauce sugar blend
2) Use specially designed equipment to cut and blend these ingredients
3) Do it all to order before your customers’ eyes
...and you have the world’s best LEMONADE!
Is it just lemons and sugar,
like all those other lemonades?
Always fresh!
 Actually, it’s not. We have developed Bill’s Sugar Blend:
140 calories per serving, dissolves instantly, and never
gets heavy and syrupy like most sugary drinks.
 Keeps the entire lemon in the cup, so the customer gets all
those vitamins and minerals.
Completely portable!
What’s so special about Bill’s?
 Specially designed equipment. Totally portable, requires no
electricity. All you need to provide is a source of ice and
 Bill’s Lemonade can provide profit margins as high as 70%!
Is it complicated?
 No, it’s not complicated. We have a proven process.
Anyone can make lemonade in seconds, and the drink
shakes right in the cup.
 You can make a lemonade in front of your customers’ eyes
as fast as you can make a soft drink.
Simple and cost-effective!
We also have…
We can give you an edge with Bill's Hard Lemonade. We’ve
developed a smaller size recipe. Add your liquor of choice for a
refreshing alcoholic beverage.
Perfect for bars, restaurants, concerts, and poolside parties.
All the crucial equipment to start making the best tasting lemonade!
1 – CR – SS Lemon Crusher
1 – S – 100 Fruit Sectionizer
1 – S – 29 Extra Blade Cup
1 - S – 109 Cleaning Cage
Contact us for all pricing information.
Our Supply Chain
Lemons (140 ct.)
Lemon Sectionizer
Lemon Crusher
Bill’s Proprietary Sugar Blend
Custom Cups & Shaker Lids
Product Support
Sunkist Growers
Sunkist Equipment
Barkley Beverage
Barkley Beverage
Barkley Beverage
Barkley Beverage
Barkley Beverage
Bill’s Lemon Crusher
 Heavy duty stainless steel lemon crusher
 Quickly crushes lemon slices and sugar blend together in a
cup to make a lemonade base
 No electric or power requirements
 Equipped with suction cups on base for secure use
 Built to last and proven in high volume production
 One year warranty, patent pending
 Heavy duty shipping and storage box
 9” x 16” x 23” – 35 lbs.
 Made in the USA
Product Code: CR – SS Lemon Crusher
Sunkist Commercial Sectionizer
 Makes cutting lemons easy and safe
 Uniformly slices a single lemon into 8 wedges
 NSF International Approval
 Easy equipment cleanup and maintenance
 14” x 17” x 17” – 13 lbs.
Product Code: S -100 Fruit Sectionizer
Extra Blade for Sectionizer
 Circular 8 wedge blade cup replacement blade
 6” x 6” x 4” – 1 lb.
Product Code: S – 29 Blade Cup
Blade Cup Cleaning Cage
 10” x 10” square polypropylene container with lid
 Stores the Sectionizer’s blade cup in sanitizing solution
Product Code: S – 109 Blade Cup Cleaning Cage
One serving of Bill’s Sugar Blend
makes a 32 oz. drink for only
140 calories!
Bill’s Sugar Blend
 We developed our proprietary sugar blend
specifically to make the very best lemonade
 Never syrupy or heavy, dissolves instantly
 Serving scoop included
 140 calories per 32 oz. serving
 Packaged in two 10 lb. bags per box
 240 servings per box
 One box: 10” x 15” x 7” – 21 lbs.
Product Code: BB – 240 Bill’s Blend
 32 oz. custom polypropylene travel cups
 Bill’s Lemonade four-color logo
 Developed to interlock with shaker lid
 Box of 720 cups: 23” x 22” x 17” – 42 lbs.
Product Code: BB – 32 Cup
Shaker Lids
 Yellow dome shaker lid interlocks with cup
 Revolutionary design allows lemonade to be made
and served all in one cup
 Developed exclusively for Barkley Beverage
Product Code: Available Soon
Green Flat Lids
 Flat green lid interlocks with cup
 Can be used in place of shaker lid if combined
with volume shaker cup
 Box of 1000 lids: 21” x 15” x 17” – 17 lbs.
Product Code: BB – 1000 Flat Lid
Volume Shaker Cup
 Covers the rim of Bill’s Lemonade cups to
quickly shake lemonade during high volume
production or to make refills
 Can be used in place of shaker lid if combined
with green flat lid
Product Code: Volume Shaker Cup
Green Straws
 Fits flat lid and shaker lid
 Box of 1500 straws: 10” x 13” x 12”
Product Code: BB – 1500 Green Straw
Ice Scoop
 24 oz. cast aluminum ice scoop
 Provides ideal amount of ice for one 32 oz.
Bill’s Lemonade
 Boxed: 10” x 6” x 6”
Product Code: BB – 60 Ice Scoop
Lemon Bin
 Polypropylene storage bin with tight-fitting lid
 Holds approx. 70 lemons
 2 storage bins hold full case of 140 ct. lemons
Product Code: BB – 45 Lemon Bin
Sugar Blend Container
 Polypropylene sugar blend storage container with lid
 Holds one 10 lb. bag of Bill’s Sugar Blend
Product Code: BB – 80 Sugar Blend Container
Cup Rack
 25 cup storage and transport rack
 Forrest green and grey
 20” x 20” x 10” – 7 lbs.
Product Code: BB – 25 Cup Rack
Pure Water Station
 Stainless steel purified water serving station
 Dispenses 5 gallon purified water
 11” x 11” x 22” – 10 lbs.
Product Code: BB – 4001 Pure Water Station
Tap Water Station
 Stainless steel high volume tap water serving station
 Can hook up to any municipal water source
 19” x 24” x16” – 21 lbs.
Product Code: BB – 4005 Tap Water Station
Ice Chest
 Insulated ice chest on casters
 175 lb. ice capacity
 Forrest Green
 38” x 23” x 36” – 84 lbs.
Product Code: BB – 3001 Ice Chest