April 1, 2015 - Trinity Episcopal Church

A great place to grow!
Trinity Episcopal Church
3450 Ridge Road West
Rochester, NY 14626
585 225-7848
“We are a growing community of faith and joy, through radical hospitality,
passionate spirituality and thoughtful engagement.”
April 2015
REGULAR Schedule:
Holy Eucharist (Rite 2) Sundays @ 9:00am & 10:30am
Education for young persons—during the 10:30am service.
Potluck and Bible Study—Wednesdays @ 6:00pm in the library.
Young at Heart—2nd Wednesday of the month at 12:30PM
Book Study—3rd Thursday of the Month @ 2:00pm in the library.
Worship Team—1st and 3rd Sunday of the Month @ 10:30am!
March 29 Palm Sunday Blessing
Distribution of Palms 9:00am and 10:30am (Triumphant Procession)
April 2 Maundy Thursday
7:00 pm foot washing and stripping the altar
April 3 Good Friday Services
12:00pm Stations of the Cross
7:00pm Eucharist
6:00am Sunrise Service—The Lighting of the Holy Fire
7:30am Easter Breakfast Following Service @ Blue Ridge Grill
10:30am Unburying the Alleluia and Festive Easter Service
“Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some
blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can.
Tomorrow is a new day. You shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit
to be encumbered with your old nonsense.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson
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At Trinity This Month
Landscaping Master Plan: Here is an opportunity for all to be involved in planning the landscaping surrounding Trinity church. We need your
creative and/or practical ideas for forming our
grounds into a welcoming space not just for us but
for anyone looking for a peaceful renewal of spirit. Please come join us in developing a master plan
for our land on Monday, April 6 at 6 pm in the
church library. Bring a small pizza, wine, or whatever you’d like to share with the others. To prepare for this meeting, think of the most beautiful
outdoor spaces you’ve ever seen. These might include labyrinths, sunken gardens, water features,
trellises, living archways, quiet reflective spaces
with benches – the possibilities are endless. So
please join us and bring those ideas or pictures with
you and we’ll start on our journey of developing
this land we’ve been blessed with.
Young at Heart: Join us on Wednesday, April 8th
12:30pm at the Chili’s in the Sams/Walmart Plaza.
For more information on the Young-at-Heart
group, please call Eleanor Crist.
Preaching Series after Easter: Beginning the
first Sunday after Easter, April 12th I will be starting a preaching series on the Catechism. The Catechism is what each person studies before being
confirmed in the Episcopal Church. It is the foundations of our faith. And yet how many of us have
looked at these since we were confirmed? Do we
remember what they are? If these are the foundations of our faith, how can we build our faith journey if we no longer know the foundation on which
we are building? And for those of you who are
new to the Episcopal church, perhaps you have
wondered how we differ from other faiths? Or
don’t? We will each Sunday be focusing on a different aspect of the Catechism, right up until Bishop
Prince joins us in September for confirmation. If
any of you are interested in officially joining the
Episcopal Church, or are wanting to be confirmed,
or baptized – please give me your name so that you
can join with those making this commitment to
God in September.
Green Film Series: Monday, April 13th at 7 PM,
we will be wrapping up our film series (for now,
anyway) with the PBS Nature series film “The Secret Life of Deer”. It’s an hour-long documentary
that looks into the complex society of animals that
we are very familiar seeing, often nervously from
our cars.
Building and Grounds Spring Clean-up:
25th and Saturday, May 9th from 8:30am till
2:00pm. Many jobs both inside and outside are on
the list. Your help is needed and will be appreciated. A lunch will also be provided. All wreaths and
ornamentals must to be removed in the columbarium .
Please pick up your decoration before our Spring cleanup. Thank you!
Seasons of Life
Dear Friends,
This year as we enter into Holy
Week and Easter, (and perhaps a
Spring that may come!) I find myself impatient.
Impatient for spring to come, impatient for
signs of life, impatient for a change in the
weather and the lifting of my inner state, impatient for life. I am tired of the darkness, I am
tired. And yet so too is our world. Paul writes
about creation groaning and yearning, waiting
also for redemption. Some things we have no
control over, they are seasons of life that we try
to live through with as much grace and
strength as we can muster and God provides.
But there are some things we can do to help
birth the new life that will come. We can avoid
things that further strip us of life and the earth
around us of life, we can do things that
strengthen the frail life there is, and we can
choose to be gentle and compassionate with
ourselves, others and our creation. In this Trinity Times we have included a number of non
toxic cleaning options for our families – why
not try out some of these, and if you can make
them better – let us know! Why not explore a
more intentional healthy way of cooking, or
try some new recipes that are compassionate
for all creatures. Intentionally discern what
strips you of life, and what nurtures your body
and spirit? How could you at this time spread
a little more compassion and gentleness? Easter begins with just one resurrection, but that
resurrection spills out into resurrection life for
not just us, but the entire cosmos. But it starts
with one act of death-defying life.
May we all be strengthened in life and compassion this Holy Week.
With love always, Debs
Understanding Clergy Leave
By Rev. Debs
As I was looking at dates and planning leave for
this year I found myself wondering how many of
you may not be familiar with how clergy structure
their time and their leave. And so I decided to
write a little bit about it. Clergy, as you know, do
not work a traditional 9-5 job. Many people want
clergy to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week (lol). But off course that is not possible, as
clergy are not God. So clergy divide the day into
what we call blocks, a morning, an afternoon an
evening each being a block, and we work 10 blocks
a week – which make up a 5 day work week. Naturally, pastoral emergencies and other events can
mean one works more than this some weeks, but
this is how we try to balance the work load, so that
we do not end up working from morning through
till late in the evening.
Clergy have 1 months annual leave each year.
They also are expected to spend time either continuing their own education or going away for intensive prayer and 2 weeks are given per year for this.
(It is with this leave that I have done my own doctoral studies). Lastly, every 5 years clergy are given 3 months sabbatical leave. Clergy have one of
Page 3
the highest burn out rates of any profession. This is
because we don’t have set hours, we are on call 24
hours a day almost every day, unless we go away.
We carry in our hearts your tears, your grief, the
pain that you have been through or are going
through. We in one day can move from a death, to a
celebration and back again to another tragedy. This
emotional roller coaster day after day drains clergy
emotionally as in no other profession. It is for this
reason that sabbaticals are given. Sabbatical leave
helps to prevent clergy burn out and enables clergy
to remain for far longer in a parish in a healthy
This year I will be taking my annual leave in August as my sister and her 2 children will be coming
out to visit!!! I will be taking Sunday services during this month. My sabbatical leave we decided
with the vestry, will be taken over 3 years, 1 month
at a time. And so I will be taking my second block
of sabbatical leave 11 May – 11 June. I am hoping
to spend this time praying and deepening my own
spiritual journey.
I hope this helps explain to you a little better how
clergy structure our time and leave. If you have
any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me!
Minutes of Meeting
February 16, 2015
Rev. Julie Secora, Cannon for Mission and Ministry spoke about the Mutual Ministry Review process.
The discernment committee has concluded. John is
coming to the end of his contract with Trinity in
April. Debs is looking for a new seminarian.
A Wednesday service during the summer was discussed. It could be a garden service with a shortened liturgy and a pot luck supper.
Page 4
Linda Wackerow and Gayle have purchased coffee
mugs for coffee hour.
This will reduce waste.
The mugs will stay here
and then be taken home
and put in the dishwasher to sanitize. A basket
will be placed to help
defer the cost of the mugs.
shoveling, scraping, and wishing for spring.
Replaced 2 shear pins in snow blower, due to
previous item.
 Ate far too many pancakes at Cartwright’s Maple Tree Inn.
The gardening project was discussed. There is food
insecurity for the future. Creating food corridors in
available space is important. It does not have to be
accomplished all at once. What do we as Episcopalians want to bring to others?
groups are doing well. The double doors in the
parish hall needed to be repaired. Due to the inclement weather, the doors could not be locked.
What is needed for the playground has to be addressed and are there any grants that could help defray the cost?
FINANCES: Jack presented the Treasurer’s Report which included All Balance Sheets and MTD
Analysis of Revenues and Expenses. Parishioners
need to be informed of parish finances more routinely
The next Vestry meeting will be April 20, 2015.
Building & Grounds
By Brooks Schneider
A-Team Personnel: A tanned and re-energized
Jim Wackerow has returned from a month-long
sabbatical in Florida.
A-Team March Activities:
 Replaced missing panic bar screws throughout
the church.
 Repaired radiator cover in Green Room in basement.
 Received proposal for daycare area roof repairs
to address recent leak.
 Continued ongoing effort of blowing snow,
Ed and Linda Bohrer visiting the Ice Glacier after breakfast!
Highlights 2014 Parochial
(2013 numbers in brackets)
Active Baptized Members: 248 (239)
Communicants in Good Standing: 255 (273)
Communicants Under Age 16: 29 (44)
Baptisms: 6 (4)
Confirmations: 2 (12)
Received: 4 (7)
Marriages: 2 (2)
Burials: 8 (8)
Avg Sunday Attendance: 105 (100)
Sunday Eucharist: 100 (101)
Weekday Eucharist: 2 (3)
Home Eucharist: 36 (64)
Signed Pledge Cards: 70 (74)
Total Pledged: $119,294 ($113,699)
Operating Income: $161,821 ($154,278)
Operating Expenses: $161,310 ($151,255)
Outreach & Mission: $42,603 ($42,980)
Capital Expenditures: 0 ($35,613)
Cash on Hand 12/31: $52,893 ($59,506)
Total investments: $238,167 ($243,179 )
Altar Fund
February YTD
Budget YTD
Pledge & Plate
Building Use
February YTD
Budget YTD
Christian Ed
Office Expense
Grant Expense
“Rector’s Discretionary Account” Make a difference in one of our own parishioner’s lives, donate
an offering on the first Sunday of the month.
Greece Food Shelf: The last Sunday of every
month, Trinity collects and blesses the food drive to
Page 5
help support those in our community.
Thirty Hour Famine - By Pam Fitzmorris:
The teen class certainly has been busy learning and
serving. This spring these wonderful young
Christians will be participating in 2 service projects. On April 24-25, they will be participating in
our annual 30 Hour Famine. Students will be
looking for sponsors as they fast for 30 hours to
earn money to feed hungry children in South America. On May 2-3 our teens will be participating in
Rhain's Car City. They will be spending the night
at Asbury First Methodist Church along with teens
from other parishes. Our teens are looking for
sponsors for this as well. As you know, Trinity is
an active participant in this wonderful program
which provides emergency temporary housing for
families at Trinity Emmanuel Lutheran church
among others. Won't you please consider supporting one of these great kids for either of these very
worthy causes. Thank you for considering.
Crop Walk Set to Go: Mark your calendar!
CROP walk is scheduled for Sunday, May 3rd!
Walk begins and ends at Aldersgate Church. Detailed information will follow as we get closer.
Our Habitat for Humanity House Starts this
May: Groundbreaking for our new house, is tentatively scheduled on May 6 at 43 Murray St. Our lot
is in the Josana neighborhood, north of I-490 in
Rochester and west of the stadiums. Our Greece
Coalition of Churches has built several homes over
the past 15 years, many in this neighborhood. If
you are interested in helping to build the house, all
skills can be utilized. Even if you have never
worked on a house and want to learn a skill, the
supervisors will teach you that new skill. To volunteer, go to the rochesterhabitat.org website, click
on the Volunteer button and follow the instructions
to fill our your profile. Then, in late April or early
May, when our house is listed as an active work
site, you can go to the website and volunteer for a
day. Work days are Tuesday afternoon (12:00 –
4:00, eat lunch before you arrive), and WednesdaySaturday (8:45- 4:00, bring a lunch) Information
on what to wear, where to arrive on your workday,
Page 6
etc. is on the website. On the page that lists volunteer opportunities, click on “construction sites” for
the information you need.
Not a builder? Then you can still help. Our coalition needs to finish the fund raising that will pay
for our portion of the house. Come and support the
Sticky Lips BBQ on May 21 or make a donation
through church to the Greece Churches Habitat for
Humanity Coalition. Sponsor a box of nails ($10),
some door hardware ($25) or a square foot ($65).
Any and all cash donations are thankfully accepted!
Announcing “Team Trinity” - Brooks Schneider:
The annual Tour de Cure bicycle ride to benefit the
American Diabetes Association has been moved to
Saturday this year. As a result, we have formed a
team to participate.
Please plan on joining us
on Saturday, June 13th, as
a rider, volunteer, spectator, and/or financial supporter. It will be a great
opportunity to wear our
Trinity shirts and show
everybody what a fun group of people we are.
For details, please see diabetes.org/rochestertour or
contact me. Please share this with anyone you
know who might be interested in joining in on the
fun, whether Trinity members or not.
You’ve Brought Your Heart
By Linda Wackerow
When you attend Trinity's church service on April 5th
Easter morning take a minute to really notice the cassock that Debs will be wearing. This beautiful garment,
with all of the elegance that comes with the formality
of being a priest, was handcrafted by Laurie Phillips.
She explained it took her about 40 hours to cut and
sew. Take note of the soft linen fabric designed with
small collar, embellished sleeves, darts and folds, and
little cloth covered buttons down the front. To say this
will be worn and honored by Debs for years to come is
an understatement.
I know each of us here at Trinity feel fortunate to have
had many new members from Concord, Epiphany and
Messiah join us over the past few months. We have
come to love them as I feel they love us, and we truly
thank God for them bringing to us their many talents as
well. The beautifully designed quilts sewn by Barb,
Peggy and Alice, the wood crafted items made by Joe the large cross, so meaningful, esp. at Easter and my
favorite, Noah's Ark. Even little Sammy and his desire
to help the children in Guatemala have shoes, shows no
matter how young a person is, they can cut a path in
life making it more rewarding. Susan and her strong
desire to make life better for the homeless people of
Bob D. and his knowledge of the bible can only be
summed up by saying we appreciate it when he finds a
scripture to share at that perfect and much needed moment. We have Fred to thank for Habitat for Humanity
and Molly for her interest in the RCSD children. Let
me not forget every Sunday, we have Mike recording
our 10:30 service to share with the housebound and
Suzanne assisting with her power point knowledge.
Lastly, listen to the Intergen Worship songs and hear
how much stronger the chorus sounds with the added
voices of Robin, Jiffy, Mary Ann and Hank. What I
have mentioned in this article does not include the
many committees such as liturgy, altar guild, A-team,
vestry, discernment just to name a few, that many have
been willing to serve on.
If I have left anyone unaccounted for, I apologize. I just
want others, like myself, to realize how much these
many new family members bring to our lives. THANK
Sunday School
By Marion Montstream
As we move into April, our children are anticipating Easter, but also knowing that Palm Sunday precedes Holy Week with all those events leading up
to Jesus' Resurrection.
Easter Sunday will be an Intergen family service.
The “Alleluia,”which was buried on the first Sunday in Lent, will be unburied by the children.
The Mites Boxes will be returned. There have
Page 7
been several children making and selling items for
their Mite Boxes. There is also a “Treasure
Chest”on the narthex table for additional contributions. The sum of all these contributions will go
towards a new playground.
On April 12 our children will be learning about
Thomas the doubting disciple. On April 26 we
shall talk about Jesus as the “good shepherd.” We
will also include Psalm 23.
Have a happy and blessed Easter!
Trinity Green
By Brooks & Gayle Schneider
Film Series: It has been a fun couple of years, but
we’re running out of new things to watch. The 2nd
Monday of the month time slot is on the calendar
for the remainder of the year, so if anyone has any
ideas of things to do then, please let us know.
Earth Day, 2015: Wednesday, April 22nd is the
45th anniversary of the first Earth Day. There is a
major Rochester Earth Day event, a visit by Dr.
James Hansen. Dr. Hansen is the former
head of NASA’s Goddard Institute
for Space Studies and brought climate change to the forefront by testifying to Congress in 1988. He will
be at the MCC Theater (Building 4)
on Tuesday, April 21st from 6:30 –
8:30 PM. The presentation is called “Climate, Energy, and Intergenerational Justice”.
Lend and Borrow List: Do you have some items
at home that you don’t use every day and would be
willing to lend to others for a short time? Maybe
you need a sewing machine, carpet shampooer,
tent, rototiller or extra set of silverware for a day or
two but don’t want it sitting around your house for
years after. If you want to be part of network of
your friends from Trinity that can lend and borrow
from each other, just send Gayle
([email protected]) your name and email
address or phone number. I’ll send the email addresses out to everyone that signs up. If you need
to borrow something, send your request out to the
list to see if anyone has that item.
New Mugs for Coffee Hour: Last month we said
goodbye to disposable styrofoam cups at Sunday
coffee hour and said hello to a set of 50 beautiful
new mugs with the Trinity logo imprinted on
them. This set of 50 mugs is to remain at church
for everyone to use so please do not take them
home. You will have an opportunity in the next
few weeks to purchase a mug for personal use. In
case you're wondering how the mugs will get
washed and ready for the next Sunday's coffee
hour, volunteers will take them home and run them
through the dishwasher then return them the following Sunday. Just let Gayle or Brooks know if
you'd like to help out with that.
Non-Toxic Cleaning Ideas:
Washing powder—1 cup borax, 1 cup washing
soda, 1 cup grated fels naphtha (Mix all together)
Use 1 tablespoon.
Brass—Dip lemon in salt and rub, salt and vinegar
cream of tartar and lemon juice
Silver—Salt and baking soda, Line pan with aluminum foil. Put silver in and cover with water.
Add salt and baking powder. Boil for 3 min
Abrasive cleaner—Salt and vinegar
General cleaner—2 T baking soda and 1 cup
warm water
Disinfectant—½ cup borax and 16 cups hot water
Wood floors—1 oil/ 1 vinegar – spot clean
Stone floors—1 cup vinegar to 16 cups hot water
Drain cleaner—½ cup baking soda, then ½ cup
vinegar. Leave 15 min.. Pour pot of boiling water
Carpet stains—1 T vinegar to 1 T cornstarch.
Furniture polish—½ cup olive oil to 3 lemon
Windows—1/3 cup vinegar to 1 t castile soap and
3 cups water. Spray.
Page 8
Rummage Sale
August 13th, 14th & 15th
Plan now to bring “things” you previously enjoyed and no longer
want, to our 2015 Trinity Rummage Sale.
Your once loved item could be another’s treasure!
Please bring items to Sandy’s office or call ahead
for larger items. Items should be at the church BEFORE— Sunday, August 9.
☺ We want your items and we NEED your help.
☺ Sign up in the Narthex if you can support our
☺ Set up and process items the first week of August;
☺ Sign up for a two hour shift during the Sale to
be a cashier, a bagger, a table monitor, customer information, a parking lot manager, a sign
☺ OR Plan to provide baked goods for one of the
days of the sale for our table sale.
graduate of Greece Arcadia High School, Greece
New York, and a 2002 graduate of Embry-Riddle
Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, Florida.
Shaun possessed a deep faith in God. He was academically gifted and musically talented. Shaun endeavored to do his best in all his achievements. He
loved God, his family, his friends and flying.
Shaun was a remarkable young man of outstanding
character who lived his faith. He shared his love of
the Lord with all who knew him. He touched many
lives while he was alive; it is our hope that with
this scholarship his ministry will continue.
The Shaun M. Bohrer Memorial Scholarship is
available to a graduating high school senior who
will be attending college. To be eligible the student must have at least an 85% average, must be an
active member of Trinity and must possess the
character traits of leadership, commitment and responsibility. Applications are available in the
church office and will be accepted through May.
Come enjoy the hunt for your own new treasure!
Questions, suggestions, more detailed directions?
Please call committee members:
Myrna Lawrence -Waters
Joan Campbell
Jan Musolino
Sandy Pacyga
Shaun M. Bohrer
Memorial Scholarship
The Shaun M. Bohrer Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of
Shaun Michael Bohrer who
died, at age 22, in an aviation accident on April 12,
2003. Shaun was a 1998
Don’t forget to keep Recycling Bottles and
Cans: Just bring them to Trinity, or turn your
redemption tickets into the pledge basket or
you may return them directly to Ridge Nickelback at 4945 W Ridge Rd and Trinity will get
cash for your returns!
Weekly Sermons Online: If you were unable
to attend service and would to like to listen to
Trinity’s weekly sermons, please visit our website at www.trinity-greeceny.org. Video clips
and pictures of the services are also available to
borrow from the office.
Thank you Mike Yergeau for capturing the
beautiful pictures and videos at our Services.
Page 9
Good Friday “Requiem”: St. Peter’s Community
Arts Academy Concert Series, 7:300pm, April 3rd,
Free Admission, 149 Genesee St, Geneva NY. For
more info please call 315-789-4910.
Public Policy Luncheon, Saturday, April 11th
9:30am – 2:0pm St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in
Penn Yan; The Poverty Trap; Presenters – The
Rev. Philip Schaefer, Brigit Hurley, Lesley Christman; Lunch provided RSVP [email protected] or 585-62-5215 by Thursday, April 2nd 5:00pm.
Aurora House, Starry Night Dinner: Friday,
April 24th @ 6:30pm. Plantation Party House; For
Tickets call Norma @ 520-6780 or Ro @ 3929198; OR visit Fowler’s Canaltown Wine & Spirits
or 222.aurorahousewmc.com; $40 per person, $75
per couple, #35 each for groups of 10 or more.
CAR CITY 2015: RAIHN—May 2/3, 2015 from
5:00pm till 7:30am. Grab some friends, get some
sponsors, and experience RAIHN Car City! Raise
awareness and funds for RAIHN. Visit
www.raihn.org to sign up or donate to Car City!
Rock of Ages: Saturday, May 9, 2015 At
3:00pm. Hymns for the Soul, St. Stephen Episcopal Church, 350 Chili Ave (585) 328-0856.
Cancer, Caring & Sharing: Educational classes
for people touched by cancer. St. Thomas Episcopal Church, 2000 Highland Ave, 1st Monday of
every month from 6:30-8:00pm.
The Prayers Of The People
We pray for parishioners and friends
Joan Barstow, Bill, Judy and Julie Freeman, Joan
Those facing long-term challenges:
Stuart & Carol Caswell, Donald & Mary Lou Casperson, James Clifford and Family, Pam Fitzmor-
ris, Betty Gardner, Roy Hess, Marilyn Long, John
Lowenguth, Bridget Martin, Suzanne Miller,
Gladys Paige, Diane Petricone, Louise Stone,
Turnquist Family
Those celebrating wedding anniversaries.
Gerald & Kelley Stoll - April 4th
Timothy & Janet McGavern - April 20th
Phil Ehmann & Carol Lush-Ehmann - April 25th
Remembering those who have died…
Please notify the Church office to reserve specific
Sunday dates for memorials of family members or
any loved ones via the Sanctuary Candle.
4 1 Gloria Cooper
4 1 Thomas Standeven
4 3 Richard Pacyga
4 6 Kimberly Hamm
4 10 Willie Waters
4 11 Ariana Lehmann
4 11 Sandra Pacyga
4 11 Georgia Rush
4 11 Jack Naumann
4 12 Kaylee Bennett
4 17 Christine Niven
4 17 Samantha Chilano
4 19 Austin Setzer
4 19 Betty Brown
4 21 Carter Burris
4 21 Stephanie Romanet
4 22 Joan Barstow
4 22 Sage Richardson
4 24 Jane Bechtold
4 24 Flora Nelson
4 25 Mika Richardson
4 25 Richard Stone
4 27 Sara Palmer
4 28 Matthew Branco
Page 10
Page 11
How Well do you Know Your Service?
The teen class has been busy learning about each component of our Sunday service. As promised, we have
created a new quiz for you using just a few elements of the service. The answers at the bottom. Please let
us know how you did. Good Luck!
Can you match the service term to its scrambled definition?
1. _____ Sanctus
A. Hymn of praise. During Lent and Advent, it is more
Solmn (Kyrie)
2. _____Passing of the Peace
B. Recall Jesus' words at the last supper
3. _____Collect of the Day
C. An enacting of Matthew 5:23-24
4. _____ Opening Acclamation
D. Helps the Priest prepare us for worship
5. _____Gloria
E. Ancient Hebrew hymns Christians and Jews have sung for
thousands of years
6. _____Gradual Psalm
F. Hebrew Scriptures which Jesus and His disciples heard and
studied. God's first
7. _____Concluding Collect
G. promise to Israel through Abraham.
8. _____ Sersum Corda
H. G. Latin for Holy. A hymn of praise dating back to the 4th
Century. A hymn of joy
9. _____Eucharist Prayers
I. H. A salutation to fellowship. An exclamation of praise and
permission to preside
10. _____ Words of Institution
J. I. Allows time for the Gospel reader and acolytes to get into
11. _____Collect for Purity
K. J. The first part of each recalls the events of salvation history. This is called Anamnesis
12. _____ Sequence Hymn
13. _____Old Testament Reading
L. K. Latin for Lift Up Your Hearts
M. L. A word for prayer that collects intentions, sets a theme for
the readings of the day.
N. M. One concluding prayer often chosen from the prayer
book. Often concludes with a prayer for peace.
A father was approached by his small son who told him proudly, "I know what the Bible
means!" His father smiled and replied, "What do you mean, you 'know' what the Bible
means? The son replied, "I do know!" "Okay," said his father. "What does the Bible
mean?" "That's easy, Daddy..." the young boy replied excitedly," It stands for 'Basic Information Before Leaving Earth.'
Answer Key: 1.G, 2.C, 3.L, 4.H, 5.A, 6.E, 7.M, 8.K, 9.J, 10.B, 11.D, 12.I, 13.F
Trinity Episcopal Church
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To Love
His Love
the Lord
A Joyful Community
Celebrating the Life of God
in Us and Around Us!
April 2015
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The Congregation
Our Church Staff
The Rt. Rev. Prince Singh, 8th Bishop of Rochester
The Rev. Deborah Duguid-May, Priest-in-Charge (585)729-3231
Mrs. Marion Montstream, Trinity School Director
Mrs. Lisa Scoppo, Secretary
Mrs. Gloria Cooper, Custodian
Trinity Vestry
Gayle Schneider, Ed Bohrer—Wardens
Paul Antonowicz, Linda Canfield, Sandy Cashimere,
Laurie Phillips, Paul Pompili, Jim Stewart
Peggy Swarts, Mike Yergeau, Anne Young —Members
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