The Quiet Achievers 2015

The Voice of the Maltese
(driven by the voice of its readers )
Issue 98
e m
March 31, 2015
The Quiet Achievers 2015
Night of Recognition
he recipients of certificates at the MalT
tese Welfare (NSW) Quiet Achievers –
Night of Recognition 2015 during Seniors
Weekend photographed with special
guests and MW committee members at the
Annunciation Hall, St Dominic’s Blacktown. Those honoured for their distinguished voluntary work are in the first two
rows holding their certificates.
Front row (from left): Sister Giorgina Sultana, Joe Vella, Catherine Vella, Charles
Scicluna, Christine Sapienza, Doris Meilak.
Second row: Charles Zarb, Lycia Manche’,
Josephine Grima, Antonia Fenech,
Emanuel Debono, Ronnie Borg, Frank and
Marlene Baldacchino, Marie Louis Muscat.
Third row: Clr Greg Cummings, Clr Lisa
Lane, John Robertson MP, Martin Todorovitch, and Lawrence Dimech. Back: Prof
Stephen Gatt, Andrew Rohan MP and
Emanuel Camilleri.
(See full report on page 4)
he start of Spring on March
21 in Malta heralded an imday for the Church as
Mgr Charles J Scicluna was formally installed as the Archbishop
of the island in a ceremony at the
Cathedral in Mdina.
The highlight was reached with
the reading of the Papal decree dated February 27 - appointing
Mgr Scicluna (left) to head the
Church in Malta.
It was the first installation since
that of Archbishop Joseph Mercieca in 1976, who, like Mgr Scicluna, was already bishop when
he was appointed to head the
Maltese Church.
Mercieca’s successor, Mgr Paul
Cremona was ordained bishop
after he was nominated, at an ordination ceremony at St John's
2 The Voice of the Maltese
Tuesday March 31, 2015
Mary Dimech:
Honoured for
her significant
and exemplary
he fourth annual Harmony
Dinner at the Grand Pavillion
Rosehill Gardens attended by
some 1,300 invited guests bringing
together people from different cultures, faiths and linguistic backgrounds, was again an event
showcasing the cultural diversity
and unity of the State of NSW.
The highlight of the evening was
the presentation of the Premier’s
Awards, amongst the many an addition to the NSW Multicultural Honour Roll that is a permanent public
record of the significant and exemplary contribution by people of our
multicultural society. This posthumous inscription marks the legacy
of those people who have made a
lasting contribution to the community in New South Wales that extends beyond their passing.
Mary Dimech - 1951 - 2009
Mary came to Australia with her
family as a one-year-old baby and
grew up in a Maltese home environment at Queenstown (Tasmania)
and Wentworthville (NSW) with all
the difficulties new arrivals faced in
their initial settlement.
Mary started her tertiary studies at
the Sydney Conservatorium of
Music but felt a desire for a change
of career to social work obtaining a
degree as a social worker from the
University of NSW.
This line of work fitted her perfectly. It reflected her innermost personality - gentle soul, firm in her
convictions, meticulous in her tasks
and infinitely generous. She also
spent some time working in London.
The Maltese community of NSW
owes Mary a lasting gratitude, as
she was the one who laid the foundations for the infrastructural development in Maltese welfare in the
seventies. She was a
committed mentor in
every aspect of her
helping profession,
particularly on the
workings of beaurocracy and how to
steer the community
in the right direction
to obtain muchneeded funding.
It was through her
support that for the
very first time, the
Maltese community
benefitted from the employment of
two Maltese-speaking health-care
interpreters and a full-time healthcare worker.
Mary was instrumental in the birth
and growth of the Maltese Welfare
Group in 1977 and kept guiding it
until 1980. Her guidance was always professional and worth its
weight in gold. However, her talents
were needed elsewhere and so she
moved on to working with mainstream service providers.
Mary was active in numerous roles
including being the first Chairperson of the Ethnic Childcare Cooperative, working for the Ethnic
Communities Council of NSW and
also being the Director of the Race
Discrimination Unit and the Human
Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission.
Another of her key achievements
included working as the National
Programmes Manager for Multicultural Arts at the Australia Council
where she initiated the Council’s
first multicultural arts policy.
She was a passionate and dedicated advocate for ethnic communities, minority groups and women.
Her commitment to marginalised
communities is an inspiration.
Mary Dimech died on November 3,
Maltese community of NSW owes
Mary Dimech a lasting gratitude
Mary Dimech
2009 after a protracted illness at the
aged of 58 years.
The dinner under the chairmanship
of the Premier of NSW, the Hon
Mike Baird was also attended by a
number of other Ministers, ConsulGenerals and community leaders.
The Maltese community was represented by the president of the Maltese Community Council of NSW,
Lawrence Dimech and Mrs Dimech,
the v/president, Emanuel Camilleri
and his wife, the Treasurer George
Bartolo and the principal of the Maltese Language School of NSW, Mary
Pace-Feraud and her husband Tony.
Harmony in action
*NSW is one of the most culturally
and linguistically diverse states in
the world.
*Our multicultural society is no
longer a small segment, it is a vital
piece of our collective NSW identity.
The people of NSW
245 ancestries, 215 languages, 125 religious beliefs.
45% of the people in NSW were either born overseas or have at least
one parent born overseas.
23% of the people in NSW speak a
language other than English at
New South Wales (NSW) is one of the
States in Australia. The others are,
Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania,
Western Australia and Queensland.
Tuesday March 31, 2015
The Voice of the Maltese 3
Giuseppe Grima: Was he the
first Maltese in South Australia?
residence of D. Gollan Esq. Burnside,
Strathalbyn, died
search in Australian newspa- from apoplexy, Jospers, available online through eph Grima, aged 75
the National Library of Aus- years. The deceased
tralia, records a man by the name of was a Maltese, and
Giuseppe Grima obtaining a general was highly respected
publican licence. This detail is by Mr. and Mrs.
recorded in the South Australian Regis- Gollan, with whom
he had lived for some
ter dated April 2 1842.
That year marks the end of the con- time as coachman.
The above death
vict era in Australia and one would assume that Giuseppe Grima would notice clearly stathave arrived in Australia before this es that Joseph Griyear to be in position to apply and ob- ma, then aged 75,
was Maltese. He
tain a publican licence.
Ten years later in 1852, Giuseppe was identified by
Grima applied for a hackney carriage his friends as a
proprietors and driver’s licence to Maltese and was
known to have
work as a coachman.
One year later, the South Australian been born in
Register of August 22, 1853, records an Malta. He died
unclaimed letter that could be picked from apoplexy (a
up at the Post Office, listed under the stroke or a brain
section Foreign Letters, in the name of hemorrhage) and
is buried in the
Giuseppe Grima.
Year 1855 must have been a hard one Iron Knob cemefor Giuseppe, whose occupation is tery.
Iron Knob is a
stated as labourer, who was declared
an insolvent, while the last entry on workplace where,
Giuseppe Grima, in the SA Register, is many years later,
on the April 26, 1864 where it is stated a number of Maltese found employment in the Steel
GRIMA. On the 24th March 1864, at the Works of this mining town in South
What I found of
The Whyalla cemetery, where Giuinterest is a note
seppe Grima is buried, as it is today
in the names on
the headstones
of the Whyalla
cemetery that is,
that on July 1,
1923, sixty years
after his death.
Joseph Grima
had a headstone
friends. He must
have had no
family in South
By Mark Caruana
Australia but was remembered by his
It is hoped that his name will also be
remembered by the Maltese community of SA as one of its first (if not the
first) pioneer in this State.
It would be appreciated if a photo of
the headstone of Giuseppe Grima at
the Whyalla cemetery could be taken
to be deposited in the Migration Museum, Adelaide and the Fred Fenech
Maltese Resource Centre in NSW.
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4 The Voice of the Maltese
Tuesday March 31, 2015
Mog˙tija g˙arfien annwali
fil-qasam tal-volontarjat
ssir kull sena, iΩda lorganizzaturi dejjem
isibu mod kif dan lavveniment ji©i
ppreΩentat b’mod professjonali u differenti.
Quddiem sala ppakkjata bin-nies, il-Maltese
Welfare (NSW) ippreΩentaw il-15-il edizzjoni tal-Quiet Achievers –
Night of Recognition. Diddarba 13-il persuna ta’
nisel Malti ©ew onorati
g˙ax-xog˙ol li wettqu
fil-qasam tal-voluntarjat
fl-isferi differenti tal-komunita` generali.
Dan huwa wie˙ed
mill-avveniment li jsiru
waqt NSW Seniors’
Week li dis-sena kellha b˙ala tema,
“Be Inspired”. Çertament li dawk li
rçevew iç-çertifikat tal-g˙arfien
g˙ax-xog˙ol u l-eΩempju tag˙hom
jispiraw lil dawk ta’ madwarhom.
Kif qal il-president tal-Maltese Welfare (NSW), Lawrence Dimech “issodisfazzjon ta’ min jag˙mel xog˙ol
voluntarju ma ji©ix mill-flus jew
mis-suççessi persunali, iΩda mill-fatt
li dawn qeg˙din jikkontribwixxu
biex titjieb il-kwalita` tal-˙ajja tannies. Dan hu l-akbar valur taxxog˙ol voluntarju”.
Dawk onorati din id-darba kienu:
Frank u Marlene Baldacchino minn
Pemulwuy, Ronnie Borg minn Old
Toongabbie, Emanuel Debono minn
Sezzjoni mill-mistednin li attendew g˙all-funzjoni li ilha ssir
g˙al dawn l-a˙˙ar 15-il sena.
Dan ifisser li dan l-avveniment hu
uniku g˙ax jinvolvi fih lill-komunita’ Maltija kollha tal-iStat fuq
baΩi ©enerali u mhux biss minn xi
g˙aqda wa˙da.
G˙al din il-lejla li saret fl-Annunciation Hall tad-Dar tal-Anzjani San
Duminku fi Blacktown attendew,
minbarra r-residenti tad-dar, Sister
Giorgina Sultana u s-sorijiet l-o˙ra,
iç-çerman tal-bord tad-diretturi, lAssoc. Profs Stephen Gatt, is--CEO lgdid Martin Todorovitch kif ukoll
il-membri tal-Parlament Statali,
John Robertson (Blacktown) u Andrew Rohan (Smithfield).
Kien hemm ukoll is-Sindku ta’ Holroyd Greg Cummings u s-sinjura
tieg˙u, il-kunsilliera Lisa
Lake u Marie Louis Muscat mill-Fiducian Financial Services li sponsorjaw
din il-lejla, flimkien ma’
Ωew©ha Frank.
It-taqsima muΩikali ©iet
fdata f’idejn il-popolari
Joe Apap li tassew ferra˙
u nissel nostal©ija blg˙aΩliet muΩikali tieg˙u.
Il-preΩentazzjoni taççertifikati saret minn
John Robertson MP u Andrew Rohan MP waqt li
dan tal-a˙˙ar g˙amel
ukoll id-diskors talg˙eluq.
Frances Montesin u
Doris Grima kienu l-qarreja waqt li Nathalie Gatt
g˙amlitha tal-MC,
b’Lawrence Gatt ikun ilkoordinatur tal-lejla.
Il-Maltese Welfare
Il-kumitat tal-Maltese Welfare (NSW) 2015 li kellu x-xog˙ol li jag˙mel l-g˙aΩla finali. Wara ˙aqqhom prosit ta’
(mix-xellug): Charles Micallef, Lino Vella, Lawrence Gatt, Mark Caruana u Emanuel Camil- preΩentazzjoni o˙ra li
leri. Quddiem (mix-xellug): Frances Montesin, Rita Kassas, Marlene u Lawrence Dimech, Doris g˙amlet unur lill-komuGrima, Nathalie Gatt u Maria DeCarlo.
nita` Maltija.
Gwandalan, Antonia Fenech minn
Umina Beach, Josephine Grima
minn Horsley Park, Lycia Manche`
minn Fairfield Heig˙ts, Doris Meilak
minn Greystanes, Christine
Sapienza minn Moorbank, Charles
Scicluna minn Gorokan, Catherine
Vella minn Russell Lea, Joe Vella
minn Blacktown u Charles Zarb
minn Greystanes. (ara ritratt fl-ewwel
Il-proçedura biex ji©u mag˙Ωula la˙˙ar tnax tibda minn Jannar wara
li membri tal-komunita` jibag˙tu nnominazzjonijiet tag˙hom lill-kumitat fejn jispjegaw bid-dettal
ix-xog˙ol li jkun wettqu fil-qasam
tal-volontarjat tul hajjithom.
The Voice of the Maltese 5
Tuesday March 31, 2015
A happy Bill Borg with his latest award presented to him by Mulgoa MP Tania Davis
For Outstanding Service
to Rugby League
n recognition and appreciation of his outstanding service
to the Community, at Peppertree Reserve the local State
Member for Mulgoa, Tania Davies presented Bill Borg,
Secretary of St Clair Junior Rugby League Club, with the
NSW Government Community Service Award.
Members of Parliament are allowed to nominate only two
people per year to receive this award and Bill, born in St
Lawrence Gozo, Malta, is one of them for 2015. He arrived
in Australia with his family 50 years ago. He is the second
eldest of nine to George (deceased) and Rita Borg of
Greystanes NSW.
During the presentation, Member of Parliament for Mulgoa Tania Davies said. “Today I am proud to honour a true
blue, gentleman and humble man, Bill Borg, for his tireless
work as a volunteer on the committee of the St Clair
Comets Junior Rugby League Club as Secretary since 1990.
He has dedicated a large portion of his personal life encouraging children to be active participants in team sports”.
The Gozitan has been instrumental in the club’s growth
and plays a vital role in the day-to-day operations of one of
the largest Rugby League clubs in the Penrith district with
an annual playing roster of almost 700 players. He has
played a leading role in many major improvements to the
playing field amenities.
In 2010, Penrith City Council approved the naming of the
mini field used by the Club in Bill Borg’s honour (see photograph) in appreciation of his many years of service to the
community. It is the first time this honour has been bestowed on a person still living.
Bill Borg’s other accolades throughout his voluntary service in the community include:
2001 - Made life member of St Clair Junior Rugby League
2007 - Made life member of the Penrith District Junior
Rugby League Club, becoming the only non-Penrith Junior
Rugby League Committee member to achieve this honour.
2008 - Centenary of Rugby League Medal.
2008 - Penrith City Council Australia Day Sports Achievement Award.
2010 - Naming of the Mini Field at Peppertree Reserve to
The Bill Borg Mini Field.
2011 - Penrith Valley Sports Foundation Sports Administration Award.
He has also received an ‘ING Volunteer of the year’ award.
*St Clair is a suburb of Sydney, in the state of New South Wales,
Australia. It is 39 kilometres west of the Sydney central business
district, in the local government area of the City of Penrith and is
part of the Greater Western Sydney region. St Clair is within view
of the Blue Mountains.
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6 The Voice of the Maltese
Tuesday March 31, 2015
Melbourne’s Moomba Festival
oomba is celebration time in
Melbourne that takes place every
year in March. It’s a festival of
many days similar to Malta’s “Carnival”,
which reaches its peak on the Monday
with the Moomba Festival Parade that this
year attracted around 70,000 people.
On the Sunday and Monday water skiing
competitions are held, attracting performers from all over the word. On the same
day there’s also the Birdman Rally, where
contestants try to fly in their makeshift flying gadgets from a platform onto the Yarra
River. The
winner will
be the the
one that “flies” the longest distance.
Some “fly”
several metres; others
fall straight
into the river
as soon as
they leave
the platform.
In all my 50
years in Australia,
was the first time I managed to
make it to see the Moomba Festival Parade… and I loved it.
Since its establishment in 1955,
the Moomba festival has become
something of an institution, unfolding in the city’s parks, along its
streets and on the waters of its
Yarra River. The festival is as familiar to post-war Melbourne as
the AFL and the Melbourne Cup
have been for more than a century.
Moomba has touched the lives of
millions; it has had hundreds of administrators, tens of thousands of
performers and legions of spectators. This is the event that helps the
streets to come alive with colour
and fanfare while the fireworks that
by Paul Vella
(Photos by Caesar Vella)
light up the night sky. Moomba provides
something for everyone and has at times
had up to 200 different events spread over
11 days; most of them free.
From waterskiing to parades of decorated
trams, and from street theatre to worldclass opera, Moomba has sought to respond to the times and to engage a diverse
audience in a popular community festival.
It is of little surprise that it
has been
subject to
for its populism.
But Moomba’s
can best
be measured by
the great numbers of supporters who come
to the city annually to participate in the entertainment. Moomba is marked by both
continuity and change. It has reinvented itself through the years to remain relevant
and vibrant to festival-goers, who, since
the mid-1980s at least, have had no shortage of events to choose from.
With its changing festival directors, administration and funding; its backdrop of
shifting social, cultural and political environments; and the inevitable criticisms to
which such populist events are subject,
Moomba necessarily has a rich and complex history. The story of Moomba is in effect a composite of many stories. But there
is some continuity that forms a core to the
past of this outdoor festival. These relate
primarily to place and the nature of the
events that have occurred, and still do, in
those places.
For many, the most memorable experience is the grand parade down Swanston
Street, which has served historically as the
defining event of Moomba
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The Voice of the Maltese 7
Tuesday March 31, 2015
Paul Vella
lura fuq
Radju 3ZZZ
ara waqfien ta’ kwaΩi sena Paul
Vella re©a beda jxandar programmi
bil-Malti fuq ir-Radju Komunitarju f’Melbourne 3ZZZ 92.3 FM. B˙alissa qed jippreΩenta l-programm ta’ nhar ta’ Ìimg˙a,
fil-5 pm u ie˙or is-Sibt, fl-10 am, darba
Matul il-waqfien tieg˙u mill-programmi,
˙afna semmieg˙a, fosthom g˙add ta’ anzjani, g˙amlu kuntatt mieg˙u ˙alli jer©a’
jibda jxandar g˙ax ˙assew in-nuqqas ta’
siltiet mill-programmi tal-Ìimg˙a li jinkludu l-qari u t-tifsir tal-Evan©elju talÓadd.
Fil-programmi tieg˙u, Paul jipprova
jda˙˙al laqtiet differenti li jog˙©bu lis-semmieg˙a, fosthom marçi minn baned Maltin,
muΩika u g˙ana Malti. Barraminhekk, min˙abba li hu mda˙˙al sew fil-Grupp Letteratura Maltija ta’ Victoria, jinkludi wkoll
qari ta’ proΩa u poeΩiji Maltin min˙abba li
fil-grupp, jemmen fil-˙tie©a
li wie˙ed jie˙u ˙sieb l-Ilsien Malti u l-Kultura Maltija.
Kemm ilu li re©a’ jxandar Paul rçeva
g˙add ta’ telefonati u emails ta’ mer˙ba, u
anke messa©©i ta’ nkora©©iment.
B˙ala ˙arsa ©enerali lejn ir-Radju Komunitarju 3ZZZ f’Melbourne, ta’ min jg˙id li
dan ixandar programmi b’aktar minn 60
lingwa differenti. Il-Maltin t’hemmhekk
g˙andhom g˙alihom tlett programmi ta’
sieg˙a fil-©img˙a - it-Tnejn u l-Ìimg˙a
fil-5 pm, s-Sibt fl-10 am. G˙andhom ukoll
programm ie˙or kull l-a˙˙ar Erbg˙a taxxahar fis-1 pm.
Ix-xandara l-o˙ra li wkoll jag˙mlu l˙idma tag˙hom b’dedikazzjoni, huma,
Lewis Stafrace (Convenor), Mario Sam-
Melbourne’s Moomba Festival
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Nowadays the Moomba Parade takes place in
St. Kilda Road. At its
height, from the 1950s
until the 1970s, it drew
hundreds of thousands
of people to central
In the early years these
pageants embodied the
glitz and high times of
the 1950s, livening up
what was a lifeless city
Horse and tractordrawn floats - sometimes swan-shaped or festooned in flowers created an incongruous
procession against the grey, Victorian façades of Swanston
Sadly, the number of floats (karrijiet) has declined over the
years, but the marching girls, brass bands, children from different sports, children from different dancing schools, children
from talent schools and participants from a large number of nationalities, such as Italians, Greeks, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and
others, are all, still there.
Disappointingly, no Maltese Community was represented this
year at the festival. Years back the Maltese Community used to
take part with floats, some of them very artistitically made, most
often with the initiative of Freddie Asciak, his friends and
helpers from the Maltese Community Council of Victoria.
One would at least expect that the Maltese Community would
be represented by at least one of the three Maltese Bands in Victoria on such occasions.
But apart from that, this year Moomba was yet another successful festival.
Paul Vella waqt
wie˙ed mill-programmi tieg˙u
fuq 3ZZZ
mut, Paul Vella u Emmanuel Brincat. Fost
dawn, Mario Sammut, li joqg˙od Morwell, jag˙mel vja©© ta’ sag˙tejn bil-ferrovija lejn Melbourne u lura, kull nhar ta’
Sibt biex jippreΩenta l-programm li ilu jipproduçi g˙al aktar minn 25 sena, ˙afna
drabi aspejjeΩ g˙alih.
It-3ZZZ huwa l-ikbar stazzjon komunitarju f’Melbourne b’xandara voluntieri u
programmi li jistg˙u jinstemg˙u ma’ Victoria kollha. Barra dan jistg˙u jinstemg˙u
ukoll mad-dinja fuq l-internet, dirett jew
on demand - sieg˙a wara li jixxandar u
jibqa’ hemm g˙al ©img˙a s˙i˙a sakemm
jid˙ol programm ©did.
Biex wie˙ed jisma’ l-programmi ta’
3ZZZ, g˙andu jmur fuq dan is-sit tal-internet, Fuq ixxellug hemm kaxxa "listen to a show".
Minnha, minn fost il-lingwi ag˙Ωel
"Maltese" u l-programm Malti li trid.
Ag˙fas fuqu u wara ag˙fas ukoll "listen". Fl-a˙˙ar "OK". Hekk jibda l-programm.
Wie˙ed jin˙tie© li jkollu s-software
"Real Player" jew "Real One". Jekk ma
jkollux jista’ jniΩΩlu b'xejn minn fuq linternet. Il-programm ta’ nhar t’Erbg˙a
hu mniΩΩel ta˙t il-lingwa “Armenian”
min˙abba li dan hu ˙in tal-istazzjon u
mhux tal-Maltin.
Fil-programmi wie˙ed isib, l-a˙barijiet, marçi ta’ baned Maltin, reli©jon,
kanzunetti Maltin, letteratura, umoriΩmu, sports u affarijiet o˙ra.
Korrispondent Speçjali
8 The Voice of the Maltese
Tuesday March 31, 2015
Have your say/Xi trid tghid?
Your letters/ L-ittri tag˙kom ...
Dewmien esa©erat
The Voice of the Maltese
e m
is is a bi-lingual (in
English and Maltese) fortnightly online publication
specifically targeting all
Maltese living abroad
with emphasis on the
Australian scene.
is online magazine is
sent via email by request.
Subscription is free.
Malta: Joseph Cutajar
Lawrence Dimech: MOM,
email address:
[email protected]
Letters for publication in The Voice either in Maltese or English should be
e-mailed to: [email protected]
Now you can also join us
on facebook:
J. Sciberras minn Parramatta NSW jikteb:
r-reazzjoni tieg˙i meta qrajt l-ittra
“Dewmien esa©erat” (˙ar©a Nru 97)
kienet, kif jista’ jkun li xi ˙add
i˙alli tinholoq sitwazzjoni
b˙al din?
Niftakar meta l-Konsulati kienu anke jift˙u
Paul Pisani from Perth,
WA writes:
am very honoured to be receiving such a professional
service as The Voice of the Maltese online
magazine, and I want to comment on a letter
that was published in Issue No. 97. It was in
Maltese, but I could only get a small grip on
it, regarding Maltese Passport Applications.
I understand that to get a renewal, one has
to make an application for an appointment
to the Maltese Embassy in Canberra. If you
reside in any other part of Australia, it becomes an expensive exercise to get to Canberra for a Passport renewal.
We reside in Perth WA, and the expense
is a huge amount when you take into account the cost of the air fare as well as the
cost of the renewal of the Passport.
We cannot justify the extra expense so we
will have to forego Renewals.
I hope that the High Commissioner of the
Maltese people will look at this anomaly.
nhar ta’ Óamis sat-8 pm u s-Sibt biex
jaqdu lin-nies u anki jitilg˙u lejn inna˙at tal-Western Suburbs, g˙alhekk
donnu jidher li morna lura. G˙ax
ng˙iduha, biex tistenna tlett xhur
g˙al appuntament mhix çajta.
Ma nafx g˙aliex jistennew ilmenti b˙al dawn biex jittie˙du passi. Tajjeb li
issa g˙andna çittadinanza doppja iΩda
jekk se jkun hemm
intoppi biex inkunu
nistg˙u napplikaw
ifisser nuqqas serju li
g˙andu ji©i rran©at
While visiting Malta Stay at:
The Diplomat Hotel, 173 Tower Road Sliema
Email: [email protected] Tel: (00356) 23497000
l-Ministeru g˙all-Affarijiet Barranin jirreferi g˙all-allegazzjonijiet li qed isiru dwar dewmien ta’
˙ru© ta’ passaporti u jixtieq jinforma
li min˙abba g˙add sostanzjali ta’ applikazzjonijiet g˙all-passaporti, l-appuntamenti fil-Konsulat Ìenerali ta’
Sydney qed jie˙du aktar tul missoltu. Il-Ministeru st˙arre© is-sitwazzjoni u qed jie˙u passi immedjati biex
jinqata’ x-xog˙ol b’lura li hemm.
Il-Konsulat Ìenerali ta’ Sydney ntalab biex iΩid l-appuntmenti kuljum
˙alli jinqata` x-xog˙ol b’lura u l-istess talba saret ukoll lill-Konsulat
Ìenerali ta’ Melbourne.
Nota editorjali: Dak li qed nippubblikaw m’humiex allegazzjonijiet iΩda ilmenti mill-qarrejja tag˙na.
Marisa Previtera from NSW writes:
just want to let you know how much
your E-newsletter is appreciated by the
Maltese seniors in Sydney. I am always
letting people I meet know that it is a great
read and full of interesting information
about the local Maltese community and
what is happening in Malta; great pictures
and stories. I especially enjoyed reading
the article about the MAYC Fete that was
held recently at La Valette Social Centre.
Keep up the great work.
Tuesday March 31, 2015
The Voice of the Maltese 9
MCA (NSW) Choir a hit
at Holroyd City Fest 2015
he Maltese Cultural Association (NSW) Choir took part in
the Holroyd Family Festival held in Holroyd Gardens, Merrylands was a great hit with the large crowd made up of young
and old that enjoyed a wonderful family atmosphere.
The festival went down well with everybody. It included many
different arts and craft stalls, an amazing selection of food stalls
from many different countries as well as live entertainment that
included “Commando” from The Biggest Loser, Chinese Dragons, The Holroyd City Brass Band and Dance Groups, as well as
many rides for the children.
The live entertainment at the festival was greatly appreciated
by the attendees and the performance of the MCA choir on the
Community Stage later in the evening in particular went down
Above: the MCA choir in
their colourful costume
at the Holroyd City Fest.
They regaled the audience with Australian and
Maltese folk songs
extremely well. The members of the Choir, dressed in their very
colourful folk costumes drew many compliments from the audience as they sang a selection of Australian/Maltese folk songs.
The choir’s performance even got the audience to join them in
the singing of the popular Australian Folk songs and a few of
them got up and danced the Waltz to the Maltese tune of Ghanja
lil Malta, which is a popular Maltese song, written by Alfred
Grech from Malta and made popular by Enzo Guzman.
All had a good time and the Maltese community was well represented by this delightful and very active Choir. The Choir continues to attract new members; it is open to anyone who has a
love of singing to join. For information on joining this choir one
should contact Jim Borg on 96367767.
10 The Voice of the Maltese
Tuesday March 31, 2015
A version of this series in
English may be found in
the author's blog at:
kitba ta’
an l-a˙˙ar, inzertajt artiklu fuq l-ABC, imsejja˙ 'L-Istorja
tal-IngliΩ Awstraljan: g˙aliex nitkellmu kif nitkellmu'.1 Lartiklu jitkellem fuq pubblikazzjoni tal-awtur Kel
Richards bl-istess isem.
Richards jg˙id li biex tifhem kif il-lingwa tinstema f'dan il-pajjiΩ, trid tifhem l-istorja riçenti tal-pajjiΩ, ji©ifieri wara l-wasla
tal-IngliΩi mitejn sena ilu. Dawn ©ew fuq ˙dax-il bastiment minn
postijiet differenti fl-Ingilterra, u lkoll kellhom id-djaletti IngliΩi
tag˙hom. Kienu jinstemg˙u differenti, u kellhom kliem differenti
wkoll, u biex ikunu jistg˙u jikkomunikaw, biΩ-Ωmien il-varjazzjoni fid-djaletti bdew jitnaqqsu xi ftit.
Fl-a˙˙ar tas-seklu dsatax kien hemm tentattiv sabiex ji©i stabbilit mod standard kif ji©i mitkellem l-IngliΩ fl-Awstralja.
Intg˙aΩel id-djalett tal-klassi edukata tan-nofsinhar tal-Ingilterra,
fejn hemm l-Universitajiet ta' Oxford u Cambridge, li ©ie kkunsidrat b˙ala it-'tajjeb'.
Il-bqija tad-djaletti, naturalment, kienu '˙Ωiena'. Dan id-djalett
'standard' illum jissejja˙ Pronunzja Rçevuta (Received Pronunciation - RP).
Illum jing˙ad li hemm tliet aççenti prinçipali fl-Awstralja, anke
jekk dawn ma jidhirx li huma bbaΩati fuq re©juni ©eografiçi 2:
*Ikkultivat (li ©ej mill-RP), li eΩempju tieg˙u tista' titqies l-attriçi Cate Blanchett;
*Ìenerali, eΩempju tkun l-eks Prim Ministru Awstraljana, Julia
*Wiesa', eΩempju jkun il-persuna©© Steve Irwin, illum mejjet.
Ìewni Ωew© ˙sibijiet meta kont qed naqra dan kollu.
L-ewwel hu li ma kien qed jissemma xejn fuq il-massa kbira ta'
lingwi u djaletti Abori©ini tal-pajjiΩ. Dawn naturalment m'g˙andhomx x'jaqsmu mal-IngliΩ, ˙lief li sellfu lill-IngliΩ il-kliem u lismijiet antiki tag˙hom, b˙al billabong g˙al g˙adira, jew
Parramatta b˙ala post.
It-tieni kien li hemm differenzi imma anke xi similaritajiet bejn
il-proçess u l-istat tad-djaletti fl-IngliΩ Awstraljan u dawk ta'
Differenza li tispikka hi li hemm varjazzjoni ikbar f'Malta, kif
ukoll li d-djaletti ivarjaw ©eografikament. Fl-istess Ωmien li l-IngliΩi kienu qed 'jiskopru' l-Awstralja, Mikiel Anton Vassalli kien
di©a` semma d-djaletti Maltin,3 u kien qasamhom f'˙ames gruppi
fuq baΩi ©eografika, u kull grupp ikollu l-varjazzjonijiet tieg˙u:
1. Il-Belt Valletta u madwar il-Port il-Kbir;
2. Djaletti tal-Lvant
3. Djaletti Çentrali
4. Djaletti tal-Punent
5. l-G˙awdxi
Jien il-familja tieg˙i minn G˙awdex, miΩ-Ωew© na˙at, u meta
kont Ωg˙ir kont immur spiss sa din il-gΩira. Niftakar sew lill-©enituri tieg˙i jisimg˙u lil xi ˙add jit˙addet, u minnufi˙ jirrimarkaw
“Eh, dak Ωgur minn Ta' Sannat”, jew “Dik qisha mir-Rabat
Peress li huma kienu speçifikament mill-G˙arb, G˙awdex, kultant kont nisma' f'xi triq jew pjazza xi kelma bl-ittra 'g˙' jew 'h'
jinstemg˙u qishom '˙', meta illum ikunu mistennija li ma tinstemg˙ux, b˙all-kelma 'dahru' (his back) tinstema 'da˙ru'.
F'dawn is-sentejn li ilni ng˙allem il-lingwa Maltija hawn f’Sydney, bqajt immeraviljat ninnota li d-djaletti Maltin g˙adhom
˙ajjin anke hawn fl-Awstralja, u mhux biss fl-immigranti talewwel ©enerazzjoni li ©ew hawn, imma wkoll f'dawk tat-tieni u
anke t-tielet ©enerazzjoni, li ma twildux Malta imma fl-Awstralja.
G˙alkemm jien naturalment ng˙allem il-lingwa u l-aççent standard Malti, ikolli nistqarr li nitpaxxa nisma' l-istudenti jitkellmu,
min b'djalett mill-iM©arr (ta' Malta), o˙ra b'aççent mill-Mellie˙a,
o˙ra titkellem bil-'k' minflok bil-'q'.
Pa©na bit-titlu tal-’lessiku' ta' Mikiel Anton Vassalli
Similarità mad-djaletti Awstraljani, hija l-attitudni ta' xi w˙ud
li d-djaletti huma ta' min iwarrabhom, jew huma tal-misthija. Jien
niftakar lil nanna wa˙da tieg˙i, li meta kont inΩurha kienet
toqg˙od attenta ˙afna li titkellem 'bil-Malti pulit', kwaΩi pulit
(pooleet) iΩΩejjed. Smajt b'kaΩ ie˙or ta' tifel li staqsa lil ommu
g˙aliex it-tali persuna ra˙lija 'titkellem bil-pastaΩ'.
G˙all-grazzja t'Alla qed ikun hawn qawmien ta' interess fiddjaletti Maltin. Hemm grupp fuq Facebook fejn ji©u diskussi ddjaletti (fittex g˙al 'Djeletti Maltin'). Hemm ukoll pro©ett
mir-radju tal-Università ta’ Malta Campus FM biex ji©u mxandra
ntervisti ma' nies bi djalett minn diversi r˙ula madwar Malta u
G˙awdex. Il-programm jismu 'Kollu Malti'4 u hekk hu!
Huwa çar li d-djaletti g˙adhom qawwija anke 'l bog˙od minn
xtut missirijietna, u g˙adhom ukoll il bog˙od milli jmutu. Qed
jistennew biss biex jer©g˙u ji©u misjuba fis-s˙i˙, u ççelebrati. Il˙olma tieg˙i hi li nkun parti miç-çelebrazzjoni ta' dan il-wirt
qawwi tag˙na l-Maltin.
[1], retrieved 24/3/2015
[2], retrieved 24/3/2015
[3]Ktŷb yl klŷm Mâlti mfysser byl-Latîn u byt-Taljân; Michaelis Antonii Vassalli;
1796; p16
[4], retrieved 24/3/2015
The Voice of the Maltese
Tuesday March 31, 2015
Maltese High Commission
in Canberra Glass Project
he High Commission
of the Republic of
Malta was one of eight
countries that participated
in the project Diplomacy:
Translations in Glass organised by Canberra Glassworks. Basically this is a
project showcases decorative glass collections that
was later viewed by the
An Australian glass artist
was attached to each participating Embassy and created original works inspired
by the country he is attached to. In the case of
Malta, renowned artist
Andy Baldwin produced
fantastic pieces of glass inspired by Maltese lace.
The works of eight famous
glass artists inspired by the
respective countries were
exhibited at Canberra
Glassworks in an event at the Canberra Glassworks in February in the
tatives of the ACT government, the artists themselves, the media and
personalities from the Australian artistic world.
Malta’s High Commissioner to Australia, Mr.
Charles Muscat, accompanied by his deputy, Dr
Joseph Pirotta, attended
the event that put items of
Maltese decorative glass in
the limelight as it was exhibited at the entrance of
the Australian exhibition.
The Maltese glass was also
accompanied by pieces of
exquisite Maltese lace personally made by Mrs. Victoria Muscat, the spouse of
the HC.
An exhibition of all the
Maltese glass, sent over
H.E. Charles Muscat and Mrs. Victoria
from Mdina Glass and
Muscat (first left), with Glassworks'
Gozo Glass, will also be
Guest Curator Ms. Ivana Jirasek
held later towards the end
presence of the Ambassadors of the of this month at Canberra Glasseight participating countries represen- works.
Malta Stand at Canberra
Multicultural Festival
alta also put up a stand at the Canberra MulM
ticultural Festival that was held in the centre of
the Australian capital. This annual event draws im-
mense crowds from Canberra itself and interstate as
all countries try to give a glimpse of their culture,
traditions and also their food.
This year Malta built a stand in the EU Village
along with other EU Member States. Manned by
diplomats at the High Commission and also by
members of the committee of the Maltese Australian Association of Canberra and Queanbeyan,
the stand attracted hundreds of visitors.
Enquiries were also made, mostly regarding studying in Malta, tourism and possibilities of dual citizenship by Australians who have a Maltese
parental connection.
Australian political dignitaries, among them the
Hon. Yvette Berry, ACT Minister for Multicultural Affairs
who was introduced by the EU Head of Delegation HE Mr.
Sem Fabrizi, also visited the stand. A considerable amount
of publicity material and souvenirs were distributed during
Malta’s stand at the Canberra
Multicultural Festival
the day.
High Commissioner HE Charles Muscat and Deputy HC
Dr. Joseph Pirotta coordinated the organsation of the
Malta stand.
One good turn deserves another Kull qalb trid o˙ra
iex tipproduçi magazine b˙al dan, li wara kollox hu
edication we have lots of; when it comes to time, we find it as
frott tal-passjoni li g˙andna biex inwasslu t-tag˙rif
when dedicatiing oneself to a cause, it’s there. A third ingredilill-Maltin barra minn art twelidhom, ma jin˙tie©x biss
ent needed to produce an online magazine such as The Voice of the
Maltese is financial. To offset that, of late, the production team has
been seeking sponsors to help us share that burden with us.
Some have responded positively by advertising the services they
offer to their clients on our publication. There is need for more, but
at least it’s a start. We call upon others to follow them.
One good turn deserves another; therefore in return, our readers
too have a part to play. They are therefore urged to use the services
and buy products of those sponsoring The Voice of the Maltese.
xog˙ol u ˙in, imma wkoll spejjeΩ.
Biex jittaffew u˙ud mill-ispejjeΩ nippruvaw insibu
sponsors ˙alli jg˙inuna. G˙ad m’g˙andniex biΩΩejjed
minnhom, imma bdejna, u ta’ min jag˙tihom ˙ajr.
Kull qalb trid o˙ra, g˙alhekk in˙e©©u lill-qarrejja
biex i©ibu dan quddiem g˙ajnejhom u kemm jista’
jkun juΩaw is-servizzi u/jew jixtru l-prodotti ta’ dawk
li qed jirreklamaw/jisponsorjaw fil-magazine.
12 The Voice of the Maltese
Tuesday March 31, 2015
Roundup of News About Malta
€200m. investment hailed as important
milestone for healthcare in Malta, Gozo
he Maltese Government has signed
a €200 million investment agreement in Malta’s healthcare infrastructure with Barts, one of Britain’s
leading medical and dental schools, that
would pave the way for what is by far the
biggest direct foreign investment Gozo has
ever seen.
Presiding the signing of the agreement in
Gozo, Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat
described the investment as an important
milestone for Malta and Gozo, “an important moment in the history of this island”.
Barts, which is ranked 4th in the UK for
medicine and 1st in the UK for dentistry,
has a reputation for impressive research
across many disciplines, will be setting up
the Barts Gozo Campus and with 1,600 undergraduate and 750 postgraduate students.
Dr Muscat said that this investment
“places Gozo on the world map – as an island that will become known for producing some of the finest medics in Europe.”
The government expects the Campus to
attract a good number of students from
Europe, North America and the Middle
East as its undergraduate courses are to be
marketed around the globe. It would host
300 mostly foreign students with an intake
of 60 students for every academic year.
Malta is also eager to benefit from its research mission in fields such as oncology,
cardiac, dentistry, inflammation, genomics, neuroscience and primary care,
and also from their teaching excellence.
The Prime Minister said this is “a winwin agreement”, thanks to it health care in
Malta will become even better, and would
The chairman of Malta Enterprise, Dr Mario Vella (left) and Prof Anthony Morris for Barts
signing the agreement in the presence of (from right): Anton Refalo (Minister for Gozo), Chris
Cardona (Minister for Economy), the Prime Minister, Louis Grech (Deputy PM), Konrad Mizzi
(Minister for Health and Energy) and Chris Fearne (Parliamentary Secretary for Health)
ensure health care to remain free.
The Barts’ Medical and Dentistry School
project, standing alone, is already a massive boost to Gozo and the economy, however, this is part of a larger, more
ambitious step change in healthcare in
Malta; there will be improved facilities,
more beds and more professionals.
Moreover, the presence of Barts will provide new opportunities for Maltese medical scientists and practitioners as well as
for scientists in Life Sciences generally.
As a result of the deal, three other hospitals will be upgraded to be in the Mater Dei
... and a new hospital in Smart City in 2017
rime Minister Joseph Muscat announced
Saturday that a new private hospital to be
called ‘St John Paul II Hospital’ resulting
from a €100 million private investment is to
be built at Smart City that should start operating in 2017.
Dr Muscat said that this 200-bed state-ofthe-art private hospital that is to be built
through a new investment company with
Summer Time: 8 hrs difference
ummer Time in Malta began last Sunday
when clocks were put forward one hour.
It ends at 2am on October 25.
In Australia, Daylight Saving Time that
began on the first Sunday in October, ends
next Sunday when clocks are put back one
It is only observed in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, and the Australian Capital Territory so the time difference
beween them and Malta will be eight hours.
Maltese and Italian interests, will become a
“medical centre of excellence” that will operate mainly in the fields of sports medicine,
orthopaedics and neurosurgery.
It will include a strategic partnership with
Johnsons and Johnsons, one of the largest
worldwide companies in the health sector,
and would also be collaborating in the provision of materials, research and technology,
with Maltese professionals, the university and
other training institutions.
The hospital will operate mainly in the field
of orthopaedic with surgical and outpatient
activity and employ 500 people. Fifty of its
200 rooms will be suites and the hospital will
collaborate with Maltese professionals, the
university and other training institutions.
The hospital to be run by Synesis Ltd Malta,
together with Italian Society of Personalised
Medicine will look at the molecular and
metabolic footprint of the individual to come
up with products tailored for individual patients.
class. They include, the existing Gozo General Hospital that will be redeveloped, increasing the total capacity from 291 to 450
beds, with 125 of them being utilised for
medical tourism, while at the same time expanding the spaces and services for locals.
As part of the investment, St. Luke’s Hospital, that was left to rot for 15 years will
come back into life. It will have a rehabilitation area, fully equipped labs for CT
Scans, PET Scans and MRIs and a new
dermatology centre servicing about 35,000
outpatients yearly, and the Karin Grech
premises will also be renovated to accommodate 270 long term geriatric patients.
All this will relieve pressure on Mater
Dei Hospital that, the PM said, “has been
plagued by endemic problems as a result
of a lack of proper planning primary
healthcare services. It will enable it to provide top of the range medical care without
bursting at the seams,” the PM said. At the
same time the government also plans to
continue expanding capacity at Mater Dei.
The new investment would be creating
1,200 new healthcare related jobs in the
Maltese islands.
He said that Malta is building a health
care system that will make it proud,”
which is good news for all of Gozo, for all
patients, all health professionals, and for
everybody who is optimistic and believes
in a strong, free universal healthcare system built for the 21st century.
Health Minister Konrad Mizzi said the
project would take place over a period of
four years, while Parliamentary Secretary
Chris Fearne said that this was a dream
come true for the medical professionals.
The Voice of the Maltese 13
Tuesday March 31, 2015
Roundup of News About Malta
Charles J Scicluna installed
as Malta’s new Archbishop
alta’s new Archbishop, Mgr Charles J
Scicluna was formally installed during
a ceremony at the Mdina Cathedral on March 21. It was the first installation since that
of Archbishop Joseph Mercieca in 1976.
After the reading of the Papal decree concelebrated Mass was celebrated, but the day
for him started several hours earlier when he
arrived in the parish church of his hometown
Lija where he was greeted with a fireworks
salute and a small crowd that huddled below
umbrellas on this rainy but important day.
After leading the crowd in prayers, Mgr
Scicluna left the village and escorted by police outriders proceeded to Rabat where he
made his first stop in the Franciscan church
of Our Lady of Good Health.
There he met the sick and volunteers. Afterwards he visited St Dominic Church also
in Rabat where, amid more applause his
predecessor Mgr Paul Cremona warmly embraced him on the altar. The two then prayed
together in the Grotto of Our Lady beneath
the church.
Before proceeding the the Mdina Cathedral
he also made stops at St Paul’s Church, Ta'
Giezu Church and St Mark Church, where he
was greeted by all the parish priests of Malta.
They all prayed together before he proceeded
to Mdina Cathedral in a procession.
The new Archbishop Mgr
Charles Scicluna (left)
greeted by his predecessor Mgr Paul Cremona
The highlight of the ceremony was reached in the
cathedral with the reading
of the Papal decree and
after Archbishop Eme-ritus
Paul Cremona led prayers,
the Papal Nuncio, Mgr
Aldo Cavalli symbolically
handed the new responsibilities to Mgr Scic- luna by
leading him to the cathedra
on the side of the altar. Applause broke out
as Mgr Cavalli and the dean of the parish
priests congratulated Mgr Scicluna.
The new Archbishop then led the concelebrated Mass. The co-celebrants included
Cardinal Prospero Grech, Mgr Cavalli, the
Bishop of Gozo Mario Grech, Archbishop
Emeritus Paul Cremona, Archbishop Paul
Gallagher, Secretary for relations with States
at the Holy See and Archbishop Filippo Iannone, O.Carm. from the diocese of Rome.
Some 160 priests took part. Archbishop
Emeritus Joseph Mercieca was indisposed.
President Marie-Louise Coleiro led the congregation in the Cathedral accompanied by
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, Opposition
leader Simon Busuttil, members of the judiciary and Mgr Scicluna's parents.
In his homily, Archbishop Scicluna said that
Promise of 25% Energy tariffs cuts for businesses kept
alta’s economy has received yet another boost when as promised, at
the end of March, the government cut energy tariffs for businesses by 25%, a decision that is bound to help businesses
become more competitive and help them
It would also fuel consumer spending
and Malta’s economic growth.
With the reduction of energy tariffs for
households last year and the current cuts
the government estimates it would be directly pumping €70 million in Malta’s
Malta becomes first European country to
enact legislation for family businesses
alta has become the first European SMEs for the European Commission deM
country to propose a comprehensive scribed the Act as a pioneering law, the first
legislation in the creation of the Family in the EU. Al-
Business Act, that also addresses access to
finance and investing for the future.
Announcing the legislation, the Minister for
the Economy, Investment and Small Business, Chris Cardona said this was a pioneering law and that if it works well it would
allow businesses to considerably increase
their chances of survival and to prosper in an
ever-increasing competitive market.
He emphasised the importance of Family
Businesses for the Maltese economy referring
to them as ‘its beating heart’, based on the
fact that about seventy per cent of Maltese
businesses are run or controlled by families
and they employ about forty thousand people.
Mr. Marko Curavić, Director General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and
though Family Businesses
are highly important for the
EU economy,
Mr. Curavić
said that they
are an even
more important element
of the Maltese
economy and
that they need
to be always
for the long
to tend the flock of the Lord was now his call
and duty and he would seek to achieve it with
word and deed as well as love for everyone,
while using his staff when faced by the wolf.
He also prayed for the Lord’s help that the
faithful might see in him as a source of help,
solidarity and encouragement.
March 31 is
Freedom Day
he coming days are quite hectic in
Malta. Today (March 31) it is commemorating the 36th Anniversary of Freedom Day (Jum il-Ħelsien). This is the
anniversary of the withdrawal of British
troops and the Royal Navy from Malta.
It is a Maltese national holiday celebrated
annually on this day in 1979 when the last
British Forces left Malta.
*On April 11 the citizens will be called
to vote at Local Council elections, and
also at a referendum on spring hunting.
Voters will be asked to decide whether
they want this tradition to continue as
per a derogation on the EU Birds Directive, which the Maltese Government
had negotiated prior to accession to the
European Union. This Derogation, permits the hunting of turtle doves and
quail for a limited time in spring.
*Along with the Catholic world, in the
first week of April, Malta will be celebrating Holy Week, culminating in Good Friday (April 3) and Easter Sunday (5th).
The Maltese Confectionery Specialist
Figolli ta’ kwalita` tajba
Please phone: (02) 9671 1863
14 The Voice of the Maltese
Tuesday March 31, 2015
Malta biss
L-Arçisqof Charles
Scicluna fi triqtu
biex ji©i ordnat
inkejja li Malta hi wa˙da mill-iΩg˙ar imsie˙ba talM
Unjoni Ewropea, qed ta’ sikwit tkun fl-a˙barijiet
fejn tid˙ol din l-UE. Li jag˙tina pjaçir u sodisfazzjon hu
li Malta qed tissemma’ b’mod poΩittiv.
Propju g˙ad kif ˙ar©et l-a˙bar li Malta kienet l-uniku
pajjiΩ fl-UE li g˙adda mit-test mag˙ruf b˙ala l-Energy Efficiency Directive li jitkellem dwar kif g˙andhom
jo˙or©u l-kuntratti u dwar energy audits fost l-o˙rajn.
Malta kienet l-uniku pajjiΩ li segwa d-deadline biex jimplimenta din id-direttiva, sa Ìunju 2014.
Min˙abba f’hekk l-UE qed tie˙u passi kontra is-27 pajjiΩ
l-ie˙or li ma g˙addewx mit-test. Min˙abba f’hekk dawn
il-pajjiΩi qed jiffaçjaw il-˙las ta’ multi kbar ta’ kuljum
sakemm jimplimentaw dak li tg˙id din id-direttiva.
“Nirrifjuta li nitla’ fuq karru...” l-Arçisqof
-Arçisqof til-©did ta’ Malta, Mons
Charles Scicluna qal li jirrifjuta li jitla’
fuq karru”. Ma kienx qed jg˙id g˙al xi
karru mi©bud miΩ-Ωwiemel, imma g˙al karru
ie˙or... li f’Malta nippruvaw inrikkbu lil
kul˙add, l-aktar jekk dak li jkun ikollu xi
kariga mportanti. Kien qed jg˙id g˙all-karru
Forsi min˙abba dak li se˙˙ fl-img˙oddi,
g˙ad g˙andna dawk li malli ssir xi ˙atra
mportanti mill-ewwel ideffsu fin-nofs il-politika u jibdew jispekulaw jekk min ikollu çerta
responsabbilta’ u nfluwenza fuq is-soçjeta
Maltija, hux se ja©evola, direttament jew indirettament, lill-˙omor, lill-blu jew lill-˙odor.
Bla dubju li mat-t˙abbira tal-˙atra talArçisqof il-©did kien hemm min beda jispekula. Ma nistag˙©ibx jekk kienx hemm
ukoll min sa wasal g˙al xi konkluΩjoni
Kemm dak li qed nikteb hu minnu jidher
mill-fatt li fl-ewwel intervista li saritlu wara
l-ingress tieg˙u fil-Kattidral tal-iMdina, min
kien qed jintervistah ˙ass il-˙tie©a istaqsih
dwar il-poΩizzzjoni tieg˙u dwar il-politika.
It-twe©iba tal-Arçisqof kienet skjetta.
Stqarr b’emfasi qawwija: “Jien m’hinix, u
nirrifjuta li nitla’ fuq karru politiku, u nirrita
ru˙i meta l-partiti jippruvaw juΩawni. G˙andi, ippermettuli nghidilkom, allergija kbira.”
G˙alkemm kif ikkkonferma fl-istess twe©iba Mons Scicluna qal li ma kienx be˙siebu
jid˙ol fil-politika, fl-istess ˙in qal: “imma
ma jfissirx li se noqg˙od f’rokna wiççi mal˙ajt u nin˙eba.”
Kif sostna Mons Sciculna, u bir-ra©un, ilKnisja trid titkellem u jekk irridu “knisja relevanti bilfors irrid knisja li tirfes il-kallijiet.”
Allura jista’ jkun hemm reazzjoni g˙al dan.
IΩda sostna l-Arçisqof “..... m’g˙andix
nibza’ mir-reazzjoni g˙ax jekk jien nippretendi li tkellimt jien u kul˙add qag˙ad kwiet,
nibda ninkwieta, g˙ax inkellha g˙adna blidea li g˙ax tkellem l-Isqof, kul˙add irid
jinΩel g˙arkubjeth u jbaxxi rasu.”
Kliem li juri kura©© u fl-istess ˙in bidla
mill-passat fejn ftit li xejn, min kien imexxi
kien jistenna li kul˙add ibaxxi rasu u miskin
hu min jipprova jikkritika jew ikollu fehma
“Jiena minix komdu f’dak l-ambjent anke
g˙aliex mhux l-ambjent tal-lum.”
Bla dubju li din il-bidla fil-mentalita’, mhix
marbuta biss mall-fatt li d-dinja nbidlet, iΩda
Ikunu jistg˙u jie˙du kunjom l-omm ukoll
Li xi ˙add i©ib Ωew© kunjomijiet, ji©ifieri li
hawn li min isej˙ilhom ‘double barrel’,
mhux xi ˙a©a ©dida. Sa minn Ωmien ΩemΩem kien hemm ©enituri li jiddeçiedu li
ma jag˙tux lil uliedhom kunjom il-missier
biss, iΩda wkoll dak tal-omm. Kultant dan
isir anke g˙ax kunjom l-omm ikun wie˙ed
minn dawk il-kunjomijiet li bil-mod il-mod
ikun qed jisparixxi.
Jidher li fil-li©i mhemm xejn li jirregola
din is-sitwazzjoni, iΩd’issa se jibda ji©i
diskuss abbozz ta’ li©i li se jkun jag˙ti dritt
lil ulied li, jekk iridu, jag˙mlu talba formali
biex flimkien mal-kunjom tal-missier iΩidu
wkoll dak ta’ xbubiet l-omm.
Dan jfisser li jekk l-ulied ikunu jg˙ixu
mal-omm, irrespettivament jekk il-©enituri
humiex separati, divorzjati jew miΩΩew©in
jistg˙u jag˙mlu talba formali lir-re©istru
pubbliku biex ikunu rre©istrati b’Ωew© kunjomijiet. Il-missier ji©i nnotifikat dwar ittalba u jing˙ata ˙ames t’ijiem biex jekk
jemmen li dan mhux fl-a˙jar interess talDan se jkun japplika wkoll g˙al tfal li
twieldu barra Ω-Ωwie©.
G˙al dawk l-ulied li jitwieldu fuq il-ba˙ar,
bejn sema u ilma - u llum g˙andna numru
mhux ˙aΩin b˙al dawn min˙abba l-immigranti llegali li ji©u Malta bil-ba˙ar - sar
arran©ament biex dawn ji©u rre©istrati f’Malta, iΩda ma jing˙atawx iç-çittadinanza
wkoll g˙ax Mons Scicluna kellu esperjenza
twila barra minn Malta.
Kif stqarr hu stess: “...gej minn esperjenza
tal-kurja rumana fejn l-ewwel ˙a©a li tg˙allimt hi li mhux se nitkellem bil-Malti, ˙lief
nhar ta’ Óadd meta konna niltaqg˙u s-saçerdoti Maltin u kienet g˙alija oasi, g˙ax kont
nista’ nitkellem bil-Malti’ il-bqija trid titkellem bil-lingwi kollha ma©©uri u trid titg˙allem ukoll li hemm mod u mod kif
tesprimi ru˙ek”.
G˙amilha çara wkoll, li filwaqt li wie˙ed
ma jistax jinsa’ r-rwol importanti li kellha lKnisja fit-tiswir tal-identita’ tal-pajjiΩ, fl-istess ˙in irid ikun hemm çerta bidla fir-rwol
“A˙na rridu nammettu li l-Knisja Kattolika,
u din hija storja, u ma nistg˙ux ninsewha jew
in˙assruha, kellha sehem importanti millbinja tal-identita’ kulturali u anke nazzjonali
ta’ pajjiΩna, imm’issa wasal iΩ-Ωmien li dak
l-irwol mhux ninsewh, imma jinbidel.
“L-Istat Malti m’g˙andux jiddependi iΩjed
fuq l-Awtorita’ morali tal-Knisja biex jiddefinixxi lilu nnifsu. G˙andna l-Kostituzzjoni tar-Reppublika li tiggarantixxi l-liberta’ reli©juza u l-libertajiet essenzjali u drittijiet fundamentali lil kul˙add, hu min hu, u
dik hija garanzija tal-liberta` ta’ kul˙add,
inkluz tal-Knisja.
“Issa l-knisja m’g˙andiex tibΩa li meta
titkellem, se jkollha l-messa©© tag˙ha jekk
hu g˙all-©id komuni, jekk jekk fuq il-faqar,
jekk problema soçjali jkollu nfluss politiku,
imma mhux qed nag˙mlu politika partiggjana jew politika ta’ partit.”
G˙amilha çara li meta jitkellem dwar
˙wejje© b˙al dawn ma jkunx jag˙mel hekk
b’xi g˙an poltiku. Spjega li “
mhux f’dak li ng˙id, imma hija kwestjoni ta’
kultura,” g˙alhekk “hemm bΩonn li a˙na filpolitika nimmaturaw iΩjed u nilqg˙u wkoll
il-fatt li biex tipprogredixxi trid tisma’ verament anke ideat kontra tieg˙ek.
“Mhux l-idea li kull ma jg˙id bilfors irid
ikun ˙aΩin g˙ax qed jg˙idu min qed jg˙idu.
Imma din hija xi ˙a©a li ti©i maΩ-Ωmien.”
The Voice of the Maltese 15
Tuesday March 31, 2015
Mix-xena tal-˙ajja Maltija 2
Min jitlef u min jirba˙ Single parents
tit ilu ktibt dwar kemm wie˙ed irid
joqg˙od attent x’jikteb dwar il-qag˙da
fil-Libja, g˙ax nistg˙u b’kitbitna ngerrxu tturisti. Kemm f’˙akka t’g˙ajn pajjiΩ jista’
jie˙u daqqa l-isfel fl-ekonomija fejn tid˙ol lindustrija tat-turiΩmu deher minn dan l-a˙˙ar
fit-TuneΩija, wara f’dan il-pajjiΩ ©ar sar attakk fuq xi turisti, li w˙ud minnhom inqatlu.
Mill-ewwel ©iet ir-reazzzjoni min-na˙a
tal-organizaturi tal-vja©©i bil-ba˙ar li
waqqfu jibag˙tu aktar il-vapuri lussuΩi
tag˙hom fil-portijiet tat-TuneΩija.
Veru li parti minn dak li tilfet it-TuneΩija,
reb˙ietu Malta, billi w˙ud mill-vapuri, issa,
jibdew ji©u f’pajjiΩna, imma xorta jibqa’ lfatt li rridu noqog˙du b’g˙ajnejna miftu˙a
g˙ax it-turiΩmu f’Malta huwa wie˙ed millpilastri tal-ekonomija tag˙na
-g˙add ta’ single parents (fejn fil-familja
hemm il-missier jew l-omm biss) kulma
ma jmur t dan l-a˙˙ar fil-Parlament intqal lil
l-Ministeru tas-Sigurta’ Soçjali qed jo˙ro©
g˙ajnuna finanzjarja lil 10,547 familja.
umpanija privata se tag˙ti ˙ajja
©dida lill-bini tas-Suq tal-Belt, kif
˙afna jafuh u li fl-a˙˙ar snin safa abbandunat. Il- grupp Arkadia ˙abbar li se jinvesti €7miljuni fil-pro©ett li mistenni
jitlesta sa Diçemrbu 2016. Se jinbidel
f’suq modern li b˙alhom wie˙ed isib
barra minn Malta
T˙abbar li l-grupp ing˙ata l-inkarigu
li jattwa l-pro©ett u jmexxih minn fost
kompetizzjoni minn g˙add ta’ intraprendituri o˙ra. Huwa ng˙ata çens
ta' 65 sena.
Direttur tal-Arkadia Group, Antoine
Portelli qal li meta l-pro©ett jitlesta, isSuq se jkun imqassam fi tlett livelli;
wie˙ed ta˙t l-art fejn jinbieg˙u prodotti
friski b˙al la˙am, frott, frott tal-ba˙ar,
˙ut u ˙axix; il-livell tat-triq g˙all-ikel li
jissajjar dak il-˙in u li jinbieg˙ biex ji©i
ççelebrat il-wirt gastronomiku tal-kçina
Maltija; u t-terrazzin ta' fuq ikun bi
spazju miftu˙ g˙al min jixtieq jirrilassa,
fejn ikun hemm muΩika u attivitajiet li
jikkumplimentaw il-kalendarju kultur-
Ûuru M©arr ix-Xini
Investiment privat ta’ €7m.
fil-pro©ett tas-Suq tal-Belt
Sintendi dan ma jirrflettix lg˙add attwali ta’ familji b’©enitur wie˙ed, g˙ax xi ©enituri, li
g˙andhom çertu d˙ul, g˙alhekk ma jikkwalifikawx g˙all-g˙ajnuna finanzjarja.
Ftit wie˙ed jista’ jg˙id kemm fir-realta’
hemm familji b’©enitur wie˙ed, g˙ax kif
isostnu xi w˙ud, u jien g˙andi na˙seb
b˙alhom, fost dawk li jirre©istraw b˙ala
single parents, hemm min jag˙mel dan
biex jikseb il-benefiççji li jag˙ti l-Gvern,
g˙ax fil-fatt jg˙ixu ma ra©el jew mara.
Jidher li l-Gvern jaf b’dan u qed jie˙u
l-passi biex kemm jista’ jkun jaqta’ abbuΩi minn dawn il-familji.
-istazzjoni tat-televiΩjoni Amerikan
CNN qed i˙e©©e© lit-telespettaturi
jΩura M©arr ix-Xini f’G˙awdex b˙ala
wie˙ed minn 10 postijiet fid-dinja, li skont hu qeghdin filperiklu li ma jibqg˙ux kif inhuma llum.
Jidher li l-fama ta’ din il-bajja waslet sew fl-Istati Uniti
wara li fiha n˙adem il-film By the Sea b’Angelina Jolie u
Brad Pitt b˙ala protogonisti.
Qed ikun imbassar li wara l-wiri tal-film, din il-bajja se
ssir aktar popolari mat-turisti. G˙alhekk hemm il-periklu
li t-trankwilita’, jekk mhux ukoll l-ambjent tal-bajja jinbidel. G˙alhekk is-CNN qed j˙ajjar lit-telespettaturi jΩuru
l-post qabel jinbidel.
Attwalment, xi snin ilu l-bajja wkoll ing˙atat prominenza
fil-midja internazzjonali billi l-eks-President FrançiΩ Nicolas Sarkozy, qabel kien ˙a l-˙atra kien qatta’ btala fuq jott
li kien ankrat f’din il-bajja.
ali Malti.
Il-kumpanija li se tinvesti fis-Suq se
t˙allas ukoll €450,000 fis-sena b˙ala
Dan is-suq ©ie mibni fl-1858, meta lGvernatur Le Merchant ˙adem biex
isebba˙ il-Belt Valletta. Ìie jiswa
3,934lira, (illum se jintefqu fuqu
Malta mag˙mula g˙al kolMelbourne: (03) 9335 2499
lox mill-˙adid. B’kollox
Unit 6, 4-6 Commercial Crt, Tullamarine, Vic., Australia, 3043
kellu 153 posta (stalls) u 65
[email protected]
kantina (cellars).
MaΩ-Ωmien saru diversi
tibdiliet, fosthom bini ta’
˙itan tal-©ebel, tibdiliet fis- PARCEL SERVICE TO MALTA
saqaf eçç. Fortunatament,
il-parti l-kbira ta’ ©ewwa
baqg˙et dik ori©inali.
T˙abbru wkoll dettalji
dwar it-tieni faΩi tal-pro©ett
ta' Strada Stretta, u se jkun
hemm ukoll titjib fis-sis- AIRFREIGHT SERVICES ALSO tema tad-dawl tat-triq.
A$ 55.00
A$ 85.00
1 Carton A$120
2 Cartons A$180
3 Cartons A$220
25 x 30 x 25cm
40 x 30 x 45cm
40 x 30 x 45cm
*Prices quoted are from receival at our depot to arrival port Malta
*Destination Port fees will apply. Storage or duties, if any, may also apply.
Is-Suq tal-Belt, kif kien
sa qabel ©ie abbandunat
TEL: 21338161 FAX: 21334188
16 The Voice of the Maltese
Tuesday March 31, 2015
A quick glimpse at Australia
Liberals/Nationals retains govt. back despite large swing to Labor
The State of NSW bucked
the trend of ditching first
term governments opting to
stay with the Liberal/National coalition led by Mike
Baird as the LNP cruised to
a comfortable victory although recording a 10% swing
against them and losing 14
seats (12 to Labor and 2 to
the Greens)
The coalition withstood a
strong highly negative Labor scare campaign warning
of foreign ownership of the
state’s electricity if poles
and wires are sold off.
NSW election 2015
As we went to press, the
state of the parties was: Liberal/National Coalition 52,
Labor 33, Green 4, and undecided 4.
Before the March 28 election the state of the parties
was: Liberals/Nationals 67,
ALP 23, Independent 2 and
1 Green: total 93 MPs.
Luke Foley, Labor leader
for only 88 days said that
Labor is now a credible opposition and headed for a
win in 2019. Labor needed
a uniform swing of 17 percent to win majority Government.
5,040,662 voters enrolled as
of March 7.
There were 540 candidates
in the Legislative Assembly, 393 in the Legislative
Council, 19 registered parties, 2808 polling places and
184 pre-polling stations.
The final results of the Legislative Council (the Upper
House) will not be known
for many days yet.
Baird at
HQ in the
after win
Former PM Malcolm
Fraser dies aged 84
Back at Martin Place
inety-five days after gunman Man
Haron Monis terrorised Sydney, the
Lindt Café in Martin Place Sydney again
opened for business. Crowds queued alongside the flagship store hoping to be the first
customers to brave the return for coffee or
a box of chocolate.
It was December 16 when the gunman held
18 people hostage and killed two of the
café’s customers. Sydney responded by laying thousands of bouquets in Martin Place.
ormer Liberal Prime Minister
Malcolm Fraser (pictured left)
has been remembered as “a
giant of Australian politics” and a
“great moral compass” following
his death at the age of 84. Mr. Fraser
who was Australia's 22nd Premier
died after a brief illness.
Fraser, born into a wealthy pastoral
family in 1930 first entered Parliament in
1955 as its youngest MP. He spent nearly
20 years as a backbencher and in the ministry until in 1975 he became opposition
leader facing off against Gough Whitlam.
Mr. Whitlam's dismissal later that year
led to persistent debate about the new government's legitimacy and Mr. Fraser's role.
But he went on to win the next three elections.
His contribution to multiculturalism was
significant and the implementation of the
1977 Galbally Report paved the way for
the end of the white Australian policy and
united Australia. He launched the SBS in
1980, and welcomed the first Vietnamese
refugees including the first “boat people”.
He championed Aboriginal land rights, led
the Commonwealth push to end apartheid
in South Africa and argued for an independent Zimbabwe.
The nation's finances were managed with
traditional conservatism and cutbacks at
first but later the political pressure grew
and the purse strings loosened. However,
in 1982 the country was facing recession,
drought and social unrest.
After suffering a back problem and being
treated in hospital, Mr. Fraser called a snap
election on the same day Bob Hawke became opposition leader. But the strategy
backfired and Mr. Fraser was defeated.
Life after the Lodge remained busy for Mr.
Fraser; he became a key figure in humanitarian and diplomatic circles.
But the former PM always kept an eye on
the political arena and became a staunch
critic of the Liberals under the next Coalition PM, John Howard, speaking out particularly on indigenous issues, refugees
and antiterrorism laws.
Just this February Mr. Fraser launched a
scathing attack on Tony Abbott over the
Government's treatment of the Human
Rights Commission and, in particular, its
president Gillian Triggs following The
Forgotten Children report.
Eventually he quit the Liberals citing his
belief that the party he had been a member
of for more than six decades had tilted too
far to the right. “The party is unrecognisable as Liberal,” Mr. Fraser said. His political life has been dogged by his old
throw away-line “life wasn’t meant to be
The Voice of the Maltese 17
Tuesday March 31, 2015
A quick glimpse at Australia
those Nazis
he Prime Minister got into hot water again when he described Labor Leader Bill Shorten as Dry Goebbels of
economic policy. The German was the infamous Nazi propagandist and anti-Semite under the regime of Adolf Hitler.
He served as minister of propaganda for the Nazi German
government of the Third Reich, and is generally held responsible for presenting a favourable image of the Nazi
regime to the Germans.
The comment provoked outrage and again sparked discussion over Abbott’s judgement and aggressive style in politics. Two Jewish MP marched out of the room as Mr. Abbott
swiftly withdrew the comment.
Some weeks ago the PM came out with a similar controversy when he accused the Labor Party when in Government of having caused a “holocaust” of job losses. He also
apologised for that remark.
Women Parliamentarians (from left): Eleni Petinos (Lib candidate for Miranda), Jodi McKay (ALP candidate for Strathfield), Verity Firth (ALP
candidate for Balmain), Jo Haylen (ALP candidate for Summer Hill), Bronnie Taylor (Nationals upper house candidate), Jessica Price-Purnell (Nationals candidate for Cessnock), Jenny Leong (Greens candidate Newtown)
Women in Parliament
e will have to wait a little longer for the full result of the
March 28 NSW election to access what proportion of women
would be elected. However, since Queensland boosted its
representation of women in Parliament to 28.1 per cent, after the last
election that put Annastacia Palaszcuk as Premier, NSW has replaced
Queensland as the state with the lowest proportion of women in Parliament, at 24.4 per cent.
Ms Palaszcuk and her deputy, Jackie Trad, head a new cabinet with
eight female and six male ministers, including the state’s first Indigenous female MP.
The Australian territories have the highest proportion of women in Parliament,
it takes” to recover from the devastation.
the Northern Territory with 44 per cent
Prime Minister Joe Natuman thanked Aus- and ACT with 41.2 per cent.
tralia for its help in the wake of the severe
The proportion of women in Federal ParTropical Cyclone Pam, a maximum category liament is 30.5 per cent; in Victoria and in
five storm that destroyed homes and crops and Tasmania, it is 37.5 per cent.
contaminated water supplies in Vanuatu, inUp till July 2014, across Australia womcreasing the risk of the spread of infectious and
were significantly under-represented in
water-borne diseases.
The cyclone also severally damaged the econ- parliament and executive government,
omy that is dependent heavily on tourism. Ms and internationally, Australia’s ranking for
Bishop (above right) visited Vanuatu with the women in national government had conChief of Defence Forces, Air Chief Marshal tinued to decline when compared with
Mark Binskin.
other countries.
Helping Vanuatu’s recovery from Cyclone Pam
hile a UN-led meeting has been discussing Vanuatu's long term recovery
from Cyclone Pam, it has emerged that Australia is Vanuatu’s biggest aid donor providing
more than $10 million to non-government organisations. Total number of Australian personnel helping in Vanuatu is nearly 600.
Foreign Minister Julie Bishop vowed Australia would remain in Vanuatu for “as long as
Charging too much?
ata shows that some specialists were
charging more than 10 times more the
Medicare fee for procedures including
plastic and reconstructive surgery. Government is being urged to define what constitutes unreasonably high fees, and make
debts on these unenforceable.
Terry Barnes a policy consultant said
while the bulk of specialists behave reasonably, “a few bad apples” charge excessively. He presented Australian Bureau of
Statistics data that showed the cost was
more often a barrier to specialist care than
it was for GP visits.
Almost 8 percent of patients said they
were deterred from seeing a specialist by
cost, compared with about 5 per cent who
reported being deterred from seeing a GP
due to coast.
Between 2007 and 2013 out-of pocket
costs for operations increased by more
than 25 per cent in real terms, more than
any other category covered by Medicare.
Proudly serving the areas of:
Acacia Gardens, Blacktown*, Girraween,
Glenwood, Kellyville Ridge, Kings Langley,
Kings Park, Lalor Park, Parklea, Pendle
Hill, Prospect*, Quakers Hill*, Riverstone,
Rouse Hill*, Schofields, Seven Hills,
Stanhope Gardens, The Ponds,
Toongabbie*, Vineyard
*Parts of
230 Prospect Hwy, Seven Hills 2147
Ph: 9671 4780
[email protected]
Twitter: @mrowlandmp
18 The Voice of the Maltese
Tuesday March 31, 2015
Feast of Jesus the Redeemer
in Melbourne by MHBA
The procession with
the statue of Jesus the
Redeemer outside the
Church grounds
n a very nice autumn and sunny afternoon in MelO
bourne the Hobsons Bay Association led by their
President Chev Joe Attard and his hard-working committee, association members, and the Maltese community filling the great Heritage Listed and Historical
Parish Church of St Mary Star of the Sea, in West Melbourne, took part in the feast of Jesus the Redeemer.
For the occasion, that was also attended by the Consul
General for Malta in Victoria, Mr. Victor Grech and his
wife Mrs. Patricia Grech as guests of honour, Miss
Miriam Belli, superior of the ladies section of the Society of
Christian Doctrine (MUSEUM) prayed the Holy Rosary, while
Fr Karm Borg celebrated mass assisted by the Parish Priest of St
Mary’s Fr Anthony Bernal and Fr Denis Carabott MSSP. Fr
Borg also delivered the homily.
The Choir of Victoria with Mrs Lydia Gusman as leader was in
the hands of Mro. Charles
Schembri, while Consul
Chev Joe Attard, presdient of
the Hobsons Bay Association
reading his “thank you” speech
General Mr. Victor Grech and Mrs. Miriam Vella were the readers. Prayers of the faithful where read by Emmanuel Brincat, the
wife of the Consul General, Mrs. Patricia Grech, the senior
v/president of the Association Mrs. Carmen Gauci and other
ladies of the committee presented the gifts. Trumpeter for the occasion was Mr. Steve Azzopardi. Sacristan Frank did a marvellous job as master of ceremonies.
A great number of Associations were represented for the occasion with their standards
that were then placed on the
side of the main alter during
the Church service, and
later they taken out in the
In the end, the president of
the Maltese Hobsons Bay
Association read his “thank
you” speech and after Benediction a procession with
the statue of Jesus the Redeemer was held outside the
church grounds amidst conThe celebrants (from left): Fr tinuous prayers.
Denis Carabott MSSP, Fr Karm
Report and photos by
Borg and Fr Anthony Bernal
Emm. Brincat
New addition to the GFC at Cringila
he George Cross Falcons Centre at
Cringila NSW now has a new Men’s
Shed, a workshop funded by the community
building partnership NSW.
The Men’s Shed was inaugurated by State
Member of Parliament, Noreen Hay During
Seniors Week 2015. For this occasion the
Centre was packed by its members. This new
initiative that will provide amongst other
things toys and other woodwork for persons
with disability.
As they do every year during Seniors'
Week, two groups from the Greenacre Disability Service attended and shared lunch
and the best of Maltese food.
The Maltese Nuns from the nearby convent
also attended.
Club president Louis Parnis told The Voice
of the Maltese that the George Cross Falcons
Club Inc is doing great and receiving the
support of the local community.
The club is at 25-27 Lake Ave, Cringila
NSW 2505. It can be reached by phone on
(02) 4273 0906.
On left: State Member of Parliament, Noreen Hay inaugurates the Shed in the presence of Mr Louis Parnis. Right They are joined by other members
The Voice of the Maltese 19
Tuesday March 31, 2015
ÌUÛE` MUSCAT AZZOPARDI, poeta u rumanzier (1853-1927)
uΩe` Muscat Azzopardi (ÌMA) twieled Óal Qormi fl-1 ta’ Settembru 1853. Studja s-Seminarju tal-iMdina u fl-Università
ta’ Malta fejn ˙a d-diploma ta’ prokuratur legali fl-1875.
Huwa ΩΩewwe© lil Tonina Fenech u kellu tlett itfal: Ivo (kittieb),
Ìino (kittieb) u Anton (kompoΩitur).
Peress li Muscat Azzopardi kien avukat li jispikka la˙aq President tal-Kamra tal-Prokuraturi Legali u kien membru tal-Giunta
Teatrale tal-Gvern. B’˙erqa kbira kien jippromwovi d-drama
Maltija u kien l-editur ta’ diversi perjodiçi fosthom In-Na˙la
Maltija (1878) u Il-Óabib (1911), u kkontribbwixxa wkoll f’publikazzjonijiet o˙ra b˙al Id-Dawl (1892) u Il-Óabbar Malti.
Kien hu li, flimkien ma’ Mons. Pawl Galea ˙ajjar lil Dun Karm
jibda jikteb bil-Malti fl-1912.
ÌMA kien membru fil-Kunsill tal-Gvern u waqqaf l-G˙aqda Kittieba tal-Malti (li aktar tard saret l-Akkademja tal-Malti). Fl-1920
©ie elett b˙ala l-ewwel president tag˙ha, kariga li baqa’ jΩomm sa
Fl-1924 sar l-ewwel editur ta’ Il-Malti, il-˙ar©a perjodikali talg˙aqda. G˙all-kitbiet u l-attivitajiet reli©juΩi tieg˙u, ©ie onorat
darbtejn mill-Papa Piju X. L-ewwel kitba tal-proΩa tieg˙u kienet
Il-Óajja ta’ San Ìor© (1874), li kienet traduzzjoni mit-Taljan.
Hu kien involut b’mod attiv fil-˙ajja soçjo-kulturali, tant li fl1875, fl-età Ωag˙Ωug˙a ta’ 22 sena nsibuh imniΩΩel b˙ala segretarju tas-Soçjetà Filarmonika Pinto ta’ Óal Qormi. Óames snin
wara, fl-1880, huwa kiteb il-versi
tal-ewwel innu f’©ie˙ San Ìor©,
il-Qaddis patrun tar-ra˙al. Kien
ukoll president tal-istess Soçjetà
mill-1906 sa l-1917.
Muscat Azzopardi spikka wkoll
b˙ala rumanzier. Fost ir-rumanzi
storiçi tieg˙u nsibu Toni Bajjada
(1878), Mattew Callus (1878),
Vicu Mason (1881), Susanna
(1883), Çejlu Tonna (1886),
Çensu Barbara (1893) u Nazju
Ellul (1909). Fir-rumanzi l-istorja
ssir indikazzjoni tal-©ejjieni u rrumanzier i˙allat valuri nazzjonalistii mal-istorja vvintata.
ÌMA kien ukoll poeta mirqum.
Óafna mill-poeΩiji tieg˙u jinstabu
f’Ìabra ta’ PoeΩiji bit-Taljan u
bil-Malti (1876), Óamsin poeΩija
bil-Malti (1890) u Ìabra s˙i˙a ta’
Sunetti bi Studju fuqhom tal-Kittieb Innifsu (1956). ÌMA miet fl4 t’Awissu 1927, il-Belt Valletta.
(Tag˙rif me˙ud minn le˙˙ il-Malti tad-Dipartiment tal-Malti fi ˙dan il-Kulle©© San Injazju, Malta)
Biex tikteb Malti tajjeb
X’nikteb timlih jew timlieh?
˙andek tikteb timlieh. F’kaΩi b˙al dawn
g˙andna g˙aqda bejn Verb u Pronom
MehmuΩ. Issa l-verb mela huwa verb nieqes (jew
l-a˙˙ar konsonanti tal-G˙erq tieg˙u hija dg˙ajfa:
1-2-J) u l-verbi neqsin fl-Imperfett (PreΩent)
jispiççaw u˙ud bil-vokali –a u w˙ud b’-i. Jekk g˙al mument tifred
il-Pronom minn mal-Verb, mill-ewwel tinduna jekk il-verb jispiççax
bil-vokali –a jew b’-i, u minn hemm tkun taf kif g˙andek tikteb.
Taf xi jfissru dawn?
Tinda mag˙mula mid-damask li tintrefa’ minn
erba’ jew sitt ir©iel. TintuΩa waqt il-festi talEwkaristija, b˙al Corpus, meta s-Sagrament
jinΩamm ta˙tu. Fl-img˙oddi kien jintuΩa wkoll
mill-g˙arajjes fil-festa tat-tie© (ta˙t)
Jekk il-verb (mifrud mill-pronom) jispiçça bil-vokali –a,
din issir –ie-.
Jekk il-verb (mifrud mill-pronom) jispiçça bil-vokali –i,
din tibqa’ –i-.
G˙alhekk issa nifred il-verb mill-pronom mehmuΩ (= timla +
lilu), ninnota biex jispiçça l-verb (= -a) u la, skont ir-regola, –a ssir
–ie-, nikteb timlieh.
Xi eΩempji o˙ra: iksihom (g˙ax iksi lilhom) // insieha (g˙ax
insa lilha)
Ilbiera˙ ippretendieh (g˙ax ippretenda lilu) // illum nippretendih (g˙ax nippretendi lilu).
Tg˙allem ikteb:
Reçipjent g˙all-inbid li ftit ’l isfel mill-g˙onq
ikollu g˙atu tal-fu.˙˙ r mimli bit-toqob. Óadet
isimha min˙abba li meta jo˙ro© l-inbidminnha, jo˙ro© bil-mod mit-toqob u jag˙mel
˙oss ta’ bekk, bekk, bekk.
Il-qoxra ta’ ©ewwa tal-qam˙, il-ful tal-miΩwed,
il-karawett u xi frott b˙all-g˙eneb. G˙andna lespressjoni ‘˙a l-qam. u ˙alla l-.˙iefa’, li tfisser
˙a l-a˙jar u l-ag˙ar ˙allieh g˙al ˙addie˙or.
20 The Voice of the Maltese
Tuesday March 31, 2015
Community News
Lejla M©arrija
Il-Horsley Park Community Social Group, Horsley Park
se jorganizzata din il-leja
Maltese Cultural Centre
6, Jeanes Street Beverley S A 5009
Phone Tuesday’s only: 8243 0868.
AH: 8254 6988/0421 791 327
Email: [email protected] Website:
Invites you to attend the Easter Monday Luncheon
to be held on MONDAY APRIL 6, at the
Maltese Cultural Centre 6 Jeanes Street Beverley
Lunch Menu: potatateos with meat (Patata l-Forn bil la˙am)
and afterwards desert.
ADMISSION: Members -$7.00
Non-Members -$10.00
Children - $5.00
After lunch we will be playing Bingo and other games
TO BOOK: See or phone: President JOSEPH BRIFFA
on 8254 6988, or anytime on Mob. 0421 791;
or see anyone from the committee
Important dates for the remainder of 2015
Sunday July 5: Lejla fil-Buskett ; Sunday October 18: Spring Fiera
Sunday December 6: Feast of St Nicholas
For further information call Bill Schembri: 0416 261 415.
The Voice is not just a news portal;
We comment,.....
We get your message across...
We fight for your rights......
We believe in freedom of expression...
and we are read in the right places.
g˙all-iM©arrin u l-Óbieb
Nhar is-Sibt 25 ta’ April f’Mandavilla Events Centre
Horsley Drive, Horsley Park
Divertiment ipprovdut minn Charlie
Muscat u Joe Xuereb
Mistednin speçjali: Natasha Vella u
Martin Vella
$65.00 kull persuna li tinkludi Antipasto
Malti, ikla ta’ tlett korsi, birra, inbid, soft
drinks te` u kafe`.
Ikun hemm: “Lucky Door Prize”, “Raffle”,
wirja ta’ ritratti u ˙afna iktar.
Biex tibbukkja çempel lil: Theresa Quattromani 0402-178781, jew Josephine Borg 0402-040-954
Il-qlieg˙ kollu jmur g˙all-Cancer Council
Bla Hsieb
Sunday April 19 at 2.00
Wentworth Leagues Club
Special guest, direct from Melbourne:
George Spiteri
For tickets: Monica: 9896 0712 or 0414
859386; Doris: 9636 2295
Donation of $12. Kids: ¢6.00
Iç-Çittadini sponsored by: MALTA TRAVEL
MCC Oral history project - Maltese Personalities
n order to preserve our Maltese-Australian
heritage for posterity, the MCC of
NSW has embarked on videorecording the settlement experiences
of Maltese personalities.
The oral history interviews are con-
ducted in English on Wednesdays
mornings. The time taken varies
from 60-90 minutes and are done by
Mark Caruana, who has been doing
such interviews since 1982.
At the end of the interview, the person interviewed is asked to do any
necessary editing and to furnish four
photos to be included in the DVD
The MCC will produce seven DVDs,
five of which go to the family, one to
the MCC Archives and one to the National Library in Canberra. A donation of $50 to cover costs would be
Anybody wishing to have his settlement history recorded, is requested to
contact Emanuel Camilleri on 9822
The Voice of the Maltese 21
Tuesday March 31, 2015
Community News
Tune In to Radio
and Television
Maltese Radio Programmes
MELBOURNE, on 3ZZZ 92.3FM or on Mondays 5pm, Fridays
5pm, Saturdays 10am.; Last Wednesday
each month at 1pm.
MELBOURNE on 98.9 North West FM,
each Friday 6.00 - 7.00p.m. Presenter Emmanuel Brincat.
MELBOURNE: STEREO 974 (93180930):
97.4FM Wed (Maltese Magazine) & Thursday (Merhba): 6.00pm to 8.00 pm Co-ordinator – Ray Anastasi
In SYDNEY, listen to the MCC radio programme Sunday at 11am 2GLF FM 89.3, or
on demand:
In BRISBANE listen to the Maltese Program on 4EB on Tuesdays 6.00 -8.15am;
Sundays 4.15pm to 5.15pm
UNCLE SAM DJ (Maltese Radio) tune in
to link:
Maltese Programmes on TV and Web
on TVS is broadcast in Sydney
Every Saturday at 2pm.
Repeats on Mondays 5 pm and Tuesdays 7.30 am
Watch direct via HYPERLINK:;
Isma’ l-programm tar-radju
bil-Malti mill-Kunsill Malti
ta’ NSW minn fuq l-istazzjon 2GLF 89.3FM.
Jista’ wkoll jinstema’ On Demand minn fuq l-Internet
(On Demand >Ethnic >Maltese Council 11am)
Fi programm ta’ sieg˙a nhar ta’ Óadd
fil-11.00 ikun fih l-a˙˙ar a˙barijiet
minn Malta, muΩika, tag˙rif, kultura,
avviΩi u su©©etti ta’ interess g˙allMaltin
On SBS Radio - Day Time Analogue Digital
Tuesday: 12:00-13:00 SBS Radio 3
Thursday: 12:00-13:00 SBS Radio 3
Friday: 12:00-13:00 97.7fm SBS Radio 2
Saturday: 14:00-15:00: 97.7fm SBS Radio 2
To tune into digital radio you need receiver
or device with a DAB+ chip.
Tuning in is by station name not frequency. Digital radio can also be heard
on digital TV. SBS Radio 2 is on Channel 38 and SBS.
Radio 3 is on Channel 39. Analogue is
the present FMwavelength. Digital radio
can also be accessed by a smart phone
and/or by going online at HYPERLINK:,
VIVA MALTA on Central Coast
Radio: on April 9th and 23rd - from 6 pm
-7 pm on COAST FM 96.3 Community
Radio in Gosford NSW. Presenter:
Nathalie Gatt.
Web streaming on:
L-A˙barijiet on SBS TV twice a week nationwide Sunday at
8.00 am on SBS2 (Chan. 32); Thursdays at 8.05 am on SBS2
Follow The Voice of the Maltese online magazine
every fortnight and also join us on our facebook page.
Meetings of Day Care
Maltese Groups in NSW
Fairfield Active Maltese Seniors
Meets on the first Tuesday of the Month
from10:00am to 12 noon.
The group meets in the Parish Hall, cnr
of Stella Street & The Boulevard, Fairfield Heights.
Daceyville Maltese Seniors
Meets on the last Wednesday of the
month in the Meeting Room One, No. 3
General Bridges Crescent, Daceyville.
Note: The Groups also arrange regular Bus Trips
Come and join us and make new friends..
Merrylands Social Maltese Seniors
Meets every second Friday of the
month; Miller Room, Memorial Avenue
Merrylands from 10.30am to 12.30 am
Llandillo Maltese Seniors
Meets on the first Wednesday of the
month at the Llandilo Community Hall,
Seventh Avenue, from 11am to 1pm.
Greystanes Maltese Seniors
Meets on the second Monday of the
month n the George Preca Centre of
Maltese Community Council NSW
Alfred Fenech
Maltese Resource
Centre, 59b
Franklin Street (cr
with Young Street)
Mays Hill NSW.
Phone: 02 98220228
Group Meetings for Maltese living
at the Central Coast: are held
every second Monday of each month
from 10 am to 12 at Wyong RSL, cnr
Anzac & Margaret Street Wyong
For more information Tel: 02
439 000 12 or 0414 267 652
Maltese Community Council of NSW
would like to announce that the current
course for seniors in Computer skills is
veing held every Friday from 10am to 12
noon at the Alfred Fenech Maltese Resource Centre (AFMRC).
Phone Emanuel Camilleri on 0409744
376 or 98220 228. Places are limited
so you must book.
The Maltese Language
School of NSW
The Maltese Language School
of NSW invites applications for
Maltese language classes at
the Alfred Fenech Maltese Resource Centre located at
59b Franklin Street (corner
with Young Street) Mays Hill
(next to Parramatta West
Public School).
Both young and adult
students may apply.
For more information contact
Mary Pace-Feraud on 9601 2189
or email:
[email protected]
OLQP Church, 198 Old Prospect Road,
Greystanes from 10 am to 12 noon
The Sutherland & St George
Maltese Group
Ongoing: We meet every First Wednesday
of the Month from 10:00am-1:00pm
Our Meetings/Get Togethers are interesting, informative & entertaining.
Come Join us and make new Friends
For more information contact our Coordinator: Charles Mifsud J.P.Phone (02)
9501 5525 – mobile 0421 662 298
*(All Groups are Sponsored by The Maltese Community Council of NSW). Please contact the MCC Welfare Officer: Marisa Previtera JP on 0414 863 123. The MCC offices
are at 59b Franklin Street Mays Hill NSW (next to West Parramatta Primary School)
22 The Voice of the Maltese
Tuesday March 31, 2015
Community News
100 Jackson Street, Marsden Park, NSW 2765 Ph: 02 9838 1111
Email: [email protected]
President: George Zahra 0407434651 Secretary: Robin McGarrigle 0407701004
IL-klabb se jorganizza Dinner Dance g˙al Jum l-Omm nhar
is-Sibt 9 ta’ Mejju fis- 7.00pm fil-klabb stess, f’100 Jackson St.
Marsden Park.
-------------------------------------------------------Se jkun hemm 3-course meal b˙al ta’ New Year’s Eve bil-©elat
b˙ala deserta. Xorb ie˙or inkluΩ alcohol jista’ jinxtara mill-bar.
-------------------------------------------------------Id-divertiment se ji©i pprovdut nill-Brandy Rock ‘n Roll Band
---------------------------------------------Prezz: Kbar $45; Tfal ta˙t it-12-il sena $20
G˙al tag˙rif u biljetti: Mary Said: 0421 285 698, jew George Zahra:
0407 424 651
La Valette Social Centre
Programm ta-G˙id
175, Walter Road Blacktown NSW
Óamis Ix-xirka 2a ta`April: 7.00pm: Quddies u
l-˙asil tar-ri©lejn. Wara jsiru s-seba’ visti u l-addorazjoni.
Il-Ìimg˙a l-Kbira 3 ta April: fit-3.00pm tibda
l-funzjoni fil-Kappella
Sibt il-G˙id 4 ta’ April: fil-4.30.p.m. Iç-çentru
jifta˙ g˙all-ikel; 7.p.m.: Il funzjoni tal-G˙id. Wara
ssir il-bingo. Ma ssirx quddies f’dan i-jum.
Óadd il-G˙id 5 ta’ April: fl-10 am: Festa ta Lirxoxt bl-statwa, il quddiesa u wara l-purçissjoni
G˙al tag˙rif çemplu: Iç-Çentru 9622 5847; Il- Kappella 9622 5850
Il-kumitat jixtieq l-G˙id it-tajjeb lil kul˙add
L-G˙aqda Kulturali Maltija ta’ NSW
Se ttella’ il Via Sagra bil Malti
xog˙ol ta’ Frank Zammit, nhar it Tlieta 31 Marzu fis-7pm fil-Knisja ta’
Our Lady Queen of Peace, Old Prospect Road,
Greystanes. Iç-Çelebrant ewlieni se jkun Fr Noel
Il Via Sagra se tkun animata mill-Kor tal G˙aqda
Kulturali Maltija. Wara kul˙add mistieden g˙at-te
jew kafe fil-sala ta San George Preca. Ghal aktar
tag˙rif cemplu lil Jim Borg: 9636 7767.
Our Lady of Victories Parish, Horsley Park
Good Friday Activities
Preparations for the Good Friday Procession in Horsley
Park, NSW are well underway and the Organising Group
wishes to advise readers of upcoming important activity.
St Helena Maltese/Aust. SC
Full Programme for 2015
APRIL 18 (Saturday): Function at Albion
MAY 2 (Saturday): Mother’s Day function at Melrose
MAY 16 (Saturday): Function at Albio
MAY 24: (Sunday): Half yearly meet t Parkville
JUNE 20: (Saturday): Function at Albion
JULY 18: (Saturday): Function at Albion
AUGUST 21: (Friday): Feast Mass at Ardeer
AUGUST 22: (Saturday): Feast dinner dance at Melrose
AUGUST 23: (Sunday): 35th Anniversary feast at Ardeer
SEPTEMBER 19: (Saturday): Functioin at Albion
OCTOBER 24: (Saturday): Function at Parkville
OCTOBER 25: (Sunday): AGM meet at Parkville
NOVEMBER 14: (Saturday): Function at Holy Eucharist
DECEMBER 19: (Saturday): Xmas function at Melrose.
(For bookings or more information phone Victor: 0412 99 13 25)
Friday April 3: Good Friday:
Help is greatly needed early in
the morning to install outdoor
equipment necessary for the procession such as PA systems,
lights and barricades.
The Church service begins at
2.30pm. The Church can only
hold a certain amount of people,
so come early. At 4.00pm, the
Maltese Cultural Association
NSW Choir begins performing
traditional dirges and hymns, alternating with Our Lady Queen of
Peace Maltese Band which will
play funeral marches.
The procession begins at
5.00pm. All participants should
be present by 4.00pm to change
and prepare for the procession
(come rain, hail or shine).
There’s a possibility that costumes would be available to
wear, particularly for adults. For
more information about costumes, or anything concerning
the activity, one should phone:
Fred Cauchi on 0407 914 051.
(Formed in November 2011)
18 Day Fly – Cruise – Stay – Tour
Commencing September 19, 2015
Visiting Perth – Bali – Thailand – Malaysia – Singapore.
Fantastic Tour – Great value – All inclusive from $3650 p/p
Proceeds to be donated to Id-Dar tal-Providenza, Malta.
For brochure or bookings call Jim Borg on (02) 9636 7767.
Note: Donations to Id-Dar tal-Providenza can now be made
in Australia at any Commonwealth Bank.
A/C Name: Friends of Providence House NSW
BSB: 062 416 A/C No. 10199448
This will save you the normal bank fees. Please supply name
and address so an acknowledgement can be issued.
Proudly supported by:
Cnr Main & Campbell Sts, Blacktown.
Contact George Vella Tel (02) 9622 7799
The Voice of the Maltese 23
Tuesday March 31, 2015
Community News
Coach trip to Australian War
Museum & Memorial in Canberra
As part of the 100th Anniversary of the Anzac’s Commemoration, the Sutherland & St.George
Maltese Group will be visiting the Australian War Museum & Memorial in Canberra on
Wednesday April 8. It will be an official guided tour, but those who decline to participate in
the guided tour are free to do so.
This War Museum is the Fifth largest of its kind in the World, therefore it would be a very
interesting and informative visit. The Museum also has a small section dedicated to Malta.
We will be travelling in a modern and luxurious 5 Star Coach that will leave from Miranda
at 8:00am sharp. Another pickup is from OLQP Church in Old Prospect Rd at 8.30am. Then
we travel to Canberra stopping on the way for morning tea, etc, at Goulburn. We will then
have Lunch and visit the Museum.
We plan to leave Canberra to return home at approximately 4:00pm, again stopping at Goulburn for Afternoon Tea or a meal. We expect to get back to Liverpool at around 7:30pm, and
Miranda by 8:00pm.
We aim to stick to these times as much as is possible. However, some variances may occur.
The Coach is equipped with a toilet and a TV monitor, allowing us to watch a feature film
on the return trip. In order to ensure that passengers enjoy maximum comfort, we are restricting the number of passengers to 48.
The total cost for the coach trip is $42 per person.
Anybody interested is advised to contact Charles Mifsud on his mobile: 0421 662 298 A.S.A.P.
UTS Sydney - Free English classes
As part of its Teachers Training for 2015, the University of Technology (UTS)
Sydney - Insearch is offering free English classes designed to improve one’s
speaking and listening skills. Following is the programme for this year:
Up till May 28 (6.00pm-8.00pm Tuesday & Thursday evening)
July 6 - July 31 (1.30pm to 3.30 pm Monday to Friday)
August 11 - October 15 (6.00p.m-8.00pm Tuesday & Thursday evening)
October 20 -December 23 (6.00pm-8.00pm Tuesday & Thursday evening)
If interested call 92188646, fax 92114334 or email:
[email protected]
Student Centre, Ground Floor, 187 Thomas Street Sydney NSW 2000
(corner Quay & Thomas Street Chinatown).
Students must be at least 16 years old
Fuq Radju Malta ( kull nhar ta’ Ìimg˙a fis-2.30 p.m. TippreΩenta Josephine Zammit Cordina
Maltese language teachers
wanted: paid positions
Classes are available for students from 6 years to adults at all levels of ability in the
Maltese language. We have trained and experienced teachers qualified in
language teaching and with Maltese study credentials. Learn the Maltese language,
the culture, lifestyle, cuisine, traditions and about the amazing history of the island.
For more information and enquiries Call Mary on 9601 2189
Or email: [email protected]
Supported by the Minister of Education and Training and the NSW Community Languages Schools Programme.
Member of the NSW Federation of Community Language Schools of NSW; Member of the Federation of
Maltese Language Schools of Australia; Supported by 16 Maltese associations affiliated with the MCC
of NSW. The Maltese Language School of NSW is a Not-For-Profit organisation.
(25-27 Lake Ave Cringila NSW 2502,
(02) 4273 0906 [email protected])
Seniors’ Day
Every Monday
Home-made cooked twocourse meal, tea and coffee
Bingo and dancing lessons,
computers available for usage.
Cost only $5.00. Sponsored
by MCCI Illawarra.
Phone 42 746121 and leave message
Malta Society of
New Zealand
We now have a Facebook page
that former members are invited to join. It is:
It is open to all who have an interest
in the Maltese culture.
tal-PBS (Malta)
G˙alkemm il-PBS ta’ Malta tforni lillSBS fl-Awstralja bis-servizz tag˙ha, ilqarrejja m˙e©©a li x’˙in iridu jid˙lu
fil-website: u jsegwu la˙barijiet ta’ Malta. Din tkun a©©ornata
l-˙in kollu bi stejjer li jkunu qed ise˙˙u.
Mhux biss, imma min irid isegwi dak li
jkun g˙addej, kull filg˙odu ˙in ta' Malta
fuq il-website jittellg˙u wkoll l-a˙barijiet
tal-jum ta' qabel.
Tinteressak il-kitba?
Id-direzzjoni ta’ The
Voice t˙e©-©e© lillqarrejja li j˙ossu li
jew g˙andhom talent g˙all-kitba, laktar bl-Ilsien Malti,
imma mhux biss, inkella li ja˙sbu li bi ftit g˙ajnuna
jistg˙u jrabbu l-kun- fidenza g˙allkitba, biex jekk iridu, jew jitolbu lg˙ajnuna, inkella jistg˙u jibag˙tu
x-xog˙ol tag˙hom lil: The Voice of
the Maltese. Email address:
[email protected]
Lesti nippublikaw i-kitbiet tag˙kom f’dan il-magazine.
24 The Voice of the Maltese
Tuesday March 31, 2015
Malta hosts
Euro Snooker
arryl Hill, an18-year-old representing Isle of Man claimed the U-21
European Snooker title at the end of the
Championships that attracted 87 players
and was hosted in Malta during last
week. Hill defeated England’s Louis
Heathcote by 6 frames to 3 in the final at
the Dolmen Hotel, Qawra where 258
matches and a total 1,026 frames (731
frames in group phase, round-robin
stage) were played.
The losing finalist had earlier ended
Brian Cini, Malta’s best player’s dream
by beating him 5-0 with a superb performance in the last eight stage.
Cini managed to compile the highest
break in the tournament, an impressive
run of 133 that sealed a comfortable 3-1
victory against Michal Kotiuk, of Poland
in the last 64 stage.
Cini then teamed up with Tony Drago in
the European Team Championships that
followed the U/21 event at the same
venue. Alex Borg and Duncan Bezzina
were defending the title they won last year
in Bucharest, Romania. Malta started with
six teams in the men’s open.
Duncan Bezzina/Alex Borg (Grp C) and
Tony Drago/Brian Cini (Grp F) defeated
Switzerland and Norway respectively
with identical 5-0 scores. Bezzina/Borg
then lost 2-3 to Scotland 2, but along
with Drago/Cini and Busuttil/Peplow
Malta 4-Grp E are all still with a chance
to progress.
The Grand Finals are scheduled for
Wednesday April 1.
The women’s tournament is also being
Malta Premier League Football
Hibs drop points but
extend unbeaten run
ith the Malta national football team
engaged in international commitments, only one round was played in the
Premier League, and as a result of a surprising 2-2 draw against relegation-haunted
Naxxar, Hiber- nians’ lead at the top has
been reduced to eight points. But they still
managed to extend their unbeaten run to 27
Nearest challengers, Birkirka-ra and Valletta both won to reduced the gap with the
table- toppers to eight and nine points respectievely.
Balzan Youths and Sliema Wanderers
won five-goal thrillers with Balzan strenthening their hold on fourth position by
beating bottom-place Tarxien 3-2, and
Sliema defeating Ûebbu© by a similar
score. Floriana dropped a place after failing to go beyond a scoreless draw against
Goals each side of interval down Malta
alta lost its Euro
2016 qualifier in
Baku against Azerbaijan by 2-0, a defeat
that pushes them down to
bottom spot in the Group H
standing as Saturday’s victors leapfrogged over them
in penultimate position.
The disappointing result
leaves the Maltese with
just one point from five
Malta’s World champion powerboats driver Aaron Ciantar (on
right) and his trottleman, Italian Domenique Martini are pictured after receiving
their trophies at the
UIM Gala Awards ceremony in Monaco, after
winning the Offshore
Class 1 category in the
UIM Championships
Round 27
Hibernians v Naxxar L.
Rodolfo Soares, Edison L. dos Santos
Birkirkara v Pietà H.
Zach Muscat, Maurisio Mazzetti (B);
Leonardo F.dos Santos (P)
Valletta v Mosta
Ikenna P. Hilary, Llywelyn Cremona,
Hamza Barry (V); Gary Roberts (M) 3-2
Balzan v Tarxien R.
Dylan Grima, Bojan Kaljevic (B); Justin
Grioli og, Mohamed Soly (T)
Floriana v Qormi
Sliema W. v Ûebbu© R
Bocar Djumo 2, Mark Scerri (S);
Yessous Camilleri, Rashid Yussuff (Û)
Standings P W D L Pts
Hibernians 27 23 4 0 43
Birkirkara 27 17 5 5 35
27 18 2 7 34
27 12 8 7 27
27 10 10 7 26
Sliema W 27 9 7 11 21
------------------------Naxxar L. 27 7 8 12 18
27 8 5 14 17
27 5 7 15 13
Pieta H.
27 5 7 15 12
Ûebbu© R. 27 5 6 16 12
Tarxien R. 27 4 9 14 11
matches, still searching for
their first victory after five
outings, and the only team
from the six in the group
still without a win.
Azerbaijan, looking for
their first victory made the
perfect start with a goal inside three minutes and then
sealed victory with a second two minutes into added time.
The hosts
went ahead from a
Javid Huseynov header when
he caught
the Malta
a right win
Malta reacted with
an Effiong
effort that was saved by the
home goalkeeper.
But from then on it was
the Azerbaijanis who dictated play and it was only
in the final third of the
game that Malta showed
any semblance of confidence tey coud salvage
something. Which was much too late, particularly as
they conceded for a second
time, a goal scored by
Dmitri Nazarov.
*Three days earlier Malta
conceded two goals in the
final seven minutes in a
friendly international at the
Meskhi Stadium against
Georgia to lose 2-0. Malta
conceded the first goal on
83 minutes in controversial
circumstances when Laba
Kankava used his arm to
deviate the ball past Haber,
and then substitute Valeri
Kazaishvili hit a low drive
past Haber.
Football: PS4 NPL 1 NSW
Second loss on the trot for Parramatta
fter such a good start to their I
Division campaign when they
won away at Marconi, Parramatta
FC (Melita Eagles) lost their next
two matches, 4-0 at the Melita Stadium against Sydney Olympic
when they had no answer to a
vastly superior opponents who
were already two goals inside the
first 10 minutes, and on 3-1 against
Blacktown City on Saturday at the
Lilys Football Centre.
The Eagles took the lead
through F. Marty on 10 minutes
but City responded with goals by
Macura 2, and Antelmi.
Parramatta, who deserved a
draw, play their next game at
home at Melita Stadium on Saturday April 4 at 7.30pm against
Sutherland Sharks FC.
Australia A-League
Good news is that their
supporters group is being revived once again. For more
information one should go to
their facebook page: Parramatta Melita Eagles.
Round 3
Blacktown C v Parramatta FC 3-1
Blacktown S v Sydney U
Marconi S v Apia LT
Sutherland S. v South Cst W. 2-2
Sydney O. v Brownrigg WE 2-2
Manly U v Rockdale CS
Round 2
Parramatta FC v Sydney O.
Blacktown S v Rockdale CS
Brownrigg WE v Marconi S
Sydney Utd v Sutherland S.
South CW. v Blacktown
Apia LT v Manly U
Mounties W. v Northern T.
Title race thrown wide open
he title race continues to be
thrown wide open with only
two points separating the top
five teams, particularly after
Sydney’s 3-0 away victory over
table-toppers Wellington.
The next four teams all won
their games with Melbourne V,
Sydney and Perth now all locked
just a point behind the leaders.
Round 23
Wellington Ph. v Sydney FC
Melbourne Vic. v Central Coast 2-1
Perth Glory v Western Syd.
Newcastle Jets v Adelaide U.
Melbourne City v Brisbane Roar 1-0
Round 22
Brisbane Roar v Wellington Ph 1-2
Adelaide U v Melbourne Victory 2-2
Sydney FC v Melbourne City
Central Coast v Perth Glory
Western Syd. v Newcastle Jets 1-2