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february 16, 2012
Rotary Club of Sterling Heights, Michigan,
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Monday, February 20, 2012
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February 16, 2012
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President Nick Casteel rang our Rotary bell to call our
meeting to order in the small room at Ike's. He then
led the Pledge of Allegiance and Four Way Test and
Jean O'Brien gave the Invocation. We welcomed
guests Steve Ball and Alan Parks of the U.S. Army
Garrison - Detroit Arsenal and additional guests Sara
Osman and Veronica and Earl Tonn. Welcome, everyone!
Joyce Joyce made mangu at home and brought some for
everyone to taste. It's a traditional breakfast food and a
representative recipe of the Dominican Republic (DR). Joyce
then told the Club about their recent visit to the DR, the
wonderful families who hosted them while they were there and
the various projects they visited and on which they worked.
Rotary Club of Sterling Heights, Michigan, USA...
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MANGU - representative Dominican Republic recipe
and a tasty breakfast food
3 green plantains (Salvaggio's on Hall Road)
Peel plantains (I suggest cutting several slits
lengthwise through skin, cut off ends, peel)
Cut peeled plantains in 1 inch pieces
Boil in lightly salted water about 10 minutes until they can be
pierced easily with a fork
1/2 cup diced onion
1/3 cup olive oil
1 tbsp vinegar
Saute onion in olive oil until well cooked, add vinegar and heat
Drain plantains (reserve liquid) and mash in pilon (mortar and
pestle) or use potato masher. Lumps are OK. As plantains
cool, they will thicken so add reserved cooking liquid as
To p with sauteed onion mixture and serve.
Today's program on the U.S. Army Garrison,
Detroit Arsenal was presented by Alan Parks,
Garrison Manager, and his associate Steve Ball.
With pictures and charts, Alan explained that the
Detroit Arsenal is a "city within a city" and the Army has an
important presence in S.E. Michigan. He described some fo the
functions and also the changing demographics of the work
force. He also noted that the Army contributed 1.6 billion
dollars in contracts to Michigan companies in 2010. He
concluded the presentation by telling about the future of the
Detroit Arsenal. Thank you, Alan and Steve.
Our next meeting, Feb 23, will feature camaraderie with fellow
Rotarians and guests AND ??. Come and be part of the Club.
Please note the calendar on the left side of this newsletter.
It will show all our upcoming speakers and events that have
been sent to your editor. You can use this information for your
own knowledge AND to help you decide which topics will be of
special interest to friends whom you would like to invite.
february 16, 2012
Rotary Club of Sterling Heights, Michigan, USA...
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february 16, 2012
The Club's application for a raffle with Roger's
Roost has been sent to the Michigan State
Gaming Commission for approval.
Club banners have been ordered and have just
arrived. It is a long-standing Rotary custom for
Rotarians who are visiting other Rotary Clubs in different
Districts to exchange banners with those Clubs. What happens
to the banners that our Club acquires in this way? Check the
Club Website - John Joyce is putting photos of those banners
on it!
Our Club has paid its obligations to the Polio Plus campaign for
this Rotary year!
To date, only 12 members have contributed to the Every
Rotarian Every Year program. Please see Jean O'Brien if you
wish further information and contact Webmaster John Joyce if
you have difficulties paying your contribution online.
The Club well soon be applying for Camp Rotary Grants so if
you have ideas for projects related to youth and recreation
please contact Nick Casteel.
Our District Governor Elect has informed us that the Rotary
Have you seen President Nick's new look? After letting his
hair grow so that he could donate it, he has done so and is
sporting a short haircut.
Linda Wenger reported that we collected $204.46 for the
Salvation Army on the Saturday that our Club volunteered to
tend their Red Kettle.
Great job Linda and volunteer
ding-a-lings (aka bell-ringers).
The Club received many thank-you
Bozymowski Center for Education.
Marty Brown passed around many pix that he has taken at
recent Club events.
Rotary Club of Sterling Heights, Michigan, USA...
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Members can read the Minutes of Board meetings and
the Monthly Treasurer's Reports! Log into the Club website.
In the section "My ClubRunner" scroll down and choose "View
Club Documents." Then click on the date of the minutes or the
month of the Treasurer's Report you wish to read. Try it! If you
have any problems, contact Club Webmaster John Joyce for
Club Website: be sure to check the Club Website regularly, for lots of information on
what is happening in our Club.
District Website: check to keep up to
date on District activities and information.
You will find
some exciting events hosted by other Clubs under the Local
Club Events section - the section with the balloons.
Advertisements will now be accepted for inclusion in the
Sterling Silver, or the Sterling Heights Rotary Club website or
both. Prices and format requirements are available on the Club
website, or by contacting
John Joyce or Rich Sparks.
Linda Wenger ran our weekly raffle and Micki Bond
won the cash. Guest Veronica Tonn won Kerm's
Koin. Then Micki Bond had the opportunity to draw
for the Joker. Unfortunately for Micki, she only drew
the 2 of Hearts. The Joker lives, the pot grows!
Come next week and maybe you will be the lucky
Sheriff Steve Neirinck fined many who admitted to doing
something wrong during the past week (however, none gave us
details of their transgressions so this editor cannot spread any
gossip). He then fined President Nick Casteel because we had
two men from the Army but we had no American Flag for the
Pledge of Allegiance! Steve then received a Happy Buck from
Rich Sparks - he will be attending his first Daddy/Daughter
dance this Friday.
REMINDER: Steve will be asking quiz questions on articles in
the current edition of the Rotarian Magazine so read it and be
prepared (or have money handy).
february 16, 2012
Rotary Club of Sterling Heights, Michigan, USA...
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Latonya (wife of Derek) - recovering from brain surgery
Kerm - having surgical procedures
Attendance for Feb 16: Kerm Billette, Micki
Bond, Marty Brown, Nick Casteel, John Joyce,
Joyce Joyce, Steve Neirinck; Jean O'Brien, Karen Olechiw,
Dennis Powers, Mike Saigh, Rich Sparks, Eric Vogel, Linda
Wenger and guests Steve Ball, Sara Osman, Alan Parks, Earl
Tonn and Veronica Tonn.
february 16, 2012