April 2015 Newsletter - Holy Trinity East Finchley

The Newsletter for Holy Trinity Church, East Finchley
April 2015
Easter Services
Easter Church Services are as follows:
- 1 April Wednesday in Holy week 7.30pm Communion
- 2 April Maundy Thursday Holy Trinity 7.30pm
- 3 April Good Friday 10am Liturgy of the Passion
- 4 April Easter Day 10am Paschal Eucharist
The Maundy Thursday service is both very symbolic and
thought provoking. It commemorates the Last Supper and we
remember Jesus as the servant who washed his disciples’ feet.
We are invited to have our own feet washed as a symbol of what
Christ has done for us. And we will have guest speakers.
Radha has promised to serve hot cross buns after the service on
Good Friday and on Easter Sunday, the Queen of all Festivals,
we will deck the church with flowers, ring bells in the Gloria,
sing the Easter Anthems, trundle out our magnificent choir and
end it all with an Easter Egg hunt for the children. Please don’t
forget to bring your bells!
Do your best to come along. It won’t be the same without you.
Winter Shelter
As you probably know for 3 years it was our pleasure to
work with the New North London Synagogue, providing
a place for people to stay overnight at Trinity Church in
Nether Street. Volunteers provided meals, met the guests
and slept overnight.
The Shelter scheme itself continued over last winter, with
a number of churches and synagogues across the borough
covering every night. However, The Shelter is now in
Paddy Lyons, who was instrumental in setting it up over
10 years ago, and has worked tirelessly to provide all the
considerable back up it needs ever since, is retiring. It is
extremely unlikely that anyone will take on the large task
of organising bedding and daily liaison, plus helping get
guests rehoused etc etc, on a voluntary basis. That needs
There will be a sponsored Sleep Out at Barnet Football
Club on the night of 18 April. If you would like to take
part, take a look at the Homeless Action in Barnet website.
The aim is to raise £2,000 from each of the centres involved
to make this possible. If you would be prepared to make a
donation all you have to do is follow this link:
Your credit or debit card does the rest!
This is a vital cause. Please do help if you can.
Stephen Hiscock
Letter from the Acting Bishop
Holy Trinity School received a letter from Pete Broadbent, the
Acting Bishop of Edmonton, regarding the recent outstanding
SIAMS evaluation last month:
“I have just received a copy of your SIAMS report from
3rd Feb 2015. It was extremely encouraging to see the
“outstanding” aspects of the report. I was glad to hear that
Christian Values are so strongly embedded in the life of the
school and that both Collective Worship and RE are working
well to underpin this, It was also excellent to see how well the
link with the parish church is working.”
“It is always good to hear that a church
school has reviewed its values and
made them something which is a point
of curriculum, so that the children
understand something of the grammar
of the Christian faith and how
Christianity can enrich the whole of
their lives.”
Prayer for Easter
When we are despairing, when the world is full
of grief, when we see no way ahead and hope has
gone away - roll back the stone!
May the good news of Christ’s resurrection bring
joy to our hearts and transform the world.
Life Begins at 60?
East Finchley Altogether Better have launched a
Silver Service Restaurant scheme on Tuesdays in East
Restuarants taking part in the Silver Service scheme
will offer set meals for £5 to customers over 60 years of
age, plus their guest (of any age), every Tuesday.
Restaurants taking part in East Finchley so far are the
Bald Faced Stag, Barracuda, Big Chef, Costi’s, New
Local Café and Seasons, with each offering their own
special menu on Tuesday lunchtimes. The restaurants
will seat diners together for a more sociable experience.
What’s not to like…?
H T News
April 2015
Edmonton Area Leadership Conference 2015
A group from Holy Trinity went along
to experience the delights of shared
fellowship with other Edmonton church
members, to learn new ways of offering
leadership and pastoral care and to eat
pastries. Not necessarily in that order of
The theme was Jesus as good shepherd,
with all of us being called to care for each
other in the church family. Bishop Pete
Broadbent, acting Bishop of Edmonton,
explained something of what his role
involves and Richard James spoke about
the cure of souls.
We saw a very enthusiastic and influential
talk given by Bill Hybels via a video
link in which he pointed out that, as
well as the initial 12 disciples, Jesus also
commissioned a further 70 people to
act as followers who also cared for those
needing it, in other words we are all
called to be ministers.
There was a very good choice of
- Do leaders really collaborate?
- Envisioning and equipping for everyday,
everywhere discipleship.
- Are we really making everybody
- Community compassion: prayer and
I found the last one particularly helpful as
we considered those things for which we
might need support such as bereavement,
isolation, redundancy, ill health and so
on. The ways in which support might
be offered, by visiting and keeping in
Did you know Tony Anthony?
APP-ly Within (Part 2)
Sarah Tyner received an email
recently from a prison chaplain
living in France, called David Buick,
who is trying to find information
about a Tony Anthony. It is believed
that he was a pupil at Holy Trinity
Primary, leaving in 1981 or 1982 to
go to Christ’s College Finchley. Holy
Trinity school doesn’t have records
of pupils attending during this time,
however, might you recognise him
from this photo? Were you a pupil
at Holy Trinity during this time?
Did you perhaps know him from the
area? Or from Christ’s College?
How do you read the bible?
If you think you might remember
Tony, please can you let Sarah know,
so she can pass your details on to
David? Many thanks.
touch with people at home, in church, in
the church hall and this can be done by
anyone, including individuals, visiting
teams, healing teams, young people’s
groups and lay Eucharistic ministry.
Those of us from Holy Trinity found
that we scored ourselves quite highly
in relation to welcoming people, but
of course there is always room for
improvement and new ideas included
producing leaflets about the church
to leave in the library and in cafes and
producing a welcome card for people to
fill in if they wish to join the church.
It was a very interesting and enlightening
day, full of energy and new ideas for all of
us to think about.
Angela Anderson
Did you know that there are plenty of ways of reading the bible on your phone, tablet
or computer? See last month’s article for some ideas. Some are free, some cost a little.
Most are incredible compared with trying to find what you were looking for using
a Concordance (What’s that?!) or Commentary (surprisingly, not just used by
There are lots of ways of finding what you are looking for, or learning about things you
never thought of trying to find. Here is something you might like to try:
Reflections for Daily Prayer
It’s Official! In other words they are daily bible notes published by the Church of
England. Following the Common Worship lectionary cycle of readings, Reflections for
Daily Prayer, helps you to join your thoughts and prayers with those of thousands of
Anglicans worldwide, as well as follow a balanced pattern of Bible readings that draws
upon both the Old and New Testament.
You can either just look at the bible readings, or follow the short order of service,
which gives prayers to ‘wrap round’ the readings. The best bit is that there is a short
reflection each day written by someone who knows what they are talking about and
can give you something to think about, without being too clever. You can save your
favourites and come back to them another day.
The bible readings do require an internet connection, so not quite so good for using
on the Tube. However, check out last month’s article to take the whole bible with you
and solve that problem.
Reflections for Daily Prayer is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play.
Buy a year’s worth and it works out at about a pound a month, plus there is a free trial.
Next month, a preview of ‘Guardians of Ancora’ – an exciting new game for 8 – 11
year olds, coming in the autumn. Stephen Hiscock
Annual Parochial Church Meeting 26 April 2015
Do come and find out what has been going on and hear about plans for the future.
Would you be interested in helping to plan that future and get more involved? We
will be electing our churchwardens and members of the Parochial Church Council
and existing members will need to sign a nomination form.
H T News
April 2015
Electoral Roll Call
Spring Cleaning!
Please sign up to the church Electoral
Roll before Friday April 10th, if you are
not already a signed up member.
Church cleaning event: volunteers are invited to turn up at the church on Easter
Saturday to do a spot of cleaning ready for the main festival of the church
calendar. Any help is always appreciated: vacuum-cleaning, dusting, wood
polishing, brass polishing, cob-web chasing, glass cleaning. It is a great help if
you can bring your own cleaning materials. Do come along any time between
11am and 1pm on April 4th.
Forms are available to download from
the HT website or hard copies are on the
table at the side of the church, or speak
to Gray. All new members need to be
signed up by the Church AGM, on April
For more information, you can also
email Paula at [email protected]
Diocese of London
Lent Appeal
This year we support the Bishop of
London’s Mission Fund. The BLMF
aims to fund 20 more youth, family and
children workers in the diocese.
Tea & Coffee Servers
We will be doing work in the churchyard on Saturday mornings on the following
dates: April 18th and 25th, May 2nd and 30th and June 20th and 27th. If you
would like to help maintain ‘God’s Acre’ please come along between 11am and
1pm, preferably with gloves and any useful tools, and we will be very pleased to
see you. One additional project that needs attention is the temporary repair of
the grave near the wheelie bins. It has just fallen apart but a casual visitor might
think that the area had been vandalised which it hasn’t. Speak to David Smith if
you can help with this task.
We now have a complete set of wheelie bins. Please make full use of the black bin
for general waste, blue for recycling, and green for vegetation, dying flowers, etc.
We are grateful to the L.B. Barnet for supplying a new black bin free of charge
after the previous one was stolen. David Smith
We are short of volunteers to man the
ever popular refreshments bar, after the
services on a Sunday. Can you help out?
Please see Gray if you would like to put
your hand up. Many thanks.
Sarah, Russell, Alan, Cerys
and Henry the dog
Easter Flowers
The Church will be full of beautiful
flowers for Easter. If you would like
to contribute any monies towards
them (we all have anniversaries to
commemorate or people to celebrate),
please see Sonia or Gray.
And finally...
We would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone
who sponsored us. We raised over £2300 which is
an amazing result and definitely kept us going as
we were reaching the end. It was a glorious day for
the walk and after planning snacks with military
precision everyone made it to the finish line without
a single whinge. Thanks for the amazing support
from everyone. It was a fitting tribute to our dear
friend Jan.
Please Sign In! New Church Register
The number of applicants to Holy Trinity school has never been higher and as one
key factor of the admissions criteria is to attend church at least once every calendar
month, the PCC have decided to introduce a Church Register.
This will soon be available to sign, at the back of the Church, for all prospective
parents (wishing to have the school Supplementary Information Form authorised).
A diary of forthcoming events.
March 31st
April 1st
Communion followed at 8pm by Choir Practice
April 2nd 7.30pm
Maundy Thursday, Communion with Hymns
April 3rd
Good Friday - Liturgy of the Passion
April 4th
11.00am to 1pm
Holy Saturday and Church Cleaning Day
April 5th
Easter Sunday - Paschal Eucharist
April 26th
Annual Vestry and Church Meeting (after the service)
May 14th
Ascension Day