Amino Resin Market - Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015

Global Amino Resin
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Report Description
Amino resins are formed by the copolymerization of amino acids with an aldehyde. Based
on the product types, amino resins are classified as urea formaldehyde, melamine
formaldehyde and melamine urea formaldehyde. Amino resins are thermosetting resins
which exhibit properties such as excellent tensile strength, resistance and hardness. They
are mainly used as molding materials. Amino resins offer excellent functions to base
materials such as increase in coating hardness and solvent resistance when combined
with alkyd resins, polyester resins, epoxy ester resins and acrylic resins. Amino resins are
majorly used as adhesives in wood panels such as plywood, MDF and particleboard,
among others.
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The global demand for amino resins is mainly dependent on the construction industry,
coupled with the overall health of the regional economies. The high performance of
amino resins when used in wood panels in terms of strength and resistance is expected
to drive the amino resin market over the next few years. The growing demand for amino
resins in paints and coating industry, used especially for automobiles, is expected to
boost the growth of this market. Thus with the growing automobile industry, the amino
resin market is also expected to grow substantially. Most of the amino resins
manufactured in the industry are consumed in producing laminates which are used in the
construction and furniture industries.
Report Description
However, stringent government regulations regarding the formaldehyde emission is a
major restraint, hampering the growth of the market. The amino resins market is
expected to witness a slow growth in the U.S. owing to the stringent regulations present
in that region. Amino resins are also finding new applications in electrical, household
appliances and sanitary ware.
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Asia Pacific is expected to witness huge demand for amino resins due to the growing
construction and furniture industry in this region.China is expected to be the major
consumer owing to the presence of huge secondary processed product industry. Europe
is expected to be another major market for amino acids due to the huge demand for
amino resins from growing applications such as laminates and wood adhesives. Increase
in the consumption of the roofing mat in Europe is expected to further boost the overall
growth of the amino resins market.European countries such as Germany, France, Italy
and UK are expected to be the major consumers of amino resins.North America is
expected to be the third largest market for amino resins. The U.S. is anticipated to be one
of the major consumers of amino resinsin North America region. The amino resins
market is expected to witness rapid growthowing to the increase in the demand for the
roofing mat.The Rest of the World market is likely to exhibit a steady growth in the
demand for amino resin during the forecast period. Latin America and the Middle Eastern
countries are expected to show potential growth for amino resins market owing to the
increase in the application of MDF and particleboard in this region.
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