Consultancy for Organizational Development of Wattan TV
Wattan is an award-winning, independent, professional media organization with a headquarter office based
in Ramallah, and other offices in Hebron and Gaza, Palestine. It was established in 1996 by civil society
organizations. Over the past two decades, Wattan has established itself as an important voice of Palestinian
citizens, civil society, marginalized communities and groups, women and, most significantly, youth. Our team
of reporters, correspondents, and experts in the West Bank and Gaza provide wide ranging investigative
reporting, public debates, and news programming on issues of public concern such as governance,
accountability, transparency, and democracy that are rarely covered by mainstream Palestinian media.
Scope of Work
The consultant shall perform his/her work in three phases. Phase one is planning the Organizational
Development, second phase is assisting in its implementation, and third is a follow up on implementation.
Responsibilities (not limited):
Conduct an in-depth review of the following Organizational areas through conducting Interviews,
Document Reviews, Observations, Questionnaires, focus groups, and/or other methods of gathering
Assist Wattan TV Management in preparing a Plan for implementing the consolidated
recommendations that are approved by the Board and Management of Wattan TV. Consolidate the
plan of action.
Along with a legal counsel, review the by-laws, suggest modifications and clarifications.
Re-design an Organization Structure that achieves a good span of control, a clear job description,
Clear Responsibilities and communication between the different levels, and clear authorization
Revise the financial policies and procedures to take into consideration segregation of duties, controls
in place, Checks and Balances, Cost allocations.
Review of areas implemented, report and follow-up.
Deliverables: All written deliverables should be written in English and Arabic.
Expected Duration:
The engagement is expected to be for a span of twelve months period from May 2015 to April 2016 inclusive.
Consultant profile requirements:
Academic Degree: Master’s degree in Business, Financial management, Accounting.
Prior Experience: at least 8 years in related experience in similar engagements, excellent facilitation skills, and
substantial experience in designing and delivering the required deliverables.
Languages: English and Arabic.
Deadline for receiving applications
Deadline for receiving application is March 25, 2015.
Interested candidates should send an email to [email protected] for a full ToR, please make sure to mention the
Consultancy for Organizational Development in the subject.