~ Breakfast Dishes ~ Eggs & Things

~ Breakfast Dishes ~
Eggs & Things
The Following Served with Two Large Eggs Cooked Any Style, a Choice of Hash Browns, Home-Style Potatoes
or Grits and Your Choice of Buttermilk Biscuit, Fresh Baked Muffin or Toast featuring
Pork Chops and Eggs
Ranchman’s Steak and Eggs
A large flame-broiled cut of our USDA Choice
sirloin steak. 9.59
Two large flame-broiled center cut boneless
pork chops. 10.29
v Petite Steak and Eggs
v Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs
Flame-broiled USDA Choice sirloin steak. 8.29
Pan fried Southern style for great flavor
without deep frying 9.29
Smoked Pit Ham and Eggs 7.99
Canadian Style Bacon and Eggs 8.69
Thick Bacon or Sausage and Eggs 7.99
Two Eggs (Any Style) 5.89
Corned Beef Hash and Eggs
Delicious homemade corned beef hash made with lean
corned beef. 8.29
Country Skillets
Served in a Skillet with Home-Style Potatoes and Your Choice of
Buttermilk Biscuit, Fresh Baked Muffin or Toast Featuring
Smoke House Skillet
Diced sausage, ham and bacon scrambled with two large
eggs topped with melted cheddar cheese. 8.99
Texas Scramble
Homestyle potatoes mixed with scrambled eggs covered
with homemade chili, cheese sauce and topped with sliced
green onions. 8.99
Y v Garden Skillet
An array of garden vegetables and fresh tomatoes sauteed
and scrambled with two large eggs, topped with melted
cheddar cheese. 8.79
Fiesta Skillet
Seasoned ground beef, diced chiles, cheddar cheese, two
large eggs any style topped with chunky salsa. 8.79
Omelette Bar
Build an Omelette According to Your Tastes Starting with Three Large California Fresh Eggs.
Served with a Choice of Home-Style Potatoes, Hash Browns or Grits
and Either Toast, Buttermilk Biscuit or Fresh Baked Muffin.
(Grits Available until 3:00 P.M. Only)
Three Egg Omelette
1.69 for Each
1.59 for Sauces
Hickory Smoked Ham
Extra Thick Bacon
Sauteed Mushrooms
.89 for Each Vegetable
.99 for Each Cheese
Spanish Sauce
Black Olives
Diced Green Chiles
Pepper Jack
Shredded Cheddar
Natural Swiss
.69 for Each
Bell Peppers
Sour Cream
Diced Tomatoes
We are Proud to Offer Our Senior Guests $1.00 Off Any Menu Item Highlighted with a v
$1.00 Will Be Added for Split Orders and Additional Plates.
Egg Beaters May Be Substituted for Any Egg Order.
Y Heart Healthy Preparation Available
Breakfast Specialties
Chorizo Breakfast Wrap
Chorizo sausage blended with two large scrambled eggs
and shredded cheddar cheese wrapped in a large tortilla
with homemade salsa. Includes hash brown potatoes. 7.99
Farmhouse Breakfast
A hearty country breakfast includes two large eggs
scrambled, two large sausage links and two strips of extra
thick bacon. Served with a large buttermilk biscuit and
country gravy. 8.49
Eggs Benedict
Poached eggs, two slices of real Canadian style bacon
on an English muffin with Hollandaise sauce.
Served with home-style potatoes. 8.99
Potato Pancake Combo
An old world favorite, our potato pancakes are seasoned
with onion and grilled fresh. Served with sour cream, apple
sauce, two strips of bacon and a large egg. 7.99
Y Yogurt and Granola
Enjoy a healthy and delicious breakfast featuring a bowl of
Old-fashioned waffle or three fluffy pancakes, two strips of
low fat vanilla yogurt topped with crunchy
thick hickory smoked bacon or a jumbo sausage link
toasted granola. 4.29
served with two eggs. 6.29
Traditional Breakfast Special
Eye Opener
Oatmeal and Muffin
Two strips of thick hickory smoked bacon or a jumbo sausage link, two large eggs with a fresh baked muffin. 4.99
Hot oatmeal with brown sugar and raisins.
Served with our fresh baked blueberry muffin. 4.59
Hot Off the Griddle
- HOT CAKES Real Buttermilk Hot Cakes
Premium Blueberry Hot Cakes
Made with low fat buttermilk.
Full Stack (4) 4.99
Short Stack (3) 4.49
Served with berry syrup.
Full Stack (4) 5.79
Short Stack (3) 5.39
Multi-Grain Hot Cakes
Three hot cakes made with granola, toasted English
walnuts and pecans. 6.19
Cheese blintz filling between two fluffy buttermilk pancakes
topped with a choice of strawberries, blueberries or
chocolate syrup and dusted with powdered sugar. 7.99
Old-Fashioned Griddle Cakes
Chocolate Chip Hot Cakes
Flapjack Combo
Made with cream of wheat for a sweet and delicious
old-fashioned “flapjack”. 5.69
Buttermilk hot cakes with chunks of apple topped with
cinnamon apple compote. 6.49
v Apple Walnut Crepes
Five dollar sized Griddle cakes served with scrambled
eggs blended with diced ham. 6.79
Delicate crepes filled with sour cream and topped with
cinnamon apples and walnuts. 7.69
Buttermilk hot cakes loaded with semi-sweet chocolate
chips and dusted with powdered sugar. 6.19
Cheese Blintzes
Two large crepes filled with a blend of cheeses topped
with strawberries and dusted with powdered sugar. 7.69
Creamy Nutella hazelnut chocolate spread with strawberries and
bananas topped with chocolate syrup and powdered sugar. 8.29
Hawaiian French Toast
Sliced Hawaiian bread dipped in our famous
egg batter. Served with warm syrup
and whipped butter. 5.99
Corn Flake Crusted French Toast
Thick sliced egg bread dipped in our famous egg batter,
coated with ground corn flakes for a truly
unique flavor and texture. 5.99
v Cinnamon Roll French Toast
Fresh baked
cinnamon roll dipped in a creamy egg mixture,
dusted with powdered sugar. 6.29
Old-Fashioned Waffle
Our famous golden brown waffle served with
warm syrup and whipped butter. 5.39
Strawberry Waffle
Our golden brown waffle topped with
strawberries and whipped cream. 6.99
We are Proud to Offer Our Senior Guests $1.00 Off Any Menu Item Highlighted with a v
$1.00 Will Be Added for Split Orders and Additional Plates.
Egg Beaters May Be Substituted for Any Egg Order.
The Coffee Counter
We are Proud to Feature Apffels Gourmet Whole Bean Coffees Ground Fresh Before Brewing. Since 1914, the
Apffel Family Has Been Providing Quality Roasted Coffees to Many of Southern California’s Finest Restaurants.
Choose from One of the Following Selections of Coffees Served in a Refillable Pot
Our Blend of Kenyan & Sumatran
for Richer, Deeper Flavor.
100% Colombian for a Smooth
Yet Full Bodied Cup of Coffee.
Cafe Mocha
Raspberry Mocha
Cafe Latte
Enjoy this blend of chocolate and raspberry blended with
the rich flavor of espresso coffee. 2.99
A single shot of espresso with chocolate, steamed
milk and whipped cream. 2.99
A single shot of our robust espresso with steamed milk,
milk foam and cinnamon. 2.99
A robust shot of espresso added to steamed milk
and topped with cinnamon. 2.99
Add .45 for each additional shot • No refills on Gourmet Coffee drinks
All Gourmet coffee drinks available iced and/or decaffeinated
Fruits & Juices
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
Grapefruit, Tomato or Apple Juice
Small 1.69 Regular 1.99 Large 2.79
Small 1.69 Regular 1.99 Large 2.59
Carafe 4.49
Grapefruit Half 1.79
Fresh Cut Fruit Cup 3.59
Bread Basket
Fresh Baked Cinnamon Roll 3.49
Fresh Baked Muffin 2.39
Bagel and Cream Cheese 2.29
Two cinnamon sugar biscuits made famous at
Angel Stadium of Anaheim. 1.99
Buttermilk Biscuit and Gravy 2.39
Fresh Baked Bear Claw 2.59
Breakfast Sides
Hickory Smoked Ham or
Canadian Bacon 3.89
Homestyle Potatoes or
Hash Brown Potatoes 2.89
Thick Bacon or Sausage 3.89
1/4 lb. Hamburger Patty 4.29
Fresh Brewed Iced Tea 2.39
With Free Refills 2.39
Steamed Hot Chocolate
Fresh Lemonade 2.69
Large 2.69
Strawberry Lemonade 2.69
Regular 2.39
Milk or Lowfat Milk
Large 2.49
Regular 2.29
Mimosas & Bloody Mary’s... Ask Your Server
A 15% Gratuity Will Be Added to Groups of 10 or More.
Not Responsible for Lost or Stolen Articles.
Sales Tax Will Be Added Where Applicable.
We Reserve the Right to Refuse Service.
Menu Services 714.522.2781 - 7/13/10
Breakfast Menu
Welcome to Katella Grill! ‘The Grill’ is operated by long-time local residents
and Orange County restaurateurs for over 50 years. Three generations of the
Learakos family have now had the privilege of providing our community
with a neighborhood dining experience the restaurant chains
just can’t duplicate.
Whether you join us for breakfast, lunch, dinner or allow us to cater your
next event, we’re confident you will enjoy our wide variety of
homemade menu items using our time honored family recipes
and the finest ingredients available.
When you’re at ‘The Grill’, Homemade Food and Great Service isn’t just
a slogan, it’s a Family Tradition! We hope you enjoy your experience
at ‘The Grill’ and we welcome any comments or suggestions you
might be able to offer.
Open Daily 6:00 am.
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