Art Lights 02 Minilux HR Art Lights 02 Minilux HR

Updated on 03/31/2015
Art Lights 02
Minilux HR
Art Lights 02
Minilux HR
Wall or cabinetry mounted linear sconce down light
Polished Chrome
Brushed Chrome
Polished Golden Brass
Brushed Golden Brass
Polished Nickel (4 feet seams)
Brushed Nickel
Bronze Powder Coat "Flat"
Warm White Powder Coat
MM01A screws visible, MM01B
NO Screws visible, MM02,
MM03A Hard-wired, MM03B
Plugged in, MM04A Multiple
stems, MM04B Single stem
Not for use over mirrors - see VL11 Vanity Light 11 instead
Minilux HR = "Half Round" extrusion shape - (Consider HRL AL03 when glare might be a
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Specify any length over 22" - no 'standard sizes' in stock (ETL approval starts at 22")
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lengths over 144" or 12'-0" require a seam (Some non-standard finishes require seams at
shorter lengths)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Specify projection from wall or cabinetry based on mounting method selected and height of
art or display
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12" O.C. lamp spacing minimum (22" shortest for two lamps)
NO transformer necessary. Dimmable.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ETL approved to meet UL Standards (22" and longer) [formerly 'AL03']
JD Krypton (Blocks UV) 120 Volts
20, 40, 60 Watts
JD Halogen 130 Volts
50, 75 Watts
JD Halogen 220 Volts
50, 75 Watts
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