Jose Maria Aznar (f. President Spain)
The Eminent Persons Group of the Atlantic
Basin Initiative has called for the creation of the
Business Initiative aiming to advance an Atlantic
Agenda for economic growth and human
development among the four continents of
the Atlantic Basin. This outstanding network
includes more than 100 political leaders,
intellectuals and businessmen, including 20
former heads of state.
Olusegun Obasanjo (f. President Nigeria)
Álvaro Uribe (f. President Colombia)
The Atlantic Basin Initiative was launched by
the prestigious John Hopkins University School
of Advanced International Studies, and it is
spearheaded by the former President of Spain
José María Aznar and the Director of the Center
for Transatlantic Relations, Dan Hamilton. The
initiative seeks to build a new foundation of
cooperation for the Atlantic hemisphere to
generate sustainable and inclusive growth,
provide greater access to energy, and promote
human development and security.
More commerce flows within the Atlantic Basin
than any other; and never have so many workers
and consumers entered the Atlantic Economy as
quickly and suddenly as in the past fifteen years.
Parts of Africa are already amongst the fastest
growing regions in the world. North-South
American commercial ties are burgeoning, and
Europe’s commercial ties to both Latin America
and Africa are substantial.
Despite of the powers and recent economic
turbulence, North America and Europe remain
the fulcrum of the world economy. And while
rapidly developing countries in Latin America and
Africa are best known for their inexpensive goods
and commodities they supply to the rest of the
world, their consumers are also connecting with
the global market place, and in coming years
they will become major engines of the global
Ana Palacio (f. Vicepresident World Bank)
The Atlantic Hemisphere accounts for more
than half of global GDP. Growing commercial
connections across the four Atlantic continents
offer considerable potential; but they are
challenged by a range of developments
such as stalled multilateral an bi-regional
trade negotiations, domestic protectionist
challenges, trade-distorting measures, obstacles
to development, and failures to build constituencies
for inclusive growth.
With this in mind, the Atlantic Business Forum
emerges as a gathering of private and public
sector leaders to advance an Atlantic Business
Agenda that can unleash the power of business
to encourage trade, promote sustainable
development and generate connectivity among
businesses through the Atlantic Hemisphere.
The Forum pursues to develop a road map to
advance greater commercial opportunities
throughout the Atlantic Basin. Recommendations
will be conveyed to business and government
leaders throughout the Atlantic Hemisphere.
Promote prosperity through freer trade and investment
D. Hamilton (Director ABI), V. Nasr (Dean SAIS)
• Adopt the long-term goal of free and open investment among the
four Atlantic continents by creating an Atlantic Business Advisory
Forum to recommend concrete steps.
• Ensure that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
(TTIP) is part of an open architecture of international trade and open
to accession or association by third countries.
• Harmonize trade preferences arrangements for low-income African
Promote a Financial Agenda
Brenthurst-Oppenheimer, South Africa
• Increase the availability of capital
• Stimulate financial connectivity
• Reduce risks and strengthen confidence
Accelerating Atlantic Connectivity
• Promoting good regulatory practices and strengthening cultures of
• Accelerating infrastructure development
• Expediting cross-border education, tourist flows, skilled labor and
business travel mobility. An Atlantic Business Travel Card
ABI Initiative, Dominican Republic
Reduce Poverty and Inequality
• Make reduce poverty and inequality a central economic goal.
• Enhance social mobility by expanding and improving education
and adopting less regressive public spending and sustainable social
policies targeted at the poor.
• Remove obstacles that impede access to opportunities.
ABI Initiative, Veracruz, Mexico
Pedro Pasos Coelho (Prime Minister Portugal)
The ATLANTIC BUSINESS FORUM will be held on June
Thursday 4 and Friday 5, 2015 in Estoril, located on the
beautiful coastline west of Lisbon, Portugal.
Participation is open to Eminent Persons, public sector leaders,
government ministers, and regulators of the Atlantic countries
as well as to Chairmen and CEOs of business corporations
based or operating in the Atlantic.
Belém Tower
The ATLANTIC BUSINESS FORUM, through Johns Hopkins
University’s CTR, is a nonprofit tax exempt 501 (C) organization
of the United States Internal Revenue Code. It seeks sponsorship
to fund the academic and research work, and the travelling
and accommodation expenses of the Eminent Persons
attending the meeting.
Donors will be acknowledged in all ATLANTIC BUSINESS
FORUM’s activities and materials, delivering on company
business objectives. The sponsorship program for corporations
can adapt to their marketing strategy and brand recognition
through different types of funding partnership.
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