Layout graphics to fit on a
SuperCal Sheet using any
graphic software
Place SuperCal Decal Paper
in your Color Ink Jet Printer.
Paper Type: Photo Quality
Print Quality: Best - High Resolution
If SuperCal Decal Paper is curved
after removing from box, you may
want to roll sheet in the opposite
direction of the curve. This will
tend to flatten the sheet.
Print your image.
Let ink dry for a few minutes.
Next, in a well ventilated area,
spray a light even coat with
a Spray Urethane. Do not flood
the sheet. Spray until there is
an even shine on the sheet.
Allow to dry completely for
at least one hour - best to
let dry over night overnight.
Once the sheet is dry to the
touch, (Drying time 1-2 hrs)
cut closely around the image.
Trim excess paper away from
the printed image.
Place decal into bowl of
“room temperature”
water for 30 to 60 seconds.
When the thin decal film
begins to slide on the backer
paper, remove the decal
together with the backer
from the water.
Moisten the surface where
the decal will be placed.
Slide the decal off the backer
as you position the decal onto
clean surface. Blot lightly with
a clean towel. Let set for
at least 3 to 4 hours.
Once dry, you may spray a
protective coating of Last Step
Decal Coating over the decal
to seal it.
Manufactured in the USA by
Micro Format, Inc.~Wheeling, IL 60090
SuperCal is a trademark
owned by Micro Format, Inc.