���Solar Bytes Pavilion��� ��� The light saver from Ohio

„Solar Bytes Pavilion“ – The light saver
from Ohio
Source via: markerfairekent.com
„Solar Bytes Pavilion” is an experimental project made by Design Lab Workshop, based in Kent, Ohio,
as a part of the Ingenuity Fest in Cleveland, Ohio.
Brian Peters, Assistant Professor of Architecture and co-founder of Design Lab Workshop states that
the Pavilion's assignment is to highlight the potential for new 3D printed architecture.
The pavilion consists of 94 unique modules, each of which has integrated solar charging light, which
stores solar energy during the day and then uses it to glow at night. The modules are made out of 3D
printed translucent plastic and are joined together by interlocking features in a unique, selfsupporting structure.
The pavilion memorizes the sun's intensity in different places of activity throughout the day and
repeats it at night at the same intervals as they have occurred. Since every day is unique and specific
due to weather changes, seasons and other factors so is the Pavilion's illumination which varies each