Summary of international trade activities from Deco Relief

Summary of international trade activities from Deco Relief
Deco Relief is a producer and distributor of pastry material all over the world. During this training, I had the
chance to discover overall export views as culture, documents, fair trades, marketing and canvassing. In this
summary, I will explain the knowledge I acquired while working on export orders, fair trade organization, the
launch of a new product “Deco Spoon” and the research of new distributor for Indonesia and Brazil.
On the one hand, my daily work was to handle export orders from bakeries and wholesalers abroad. Over 9
months, I had the opportunity to put into practice my knowledge of international payment terms, specific
documents such as original and health certificate along with Incoterms. Furthermore, I have acquired different
attitudes: to make every effort to ensure that the customer is satisfied as effectively as possible, to anticipate
specific demands for orders from Arab countries and to solve logistic problems with more confidence.
On the other hand, I have participated in particular development projects at the same time as my daily work.
All these activities allow me to gain a better international understanding. First of all, I have learnt to succeed
in business opportunity. It is important to make every effort to convince distributors also by reassuring them
be able to help and to provide documents required for their markets. Secondly, Deco Relief has launched a
new product “Deco Spoon”, an unique spoon with a tip in shape of a pen, which is perfect to “write” on a plate
and create or sign a decoration. In this project, instructions for use and recipes list created by myself were
only focused on the use of the spoon. Thus, I overlooked the brand image of Deco Spoon which was not enough
noticeable on documents in terms of an eye catching design. Besides, my job was also to prepare the
organization of “Food Hotel Asia” fair trade will take place on 2014 in Singapore. I have acquired organization
skills in involving simultaneous actions as to book the space exhibition, to build the stand and to draw up
products list. The choice of the products has been based on Singapore culture in emphasizing on Buddhist
philosophy with symbol of animal. Afterwards, I produced a report on overall costs of export to have an
overview of the situation. In my last task, I noticed that culture and commercial relations impact definitely on
export opportunities. For example, the fair organizer from Las Vegas did not offer us any chance to negotiate
our exhibit space in the pastry and bakery fair show. In addition to this experience, I had the occasion to
translate documents as specifications of products into English which helped me to practice the language further
phone conversation with clients. For final point, my function is also to regularly check the list of authorized
colorants in USA and Canada and to advise customers abroad on composition of the product like water or oil
To conclude, all these projects and human exchanges have been a rewarding experience that will help me in
my future professional life. Additionally, this job gave me a chance to discover how important are professional
relations in order to integrate the right behavior matching with expectations of the export assistant job.