EX310315 Sale

For Sale by Auction
to be held at
St Edmund’s Court, Okehampton Street, Exeter
01392 413100
Tuesday 31st March 2015
Works of Art, Collectables, Books, Pictures
Sale Commences at 10.00am
Buyers are reminded to check the ‘Saleroom Notice’ for information
On View:
Saturday 28 March
9am – 12 noon
Monday 30th March
9am – 7.00pm
and morning of sale
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Order of Sale:
Works of Art, Collectables,
Silver, Jewellery,Books, etc.
Furniture, Rugs
Catalogue £1.50
1 - 145
Lots 151 - 464
Lots 465 - 575
Lots 576 - 715
Tuesday 31st March 2015
Sale commences at 10am.
Two ale glasses with drawn wrythen
moulded trumpet shaped bowls on
short stems and conical foot, 15 and
12.5 cm high.
Two wine glasses with rounded funnel
bowls on plain straight 'gun barrel'
stems on a conical foot, 20 cm high.
Six various champagne flutes each
with drawn trumpet shaped bowl with
slice cut decoration on short knopped
stem and conical foot, 17 - 19 cm
Three glass chemist' bottles, aqua
enamel, aqua menth - pip and aqua
A moulded glass four bottle cruet
contained within a silver plated stand.
A set of six facon de Venise glass
plates with spiral decoration and gold
inclusions, 19 cm diameter.
Three millifiori paperweights and a
cloisonne bowl and cover (d).
Three matching ale glasses the drawn
rounded funnel shaped bowls with
moulded basal flutes on short
knopped stems,18 cm high.
Four various ale glasses each with
trumpet shaped bowl engraved with
hops and barley on varying straight,
tapering and knopped stems on
conical foot, 14 and 15 cm high.
10 .
A collection of twelve 1970's Mdina
glass stylized figures of horses.
11 .
A collection of ten graduated glass
funnels, 14 - 28cm long.
12 .
A set of four Glencairn glass tumblers
produced by Burberry's with two
matching goblets.
13 .
A mixed group of coloured art glass
primarily vases, but including
candlesticks, Wedgwood, Isle of
Wight, Loetz type etc.
14 .
A set of eleven coloured glass hock
glasses, together with a pair of clear
glass candlesticks and other
15 .
A large collection of decorative
moulded coloured glass, bottles and
stoppers in various designs.
16 .
A collection of Caithness, Selkirk and
other glass paperweights, together
with vases, etc .
17 .
An enamelled blue glass table casket,
probably Moser of rectangular form
with white metal mounts, lock and
feet, the sides profusely enamelled in
colours with flowers and foliage with
gilt embellishment, late 19th century,
21 cm wide, [top panel a
18 .
A group of engraved and other
19 .
A late Victorian painted opaque glass
20 .
Three various ale glasses the drawn
rounded funnel shaped bowls
primarily with moulded basal flutes on
short knopped stems, 16-18 cm high.
21 .
A pair of ale glasses with drawn round
funnel bowls engraved with hops and
barley on short stems on terraced
foot, 15 cm high. (3)
22 .
A set of six wine glasses the trumpet
shaped bowls with basal flutes with
annulated neck ring set on a square
stem and conical foot, 13.5 cm high.
23 .
Six various dwarf ale glasses the
drawn rounded funnel shaped bowls
with basal moulding on short stems,
on terraced or conical feet, 13 and
13.5 cm high.
No Lot.
25 .
A pair of Dutch Delft tiles each painted
in blue with a figure seated in a
landscape, 13 cm square.
26 .
A novelty German porcelain figure
modelled as a Mickey Mouse like
cartoon figure seated wearing a blue
bow tie and shoes and red trimmed
shorts, impressed Germany 1417, 8
cm high.
27 .
A pair maiolica albarello, probably
Savona each of slender waisted form
painted in blue with landscapes, late
18th century, 26 cm high, [cracked].
28 .
A Poole pottery Aegean charger
sgraffito decorated with in yellow,
brown and orange with a tree lined
landscape, black backstamp and
painted monogram for Carole Holden,
41 cm diameter.
33 .
A stoneware flagon after a Cologne
Bartmann Krug original the ovoid
body of buff colour the neck
embossed with a bearded mask and
below the handle an armorial device
'Elizabeth Gracia Regina, Anno 1564,
the body with scrolling oak leaf,
acorns concealing miniature figures,
42 cm high, [slight damage].
34 .
A Royal Doulton blue and white
transfer printed vase of slender
tapering form, decorated with figures
in a winter landscape. (damaged)
35 .
A Staffordshire pottery watch stand,
together with one other and various
other Staffordshire figure groups,
including spill vases, etc.
36 .
A Minton Secessionist vase of small
size, a pair of Royal Doulton vases
and a Longpark cache pot.(4).
37 .
A pair of Meissen ornithological plates
and a similar Berlin plate the former
with pierced rims with enamelled
ribbon decoration, the centre painted
with birds and insects, painted blue
crossed swords, 24 cm diameter,
together with a similar Berlin plate. (3)
38 .
A late 19th century porcelain vase and
cover, decorated with floral encrusted
designs on a green ground (damaged)
39 .
A Royal Doulton character jug
'Granny', together with a small Royal
Doulton character jug ' Aramis'
29 .
A Beswick pottery bald eagle No
30 .
A Japanese Satsuma vase decorated
with terrapins in a rocky landscape.
40 .
A pair of Chinese crackleware vases
decorated with warriors on horseback.
31 .
Two small Satsuma vases (damaged)
and a Japanese clobbered pilgrim
flask vase (3).
41 .
A Chinese porcelain dish with dragons
chasing a pearl.
42 .
32 .
A Yorkshire salt glazed stoneware
spirit barrel embossed with royal
cypher surmounted by a banner,
roses and fruiting vine flanked by
mounted knights and recumbent lions,
37 cm high, fitted with brass tap.
Four early 20th century Dresden
porcelain floral decorated side plates.
43 .
A flower encrusted pierced jar and
cover and miniature teapot with floral
encrusted decoration.
44 .
A set of three 19th century Qianlong
side plates decorated with bamboo
and peony designs, together with five
other plates and a early 19th century
blue and white warming dish.
45 .
A Doulton series ware jardiniere and
two Staffordshire cache pots.
46 .
A Japanese Imari teapot, an Imari
vase, a pair of Satsuma vases and
miscellaneous oriental ceramics.
47 .
A Meissen porcelain saucer dish
enamelled in colours with a soldier
playing drums mounted on a
caparisoned horse, blue crossed
swords, 18th century, within
Florentine gilt wood frame.
48 .
A late 19th century Staffordshire
porcelain teapot and cover in the
Japanese style, together with two
nursery plates, with titles 'Chinese
Villa' and 'Chinese Musicians',
together with three lustre ware jugs.
49 .
A Sarreguemines majolica face jug
modelled with a female visage
wearing a pink hat and turquoise
necklace, impressed marks, 18 cm
50 .
A pair of Imari pattern vases and a
pair of small Satsuma vases.
51 .
A group of New Hall porcelain
comprising boy in the window pattern
teawares, 1045 pattern and others.
52 .
A Moorcroft shallow bowl, decorated
with oriental poppy design impressed
mark to the base (damaged).
54 .
Mixed ceramics and glass comprising
a First Period Worcester bowl
[cracked], a Chamberlain's Worcester
reticulated cup and saucer [repaired],
a Staffordshire mug, a garniture of
Spode match pots [damages],
miniature cups and saucers, pot pourri
and decanter.
55 .
A Japanese vase and cover, together
with a pair of Imari jars and covers
and three other items of glass and
56 .
A collection of eight framed Pratt ware
pot lids to include; Dr Johnson,
Garibaldi, the late Duke of Wellington,
Uncle Toby, the Enthusiast, a pair, the
Ning Po river, and Victor Emmanuel
and Garibaldi.
57 .
A Paragon china porcelain
commemorative trio, together with a
Derby porcelain cup and saucer.
58 .
Four Coalport dessert dishes and four
Limoges dessert dishes, decorated
with floral designs.
59 .
A Royal Crown Derby octagonal fruit
bowl, decorated with panels of floral
designs, model number 1128.
60 .
Five purple lustre jugs, a similar mug
and a pearl ware cream jug,
comprising two Sunderland examples
with compass and' Rest in Heaven ...'
decoration, one moulded with fruiting
vine and others, [some faults].
61 .
Two seated Sylvac monkeys.
No Lot.
63 .
A pair of silver mounted vases, one
other silver mounted vase, tea pot and
miscellaneous ceramics.
64 .
An Imari dish (damaged), an Imari
plate, a Kutani oval open tureen and a
tinglazed earthenware charger with
sponged decoration. (4). (damaged)
No Lot.
65 .
A Meissen oval porcelain mounted
mirror, mounted with cherubs together
with two other porcelain mounted
dressing table mirrors (damaged)
66 .
Ten Royal Crown Derby
paperweights, of birds and fish
comprising of an owl, rabbit, two
wrens, penguin, duck, pheasant, carp,
snail and dolphin.
67 .
A Herend porcelain vase with birds on
branches decoration on a basket
weave ground.
68 .
A Czech porcelain plate transfer
decorated with the 'Three Graces'
contained within a blue and gilt
69 .
A 19th century provincial pottery jug
decorated with raised designs
(some damage).
75 .
Two small Moorcroft vases, one of
baluster form the other of oviform
each tube lined with simple floral and
foliate design on an ivory ground,
impressed Moorcroft Made in England
and dated '05' and '04' respectively,
the former signed in gold by Sian
Leeper, 11 and 9.5 cm high.
76 .
A Moorcroft pottery vase in the Yacht
pattern of squat form with slender
ribbed neck tubelined in shades of
blue with various sailing vessels
trailing pennants dated 1897 and
1997, impressed and painted marks
with datecode for 1996, signed J.
Moorcroft, 25 cm high, boxed.
77 .
A 19th century stoneware flask
decorated with a portrait of Napoleon
and Dante, chip to the base.
78 .
A Moorcroft pottery shallow dish tube
lined in the Columbine pattern green,
blue, yellow and red reserved on a
blue ground, impressed Moorcroft
Made in England with paper Royal
Warrant label, circa 1955-65, 11 cm
70 .
A Royal Doulton figure of A Scribe,
HA 1237 [sic] (restored).
71 .
Two Delft tin glazed blue and white
vases. (some damage)
79 .
A Coalport part tea service and a
group of Royal Crown Derby teaware.
A collection of Poole pottery, Royal
Doulton baby plates, etc.
80 .
A set of six Moorcroft pottery egg
cups each tubelined with botanical
specimens, flowers and fruit, reserved
on a blue ground, impressed
Moorcroft Made in England, Trial
12-3-03, 4.5 cm high, in presentation
81 .
A Herend porcelain basket, a Herend
porcelain bowl and cover and a
Herend porcelain vase peacock
82 .
A German porcelain cartouche
girandole mirror.
72 .
73 .
74 .
A late 19th century Royal Worcester
blush ivory vase decorated with floral
and gilt designs, together with one
other of slender tapering design
(damaged) and one other vase
decorated with pheasants on a branch
signed F J Bray, (in need of
A Belleek shell shape bowl with brown
marks to the base.
83 .
Three blue and white meat dishes and
a pottery cheese dish and cover of
triangular form.
84 .
A pair of Japanese vases and two tea
85 .
A Minton Haddon Hall pattern part tea
86 .
A collection of stoneware hot water
bottles, together with five stoneware
87 .
An extensive Ashworth dinner service
to include a large oval treen and
stand, meat plates, side plates, etc.
88 .
A pair of Arita blue and white vases of
slender footed form with raised flaring
neck and elephant mask handles, the
body profusely decorated with
songbirds, flowers and foliage, 55 cm
high, [glue repairs to one].
89 .
A Staffordshire pottery floral chamber
set transfer decorated and
overpainted with floral design.
90 .
A Japanese eggshell porcelain tea
service together with a Japanese part
coffee service.
91 .
A large brown-glazed late Victorian
teapot with enamel floral decoration
and gilt highlights, inscribed Mother, a
green glass jug with gilt and white
enamel decoration , a Murano glass
clown, a Beswick ware ashtray, three
Wade ashtrays (one damaged) and a
small group of other items.
92 .
93 .
A cut glass claret jug with plated
mount, together with a brown glass
claret jug, a plated six bottle cruet and
a Harrods plated cruet.
A Pointons forty piece tea service
decorated with daffodils on a white
94 .
A ten piece green pottery fish set,
together with a cheese dish and cover
and a bisque shoe posy decorated
with cherubs.
95 .
A Staffordshire porcelain sixty-three
piece dinner service, comprising of; a
large tureen and cover, two similar
tureens and covers, various side
plates a pair of sauce tureens, etc.
(a lot).
96 .
A large mixed collection of ceramics,
glass and metalware to include a pink
glass flower vase with frosted design
an Edwardian decanter, various
drinking glass, table lamps and
ornaments. (a lot).
97 .
A Chinese porcelain oviform jar and
cover under powder blue glazes, blue
concentric rings to base, 14 cm high.
98 .
A Japanese blue and white dish with
pagoda and figures in a mountainous
99 .
A pair of Royal Doulton Natural
Foliage Ware vases of footed oviform,
impressed mark and incised mark for
Alice Lacey, 31 cm high, glue repair to
100 . A Masons Ironstone water jug,
together with one other of similar
design a Davenport water jug and two
other jugs, damaged. (5).
101 . Three Royal Doulton figures Farmer
HN.3195, Farmer's Wife HN.3164 and
Country Maid HN.3163.
102 . Two Royal Doulton figures Lambing
Time HN.1890 and The Shepherd
103 . A Palissy ware wall pocket in the form
of a snake coiled around a trunk and
104 . Three Royal Doulton figures Owd
Willum HN.2042, The Wayfarer
HN.2362 and Country Lass HN.1991.
105 . A group of five Royal Doulton small
toby and character jugs Lobster Man
D.6620, Old Salt D.6554, John
Doulton D.6656, Leprechaun D.6948
and The Jester D.6910, the latter two
numbered 1095/2500 and 1505/2500.
106 . A limited edition Moorcroft pottery
rectangular plaque tube lined in the
Burren pattern after a design by Vicky
Lovatt, depicting an Irish flower filled
landscape, impressed marks,
datecode for 2009, with signature,
numbered 31/300, 31 x 21 cm, framed
and boxed.
107 . Four Doulton Lambeth stoneware
jugs, together with a Doulton flowerpot
and three other items.
117 . A Beswick model of a barn owl model
1046 together with a Royal Worcester
Kingfisher and various models of owls
and other animals.
118 . A Royal Albert Old Country Roses
part tea set, together with a Royal
Stewart part tea set, various hock
glasses and other glassware, etc.
119 . A Hummel music box, together with
six Beatrix Potter Beswick figures, two
Royal Crown Derby teddy bear figures
a set of seven Coalport British Birds
side plates, cast metal chess set, etc.
120 . A large mixed collection of Lilliput
Lane model cottages some with
108 . A Chinese porcelain shaving bowl,
Kang Shi period. (damaged).
121 . A large mixed collection of Royal
Commemorative mugs and beakers,
together with two Victorian
commemorative side plates, etc.
109 . A collection of Prattware vases,
together with a pink satin glass vase a
green tinted water jug, ceramic figure
and a blue and white ladle.
122 . A pair of large Satsuma vases.
(one damaged).
110 . A twelve setting porcelain tea and
coffee service decorated with a band
of floral and gilt designs.
111 . A Dumler Breiden German stoneware
vase with moulded floral decoration
under chocolate and fawn glazes.
112 . A large collection of assorted water
jugs, basins, vases, etc.
113 . A large collection of limited edition
plates various factories.
114 . An extensive collection of perfume
bottles in ceramic and glass.
115 . A cottage ware teapot and cover,
together with five pieces of opaque
glass various other glassware,
ceramics, etc.
116 . A large collection of Lilliput Lane
cottages and model houses some with
123 . A mixed group of ceramics including
Minton, Haddon Hall, Jasperware, etc.
124 . A Wedgwood green Jasperware
biscuit jar and cover with plated
mounts together with one other a pair
of early 20th century candlesticks, two
dressing table trays and three other
items of Jasperware.
125 . A collection of modern blue and green
Jasperware, table lighters, side plates,
dressing table boxes, etc. (a lot).
126 . A collection of six late Victorian
pottery chamber jugs, together with a
pottery jardiniere and a Wedgwood
style fruit bowl with silver plated
mounts and two other items.
127 . A late 19th century three piece
garniture of vases transfer decorated
with designs of roses.
128 . A continental gold anchor figure in the
bow manner.
129 . Two pottery jardiniere stands.
130 . A late 19th century turquoise glazed
jardiniere and stand.
131 . A large mixed collection of ceramics
and glasswares including a pottery
table lamp base, part tea sets,
collectors plates, etc (a lot)
132 . A Royal Doulton character jug 'Sairey
Gamp' together with a Royal Doulton
figure group 'Stop Press' model
number HN2693 and a large Torquay
ware vase decorated with bearded
142 . A group of South Devon, Torquay and
Bovey pottery including
commemorative beakers, kingfisher
vase etc.
143 . A pair of 19th century Staffordshire
pottery spaniels, together with various
mixed ceramics and glass (a lot).
144 . A Victorian sprigged pewter lidded
jug, together with two plated coffee
pots, Royal Crown Devon pot and
cover etc.
145 . Five Royal Ducal 'Indian Tree' dishes.
146-150. No Lots.
133 . A Beswick Red Rum figure of a
racehorse together with two other
figures 'Spirit of Fire' and 'Spirit of
Freedom', all raised on teak bases.
134 . A Royal Doulton figure of a horse
(seconds), two shire horses and three
Beswick models of horses.
135 . A Wedgwood 'Devon Sprays' pattern
part tea set, with transfer printed floral
136 . A collection of decorative ceramics,
etc. including commemorative ware,
vases, 6 brandy goblets, china and
other eggs, lustre jug etc.
137 . A large mixed collection of various
ceramics and glass including a
reproduction Chinese jardiniere and
stand, carnival glass, etc (a lot)
138 . A German stoneware mug, a Murano
glass paperweight, a small group of
Torquay pottery, etc.
139 . A quantity of blue and white pottery
including meat dishes etc.
140 . A large collection of collector's plates
including Wedgwood, Coalport,
Doulton, Limoges, etc.
141 . A group of twelve small and miniature
toby jugs including Royal Doulton
together with two miniature cabinet
cups and saucers.
A modern graduated set of three
stylised models of cows:, together
with various models of owls and owl
152 .
ESTATE MAPS - A plan of the
Hemingbrough Estate in the East and
West Ridings of the County of York,
surveyed by Martin & Fenwick, Leeds,
October 1876; Plan of the Drax Abbey
and Camblesforth Grange Estates,
surveyed by Matin & Fenwick,
October 1876. (2)
153 . A collection of various sets of silver
plated cutlery, including teaspoons,
154 . A set of six Sheffield silver teaspoons
and sugar tongs, together with a set of
six butter knives, cased.
155 . A collection of marine and
hydrographic charts for UK waters,
Northern Europe and the Rest of the
156 . A quantity of Hornby Dublo
locomotives, rolling stock, buildings
and track.
157 . A wall mirror in arched walnut frame
125 x 33cm.
172 . Four various excavated 15th century
knife blades.
158 . A replica percussion revolver.
173 . A group of five graduated cannon
balls on later stand.
159 . A large quantity of books, mixed
subjects. (2 boxes)
160 . A Mace Sergeants uniform, three
leather jackets and two other coats.
161 . A mixed quantity of silver plated
wares, together with various
metalwares and collectables.
162 . A gentleman's 18ct gold and illusionset diamond single stone ring.
163 . A gilt gesso picture frame.
164 . A small collection of WWI and later
postcards including a card of a U-boat
washed ashore at Hastings.
165 . An enamel and silver gilt pendant
powder case.
166 . A Windsor stamp album lightly filled,
together with loose stamps.
John; SNOWDON - Private View,
Illustrated with photographs, cloth,
168 . Britain in Pictures a part set of 32
vols., published by William Collins, cl.,
169 . A group of modern reference works
mainly relating to antiques and fine
art; together with a small group of
other volumes.
170 . KELLY, Christopher - The Complete
History of the Three Great
Revolutions of France, engrd. plts.,
full cf. re-bkd., stout 4to., (c. 1850).
lacking several plates.
171 . A set of silver coffee spoons and
174 . A pair of bronze rams head wall
appliques each 20cm. high.
175 . An oriental bronzed metal vase of
trumpet-shaped outline, decorated
with dragons, on swept quatrefoil
base, 46cm. high, some damage.
176 . A Chinese bronze vase of reeded
ovoid form, the flared neck with
applied bat motifs, on a spreading
circular foot, 31.5cm. high, some
177 . A Chinese brass tripod censer and
cover the domed and pierced cover
surmounted by a temple dog, the
censer with loop handles in the form
of dragons, on three swept feet, with
character marks to the base, 26cm.
178 . A pair of Chinese bronzed metal
vases with flared rims, with handles to
the sides in the form of phoenix birds,
decorated with birds amongst prunus
blossom, on tripod feet, 36.5cm. high.
179 . A quantity of National Costume dolls
various sizes and makers.
180 . A steel breastplate, with medial ridge
and flared skirt with brass studs, 39cm
181 . A French gilt metal mantel clock,
having a porcelain circular dial with
Roman numerals raised on a shaped
and pierced base.
182 . A cast iron money box in the form of a
man with raising arm and rotating
183 . A Japanese lacquered table top
184 . A set of postal scales and weights.
185 . A pair of Georgian-style brass square
base candlesticks.
186 . A copper and brass Ontario Regiment
bugle with crest, together with a
copper and brass bugle by Nadir Ali &
Co, Meerut, 1942. (2)
187 . A collection of cricket ties, including
club,county and touring ties.
188 . A Chinese Mah Jong set in a fitted
case, together with tablet stands.
189 . A copper and brass Royal Artillery
bugle, of typical form with applied
crest to bell and coloured bullion loop,
26.5cm high.
190 . A continental bronze square jardiniere
raised on a pierced plinth base.
191 . A hardwood and mother of pearl inlaid
panel, together with one other.
192 .
A German Luftwaffe side cap, other
200 . An Astral Coventry circular clock with
Roman numerals and seconds dial
contained in an octagonal walnut and
boxwood strung case.
201 . Harmsworth's Atlas and Gazetteer,
Fo. H.F Mor.
202 . A collection of cameras and lenses
including a Zeiss Contessa, two x
Kiev no names, Zenith, Robut and
203 . J W Benson a black and variegated
marble mantel clock raised on a plinth
204 . A Dollond, London brass and iron
microscope with various lenses
contained in a fitted case.
205 .
J M'Gregor - Robertson The
Household Physician, volume one,
new edition published 1907.
206 . A collection of various comics
including MGM 1975 edition,
Marvellous Wizard of Oz.
193 . A mid 20th century Winkworth fire
engine bell desk stand, the bell signed
as per title mounted on a wooden
plinth with enamel Surrey fire brigade
badge, 30cm wide.
207 . Five early 20th century papier mache
easter eggs.
194 . Hornby Dublo, an extensive collection
of assorted rolling stock includes open
coal wagons, petrol tankers, brake
vans, crane, flat bed wagons, all
playworn and unboxed.
209 . A pair of Indian brass candlesticks
with butterfly reflectors.
195 . A pair of plush framed mirrors of
shield shaped form.
196 . A carved wood and polychrome
Chinaman seated on a throne.
197 . Churchill - Second World War. (6)
208 . An anniversary clock contained under
a glass dome.
210 . A Japanese carved hardwood
standing figure, converted to a table
211 . A Chinese carved rootwood figure
converted to a lamp.
212 . A Chinese rootwood carving of a man.
213 . An Edwardian oak cased mantel
198 . A pair of cast piercework plaques,
together with a carved wooden
needlework box.
214 . Three pewter measures in the 18th
199 . A mah jong set with tile racks,
together with an onyx chess set, etc.
215 . A set of five Russian carved wooden
216 . Three carved African ebony busts.
217 . A Japanese lacquer and iris
decorated bowl and cover.
218 . A bronze propeller.
219 . A pair of Japanese shoes with
lacquered decoration.
220 . A pair of silver flower vases with filled
bases together with a plated salver.
221 . A Chinese bronze censer with all over
incised decoration of dragons.
(lacking handles). some damage.
222 . A canvas shot flask, together with two
carved horn stands, a cockerel a
copper panel and a metal teapot.
223 . An amboyna wood tea caddy.
224 . A faux straw work box in the early
19th century-style.
225 . A gentleman's vanity case, together
with one other vanity case and a set
of oils bottles with silver stoppers
contained in a brown leather case.
226 . A German miniature table set,
together with decorative ceramics,
227 . A Victorian black marble mantel clock
the circular enamelled dial with
movement in sight, contained in a
black marble case raised on a plinth
228 . An aluminium case of poker chips.
232 . A French ormolu mounted ostrich egg
in the form of a cockerel, some
damage, with hinged lid raised on a
turned serpentine base together with
a turned oak candlestick.
233 . A late 19th century French clock the
circular enamelled dial decorated with
floral garland contained in a
tortoiseshell veneer and ormolu
mounted case.
234 . A Walker and Hall Sheffield silver
Christening mug of plain design.
235 . A brown Bakelite and aluminium table
236 . An American silvered metal cartouche
mantel timepiece, together with a
small enamel mantel timepiece,
maker Zenith.
237 . A jade censer and cover with domed
cover surmounted by a temple lion,
with lion mask handles, raised on
three feet, on a polished wood base
total height, 23cm. high.
238 . An Edwardian inlaid mahogany
mantel clock.
239 . A dress dagger commemorating the
25th anniversary of the Liberation of
the Channel Islands.
240 . A Victorian walnut and brass bound
lap desk.
241 . A large quantity of plated items to
include twin handled tray, serving
sets, etc. (a lot).
229 . A collection of Rupert annuals, etc.
230 . Seth Thomas of Connecticut an
American rectangular wall clock
contained in a rosewood fronted case.
231 . A brass circular drum mantel
timepiece, together a pair of brass
oval candlesticks.
242 . A Victorian black silk and tassel
edged shawl, together with a small
amount of white crochet work edging.
243 . A collection of ebony items to include
an ebony and silver mounted Masons
Ceremonial Mallet, etc.
244 . Three silver photograph frames,
together with a plated example.
245 . A Victorian walnut and brass inlaid lap
262 . A carved soapstone desk seal in the
246 . A collection of EFE diecast models.
263 . A pair of bronze and black marble
urns raised on plinth bases.
264 . Thwaites and Reed Big Ben replica
under a glass dome.
247 . A 19th century turned bone chess set
natural and stained red.
248 . A polished marble mantel clock raised
on a plinth base.
249 . An early 19th Century needlework
sampler by Ann Kembel and a
Victorian needlework cushion by E
Pook 1886.
265 . Miscellaneous silver and plated
cutlery to include a silver plated
powder bowl, four silver table spoons,
etc. (a lot).
266 . A cased three section flute, together
with two recorders, etc.
250 . Three Indian brass coffee pots,
together with a pair of vases.
267 . A set of kitchen scales, weights,
smoothing iron, glass shade, etc.
251 . An Indian silver country boat
presentation model raised on a
hardwood plinth base.
268 . A pair of Liberty pewter vases model
number 030.
252 . A Victorian ebonised mantel clock
with blue enamelled circular dial and
inset panel.
269 . A silver twin handle cup raised on
plinth base.
253 . A Victorian ebonised and amboyna
wood mantel clock.
270 . A Leica III Camera with leitz Elmar
f=5cm. 13,5 lens, serial no 155990,
contained in a brown leather case.
254 . A brass drum bulk head style clock
with circular enamel dial.
271 . A Japanese Seiko Sha musical alarm
clock in a chrome case.
255 . A set of six plated fruit spoons and
server, together with miscellaneous
plated spoons, three pairs of sugar
tongs in a fitted case, two
commemorative dishes, etc.
272 . A brass lantern clock in the 17th
256 . An ebonised mantel clock with silver
plated mounts and cast metal handle.
257 . A Lucas brass cycle lamp.
258 . A French bronze bust of an elegant
lady raised on a turned marble base.
259 . A willow pattern plate clock contained
within a velvet covered frame.
260 . An Edwardian inlaid mahogany
balloon shaped timepiece.
261 . A bronze offertory bowl.
273 . A brass lantern clock, together with a
small brass lantern clock.
274 . An Art Deco bronzed finish figure of a
young lady kneeling and holding a
275 . A brass paraffin lamp with frosted
glass shade in the Victorian style.
276 . A 20th century violin and bow in a
fitted case.
277 . An Art Nouveau glass spark guard,
together with a folding fire screen, fire
dogs and a trivet.
278 . An oak carved portable Potentiometer
by Cambridge.
279 . An Ivory Coast hammered brass
circular tray decorated with animals
291 . A late 19th century cast iron and
green painted book press raised on a
mahogany shaped base.
292 . An oak and stained beech cased
mantel clock.
280 . A brass fire bucket.
293 . No Lot.
281 . A polished brass gong, together with a
copper skillet a brass basket and a
cast brass pen tray.
282 . A Celluloid doll in later dress.
283 . A Victorian black lace mourning coat.
284 . A Chinese silk smoking jacket
together with, a pair of leather
slippers,childs shoes and a panel of
gilt steelwork beading.
285 . A pair of bronzed figures of cavaliers.
286 . A German alarm gilt decorated mantel
clock contained in a walnut case.
287 . A brass oil lamp raised on a corinthian
column and stepped square base.
288 . A reproduction brass car horn.
289 . An Edwardian oak mantel clock
having a brass and silvered square
dial contained in a carved oak case
raised on bun feet.
290 . An Edwardian three train chiming
mantel clock stamped on the
backplate 'W&H Sch' for Winterhalter
& Hoffmeier of Germany, the eight
day movement chiming the quarters
on a nest of gongs and the hour on a
further gong, the arched dial with
subsidiary dials for Chime/Silent,
regulation and Chime on Eight
Gongs/Chime on Four Gongs, with
the raised silvered chapter ring
engraved with black Roman numerals,
the break-arch case with quartered
columns and cast finials, height
294 . A silver plated twin branch
candelabra, together with a pair of
silver plated candlesticks raised on
circular bases.
295 . A large mixed collection of collectable
items including costume necklaces,
pressed tin money box, handcuffs,
World War Atlas and a book
containing photographs of famous
scenes, cities and paintings.
296 . A metal mounted box, together with
two mirrors, various pictures and a
Natural History book.
297 . A rosewood tea caddy, together with
one other tea caddy of trump shape,
various other boxes, turned wooden
gavel, etc.
298 . A 19th century walnut cased music
box with two additional barrels.
(case in need of restoration).
299 . An RAF painted wooden mail box,
together with a similar tray and
experimental ammunition box and a
Second World War accumulator carry
300 . A Roberts radio.
301 . A Victorian black and variegated
marble mantel clock raised on shaped
plinth base.
302 . A copper coal scuttle, together with a
pair of brass candlesticks, two brass
jugs, a brass comport, a set of kitchen
scales, etc..
303 . A Victorian black marble mantel clock.
304 . A copper coal scuttle, together with a
copper hunting horn.
305 . A shagreen spectacles case.
306 . A silver mounted capstan inkwell with
filled base, together with a silver four
division toast rack, hardstone and
clear glass mounted inkstand in the
form of a clover leaf and various other
silver and silver plate.
307 . An early 20th century amber and
silver mounted cheroot holder
together with one other example
contained in a fitted case.
308 . An Edwardian silver mounted and cut
glass scent bottle of globular shape.
309 . A 1930's clear and cut glass Art Deco
style scent bottle and stopper.
310 . A silver christening mug of cylinder
form with engraved fern design.
311 . A silver mounted glass scent bottle.
312 . An Elizabeth II candle snuff with
turned handle.
313 . A Victorian sugar bowl with embossed
floral decoration.
314 . An early 20th century silver and cut
glass dressing table jar.
315 . A double ended scent bottle with
metal mounts.
316 . A group of mixed collectables
including a silver cigarette case,
lighters, watch, knives etc.
317 . Three dressing table jars with silver
318 . No Lot.
319 . A mixed group of fountain pens,
various makers.
320 . A Japanese ivory okimono of a geisha
carrying a fan, signed.
321 . A pipe carved in the form of an
elephants head, two others and a
group of lead soldiers.
322 . Four gold sovereigns and two half
sovereigns (6).
323 . A pseudo half sovereign dated '1909',
weighs 3.4gms.
324 . A George IV silver crown, dated 1822,
together with four Victorian crowns,
1891, also two crowns dated 1889,
two dated 1895 and three other
crowns, 1900, 1890 and 1889 (12)
No Lot.
326 . A small album of postcards containing
views of Canterbury, Great Yarmouth,
Reading, etc.
327 . A Chinese jade pheasant.
328 . A group of twelve primarily Conway
Stewart fountain pens.
329 . A pair of French gilt and enamelled
opera glasses.
330 . A late Victorian photograph album Jamaica, India and South England.
331 . A small group of miscellaneous
collectables including a Ronson table
lighter, Civil Service Motor Association
badge, various items of mother of
pearl, etc.
332 . A Ronson Art Deco cigarette lighter;
and another, contained in their original
333 . A William IV Coronation medallion
1831, one side with conjoined busts,
the other with allegorical Coronation
334 . A Chinese carved jade snuff bottle,
decorated with a bird beneath a willow
335 . An 1821 glass scent flask and a
filigree silver vesta.
336 . A Victorian Exeter silver shell end
bodkin and a gilt metal quizzing glass.
337 . A set of six Siam silver teaspoons, a
set of four Continental silver
teaspoons, a set of three Continental
silver teaspoons and one other (14).
338 . A set of five Georgian Old English
silver teaspoons and two silver salt
339 . A mixed group of silver and silver
plated items to include a salt, flatware,
sauce boat, candlesticks, etc.
340 . A collection of jewellery and costume
jewellery to include two oval cameo
brooches, various brooches, etc,
351 . A quantity of gun-cleaning equipment.
352 . An All World collection of stamps in
four albums and loose, including
China, Italy, Netherlands, etc.
353 . Raphael Tuck - The Queens Dolls
House postcard album.
354 . A collection of various postcards,
mainly military subjects.
354A. Model Railway News incomplete run
from December 1934 to January
1943, together with layout plans,
signals and signalling, LMC
catalogue, Bassett Lowke Catalogue
1934, Model Engineer Exhibition
programmes 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938
together with other magazines.
355 . A silver bowl, London, marks worn,
raised on a pedestal base.
341 . A quantity of stamps, tea cards, etc.
342 . A silver gilt cigarette case and two
silver bud vases (3).
343 . A collection of various pocket and
wristwatches, various makers
including Swatch, Sekonda, etc. (A
344 . A modern carved Meerschaum pipe
and stand.
345 . A quantity of primarily English coins
and banknotes.
346 . A Pelham puppet 'Sailor', boxed.
347 . A mother of pearl spectacle case,
together with a small shibayama
348 . A group of collectables including Oxo
tins, Wade 'Beefeater Gin' advertising
jug and ashtray, a group of Victorian
keys, jelly mould, blotter, playing
cards, Cedar of Lebanon wooden
bowl, etc.
356 . A silver vesta, a silver napkin ring, a
silver handled seal and a mother of
pearl fruit knife.
357 . A circular silver palm tobacco box,
358 . A collection of silver teaspoons,
various makers and dates.
359 . A collection of Masonic jewels and
360 . An album of postcards of Exeter and
361 . An American wall clock by the
Waterbury Clock Co, with calendar
362 . A collection of postcards in sleeves of
Bristol and environs.
363 . A walnut regulator wall clock.
349 . A collection of cigarette and tea cards,
army badges,spoons etc.
364 . A 19th century Vienna style walnut
wall clock.
350 . A collection of British and World coins.
365 . A regulator wall clock in later case.
366 . Four stained glass panels.
367 . A Victorian black marble architectural
mantel clock with presentation plaque.
368 . A rectangular dressing table mirror
and a domed casket (2).
369 . An silver plated and cut glass
chandelier, together with a canvas
370 . Of Goon Show Interest - An extensive
collection of Goon Show related
books, records and ephemera,
collected by The Goon Show
Preservation Society Chairman Nigel
Bush, comprising Goon Show
Preservation Society Newsletter in
bound folios, original LP's, books,
cassettes and related items, covering
all Goon Show cast and their
subsequent careers.
371 . A Vienna regulator wall clock.
372 . Four various suitcases and a trunk
373 . A Tiffany style table lamp and two
decoy ducks (3).
374 . A tumbling cube marquetry box.
375 . A Chinese set of ink stones, cased.
376 . A 19th century walnut wall clock of
Vienna regulator type.
377 . A brightly painted figure of Garuda.
381 . A leather-mounted and brass singledraw telescope in outer case, a Kodak
camera and a pair of binoculars etc.
382 . A pair of Sanderson's Rose and
Peony curtains with blackout linings,
80'' drop x 93'' wide, two pairs of
matching smaller curtains, two
cushion covers, double bedhead
cover and a single duvet cover (10).
383 . A mixed group of works of art
including hardwood bowls, plane,
mantel clocks, chess set, etc.
384 . Various metal wares including
polished brass watering cans, tins,
etc. (a lot)
385 . A collection of models of yesteryear
with two collectors cabinets.
386 . Diawa, a GS2050BB fixed spool reel,
a mahogany and brass 'starback'
fishing reel with on/off check button,
assorted mepps, minnows, plugs,
lures, trout, sea trout and salmon flies,
387 . A quantity of assorted linen including
a Chinese silk-embroidered panel, a
large linen tablecloth, embroidered
mats and small cloths, crochet work
and lace-edged pieces, etc.
388 . A box of fishing equipment, gaffs, etc.
389 . Tri-ang, The Blue Pullman electric
train set and a quantity of Tri-Ang N
378 . A collection of metalwares and other
collectable items to include a
Georgian candlestick, bisque head
doll, pair of binoculars, etc.
390 . A model cannon with wooden
379 . A silver pin tray with embossed
decoration, together with a silver
cigarette box with filled base, a
christening set, etc.
392 . A Paisley shawl and a damask table
391 . A chrome oil lamp.
393 . A carved wood Welsh stool.
380 . A collection of fifty seven Mad
annuals, including Don Martin , Al
Jaffee and 'Spy Vs Spy', some
394 . A brass kettle on stand, a brass and
iron trivet, a censer, a jug, a silver
plated entree dish and cover, etc.
395 . An Italian porcelain and gilt six branch
ceiling light and matching wall lights.
396 . A small mixed collection of volumes,
mainly history.
397 . Two post war Hornby clockwork
locomotives, together with five
carriages and track, also a Hornby
Dublo BR 4-6-4 locomotive and a
quantity of track.
398 . A complete set of Dickens.
399 . The Victoria History of the Counties of
England - Worcestershire, 3 vols.,
Illustrated, cloth, fo. one spine
becoming detached; together with two
other volumes. (5)
400 . LYSONS, Daniel & Samuel - Magna
Britannia Vol. 6 parts I & II, 34 plates
(as called-for), hf. mor., 4to., 1822. (2)
401 . CROCKER, James - Sketches of Old
Exeter, 60 plts., hf. vell., fo., lib. stamp
verso title-p., (1886).
402 . BAINES, Edward - History of the Wars
of the French Revolution, 2 vols.,
engrd. maps & plts., recent cl., 4to.,
403 . Dyer Dai Nippon 1904 presentation
copy ex llb and four others of Far
East. (5).
404 . BEDDOME, Col. R.H. - Handbook to
the Ferns of British India, Illustrated
with woodcuts, mor, gt., s,. 4to., 1883;
together with another volume. (2)
405 . Dugdales England and Wales
delineated (7)
406 . BRONTE SISTERS - Novels, 11
volumes (of 12) including Gaskell's
Life of Charlotte Bronte, Illustrated,
cloth, 8vo., lacking volume 2 of Jane
Eyre, Thornton edition 1905. (11)
407 . BAINES, Edward - History of the Wars
of the French Revolution, 3 vols., cf.
worn, engrd. plts and maps, 4to.,
408 . Two black and white photographs of
the Graf Zeppelin, the mount inscribed
'Hanworth' and dated July 2nd 1932,
9 x 14cm.
409 . An album of photographs including
views, possibly in Sussex, c, 1920's,
410 . FITZGIBBON, Gerald -Ireland in 1868
- cl., 8vo., 1868.
411 . SALMON, William - Ars Chirurgica. A
Compendium of the Theory and
Practice of Chirurgery, 1 volume
(containing Books 1-3 only), cf., front
cover detached, lacking plates, 1698.
412 . PRATT & BARRY (publs.) - A Sketch
of the Battle of Waterloo, extra-ill., cf.,
sm. 8vo., Brussels 1833.
413 . LYSONS, Daniel & Samuel - Magna
Britannia, L.P. copy, 2 vols., 34
engrd. plts., hf. cf., lib. stamp verso
title-p., 1822.
414 . SANDERS, Robert ('Nathaniel
Spencer') - The Complete English
Traveller, Illustrated engraved plates,
half calf, folio, incomplete - lacking
title etc,, n.d.
*Sold with all faults, Not subject to
415 . RICHARDS, Walter - Her Majesty's
Army, 2 vols., Illustrated with
chromolith. plts. after G.D.Giles, cl.,
4to., n.d.; DICKENS, Charles - David
Copperfield, Illustrated by Frank
Reynolds, cl., 4to. (3)
416 . BUTLER, Arthur G. - British Birds with
their Nests and Eggs, 6 vols.,
col.plates after F.W. Frohawk, cl.,
417 . SLEZER, John - Theatrum Scotiae,
containing the Prospects of Their
Majesties Castles and Palaces,
Illustrated, qtr. cf., s.-c., folio (500),
1979 facsimile of 1693 edn.
418 . ALIGHIERI, Dante - Das Neue Leben,
Illustrated by Erwin Lang, qtr. cl., fo.
(some wear)
433 . '......Your Wildest Dreams..', a
decorative print, and one other (2).
419 . A quantity of volumes on China and
related subjects.
434 . Nine sets of cigarette and other cards
(dog related) including Wills, Players
and Ringers, also two composite sets
of cards and dog portraits, framed and
420 . A quantity of volumes on China and
related subjects.
435 . STATUTES. Statutes at Large Vol VII,
cont. cf. worn, fo., 1742. and other
similar folios (11)
REVOLUTION. A group of 17 posters
c. 1960's/70's.
436 . A Lines Brothers rocking horse with
leather saddle raised on a pine trestle
REVOLUTION. A group of 12 posters,
3 designs, 1960's/70's.
REVOLUTION. A group of 16 posters,
3 designs, 1960's/70's..
REVOLUTION. A group of 16 posters,
3 designs, 1960's/70's.
Saturday February 8th 1794.
published by 'The Friendly
Association of Publicans'. Two pages,
detached, now in perspex cover'
together with related documents.
437 . A pair of 19th century gilt bronze
candlesticks with acanthus decorated
urn shaped nozzles on foliated
decorated knopped and waisted
stems, on a stepped triangular base
on paw feet, 21cm. high. some
438 . A Chinese bronze model of Lao-Tze
riding on the back of a horse, one leg
damaged, 15cm. long
427 . A coracle picnic hamper.
439 . A polished onyx circular ashtray
surmounted with a brace of cold
painted bronze pheasants, 18cm.
diameter, and a smaller example
decorated with a snipe, 9cm.
428 . A cased mother of pearl handled fruit
set and a quantity of miscellaneous
silver plated flatware.
440 . A copper vesta case in the form of a
churn, with hinged lid and striking pad
to the base, 9cm. high.
429 . A collection of nineteen Pears prints
circa 1902-1913 (unframed).
441 . A 19th century pink and white enamel
bottle of baluster form with spiral
decoration heighten with gilt, 8.5cm.
high, some damage, together with a
tortoiseshell rectangular snuff box,
and a gilt metal statue of Buddha,
8cm. high.
426 . A small fitted leather case.
430 . Two Victory jigsaws and a Mammoth
jigsaw of Exeter cathedral.
431 . A mahogany-case wall clock with
silvered dial labelled Vulliamy, lacking
pendulum and glass.
432 . A brass bound coopered barrel.
442 . Two reverse glass prints depicting the
right honourable William Pitt, together
with a classical hunting scene.
443 . A Victorian photograph album with
porcelain mounts and musical box.
459 . A brown leather travelling trunk and a
444 . A collection of cigarette cards.
460 . A Victorian oil lamp with pink glass
font and another (2).
445 . A coromandel workbox.
461 . A mahogany rectangular box.
446 . Two modern carved hardwood native
447 . A mounted bronze plaque bearing
inscription Insignia Mitra Justitia.
462 . An American regulator wall clock.
448 . Two travelling military trunks RS Hole
463 . DRAKE, Henry H., ed. - Hasted's
History of Kent Part I The Hundred of
Blackheath, Illustrated, qtr.mor, fo.,
449 . A small collection of various maps,
flags, etc.
464 . A Merrythought plush dog, one other
dog and a collection of various dolls.
450 . A Philips PE4094 DC double output
supply board, with adjustable output,
single , double or parallel.
451 . A Japanese gilt bronze folding button
hook decorated with storks and
452 . A meerschaum cheroot holder in the
form of a blooming flower,cased.
453 . A group of hat and dress pins
including two with Japanese Satsuma
pottery finials, another with a pair of
carved masks etc.
454 . A group of souvenir photo folders
including Pittsburgh PA, Rockaway
Beach Long Island NY, Hamilton
Ontario x2, a part set of Alexandria
post cards, early London
Underground map etc.
455 . A quantity of table linen and lace.
456 . A faux ivory chess set together with
other items contained in a mahogany
457 . A black astrakan evening jacket with
mink collar by M Hurtig and Sons,
Winnipeg, Canada.
458 . A mink evening jacket by M Hurtig
and Sons, Winnipeg, Canada.
465 . William Widgery [1822-1893]
signed, watercolour,
26.5 x 73cm.
466 . After William Russell Flint
In Sunny Perigord
coloured print numbered 184/850
54 x 71cm.
467 . Dutch School
The Money Lenders oil on canvas
40 x 54.5cm.
468 . Henry John Yeend King [1855-1924]
Shire Horses watering, cottages and
an orchard beyond
signed, watercolour
28.5 x 43cm.
469 . Frederick John Widgery [1861-1942]
Sheep Tor, Dartmoor
signed, watercolour,
25 x 35cm.
470 . Alfred Leyman [1856-1933]
Foss Street Dartmouth
signed' watercolour,
54 x 37cm.
471 .
Follower of W Emery Vizkeleti
[20th Century]
A busy market scene
oil on canvas, 49 x 59cm.
472 . English School 19th Century
Still life of rabbits and a pheasant
A companion painting of Woodcock
and a pigeon
a pair,
oils on metal each 19.5 x 27cm. [2]
473 . Allan [19/20th Century]
oil on canvas, 19 x 29cm.
474 . A. Jackson [late 19th century]
Sheep and Cattle in stable interiors
a pair, both signed
oils on board each 8.5 x 28cm. [2]
475 . English School 18/19th century
Portrait of Anna Maria de la Fosse,
nee Shields, head and shoulders
oil on board
oval, 28 x 22cm.
476 . William Widgery [1822-1893]
Dartmoor Ponies
oil on board
20 x 46cm.
477 . H A Luscombe [19/20th century]
Mill on the Thames
oil on board, 19 x 24cm.
478 . Victorian School
Larder interiors with game
a pair,
oils on canvas
each 24 x 19cm. [2]
479 .
.Charles A Buchel [1872-1950]
Portrait of a lady, head and shoulders
signed and dated 1908
watercolour, 14.5 x 11.5cm.
480 .
. Bernard Eyre Walker [1886-1972]
Skiddaw, 1924
soft ground etching,
signed and inscribed in pencil,
30 x 42cm.
481 . John MacWhirter [1938-1911]
Upland lake view
signed MacW bottom right
watercolour over pencil drawing
51 x 34cm.
482 . Tom Rowden [1942-1926]
Dartmoor Ponies, Blackhaven Brook
near Okehampton
signed bottom left
watercolour, 24 x 49cm.
483 . Tom Rowden [1942-1926]
Highland Cattle, Belstone Tor near
signed bottom left
watercolour, 23.5 x 49cm.
484 . Dutch School 19th century
Harbour scenes
a pair, indistinctly
oils on canvas each 21.5 x 45cm. [2]
485 . George Cruickshank [1792-1878]
David Playing The Harp signed
watercolour and pencil drawing,
together with one other interior scene
486 . W Gauge after James Baker Pyne
Lake Windemere Regatta
a pair of coloured lithographs
each 37 x 50cm. [2]
487 . Follower of William Shayer
[19th century]
A country lane with travellers resting
signed with initials and dated AB 1855
oil on canvas
53 x 64cm.
488 .
Liam E Harry [19/20th Century]
Down stream on The Thames, barges
in the foreground
signed and dated 1895
watercolour, 36 x 48cm.
498 . The Lenkiewicz Archive Volume 1
A set of four Printers Proofs from
The Eliza Notebook,
each 33 x 22.5cm [4]
499 .
489 . English School early 20th century
Wooded landscape
watercolour, 55 x 37cm.
The Lenkiewicz Archive Volume 1
A boxed set of Printers Proofs from
The Eliza Notebook, No.7/50
490 . John MacWhirter [1839-1911]
'A Glimpse of the Grampian Hills'
watercolour, 50 x 33cm.
500 . English School 19th Century
Portrait of a young lady, head and
shoulders wearing a bonnet tied with
a bow
oil on board, 25 x 19cm.
491 . The Lenkiewicz Archive Volume 1
A boxed set of Printers Proofs from
The Eliza Notebook, No.11/50
501 . John Barker [19th century]
'Cuffy', a King Charles spaniel
signed with initials and dated JB1849
pastel drawing heightened with white
circular, 30cm diameter.
492 . The Lenkiewicz Archive Volume 1
A boxed set of Printers Proofs from
The Eliza Notebook, No.2/50
493 . Robert O. Lenkiewicz [1941-2002]
Self Portrait with Self Portrait at Ninety
coloured print signed, inscribed and
number 326/585
76 x 52cm.
502 . William Widgery [1822-1893]
Cattle watering, Dartmoor;
watercolour, 26.5 47cm.
503 . Frederick John Widgery [1861-1942]
Rame Head Cornwall
gouache, 25 x 35cm.
494 . Robert O. Lenkiewicz [1941-2002]
Self Portrait with Self Portrait at Ninety
coloured print signed, inscribed and
number 80/585 76 x 52cm, unframed.
504 . MORDEN, Robert
Devonshire, hand coloured map,
415 x 360 mm, framed, c1695.
495 . Two palettes from The Lenkiewicz
Studio, numbers 61 & 63, with
Lenkiewicz Foundation certificates. [2]
505 . C J Brown (20th century)
The Tree of Knowledge
signed and dated '75
graphite drawing.
496 . Two palettes from The Lenkiewicz
Studio, numbers 66 & 70, with
Lenkiewicz Foundation certificates. [2]
506 . English School 19th century
Fishermen by a bridge, travellers in
the foreground
watercolour, pen and ink drawing
22 x 30.5cm.
497 .
. Robert O. Lenkiewicz [1941-2002]
Portrait of Mouse
pencil drawing with embossed Studio
Stamp, 24.5 x 18.5cm.
507 . After Glyn Macey
St Ives harbour scene
No 742/850 limited edition print.
508 .
H Frier
Temple Bar, Clovelly
sepia drawing dated 1918.
509 . English School
Belstone Tor
gouache and watercolour, unframed.
510 . After Dechamps
Dutch Barges a coloured etching,
signed in pencil and two similar
etchings by E Vauthen (3).
511 . Three coloured prints of birds (3)
512 . A Victorian chromolithograph print of a
fashionable girl with a box of kittens.
513 . Arthur Ackerman & Son Ltd., after
Harold Wyllie
Battle of Quiberon Bay;
Battle of The Nile
a pair of coloured engravings,
each 26 x 40cm, together with a small
group of decorative pictures.
514 . Wellington, a hand col. lithograph,
1841, unframed, together with a group
of various unframed prints.
515 . Ducks and pigeons in a farmyard,
oil painting.
521 . Ann Crowley 20th Century Stable
Interior with horse and owner
oil on canvas dated 1904.
522 . Henry R Hall [19/20th century]
Highland river scene, cattle watering
oil on canvas, 58 x 29cm.
523 . English School 19th century
View across a calm bay; Fishermen
unload a catch
two, oils on canvas largest,
29 x 44cm. [2]
524 .
.Marcus Ford [1914-1989]
Friston Suffolk
oil on canvas, 59 x 90cm.
525 . Frederick John Widgery [1861-1942]
Belstone Moor, Dartmoor
signed and inscribed bottom left
watercolour, 39.5 x 101cm.
526 .
.Bernard Ninnes [1899-1971]
The Passing Squall
oil on canvas, 76 x 101cm.
516 . James North
Still life vase of flowers,
oil on canvas.
517 . James North
Still Life of Flowers in a vase,
oil on canvas.
527 . A pair of etchings and a group of
518 . Peter Scott
Ducks in flight over a reed bed,
coloured print.
528 .
519 . Encampment of the British Army in
the Bois de Boulogne, 1815, a hand
coloured aquatint, together with four
520 . William Henry Dyer [19/20th century]
signed, watercolour, 37 x 53cm.
. Leslie Charles Worth [1923-2009]
Blackbird in Flight; Cattle by a lake
two watercolours, both signed with
initials (2).
529 . English School early 19th century
An overshot mill
grey wash drawing.
530 .
John Shapland [1865-1929]
An Italian Lake
signed, watercolour.
531 . English School
A watercolour study of a Peacock in a
misty wooded landscape.
532 . Paul Braddon
Continental Street Scene with
half-timbered buildings,
watercolour and pastel,
signed,also another by the same
hand. (2).
533 . English School 19th century,
rock promontory by a river,
oil on canvas.
534 . Three aquatints, Whitehall, the Long
Room and Watch House.
535 . H J H
Italian lake scene, watercolour.
536 . English School
Sheep on a hillside track, watercolour.
537 . English School early 20th century
The Scholar Reading
oil on canvas.
538 . English School 19th century
An Italianate Scene, watercolour.
539 . Miller Smith [1854-1937]
Sheep at a Stile
signed, watercolour.
540 . Beckhout [20th century Dutch]
Canal Scenes, a pair,
oils on board. [2]
541 . Joshua Anderson Hague [1850-1916]
The End of the Day, figures on a road,
a cottage beyond
signed, oil on canvas.
542 . W Gray
Highland Loch Scene
signed, oil on canvas.
543 . British School
River landscapes on The Broads
a pair, both signed watercolours
each 24 x 50cm. [2]
544 . Tom Rowden [1842-1926]
Sheep in sand dunes
signed and dated '95
watercolour, 18 x 30cm.
545 . After Cecil Aldin (1870-1935)
two polychrome lithographs 'A Check'
and one other similar, humorous
sporting prints, 36cm x 59cm (2)
546 . Tatton Winter - Close Gate, Salisbury,
coloured etching, another black and
white etching, 'Middle Tower, Tower
of London', 'St Clement Danes', 'St
Dunstans Fleet Street', 'The Close
Gate, Salisbury', 'The Mill at Storry',
also two etchings by Dr D Donald Cenotaph and Westminster Abbey
West Front, etc.
547 . Edward Richardson [1812-1869]
Continental coastal bay with castle on
a hillside cliff
signed, watercolour, 31 x 48cm.
548 . Eliza F. Manning [fl.1880-90]
The Flower Sellers Cottage,a mother
and children in an interior
signed lower left,
watercolour, 43 x 36cm.
549 . A collection of assorted pictures and
prints including a reproduction Pears
550 . Nine assorted film related pictures
and prints.
551 . J S C McEwan-Brown
[19/20th Century]
On the Beach at Seaton, Devon
signed, watercolour, 24.5 x 35.5cm.
552 . J. Coleman [19/20th century]
River landscape with cattle watering
and figures in a boat
signed, watercolour, 26 x 36cm.
553 . J S C McEwan-Brown
[19/20th Century]
Drying the Nets, Sidmouth, Devon
signed, watercolour, 24.5 x 35.5cm.
564 . W Russell Flint
Female figure, coloured print signed in
554 . James Aumonier ]1832-1911]
The Walberwick Ferry crossing
watercolour, signed, 12 x 21cm.
565 . A collection of thirteen various local
coloured engravings.
555 . Charles George Lewis after Sir
Francis Grant
The Melton Breakfast
coloured engraving dedicated to
Roland Errington Esq., Master of the
Quorn Hounds, first published 1839
by Hodgson & Graves,
sheet size 80 x 84cm. together with
W.H. Simmons after Sir Francis Grant
The Shooting Party, Ranton Abbey
coloured engraving
556 .
.Raymond C Watson [1935-1994]
Mandarin Duck
signed watercolour and bodycolour on
grey paper 61 x 46cm.
557 . A set of fifteen framed prints of Cries
of London.
558 . A group of miscellaneous unframed
prints, etc
559 . After Leonardo da Vinci,
Anatomical studies two engravings
560 . A reverse glass print 'Justice and
561 . After F Goodall . R. A, woman in black
and white robes. polychrome print.
562 . After F J Widgery
Dartmoor landscape with ponies in the
foreground, watercolour.
563 . Dutch School
a coloured print contained in a gilt
566 . A small collection of decorative
pictures and prints.
567 . H C Berry
Abstract, mixed media, signed.
568 . Follower of Avercamp
[19/20th century]
Figures on a frozen river
signed with initials,
oil on board, 27 x 36cm.
569 . E Weinedel
Faust from Professor Retsch
570 . DONN, Benjamin
A Map of the County of Devon,
uncoloured large-scale map mounted
on board, 1765, 1800 x 1860mm.
* Notes the first large scale map of
any county
571 . John Miller
gouache signed in pencil to margin.
572 . A 19th century Japanese woodblock
of a samovar and another of women
573 . A late 18th century pen and ink
drawing 'Rehearsing a Cotilion'.
574 . After F.P. Hopkins
McQueens fishing incidents 'Got Him'
coloured engraving
575 . A collection of fourteen decorative
botanical prints.
576 . An early 19th century inlaid mahogany
rectangular chest of two short and
three long drawers, raised on bracket
591 . A 1920's mahogany display cabinet.
576A. An Edwardian ebonised display
cabinet lower section.
593 . A carved oak small dresser, 19th
century and later.
577 . A bow-fronted chest of two short and
four long drawers, raised on bun feet.
594 . A 19th century mahogany escritoire,
the moulded fall enclosing a walnut
fitted interior.
578 . A reproduction yew-wood serpentine
chest of four drawers.
579 . A 19th century bow-fronted chest of
three long drawers, raised on bracket
580 . An American mahogany bureau in the
18th century-style.
592 . A carved oak display cabinet, 19th
century and later.
595 . A Victorian walnut bookcase the
moulded frieze above double glazed
doors above a lower section of two
short drawers over double panel
doors on a plinth base.
581 . A walnut chest of two short and three
long drawers and a mahogany chest
of three long drawers (2).
596 . An Edwardian inlaid mahogany corner
display cabinet with broken pediment,
astragal glazed door above door inlaid
with shell motif.
582 . An Edwardian mahogany and
marquetry bureau.
597 . A pair of early 19th century mahogany
dining table D-ends.
583 . A mahogany table top cabinet.
598 . A set of six late 19th century
upholstered saloon chairs.
584 . A 19th century mahogany pedestal
585 . An Edwardian marble top washstand.
586 . A walnut chest of two short and two
long drawers together with an oak
chest of seven drawers(2).
599 . A Georgian-style twin pedestal dining
table with extra leaf.
600 . An ash and iron seed tiller, barrow
601 . A mahogany Sutherland table.
587 . An Edwardian mahogany low display
602 . An early 20th century mahogany
occasional table.
588 . A Victorian satin birch chest of two
short and three long drawers.
603 . A 1930's walnut veneer occasional
589 . An early 20th century mahogany
display cabinet having a hinged panel
door shaped in the Gothic style.
604 . A 19th century mahogany butler's tray
on x-frame stand.
590 . A chinoiserie needlework fire screen.
605 . A nest of three mahogany occasional
606 . A swing frame cheval mirror.
607 . A set of six Victorian mahogany dining
608 . A Regency style mahogany drop flap
dining table.
609 . A Victorian walnut chess top oval
tripod table.
610 . A Regency mahogany elbow chair,
(cut down).
624 . A 19th century mahogany and
boxwood strung tea table.
625 . A George II mahogany tea table
raised on slender legs terminating on
pad feet.
626 . A mahogany side table raised on
reeded square legs.
627 . A Regency-style mahogany oval
coffee table.
611 . A faux rosewood card table.
628 . A mother of pearl inlaid Chinese
hardwood occasional table.
612 . A set of six 18th century style
mahogany ladder back dining chairs
including one carver.
629 . Carved oak dresser rack raised on
trestle supports.
613 . An Edwardian inlaid mahogany
hanging corner display cabinet.
614 . A Victorian mahogany button back
615 . A George III serpentine toilet mirror.
616 . A mahogany cheval mirror.
617 . A carved oak drop flap table of
triangular form.
618 . An oak gate leg table.
619 . A carved mahogany circular
occasional table, (reduced in height).
620 . A 19th century mahogany circular
torchere on a column base.
621 . A mahogany cradle in the Victorianstyle.
622 . An Edwardian inlaid mahogany
Sutherland table.
623 . A Victorian mahogany circular
breakfast table, together with a set of
four Victorian mahogany balloon back
occasional chairs.
630 . An early 19th century thirty-hour
longcase clock with brass dial by John
Brownless Junior, contained in a
stained pine later case.
631 . A 19th century mahogany work table
on turned pedestal, platform and four
bun feet.
632 . An early 19th century mahogany
D-end dining table with centre section.
633 . A mahogany drop flap Pembroke
table raised on turned and tapering
634 . A mahogany D end dining table with
single leaf.
635 . An early 19th century mahogany and
oak bow front corner cupboard.
636 . An arched and gilded over mantel
mirror in the Victorian style.
637 . A bobbin turned chair in the 17th
century taste.
638 . A late 19th century gilt wood picture
frame mirror together with an oak
639 . An 18th century oak oval gate leg
640 . Two early 20th century oak cased
Grandmother clocks.
658 . A large metal bound polo trunk
stencilled with 'Mount 21'.
641 . A silk screen and an inlaid wine table.
659 . A military tool box.
642 . Two tables and a stool.
660 . A circular hat box in the Art Deco
643 . A 1940's kidney shaped dressing
644 . A Victorian mahogany side table.
645 . An early 20th century Georgian style
wing back armchair together with an
Edwardian tub chair.
646 . A 19th century mahogany drop leaf
work table on turned legs.
647 . A Victorian walnut framed nursing
chair with carved and pierced back.
648 . An Edwardian inlaid mahogany
square revolving bookcase.
649 . A 19th century mahogany small chest
of four drawers.
650 . A George III mahogany side table
raised on slender, square legs.
651 . A Victorian mahogany oval toilet
652 . An Edwardian inlaid mahogany open
661 . A leather square suitcase.
662 . An Edwardian inlaid mahogany
circular revolving piano stool.
663 . An oak gate leg table in the 17th
664 . A walnut work/games table.
665 . A pair of mahogany reeded column
tripod jardiniere stands.
666 . A pair of Edwardian carved walnut
nursing chairs.
667 . Three Victorian carved walnut dining
chairs with over-stuffed seats and
backs and one other(4).
668 . A Regency tilt-top table.
669 . A 19th century mahogany fender
670 . A Victorian walnut stretcher table
raised on trestle supports.
671 . A Pakistani carved teak rocking chair.
653 . A 20th century oak trestle table.
654 . An Edwardian mahogany kneehole
655 . A set of three Edwardian mahogany
side chairs.
656 . A set of four Victorian cabriole legged
chairs with button down upholstered
backs and seats.
657 . A large metal bound and zinc lined
672 . A late Victorian mahogany four bar
towel rail.
673 . An early 20th century copper tray top
tiffin table raised on a folding base,
together with one other example.
674 . An Edwardian twin seat settee with
green damask fabric cover, on
cabriole legs, a lady's chair with
matching upholstery and a buttoned
back wing armchair with matching
675 . A pair of octagonal carved teak
676 . A mid 19th century Victorian
mahogany dining table and spare leaf,
raised on turned and tapering legs,
terminating in castors.
691 . Three stick back kitchen chairs with
solid seats.
676A. An Edwardian mahogany occasional
elbow chair, together with a pair of
Victorian walnut dining chairs. (3).
693 . A Chinoiserie decorated lamp
692 . A late Victorian cast iron umbrella
stand (later painted).
694 . A child's beechwood rock/high chair.
677 . Five Victorian walnut balloon backed
dining chairs.
678 . A set of six Victorian walnut salon
chairs with upholstered oval backs on
turned, fluted and tapered legs.
679 . A set of seven Victorian mahogany
dining chairs including an elbow chair.
695 . An early 20th century wall mirror
contained within a gilt pierced
acanthus decorated frame.
696 . A walnut veneer tallboy together with
a 1930's bedside cabinet.
697 . A pair of 1930's walnut veneer
pedestal chests.
681 . A yew wood veneer standing corner
display cabinet.
698 . An eight day longcase clock with oak
and mahogany cross banded case,
the painted, arched dial with Roman
numerals and calendar aperture.
682 . A yew wood veneered display cabinet.
699 . A modern lead figure of an eagle.
683 . A stained oak kitchen dresser in the
17th century style together with a
similar court cupboard.
700 . A 1920's mahogany bureau
680 . A Mahogany butlers tray and stand.
684 . A mahogany bureau bookcase in the
Georgian style.
685 . A Victorian mahogany swing frame
686 . A carved oak corner cupboard.
687 . A mahogany dining chair with pierced
vase splat and drop in seat together
with a provincial example (2).
688 . A white cast iron circular table and
two chairs.
689 . A white cast iron hall stand in the
Victorian style.
690 . A late Victorian/Edwardian brass
standard lamp.
701 . A 19th century oak cased longcase
clock, having a square enamel dial
with painted floral designs, raised on a
plinth base.
702 . A late Victorian mahogany sideboard,
having a shaped ledge back above a
serpentine base with cupboards and
drawer below.
703 . A Victorian mahogany circular
breakfast table.
704 . A Persian rug decorated with
geometric bands on a blue ground
within a red border.
705 . A 19th century mahogany standing
corner display cabinet.
706 . A red lacquer three tier cake stand.
707 . A modern display cabinet, together
with a mahogany side table and one
other table.
708 . A mahogany bed table, together with
two canes with silver mounts and two
fire frames.
709 . A walnut Sutherland table together
with an oak open bookcase and a
hanging cupboard (3).
710 . A walnut veneered chest, workbox
and two tables.
711 . A Regency style gilt framed wall
mirror together with four other mirrors.
712 . A walnut veneered and glazed corner
cabinet, together with a serpentine
fronted chest of four long drawers.
713 . W M Lyddon - South Molton cottage
longcase clock contained in a later
pine case.
714 . A modern mahogany three train
movement longcase clock.
715 . Richardson Easingwould - An oak
longcase clock with enamel dial.