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Don’t draw up the Sugarcouleur into a syringe. Only dip the needle and stir the e-Liquid
with the fluid on the needle. Caution: Simply spoken Sugarcouleur is nothing but burned
sugar and can agglutinate the atomizer. Even though the content of sugar is low a risk of
agglutination can’t be excluded.
6. Procedure:
Mix the base as described in step 4.
o If necessary use the Nicotine-Testset to determine the content of nicotine.
o Draw up 10ml of the base into a syringe and fill it in the eye drops bottle.
o Draw up 0,5ml of the flavour into a 1ml-syringe.
o Inject 0,3ml of the flavour in eye drops bottle filled with base.
o Close the eye drops bottle and shake well.
o Put one drop of the mixed e-Liquid on the atomizer, Therfore an IMIST- Atomizer or a
standard-atomizer with DripTip are most suitable.
o In case of an IMIST-Atomizer put an empty tank on the upper part.
o Vape 3-4 times and taste the flavour.
o If you wish add 0,1ml flavour to the eye drops bottle and taste again.
o Repeat this until the appropriate flavour is reached.
o Optionally use Harshness Reducer or Sweetener to balance the sweetness.
o Thereafter multiply the amount of flavour and the other ingredients with factor 9 and
mix it with the 90ml base to reach 100ml e-Liquid.
o Now mix the already prepared 10ml and 90ml together.
o Colour the liqiud with Sugarcouleur if you wish to – handle with caution.
o Ready to use!
E-Liquid Cookbook
Have fun and save costs with self mixed e-Liquids.
More information,
liquid-bases and necessary equipment for e-smoking:
Liqiud Bases
Nicotine content
1. Introduction:
The „self to mix starterset“ is designed for experienced vapors, who use the different
bases and flavours to produce their own designed e-Liquids. This means for example a
PG/VG-Mix of different concentration levels, defining a high or low nicotine content or
aromatize the fluid with a special flavour to a certain intensity you prefer. Furthermore you
can mix as well all different kinds of flavours, e.g. cherry-banana-mix, apple-cinnamon-mix
etc. Using the “self to mix starterset” allows you to create your own best taste and
flavour of e-Liquids and it’s much cheaper than buying „ready to use Liquids”. The
starterset includes everything you need to create your individual e-Liquids.
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2. Warnings
Nicotine is a neurotoxic substance and must be handled with care. Have in mind that you
inhale the e-Liquid including all possible contaminations. As a matter of fact hygiene while
mixing is mandatory.
1mg nicotine per kg body weight can be a lethal dosage for adult humans. 5ml base
containing 18mg/ml nicotine can be a life-threatening formulation. Nicotine is absorbed by
the body via open wounds, orifices (eyes) and the mouth. As well it can be reabsorbed by
skin and lead to nicotine poisoning.
We recommend the following procedure:
Clean the work place in depth and disinfect it. Wear single-use gloves. Don’t eat or drink
while you handle the liquids. Be careful, avoid to spill and keep away the bases and eLiquids from children and pets.
3. Liquid Bases:
We offer a “self to mix starterset” of bases containing PG, VG or a PG/VG-mix. Note:
The PG/VG-mix is not a ready to use base and has to be mixed. Therefore we deliver one
bottle PG and one or two bottles VG (or the other way round).
PG = propylene glycol-> stronger raspy feeling and less aromatic than using VG.
VG= vegetable glycerin-> more soft feeling, stronger flavour enhancer, more steam.
PG/VG-mix = mixture of PG and VG -> combines the characteristics of PG and VG.
Every mix ratio of PG and VG is possible. It depends on your personal bias. The ready to
use VPG-bases normally have a 50:50 ratio of components. As some user prefer for
example a 60:40 ratio, we put only pure bases in the starterset and no ready to use VPGmixture.
4. Nicotine content
Example 2:
Producing a PG/VG-mix 40:60 containing 6mg nicotine:
Starterset M, 12mg, VG (1x 100ml VG),
1x 100ml VG-base containing 18mg,
1x 100ml VG-base containing 0mg,
2x 100ml PG-base containing 0mg.
Fill in all components in a 500ml bottle (can be ordered), shake, stir – ready.
12+18=30mg/ml nicotine in 500ml base. 30/5=6mg/ml
200ml PG + 300ml VG equates 2:3 (x20) = 40:60
Example 3:
Producing a PG/VG-mix 1:2 (33:66) containing 4mg nicotine:
Starterset L, 0mg, PG/VG-mix 1x PG and 1x VG,
1x 100ml VG-base containing 12mg.
Fill in all components in a 500ml bottle (included in the set L), shake, stir – ready.
12mg/ml nicotine in 300ml base. 12/3=4mg/ml
100ml PG and 200ml VG equates 1:2 (x33) = 33:66
Every mix is possible – you only need to calculate. In case of uncertainty we recommend
to mix a low amount first (1/10 for testing) to avoid mistakes in mixture and save the rest
of the bases for future use.
To determine the actual content of nicotine after having mixed the fluid use our NicotineTestset you can order separately.
5. Flavour
The intensity of the flavour is strongly determined by your own sensation. You will get best
results using 3 to 5 % flavour additive. However there are certain flavours which need 10
% to develop an appropriate aroma, depending on the manufacturer and the flavour itself.
For example fruit flavours require a higher additive than coffee or methol.
Mix 3-5ml flavour together with 100ml base, which is almost equivalent to 3-5% additive.
(The absolutely correct mix ratio would be 3ml flavour to 97ml base resp. 5ml to 95ml.)
As well as the mix ratio of the bases the content of nicotine can be determined individually
by the user too. Therefore you need one or two bases with higher or lower concentration
of nicotine which are not part of the starterset – you can order them separately. This
allows you a self determined mixture of personally preferred nicotine ratio.
We recommend to start low dosed and increase it step by step. Mix a low amount first
(1/10 for testing) to find the right proportion of your personal mix ratio. In case of
overdosing the base with flavour add more base to decrease the level. (You have to have
in mind that this again influences the nicotine content and the consistency of the base.)
Example 1:
Producing a PG/VG-mix 50:50 containing 9mg nicotine:
Starterset L, 18mg, VG (2x 100ml),
2x 100ml PG-base containing 0mg.
Fill in all components in a 500ml bottle (included in the set L), shake, stir – ready.
2x18=36mg/ml nicotine in 400ml base. 36/4=9mg/ml
200ml PG + 200ml VG equates 2:2 (x25) = 50:50
There are four additional components available which determine the taste and the look of
the Liquids. Use them sparingly to reach the convenient result bit by bit:
Sweetener = adds more sweetness to the Liquids
Maltol = adds a cotton candy sweetness to the Liquids
Harshness Reducer = reduces the sweetness of the Liquids
Sugarcouleur = colours the Liquids
Liquid Sweetener, Maltol and Harshness Reducer to define the mixture you like most.
Sugarcouleur is only testable in connection with a certain amount of e-Liquid. Very low
amounts make dosing impossible. It changes only the colour not the taste of Liquids.
Even a low portion significantly influences the look. 20-30 Microlitre = 20-30 1000stel
Millilitre at 100ml Liquid leads to a considerable red colour.
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