E-JUICE MENU A Smooth Vaping Experience

A Smooth Vaping Experience
Wood Creek Vapory was born from a desire
to rid ourselves of the mess of smoking while
enjoying a smooth ‘smoking like’ experience
and finding no place to really help make that
concept a reality. We want to help make easy
what we have discovered the hard way,
vaping is a nice alternative to smoking.
Visit our team; Kris, Shirley, Josh and Gary
8021 FM 78, Suite 119, Converse, TX 210.354.7598
[email protected] Feb. 2014 v4
Topped off with French Vanilla ice cream
and unsweetened whipped cream. Sweet
and savory with a medium bodied throat
$27.50 – 30ml
ABSOLUTE PIN: Intense complexity of
Irish cream, cinnamon spice, and caramel
with subtle absinthe undertones. Lively
and with a medium to full bodied throat
BOWDEN’S MATE: Crisp mint with
subtle chocolate undertones and a
French vanilla finish. Delicate yet soft
with a refreshing tingle and medium to
full bodied throat hit.
CASTLE LONG: Non-barreled aged
version is a combination of the dark,
refined spirit of Kentucky Bourbon,
accented with toasted coconut, roasted
almond, Madagascar vanilla bean and
laced with a caramelized brown sugar.
FIFTH RANK: This lively blend is
reminiscent of the lost vintage drink
known as the “Lime Rickey,” but with a
sweet champagne substitute. The
effervescent note of horehound herb is
counterbalanced by a sweet cream,
vanilla bean, a hint of roasted almond,
and a twist of lime.
GAMBIT: Sweet and mellow ripe apple
with savory pie crust and caramel.
GRANDMASTER: Smooth creamy
peanut butter with banana cream and
balanced with velvety caramel. Buttery
and smooth with a medium bodied
throat hit.
QUEENSIDE: Delicate blood orange
with creamy French vanilla. Light yet
creamy citrus with a medium bodied
throat hit.
LUCENA: Captures the characteristics
of dark spirits, spiced rum mixed with a
juicy, clingstone white peach, creating
the flavor harmony of a fruit cobbler with
a savory reduction sauce, garnished by
freshly shaved hazelnut
black currant liqueur makes this delicate
blend of citrus lemon, sweet fig, and
barley, with a cinnamon stick finish,
complete for a warm and inviting
SIXTY-FOUR: Five Pawns’ first flavor
that utilizes a clear grapefruit liqueur
with a dark refined cognac. This light
and refreshing blend is reminiscent of a
chilled mojito hybrid. They have
combined cucumber, lemon zest, and
muddled mint with just a hint of dill.
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authentic cigarette experience. The taste
is somewhat earthy, with a subtle dry
sweetness that offers hints of cocoa when
used with certain electronic cigarettes.
$23.00 – 30 ml- $15.00 – 15ml
immense vapor production and solid
throat hit. This is a great choice for those
seeking a more intense flavor e-liquid
than our traditional menthol blends or
for those with a sweet tooth as well.
MENTHOL X: A unique blend of
eucalyptus, peppermint and menthol
layered over an ultra-smooth tobacco
with a touch of sweetness.
TRIBECA: Is an ultra-smooth tobacco eliquid with fantastic flavor all its own.
undertones with a semi-sweet top note
with slight hints of vanilla and caramel.
Tribeca delivers a solid throat hit and
excellent vapor production.
TURKISH TOBACCO: Turkish Tobacco
has a relatively mild tobacco flavor, so it
is a great choice for “light tobacco”
smokers still seeking substantial throat
hit and good vapor production.
PRIME15: A premium tobacco blend
offering the complex nuances of an
TORQUE 56: Is a premium unfiltered
tobacco flavor and serious throat hit.
Torque56 is for those that want real tobacco
flavor without a lot of complex nuances to
cloud the taste.
MENTHOL ICE: A clean menthol taste in
every drag. Menthol ICE offers even the
consistently pure menthol flavor.
COOL MIST: A crisp clean flavor in every
drag of this unique menthol flavored eliquid.
MYSTIC: Mystic E-liquid offers a refreshing
menthol e-liquid blend with a delightfully
light sweetness and mixed mint undertones.
SUBZERO: An intensely fresh experience,
packed with triple the menthol effect of our
standard menthol flavors. Designed for
those seeking a more concentrated menthol
effect, this premium blend offers a subtly
sweet mixed mint aftertaste.
MALIBU: A frozen Pina Colada twisted
inside of a light menthol wrapper. The throat
hit is relatively light with no harshness, and
the aftertaste is pleasantly sweet.
FREEDOM JUICE: A subtle tobacco taste
overlaid with a sweet tasting top note. A
great e-liquid to enjoy all day with a nice
Throat Hit and great vapor production.
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$23.00 – 30ml
$22.00 – 30ml - $12.00 – 15ml
FENRIR: A fabulously rich and creamy
custard flavor that has a subtle touch of
ASTRO: The fruit vape you’ve been looking
for. Apples and Strawberries join forces in
this tantalizing flavor.
FREYA: Freshly baked cookies, with a
layer of whipped custard, and topped
with succulent melon slices.
ANDROMEDA: The original Space Jam
flavor is a fusion of Pomegranate and
HEIMDALL: A banana blend enriched
with an abundance of creamy notes and
pie crust crumbled on top.
LOKI: The trickster juice. A mix of
cheese cake and flavors ranging from
berries to creams.
ODIN: Creamy, sweet and delicious
blend of coconut and cinnamon.
TYR: Sweet vanilla combined with the
taste of sweet strawberries. This is a
perfect dessert concoction.
ECLIPSE: Sweet Cavendish tobacco with a
sensational Vanilla Bean mix.
GALACTICA: Fresh strawberries washed
over your taste buds with crisp champagne
notes on the exhale.
OMEGA: A sophisticated blend of spiced
peaches and sweet cream that will take you
out of this world, a worthy ADV candidate.
PLUTO: The newest creation from the Mix
Masters, wait until you try this refreshing
Melon and Bubblegum.
STARSHIP 1: This is a truly decadent
Vanilla Custard topped with ripe, tropical
Check with us often for new flavors and come in and check out our growing line of mods,
mechanical mods, batteries, atomizers, accessories, and more.
tobacco, sweet cream, butterscotch candies, with
a dash of respect.
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH: This is a tribute to the
city we all love so much, Austin, TX. This creamy
citrusy coffee e-liquid will have you loving us
right back!
LAUFEY: This flavor offers a menthol tobacco
with a splash of berry that sets it over the top with
VAHALLA: This is both sweet and aromatic
upon inhale. Then creamy coconut on the exhale.
$12.00 – 15ml
EDEN: A sweet juicy apple lychee blend.
VALKYRIE: A banana cream/ banana foster on
the inhale and the exhale finishes with an ever so
light hint of cinnamon.
REACTOR: A mouthwatering watermelon
and lime candy flavor.
ZIRCON: A delicious blueberry banana
nut bread
$16.00 – 30ml
APPLE BREEZE: cool tart green apple
with a hint of menthol burst!
BLUEBERRY: tastes like sweet ripe
blueberries popping in your mouth
similar to your favorite blue candy!
CHERRY ON TOP: Sweet ripe red
cherry flavor mixed with fluffy and
sweet cream notes.
$20.00 – 30ml
GRANDPA’S BEARD: This juice combines
everything we love about Papa including pipe
DAYDREAMER: The perfect glass of
tart lemonade blended beautifully with
the essence of fresh picked strawberries.
Check with us often for new flavors and come in and check out our growing line of mods,
mechanical mods, batteries, atomizers, accessories, and more.
GRAPE ESCAPE: The perfect grape
flavor! Sure to satisfy grape candy
lovers while preserving true fruit flavor!
MAUI: A load of ripe pineapple and
sweet mango.
sweet red candy with undertones of
cherry. It is delightful on the tongue
without being overly sweet.
PEACH: Ripe and fresh and perfectly
plump, Georgia has nothing on us!
POM BEACH: Pomegranate laced with
a sweet ripe strawberry will certainly
satisfy your taste-buds and exceed your
standards for a perfect all day fruit vape.
SINTHOL: It is a strong pairing of spicy
cinnamon and refreshing menthol.
Pure and realistic
while remaining light and sweet.
ripe bananas and strawberries mixed
with cream to create the best blended
smoothie you will ever vape!
SOUTHERN FREEZE: Just like a light
frost on peaches dangling on the tree and
strawberries on the vine.
$13.50 – 15ml
Kind Juice’s E-Nectars are 100% VG
and are completely PG free.
ALPINE FROST: Step into the blizzard with
refreshing, stimulating, and exhilarating
organic menthol.
GRANNY ‘TART’ SMITH: Pucker up and
enjoy the original flavor of green apples.
JUNGLE JUICE: Full of punch and intrigue,
this tropical medley will leave you guessing
in enjoyment.
KEY WEST SUNSET: Reminiscent of candy
peach rings, taste the sweetness of the ripest
peaches down south.
layers of dark velvety chocolate with
aromatic mint to balance.
ONCE IN A BLUE MOON: A wonderful
blend of the season’s first wild blueberry
RING OF FIRE: Ignites the senses and
combines layers of heat, sweetness and the
robust taste of Ceylon cinnamon.
Embark on a
journey to the far-east to experience a spicy
exotic clove.
ROUTE 66: Take a drive down Americana
with this bold classic tobacco flavor.
Check with us often for new flavors and come in and check out our growing line of mods,
mechanical mods, batteries, atomizers, accessories, and more.
DRAGON’S CROWN: Dragon's Tear®
meets Coconut in a creamy burst of flavor! If
you love Tiger's Blood® soft drink and snow
cone flavoring*, you will love Dragon's
Orange Dream.
$14.00 - 30ml - $9.00 - 15ml
7 LEAF TOBACCO: A blend of 7 different
tobacco leaves. (A very popular blend for
true tobacco lovers.)
BAHAMA MAMA: A fruity cocktail with
the smooth flavor of Mango, Pineapple, Piña
Colada, Orange and Rum!
explosive taste of hot cinnamon finishing
with a nice creamy undertone.
CITRUS EXPLOSION: A mouthwatering
explosion of Citrus Flavors of orange, lemon
and lime.
Described as
"Beyond Creamy"™ with a rich dragon fruit
DRAGON’S BREW: Espresso with Cream
version of our very popular Dragon
Signature Series.
DRAGON’S CAFÉ: Espresso with Cream
and Vanilla version of our very popular
Dragon Signature Series.
The ultimate in
Nectarine and
Honeysuckle blended with our Creamy
version of our very popular Dragon
Signature Series.
DRAGON’S PASSION: Passion Fruit and
other delicious fruits Blended into a Creamy
version of our very popular Dragon
Signature Series.
DRAGON’S TEAR: Strawberry version of
Dragon's Blood. Described as "Beyond
Creamy"™ with a rich dragon fruit taste.
FRUIT SMOOTHIE: A refreshing fruit
smoothie made with banana, strawberry,
orange, and peach.
GUMMY BEAR: Yes, you know you love
those sweet, little chewy bears.
has the rich flavor of rum based liqueur with
hints of coffee, vanilla bean and Irish Cream.
MANGO 2.0: Sit back and relax the tropical
goodness of a mango.
RASPBERRY: Sweet and delicious wild
raspberries as if freshly picked, ready to
Check with us often for new flavors and come in and check out our growing line of mods,
mechanical mods, batteries, atomizers, accessories, and more.
RY4 TOBACCO: A sweet tobacco with
undertones of caramel and vanilla. This
traditional blend will please the senses.
favorite candy.
Just like you
THE DEW: Just like your favorite drink.
soaked in fine aged vanilla bourbon;
what cigar bars were made for…truly
Aspire Nautilus
and Toasted Marshmallows. Among the
most popular oils to mix with others.
Your imagination can guide you.
Juicy watermelon
without the seeds. A picnic favorite!
WINTERGREEN: This is like inhaling a
fresh snow flake. Refreshing, smooth,
and enjoyable as an all-day vape.
We offer many types of vaping products
from variable voltage batteries to
(RDAs) and more. Visit often to see our
selection of well-priced, useful products
for the beginners and experienced vapers
KSS by Kryptonite
454 Big Block by Kryptonite
Check with us often for new flavors and come in and check out our growing line of mods,
mechanical mods, batteries, atomizers, accessories, and more.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is an Electronic Cigarette?
You will hear many names; electronic
cigarette, e-cig, e-cigarette, vaporizer, and
more. Basically it’s a device that uses a small
battery and heater, called an atomizer, to
vaporize an oil solution for inhalation. In
general there are three main components; a
battery, an atomizer, and a cartridge or
cartomizer holding the solution. When the
user activates the unit the battery supplies
heat to the atomizer which ‘vaporizes’ a
small amount of the solution. This vapor
may contain nicotine while some users vape
with 0 Nicotine oils.
How Do I Smoke with a Vaporizer?
Don’t take a drag! Many, including us,
thought you ‘smoked’ with a vaporizer like
we do with a cigarette. After all, the first one
most of us try look kind of like a cigarette.
However, taking a straight drag from a
vaporizer takes the liquid vapor straight to
the lungs and can cause coughing and even
a sore throat. If you have done this and
thought there is no way you can vape let me
change your impression with a single word
~ PUFF Think of how you smoke a cigar or
pipe. Draw slowly, over a 3 to 4 second
draw, into your mouth and let the liquid rest
for a moment then decide if you want to
inhale further or blow vapor rings or
whatever. You will get a good ‘throat hit’
(like we get when smoking a good cigarette),
the nicotine will disperse properly, and you
will enjoy the experience much more.
Though the vapor is not hot, it is a liquid
rather than a smoke so sending it directly to
the lungs is a challenge for most. Also, when
we smoke nicotine (along with all the other
bad things in cigarettes) start to reach our
system within 6 or 7 seconds; it takes roughly
30 seconds using vapor so expect the delay if
you are vaping to calm a desire for nicotine,
but it will arrive.
How Many Types of Vaporizers are
There are many styles and options yet we
can narrow it down to a few main
types. One-time use Automatics look like a
cigarette, are designed to deliver roughly the
number of puffs a smoker would receive in
one or two packs of cigarettes, and cannot be
refilled or recharged. They are considered
automatic since there is no button to push,
simply draw or puff on them (like a cigar or
pipe, not a drag like a cigarette). Multi-use
Automatics generally are also made to
mimic the look or style of a cigarette, are
designed to deliver about the same number
of puffs as a one-time use version, yet you
can change out the cartridge and recharge
the battery. This reduces the overall
investment and many offer the user a variety
of cartridge flavor options. Multi-use
Manuals require the user to press a button to
activate the atomizer. There are a widevariety of shapes including those appearing
as a pipe or cigar and many with fancy
battery colors and options. The best way to
begin with a manual is a simple eGo style
battery with simple button and twist
What is the Liquid e-Juice or Oil?
e-Juice, as the oil is often referred, is a very
simple mixture of three or four ingredients.
Most oils use propylene glycol (PG),
vegetable glycerin (VG), pharmaceutical
Check with us often for new flavors and come in and check out our growing line of mods,
mechanical mods, batteries, atomizers, accessories, and more.
grade nicotine (unless it is a 0 Nicotine oil),
and flavoring. All of these ingredients,
except the nicotine, are commonly found in
many products we consume daily and are
considered safe by the FDA. There are some
who produce oils with only PG and others
only VG for those with a slight allergic
reaction to PG. The most common VG is
kosher. Most pre-filled cartridges used in
automatic e-cigs also have distilled water.
There are oils that also ‘cut’ with water.
Others, commonly made oversees, do not
use FDA approved, pharmacy grade
nicotine. The oils we carry will not have
water and only the best quality ingredients
including nicotine.
Does All Oil Contain Nicotine or is there
Zero Nic?
For those looking to completely rid
themselves of nicotine use 0 Nicotine oils are
available in all the wonderful flavors
available with nicotine. Our quality oils are
available in a wide-variety of nicotine levels
and choosing the level of nicotine is an
individual choice each of us has. From very
strong to none at all, nicotine does not have
to be a part of the formula. We have even
created a special 0 Nic Club for our vapory
members who buy zero nicotine oils.
What Are the Strength Levels Telling Me?
The strength of e-juice generally depends on
what you currently smoke or where you are
in your cessation efforts if you are
attempting to end nicotine use altogether. Ejuice comes in high strength (18-24 mg.),
medium strengths (11-16 mg.) or low
strengths (0-6mg.). It is suggested that you
start in the middle range if you are not sure
and move up or down according to
preference. If you normally smoke a regular
strength cigarette, you may like anywhere
from 16-24 mg. If you smoke lights, 11-16 is
usually sufficient, and if you smoke ultralights, 6-11 mg. is usually good. At any time
you feel nauseated, light-headed, dizzy, or
develop a headache you need to decrease
your nicotine strength. You may need to
discontinue use if problems persist or you
may try switching to a VG based e-juice. On
rare occasion people are allergic to the PG
base and not reacting to the nicotine strength
levels. *Please note, what we are sharing
with you here is not to be substituted for
your doctor’s advice. If you experience any
of the mentioned conditions or irritation,
you should consult your doctor. You should
always consult your doctor before using any
nicotine products.
Isn't Nicotine Dangerous?
We are not claiming nicotine is not without
danger. Keep in mind electronic cigarettes
are not intended for those who don’t already
smoke traditional cigarettes unless zero
nicotine eJuice is used. That being said, your
cigarette already contains nicotine. While
nicotine is an addictive substance, it is noncarcinogenic. It does not cause cancer. (Some
studies have indicated that nicotine actually
has some health benefits, such as reducing
the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
disease.) It is the many other chemicals in
Check with us often for new flavors and come in and check out our growing line of mods,
mechanical mods, batteries, atomizers, accessories, and more.
cigarettes that cause cancer. Besides the
nicotine, e-liquid contains ingredients that
are considered generally safe for human
consumption by the FDA. However, if you
are sensitive to nicotine, or have conditions
that are aggravated by the use of nicotine, for
example, strokes, heart attacks, pregnancy,
etc., you should not use any nicotine
product. You should consult your doctor
before using products that contain nicotine.
Also, consider a zero nicotine oil.
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