CV - University of South Florida

Department of Economics
University of South Florida
4202 East Fowler Ave.
CMC 342
Tampa, FL 33620
Assistant Professor of Economics, University of South Florida, 2011Short Term Consultant, World Bank -- Demographic Dividend in Africa. 2013.
Ph.D. Economics, Brown University, 2011
M.A. Economics, Brown University, 2006
B.A. Economics, Brigham Young University, 2004
Primary: Economic Growth, Macroeconomics
Secondary: Development, Economic Demography, Health, Labor
"How Relevant is Malthus for Economic Development Today?"
(with David N. Weil); 2009. American Economic Review. 99(2): 255–60.
Mar. 2015
"The Effect of Fertility Reduction on Economic Growth"
(with Quamrul H. Ashraf and David N. Weil); Population and Development Review,
2013. 39(1): 97-130.
"Economic Effects of the Demographic Dividend"
(with David Canning, David Locke Newhouse, Parfait Eloundou-Enyegue, Yoonyoung
Cho, Bienvenue Tien, David Robalino, Claudia Wolff, and Mahesh Karra) in PeoplePowered Growth: The Demographic Dividend and the Future African Lions ,
eds. David Canning, Sangeeta Raja, and Abdo S. Yazbeck. Forthcoming 2015. World
How Substitutable are Fixed Factors in Production? Evidence from Pre-industrial England
(Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Economic Growth)
Malaria and Anemia among Children in sub-Saharan Africa: The Effect of Mosquito
Bednet Distribution (with Benedicte Apouey, Gabriel Picone, Joseph Coleman, and Robyn
Kibler) (Revise and Resubmit at Revue économique )
Heat Waves at Conception and Later Life Outcomes (with Benedicte Apouey)
Multiproduct Firms, Product Scope and Productivity: Evidence from India’s Product
Reservation Policy (with Ishani Tewari) (Submitted)
Infant Mortality, Fertility, and Malaria: The Effect of Mosquito Net Distribution in
sub-Saharan Africa (with Gabe Picone and Stacey Gelsheimer)
A Macrosimulation Model of the Effect of Fertility on Economic Growth: Evidence from
Nigeria (with David Canning and Mahesh Karra)
The Effect of Ambient Temperature during Pregnancy on Human Sex Ratios at Birth
(with Zoe McLaren)
Temperature and Human Sexual Activity (with Benedicte Apouey)
The Adverse Effect of Little Brothers on Older Sisters (with Nicole Schoenecker)
9th Annual PopPov Research Network Conference (Addis Ababa, Jun 2015, Scheduled)
Population Association of America Annual Meeting (San Diego, April 2015, Scheduled)
Oxford CSAE Annual Conference (Oxford, Mar 2015, Scheduled)
Population Association of America Annual Meeting (Boston, May 2014)
Oxford CSAE Annual Conference (Oxford, Mar 2014)
Williams College (Williamstown, MA, Feb 2014)
8th Annual PopPov Research Network Conference (Nairobi, Jan 2014)
American Economic Association Annual Meeting (Philadelphia, Jan 2014)
Southern Economic Association Annual Meeting (Tampa, Nov 2013)
Brown University Macro Lunch (Providence, Nov 2013)
NEUDC 2013 Conference (Cambridge, Nov 2013)
University of South Florida (Tampa, Sept 2013)
XXVII IUSSP International Population Conference (Busan, Korea. Aug. 2013)
10th Midwest International Economic Development Conference (Madison, WI, April 2013)
Pacific Conference for Development Economics (PACDEV) (San Fransisco, March 2013)
7th Annual PopPov Research Network Conference (Oslo, Jan 2013)
World Bank (Washington, D.C., June 2012)
Eastern Economic Association (Boston, Mar 2012)
University of South Florida (Tampa, Feb 2012)
6th Annual PopPov Research Network Conference (Accra, Jan 2012 )
American Economic Association Annual Meeting (discussant) (Chicago, Jan 2012)
NEUDC 2011 Conference, (New Haven, Nov 2011)
Univesity of South Florida (Tampa, Feb 2011)
IFPRI (Washington DC, Feb 2011)
Bureau of Economic Analysis (Washington DC, Feb 2011)
Brigham Young University (Provo, Jan 2011)
NEUDC 2010 Conference (Boston, Nov 2010)
Brown University Macroeconomics Workshop (Providence, Nov 2010)
IUSSP Seminar on Demographics and Macroeconomic Performance (Paris, Jun 2010)
4th Annual PopPov Research Network Conference (2 presentations) (Cape Town, Jan 2010 )
Brown University Macro Lunch (Providence, Feb 2009)
Brown University Macro Lunch (Providence, Apr 2008)
USF CAS Internal Award -- $1500 (Spring 2014) (Declined)
USF International Travel Grant -- $2100 (Spring 2014)
USF International Travel Grant -- $1678 (Spring 2013)
Hewlett/IIE Dissertation Fellowship in Population, Reproductive Health, and
Economic Development (2009-2011)
Merit Dissertation Fellowship, Brown Economics Department (Declined) (Fall 2009)
Umezawa-Stoltz Prize for outstanding 3rd year paper, Brown Economics Department (2008)
Susan R. Kamins Fellowship, Brown Economics Department (2006-2007)
Brown Graduate School Fellowship (2005-2006)
Brigham Young University Scholarship (1998-1999, 2001-2004)
University of South Florida:
ECO3203 -- Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECO7207 -- Macroeconomics II
Brown University:
Math Camp (for Incoming Economics Grad Students), Instructor (Sum. 2006, 2007)
Macroeconomics II (Graduate Level), Teaching Assist. to Prof. Peter Howitt (Spr. 2007)
Macroeconomics I (Graduate Level), Teaching Assist. to Prof. David Weil (Fall 2006)
Brigham Young University:
Intermediate Macroeconomics , Teaching Assist. to Prof. Phillip Garner (Sum. 2004)
Economic Growth , Teaching Assist. to Prof. Phillip Garner (Spr. 2004)
Development Economics , Teaching Assist. to Prof. Frank McIntyre (Fall 2003, Spr. 2004)
Public Policy , Teaching Assist. to Prof. Frank McIntyre (Fall 2003)
Introductory Economics , Head Teaching Assist. to Prof. J.R. Kearl (Fall 2002, Spr. 2003)
Honors Introductory Economics , Teaching Assist. to Prof. Larry Wimmer (Spr. 2002)
Demographic Research (2), Demography, Economics and Human Biology (2), International
Economic Review, Journal of Development Economics, Journal of Economic Growth (3),
Journal of Population Economics (2), Macroeconomic Dynamics (2), Population Research
and Policy Review, Population Studies, Southern Economic Journal (2)
Ph.D Dissertation Committees
Natalia Gray -- Member -- Southeast Missouri State University
Liza Pena -- Member -- In Progress
Nicole Schoenecker -- Co-Chair -- In Progress
Sianne Vijay -- Member -- In Progress
Stacey Gelsheimer -- Member -- In Progress
Undergraduate Honors Thesis Committees
Emilia Gyork -- Chair
Candis Davis -- Member
Jane Lowe -- Member
American Economic Association
IUSSP (International Union for the Scientific Study of Population)
Population Association of America
Southern Economic Association
English (native), Romanian (good), German (fair)
Citizenship: U.S.
Survey Statistician, U.S. Census Bureau (2004-2005)