POST-PRIMARY INSPECTION - St Josephs College Enniskillen

St Joseph’s College,
Education and Training
Report of a Sustaining
Improvement Inspection
in January 2015
Sustaining Improvement Inspection of St Joseph’s College, Enniskillen 223-0100
In the original inspection held in October 2011, St Joseph’s College was evaluated overall as
very good. In January 2015, the Education and Training Inspectorate carried out a
Sustaining Improvement Inspection which requires the school to demonstrate through
effective self-evaluation that it is sustaining improvement, improving provision and raising
standards. The inspection was based on two key areas in the school development plan
(SDP): the implementation of a whole-school, uniform approach to assessment and the
development of an assertive mentoring programme at key stage (KS) 4.
Key findings
The processes of self-evaluation leading to improvement are very effective.
The school’s ‘assessment working group’ provides a sound foundation for research and for
the development and implementation of a whole school approach to assessment. The work
builds on existing assessment processes in KS4 to develop more uniform assessment
standards and benchmarks in order to monitor and track the KS3 outcomes more effectively.
The work of sustaining improvement is evident in the teaching and learning in lessons
observed during the visit: the teachers are using a wide range of assessment for learning
methods to inform lesson planning, to improve pupil engagement and to assist with target
There is a well-conceived ‘assertive mentoring’ programme provided by the teachers and
learning support staff for all pupils at KS4; the pupils benefit well from regular one-to-one
The mentors make effective use of internal assessments, subject teachers’ feedback and
judgements on the pupils’ work and progress, pupil feedback and discussions, and a wide
range of pastoral information in order to set baselines, evaluate progress and address any
under-achievement through appropriate intervention strategies.
The pupils being mentored report that they: are more motivated; have a greater
understanding of their learning; have raised their own expectations of what they may
achieve; have a clearer focus on what they have to do to achieve; and are attaining higher
standards in targeted subjects.
The mentoring sessions observed during the visit were very effective in enabling the pupils
to understand the aspects of their work which need to improve and to take appropriate
actions to raise standards. The sessions used mentoring record sheets to collate
performance data to help monitor and track the actions taken and improvements made. The
pupils are encouraged to assess their own efforts and performance and to engage in peer
assessment to enhance their motivation, confidence and self-esteem.
Staff training in mentoring processes and skills remains an aspect for development.
St Joseph’s College continues to demonstrate its capacity for sustained self-improvement.
This report is supplied in confidence.