2015 Coaches & Managers Information booklet

Hills Pumas FC : PO Box 458, Round Corner, 2158
Hills Pumas FC
We wish to thank you for your involvement and assistance in preparing and managing the Hills Pumas Teams
in the 2015 season.
This booklet is planned to be a guide and reference to the responsibilities and tasks required to be performed
by Hills Pumas FC Team Managers and Coaches.
The following information is a guide for all Coaches and Managers, intended to make your job easier, and the
club run efficiently.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact one of the Committee.
2015 Committee Members
Junior teams
Coordinator (U6-U17)
All Age Teams
Premier League
Uniforms Manager
Grounds Manager
Grounds Manager –
Les Shore
Media / Marketing
Web Editor
GHFA Representative
Craig Gates
0416 241 068
[email protected]
[email protected]
0420 282 187
[email protected]
[email protected]
Erik Maasepp
0431 489 665
[email protected]
Greg Smith
0414 478 611
[email protected]
Sarah Sumskas
Nick Wilson
Peter Allcock
0430 883 385
0408 218 479
0417 486 383
[email protected]
Chris Stacey
0407 542 750
[email protected]
Erik Maasepp
Mike Luker
0437 067 386
[email protected]
0431 489 665
0422 994 569
[email protected]
[email protected]
Hills Pumas FC
Club registration Days
Sat 2nd Feb 10:00am – 2:00pm
Managers & Coaches Meeting
Tues 17th March – Dural Sports & Leisure Centre 8.00pm
Training Starts
Trial Games
1st Week of March – Team times to be advised
U6-U9 26th March
3-4pm Pacific Hills Cristian School
4-5pm – Les Shore, Glenorie
20/21th March – times TBA
Competition starts
11th April U10 and up, 18th April U6-U9
Photo Day
2nd May
Club Presentation day
30th August
12th September
Hills Pumas FC
Training and Playing Equipment
Shirts, Balls and other equipment will be provided to each team in early March. These remain the responsibility
of the Coach / Manager and will be reclaimed by the Club at the end of the season.
All shirts not returned will incur a $50.00 fee. Shirts will not be available for Summer use
Fixtures Information and GHFA Information
2015 fixtures will be on the GHFA website very soon. You will also be provided with the GHFA by-Laws. It is
recommended that you read the by-laws to understand your rights and responsibilities.
Arm Bands.
Coaches / Managers arm bands will be included in your shirt bags. If you don’t have an armband, please
contact Craig Gates 0422 994 569.
Arm bands MUST be worn at all matches. Only officials identified in this way are allowed to act as Coach /
Manager. Failure to wear an armband can lead to a fine for the club.
If you don’t have one, please stay behind the roped playing area, and at no time go onto the field, i.e. Coach /
Manage from a distance.
Remember, there is a fine for not wearing your arm band – Mini, Junior and Senior teams.
A forfeit is when the team can only field less than:
U6 & U7 – 4 Players
U8 to U11 – 5 Players
U12 and above – 7 players
To avoid this situation, please check player availability and, if required, ask for assistance from teams in lower
grades or age groups - only down two ages. (e.g. Under 9 can play into Under 11, but not Under 12).
NB: A special notation of all upgraded players must be noted on the match team sheet (U 10 upwards). FFA
Number must be recorded, otherwise a fine applies. NOTE: Players can only play up a maximum of 5 times
for the same team. Playing up on the 6th time will result in player having to play up permanently.
If you intend to forfeit a match for any reason, please contact Craig Gates or Erik Maasepp as early as
possible to avoid the club incurring a fine. We will then inform the GHFA. Any forfeits without 14 days notice
incur a fine, if after Friday morning this typically includes the Referees fees.
There is a fine of $15 - $75 for every game forfeited, and not duly notified. Non attendance to a game incurs a
$50 fine plus refs fees (can be up to $225 for an AA team)
Hills Pumas FC
Injured Players.
At no time can ANY person, including Spectators, Parents, Coaches or Managers enter the field of play,
unless instructed by the Referee. When instructed, ONLY the Manager and Coach (identified with the
armband) are allowed to go onto the field. ANY injury must be reported to the Craig Gates or Erik Maasepp.
Coaches / Managers are responsible for the general conduct of spectators and players both on and off the
field. You should ensure each player is properly dressed. Introduce yourself to the opposition Coach /
Manager and to the Referee, if appointed. Players should be at the ground 30 minutes before kick off. I.D.
cards are compulsory at all competition games. There should be submitted when the pre-match team sheets
are being completed.
No bad language. No alcohol is to be consumed at any ground. Please note that the school has asked us to
ensure ALL teams are aware of its No Alcohol policy – please respect this.
Please refer to codes of conduct available and acknowledged by ALL players during registration. Coaches and
Managers need to assist the club with enforcing this requirement. Remember, all players have signed the code
of conduct.
See Website under downloads for a copy of policy
Player ID Cards.
I.D. cards are compulsory at all games. These should be submitted to the other manager when the prematch team sheets are being completed. Team sheets only applicable for U11 upwards, but cards are
required for all age groups.
You should also check the opposition photo ID cards to ensure all opposition players are registered and
eligible to play. If you do not you have no right to query after the game.
No player can take the field without an ID card. You WILL forfeit the match if you play unregistered players –
no exceptions are granted by GHFA
If the whole team does not have ID cards, a forfeit of that team will result. This applies to HPFC teams as well
as your opposition.
Teams should check cards to Team Sheet and cards to players. The onus is on you to check this. There is
no right of appeal if you subsequently discover that an ineligible player has taken part in the match.
It is advisable to have a photocopy of all ID cards in case cards are misplaced. Give this copy to coach or
parent who regularly attends games.
Cards will be distributed to all teams prior to the start of the season.
Hills Pumas FC
Unassigned Games from Referees.
Referees are assigned for most games from U10 and above.
Each week, a listing of unassigned games is released by the referees association. This can be viewed on their
website http://www.ghfra.com.au/hgrefrep.cl?PT=suc&DP=29-03-11&seq=13 There is also a link on the GHFA
website, front page “Referee Uncovered Games”
It is prudent to be aware of any unassigned games and pre-arrange a parent or suitable referee. Double
check you have a whistle if no referee will be at your game.
Please note that any ‘unofficial’ referee has the same powers as an official ref.
Please also remember that if you are nominated as the home team, the team sheet must be collected
and posted to the GHFA – refer to Match team sheets
Dressing and Undressing Pacific Hills Oval and Les Shore Oval.
The team allocated to the 8.15am games (or earliest game in the day at that ground) at Pacific Hills and Les
Shore is responsible for dressing the ground.
This includes nets, spectator rope, corner flags and signage.
It is advised that at least 4 parents be available from 7.30am to do this task.
The grounds must be dressed by 8am each Saturday.
There is a fine for not completing ground set-up on time.
It is the responsibility of the last team playing at the ground (3.15pm kick off or what ever the latest game is) to
un-dress and store all the equipment.
Once the draw is complete a list of team’s responsibilities will be sent to Coaches / Managers, as well as a
reminder each week
Hills Pumas FC
Ground Listings.
Refer to www.ghfa.com.au and follow menu “GHFA” ; “Playing Grounds”
Wet Weather.
Please note: In wet weather, all games are ON until you are told otherwise. We will inform any cancellations
direct to the Manager of each team.
If it has been raining during the week coaches, managers, players and parents can check if the Council
Municipality has closed the grounds for Saturday or Sunday. Ring the Wet Weather Line relevant to ground
from 2pm on Friday. Also advisable to check Saturday morning.
Hills Shire
Hornsby (applies to Dural Park training)
Ryde Council
9843 0354
9847 6666
9952 8244
Hills Shire
Hornsby (applies to Dural Park training)
Ryde Council
Note: The School may close the oval independently – this can viewed on the HPFC website
Check the GHFA website Friday night and early Saturday morning to check if GHFA has re-scheduled
games/grounds or cancelled. GHFA may cancel even if all three councils have not closed all their grounds.
Individual managers should advise players and/or parents if games are off by SMS or email as agreed.
Miscellaneous Coach & Manager Tips
Carry White electrical tape in case you need to change player numbers
Always have an ice pack in case of injury
Do not confuse Morrison Bay and Meadowbank grounds – many have and missed the game!
Get info on laws of the game (esp Small sided games from FNSW – link is here
www.footballnsw.com.au/index.php?id=217) Attached FYI
Club coaching on Thursdays – Manager will receive a txt if training is cancelled after 2pm on thee
Thursday. Craig Gates is contact person.
Training at Pacific Hills – check website on day of training to see if ground is open or closed
Hills Pumas FC
Match Team Sheet. (U11 and up only)
The home team is responsible for supplying and completing the team sheets for competitive matches. The
first team nominated on the draw is the home team. You may be the home team even if not playing “at
Team sheets will be emailed to All Coaches & Managers each Thursday prior to the game
Cross off any players not present (note max # of players allowed)
Upgraded players must be identified. FFA Number and team
The shirt numbers must be completed.
If a referee is not present, the home team is responsible for the team sheets. At the end of the game, get the
opposition Manager to sign off the score.
Team Sheets should be handed to the Referee with envelope which will be provided prior to season
commencing for posting at the end of the game. If no referee then:
Completed sheets are to be posted on Monday morning to:
GHFA, PO Box 223, Eastwood, NSW 2122
NB: Incorrect team sheets result in a fine.
Match Results. (U11 and up only)
All match results must be provided to Graeme Walker by 5pm on the match day via SMS. 0416 241 068
Format must be as follows:
Age / Div PHD (won or lost) PHD score; Opp score
e.g. U9/4 PHD Won, PHD 5, WRR 0
Failure by the club to notify a correct result will incur a fine.
Other information.
Refer to GHFA by-laws booklet for P&D GHFA 2015 Penalties – trust we never have to refer to these!!
Have a wonderful and successful 2015 season, and we’ll look forward to seeing you around the