Thompson Times March 23

The Thompson Times
Week of March 23rd
Spelling Words
This week we will read 2 stories. First we will read From Seed to Plant,
a nonfiction story by Gail Gibbons. We will talk about diagrams and
labels and putting things in order. We will have a comprehension test on
Wednesday on this story. The vocabulary words for this story are
beautiful, nutrition, protects, ripens and streams. Then we will read The
Enormous Turnip, a folktale by Alexei Tolstoy. We will take a test on
this on Friday. The vocabulary words for this story are granddaughter,
enormous, grew, planted, strong, and turnip.
Our spelling words this week are all compound words. Those are words
in which two words are combined to make a new word. In our
workbooks we will talk about writing paragraphs, review singular and
plural nouns, and review fact and opinion.
1. afternoon
2. backpack
3. homework
4. playground
5. sunlight
6. summertime
7. grasshopper
8. birthday
9. popcorn
11. toothbrush
12. weekend
13. anybody
14. something
15. everyone
16. nothing
17. everybody
18. someone
19. anything
20. nowhere
This week we are going to move onto Chapter 9 on data analysis.
Students need to still keep practicing identifying and counting coins at
home even though we have finished with the chapter
Science/Social Studies:
Important Dates...
Fri., Mar. 20: Report Cards
Mar. 30-Apr. 3: Spring Break!
This week we will talk about the first day of spring and life cycles of
different insects and animals.
• On Fridays our class will have music as their special this quarter.
• Next week is spring break. We will not send our newsletter home until
the Monday we get back. Have a wonderful week!!!
Homework (Due Thursday):
Reading: Dance of the Bees
Math: Rain, Rain, Go Away
Spelling: Pick 2 ways to practice your spelling words.
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