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The Oroua
April - May 2015
Gathering the Faith Communities of
Apiti, Beaconsfield, Cheltenham, Colyton, Feilding, Halcombe, Kimbolton,
Kiwitea, Rangiwahia, Stanway and Waituna West
April - May 2015 .
Use Your WILL Power To Help Your Church.
“You’re blessed when you can show
people how to cooperate instead of
compete or fight. That’s when you
discover who you really are, and
family.” (Matthew 5:9 MSG)
Pilgrimage Lenten Journey we have
had this year. Presbyterian – Catholic,
Catholic – Lutheran, Anglican –
Presbyterian, Methodist – Anglican,
Lutheran – Methodist. To journey with
the family of Christ through Lent
focussing on The Beatitudes of
Matthew 5:1-12 has been truly
blessed. To form new relationships,
foster old, and encourage family has
been splendid.
There have been many highlights, the
two most significant:
seeing our parishioners grow in
discipleship in action, and simply
breaking bread together;
and the exploration of being
Christians together, the public
witness of this has been noticed in
the wider community.
For those who missed this year’s
pilgrimage, plan to be a part of a
similar journey next year.
another journey, this one much shorter
to the Cross and the Resurrection.
Holy Week – Easter Worship 2015
Monday 30 March – Holy Week.
12pm – Rangiwahia. Midday Prayer.
7.30pm – Feilding.
Renewal of
Ordination Vows and Blessing of Holy
Oils – Chrism Worship.
Tuesday 31 March – Holy Week.
12pm – Stanway. Midday Prayer.
Wednesday 1 April – Holy Week.
10am – Feilding. Holy Communion.
12pm – Kiwitea. Midday Prayer.
Thursday 2 April
12pm – Kimbolton. Midday Prayer.
7pm – Feilding. Maundy Thursday.
Friday 3 April – Good Friday.
9am – Feilding. Good Friday.
12pm – Colyton. Midday Prayer.
Saturday 4 April – Holy Saturday.
12pm – Beaconsfield. Midday Prayer.
7pm – Kiwitea. Easter Eve Vigil.
Sunday 5 April – Easter Day. Daylight
Saving Ends.
9am – Feilding.
9.30am – Stanway.
10am – Colyton.
11am – Kimbolton.
4pm – Rangiwahia.
We are an Easter people, ours is an
Easter faith.
Finally as a Parish we continue to build
the realm of God in the Oroua within
the Anglican tradition – extravagant
We are a family; of disciples making
disciples; who give ourselves for the
last, lost, and least.
Now we turn to Easter.
Rural Dean Rev. David A. van Oeveren
pilgrimage, a different destination;
The Oroua
Remember the Anglican Church in your WILL.
Long Road To Heaven
Tim Heaton explores Christian understandings of ‘salvation’ in this study
course based on the film ‘The Way’.
‘The Way’. This soulful and uplifting film observes a group of pilgrims
walking the Way of St James to Santiago de Compostella. Martin Sheen
plays Tom, a bereaved father, who comes to St Jean Pied de Port, France
to collect the remains of his adult son, killed in the Pyrenees in a storm
while walking the Camino de Santiago. Rather than return home, Tom
decides to embark on the historical pilgrimage to honour his son’s desire to finish the journey.
What Tom doesn’t plan on is the profound impact the journey will have on him. From the
unexpected and, oftentimes, amusing experiences along ‘The Way’, Tom begins to learn what
it means to be a citizen of the world again. Through his unresolved relationship with his son,
he discovers the difference between ‘the life we live and the life we choose’.
As it follows their journey of inner transformation, the course examines biblical accounts and
images of salvation – past, present and future – and addresses the questions: What are we
saved from? What are we saved for? Who can be saved? What do we have to do to be
saved? How are we saved?
This is an imaginative, creative and enjoyable course that will lead us to a deeper
understanding of new life at Easter. We are an Easter people, ours is an Easter faith.
Come along to St John the Evangelist Anglican Church with finger food and drink to share as
we break bread together on the journey.
Sunday 24 May, 6-8pm. ???
Sunday 31 May, 6-8pm. ???
Sunday 7 June, 6-8pm. ???
Sunday 14 June, 6-8pm. ???
Sunday 21 June, 6-8pm. ???
Sunday 28 June, 6-8pm. ???
More information will follow in the weekly Bulletin.
5th Sunday’s Provide Special Opportunities For Parish Worship
We are a Family; of Disciples making Disciples; who give ourselves for the Last,
Lost, and Least.
Sunday 31 May. TRINITY SUNDAY – Queen’s Birthday Weekend.
9.45am – Feilding. A Service of Thanksgiving.
Sunday 30 August.
10am – Kimbolton. Education for Ministry – E.F.M.
Sunday 29 November. ADVENT 1.
10am – Colyton. Advent 1, Patronal Festival of St. Andrew, and Cursillo.
4.30pm –Feilding. Ecumenical Advent Celebration – Anglican and Catholic Advent
Wreath Blessing.
Sunday 31 January.
9am – Feilding. Parish Party – Community Celebration.
Please make these Parish Family Discipleship opportunities a priority and invite all those
you can to join with you.
April - May 2015 .
Use Your WILL Power To Help Your Church.
Christmas Dinner with the Oroua Parish Family
On Christmas Eve 2014, between the Christingle service and the Midnight
Christ-mass, about 40 members of the Oroua wider family and friends
gathered for a meal prepared in the new Oroua Parish Hall kitchen.
It was designed to be a free meal open to anyone who wished to come, with
particular invitation to those who would be attending the Christmas Eve
services, and those who would be alone on Christmas day, friends and
families. Although a number of people had indicated they would be coming,
we had no idea of how many we were feeding, but trusted that the ‘loaves and
fishes’ would stretch.
The menu was a classic Christmas dinner with ham carved at the table, chicken and beef, new
potatoes, and salads followed by Christmas pudding, pavlova and fruit salad and all the
trimmings, including bags of sweets to take home. In the end we had plenty of food to spare and
feed several families on Christmas day.
The intention was to cover costs and thanks to the generosity of the Women’s Evening fellowship
who supplied the ham, and parishioners who donated food and money, all costs were covered
and no one was asked to pay for their meal, although the koha bowl was also well supported.
It was a very pleasant celebration with a good mix of people of all ages and the organisers
considered it a successful outreach to the Oroua family, including those who helped but were
unable to attend the dinner.
The question is, do we do it again, and if so how will we do it next year? Do we extend the
invitations to the wider community? Would it be better on Christmas day? Was it widely enough
advertised? Do we sell tickets and not ask for donations?
These are questions which need discussion. Tell the Rural Dean, Vicki Gleave at the Parish
Office or Bobbie Nicholls 323 4120 what you think and if you are prepared to organise it next
time, they would also like to hear from you.
Fashion Parade
Our combined Fashion Parade with Knox
Knatterers [Knox Church women's group]
was a great success. Thanks to those
who were models you did a great job
despite the nerves; also thanks go to the
members who brought the nibbles, which
we found moreish, and to the ladies who helped serve the
drinks. A special thank you to Patsy who was our
photographer. Patsy also made lovely posies as a thank you
to the staff at Ballantynes. We are pleased to say that
$117.30 was raised from the donations for Manchester
at St Saviour’s, Kimbolton
Get out those recipes of old,
and the pudding basins.
Entry open to young and old,
men, women and children.
Marks for ingenuity, taste and
Entry Fees:
Adults $5.00
Children (12 & under) $2.00
The winners of this competition
may go on to challenge other
For more information please
contact Sarah on 328 5780 or
Bobbie & Lindsay on 323 4120
The Oroua
Remember the Anglican Church in your WILL.
Funeral Ministry Training Day
Saturday 13 June
9.30am – 4pm
Do you do a lot of funerals or would enjoy the opportunity of reflecting on this
area of your ministry? This one day seminar at Saint John the Evangelist
Anglican Church, Feilding on Saturday 13 June is designed for both clergy
and lay people and is facilitated by Reverend Alister Hendery. This seminar is
an opportunity to engage with questions such as:
What are the purposes of a funeral?
Why does contemporary society deny death and how do we help people face the reality of their
How do we minister in a pluralistic culture where people are ‘spiritual’ but not ‘religious’?
What is the difference between a church funeral and a celebrant-led service?
How has our understanding of grief changed?
What are some of the basics of taking a funeral?
How do we respond to a death by suicide or the death of a child?
In this seminar Alister will draw on his wide pastoral experience as well as
the extensive research that underpins his recently published book
‘Earthed in Hope: Dying, Death and Funerals – A Pakeha Anglican
Perspective.’ Archbishop Philip Richardson in the foreword says “Alister
quotes Paul Tillich’s phrase ‘the first duty of love is to listen’. This book
helps to tune the ear of the pastor who listens carefully. I am going to
place a copy of this book in the hands of every person I ordain from now
Alister has an extensive background as an Anglican priest. He has also
worked in private practice as a counsellor, specialising in grief and loss,
and as a funeral celebrant. Currently Alister is an interim priest in the
Wellington Diocese, ministering with parishes in times of transition.
Funeral ministry has been a focus of his life for 35 years. Alister has an
ongoing interest in death studies and continues to journey with people
experiencing loss and change in all spheres of life, as well as offering
mentoring and training to lay and ordained ministers.
Please come at 9.30am for coffee with a 10.00am start. The day is expected to finish around
4.00pm. Lunch will be provided so please let us know of any dietary requirements. Please register
with Vicki on [email protected]
Car Rally May 3rd
Max & Reverend John Merriman at
his graduation for L.Th with Honours
After the 11.00 am service at
St Saviour Kimbolton.
Cost: $20.00 per car
We will not be travelling far because of the lack of petrol
This will be followed by a shared early tea.
Come and join us….it’ll be fun!!
Please check the weekly bulletins for further details to come.
April - May 2015 .
Use Your WILL Power To Help Your Church.
Angel Tree 2014 saw approximately 3,547
children receive gifts. Unfortunately, we
experienced a number of IT issues following the
Microsoft upgrade and as a result it was a very
difficult year, fraught with problems for PFNZ
staff and key volunteers.
The geographical spread was interesting. Whilst
some regions were disappointed because they
received fewer gift requests, other regions were
overwhelmed due to quite significant increases. These were
predominantly in the warmer regions such as Rotorua, Tauranga, Waikato, Auckland North and
West, Christchurch and Northland. Dunedin increased as well. Whilst all Chaplains do a fantastic
job Di Davies in Dunedin went the extra mile. As a result the first applications
from Otago Corrections Facility equalled the total we received in 2013 and then
she continued to forward more.
Thank you to all that were involved regardless of your
role. Every role is vital and appreciated. As a direct result
of people's involvement in Angel Tree there are new
families in both Wellington and Auckland that will be
journeyed with throughout 2015, as they took up the invitation to attend the
Christmas Meal offered to Angel Tree recipients within our camp age group. At these meals one
caregiver said, “The bond I have with my designated support person really strengthened through
our time together at the meal and I look forward to her journeying with us through 2015.” Another
shared, “You guys are more family to me than my own family. You have been there through my
darkest hours. I know you care about my kids too.”
Please pray for PFNZ as we develop our BreakAway ministry to journey with
more and more families throughout the year and make a difference for those
paying for crimes they didn't commit.
During the course of Angel Tree we received many
thank you letters from prisoners who expressed their struggles with not being
able to provide a gift for their child and they appreciate everyone involved in
Angel Tree. Additionally, we received many thanks from Caregivers and
children telling how Angel Tree was their highlight at Christmas time.
You truly make a difference!
We need more people in most parts of the country to step up as Angel Tree
Area Co-ordinators or other small and big roles throughout the year — if you
know somebody who may be willing, please have them call Pip on 0800 777
887 to find out more.
Additionally we thank and acknowledge those partners that contributed
financially. Some funds as indicated have covered the behind the scenes costs that are a part of
Angel Tree every year, whilst others have contributed to the BreakAway camps for children of
prisoners. These camps build their self-esteem and confidence which has often been knocked
terribly due to judgment and stigma. They introduce the children to the God of the Bible and learn
tools for coping in life. PFNZ then helps them get established in a local youth group or group that
develops their talents, keeps them off the street and opens a door for them to have ongoing positive
input throughout the year.
(there, we said it)
No one really likes talking about it, but we figure you can handle
it, so let’s cut to the chase.
The Anglican Parish of the Oroua is completely dependent on
the support of you, our parishioners, for everything.
We do not receive any funds from the Anglican Church or the Government.
Our income consists entirely of money given by you.
So … Thank You.
That S………. Word!
It’s a word that Vestry and Finance Sub-Committee members are a little shy about
bringing up, but unfortunately it is a fact of life. It’s Stewardship, or ways you can
financially support God’s work through The Anglican Parish of the Oroua. Together we
do God’s work here on earth. We give of our resources – money, time, talents, and
effort. It’s an inescapable fact that accomplishing God’s will requires us to give, and
Jesus wasn’t shy about pointing that fact out. But the amazing thing is that no matter
how much we give to God – God gives us so much more!
Stewardship has two parts: first there is the basic housekeeping of the Parish,
enabling the day to day life of the community to take place, and then, after this is
taken care of, the real stewardship can begin. This is the ministry that stands
alongside the sick, the poor, the sad, the mad, the vulnerable; it is the ministry with the
elderly and the children and those who often have no voice; with all in fact who look to
the church to speak with them and for them as they look for justice and compassion in
a world that seems increasingly hard and uncaring.
This is why the Parish is here, why stewardship is so important and why you are
encouraged to be wildly generous.
An examination of the Gospels shows us that Jesus talked about wealth and
possessions. One sixth of his recorded words, one third of his parables were
concerned with wealth and possessions.
The Biblical teaching on our stewardship relationship to God and Creation ought to be
our key to life, our blueprint for life on this planet. Instead we have trivialised the word
and the concept and for most modern Christians stewardship means little more than
offering envelopes and money in the collection plate. To appreciate what we have lost
we must, once again, go back to the Bible.
Everything that is and everything that ever will be belongs to God.
The Bible says two things about Christian Giving. It says that our level of giving
should relate to our level of income; that we should give thankfully according to how
we are blessed. And it says that our giving will involve a carefully and prayerfully
thought out proportion of our income to God, through the Church and the charities we
choose to support.
Many people are very generous in their giving of time, energy and financial
contributions to the Parish. However, we have had some
parishioners move on; we have had others who have joined us
who may be unaware of the need to give or how to give; and
other parishioners who have not reviewed their giving for some
“Christian Stewardship is not the church’s way of raising money.
It’s God’s way of raising men and women.”
How much should you give?
People often ask for guidance on the principles which they should consider
when making their decisions over Christian Giving.
The Tithe
Whilst it may not be fashionable in the 21st Century, many Christians accept the
Biblical Tithe (10 to 40% of a tither’s total income) as the standard for which
they aim, of which not less than half should be through the local church.
The Two Hour Principle
Some decide to use a little rule of thumb to guide them, which is to give two
hours wages a week, of which not less than 1 hour is through the local church,
as well as the time spent in worship and service to the church.
Proportionate Giving
The Bible teaches that we should give according to our means. In practice we
should therefore review our giving every year in the light of our circumstances –
always endeavouring to maintain the same proportion for God’s work, whether
our income goes up or down.
A Table That Makes It Plain
Take-Home Pay
Weekly Giving
$1 per Week per $1,000 of Annual Take Home Income
If we could all give at this level, few Parishes would have financial problems –
and they would be able to get on doing God’s work without having to worry
whether they could afford to do it.
A Gift of Love
There are those who feel their response should be spontaneous and generous
– far outstripping the tithe or any other guideline or principle.
We do receive these big-hearted gifts from time to time as well as significant
Bequests that have been left to us in the Will of someone who has seen the
church as significant to them.
Dedicated Planned Financial Giving Target: $103,000
Current Planned Financial Giving: $ 83,824
Shortfall is:
$ 19,176 per year
$ 1,598 per month
834 per fortnight
$ 369 per week
Can you help us reach our goal?
Where our money comes from…
Where our money goes…
It costs:
Income is:
Shortfall is:
$14,522 per month
$13,843 per month
$ 679 per month
$ 3,351 per week
to run the Parish.
$ 3,194 per week
$ 157 per week
Can you help bridge this gap?
How can I give?
Automatic Payment
This is when you set up an automatic transfer of money to be sent from your bank account to
ours every week/fortnight/month/quarter. You will need to do this online or at your bank.
Envelope Pledge Giving
If your giving varies each week, this would be the best option for you, upon request you are allocate a giving number. You can then give in the collection by simply placing your donation in an
envelope marked with your number.
Cash Offertory
Simply placing your cash giving in the offertory plate during worship. Please note though as we
cannot record this, it is not eligible for a tax rebate.
Internet banking
Please quote your Name and Giving Number in the reference fields for our bank statement and
Annual One-off Donation
A one off donation is simply … ummm … a one off donation. Cash, cheque, internet banking are
By leaving a percentage or a sum to the Parish in your will.
What about tax back?
If you give by Automatic Payment, Envelope Pledge Giving, or an identifiable donation, we will
keep a record so that at the end of the financial year we are able to send you a letter confirming
the amount given. This letter can then be forwarded to your accountant or used in your personal
tax return. As an individual you can claim a rebate of 33% of your charitable donations up to the
level of your net taxable income. You may wish to gift this back to the church, or give 1/3
more—knowing it will come back to you.
Still have some giving questions?
We’re here to help you at the Parish Office. Just give us a call. The Anglican Parish of the
Oroua—Postal Address: 13 Camden Street, Feilding 4702. Office Address: 16 Camden
Street, Feilding 4702. Phone: 06 323 4026. Mobile: 021 470 337 Email: [email protected] - Website: - Facebook: The Anglican Parish of the
Our bank account details:
Anglican Parishes of Oroua. Westpac. 03 0626 0011692 00
“All that is in the heavens and the earth is yours, and of your own we give you”
Thank You for your generous support for our Parish over past years. The
collective use of our time, talents and money has enabled us to do an
extraordinary range of God’s work both in our communities and beyond.
Collectively we do make a difference in this ever-changing individualistic world.
Thank You for your continuing support as each in our own way we do our best
to answer the call to be good stewards of God’s resource.
A Service of Thanksgiving will be held on Sunday 31 May at 9.45am in
Feilding giving thanks for the time, energy, effort, talents and treasures of so
many faithful parishioners. We are all called to be the active hands and feet of
Jesus in our communities.
Giving Review Form
If you would like to give to The Anglican Parish of the Oroua please fill this in,
tear/cut off and drop it in the offertory collection or mail it to the Parish Office.
Email Address:
Automatic Payment:
I will set up / adjust an automatic payment with my bank so that regular
donations of $______ can be made from my bank account every week /
fortnight / month / quarter. (Please circle one).
Envelope Pledge Giving:
Please allocate a giving number to me so that I can claim tax back at the end of
the financial year. I plan to give around $______ every week / fortnight /
month / quarter. (Please circle one).
Annual One-Off Donation:
I would like to make a one-off donation of $_______. I will give this by ____/
Please Attribute My Giving To The Local Anglican Faith Community Of:
Beaconsfield; Colyton/Cheltenham; Feilding; Kimbolton/Apiti; Kiwitea;
Rangiwahia; Stanway/Halcombe. (Please circle one).
Date: ____/____/2015
The Oroua
Remember the Anglican Church in your WILL.
Upcoming Baptisms & Marriages.
Sun 5 Apr, 9am. Please pray for the Baptism of Lucas Riddy. Feilding.
Sun 19 Apr, 10am. Please pray for the Baptism of Isla Jackson. Colyton.
Sat 9 Jan. Please pray for the Marriage of Jane Thoresen & ???. Feilding.
Fri 12 Feb. Please pray for the Marriage of Charlotte Burge & Gareth Sinclair.
St Mary’s
With regular members of our congregation,
all are able to take active parts as Readers,
Liturgists, Sides people etc, and we welcome
members from St John’s Church who join us
from time to time.
Thanks to our Parish Representative, Sarah,
who supports us.
We enjoy an excuse for shared lunch on
special occasions, as at Christmas time
when we served fruit mince pies and bubbly
fruit juice, and cake on a birthday
celebration. Mothering Sunday in March is
when we receive sprays of rosemary.
Thanks to local families who clean, decorate
and mow lawns for our beautiful little church.
Lenten Study Group held at
Sylvia Williams
Home Communion
HOUSEBOUND PARISHIONERS, or anyone unable to attend services due to ill
health or incapacity, and would like communion brought to you, please let the
office know and arrangements will be made.
HOSPITAL OR HOME VISITS, if you, or someone you know in the Parish, is ill or has to go
into hospital, please let us know so a visit can be arranged if wanted.
Rural Dean Rev. David van Oeveren
323 7050 or 021 470 337
Parish Administrator
323 4026
Angler Contributions
All Parishioners are invited to make a contribution towards the Angler if they wish to. (ie:
photos, advertising an event or such like.
This is the OROUA PARISH Magazine, YOUR Magazine, and contributions from every
corner of the Parish would be appreciated and welcomed. I encourage you all to take up the
challenge. The next issue will be for June / July 2015. If your group has anything planned
during that time then this is the place to advertise! Contributions due in by FRIDAY 15 May
Delivery of The Angler
If you no longer wish to receive The Angler, the periodic magazine of the Anglican Parish of
Oroua, please phone our Parish office on 323 4026 and leave a message.
April - May 2015 .
Use Your WILL Power To Help Your Church.
APRIL / MAY 2015
Wednesday 1 April – Holy
10am – Feilding.
1pm - St John’s Indoor
12pm - Midday Prayer. Kiwitea
7.30pm - Lenten Study Group at Sylvia
Williams, St John’s Close
Thursday 2 April – Maundy Thursday
12pm – Kimbolton. Midday Prayer
6pm - Cursillo Interest Group
7pm – Feilding – Maundy Thursday
Thursday 2 April – Monday 6 April
1pm – Central Easter Camp
Friday 3 April – Good Friday
9am – Feilding. Good Friday.
12pm – Colyton. Midday Prayer
Saturday 4 April – Holy Saturday
12pm – Beaconsfield. Midday Prayer
7pm – Kiwitea. Easter Eve Vigil
Sunday 5 April – Easter Day
9am – Feilding
9.30am – Stanway
10am – Colyton
11am – Kimbolton
4pm – Rangiwahia
Tuesday 7 April
9.30am - Friendship Centre
7pm - Footsteps in Faith at Oroua Parish
Wednesday 8 April
10am - Feilding
1pm - St John’s Indoor Bowls
7.30 - St John’s Forum at Oroua Parish
Thursday 9 April
7pm - Women's Fellowship meeting
Saturday 11 April
9am - Seasons Training Day
Sunday 12 April
8am - Feilding
9am - Seasons Training Day
9.45am - Feilding
11am - Friends of the Lawton Organ
4pm - Stanway
5.30pm - Evening Fellowship at Colyton
Tuesday 14 April
9.30am - Friendship Centre
5pm - St John’s Close Trust Meeting
7pm - Footsteps in Faith at Oroua Parish hall
Wednesday 15 April
10am - Feilding. Holy Communion.
1pm - St John’s Indoor Bowls
Thursday 16 April
1.30pm - Embroidery Group
Saturday 18 April
9am-5pm – Leadership Development.
Venue to be confirmed.
Sunday 19 April
8am - Feilding
9.45am - Feilding
10am - Colyton
11am - Beaconsfield
Tuesday 21 April
9.30am - Friendship Centre
7pm - Footsteps in Faith at St Brigid's
Catholic Church
Wednesday 22 April
10am - Feilding. Holy Communion
1pm - St John’s Indoor Bowls
Friday 24 April
6pm – The Eagles Junior Youth Group
Sunday 26 April – ANZAC Day Weekend
8am - Feilding
9.45am - Feilding
Tuesday 28 April
9.30am - Friendship Centre
6pm - FSCoV
7pm - Footsteps in Faith at St Brigid's
Catholic Church
7.30pm - Vestry
Wednesday 29 April
10am - Feilding. Holy Communion
1pm - St John’s Indoor Bowls
Sunday 3 May
8am - Feilding
9.45am - Feilding
10am - Colyton
11am - Kimbolton
4pm - Rangiwahia
Tuesday 5 May
9.30am - Friendship Centre
7pm - Footsteps in Faith at Oroua Parish
Wednesday 6 May
10am - Feilding. Holy Communion
1pm - St John’s Indoor Bowls
Thursday 7 May
6pm - Cursillo Interest Group
Friday 8 May
6pm – The Eagles Junior Youth Group
The Oroua
Remember the Anglican Church in your WILL.
Saturday 9 May
10am-4pm – Big Day Out at St Paul’s
Sunday 10 May
8am - Feilding
9.45am – Feilding.
Patronal Festival
(alternative date)
10am - Waituna West
4pm - Stanway
5.30pm - Colyton Evening Fellowship
Tuesday 12 May
9.30am - Friendship Centre
5pm - St John’s Close Trust Meeting
7pm - Footsteps in Faith at Oroua Parish hall
Wednesday 13 May
10am - Feilding. Holy Communion
1pm - St John’s Indoor Bowls
7.30pm - Feilding Forum
Thursday 14 May
12pm - Women’s Fellowship
Sunday 17 May
8am - Feilding
9.45am - Feilding
10am - Colyton
11am - Beaconsfield
1pm - Hymn Sing - Feilding Music Society
Tuesday 19 May
9.30am - Friendship Centre
6pm - FSCoV
7pm - Footsteps in Faith at St Brigid's
Catholic Church
7.30pm - Vestry
Wednesday 20 May
10am - Feilding. Holy Communion
1pm - St John’s Indoor Bowls
Thursday 21 May
1.30pm - Embroidery Group
Friday 22 May
6pm - The EAGLES Junior Youth Group
Friday 22 May – Sunday 24 May
Intermediate Camp
Sunday 24 May
8am - Feilding
9.45am - Feilding
6pm - The Way - Long Road to Heaven
Tuesday 26 May
9.30am - Friendship Centre
7pm - Footsteps in Faith at Oroua Parish
Wednesday 27 May
10am - Feilding. Holy Communion
1pm - St John’s Indoor Bowls
7pm - Oroua Parish Trust Meeting
Stanway celebrates
in style
Saturday 21st February
saw 70-80 past and present
residents celebrate the
Stanway Hall centenary in
style with a high-tea.
Chairman, Wayne Short says lots of history
was shared and tales told. The hall looked
fabulous and the high tea was simply
amazing. Deputy Mayor Tony Jensen said a
few words on behalf of the Manawatu District
Council. Jack Christian (3rd generation)
shared his memories of events in the Stanway
Hall and Hugh Winder and Betty Humphrey
cut the cake.
A huge thank you to all the other people in
our community that assisted with cleaning,
flowers, decorating, serving, displaying old
cars, bringing along memorabilia and being
such wonderful hosts.
April - May 2015 .
Use Your WILL Power To Help Your Church.
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The Friends of the Lawton Organ is a group of people who support and encourage the
use of the historic organ in St John’s church.
We hope to help fund an organ scholar, but so far no suitable candidates have been
In the meantime, we organise concerts and recitals, with the organ being a focus of
the music, but other instruments, including voices, also entertain. While “church
music” is usually the main type of music played, other styles have been known to be
Last year the funds we raised were used to help fund Chelsea Whitfield (Organ
Scholar at Wellington Cathedral, and performer at one of our recitals), travelling costs for other performers,
and a donation to the Oroua Parish to help with the maintenance of the organ. We are putting aside a few
dollars each year to budget for future expenditure, and we hold the approximate cost of a year’s tuition for
our own organ scholar when we find him/her!
We hold meetings when planning is required for upcoming events. Our next meeting is on Sunday 12 April,
at approximately 11 am (after the 9:45 service) in the foyer at St John’s, when we will be planning the year’s
programme. We have an exciting array of possibilities!
We do not charge a subscription to belong to the group, but a suggested donation of $10 (or more!) is
gratefully received. We have a newsletter, “Pipeline” which is distributed to members, either by email or
post. We invite anyone who is interested to join our group.
For more information, contact: John Cartwright 323 6385(Chairman), or Lynn Heath 323 2849 (Secretary)
From the Registers:
Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child: This is an opportunity for parents & families to give thanks
for the birth or adoption of a child and to offer prayer for family life.
Please pray for those who have recently or are about to give birth or adopt, & those preparing to
give thanks for this special gift.
Holy Baptism: Baptism is the sacrament of initiation into the Church, the Body of Christ.
Molly Elsie Speedy
1 February 2015
St Andrew’s Colyton
Dulcie Jane Speedy
1 February 2015
St Andrew’s Colyton
Confirmation: Confirmation is the Laying on of Hands by means of which we receive the
strengthening gifts of the Holy Spirit and make a commitment to Christian Service.
Holy Matrimony
Please pray for the marriage of.
Karlena Cox & Richard van den Broek
In Memoriam:
Donald Kline
Janetta Watson
Helen Buckman
Dorothy Svensson
14 February 2015
23 January 2015
24 February 2015
22 February 2015
4 March 2015
Wellington Rowing Clubrooms
St John’s Feilding
St John’s Feilding
St Paul’s Feilding
The Committal of Ashes & The Unveiling of a Memorial: A focus on the final resting place and
the memories of the one who has died.
The Oroua
Contact Information
Rural Dean:
Remember the Anglican Church in your WILL.
The Reverend David van Oeveren
323 7050
021 470 337
[email protected]
Rural Dean’s Warden:
Debbie Seymour
323 8923
Priest Assistants:
The Reverend Muriel Dewe
The Reverend John Jay
The Reverend John Merriman
323 6986
021 267 2886
323 9910
323 0605
0275 325 878
Parish Administrator:
Parish Office: Vicki Gleave
323 4026
[email protected]
Parish Peoples’ Warden:
Jeanette Goodwin
323 0288
District Churchwardens:
Sarah Burge (Kiwitea, Kimbolton, Beaconsfield)
Debbie Seymour (Feilding)
Roger Bate (Stanway)
Helen Maxwell (Colyton)
Sheena Gallocher-Shearer(Rangiwahia)
328 5780
323 8923
328 8772
329 2866
328 2777
Sue Ascott-Evans
Patsy Barry
Ellie Bartlett
Tony Chapman
Robert Heath
Stephanie Seymour
323 8584
323 6353
328 8081
323 7633
323 2849
0272 855 015
Vestry Members
Local Faith Community Contacts:
St Mary’s, Beaconsfield
St Andrew’s, Colyton & Cheltenham
St John’s, Feilding
St Saviour’s, Kimbolton & Apiti
St Agnes, Kiwitea
St Barnabas, Rangiwahia
St Michael’s, Stanway & Halcombe
Waituna West
Bon Richardson
Lola James
Margaret Ward
Maria Winder
Andrea Thomson
Anna Hayward-Smith
Cynthia Fraser
328 9713
328 7870
323 1332
328 5855
328 9812
355 0306
328 8763
Synod Representatives:
Jeanette Goodwin
Robert Heath
323 0288
323 2849
Children, Youth, & Families Contact:
Rev. David van Oeveren
323 7050
Prayer Chain Coordinator:
Parish Nurse:
Lesley McCullough
Lynda Williams
323 4621
323 2717
Stewardship is not just giving money.
While money is important to keep our churches going, there are many other ways that we can help.
There are many people who help by:
Cleaning the church / hall, Caring for the grounds, Flower arranging, Greeter, Sidespeople,
Choir, Music, Introduction and dismissal, Bible Reading, Administering Chalice, Sacristan
(clearing altar), Washing church linen, Morning tea, Angler Distribution,
If you would like to offer to help with any of these, please contact Vicki in the office.
Mission: As a Christian Faith Community, we
Worship, we Witness, we Teach, we Proclaim, we
Serve, we Care.
To be a vibrant, spiritual & co-ordinated
Christian faith community that reaches out &
transforms our world by:
Building a strong foundation in personal
Building & supporting a robust ordained ministry.
Empowering & educating the laity.
Creating the future in children, youth, schools,
tertiary institutes & families.
Proclaiming the Gospel within our community /
communities & beyond.
Being a strong voice for justice in our
community / communities.
Thinking & acting as a unified Diocese,
Archdeaconry, Parish & Church (Local Anglican
Faith Community).
Ministry: We are continuing to build the Realm of
God in the Oroua, within the Anglican tradition.
13 Camden Street, Feilding 4702