Karachi Declaration for 2025 Pakistan From Civil Society

Karachi Declaration for 2025 Pakistan
From Civil Society Organizations of Pakistan
26th March 2015
We felicitate the Government of Pakistan for presenting “Pakistan vision 2025” and admire this initiative. Citizens
of Pakistan are such a social group which is affected by every public and social decision. Yet mostly and in the
process of development of vision 2025, their views remain unheeded.
HANDS Pakistan started obtaining public opinion and feedback on the “Pakistan vision 2025” from five thousand
rural and urban organizations three months ago. On 26 th March 2015 representatives from these organizations
participated in “National Community Convention” in Karachi and through debates, theater, speeches, analyzed
vision 2025 and presented their opinion.
The Karachi resolution is a reaction and analytical recommendation on “Pakistan vision 2025” in context of
sustainable development. This resolution brings to light the rights of the public and ways to protect these rights. The
Karachi resolution demands the following rights to be made essential part of the “Pakistan vision 2025”.
The Karachi resolution is 2015 demand from Federal and Provincial Governments to incorporate following rights
into vision 20205 documents and during its process of implementation.
The right to basic needs - Access to essential goods and services: adequate food, clothing, shelter, health
care, education, water and sanitation.
The right to Security - Protection of life, property, dignity, and also protection of disabled, vulnerable and
marginalized people or groups.
The right of access to information – Right to have access to information to make informed decisions and
safeguard against dishonest or misleading advertising and labeling.
The right to elect the representatives of local democratic institutions – freedom to engage in electoral
democratic process and involve in decision making of development projects
The right to be heard - To have Citizen Interests represented in the making and execution of government
policy, and in the development of products and services.
The right to justice – the right to easy access of justice and to receive fair settlement of just claims
including compensation for losses.
The right to a healthy environment -To live and work in an environment that is non-threatening to the
well-being of present and future generations.
Karachi Resolution and responsibilities of people of Pakistan:
1. Critical awareness - Citizens must be aware and more to be more inquisitive about the provision of the
quality of goods and services.
2. Involvement or action - Citizens must assert themselves and act to ensure that they get a fair deal.
3. Social responsibility - Citizens must act with social responsibility, with concern and sensitivity to the
impact of their actions on other citizens, in particular, in relation to disadvantaged groups.
4. Ecological responsibility - there must be a heightened sensitivity to the impact of Citizen decisions on the
physical environment, which must be developed to a harmonious way, promoting conservation as the most
critical factor in improving the real quality of life for the present and the future.
5. Solidarity - the best and most effective action is through cooperative efforts through the formation of
Citizen/citizen groups who together can have the strength and influence to ensure that adequate attention is
given to the Citizen interest.
The declaration calls for action at various levels such as the Government, UN agencies, International Agencies,
International Financial Institutions, NGOs and the Citizens of Pakistan, to ensure the implementation of Vision 2025
in its true spirit. This is responsibility of Federal and Provincial Governments to ensure above mentioned rights in
the document of vision 2025 and during its implementation. This resolution demands from all democratic
institutions to keep part and parcel poor, weak, and vulnerable segment of population in mainstream development.
Civil Society Organizations of Pakistan will continue the follow up of implementation of vision 2025 by federal and
provincial governments and will organize national community convention and will publish watch 2025 report every
Civil society organization of Pakistan
Sports complex Kashmir Road Karachi
26th March 2015