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A Guide to Our Services
The Surgery @ 2 The Slieve
A Teaching Practice of The University of Birmingham
Surgery Opening Hours
Monday – Friday 8:00 – 18:00
Wednesday 8:00 – 17:00
Extended Hours
Thursday 18.30- 20.00
The Surgery, 2 The Slieve, Handsworth Wood, Birmingham, B20 2NR
Tel 0121 554 1812 Fax 0121 554 6830
A Guide to Our Services
General Practice Nurse (GPN)
The Practice Staff
Senior Partner
Jatinder Jagpal
Dr Karl Alonzo
MBChB (Birmingham 1983)
GP Principal and Partner since 1989
The Clinical Staff
Dr Christopher Fawcett
MBChB (Birmingham 1980)
Practice Manager
Shirley Edwards
Office Manager (joined 2013)
Ranjeeta Matharu
Reception Supervisor (joined 2010)
Aisha Bibi
Receptionist (joined 2010)
Santosh Sandhu
Receptionist (joined 2014)
Dr Manir Aslam
Dr Manir Aslam MRCGP, MBChB, BAO, BA,
Gurvinder Lallie
Receptionist (joined Febuary 2015)
General Practitioner
Urgent Care Lead SWB CCG
Louise Francis
The Nurses
Visiting Healthcare Staff
Ajmero Dyal
Practice Nurse with Child immunizations,
Women’s’ Health, Mental Health
Gurdip Chaggar
These staff are employed by Heart of
Birmingham Teaching Primary Care Trust
Joanne Busby
NHS Chiropodist
Stephanie Venson
Diabetes Nurse
Vanita Chumber
NHS Chiropodist
General Practice Nurse (GPN)
Katy Reynolds
Receptionist (joined March 2015)
Lorna Miller
Primary Care Mental Health Support Worker
interest in low intensity counseling
Natasha Dove
Primary Care Mental Health Support Worker
Health Visitors
Sue McIntyre
Yvonne Copeland
Nursery Nurse
Annette Hall
Need a Doctor after 6:30 pm - Call 0845 608 0461
The Surgery serves the whole of
Handsworth Wood as well as
Handsworth, Soho, Perry Barr, Great
Barr and Hamstead. Our team includes
four GPs, two senior nurses, one
physician assistant as well as our
practice manager and reception staff.
We offer a full general practice service
and run specialist clinics for child
immunisations, diabetes and asthma
sufferers and for patients needing minor
Contact NHS England on 03003112233
for services we do not provide.
At the Surgery, we aim to treat all our
patients promptly, with courtesy and in
complete confidence. We feel it is very
important you know who you are
speaking to, so our practice staff wear a
name badge and identify themselves on
the telephone.
The Surgery is a ‘Training Practice’.
This means hospital doctors wanting to
enter into general practice spend twelve
months with us in order to gain the
experience they need to become family
doctors. As a training practice, your
medical records may be used for
educational purposes. Because of this,
we ask patients registering with us to
sign a consent form giving permission
for their records to be used in this way.
This leaflet is for both existing patients
and those considering registering with
us for the first time. It tells you about our
services, how to access them and some
general information about how our
practice operates.
If you live in our practice area and would
like to register with us, please complete
one of our “New Patient” registration
forms available at reception.
On the form, you will be able to say
which practitioner you would prefer to
see. However, you will be registering
with the practice rather than an
individual GP. We have a team of highly
qualified and experienced practitioners
who can help you.
New patients are required to have a
health check on joining. This allows us
to record any relevant information while
we wait for your records to be
transferred from your previous GP.
Access to the Surgery
The buses 11, 16 and 654 pass in close
proximity to the surgery. There is ample
parking outside the surgery.
■ There is suitable access for the
disabled and wheelchairs.
■ Toilet facilities for the disabled are
provided as well as nappy changing
■ Access is also available for patients
with wheelchairs, prams, pushchairs
and buggies. All rooms are on the
same level
■ Parking spaces for disabled patients
are reserved at the front of the surgery
at either side of the main entrance.
A Guide to Our Services
Our Practice Area
The Surgery accepts patients living within a mile radius of the surgery. Patients moving more than 1.5
miles from the surgery will not be able to remain with the practice.
Home Visits
If you think you may require a home
visit, please telephone 0121 554 1812
before 10:30am. You will be required to
tell the receptionist the reason for your
attend accordingly.
Most patients can quite safely be
brought to the surgery by car/taxi. It is
not harmful to take a child with a fever
All requests are passed to a doctor, who
may telephone you to discuss the best
way of helping you. They decide
whether or not a visit is appropriate
based on medical need. Please bear in
mind that certain examinations, tests, or
procedures can only be carried out at
the surgery and you may be advised to
Our doctors typically see four patients in
the practice in the time it takes to do a
single home visit. For this reason, we
ask our patients to come to the surgery
if at all possible.
Transport arrangements are the
responsibility of the patient or carer.
A Guide to Our Services
All clinics are run by appointment.
You can book an appointment by
phone or at reception.
When booking an appointment you
will be requested to give a reason for
the appointment. Please do not be
offended as your information will
remain confidential. It is optional to
give this information; however, it
helps us to ensure that you see the
appropriate professional and the right
priority is given to your problem.
■ Urgent cases are seen on the day.
■ If your condition is non-urgent, you
can expect to see a GP within two
working days, though you may have
to wait longer if you want to see a
particular GP, you also have the
option to book up to 2 weeks in
advance with a nurse.
■ Nurses in our practice treat patients
for a wide range of common
conditions. You can expect to see
them within one working day.
■ Let us know if more than one
person in the family needs to be seen.
We can offer you a longer
appointment if necessary.
■ Tell us if you want someone to
accompany you during an
examination or a private room to
discuss any matters.
■ You can book to have a telephone
consultation with a doctor. You will
be contacted at an agreed time on the
telephone number you have given.
■ Inform us at least 2 hours before
your appointment if can’t attend
■ Tell us your phone number in case
your appointment is cancelled
Cancel an appointment
Please call mobile 07714866886 or
text to cancel an appointment.
For Emergencies Ring 999.
Telephone Calls
The phone lines can get very busy in
the mornings as many patients are
trying to book appointments.
■ Call for a home visit or urgent
appointment before 10:30am
■ Ring for enquiries after 11am
■ Ring for test results after 1pm
■ Remember that the results of tests
can only be given to the patient.
■ Don’t phone for repeat prescriptions
Repeat Prescriptions
How you can help us:
■ Be on time for your appointment by
arriving 10 minutes early
If you are on regular medication, you
can order repeat prescriptions by
completing the tear off section of your
prescription form. This may be left in
the letter box outside by the surgery
front door, in the box at reception or
■ We do not accept repeat
prescriptions over the phone.
■ Please allow 24 hours for your
■ A duplicate of your repeat
prescriptions can be requested from
reception. Please use this as this
Emergencies – Dial 999
■ If you have severe chest pain or
Do we have your correct home telephone and mobile number?
A Guide to Our Services
think you are having a heart attack
■ If you suspect you had a stroke or
notice Facial weakness, Arm or leg
weakness, Speech problems, (or
Sudden loss of vision) - Act FAST.
■ If you had a fall and suspect a
fracture or dislocation.
■ If you suspect you may have a lifethreatening condition – dial 999.
weekend until 8.00am on Monday
morning. (Excluding Bank holidays &
statutory holidays).
Urgent Appointments
Other Healthcare Advice
We try to see all urgent cases on the
same day. You may not be able to
see a doctor but our Practice Nurses
can assess, diagnose and offer you
treatment. They will get a doctor’s
opinion if necessary. Severe
infections such as urine, chest, skin,
eye infections can all be dealt with by
the Nurses.
When We Are Closed
■ If you need medical attention during
these periods ring PrimeCare on
Out of Hours Help
Outside of surgery hours (6.30pm to
8.00am), the emergency doctors
service can be accessed by
telephoning 0845 603 1761.
The emergency number is available
from 6.30pm to 8.30am Monday
to Thursday and from 6.30pm on
Friday continuously through the
NHS111 operates a 24 hour nurse
advice and health information service
and comprehensive health website.
Tel: 111 or
You can get advice and treatment
from other NHS agencies if we cannot
see you earlier, such as:■ Pharmacy First
■ NHS Walk-In Centre at Boots
Birmingham City Centre
255 4500
■ Summerfield GP & Urgent Care
0345 245 0769
■ Greet Walk in centre
0345 111 1310
■ Warren Farm Care Centre
0121 465 5626
■ The Surgery offers emergency
contraception advice. Please inform
reception you need urgent advice.
■ The Doctors, Nurses and PA can
give other family planning advice
during normal surgery hours.
■ Emergency contraception is also
available from Pharmacists, NHS
Walk-In Centre’s and Family Planning
A Guide to Our Services
Health Promotion
The practice offers health promotion
to the following groups:
■ New patients who join are offered a
health check on registration
■ Patients over 75 years old who do
not see the nurse regularly are
offered a yearly check
■ Patients over 16 years old can have
a well man or well woman check
every 3 years
Health Screening
Aged 40 – 75 years old? We offer
screening for
- Diabetes
- Hypertension
- High cholesterol
- Heart and Renal disease
Ask for a CVD Risk Assessment at
reception. You will have a blood test,
blood pressure and weight measured,
urine tested and have lifestyle advice.
Lifestyle Advice
You can live healthier and longer with
a healthy lifestyle. You can make a
number of changes to help reduce
your risk of heart disease, stroke, and
developing diabetes. We offer:
■ Smoking cessation
■ Weight reduction
■ Dietary advice
■ Exercise
■ Counselling
Cervical Smears
Women over 25 years have a smear:■ Every 3 yrs between 25 and 49 yrs
■ Every 5 yrs between 50 and 64 yrs
Please book at Reception
Long Term Conditions
It is important to have regular checks
at least twice a year if you suffer with
any of the following long term
conditions: Diabetes, Hypertension,
Heart Disease, Stroke, Asthma,
COPD, Dementia and Epilepsy.
Please arrange to see the Practice
Nurse twice a year
■ During the month of your birthday
■ Six months later
Appointments can be booked one
month in advance. You would need a
blood test at least one week before
your appointment.
We also have separate clinics on
separate days that you can book in to
see the nurse for.
- Asthma/ COPD – Monday PM
- Hypertension/CHD – Tuesday
- Diabetes – Wednesday PM
- ECG – Thursday AM
- Smoking – Thursday PM
- Mental Health – Friday
Travel Advice and
Our Nurses can advise you on
Immunisations requirements and
health advice for different countries.
■ We can provide most travel
injections except for Encephalitis,
Yellow Fever and Rabies.
■ Medication for travel abroad such
as malaria prophylaxis, antibiotics,
and dehydration tablets are not
available under the NHS.
A Guide to Our Services
Child Health
■The Health Visitor assessments are
held on the first and third Thursdays
of the month between 1.30pm to
■She will check your child’s progress
from birth to school age.
■You are welcome to bring your child
to be weighed by the Health Visitor.
■Babies can be booked at the surgery
with a doctor 8-10 weeks for a routine
check. Please contact the surgery to
book this with your doctor.
Child Immunisations
The schedules are as follows:
- 2 months DTaP/IPV/HIB, Pneumo, Rotavirus
- 3 months DTaP/IPV/HIB, Men C, Rotavirus
- 4 months DTaP/IPV/HIB Pneumococus
- 12 months HIB-Men C, MMR, Pneumococcus
■ Children are automatically sent
appointments to attend for
Immunisations by the Health
■ You will need to ring the surgery to
confirm this appointment. If your child
has not received all the jabs as
described, ring the surgery to arrange
an appointment on the Thursday
■ Please bring your child’s Red Book
■ The child must be accompanied by
a parent. A written consent from a
parent is required if not accompanied
by a parent.
Cervical Smears
■ If you plan on getting pregnant you
should start taking folic acid.
■ If you are pregnant you should
arrange for a hospital booking
appointment as soon as possible and
arrange to see a midwife
■ Our community midwife operates
from Rookery Road Children’s Centre
every Tuesday afternoon from 1pm by
appointment only.
■ Expectant mothers are advised to
stop smoking and stop drinking
■ Book an appointment to see a GP if
you are planning on get pregnant
We can advise on a range of options:
Condoms (supplied by Nurse)
Contraceptive pills
Depot Injections
Emergency contraception
■ We provide sexual health advice as
well as Chlamydia and STD screening
■ We DO NOT provide Implanon
Breast Screening
All women aged between 50 and 70
are invited for screening every three
years by the local breast screening
unit at City Hospital
■ Whatever age you are, if you are
worried about any breast problem
please contacts the doctor who may
refer you for a specialist opinion if
Women over 25 years have one
■ Every 3 yrs between 25 and 49 yrs
■ Every 5 yrs between 50 and 64 yrs
Please book at Reception
Maternity Care
Allow 24 hours before collecting your repeat prescriptions….
A Guide to Our Services
Non-NHS Services
Private medical examinations for
special purposes i.e. elderly drivers,
pre-employment, hepatitis B
injections, fitness for certain sports,
HGV, taxi medical, adoption medicals
etc. are done by special arrangement.
■ These medical examinations can be
arranged through reception staff and
a fee will be charged at the
recommended BMA rate.
■ A list of current rates is displayed in
The Surgery is a Teaching Practice
for Birmingham University medical
students and physician assistants.
■ Students may be present during
We will be very
grateful if you are prepared to
participate but you are under no
obligation to do so.
■ The medical students observe the
rules of confidentiality and you will be
asked to consent to the student being
present. You have the right to refuse.
■ Please advise reception staff or the
doctor if you wish the students to
leave the room during your
Sick Notes
■ You are required to provide to your
employer with a self certificate for the
first 7 days of your illness (no charge).
■ There is a CHARGE for a private
certificate for this period.
■ If your illness exceeds 7 days you
will need to see the doctor for a
Statement of Fitness for Work (med 3
or fit note). There is NO CHARGE.
■ Your doctor will only give you a fit
note if your health affects your fitness
for work. The fit note is classed as
advice from your doctor and you
should go back to work as soon as
you feel able to – this may be before
your fit note runs out.
Our chiropodist (Joanne Busby)
provides a foot care service for our
dia b e t i c, e l d e r l y a n d d is a b le d
patients. This service is through GP
■ All diabetics are advised to have
yearly foot care.
■ Home visits can be arranged for
severely disabled patients
University Teaching
We hope you can support the
students and doctors of the future.
Training Practice
The surgery is also responsible for
GP Registrar training.
These doctors are qualified and have
several years of experience but are
completing their training to become
■ Their consultations may be video
recorded. You will be asked to give
your per m i ss ion pr i or t o yo ur
consultation if this is the case.
You have the right to refuse.
We endeavor to provide the best
possible care for our patients at all
times. We are happy to consider any
comments or complaints to try to
develop and improve our services.
■ If you have any suggestions or
complaints, do not hesitate to leave a
note at reception, or record an entry
A Guide to Our Services
in the suggestion book on reception. ■
If you are unhappy with any aspect of
our service or your treatment please
contact the Practice Manager who will
be happy to listen to your suggestions
or criticisms and initiate appropriate
■ We have a patient participation
group where we listen to your views
and feedback.
■ We follow the NHS Complaints
Procedure. Patient Experience
Telephone: 0121 612 4110
A copy of the complaints procedure is
available in reception.
Equality Diversity and
Human Rights
The practice does not discriminate on
the grounds of race, gender,
disability, social class, age sexual
orientation or medical condition.
■ Disabled Access - There is easy
access into the building for
wheelchairs, via the main entrance.
■ The surgery has limited access to
an interpreting service for those
patients who need assistance during
Please note that 48
hours notice is required for booking
this service
Violent/Abusive Patients
W e o p e r a t e a Zero Tolerance
approach to violent or abusive
patients. Any patient is who violent or
abusive towards any member of staff
or other patients will be removed from
the practice list. The patient will be
advised of the reason for removal in
writing and the Primary Care Trust
would be notified accordingly.
Non-attendance Policy
Patients will be removed from the
practice if they fail to attend three
appointments in any six month period.
This is because there is a high
demand for appointments.
Patient Confidentiality
We respect your right to privacy and
keep all your health information
confidential and secure. It is important
that the NHS keeps accurate and upto-date records about your health and
treatment so that those treating you
can give you the best possible advice
and care. This information is only
available to those involved in your
care and you should never be asked
for personal medical information by
anyone not involved in your care.
The only exceptions are:
■ Statutory notification of medical
conditions e.g. measles, meningitis
■ When a request is made from the
coroner’s office following a death of a
■ In response to court order when a
very serious offence has occurred.
■ Where a patient is receiving
emergency treatment after a road
Allow 24 hours before collecting your repeat prescriptions….
We operate a Patient Participation
Group four times a year. The primary
role of the group is to review our
performance and come up with
suggestions and ideas that can
improve the service we give. We also
discuss the results from our annual
questionnaire. We WELCOME new
members to the PPG at any time.
A Guide to Our Services
traffic accident or assault and a
request is received from the police for
confirmation of name, address and a
brief medical history. This may be
given at the discretion of the GP
provided the patient gives consent.
■ Children – people aged 16-17 are
entitled to consent on their own behalf
to disclosure of information, however
parental consent may be obtained
unless the person specifically asks for
them not to be involved. Parental
consent will normally be obtained for
children under the age of 16 years.
■ Confidential information may be
disclosed if this is necessary to
safeguard a child.
Data Protection Act
The Data Protection Act 1988 allows
for disclosure of personal information
without the consent of the subject in
certain conditions, including for the
detection of crime, or the
apprehension or prosecution of
offenders, where failure to disclose
would be likely to prejudice those
objects in a particular case.
Access to Records
Patients can request access to their
paper and computer records,
although the records may not be
removed from the practice premises.
■ Assistance will be given by the
practice manager if access is required
to the computer record and in these
circumstances a member of staff will
stay with you at all times to ensure
■ If copies or a computer printout are
required, a charge is made to cover
any costs incurred.
■ If you would like to see your
records, please call our practice
Summary Care Record
The NHS will create a Summary Care
Record (SCR) for all patients, which
will be available to people providing
you with care anywhere in England.
■T h i s w i l l c o n t a i n i m p o r t a n t
information about your health, such
as details of any allergies, your
current prescriptions and any bad
reactions to medicines.
■You can choose not to have a SCR
if you want to however you must
complete an Opt Out form in order to
be exempt from the scheme.
A Guide to Our Services
Patient Rights and
■ Inform us of any change of address
or telephone number.
■ As a patient you have the right to be
registered with a doctor.
■ Be able to change your doctor
quickly and easily.
■ Be offered a health check on
registration or if over 75yrs
■ Receive emergency care
■ Have appropriate drugs &
medication prescribed
■ Be referred to a hospital consultant
when necessary and be referred for a
second opinion if required.
■ Have access to health records in
accordance with the law.
■ Be given detailed information about
■ Choose whether or not to take part
in medical research or student
■ Receive a copy of this leaflet and
receive a full and prompt reply to any
■ You can expect appropriate care
from a doctor or nurse.
Your Clinical
Commissioning Group
In Return
■ We ask you to treat us all with
courtesy and respect.
■ Keep your appointment or let us
know straight away that you are
unable to attend.
■ Attend for your appointment on
time. Arrive 10 minutes earlier.
■ Be patient, some problems take
longer than others to sort out.
■ Accept that your health is your
responsibility we can help you with it
but not take over.
■ Take up the offer of health checks,
immunizations, cervical smears,
breast screening etc.
Sandwell & West Birmingham CCG
Kingston House
438-450 High Street
West Bromwich
B70 9LD
Tel: 0121 612 1500
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City Hospital
554 3801
Sandwell Hospital
554 1381
Queen Elizabeth
Selly Oak Hospital
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Heartlands Hospital
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Children’s Hospital
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Birmingham Maternity
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Good Hope Hospital
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Royal Orthopaedic
Nuffield Hospital
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Priory Hospital
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Social Services (general
Social Services (elderly
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Wards Chemist
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St Patrick’s Family
Whittal Street Clinic
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Citizen Advisory
236 3271
Neighbourhood Office
303 5553
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237 5700
Allow 24 hours before collecting your repeat prescriptions….
A Guide to Our Services
Urgent Out-of-hours
0845 113 0004
687 8011
666 6644
Age Concern
236 2197