Summary of the Eye Health Awareness Month 2014

Eye Health Awareness Month 2014
Campaign Summary
Thanks to an integrated media campaign, more than one million citizens in Israel
from all sectors of the population were exposed to
Eye Health Awareness Month!
The Sixth Eye Health Awareness Month in December 2014, concluded with great
success, with public exposure significantly greater than in previous years.
We inform you hereunder of the variety of activities we have undertaken in the field
of preventive ophthalmology in Israel.
A. Media Campaign: Production of videos and the Sixth Eye Health Magazine.
B. Activities: Vision check-ups countrywide and medical advice by phone
C. Public Relations in the Arab sector
D. Fundraising in HaMashbir department stores
A. Media Campaign
1. Eye Health Awareness Month Video of Lirot Association
The Eye Health Awareness Month video produced by courtesy of the
advertising agency Joshua\TBWA was broadcast on the following channels
and in other locations:
1. Community Time Channel 10 - 31 broadcasts
Community Time "Reshet" Channel - 58 broadcasts
Community Time "Keshet" Channel - 40 broadcasts
2. 125 Discount Bank branches on Plasma screens
3. Cinema City Network screens viewed by approximately 400,000 people
4. Aroma Cafe: projection on screens in 104 branches around the country
As a result of a total of about 2 million video screenings during Eye Health
Awareness Month a wide audience was inspired to go for an eye examination
ensuring their eye health maintenance!
In addition:
• Video production on AMD with Prof. Anat Lowenstein, sponsored by Novartis,
winning 200 viewings
• Interactive lecture by Dr. Guy Kleinman as part of the program of Joint Israel Eshel
related to cataracts
2. Press
The Sixth Eye Health Magazine:
A special informed publication which included 17
professional articles on AMD, edited by Professor
Ayala Pollack and Dr. Guy Kleinman.
150,000 copies distributed with Israel Hayom,
Three days’ distribution of the digital edition
approximated 200,000 viewers per day totalling
600,000 viewers. A total of 750,000 copies of the
magazine were viewed by the citizens.
Magazine graphics by the Art Director Efrat Britler.
3. Advertising
• Nationwide advertisements on sight tests in the newspapers
Ha'aretz, Ma'ariv, Sheva, The Marker, Kul al-Arab and Globes during
December, with the support of the Ministry of Health.
• Sight test advertisements in the Post newspaper, with the support
of Dor Alon
• Hundreds of people without internet connection, particularly older people,
called the office to obtain addresses for sight testing at no cost
close to their homes
• We received tremendous appreciation from everyone for this enterprise!
4. Articles
• Interview with Mrs. Nadine Hollander, Lirot's CEO on 30th December 2014
on the radio program "Everything Expected" with Irit Aniss from the Reshet
Aleph station on the topic of Eye Health Awareness Month
• An article in the "Sixties" magazine of the newspaper "Haaretz” on 23rd
December 2014, sponsored by Discount Bank.
• Zap Doctors - an article by Prof. Ayala Pollack on the prevention of
blindness and a video with Prof. Anat Lowenstein on the subject of AMD.
5. Internet
•Awareness Month banner advertised based on availability
on sites Nana10, ONE and Calcalist, thanks to the mediation
of advertising agency Joshua\TBWA
• 11,000 individual hits to site of Lirot Association
• Greatest interest generated by free eye tests
• Advertising in the interactive magazine of Israel Hayom
6. QR – Barcode
Association website and in newspaper ads, to enable smartphones to scan
the barcode and go directly to the list of branches giving vision tests across
the country. About 620 people clicked on the bar code and went directly to
the site.
B. Activities
Vision tests across the country – vision tests were conducted for the third
consecutive year during the month of December in the Optica Halperin chain,
Dr. Levinger Medical Center network, Optikid chain and by dozens of private
optometrists who took part in the campaign.
In total there were tests in 150 stores across the country. The tests were
conducted for whole families at no cost, appointments being prearranged.
Customers that mentioned that they came as a result of the Eye Health
Awareness Month campaign received preferential treatment.
Hundreds of customers were tested throughout the month and they were
satisfied with this welcomed initiative.
Telephone Medical Advice - this service was initiated this year for the first
time. Dozens of people called to obtain medical advice for themselves or for
their families. Our team of professionals included Dr. Marion Bock, Dr. Eliezer
Kraus, Dr. Heller, Dr. Iris Moroz, Dr. Yaron Lang and Dr. Frankel, who gave
them courteous and professional advice free of charge. The callers were very
appreciative and thanked them profusely.
C. Eye Health Awareness Month Campaign in the Arab sector
• An article on the Eye Health Awareness Month and an interview with Dr.
Anan Abbasi which appeared in the newspapers Al-Akhbar, Al-Markazia,
Hadith Alnass, Haifa and Al- Masar, was distributed in 53,000 copies
throughout the month.
• An article on the Awareness Month and an interview with Dr. Anan Abbasi
including a reference to the Awareness Month campaign in the websites:
Haifa, Shasha, Panat, Gerya, Bukra, Al- Masar, Allachol, Albiader, Afkar,
al-Arab, al Karia, Baldatna, Wad and Gafra.
The daily number of hits on these sites is 700,000.
• Television interview with Dr. Anan Abbasi
in the program "Behind the News" on
Channel 33 and in the program "Agenda"
on Radio Kol Israel in Arabic, viewed by most of Israeli Arabs.
D. Fundraising
• A donation of 10 shekels was requested in the HaMashbir department store
for a shopping list notepad with Hanukkah recipes. Many people bought the
notepads and some were even willing to donate that amount without
purchasing the product.
More than 4,000 notepads were sold, raising over 40,000 shekels.